Clint Eastwood: Angelina Jolie has ‘the most gorgeous face on the planet’

Multiple Oscar winning director and actor Clint Eastwood has nothing but praise for his latest leading actress, Angelina Jolie, 33. The 78 year-old screen legend said during a press conference that Angelina was so beautiful it must sometimes be a hindrance for her. He also praised her preparation and said she always came on set ready to go:

Of Angelina Jolie – the leading lady in his latest directorial effort, the period drama Changeling – Eastwood, 78, says: “I’ve always admired her talent. She’s somewhat hampered sometimes by having this gorgeous face, the most gorgeous face on the planet. She’s on covers and all that stuff.

“But,” Eastwood told veteran movie journalist Lillian Ross at a Saturday Q&A sponsored by the New Yorker magazine at the Directors Guild of America, “she is a great talent, and it would be easy to overlook that, except after seeing this you realize that she is this great, talented person.”

“This” is Changeling, set in ’20s Los Angeles and the true story of a mother whose son is returned after a kidnapping – only the boy is not hers. Eastwood describes it as “a very tough story, it’s sort of an adult horror story. It’s what this woman had been put through by the Establishment.”

When it comes to working with Jolie, “She’s very prepared. She comes in with a lot of preparation. She’s ready to go right away,” he says.


This reminds me of a story that came out late last week that Angelina had the face most requested by plastic surgery patients. It was just an anecdote told by a plastic surgeon at a conference, though, and was not an official study. Jolie’s puffy lips, high cheekbones, and exotic look are said to be in high demand:

The US movie star has the most requested look – exaggerated, almost cartoonish lips, eyes and cheek bones – desired by American women wanting a nip and tuck, Professor Ava Shamban said.

The Los Angeles-based cosmetic dermatologist told a gathering of 400 fellow Australian specialists that demand for this brand of exotic look is here to stay.

“Angelina Jolie, with her exquisite looks, is the current gold standard of beauty in the states and in the West in general right now,” said Prof Shamban, who has appeared on the chat show Oprah and the reality TV series Extreme Makeover.

“And that’s not about to change. The exotic look, like (actresses) Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz, is here to stay, and Angelina is the ultimate embodiment of that.”


Plastic surgeon Dr. Shamban reminds us that Angelina’s look won’t work for just anyone who has the cash to shell out, and that “Features like Angelina’s won’t fit every face and we must take care with that.”

They also quote another Australian plastic surgeon who says “It’s common to hear people say ‘I want lips or cheekbones like Angelina Jolie’s’.”

Angelina Jolie is not thought to have had any work done other than a rhinoplasty, or nose job, early in her career. Her lips seem to be all natural as photos of her at 16 show her with her trademark pillowy lips. It’s a matter of taste whether her face is the most gorgeous. It’s certainly one of the most recognized ones on the planet.

Here are photos of Angelina out with some of her children visiting an art store on Saturday. Credit: Fame. Header is of Angelina and Clint Eastwood at the premiere of The Changeling at the NY Film Festival, also on Saturday. Credit: PRPhotos.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, gorgeous face, hair, eyes, body. I would kill to look like her.

    Sidenote: Clint and Angie seem half-in-love with each other. Or do you girls think it’s more surrogate father-daughter?

  2. Roni says:

    He hasn’t been around a whole lot, has he??? I have seen a lot of women that look WAAAAYYYY better than Angelina Jolie, sorry to burst that bubble!

  3. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, more of a Grandfather surrogate :wink:
    Angelina is beautiful.

    Madonna must have asked for the Angelina look with her cheek implants, yikes 8O

  4. Pont Neuf says:

    Yes, she is one of the few celebrities who actually does look beautiful (not as in ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’, but genuinely gorgeous)without make up and pre-Photoshop. The only thing that prevents her from being magnificent is the fact that her lips have been inflated to a horrible degree. They really look like two sausages. Whomever did that to her, deserves to have his license revoked.

