Enquirer: Beyonce wants to take Lady Gaga down, finds her “tacky”


First I’ll give the disclaimer that this story is in the National Enquirer, so it could have a grain of truth to it or it could be wishful thinking. Beyonce and Lady Gaga are presumably friends or at least work acquaintances considering that they did that Telephone song and video. According to the Enquirer they’re not getting along and there are some bad feelings there. Like a lot of us Beyonce (supposedly) finds Gaga’s stunts tired, over-the-top and “tacky” and thinks that Gaga tries to steal focus from other hardworking musicians who don’t go to the lengths she does for attention.

“Beyonce thought Gaga’s entrance [at the Grammy's] was way over the top and ridiculously self-serving,” said the insider. “Every other artist worked the red carpet in a traditional manner, but Gaga made it all about her.”

The ill will boiled over backstage, according to the insider, with Beyonce going out of her way to ignore her former collaborator. That enraged Gaga, who was heard complaining to friends about the “Single Ladies” singer.

“At this point, Gaga is used to people criticizing her. It’s part of being so successful,” explained a source close to Lady Gaga. “But she never expected it from Beyonce, who she saw as a friend and supported. Gaga plans to confront her the next time they run into each other and demand an apology.”

But Beyonce, 29, remains upset at how Gaga tries to steal the spotlight at public events with other stars, disclosed the insider.

“Beyonce believes that musicians should let their talent do the talking, and she finds it really tacky that Gaga constantly tries to one-up everyone with her ridiculous fashion statements.

“She telling people that she wants to take Gaga down a few pegs.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 21, 2011]

Beyonce is just mad she didn’t think of this first. She’s not above wearing outlandish outfits while she performs, and she does videos as strange as Gaga’s. She just doesn’t let her “Sasha Fierce” persona bleed too much into her off stage presence, except for the occasional metal glove.

Even if this is a manufactured feud from the Enquirer, you can see where they could be right, not only about Beyonce’s feelings about Gaga but for other musicians in general. Imagine if you’d been working hard at your job for years, showing up and doing exactly what you’re supposed to every day and some new employee comes along, screws the boss and gets a promotion right away. That’s pretty much what Gaga’s been doing with her “look at me,” “talk about me” antics, only she’s trying to get the attention of the fans. She works hard at what she does but you could see where people would say she’s not playing by the rules at all. She’s learned from other successful artists before her how to cause a scene and its like she’s throwing every trick against the wall and seeing what sticks. Talent does not trump all in the music industry.



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  1. gabs says:

    This story is SO fake. How did beyonce ignore gaga backstage? Theres pictures of them together and Beyonce went to see Gaga at madison square garden not long ago AFTER the grammys/egg thing. Beyonce never gets into feuds with anyone anyway. Plus Gaga has worked hard too. What do you mean about musicians being overlooked? Remember Esperanza spalding and arcade fire winning at the grammys? Gagas doing her own thing. I doubt Bey cares

  2. KJ says:

    My rule of thumb in gossip – if I find myself hoping its true, it’s usually not. I would LOVE for other artists to stop swinging on Gaga’s disco stick, maybe call her out for not letting her music do the talking, or trying way too hard to be controversial (another rule of thumb, just for life in general – if you have to TRY to create controversy, it’s not true controversy). I don’t mind people being total weirdos, like Bjork, but if you’re trying to be different and crazy and out there, you’re no different than people who try too hard to fit in. You’re trying to be something you’re just not, and I just don’t think Gaga is THAT innovative by nature.

  3. Jess says:

    lol same here silken floss. National Enquirer always reminds me of MIB.

  4. RHONYC says:

    after years of wearing her mom’s ‘couture’ monstrosities…i’d think ‘tacky’ is one of her favorite things. ;-)

    besides, isn’t she the one always wearing hosiery with open toe shoes? :-(


  5. Victoire says:

    Beyonce should take Lady Glagla down, then we would have one idiot less

    Sorry on my English =)

  6. The Truth Fairy says:

    Yes, because House of Dereon is so CLASSY!

