Prince William & Kate Middleton’s royal wedding has a website now!


Last week, Our Little Waity Katy was formally introduced into royal work. She trotted out the pheasant fascinator, bundled her increasingly tiny figure into some old clothes, and worked the rope lines like a pro. She smiled. She waved. She poured champagne on a raft. She “worked”! Our Little Waity was probably perturbed that she had to do THREE public appearances, all in the span of two days, and all before the wedding. But maybe she liked it – she took to this “work” very well.

Anyway, for fans of all things Waity, St. James Palace has launched a new website, which is supposedly all about the royal wedding. You can see it here – Official Royal Wedding 2011. There are lots of photos and information on all of the wedding stuff, like the reception and where the wedding reception will be going. They even have a special little segment about royal daffodils, I kid you not. My guess is that after the wedding, the website will be retooled to be the official site of whatever William and Kate become, like Lord and Lady Biscuits or whatever. Prince William and his consort, HRH The Countess Crumpets. It just occurred to me though – the site is being completely organized by Prince Charles’ people, not William’s. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Kate organized her own site? It would be Goop to shame. I swear, I would love it.





Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame.

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  1. guesty says:

    Her life is no longer her own…how fun for her!

  2. julbug says:

    Too bad about his hairline.

  3. Franny says:

    maybe william shouldn’t have waited so long to get married – maybe he would still have most of his hair :(

  4. EdithP says:

    She always looks a teeny bit drunk to me — and who could blame her. I hope they are happy!

  5. Deet says:

    wow.. bitchy is the right name for this site. Could you pick a worse picture of this girl to start the article?!

  6. Reality says:

    @Deet, I know, the picture choices on this site are legendary!

    I would hate to be (or marry) a celebrity and have my worst photos make magazine covers or blogs. Nobody wants to be seen mid-blink or with their bald spot on display- it’s why there’s an ‘untag’ button on facebook!

  7. Isabel says:

    Dear heavens, the state of his hair is a national crisis. They should devote a portion of their website to that topic.

    COMBOVER = NOT SESSY. Especially on a guy that young!

  8. Lynnie says:

    I don’t get all the Kate Hate here…

    If you want to pick on her for something, how about her way too long hair? I’d love to see her take it shorter. It could still be long enough to pull back without all of that “superfluous” length. (But that’s just my opinion and I have short “Victoria Beckham” hair>)

  9. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think she’s starving herself and it doesn’t look healthy. She hasn’t even married into that family yet and she has eating issues.

    I think her hairline is receding too (from malnutrition and not eating healthy)? They may end up with matching bald spots.

  10. Sparkly says:

    I’m still withholding judgment on her. I think she was purposefully staying out the public eye/politics as much as possible until the engagement was official. I agree that she could have been doing something more worthwhile while she waited, but perhaps she’ll make up for it now. Really hope so, anyway.

  11. Exhasuted by Real Work says:

    The thing about Waity that bugs is that she had every opportunity and she did nada with it and now everyone is praising her for taking to public appearances like a duck to water… uhhh what exactly has she done. What confidence has she exuded? All she has done is shown up, dressed appropriately, smiled, waved, poured champagne on a boat and shook hands with people who wanted to be nice to her. How hard is that? Not like the girl was shy of publicitiy and people taking notice before the engagement. She basically put herself on display after they broke up to show William the assets he was missing…so this poise talk is all poppy cock.

  12. Kayla says:

    Perturbed? She’s eating up the attention.

  13. Kayla says:

    Perturbed? She’s eating up the attention.

  14. Cat says:

    Ouch! That’s a boney knee! She looks thinner than last week. :( Poor thing. Somebody should give her some bacon.

  15. Justaposter says:

    I just feel so protective of Wills and Harry. My boys were so young when Diana died (both under 3). I just really hope they have a long and happy life together without any Royal Drama.

    I wish the same for Harry also.

    Unless a story comes out proving they pissed on the Pope and kicked kittens… then I will rethink my stance.

  16. garvels says:

    @Exhausted by Real Work-I don’t hate the girl she just bugs me for the reasons you stated. It’s great that the degree in Art History from St. Andrews wasn’t completely lost. When my daughters are ready for college and they want to focus on wearing color coordinated outfits, learning the intricacies of the official English royal hand wave and breaking bottles over the bows of boats, I will make sure they apply to St. Andrews.

  17. House Mouse says:

    “She always looks a teeny bit drunk to me — and who could blame her. I hope they are happy!”

    She doesn’t drink at all, she said, people knowing her said.

    She’s overexcited, she waited so long to get the husband / and the job that comes with the Windsor. She’ll cool down, the British Royal family will cool her down by they solemnity, remember how Diana was feeling intimidated, and a baby will also help her to be more grounded (like many of us, ladies).