    Sadly, her beauty doesn’t account for her utter lack of talent and the fact that she thinks, à la Bono or that stupid fool Kanye West, that the fact that she is a celebrity gives her knowledge about issues that she has absolutely no business discussing.

    Stick to ‘acting’ and leave the political speeches for people who actually know what they are talking about, honey. Oh, and using orphans to improve your public image… Classy. :roll:

  5. A.J. says:

    She’s sickeningly gorgeous, alright, but I think there are other beautiful women who definitely give Angelina a run for her money.

    Also, why does there always have to be someone in the comments of any/every Angelina thread who just has to start preaching against her, no matter how trivial and unrelated the article? Jeez, if she’s really having THAT MUCH of a negative effect on your life to where you must always rant and rave against her at the mere mention of her name… you might want to seek professional help. Seriously. How is this woman personally affecting you, again? I’m no Brangeloonie, but I just don’t understand all the vitriol for her. Wouldn’t it be better spent on a REAL waste of humanity, like Valtrex Hilton?

  6. geronimo says:

    Hee hee. Love it! 8) And yeah, Daisy & Kaiser, paternal, professional interest only.

    Looking into my crystal ball, I forsee major, bile-filled apoplexy attacks in this thread’s future. :P

  7. hear hear says:

    like the whole world did not already know!

  8. Bodhi says:

    I know right? Vile bullshit in 3…2…1…

  9. vdantev says:

    Suck it haters. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

  10. A.J. says:

    dante: I imagined Sean Connery reading your comment aloud, and could not help but giggle to myself. :lol:

  11. WTF?!?! says:

    Eye of the beholder.
    I don’t begrudge anyone their personal taste, but I think she looks like an insect and am more than pleased to keep my God-given bone structure, rosebud lips and steel gray eyes over her features. My body’s better, too, because I have some flesh on me, muscle tone and real 36Cs/34Ds for which I have received no complaints.
    Chacun a son gout, as they say in the French.

  12. SeVen says:

    Pont : Her lips are not “blown up” … shes had those lips all of her life. Her brother and mother to some degree also have similar shaped and sized lips.

    on a OT note : my boyfriend went to the wax museam in NYC and got his picture taken with Wax Jolie .. so jealous i was :(

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Kaiser: Yes, I think it’s paternal; it’s only natural for her to seek that—given the relationship she doesn’t have with her own father, and I’m glad that she’s got some type of positive feedback from a *father* figure/role model.
    @ Daisy: girl, I LOVE those glittery, sexy lips! I vote for that avatar to stay!! 8)

  14. pamela says:

    Sorry about the above post. I just scanned the magazine cover, but just realised it did not go through. Will try again. Don’t laugh at me . LOL.

  15. pamela says:

    Finally, it went through. Enjoy!!!

  16. Zoe says:

    Dante & AJ: :lol:

    Yes, I think she had mild refining done to her nose, but those lips are real.

    Problem is, I can think of very few people who can actually carry off those features… we’re in for some fugly wannabees for decades to come!

    Let the hating begin:

  17. geronimo says:

    Cool! Well done, Pamela. Assume it now has pride of place in your J-P holy shrine. 8)

    LOL! @ codzilla’s ’300 lb behemoth stuck in your mom’s basement.’

  18. Alecto says:

    Pamela, what are we looking at besides the cover of people that we’ve already seen with some marker marks?

    I think she had cheek implants too. I saw some side by side photos somewhere from when angie was 16 to now. Her lips looked tweeked nose was different and she didn’t have cheekbones (at all) when she was 16.

    Now that said she still looked amazingly gorgeous at 16.

  19. binary says:

    @ the autographs … holy shit! What the hell language is she signing her name in? Farsi, Kurdish, Punjabi? Someone help me out here.

    And Pamela, thanks for scanning that for us. You must have had a fantastic time :)

  20. Lauri says:

    “He hasn’t been around a whole lot, has he?”

    Um, have you ever HEARD of Clint Eastwood? I think it’s safe to say that he’s “been around” a whole heck of a lot more than you could ever hope to.