  7. Beatrix says:

    1. I would LOVE for this to be true.
    2. I cannot believe I am about to side with Team Gaga.

    The reason why Gaga is popular is because she doesn’t play by the rules of a clean cut pop star. Every other woman strolls down the red carpet looking pretty or sexy in a gorgeous gown, while she’s dressed like Halloween sans any sex appeal.
    Her thing is to be dark, tortured, (way over)dramatic, and most important memorable. No one remembers what Beyonce wore to the VMAs two years ago. Everyone remembers what Gaga wears to everything.
    I don’t think it’s due to a lack of talent; STEFANI has a great voice. We all know her childhood was as affluent as Beyonce’s, but this chick has the entire world thinking she is some tortured artist and former addict who rent from rags to riches. It takes a lot of talent to pull off the act she’s doing. I think Beyonce is upset because she now officially has some competition.
    Yea, there’s Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha, but they cannot sing or dance like Beyonce.
    Beyonce could never pull off the looks and antics Gaga pulls off. She doesn’t have the personality, her team simply isn’t creative enough, and it goes against her brand.

  8. Isa says:

    Nice post KJ #2!!!
    so true…..

  9. Lisa Turtle says:

    Is this what Bey and Goop talk about?

  10. Riley says:

    I am starting to hate how celebrities are throwing the word “tacky” around. It must be the new ultimate hollyhood put down. It started with Julia, and then it was used by Goopy, now Goopy’s bestie is using it. I bet by the summer celebrities will be using “tacky” left and right to describe haters, the paps, peasants they think are beneath them. Celebrities develop these pseudointellectual catch phrases that make them seem vapid rather than bright. I am still waiting for “it is what it is” to die. That, and “at the end of the day.” *eyeroll*

  11. Annaloo says:

    HOW LONG has Beyonce been 29… FOR REAL

  12. Lisa says:

    I find Beyonce tacky myself but whatever…

  13. Anoneemouse says:

    Lady Gaga is a great talent BUT….she looks like she smells.

  14. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, Beyonce is tacky as hell, but I figure she’s an eight out of ten and Gaga is spinning somewhere outside of the numerical stratosphere. Gaga is nothing more than a slick, no-talent con artist.

  15. Ja says:

    Free Your Mind by En Vogue popped up on my Ipod player this morning. Then I remembered their brilliant performance of Whatta Man with Salt’n Peppa at the MTV Awards 2005 (if I’m not mistaken). Next thing that came up my mind was how nice it would be to see some really grown up music out there again. Someone who has no need to perform 3/4 naked or wrapped up in dog poo, someone mentally strong, grown up and simply fabulous. It’s neither Gaga nor Beyoncee I’m talking about, I hopefully made that clear already.

  16. jover says:

    Why is it that every pic of bouncy makes her look like no one’s at home upstairs – just that vacant self absorbed stare into nowhere – oh, that’s right no one is at home and she’s calling gaga tacky – she’s needs to closely watch some of her videos.

  17. TQB says:

    If the “rules” are stupid, it isn’t bad to break the rules.

  18. swanjaco says:

    But being famous for having the ability to make your butt fat jiggle furiously isn’t “tacky”?

  19. anonymoose says:

    this is the pot calling the kettle black. both need to take a long vacation from the public eye.

  20. anonymoose says:

    also…blonde hair on a black woman? TACKY.

  21. lucy2 says:

    Why are there never stories like this about male actors and singers? It’s always a catfight.

  22. DGO says:

    March 11th, 2011 at 3:39 pm HOW LONG has Beyonce been 29… FOR REAL


    Yep. Be-YAWN-ce who is really 37 years old.

  23. truthzbetta says:

    If true, wouldn’t Kanye West have been a target for take down a bit earlier?

    That guy’s stunts (many at award shows) are a lot more epic.

    I wish Beyonce would take this wannabe down, but only fast approching irrelevance and public boredom will do that. Power to the people.

  24. Turquoise Blue says:

    I don’t believe this story. Beyonce is super successful and I doubt she’s jealous of anyone. I’m pretty sure she and Gaga are friends.

    Besides, the idea that other musicians are getting angry with Gaga for ‘breaking the rules’ by dressing to shock is just silly. They don’t work in an office; making it ‘all about’ yourself is the point of the red carpet. It’s nothing like sleeping with the boss and getting promoted. Pop stars like Madonna, Marilyn Manson, even Britney Spears have all used shocking and overly sexy outfits to draw attention to themselves.

