Joseph Gordon Levitt officially joins the cast of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


The rumors were so steady that I thought this news was already fait accompli: Joseph Gordon Levitt is officially joining the cast of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, the third Batman film from director Christopher Nolan. JGL joins Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy (as Bane) and Anne Hathaway (as Selina Kyle/Catwoman). Many figured that JGL would be getting some role after his work in Inception, and now we know what/who he’s playing – a character named Alberto Falcone, so of the gangster character played by Tom Wilkinson in the first Nolan Batman film.

In a film about a billionaire crime-fighting man-bat, the hardest thing to believe may be that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has an evil bone in his body.

After months of rumors, Variety (via /Film) reports that the “Inception” and “500 Days of Summer” star has officially signed on to the cast of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Gordon-Levitt will play Alberto Falcone, the son of mob boss and major “Batman Begins” villain Carmine Falcone, played in that film by Tom Wilkinson.

The role is one /Film had speculated Gordon-Levitt would get, as it’s part of one of Nolan’s favorite Batman story lines.

It’s turning out to be a star-studded cast for Nolan’s third turn with the caped crusader franchise; freshly minted Oscar winner Christian Bale is back as Batman, while Anne Hathaway will play Selena Kyle/Catwoman and Gordon-Levitt’s “Inception” cast mate Tom Hardy will play Bane, another villain.

In other Batman casting news, Variety also reports (via Indiewire) that indie star Juno Temple is up for a role in the film, as a “street-wise Gotham girl.”

This film may be the last go around as Batman for Bale; he’s said that, from what he knows of Nolan’s plans, he’ll drop the cape at three films, but until he gets that confirmation, he’s open to playing the role in a fourth film.

[From Huffington Post]

Nolan and Bale have both made some comments about this Batman likely being their last, correct? It’s just that the cast and the potential storylines just keep growing and growing, and I’m getting the feeling that Nolan is just throwing everything at the wall, and burning the house down. I don’t know, though. Maybe it will turn out okay. Maybe it will be another enormous hit and the studio will force Nolan to make a fourth film.



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  1. Samigirl says:

    I am sooo freaking psyched. I was hoping (before Heath Ledger passed) that we could do a Joker/Harly Quin Batman next. If I can’t have that, JGL is the next best thing. I’m so excited :D I LOVE him!!!

  2. Sakyiwaa says:

    lemme just say: I LOVE THIS GUY! soo excited for this. :)

  3. Quest says:

    He was good in Inception, I just love him.

  4. Solveig says:

    This is going to make me really confused. Nolan should stop putting the same actors in every movie he’s doing lately.

  5. Roma says:

    After seeing him host SNL, JGL will forever have my heart! This almost makes up for the Hathaway casting.

  6. LeManda says:

    This makes me so happy.
    I was going to see the movie anyways, now more so. * swoon *

  7. baby says:

    loooove him (he reminds me of my boyfriend)

  8. Samigirl21 says:

    @Roma, SO happy to see someone else disagree with the AH casting. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Anne, but when I heard the rumor of Catwoman, I thought Amy Adams. She plays naive/sexy/crazy really well. Just curious as to who you saw in the role?

  9. Harley says:

    @ samigirl – I was soooo hoping for Harley too! (Hence, my name – huge, HUGE Batman fan here.) Anyhoo, JGL is just too cute! I feel like a dirty old woman saying that. Is he too young to be a HGF?

    I like him, and I’m trying to remember if Alberto Falcone was as tough as his father or not. Back to my comics to refresh my recollection, I s’pose. Either way, I love the fact that he’s in this movie.

    Edit: @Roma and Samigirl – I co-sign on the Catwoman miscasting. Ugh. Just no.

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Oh YES!!! BALE AND JGL???


  11. anti says:

    always like the last photo there

  12. Roma says:

    @Samigirl21: Maybe more of a Mila Klunis? Catwoman is supposed to ooze sex. Hathaway just seems so, eh. Hadn’t considered Amy Adams, now that’s an interesting thought…

  13. Samigirl says:

    Harley, OH GOOD! I have more supporters on that! I LOVED their relationship. Can’t remember much about Alberto though. I think JGL will rock it. He’s adorable. Everyone agrees with you ;-)

  14. Sarah says:

    I think he is soo adorable, I like him more than r-pattz.

  15. Abby says:

    He looks so much like Heath to me. RIP. I’m excited about this though.

    remember when he was in Rookie of the Year? I’ve been a fan since then. :-)

  16. TQB says:

    Love him! Love you bitches for pointing out how adorable he is!

  17. Samigirl says:

    Roma, Mila would be good too. I just loved Michelle so much as catwoman. I want a woman who is naive. Mila is so sexy, I never think of her as naive lol!

  18. arock says:

    500 days of summer was a visually beautiful and well done movie. i hope he continues with the maturity towards which characters he choses and doest slide down the shia le bouf path.
    …..wait, what? amy adams is playing cat woman? is cat woman written as a crush-twittered girly girl with a penchant for all things hello kitty?
    im confused…

  19. Harley says:

    @Samigirl and Roma – Mila would have been a great Selina/CW! She and Sofia Vergara are my girl crushes. I could have seen either of them as Catwoman, they’re both so sexy-though I could see how SV’s accent might have been an issue, but still…

    I have liked JGL since 10 Things I Hate About You (I can’t believe I admit to liking that movie!) He’s not Hollywood good looking, but interesting/quirky good looking, IMO. He just works for me. :)

    Edit: @arock – no, Hathaway is playing Catwoman – the Adams suggestion was just that – someone’s alt suggestion. :)

  20. Isabel says:

    @Abby – he really does resemble a more clean-cut Heath. It’s uncanny.