  21. breederina says:

    Amem Codzilla I totally agree re: Clint, he was dangerous! As for Angie, there is no denying she is almost freakishly beautiful. It happens sometimes, that type of nearly surreal physical perfection. Luck of the genetic roulette. Clint and Angie, definitely a father/daughter deal.

  22. daisy424 says:

    Sol.Angel, thanks :D

    Pamela, thanks for sharing. I have seen her autograph, that’s how she signs, you all should see my signature :roll: not much better.

    :D Dante, Codzilla & AJ :D
    You crack me up :!:

  23. pamela says:

    geronimo, you better believe it.

    binary, I did have a good time. I still cannot believe I saw them, because I dont usually do that kind of thing. But, i will do it for the Brange. :lol:

    Now I have to get back to work, my boss is looking at me quite suspiciously. :lol:

    Until later.

  24. Bobby the K says:

    Well, what do you expect Clint to say? She’s in his new movie.

    I’ve always thought she was over rated – even way over rated in the looks dept. Her fake puffy lips are actually too big.

    I too have met many women who are as attractive, if not more so.

    Just because People magazine says something, doesn’t mean it’s true.
    They are just trying to sell copies and ad space.

  25. Kaiser says:

    Christ on a cracker. Those lips are genetic! She passed them on to her daughters, like the mark of Cain! What rock are you smoking?!?

    Bree, Daisy, Geronimo, Solitary – *just* father/daughter? Perhaps. But perhaps Clint’s marriage will be the next to be ZOMG HOMEWRECKED.

    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth? :lol:

  26. Kaiser says:

    @Pamela – I just looked at your link! Is that really Angie’s autograph?

    It looks like she wrote the initials A-V-A. As in, Ava. As in, Ava Gardner, my Gravitar!!! Do you think Angie knows? Did she mention me? :lol:

  27. geronimo says:


    You crack me up, K. :mrgreen:

  28. Wif says:

    “Yeah, gorgeous face, hair, eyes, body. I would kill to look like her.”

    Actually Kaiser, I do have a friend that looks a LOT like her, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Most women HATE my friend without getting to know her, assholes are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. People go out of their way to be mean to her. She does get a lot of free drinks though.

    I’d much rather look like me, I’m understated pretty. I never draw the hot guys, but back when I was single I was constantly being asked out by funny nice guys. I’ve been married to one for 10 years now. My life is a hell of a lot easier than my friend’s is.

  29. Kaiser says:

    @Geronimo – ZOMG SHE KNOWS. :lol:

    Seriously. It’s like I’m Joan of Arc and Angelina is God, ordering me to maintain my involvement in the Arc d’Badette. :D

    @Wif – Yeah, yeah, I know all of the reasons why “It’s so hard to be beautiful” but I’d still like to take a crack at looking like Angie. But I do think you’re on to something about *some* people dissing Angie simply because it makes them feel better to whine about someone who’s so clearly drop-dead gorgeous and cool.

  30. Hope says:

    He needs to have his eyes checked! Her lips look like a butthole.

  31. Anni says:

    How many buttholes did you check, hope?

  32. scorpio says:

    Yeah Hope!
    You must know a lot of buttholes!!

    @Pont-suck on a cucumber! Whether she’s acting or travelling around the world for a good cause and adopting children, I don’t think she’s doing this to gain attention. Dude-or whatever you are, get a life!!

  33. pamela says:

    :lol: You guys are killing me here. Buttholes, that’s a new one. You have to give them an “A” for origination. :lol:

  34. Pont Neuf says:

    Scorpio: I’m truly sorry for having offended you by oh, worst sin amongst all sins, having dared to criticize Mary Magdalene Reincarnate.

    Yes, it is possible that some people don’t find Miss Jolie the very personification of human kindness and absolute virtue. While I think it is ridiculous that some would actually hate her, I do think that it is dangerous for anyone to think that she does what she does out of pure selflessness… You might admire her, but that doesn’t make her a saint. Or cultured, intelligent and talented, for that matter.