  25. grace says:

    I’m annoyed too. I still believe singers should sing, and that’s it. When these people start to get attention singing while fireworks come out of their butt or something stupid like that, it is because they want to deviate attention from their talent, or lack thereof.
    Please, that egg thing was “soooo” creative, a 6th grader could have thought about it while thinking they were a genius. Idk if I am a very grumpy person or if people nowadays have really low standards in terms of art or creativity, because I just look at things gaga does and think they are plain idiotic.

  26. Deven says:

    Another tempest in a teapot. There is not very much of a story here.

  27. Dana M says:

    Do you guys find Beyonce as “tacky” as her BFF Goopy? Just curious.

  28. curmudgeon says:

    I find Beyonce one demensional and obvious. Her voice pretty, but her music forgettable. She is like every other manufactured pop diva of the last twenty years from Jlo to “Ri Ri” (cant believe I just typed that.) That said, this story smells like pure tabloid b.s.
    P.S FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE!!! real talent.

  29. Hautie says:

    I suspect that Beyonce was mad that she was not the center of attention at the Grammy’s. This was not her year there.

    I can buy that.

    She has been the pretty princess and does not want to share that with anyone.

    And Gaga showed up and everyone stopped to look at her and talk about that dumb egg.

    Which I know had to p*ss off Beyonce to upstage by a damn egg. hahaha!

    And of all people… she does not need to call anyone tacky. Not with the tragic clothes that she has wore for years to public events.

  30. alexandra says:

    TACKY!! Both of them are tacky. However, Beyonce started it with her tacky nalga slapping look at me leotards.

  31. Cali says:


  32. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ #15 Ja – I love En Vogue! Good call.

  33. Eleonor says:

    Well Gaga plays “Madonna’s look at me rules”, of course aren’t normal.
    Who does remember Madonna wearing the Jean Paul Gautier bra?Or the Sex book?

  34. Hakura says:

    @RHONYC“after years of wearing her mom’s ‘couture’ monstrosities…i’d think ‘tacky’ is one of her favorite things. ;)
    @Swanjaco“But being famous for having the ability to make your butt fat jiggle furiously isn’t “tacky”?”

    Buuuuuurrrrrn. xD

    I don’t think this story is true, either (although like many of you, I’d love if it was)… After all, if B was jealous, she’s more than capable of requisitioning her own giant egg coffin, & finding some back up dancers to carry her down the red carpet. (Don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it, I guess xD )

    @Marjalane“Gaga is nothing more than a slick, no-talent con artist.” ——–At least we can all agree that she does have a talent. xD
    @Anonymoose“also…blonde hair on a black woman? TACKY.” ——– Personally, I think there are some black women who can totally rock the blonde. Just depends on the ‘undertone’ their skin has. I don’t personally love the tone Beyonce wears, I think she needs something a bit darker.
    @Grace“When these people start to get attention singing while fireworks come out of their butt or something stupid like that, it is because they want to deviate attention from their talent, or lack thereof.” ———— The public’s attention span is becoming shorter & more demanding as time goes on… While it IS getting old, I have to give Gaga credit for not giving a damn what anyone else thinks, & for being good at marketing herself.

  35. Kim says:

    Although i think it has more to do with jealousy, Beyonce is right. Gaga’s Grammy entrance was tacky and self serving. She thought it would be shocking as this is her m.o. but it wasnt. It was just silly & everyone was embarrassed for her.

  36. hmm(the original) says:

    Beyonce made over $80 million last year and I don’t think she gives a rat’s ass about Gaga or her antics. Some of the outfits preferred by Beyonce are a bit tacky but she is also capable of looking gorgeous and unlike some others she doesn’t need a pound of makeup or horns to be noticed on the red carpet. The only time you ever see her is when she’s promoting something and other than that she keeps her head down and minds her own business. Lastly, Beyonce is probably the only popstar who doesn’t take shots at other artists, ever.

  37. jj says:

    Beyonce is 29? She’s looks 39. I don’t believe 29 is her age, but if it is, she needs to stop whatever she is doing cause girlfriend looks rough for 29.

  38. Jayna says:

    right. And that’s why she sang on one of Gaga’s songs, Telephone, which was a hit, and was in Gaga’s video for the song.

