Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh got married


This odd, moody photo is called “The Smile of a Golddigger On Her Wedding Day, Part IV”. If you look hard, you can see Kayte Walsh flashing her “Frasier Money, Sluts!” smile to the world, because Kayte just hitched herself to the Kelsey Grammer train. Kelsey and Kayte were married today in New York, in an private ceremony which was so very intimate that the press release was pre-written:

A mere two weeks after Kelsey Grammer was granted a divorce from Camille Grammer, the actor tied the knot with Kayte Walsh on Friday in New York City.

Grammer, 55, and Walsh, 29, exchanged vows during an afternoon ceremony at the Longacre Theater in New York City, where the five-time Emmy Award-winner recently starred in the Tony-winning revival of the musical La Cage aux Folles.

“Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh were married today at a private ceremony for family and friends,” his rep said in a statement.

“I’ve never been happier in my life,” Grammer told PEOPLE last month. Added Walsh, a British flight attendant: “I’m extremely happy.”

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to the reception at the Plaza Hotel, where celebrity event designer Ed Libby transformed the Grand Ballroom into a mix of Hollywood glamour and uptown sophistication, with hundreds of candles, lavish floral arrangements of blush pink and white roses and tulips and a long, regal table where the newlyweds were seated.

The four-course dinner menu accommodated the vegetarian bride and also included king oyster mushroom carpaccio, wild mushroom risotto, grilled filet mignon with blue potato gratin and bittersweet chocolate tart.

The celebration is scheduled to go late into the night at the Plaza, where Libby planned to transform the ballroom into a stylish club with gold lounge furniture, cocktail tables, a dance floor – and a buffet to include braised beef short ribs, poached shrimp and a wedding cake by Sylvia Weinstock.

[From People]

I think I had blocked it out of my mind that Kayte is British. Somehow, that’s a relief. She’s not a standard-issue American golddigger, thank God. Britannia owns this one. Well… congratulations to the happy couple. Good luck, Kayte. Just close your eyes and think of… um… money?

Also – that menu sounds really good. I would love some filet mignon and some mushroom risotto. Kelsey has good taste… in food.

UPDATE: A nice shot of her dress and the ring – I’m glad that she kept it simple, honestly. It suits her.






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. brenda says:

    Are you realy exchanging “vows” if you keep breaking them everytime a younger golddigger comes along?

  2. ohduho says:

    And the countdown to divorce and the next wedding commences.

  3. Enn says:

    Um…that looks just like Camille’s WB, if I remember correctly.

  4. Chickadees4me says:

    the vows are only valid until the next golddigger comes along…

  5. WOM says:

    Here’s hoping this one takes, Kelsey. Hahaha. Sucker.

    (Love the write up, Kaiser. Way to bring teh funny.)

  6. Patricia says:

    She looks very nice – I hope they are happy…blah blah blah…

    More importantly – why does her hand look all bruised in the ring pics?

    Does anyone else see it? What the helll is that?

  7. StrawberryGirl says:

    My Mom thinks he is gay, which I can totally see. He deserves to go broke from making such stupid decisions.

  8. Jess says:

    I wish father and daughter all the best.

  9. AngelMay says:

    Kayte looks blonder, tanner, skinnier. Hello, Camille! Why dump one wife and turn the next into a clone? Kayte will have her own Nick in no time.

  10. ally says:

    I don’t know. She seems about a million times more down to earth. And, jesus, the man was married to Camille….

  11. hellen says:

    You poor woman. At the first opportunity, just RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!

  12. Relli says:

    I wonder what Camille is doing today?

  13. justathought says:

    Heck with fingernails like that, Kayte’s the real deal and probably down to earth.
    Congrats to the happy couple!

  14. Tiffany says:

    I was going to state that she looks estatic but then I read your first sentence and looked again and agree with you Kaiser. Damn it woman I have become more jaded since I started reading you. @ Kaiser. If you are reading this. I want a vintage HGF next week. Not 80′s and 90′s pics of stars, I mean old school. It can even be both genders. Show these younguns how its done. You stopped with vintage scandal. So make a girl happy next week. Thanks!!!