    I know that this might be hard to understand for you, dude – or whatever you are :roll: , but I guess that you can make an effort and… not try to bite anyone who doesn’t idolize Angelina Jolie.

    By the way, you are furiously defending someone who doesn’t even know you exist and you probably won’t ever meet. Now, tell me who needs to get a life. Also, note that I’ve never said ‘oh, she’s a homewrecker!’ or anything stupid like that. I just criticized her lack of tangible talent and her dubious charitable endeavours.

  35. Baholicious says:

    How does he know what the blazes he’s looking at when he’s squinting all the time? :|

  36. Emily says:

    Most gorgeous face, my foot! Maybe for an 80+ man. Clint Eastwood is looking for an excuse for his movie getting bad reviews.

    Does he know that 90% of that face is plastic? The eyes are not bad but the lips are repulsive and her nose cheeks etc are all knifed. Her hair is a wig and you can see where it is joined.

    Sad that plastc surgery now defines beauty. I will take Ashwairya Rai, atleast she ia natural and is actually beautiful. Angelina most gorgeous face? That is like the GOP who think Palin is intelligent. To each their own.

  37. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Kaiser: cracking me up, as usual! I think I “tune in” to this channel mostly to see what y’all will say next!( And you KNOW who you are…kaiser, daisy, geronimo, dante, anni, bodhi) Sorry if I left anyone *good* out…and btw, where has bodhi been lately?

    @ Anni: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    All of you who say Angie’s lips aren’t real–HELLO!! Shiloh has them, too! And the babies! (Buttholes) :evil:

  38. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Pont: Let me ask you this, then; from the depths of your *vast* knowledge of charitable contributions, do you think the people who receive the benefits give one airborne rodent’s rear WHY they have a full stomach? Or clean water to drink? Or immunizations? Or clothing? Do you think they sit around discussing the reasons why Angelina (and everyone else in the world who helped them) did it? I think not.

  39. KERRI says:

    Pamela: Thanks for sharing, and I hope you didn’t spend too much on your co-worker’s lunch. You’re a dear.

    Daisy: That remark about Madonna’s cheeks cracked me up. Yikes is right!!

    Okay, that being said, I would like to point out that Angie is a DAMN FINE actress. She down-plays her beauty and I have never seen her out in public dressed like she’s ready for her close-up. She’s actually shy. Not many people know that. She hides it very well.

    Not done yet. I have never seen a photo of her in a bikini with her ass pointing at the camera or photos of her excercising topless on the balcony of her Malibu home. She’s a classic beauty and a classy woman!

    GO FOR THE GOLD ANGIE. Good Oscar buzz on her performance. Just hope she doesn’t get snubbed like she did in “A Mighty Heart”. Whew!!!

  40. vdantev says:

    Hope’s used to seeing buttholes in the mirror every day. :twisted:

  41. someone says:

    I think Clint needs his eyes checked..seriously…

  42. KERRI says:

    Kaiser..your gravitar is Ava!! Another classic beauty.

    BTW..though Angie does not know I exist and I will never have the pleasure of a sit-down dinner with her, I feel very protective of her.

    That’s All!!

  43. pamela says:

    ^^^ Hell, I just read my last post. It should read “A” for originality. Sorry.

  44. lanette says:

    shiloh has her lips….my goodness are people still thinking those aren’t Angelina’s lips???

  45. scorpio says:

    @ Pont-
    Boy, you should write a book about your opinions. All I said was “Suck on a cucumber”! Obviously, I offended you>>

    You have a lot to say, so write a book will ya.

  46. RAN says:

    She was much more beautiful in her youth, but really… who wasn’t? The following link is for those of you who think she’s beautiful today… nothing compares to her looks in previous years.

    Clearly had some work done but again… lots of the HW types do it.