  39. xav says:

    IF true, this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

  40. Shay says:

    They are both tacky and primarily use sex in an uber overt way (my polite way for saying ‘slutty’) to sell a song.

  41. jay says:

    I’m waiting for Bey to hook up with Willow for the next “big” video. She attaches herself to whomever/whatever is a current interest of the public. I don’t believe this story but I DO believe that Beybey would conniption-fit “dance” herself into just about anything, with anyone, to stay in the spotlight. She’s talented but she’s not all she’s made out to be. Just don’t see it.

    I’m still trying to recover from the all B Oscars. What a smack in the face of those “musicians” that performed those songs originally. How ’bout you stood up for them at that time? It as a farce, for sure.

    I don’t know; she could be 29 but it wouldn’t take much to believe she’s a bit older than that either.

    Eh. The Ga needs to take a rest and so does B. I’m sick of them both at this point.

  42. Dana M says:

    @Alexandra : LOL ( you said * nalga*)!

  43. StopKiddingYourself says:

    As if the slightly dim Ms. Bey would ever utter the phrase, “ridiculously self-serving”. Please. I know that sounds mean, but please.

  44. MiMi says:

    All the bitching about Gaga reminds me of the bitching about Madonna back in the 80s…the difference, at least to me, is that Gaga actually IS a musician, actually CAN sing and is a good writer. That said, I’m sure it is annoying for other musicians to be around her, because she pulls focus. On the other, musicians generally are bunch of bitches anyway…

  45. Hakura says:

    @Jayna“right. And that’s why she sang on one of Gaga’s songs, Telephone, which was a hit, and was in Gaga’s video for the song.”

    Gaga also worked with Beyonce for her (B’s) song & video ‘Video Phone’. Last I’d heard about them together, Gaga was getting Beyonce a real diamond encrusted bra/underwear & whip (or something) for her birthday.

    But you know the tabloids position on all of that, women simply can’t be friends. They’re either lesbians in the closet, or having some huge secret ‘cat fight’.

  46. j. katz says:

    Beyonce is looking lighter skinned all over these days, ala Michael Jackson.

  47. MarenGermany says:

    i like gaga better than beyonce, but whatever….
    beyonce attached her name to a LOT of songs, she never wrote or participated in as the creative process is concerned.
    she sold off producers to say, she wrote them to gain artistic acknowlengment.

    gaga at least is involved.

    never mind,

  48. Memory28 says:

    I’m soooooo over Lady Caca she is so annoying she tries so hard to be different and couture and all this shit I think is just a distraction doesnt want people to see her crappy talent. She need to stop stealing peoples music ( madonna’s express yourself) I’m sorry I used to like her but I’m so over her.

  49. MyKosmo says:

    Sorry, I think Gaga is overrated. I find her tacky, too….was never ever into her from the start.

  50. anonymous says:

    Eh if its true then its something everyones saying anyway, that gagas trying to hard, so wouldn’t be too off hand to believe that other celebraties believe that as well.

  51. Andie says:

    Memory28: ‘Lady Caca’ – that’s hilarious! I bet the story about them fighting is crap. I’m sure they are both nice girls who have done very well for themselves in their chosen field. However much talent either one of them has is open to debate. I think Gaga is trying too hard to be controversial, and Beyonce has done the sexy thing to death. I don’t mind her, but I’m fairly sure she’s not 29.

  52. Cali says:

    @Anonymoose – “also…blonde hair on a black woman? TACKY.”

    No tackier than a blonde who bronzes herself to Black.

  53. Weeble says:

    I am not really a Beyonce fan, but this story is fake. Never has Beyonce made comments about another musician that deals with their style in a negative way. She is way too focused on herself and what she is doing.

  54. ordinarygirl86 says:

    Now most of this is untrue but I think there is a shred of truth here. I do believe that Beyonce wants to ‘take’ Gaga down in terms of the music industry. Think about it- Before Gaga, Beyonce was dominating the music scene. She was the BIGGEST DIVA and then out of the blue comes Lady Gaga with her kooky outfits and hot dance songs. Now I think Beyonce realized that Gaga wasn’t a flash in the pan artist and figured ‘if you can’t beat em then join em’ which is why Video Phone and Telephone came out around the same time period. It was better for her to ally herself with Gaga then to go against her. But I think Beyonce secretly can’t wait for gaga to fall out of the spotlight, she’ll remain civil and fake smile until then . Because Bey doesn’t like competition! Look how ruthlessly she & her father mapped out her career for global domination.

