Charlie Sheen is still giving insane quotes – is he crazy or crazy like a fox?

Do you guys want to keep reading stories about Charlie Sheen? There’s at least a dozen to cover this morning, and this guy has become a media powerhouse. Is he crazy like a fox or just crazy? Somehow he’s become what could be this year’s most prevalent meme and it’s barely March. He may have just overplayed his hand though, and we’ll get to that in a moment.

First off, I had the chance to read People’s cover story on Charlie. It’s impressive how they use their typical analytic approach with a bunch of quotes from friends and family to try and normalize his behavior. Charlie is so far beyond your average “celebrity off the rails” story that it makes their coverage unintentionally hilarious. They also have a couple of new quotes from Charlie that need to be added to some of the many sites chronicling his winning words:

- Just one day I suddenly woke up with a new brain.
- I feel like my brain is working faster than my mouth can get the sh*t out.

That second quote pretty much sums up the madness that has been Charlie Sheen’s media tour. Because he couldn’t get the sh*t out fast enough by talking to every outlet that would have him (except Nancy Grace) he held a live UStream Webcast on Saturday night for over 50 minutes. He spouted a bunch of quotes that were essentially variations of other highly quotable ways he’s described his superiority. I only watched the first couple of minutes, so I’ll have to rely on others to give details.

Sheens Korner ran 50 minutes, and had the infamous star ramble on whatever he saw fit. That is what he’s been doing all week, yet since he was the host of the webcast, no one could cut him off. Judging by the reactions during the night, the idea sounded better on paper.

In recent interviews, the most famous Charlie Sheen quotes had been repeated over and over, in lue of him saying much of anything new. That formula didn’t change in the webcast, as he kept reusing old hits, and using “winning” most of all. In fact, he showed just how fixated on “winning” he was, since he introduced a tattoo of the word on his wrist.

The host tried to get out new catchphrases, like “You’re either in Sheens Korner or with the trolls” “Gnarls Gnarlingest” “Winning News” and “Wish They Were Me Forever” However, just as much time was spent on rehashing old comments, and asking viewers to tell him their favorite lines on Twitter.

Yet the most telling of the Charlie Sheen quotes came late in the webcast, as he stated “We’ve just run out of material.” Without knowing it, he may have hit the nail on the head in this whole saga, as his act has all but peaked by now.

At this point, his routine has become a comedy sketch, in which he just repeats his catchphrases. In fact, there may have been little difference between his webcast, and the Saturday Night Live “Duh, Winning” talk show parody that aired an hour later.

[From Associated Content]

And yet another interview with Sheen ran on Dateline NBC Friday Night. Here are some quotes from that, courtesy of Examiner:

- I’m tired of pretending I’m not a rock star from Mars
- I’m the picture of A.A.
- They’re soft targets in cheap suits. (referring to executives from Two and a Half Men)
- I have zeal and focus and violent hatred. When you either love or hate, there’s no middle and I hate.
- It’s the most valuable sitcom in the history of television. I believe they’re behaving from a place of ego and panic. On the battlefield or a ball field, that’s what gets people killed.
- They left me twisting in the breeze and out in the cold.
- You can’t process me with a normal brain.

It’s true, you can’t process Charlie with a normal brain.

In other neverending exhausting Charlie Sheen news:
- He broke up with one of the goddesses but got back together with her
- The other goddess got his signature tattooed on his foot
- Charlie got the word “winning” tattooed on his wrist
- He also got an Apocalypse Now inspired tattoo on his chest
- He’s been begged to make any kind of appearance on The Walking Dead. (He’s said in the past that he loves the show)
- He’s going to Haiti to help out his friend Sean Penn with his charity work there. (Please let him stay there.)
- He’s still trying to work out custody with Brooke Mueller, who remains a famewhore
- Denise Richards is trying to keep their daughters away from him
- He may be back on Two and A Half Men through some kind of deal with a consulting producer he likes. That could be just wishful thinking on Charlie’s part. Money talks though, and as we learned from Charlie Sheen’s ironic t-shirt, sometimes it talks way too much.

Here’s a link to the Saturday Night Live skit on Charlie. I like how they combine all the celebrity scandals into one and there are some funny one liners. Overall it wasn’t as funny as Charlie though.

And here’s a segment of some of Charlie’s show:



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  1. Shay says:

    Charlie is winning at failing. His online TV flop only proves how unfunny he actually is, that Two and a Half Men actually referred to him being the ‘half’.

  2. Hautie says:

    I hate to say it, but he seems to be getting his barrings back.

    As in when it all started he was still detoxing and ranting.

    So as the coke/meth/crack works its way out of his system. He starts to make better sense. Though still ranting.

    But sadly, I am sure we are in stored for a epic melt down before it is over.