  15. lucy2 says:

    I wonder if instead of “I do” she just said “Cha-ching!”

  16. LondonLady says:

    There is no way on earth that Kayte is 29. try 34/35

  17. elizabeth says:

    If she was the “real deal” and all down to earth and such, exactly what would she be doing with him? Isn’t this his 4th marriage or something like that? A down to earth woman would be looking elsewhere. But still – best wishes and I hope they prove me wrong.

  18. Franny says:

    I don’t know why LL thinks shes not 29. she has smooth skin but doesn’t look botoxy at all. It gets really old (haha) hearing everyone on here question age, and then say “oh she looks at least 4 years older than that’. there a set of rules somewhere that says:

    at 26 you will have your first wrinkle
    at 27 you will have 2 wrinkles around eye
    at 31 you will start to get laugh lines

    no….everyone ages different. even though she married kelsey, I think she’s cute. and young looking!

  19. Darla says:

    Oh yeah, i’m sure this time it’s forever……Nasty old pervert and his new gold digger bride. Serve ‘em both right to get hit by a train.

  20. Judy says:

    She looks lovely, but no earrings on your wedding day??????????

  21. Laurie says:

    I am happy for him simply becuase I think Camille is an awful person! Her sweet act on RHoBH didn’t work – she appears to be manipulative and using her social status to put others down. She loved being able to say to the camera that she and Kelsey had more social capital than the other ladies. Not so much anymore, huh? Congrats to Kelsey & Kayte!

  22. TeeTee says:

    she may be his last and final wife, How old is he???

    smdh, men have low self esteem too, only difference is he is rich…a younger wife will not make you look better Kelsey..

    let’s hope she is better than Camille, I’m still NOT on that train.

    it will be interesting to see WHO can stomach Camille now.

  23. devilgirl says:

    Is there something wrong with her hand? It looks burned or something.

  24. Lushus L. says:

    Blech!!! And double Blech!!!

  25. icantbelievethis says:

    tacky, tacky, tacky.

  26. vivien says:

    That little wiener dog is adorable. But it looks so cold. They could have at least given it some booties or a jacket or something! But this is a disturbing couple, I just hope for her sake she doesn’t get knocked up.

  27. Stephanie says:

    Wow, she is definitely earning her future divorce settlement money! Ugh!!!

    No prenup. It baffles the mind…

  28. Jayna says:

    Oh, well, life is short. He and Camille hadn’t had sex for years, and she said on Howard Stern two years ago they discussed having lovers outside the marriage as a way to stay married. He left the wrong way, but Camille and Kelsey are both strange. It’s not my life. She can go kissing more married men and flirting with other husbands and being full of herself, and he can find happiness with Kayte for however long it lasts, I guess. Maybe forever, maybe 13 years like Camille. Good luck to all of them. The only one I really like, anyway, is Kayte. There is something about her I find endearing. Maybe that she isn’t pretentious like Camille and Kelsey. Maybe she will be good for Kelsey. She doesn’t look the type to have two nannies for the child they have together.

  29. april says:

    Too big of an age difference for it to last very long. I think she will tire of him soon.

  30. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Have they become Scientologists- Kayte seems a bit vacant and her eyes do not look happy, just like Katie Holmes. Good eye Patricia, I checked her hand out too after reading your post.

  31. Jayna says:

    April, I said the same thing about Tony Randall’s wife, who was like 35 years younger and they stayed married forever, until he died. She was on a TV show once and she really loved him.

    I have a friend who dated guys her age or over five years older or so and never felt loved or treated right or got tired of their career issues. She married a much older man and has been happily married for twelve years and told me she feels treasured and loved and she adores him and really respects him, and, yes, likes the financial security, also. They have a great life and it works for them.’