    Don’t care for her either way, but she does have a certain “look”. However, I sort of doubt Clint would dare to say something like that about any woman other than his wife. He’s too much of a gentleman that way. Surely this was recorded? If not, I have to doubt the whole thing.

  47. daisy424 says:

    Thanks for the pics RAN. You’re right, she was very pretty back then, but I have to say she is beautiful now.
    She grew into her mouth and her face looks longer which accentuates her cheek bones and jawline.
    btw, she had less work done on her nose than I did, nothing wrong with a little tweaking.

  48. anony says:

    October 6th, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    How does he know what the blazes he’s looking at when he’s squinting all the time? :|

    ))) ha ha!!!

    I agree with him in the technical aesthetic sense/proportions/ratio etc. of her features. But- luckily for us beauty is so subjective and in the eye of the beholder.
    @ Wif- I can see how people with ‘extreme’ beauty or freakishly good looking (like Angie here) would actually have a harder go at making friends and stuff. Women can be terribly catty and competitive as it is. I have seen it in action- women will automatically assume the gorgeous one is aloof, or stuck up, etc. and she is kind of alienated.
    But we don’t have to pity Angelina she’s doing ok.

    She has had barely any work donw, just tip of the nose. Hopefully she won’t touch the rest of herself:)P She’ll age just fine w/that bone structure.

  49. WTF?!?! says:

    Bare minimum she’s had a nose job, a brow lift and cheek implants. And sorry to break it to you folks, but that upper lip has suffered some plumping. Look at her old pics– the cupid’s bow has now disappeared, not something that naturally occurs through aging, but common with repeated collagen injections.

  50. Pluto says:

    Yeah, I want a square head with a huge jaw, some monkey lips and a flat profile. Most beautiful face on the planet? Oh come on! She’s a cartoon not a beauty. And she’s not a good actress either. Keep pumping up her tires Clint – I’m sure she totally agrees with you.

  51. Lola says:

    Maybe Cint Eastwood needs his diaper changed. LO. Angeina looks like she has wind trapped up her ass a the time. I am not sure that is beauty. Besides, I woud much rather prefer beauty that is free of plastic surgery than that. I look at her old pictures and her surgery has made a hell of a difference. Even her lips especially the upper lip were not that big. Shilohs and James Haven’s lips are not that big.

  52. vdantev says:

    Pluto- what do we expect from a dog owned by another dog :roll:

    Dumdee- your SN says it all.

    Kayla- the short bus missed you on early pick-up and that makes me sad :(

  53. Kaiser says:

    …They always troll at night, I see.

    Oh, well. Angelina’s still the only celebrity I’d want to look like, or be for a day. Gorgeous. :D

  54. vdantev says:

    Lola: I would much rather prefer beauty that is free of plastic surgery than that

    Quite alright, all the surgery in the world couldn’t cut the ugly out of your heart or the hatred from your soul. As the Spartans used to say to the adversaries,”May you live forever.”

  55. daisy424 says:

    :D Kaiser & Dante :D

    Lola why don’t you click on RAN’s link and see how wrong you are.
    Or please share a link with the rest of us to prove your POV, pretty please? :roll:

  56. whatevs says:

    Ehh. She’s definitely very beautiful, I think gorgeous is stretching it a bit. It’s all a matter of personal taste. But “exotic”? Really? As in, “exotic cat”? THAT I can see. I don’t think she should be grouped with the likes of Halle and Penelope, though.

  57. Love Clint says:

    I think Clint was a sexy thing back in the day. A total womanizing jerk, but sexy all the same.

    As for Angie’s looks, it is likely she had surgery on her nose. However, when I look at my teen pics, My nose looks bigger than it does now. Personally, I don’t agree with plastic surgery, and haven’t had it. However, as I’ve grown up and lost a lot of that natural “kid cushioning” on my face, and the swollen nose of puberty, my face definitely is more defined and my nose looks slightly thinner.

    I doubt Ang has had cheek implants, and she definitely hasn’t had her lips done.

  58. Lera P says:

    Thats only because they haven’t seen my face nationwide….