“Huge Sarah Palin argument on The View” morning links

- Huge argument on The View about Sarah Palin. Barbara tries to get Elisabeth Hasselbeck to tell her why Palin is qualified and almost everyone is yelling. [Defamer]
- Palin can’t name a Supreme Court case she disagrees with other than Roe V. Wade [Huffington Post]
- The Simpsons take on those wonky voting machines [Evil Beet]
- Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher want you to vote (for Obama) [Deceiver]
- Woman who came into possession of Kurt Cobain’s ashes plans to smoke them in a joint [Agent Bedhead]
- Are Brad and Angelina going to adopt again? Probably eventually [Bild]
- Jennifer Aniston obviously gets Brazilians [Cityrag]
- Gwen Stefani & Kingston Go Shopping [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- What the hell happened to Madonna? [Bastardly]
- All time worst Halloween treats [ParentDish]
- Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show Pics From Paris [Hollywood Rag]
- Register to Vote Because Famous People Told You To [Yeeeah]
- Kung Fu Panda to get 3D sequel in 2011 [The Insider]
- Kirsten Dunst out in Hollywood still looking happy [Use My Computer]
- Jennifer Garner’s baby bump is so cute! [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Katie Holmes and her shiny gold cardigan sign autographs [ICYDK]
- Janet Jackson suffers from vertigo [Rhymes with Snitch]
- Paris Hilton’s new BFF reality show as deep and entertaining watching the rainbow shapes in an oil-filled puddle [Celebritology]
- Sarah Silverman’s second season starts on Comedy Central next Wednesday, October 8th [PopBytes]
- Radiohead selects cool fan-made video as official video for the song “Reckoner” [Best Week Ever]

Here’s the Radiohead video. It’s pretty amazing.
Radiohead – Reckoner – by Clement Picon

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  1. Shay says:

    She’s a nut job. Babs tried to give her the floor to discuss Palin but all she could do was throw it back on Obama.

    I’ve never been so excited about a debate I won’t be home but I’m actually TiVoing it.

    BTW: Oct 4th is the deadline to register for many states. If you’re going to vote do it now. If you haven’t voted in years find out if you’re still on the voter roll some States are removing people who haven’t voted in a while.

  2. Ron says:

    Even Barbara, who is usually impartial, told Lizzie to tlak to the hand. How can you think that a canidate is qualified who can only name one Supreme Court Case. Even I know Anna Nicole Smith vs HJ Marshall estate! :-)

  3. geronimo says:

    Palin’s attempt at back-tracking when she’s questioned about the wisdom of poking fun at Biden’s age is just toe-curling. So easy to see she’s trotting out other’s people’s lines, not a clue how to follow through. Excellent! Keep it up, Sarah.

  4. sandy says:

    I can’t believe The View is still on the air!
    It’s the crappiest television next to the Oprah Winfrey show.

  5. ri23 says:

    This Hasselcrack/Palin thing is awesome. They’re both functionally retarded. And tonight is the VP debate. I can’t freakin’ wait. Joe Biden has a mean pimp hand.

  6. breederina says:

    Joe Biden has a mean pimphand !!! :lol:
    I sure hope so !
    As for the unfortunate Ms. Hasselbeck did you see how her face got all squinchy there for a few when she was asked to comment. I was hoping her head would explode. Maybe next time.

  7. MSat says:

    The View has sucked for as long as I can remember. It’s insulting that this show is positioned as a representative of how women think and behave. All of these women act like asses pretty much every day. No woman I know is as close-minded and shrewish as these people – and I wouldn’t choose to know anyone who was. They don’t listen to each other or respect each other, and Elisabeth is the worst one of them all.

    She behaves as if politics is on par with cheering for your favorite football team – blindly following, rooting and defending your party no matter what. For most of us it’s not that simple, nor should it be.

    Cancel the show already!

  8. bros says:

    ok, as an alaskan, I saw that clip with katie asking her about the supreme court and to name another decision she didnt agree with. how about Baker v. Exxon????!?!!!? it was just decided this year in june 2008 at the SUPREME COURT which vacated 2 billion dollars in damages that should have gone towards ALASKAN fisheman who lost their livelihoods and is a lawsuit alaskans have been fighting since 1994. her own freaking office issued a statement saying SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED in the ruling. oh my god, and she couldnt think of this one? this was a gimmie by Katie C. and sarah was too freaking stupid to think of anything.

  9. fluffyrabbit says:

    I_can_not_believe that Sarah Palin was the best the Republican party could muster up. It frightens me that this woman could be a world leader. I live in a part of the country where race is unfortunately still important as these backward assed hicks here will not ever vote for someone with dark melanin in their epidermis. It disgusts me that they would instead want a close-minded former beauty queen, with a degree in Journalism that has a disabled infant as well as a knocked-up teenager to tend to, to possibly end up as this country’s leader. I would love to see a female VP and/or a female President. Party affiliation aside, this is not that woman.

  10. neelyo says:

    ‘No, you tell me why Obama should be president’!

    That’s the best she can come up with? That’s the argument of a second grader. Hasselback needs to take her toys and go home because she can’t play with others.

  11. ri23 says:

    fluffyrabbit: Unfortunately this chick is pushing women back politically a few decades with her lack of knowledge and cutesy hockey mom crap. Hillary Clinton is going to clothesline her when she gets the chance.

  12. Gigohead says:

    :( There are so many bright young women out that would be suitable for that job.