    PS How FUCKING long has Beyonce been 29? It seems like for the past 3-5 years she’s been 29 and on ‘the verge’ of 30!!!

  55. DGO says:

    March 11th, 2011 at 11:47 pm @Anonymoose – “also…blonde hair on a black woman? TACKY.”

    No tackier than a blonde who bronzes herself to Black.


    I don’t care if a woman of colour dyes her hair blonde or not. That’s not the issue. But you can’t compare someone doing something artificial (like dying the hair) to someone naturally tanning in the sun. EVERYONE’S skin tans in the sun, and it’s not a race issue.

  56. CB Rawks says:

    Love that velvety purple minidress on Beyonce!

  57. SHump says:

    I call BS. Beyonce wouldn’t know class if it bit her on the arse. Plus, I’m sure she finds all that Telephone money tacky as hell. Let’s be honest, Beyonce needs tacky like a fish needs water. That’s not a dig, I’m all about the tack. It’s just troof!!

  58. Hakura says:

    @DGO – “I don’t care if a woman of colour dyes her hair blonde or not. That’s not the issue. But you can’t compare someone doing something artificial (like dying the hair) to someone naturally tanning in the sun. EVERYONE’S skin tans in the sun, and it’s not a race issue.” (in response to: Cali – “No tackier than a blonde who bronzes herself to Black.“)

    I obviously can’t speak for Cali’s intention in that comment (& I disagreed entirely that black women couldn’t pull off blonde hair. It’s all about skin tone, no matter what race you are.) But when she says ‘…a blonde who bronzes herself Black‘, I got the impression she was probably referring to people that paint-tan themselves like Snooki, though if that were the case, the color they end up is nowhere near ‘Black’ (or anything else remotely human.)

  59. Rosanna says:

    I agree with Beyonce! Plus, I don’t understand the controversy toward a black who dyes her hair blonde. When a black dyes her hair blood red or pink it’s not an issue. Blonde shouldn’t be an issue either.

  60. Liana says:

    I wish that everyone would just shut up and make music. But artifice and flamboyance has long roots in the music industry. Gaga didn’t invent it, she just made it annoying.

  61. rerun delaney says:

    not sure i buy it. i remember being REALLY surprised that beyonce did this video, but it was a smart career move. it let her do more cross over action, latch on to gaga, who people are fascinated with (for now), and step outside her comfort zone. she might hate on gaga a little, but these comments sound a bit off. gaga’s got a an interesting team behind her-sometimes they’re great, sometimes they rip off and repurpose, but those f*ckers are effective. i can appreciate that. gaga actually has a nice voice, and i tend to like her videos, but i hope she knows when to ease out of the crazy before it bites her in the ass.

  62. Cali says:

    So no one have EVER seen a Black person with natural blonde hair before or blue/green/grey or hazel eyes? It’s called most Blacks in the US have WHITE ancestry…heard of it much? Hair color is NOT specific to ONE “race” because most people are NOT ONE “race” especially American Blacks so Beyonce with blonde hair is how different from white brunettes who bleach their hair blonde? It’s called a “style” like tanning, make-up, and clothes are. Is Rihanna’s hair color okay with you guys because let’s see that color is natural for NONE… learn a bit about history and genetics before you determine that Blonde hair on a Black woman is automatically tacky because it’s not natural….or get out the house more.

  63. Alexa (oxa95Monster) says:

    1) I think this is just fake ass gossip,I’m pretty sure they are still friends.

    2) IF it is real you have to remember that both those women work in the MUSIC industry. MUSIC IS ART. isn’t art all about BEING EXPRESSIVE AND DIFFERENT? Go to a modern arts / avante guard museum and i GUARANTEE you will not see anything considered “normal”.