    And TMZ will be there filming it.

  3. Marjalane says:

    So TMZ keeps reporting that he’s working out a custody deal with this Brooke chick- WTF?? I say- WTF??!! How is it possible that this bi-polar, manic, freak of nature has even a chance in hell of being in the same zip code as his children?! Damn! I know women in CA that have had their children removed permanently for MUCH lesser conflicts than this shithead has exhibited. I don’t care if he’s crazy or playing fake crazy “for the fun of it”. He’s insane, and I am pissed that he’s getting shoved down our throats as some kind of pop culture hero.

  4. tiki says:

    the man has four young children, two of whom have a mother with her own addiction issues. that makes all of this consummately tragic. sheen is an adult. right or wrong, he’s choosing his path. the children are having their paths chosen for them, and i fear for the twins in particular. at least richards appears to be a buffer between her girls and the chaos that is charlie sheen.

  5. Rita says:

    His “porn star goddess” leaving was a perfect example of just one of his problems. Apparently, he chipped his “warlock fang”, aka. peen that won’t shoot straight, and then went into a rage that scared even a porn star who immediately left the house. Then Charley sweet talked her home. How many times have the victims of domestic violence experienced that routine?

  6. Jackson says:

    Anyone remember “The Fly” with Jeff Goldblum when he is all manic and climbing the walls and eating his own vomit? That is who/what CS reminds me of. Maybe he’ll go to Haiti and get ahold of the bad shit….and just like in “The Fly,” nature will run it’s course.

  7. Lynda says:

    When people with young chicldren that spend time in their presence talk about ‘hate” like it is an absolute, I get worried. this guy looks like hell. he is very pressured in his actions and speech. i wouldn’t trust him with a parakeet.

  8. Shmaaa says:

    It was hilarious and can’t-look-away-from-the-train-wreck fascinating last weekend…but now it’s old.

  9. Skins says:

    This was amusing at first, but it has gotten old very quickly. He will find that the world will go on without Charlie
    Sheen. It’s not like we are talking about some great iconic actor here. Charlie is a failed movie star who got lucky with a sitcom that people find amusing. He can be replaced in a heartbeat. Shut up and go away Charlie

  10. Tess says:

    You know, lunatics have this power to hold people in thrall. It never lasts forever…just long enough to do a lot of damage.

    Then what? All the poor schmucks not born with Adonis DNA or Tiger Blood go around trying to clean up the mess.

  11. Riley says:

    Saturday Night Live needs to bring Jimmy Fallon on just to do the Charlie Sheen skits, similarly to how they brought Tina Fey on to do the Sarah Palin skits. His impersonation of Charlie Sheen is dead on.

  12. Roma says:

    I had a super rough weekend that involved picking my girlfriend up from the hospital after her coked up boyfriend beat the crap out of her and she had to call the cops. He quoted “winning” at her right before it happened.

    I am done with Charlie Sheen and refuse to read, or comment, on any more posts.

  13. Maritza says:

    He better get his old job back because people are getting sick of his stupid insane comments, I mean really, how much more idiotic comments can he come up with. Its not even funny anymore.

  14. chasingadalia says:

    Best part of SNL was the “cracked out musketeer” line.

  15. Lem says:

    of all the montages; I like Joel Mchale’s the best

  16. echolocate says:

    He’s so focused on how easily he gets bored that he forgets that we get bored, too. Two-way street, Charlie. It’s a big Internets out there, and that was less interesting than Chris Crocker or Chocolate Rain.

    Heck, I’d gladly take the Hamster Dance over that depressing production from the Over-the-Hill Gang.

    Duh! Lolcats R WINNING!

  17. searching4grace says:

    He looks like Freddy Krueger in that last picture. which is appropriate, because he gives everyone nightmares with his behavior.

  18. guesty says:

    I’m over it. Unless something epic happens…but no…not interested in 24/7 coverage.

    @roma…so sorry about your gf. cs is now the poster ‘boy’ for this kind of drama. he should be so proud.

  19. LDB says:

    My Opinion…Charlie is a smart guy with a huge substance abuse problem that is now (and for some time) out of control. He is self destructing before our eyes. Sad….but even sadder that people are so obsessed by it. We should all just stop reading/watching/twittering. Maybe if he wasn’t getting the attention..he would get help.

  20. lola says:

    at least we’re not talking about lohan for 5 minutes.

    oh wait. there’s a link to her too.

  21. eva says:

    He reminds me of an ex-boyfriend (since died) I cant watch any of these videos. It makes my stomach hurt. I am going to guess that the only people that think he’s funny have never been on the receiving end of this type of F*uckery.

  22. mln76 says:

    Eh he is about to go into the depressive half of the mania. That’s the worst expect more violence, and drug use. This situation is disgusting.