  18. Lisa Turtle says:

    I love how much attention William’s baldness is getting. I’m beginning to think that William purposely waited until he was no longer conventionally attractive to marry Kate. Nobody is really jealous of Kate, nobody really wants to be her, nobody thinks she’s so special or that he’s so special. I don’t think either of them sparkle anymore. Their youthful “prettiness” is gone, years early. They both just look old.

    Think of how much more exciting all of this would be if it was really beautiful. A handsome prince, a beautiful Cinderella type commoner… but then they would be a spectacle. William does not want a spectacle. So, now that he’s dowdy, haggard, bald, old, now that Harry is officially the hotter, more fascinating brother, William is can get married, have a few kids, and live a relatively quiet life (like his father).

  19. Linda says:

    For all his money, you would think that he would go to one of those hair regrowth clinics – if that idiot shane warne can grow hair again, anyone can.

  20. Katie says:

    To whoever suggested Kate cut her hair – maybe she could use the extra bits to make William a toupee?

    Nice to see her “working.” Man, it must be tough standing and waving for about 5 minutes. Someone send her on a much needed vacation, stat!

  21. Salem says:

    I hope it works out for them. Going by the history of ‘the firm’, she needs to be one tough self-assured cookie who will stick to conservative traditional protocol and abandon all human traits she possesses.

  22. Bill Hicks is God says:

    She hasn’t figured out yet the camera is always on her, always will be, so put up with that scratcy eye-booger. No expression unless it’s a smile, dutiful seriousness or faked benevolence toward the less fortunate. Nothing else is allowed.

    Just ask the other Kat(i)e.

  23. Kloops says:

    Don’t hate her, but I am completely underwhelmed. In the 21st century this is the best the British monarchy can produce? It’s very retro, I’ll give them that. Maybe there’s a spirit,intellect and personality waiting to get out, but I’m not holding my breath.

  24. JulieM says:

    Poor Waity Katie, exhausted from all that work. Look at her grin ear to ear as she is signing a condolence book for the victims of the tragic New Zealand earthquake. William is too for that matter. Equal time, he really should know better. The commentors over in the British papers noticed her inappropriate laughing. My guess is the palace grey suits (as Fergie liked to call them) had a few words with Princess Waity over her laughing at inappropriate times.

    Love the comment about her designing the wedding web site. Her parents had professionals designing their party junk website, not their daughter, who, for PR purposes, they were pushing. She was not the photographer for the site either. Just more PR garbage.

  25. anonymous says:

    I don’t see the story behind these two they have been shacking up for a long time. I have written them off! American news outlets should not carry their wedding, they have snubbed our president that is reason enough for me.

  26. Abby says:

    Yikes, commenters, y’all are mean! I know it is CeleBITCHY so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I guess I’m a weirdo. I’m happy for them and excitedly following their wedding planning. I think she’s beautiful and I used to have a crush on William. Not so much anymore, but I love her.

    PS~ I agree that if she had a website, it’d be way better than Goop. :-)

  27. Sri Herowanti Susilo says:

    I love them… I hope both of them Prince William and Kate Middleton will be always happy forever …. until they are old…

  28. Marilyn says:

    These are two human beings, as we all are, who also bear the burden and notoriety of the English monarchy as well as the high privileges. Are people jealous and that is why they find anything they can to complain about them? Just wish them well as you would want to wish anyone well who is going to be married.
    They won’t be perfect…so they are just like the rest of us. I’ll take my home as my castle and be happy I don’t have to have someone else running my life all the time, answering to protocol.
    Have a beautiful wedding Will and Kate. If you are ever in the states you are welcome to stop by for a cookout, walk in our little woods, watch our Cavalier Spaniels at play, watch the fish in our little pond, and help yourself to the food and beverages.
    We won’t even tell anyone you are there.

  29. Kenn Grindstaff says:

    OMG, why is everyone being so mean? Prince William is just like his mother, a very good person, and Kate comes from a loving, hard working family, I am so happy for them, William will thrive in this family, for once he will have fun and be able to be human when around them, and more power to the Middletons, I hope they make more money than the royals do, and the Queen needs her arse kicked for not wanting to meet them until after the wedding.

  30. contessa washington says:

    I don’t have much to hate one, so want to say congrats. However I do have a concern.. My concern about Kate, how would she be crowned Queen if she does not have any royaltie blood in her. From my understandings you have to be born into royalty in order to have royalty. So if Kate and William have a dauther as a first child, will she be upset because her first daughter takes over royalty when Queen Elizabeth II passes on? Another thing. Why didn’t she show public worthy of being crowned Princess/Queen of England? Just lots of concerns..

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