    Look at Rod Stewart and his wife, same age difference and met at the same ages Kelsey and Kayte are and they’re still together all these years later.

    Who knows why some marriages last and ones you think will don’t.

  32. dooby says:

    it looks like she has eczema on her hand, not a bruise, I get the same thing in the winter.

  33. Jayna says:

    The dress is really pretty, very flattering upper part to the wedding dress. I wish I could see it full length without her having to lift it up.

  34. lacy says:

    Isn’t that special. I wonder what her background is? Daddy not around? Is it true they got married for her green card? Maybe her six months were up stateside…..

  35. truthzbetta says:


    Rod Stewart is the opposite of a good family man. Ask one of his many kids who was crying about that on Sober House. So yes, this is exactly like that dirty old Rod Stewart except back before any of us can remember I think Rod may have been good-ish looking. He sang that he was.

    I’ll congratulate a man on marrying a gold digger younger than his daughter should be when a woman isn’t called a cougar (predatory cat) for dating a guy 5-15 years younger.

    So to this archaic old timey business arrangement of a man paying a flight attendant for sex I say. Ew.

    Also, of course nobody thinks she’s 29 cuz they’re always something -9 when they’re totally average and all they have to sell is their fading youth to a gross, rich old flight attendant buyer.

  36. Kloops says:

    Idiot. Can’t decide if he deserves what he’s got coming to him or if he’s just pathetic. I can’t believe someone, some lawyer or agent, hasn’t shaken sense into him. Or maybe it’s real love??? That would be bananas.

  37. DetRiotgirl says:

    I’d like to second Tiffany’s wishes.

    Please bring back vintage scandal posts! I loved them!

  38. The Truth Fairy says:

    Am I the only hopeless romantic on this site? The girl is not a plastic surgery freak, she’s not a wanna-be actress or model, she’s not from Hollywood … maybe that is what he finds so appealing and why he seems so happy.

    I really doubt she’s a golddigger. Marrying a rich guy does NOT make you a golddigger. Golddigging is purposely seeking out rich men who you don’t give a crap about, and either trying to get pregnant or get them to marry you so that you can have a lifetime of alimony/child support payments. She didn’t do this. They met on a plane when she was working as a stewardess – no planning on her part.

    Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this is the love of his life and they’ll be really happy. He deserves it.

  39. The Truth Fairy says:

    And why all this hate against Kelsey?! Yeah he cheated, but Camille admitted on The View that THEY HADN’T HAD SEX IN 2 YEARS!!!! She said that they just were not compatible sexually. How can you expect someone to stay in a sexless marriage?! Not to mention what a terror Camille is personality wise. She’s lucky he stayed faithful for as long as he did. GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!!

  40. Ann says:

    Ewww. I’m just not into sex with old men.

  41. Anon says:

    “A mere two weeks after Kelsey Grammer was granted a divorce from Camille Grammer, the actor tied the knot with Kayte Walsh on Friday in New York City. ”

    What kind of press release is this? Why in the heck would you make the divorce the lede? I know gossip-mongers like to talk about the timing of this wedding, but it makes it seem as if Grimmer is more interesting in a FU to his ex than in the new bride.

  42. tmbg says:

    “Um…that looks just like Camille’s WB, if I remember correctly.”

    QVC probably had a Today’s Special Value on Diamonique bands a few years back and he ordered them on auto-ship. Good to have plentiful stock for your prime marrying years!

  43. Jayna says:

    The Truth Fairy, I’m with you. You can see from all the photos of them together these past 10 months that she loves him. They’ve been together probably a year now, and when you see her, she looks natural and dressed casually, never pretentious. Camille would be hard to stomach, listening to her pretentious talk all the time and flirting with married men for attention.

    Maybe Kayte will ground Kelsey and make him happy and vice versa.

  44. Jayna says:

    It looks nothing like Camille’s wedding dress.