  23. Wiggles says:

    Yeah, who knows if this crack drama has peaked though, it’s such a huge mountain of bullshit, it’s very hard to ignore.

    I grew up watching this ass and have always concluded he is nothing but a spoiled little boy acting out his immature emotions – and that was back in the day.

    Now I’m just waiting for him to die already. Maybe that’s when it will finally peak – when he dies. We’ll have to read about all the bullshit that was his pathetic life, then guess what? We’ll finally be able to forget him.

    Way to go, Charlie (loser). When you go – your tombstone will say, here lies half a man with even less a brain – useless to society, and a piss poor actor. RIP!!!

  24. Phillylady says:

    ITA Eva, it is disturbing if you have ever known someone who went through self destruct like this. I still can’t look away tho.

  25. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh Roma, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. She’s lucky to have someone like you in her corner.

    I don’t think Sheen is clean at all. I think he is still using up a storm. Extreme narcissism, a genius IQ along with an addictive personality is what I see in CS. It will be a miracle if he makes it out of this alive. The saddest part of all of this are those who love him – the collateral damages and the little lives that are effected, and I ain’t talkin’ about his porn star companions.

  26. Rita says:

    Charley is basically the Coyote that just got a box of fireworks from the “ACME Winning” company.

  27. xxodettexx says:

    wow, roma! hopefully your friend doesnt go back to him… and here’s hoping other girls see this being played out in the open and make a conscience decision to never engage in a relationship with an egomaniac like sheen

    this kind of shit is only cute from distance but i lived with a douche like this once, NEVER AGAIN

  28. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Charlie will make an excellent zombie on “the walking dead.” they won’t even have to use makeup!

  29. pebbles says:

    My husband thinks that this is all an act…….that Sheen is an actor and wanted even more recognition. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen “winning” as facebook status.

  30. QUEST says:

    Everyone is ‘winning’ except for Charlie and he just can’t see it.

  31. Poopie says:

    i’ll betcha he’s hosting SNL in the next couple of weeks

  32. Javagirl1 says:

    ‘Winning’ is a huge Scientology word. I’m starting to wonder..

  33. FatJenny WearsTights says:

    When you’ve been doing drugs for a long time, your world becomes somewhat of a fantasy world and unrealistic, compared to “normal standards.” Mix Hollywood into the mix and you get Charlie’s craziness. A few months of sobriety would help him adjust his demeanor.

  34. Tiffany says:

    OMG! I just love that it gives Joel Mchale more ammo. Between Winning! and Bring it!, he even had himself cracking up on the soup. Only to be topped by Jack Hoffman digging in the glory hole.

    OTOH, Charlie is not long for this world, sorry to say. He and Lilo need to hook up, they are perfect for each other and we’d get rid of both in one fell swoop.

  35. Melanie says:

    That second quote,”I feel like my brain is working faster than my mouth can get the sh*t out.” sounds just like what you would say on cocaine. No?

  36. N.D. says:

    I love his motivational quotes

    Can’t is the cancer of happen

    Defeat is not an option!

    Death is for the fools!

    And, winning, duh! fits there too :)

    “I don’t sleep, I wait” was cool as well. Imagine Schwarzeneger as Termitator (in 2nd installment) saying it, cool as hell, no?

  37. Hmmm says:

    The guy is mad as a hatter. He’s the contemporary version of a Bedlam inmate, and we’ve paid our penny to take a look. People sure seem to love freak shows. Can snuff films be far behind?

    Speaking of snuffing? WTH has happened to language????? In a supposedly ‘professional’ article via Associated Content, they write, ‘in lue’. WTH??????? Instead of ‘in lieu’. Makes me want to slit my wrists.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Roma – Support and love to you and your friend. I cannot believe someone actually quoted “winning!” right before beating a woman. Please encourage your friend to press charges and obtain a restraining order. (And maybe a gun permit.)

  39. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Enough already!

  40. eja102 says:

    Since you asked… not really.
    It seems to be the same thing, round and round, same stories, same comments.
    But I can chose not to read it.

  41. Maureen says:

    An absolute LOSER who is too crazy to know it.

  42. Sparkly says:

    Honestly, no, I DON’T want to keep hearing about this jackass. I wish the media would stop giving him energy and making him believe that his behavior is not just a-ok but ratings gold. Stop feeding his ego! I was so glad his producers finally pulled the plug. Now if the rest of the world could do the same.

  43. eternalcanadian says:

    He still looks awful. Those sunken eyes and his skin. Yikes. He’s clearly using something and it isn’t tiger blood.

  44. Roma says:

    @ Everyone who commented: Okay, so I guess this will be my last SC post?

    Her bf had been on my radar for awhile, for a variety of reasons. He basically came home high, she confronted him and asked him what he was doing and he said he was “winning”. My gf does not read gossip and had no idea he was quoting Charlie Sheen.