    Elizabeth is the Sarah Palin of the view.

    Circular answers.

  13. anony says:

    I’m scurred of those women so I’ll skip the video and just read the comments here. Ha.

    And hello..re: the performance artist who says she came into Curt’s stolen ashes somehow.. if this is true it is disgusting. He has a child! Courtney is a little nuts but for the sake of his kid do not smoke ashes you claim are that of her dead father. Jesus what the hell is going on. The police need to investigate this seriously.

  14. Kolby says:

    Elizabeth is a joke – two of the three reasons why she said Palin was qualified to be VP were dead wrong. She does NOT, I repeat, NOT oversee the Alaskan National Guard in wartime – that would be the responsibility of the President of the United States. She is NOT, I repeat, NOT, an expert on energy. She barely even has a grasp on the role her own state plays when it comes to American energy issues. Elizabeth is just spouting a couple of soundbites she once heard Tucker Bounds shouting on some late-night news channel. In my opinion, if you’re going to defend someone so staunchly, you had better have some viable information to back up your arguments for that person.

    Also, Whoopi finally lost it. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later after dealing with that nincompoop (and Sherry – don’t even get me started on that idiot) day in and day out.

  15. anony says:

    Ok I watched the video:) I like Whoopi and she made some good points. It’s annoying when Baba steps in and she tries to ‘tie it all together’. I can barely understand her when she speaks so that’s kind of useless.
    I think Elizabeth comes across as even more unlikable and smug than I can recall; I’m sure she has accepted another job already and now doesn’t care who likes her and what happens. She knows she’s already in the way out.

    Joy is hilarious and she made me laugh as per usual. Watching Palin in the clip though- frightening. She came across as sarcastic, petty and NASTY. This is someone who could be VP? Aside from her voice being able to pierce eardrums I think this little clip of Palin is very telling. What a piece of work.

  16. anony says:

    Joe Biden has a mean pimp hand.”

    *dies laughing* Great imagery too, Haha.

    And Thanks for the deadline reminder Shay. I actually sent emails to friends, etc. with that deadline date. We all know how easy it is to mix up dates or forget stuff- it crept up on a few people I know and I am glad I did. I want to make sure no one I know misses out b/c they thought they had more time to register :wink:

  17. Kait says:

    I hate Hasselbeck. She’s so smug and bitchy. Watching that clip reminded me why I don’t watch The View.

  18. heehee says:

    Years ago I quit watching it and yeah, this show is an embarrasment to women and produces pitiful examples of ‘intellectual debates’ that America can/tries to produce.

  19. Trillion says:

    And let’s not forget that Palin couldn’t name ONE SINGLE publication she reads when Couric lobbed her softball number 20. She still whiffed it. AND she was a journalism major (so lightweight…). This means she either A) doesn’t read newspapers, journals, etc. or B) her choice of source material is crazy stuff like John Birch Society publications or something similar that she’d rather hide. Yikes either way.

  20. Trillion says:

    Sorry if I’m repeating something already mentioned in the clip. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I really don’t like that show. Or any show where people are screaming over each other, regardless of whether or not I agree with them.

  21. Amy says:

    I don’t think I can stomach tonight’s debates. Biden is going to eviscerate Palin. It’s pre-empting The Office, too. Double Whammy! :(

  22. huh says:

    So she’s never heard of, oh I don’t know: The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Newsweek?, Time?, anything? I mean even if she doesn’t read them she can’t even NAME them as reading material?

    Jeez, I used to have an insanely boring job right out of college as a receptionist and basically I would sit and read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover every day. In addition to what I read at home. So do we actually want a woman less informed and knowledgeable than a 22 year old just out of college as VP?

    I do think (know) Biden is more qualified but I hope he doesn’t attack her directly b/c all the hockey mom’s will come out screaming and gather around her even more. I hope he lets her crash and burn without actually insulting her and just shows his own qualifications.

  23. Leandra says:

    Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd are two reasons I don’t watch The View. They are stupid beyong belief. I can imagine Bill Maher was never so glad as he was the other day to get away from them after their dumb questions. Plus all of them going at it at once like a bunch of squawking geese.

  24. Lola says:

    I sympathise with Hasslebeck, I can’t stand her but it is danmed hard to defend Palin. She is really funny. Even her favourite movie answer is so banal you wonder whether she ever has conversations with adults about current issues. 8 more minutes to the debate. I can’t wait for it. I am going to laugh my insides out. Comic writers are sharpening their pencils. At least she is funny.

  25. Kat says:

    Hey Sara, stop winking at us, trim your bangs, and most important, learn proper ENGLISH. Words like: gosh, ya know, & dog-gonnet, makes it harder to get my own kids to use proper english and drives me up the wall.

  26. vdantev says:

    As usual both parties are crowing debate victories. To me it was the most stilted, dreary, orchestrated event I’ve ever endured.

  27. what says:

    do the other women on this show think they are helping matters when they scream over hasselback like that and don’t let her get a word in? wouldn’t it be much more productive to actually have her voice her reasons – like she did, one by one – and then go over them calmly explaining why they are wrong? otherwise you’re just attacking the poor child.

  28. what says:

    that said, i don’t watch the show, so i don’t know if it’s been tried.

  29. Jeanne says:

    Of course there’s another big argument on The View. There’s always a big argument on The View. That’s how it manages to get ratings and stay on the air.