  45. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Truth Fairy: Hate to break it to you, but young female flight attendants are among the worst categories of gold diggers. My hubs is a pilot, and when he flew for the commercial airlines all the pilots had horror stories of young flight attendants trying to bag a wealthy pilot or passenger. For example, my hubs was on a trip where the flight attendant accused his co-pilot of rape. It was discovered that it didn’t happen–the guy had been stupid enough to have an affair with the girl and when he broke it off she got pissed and went after him. I’m not saying that ALL flight attendants are that way or that Kayte Walsh is (altho I have my suspicions), but the profession is pretty notorious for it.

  46. Lauren says:

    I don’t know who this chick is, but she is sure a lot more wholesome looking than Camille. Hope it lasts, for Kelsey’s sake. Camille just frightens me.

  47. angela says:

    Didnt somebody say Grammer likes to dress in drag? Hmmmm..

  48. Chrissy says:

    I wish them the best!!! Kayte looked beautiful on her special day!!!!!

  49. bitca says:

    @truthzbetta: Rod Stewart THOUGHT he was hot-looking. IMO it was more a ‘because he’s a huge rock star’ thing. Tho you may want to find the old “Hot Legs” vid on UTube as it’s a matter of taste (excepting always Clive Owen ;-) .

    At least one poor Stewart daughter was cursed w/all of his homeliest features, cause the moms were all pretty enough.

    Most pathetic Camille G line ever, perhaps: ‘I feel like I’m losing my best friend.’ —Daily Mail

    Is Kayte Walsh a Grammer Anomaly? Not a stripper, & sure doesn’t look like a WAG. Having sex w/a married man & flaunting it in public doesn’t seem nice—but I bet he encouraged it; he seems to positively ooze w/contempt for his ex.

  50. Ell says:

    I’m a big fan of Kelsey, purely because Frasier helped me through some rough times over the years with my health and still does, laughter is the best medicine and all that. It’s the sitcom that keeps giving.

    I hope they’re happy, most of all he’s happy after all his health scares. I’m going to believe Kayte is genuine, I’ve read she comes from a nice middle-class family…hardly gold-digger material. Maybe it’s the real deal.

  51. LondonLady says:

    I said that as I am roughly the same age as her and I would not rank her as the same age as me or any of my peers. She’s got fantastic skin, she just looks and dresses like someone in her early 30s. I would imagine that is part of the reason that Kelsey was attracted to her in any case- if he was just after a spring chicken he would have gone for someone a lot younger.

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    I wouldn’t marry ANYONE whose divorce was final only 2 weeks prior. However, that’s me; I’m not 29 *ha!*, I’m not a flight attendant, and I have more than a passing infatuation on my side – it’s called “experience,” and it is invaluable!

  53. Hmmm says:

    They met while he was married. And she almost immediately got knocked up. She’s a golddigger like Camille, and K squared together is just gross. Ew.

    Also, once a cheater, always a cheater. Yeah, this is gonna last.

  54. Zelda says:

    I want that puppy.

    Also K-A-T-Y-E is stupid spelling.

    And finally, anyone ever married Camille Grammer gets a pass in whatever they want to do, hoo-ha-wise.

  55. bluhare says:

    @truthfairy: No, you aren’t the only one. And I think her dress is absolutely gorgeous. And not strapless!!

  56. bluhare says:

    @londonlady: Isn’t age 29 pretty close to early 30′s?

    And I wish I were a london lady. Love london.

  57. Val says:

    Those are burn scars on her left hand. I’m not a doctor, but I do play one on TV. Kind of like how Kelsey used to.

  58. GeekChic says:

    She seems strangely normal. She’s very cute but not Hollywood plastic-pretty, and you can tell from the way she dresses (and her nails in the ring photo) that she’s pretty low-key. Maybe it’s the real deal with these two? Or maybe it isn’t, but I’m trying to quiet my snarky, cynical side and just say something nice!