    He was arrested, booked, held in jail for a day until he could get in front of the JP and an automatic 6 week temporary restraining order is in place.

    I’ve been very jokey on these threads about coke use and CS as it was pretty common among me and my friends. I’m quite over any of the jokes now.

  45. filthycute says:

    This is starting to smell like a hoax.

  46. Az says:

    I’d say crazy like a fox. I also agree with mln76.

  47. Dani says:

    The media and or Hollywood loses all credibilty with this man when they rationalize his behavior. If this was any ordinary guy, people would not even question that he is truly ill right now. I still think it is related to the effects of drug use because I have seen it before but hey thats just my opinion. What is clear is he is off the rails with his thought processes. Almost magical thinking to some extent.

  48. Just Me says:

    Sheenanigans! Basically all his rants amount to:

    I’m Special, I mean I am so Special!
    Special beyond what you mere mortals
    can understand with your mediocre brains!
    I’m ‘winning’ at being ‘Special’!
    See! Look! Look! at ME! I am winning!
    So winning that I am blinded by my own specialness!

    I have had failed relationships and marriages that involved guns, violence, drugs, rehab, infidelity, hotel vandalism and court dates!
    (Although, I would say they are the only legitimate ‘dates’ he’s had in years!)
    Are you still ‘Winning’, Charlie?

    I connected to my son, Bob, on video!
    Really, Charlie? Really?
    You, with all your so called genius mind, Charlie boy, forgot to mention Max! Sam! Lola! Cassandra!

    I guess that’s why you got the tattoo of ‘Winning’ so you wouldn’t forget that you’re such a ‘Winner’!
    Too bad, the tattoo artist didn’t give you an extra letter with that tattoo so that it would be more accurate!
    What letter?
    An ‘H’ so it would read ‘Whinning’!
    Oh well, You can’t win them all, can you?

    Lest I forget to mention, how very ‘cool’ you were to use your two year old son, Bob, to call out his mother!
    Wait, that is so beyond cool that it’s
    totally cold hearted.
    Using Bob, having a sippy cup shrine to Bob, duh! what about Max? ‘
    Sorry, Charlie, your more like Charlie The Tuna’ than anything.
    Who is the ‘Winning Loser?
    Duh! I do believe the winner is you!

  49. Faye says:

    This is only sort of related, but I had a dream last night that I was going to be on a talk show and Charlie Sheen was going to be on it too. So naturally, we carpooled in this SUV and he was talking his crazy talk and being Charlie Sheen-tastic. I was kind of disappointed when I woke up because it was hilarious. He like got all pissed off at the food they gave us at the hotel where apparently the talk show was filmed and told me not to eat it and demand better food along with him, “showing solidarity.” I so so so wish I could record my dreams, this one was a total winner.

  50. Ari says:

    omg that IS a sippy cup hahhahahahahahahahah

  51. Madison says:

    He’s crazy like a fox, I’d say he knows exactly what he’s doing, still doesn’t change the fact that he’s an addict and needs to get into rehab and therapy. At some point this craziness has to end I just hope when it does for the sake of his family he doesn’t do anything stupid.

  52. Phillylady says:

    also, I at first thought maybe it was an act too, but then when you consider the fact that his boys were taken away a week ago it makes it hard to believe. Hard to believe that any person would let an act go far enough go cost them their children. I mean, how can he claim he is winning when none of his five children are in any way available to him? That, to me, shows how true this guy’s crazy really is. I wish for his sake and his family it was indeed an act, but I really doubt it.

  53. womanfromthenorth says:

    He will end up dead soon… if he don’t get his poop in a group. Just another OD looking to happen.

  54. Moreaces says:

    Ok, this is a easy one, he is bat shiz quazy

  55. Bella says:

    He’s a weiner… not a winner. Asshat!

  56. Moreaces says:

    Imma go in to work 4 hours late 2morrow, and tell my boss, Yes Im Late, But I am winning… winning,, winning..

  57. Peanut says:

    I’m by no means a mental health expert, but he seems incredibly manic right now. So won’t it inevitably be followed by a depressive episode at some point? I don’t think this is going to end well.

  58. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Roma – Thank God for the restraining order. Please, please, PLEASE make sure your friend goes to court and has the restraining order made “permanent” – I think 3 years is the usual. Otherwise, the temp order lapses.

    I’ve been through this; it’s ugly. God love you for standing by her. I had ONE friend who stood by me through my ordeal, and she was the only one I told about the things that had been done to me. (But not all of them, because some things will go with me to my grave.)

  59. CeeCee says:

    why is he not in an institution by now? It’s appalling that no one has stepped in to get him some medical care and he’s allowed to continue like this while the world watches.