    My point is people nowadays are starting to loose track of the fact that in the end music ISN’T (or shouldn’t be) a buisness, but a creative outlet, a form of art. Therefore when you deal with TRUE artists you deal with crazy things. Being famous for parading around in slutty outfits and dancing around lip sinc-ing (like some other celebs *not-naming-names-but-you-know-who-you-are*) is way more tacky then what gaga does. (BY THE WAY I AM NOT SAYING BEYONCE LIP-SINCS AT ALL… CLEARLY THEY BOTH HAVE AMAZING VOICES! haha i’m a huge fan of both of them, but this argument is stupid.).

    Hope I proved my point.

  64. e.non says:

    right… from the woman who crawls across the floor in her videos — and whose initial claim to fame was her ass — that has its own nickname.

  65. Kim123 says:

    Beyonce appeared on Star Search in 1993 when she was in girls tyme, the video is on youtube.She appeared in 1993 she was 12. Also I remember her appearing at a talent show in Houston when she was 9 or 10 in 1991

  66. beyonce says:

    This story is bullshit gaga and I are bestfriends this site need to be shutdown.

  67. JenJen says:

    She just doesn’t like it someone else is riding the fame train too, by not wearing pants.

  68. santacruz says:

    WHICH DIVA IS THE TACKIEST? Beyonce appears quite nice when interviewed, but she is the queen of self-aggrandizement. Perhaps she should review her own videos before calling another artist ‘tacky’

  69. santacruz says:

    Definitely not a fan of gaga’s antics, but she has a great voice.

  70. Hakura says:

    @Cali“So no one have EVER seen a Black person with natural blonde hair before or blue/green/grey or hazel eyes? It’s called most Blacks in the US have WHITE ancestry…heard of it much?”

    I think the issue people get tangled in on these issues is how a person chooses to identify themselves, as far as questions of ‘race’ go. Generally, if I person identifies themselves as ‘Black’, it brings to mind a certain image of traits common to African Americans (who aren’t necessarily mixed with another race.)

    But in the case of children who are mixed, which of course are most children now, some people don’t know what the proper way to ‘reference’ them is, such as with Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla. She has her father’s blonde hair, & light skin that is a complete middle point between her father & mother. But as someone else on this site once said (as the mother of a biracial child), she didn’t want to ‘identify’ her race as a child, & wanted that to be her decision.

    I think that becomes an issue people aren’t sure how to refer to it. But I also disagreed entirely that any ‘blanket judgments’ on traits should be made (even artificial things all women do, like dying their hair) based on race. But this is just my take on what I think people mean by their comments, & of course I could be wrong. I certainly don’t mean anything offensive when I make references to ‘thinking black women are totally capable of rocking blonde hair’.

  71. Tara says:

    In that very first opening paragraph bleachy just described herself….LMAO!! I can’t stomach either one of them but bleachy urks me more becuz she tries to play herself off as this humble classy christian angel thinking the world is as dumb and ignorant as she is to ignore all her low key greedy self hating sweaty evil skanky ratchet ways she has!! **quietly excuses self from post 2 violently vomit from lookn at bleachys image too long**

  72. DiMi says:

    I don’t believe this because:

    a. Beyonce doesn’t trash other women or other celebs. She never has, not once, so why would she start now? This would be completely out of character for her; she doesn’t make this kind of mistake. She didn’t even trash the rejected members of destiny’s child when they were trashing her so why would she go after gaga? It doesn’t make sense, given her history, character, and style. This lady is all business, not drama.
    b. I live in l.a., and Beyonce’s one of the few celebs that people say is a genuinely nice person. Her off-screen personality is soft-spoken and extremely polite, not competitive and bitchy. Again, this would be too far out of character to be true.
    c. they’re friends and and all the bts footage looks like they sincerely enjoy being around each other; they don’t seem to be pretending.
    d. It’s the National Enquirer
    e. It’s the National Enquirer
    f. It’s the National Enquirer

  73. gg says:

    damn I forgot how much I love that video. Very entertaining!

  74. vegemite says:

    I have mentioned this before,there are videos on youtube which show you how Beyonce has lied about her age.She is 37.I wish Kelly Rowland would write a tell-all book already!
    Also remember her fake a*se hug with Jennifer Hudson when she won the Oscar??.