    This is just awesome news. JGL is absolutely terrific. LOVE.

  21. lucy2 says:

    Yay! He was so great in Inception, I’m glad it led to this role for him too. Don’t forget Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard were also in Inception and now in DKR as well.
    I don’t mind Nolan re-hiring actors if they’re GOOD actors. If he’s saying no 4th film, I think he’ll stick to it. He can probably do whatever he wants at this point, and I’d always prefer to see a film or TV series end on the creator/writer’s terms than dragged out unnecessarily.

  22. Dizzybenny says:

    ever since the movie the Lookout he has impress me.
    Sure he was funny in the 3rd rock from the sun but he really showed his acting chops in that movie.
    He’s 100 times the actor Shia The Douche is,so good for him!!

  23. embertine says:

    What a pity that Nolan has got rid of all the Spandex….

  24. bluhare says:

    I am racking my brain. Wasn’t he in a TV sitcom awhile back??

    Or am I wracking my brain? So confused I’m wringing my hands!

  25. Sophie says:

    @Dizzybenny – Yes! The Lookout was excellent, I don’t know why more people haven’t seen it! JGL was brilliant in it.

    and I am soooo freaking excited for this movie.

    @bluhare – yes, he was in 3rd Rock From The Sun way back when. I used to love that show!

  26. Allison says:

    On the “Who is this massive bitch” link- do they ever reveal who it was??

    I’m going to be dying of curiosity until i find out, haha.

  27. lb says:

    I don’t think anyone needs to worry about him becoming Shia. Both are very talented but Shia cares a little bit about fame and JGL seems to care more about art in general. He has that website he uses to collaborate with random people and he seems very passionate about film -he wrote a whole essay to reviewer Peter Travers about how Travers was misguided in saying the Social Network defined our internet-obsessed generation in a negative way.

    All this to say, JGL’s pretty grounded. No danger of him suddenly not being so.

  28. KLO says:


    I loved him in 3rd rock and I adored him in Inception.

  29. bluhare says:

    Third Rock!!! Thank you, Sophie!

    I think he’s cute as all get out.

  30. I Choose Me says:

    Woohoo! Love, love, love him and now I’m even more excited for this movie.

  31. ordinarygirl86 says:

    ITA with the person who said this makes up for AH’s casting. It’s not that I don’t like her it’s just I didn’t like her for this. I’m excited about the film with such great actors but I expected ‘more’ when it was time to choose Selina Kyle. I wanted Mila Kunis, Eva Green, Rachel Weisz, or Marion Cotilliard! But JGL and Tom Hardy make up for it big time…it’ll still be good nonetheless!

    I also wanted Harley Quinn to make an appearance with Reese Witherspoon, Pauly Perette, or Amanda Seyfried

    I think Nolan is bringing way too many characters and storylines for this to be the LAST Batman film. Unless his plan is to leave alot of unanswered questions at the end??

  32. Anti-icon says:

    I’m not a big super hero movie person, but I am a BIG joseph Gordon Levitt fan. That kid is just polite — in addition to being talented and cute. That should be a given for anyone in showbiz, but sadly, it is RARE that a person is consistently, reliably polite.

  33. Sparkly says:

    I don’t know about Hathaway as Catwoman either. Everyone makes the same face when they hear that casting decision! Maybe she’ll surprise us. My husband said she’d actually make a much better Harley Quinn. I kind of agree.

  34. Az says:

    @ Abby: I have always thought that JGL looks like Heath Ledger. I’m not sure about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

  35. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Love this kid, he is a cutie and a darn good little actor. He’s soooo good in “The Lookout.”

  36. Lem says:

    I think he’ll own that role.

    Hathaway is miscast. Rachael McAdams? I’ll have to think on that

  37. Selena says:

    @Abby, he wasn’t in Rookie of the Year, he was in Angels in the Outfield. Rookie of the Year had Thomas Ian Nicholas.

    I am sooo psyched for him being in this movie. He is my number one crush!

  38. Chris says:

    Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker made the last Batman a classic. This one is going to pale in comparison. Christian Bale is my favourite actor at the moment but I think his work in Batman is probably his least impressive.

  39. lcat says:

    Selena Kyle is my favorite character of all time. Anne Hathaway? This is a huge blow. Don’t know if I will even b able to watch this. Amanda Seyfried, however, would make an awesome Harlequin.

  40. Newbie says:

    I hope Anne Hathaway does a good job and blows everyone away. I can see it either going really well for her and landing her more roles in different ranges, and I can also see it being a giant mistake. But I love that they’re taking a chance. And sometimes, even when you think they get the best casting possible, there’s no chemistry and the whole thing flops (the tourist).

  41. Isa says:

    I hated him with long hair, but I think he is adorable with short. Damn.

  42. Sally says:

    Yay for JGL! Eva Green would have been perfect as Catwoman

  43. Zelda says:


    agreed. Amy Adams is no Catwoman

    I suspect Anne Hathaway might come from behind and surprise everyone. If there is one area Nolan has thus far been flawless in, it’s casting.

  44. normades says:

    JGL is soooo cute. *sigh*

  45. Jag says:

    Love JGL, too! Also agree with everyone who thinks AH is mis-cast. :)