  59. Jayna says:

    Well, Scarlet Vixen, my good friend is a beautiful flight attendant (living happily with a gorgeous fiance) and my best friend, female, is captain for a major airline, and they both say there’s a lot of married pilots (not all) that hit on the pretty flight attendants and it’s pretty blatant at times. So it isn’t just gold-digger flight attendants.

  60. lisa says:

    Dang.. when I see him I only see Fraiser.. Loved..loved.. loved that show and character.. all the way back to Cheers.

    awww… the memories.. I for one don’t care what he does in his private life. As long as he is not abusive to his children beating women. People get divorced and separate.

    When your marriage is over you are ready to move on. I think once both parties say it is done then you are free to do as you please. The final divorce decree is not the Starting Pistol to a new life. Your new life begins when you are sure the old one is over. Life is too short to be with anyone you don’t love. And this may not last.. but they are both getting something out of it that is good for them. I’m sure Camille is going to be very popular and busy doing all kinds of stuff on TV. She already has an Oscar gig because of all of this and that show. So there you go.

    I just hope they take care of their children and do what is best for them.

  61. Madcat says:

    This one had a miscarriage a month or so back so they started trying for a baby before he had even asked for a divorce apparently! Unsavory…..
    I’m not a Camille fan either. She looks so plastic but he obviously has a “type.”

  62. lacy says:

    This woman looks like an older version of his little girl, Mason. Kinda sick if you ask me.

  63. Nikki says:

    The dress is beautiful, but there’s just no way I can believe that she’s truly in love with him. She’s just blinded by money and his star status. Definitely a gold-digger. No amount of money or star power in the world could make me have sex with him. (Shudders)

  64. Green Is Good says:

    This train is going to wreck in 18 months. What a disaster.

  65. lrm says:

    hey, i wonder if she will start with the surgery and enhancements anytime soon?
    i hope not-b/c i think she’s lovely-very lovely and down to earth, naturally pretty….it’s so refreshing to see someone in the public eye w/o all that cr*p….

    time will tell on this one.
    camille and kelsey never seemed like a good match to me…

  66. chickieboo says:

    kayte might be british but she could be a gold digger like heather mills remember how ugly things got when the marriage ended

  67. Faye says:

    I wish them a lifetime if happiness because I’m pretty over this situation.

  68. british bitch says:

    Scarlet Vixen – All cockpit crew cheat with the cabin crew – not necessarily from the same airline, but they´re all at it on layovers. They drink and f**k themselves stupid. The young stewardesses are after wealthy older pilots and kill each other to work in first class on flights. I´ve seen them in hotels selling sex too. Airborne tramps most of them. Supersonic sluts.

  69. MrsOdie2 says:

    Can you imagine how happy the new Mrs. Kelsey Grammer is that she’ll never serve anyone another bag of peanuts at 35,000 feet?

  70. Nicki says:

    It is kind of off putting. She looks like his daughter. There is something not right about a man who has to boost his ego with a younger woman.
    Having said that, never minded him until I heard about his private life. Frasier was a good show. I guess I will give him the benefit of the doubt, though I still find it creepy.

  71. Shuba Lyuba says:

    Kelsey is a great catch charming, friendly, sophisticated, attractive, wealthy… he has the right to leave an unhappy marriage to explore his love! these 2 could be perfect for each other!

  72. Jayna says:

    @Nicki, look at the age difference with Clint Eastwood and Dina, his wife. The age difference is 35 years. She was in her mid twenties, I think, when she met him. I was stunned. He looked so much older than her. I thought this will never last. Last it did and has. Who knows what marriages will last and the same age marriage don’t make it a year or five years sometimes and look perfect for each other.

  73. TXCinderella says:

    I’m sure it won’t take long before she is knocked up so if they do divorce she can keep his money rolling in.

  74. Pansy Kilby says:

    SibbyIt’s separate! Look down at the end of the hood sectionyou’ll seam it to the corner before you do the edging.