  75. Jaquebelle says:

    Fashion beauty rules were meant to be broken. Beyonce’s hair color is not natural blond, but so is 90% of white women who dye their hair this color. And the comment regarding white women receiving their tans naturally from the sun is misleading. If you stay out in the sun long enough you will tan. Black. White. Asian. If the sun’s rays shines down on your skin, you will tan. But this does not account for white women w/ tans in the winter. Tanning salons do gang-buster business in any season and is overwhelmingly used by white women who can darken at a much faster rate.

    I pray that after a while we will be shock proof and performers will have to rely on singing and talent. Then both Beyawnce and Lady Gag Me will be out of a job lol. One love.

  76. Micki says:

    Does Beyonce see herself as a “creative” artist, who plays “by the rules”? Seems contradictory to me.
    If everybody played by the rules the music would be a generic factory product and we won’t need that many artists.Thanks God it’s still not the case.

  77. Luci says:

    There was a blind from last year, that at the MTVs music awards rihanna and Kperry were bithching about gaga for being too fame monster.
    While I dont know if bey needs to feel envy or anything against Gaga, I totally believe that Perry and Rihanna crap their pants every time a gaga song sounds

  78. anne_000 says:

    beyonce thinks musicians should let their talents do the talking? if this story is true, then why does she emphasize sexual moves & connotations including showing off her body as part of her music? shouldnt she want people judge her singing based solely on her vocal talent rather than the whole image she’s created for herself? without her looks & her body, she wouldnt have gone very far in the music industry. her singing skills arent that good. there’s far better singers, past and present, that deserve the kind of fame & fortune she’s had so far with her less talented singing abilities. and who wants a staid & boring grammy awards anyways? isnt it supposed to be crazy? it’s not like it’s the nobel prize ceremony. again, if this story is true, then beyonce is taking herself way too seriously.

  79. Confuzzle says:

    I’d just like to say that the House of Derion website is one of my favourite comedy sites to visit :lol:

  80. anonymoose says:

    RE my comment last week that blonde hair looks tacky on black women:

    that is because when hair color clashes with skin tone it simply looks tacky.

    blonde looks just as tacky on lindsay lohan and gwyneth goop as it does on beyonce. (but lohan & paltrow are not part of this feature story.)

    dark roots, or roots that clash with the rest of the haircolor? TACKY. (I sure hope beyonce, madonna, goop, lohan….are reading this.) same with dark lip pencil outlines that are distinct from lipcolor (sophia loren? please take note.)

    there is a limited range of what color goes with what color without clashing. bad haircolor is prevalent in modern society, but it is not limited to a particular race. show me a shade of blonde that doesn’t clash with african american skintones. blonde works on swedes but not really with irish coloring, though, or italian, or with mexican coloring, or asian coloring. marilyn monroe did blonde right. scarlet johannsen? not so much. cher? no. mary j blige not so much. gaghag has made a career of adorning herself with clashing unflattering sensibilities. ick, but i guess some people like the drama of it, the squeaky wheel aspect. gaghag makes a point of clashing with harmony. but i suppose beyonce and her mom think their Dereon designs are flattering….proving there’s a lid for every pot.

    off topic, snooki’s “tan” looks tacky no matter what. there is no hair color that doesn’t clash with that nuclear hazard skintone.

  81. sn95gts says:

    i wonder if lady gaga did a private party for a million dollars to a known terrorist son

  82. Magsy says:

    Beyonce’s daddy raised her to be a jealous cow.

  83. Tom says:

    Self-serving? Isn’t that what musicians are supposed to be? I mean, when you’re promoting your music, who else are you serving? This is just pathetic jealousy on the part on Beyonce.

  84. Rihanna says:

    It’s all fake… I was at the grammy’s and u can’t help how Beyonce and Gaga talked endlessly, b4 posing for a pics together.

    Guys, don’t work yourself up as this isn’t true as National Enqurier claimed.

    Well, i hope you lot have bought my tour tickets? Catch you all (my fans and not numb skulls dissing me and Perry).

    One love!

    Rih Rih xxxx

  85. don says:

    beyonce is a piece of jealous no talent having trash and she always will be.

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  87. Maximo Gilfillan says:

    Really i love the kids and their angel dresses.

  88. amy says:

    biggest load of rubbish ever! believe me all the magazines want is it to be on the front cover so people buy it!