Charlie Sheen must submit to a psych exam in order to see his kids


Radar Online has the news that Charlie Sheen is being ordered to submit to an exam by a psychologist before he’ll be regranted any sort of joint custody or visitation with his three year-old twin boys, Max and Bob. It sounds like a good first step, but why is he being given yet another chance by the boys’ mom, his ex Brooke Mueller? I’m sure it has something to do with that mansion he rented her and whatever cash comes along with that. And Brooke could also be motivated by the fact that she wants Charlie to make an appearance on her reality show with Paris Hilton’s family. Her lawyers recently requested that a temporary restraining order she took out against Charlie be lifted once it expires today. Ratings and money trump child welfare yet again. At least she’s making him submit to a psych test for appearance’s sake.

Sheen, 45, hasn’t seen the twins since cops made him surrender them to soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller — the emotional moments all caught on our cameras.

While the terms of Sheen and Mueller’s custody agreement have remained confidential, has learned one clause — which Sheen agreed to — is that he have a full psychological evaluation.

“Charlie must submit to a mental health evaluation with a licensed professional before he can see Bob and Max,” a source with knowledge of the situation said.

“Charlie won’t see the boys until he sees a psychiatrist, that is someone neutral, that hasn’t previously treated him.”

The former Two and a Half Men star has not submitted for the test yet, has been told.

His camp did not return our request for comment.

Mueller, 33, has had primary custody of the boys since a court issued a temporary restraining order earlier this month; a court hearing for the TRO was scheduled for Tuesday morning but was taken off calendar.

We first reported how Mueller had demanded Sheen sit for the exam during the tense negotiations because she was “extremely concerned” for the safety of Bob and Max in their father’s presense.

“Charlie knows what he has to do to see the boys,” the source added.

“If he wants to see them, he will do it. Charlie agreed to these terms in the custody agreement. He has to adhere to the terms.”

Added the insider: “The fact is though that before Charlie’s problems began in the last several months, he had had little or no contact with Bob and Max in the previous 16 months.”

[From Radar]

Meanwhile Charlie supposedly passed a drug test administered on March 11 as part of his custody requirements. He’s also allegedly planning to take his one-man crazy show down to Haiti after his friend Sean Penn convinced him to. All proceeds will go to charity. That’s not a bad idea considering how much press he got for giving just one dollar out of every ticket sale for his first couple of gigs to charity.

I haven’t watched the TLC special “Charlie Sheen: On The Brink” yet, but it aired on Sunday and it’s waiting for me on the DVR. The promo spots made me laugh, though. When he’s edited properly Charlie is damn funny. It’s just when we get too much of him at once that the manic craziness comes through. He has 3 million followers on Twitter now.



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25 Responses to “Charlie Sheen must submit to a psych exam in order to see his kids”

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  1. EllenP says:

    So he’s 45, huh? Dog years?

  2. Quest says:

    I fear for that psychologist – they may be the one needing help after a sit down with Charlie “Tiger-blood” Sheen

  3. gloaming says:

    But in reality, Charlie Sheen must submit to a photo op in order to see his kids…..

  4. Rita says:

    A thorough exam will be a case study to add years of coarse work to graduate with a psych degree.

  5. Saskia says:

    Jesus, look at his skin. In the top photo it’s like he’s been embalmed, and that’s the “handsome” picture compared to the jowly, pockmarked mess of the second photo. I can’t believe he’s only 45. He looks like he sleeps in a microwave.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    No, the gold-digging dummy who bred with this mess is not “making him” take a psych eval; she can request it, her attorney can request it, but the judge decides whether or not it’s warranted. The warlock decided his own fate when he went off the rails in his personal circus-train of crazy.


  7. Whatever says:

    His age is correct. I remember back in the day when he first got started, he was only a few years older than me, so its right. Just shows what drugs and alcohol do to the skin. As for custody, Brooke is only a half a shade less crazy than Charlie. Also, her camp hasn’t released her drug test results. Wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t talking because she tested positive. The choices for these poor boys are an abusive lunatic or a crazy crack head. The judge should send them to Denise and deny BOTH these morons visitation!

  8. LindyLou says:

    LOL @ original bellaluna! Thanks for the laugh – that was awesome!

    “The warlock decided his own fate when he went off the rails in his personal circus-train of crazy.”

    That’s freakin hilarious!

  9. TQB says:

    I watched 5 minutes of 2.5 Men last night, just to see… what, I don’t know. I guess his character was supposed to be drunk, sitting alone on a couch swilling vodka in the opening scene. Or I guess they tacitly implied that in the script because he was so very obviously not totally functional. No one can act buzzed that well – no question he was actively impaired, on the set. This is his character on a top-rated TV show? Bravo CBS, you created this monster. I wish it were possible they could both lose the f’ing lawsuit.

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    What a joke! This crazy train wreck and his ex wife train wreck procreated and now two boys are stuck in the middle of crackedhead america.

    Way to go.

  11. Isabel says:

    Submit to a psych exam?? This guy hasn’t provided enough video proof that he’s psychotic?

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Isobel – Yeah, he has. Like Blohan has provided enough video proof she’s still partying and stealing. But try to prove that to the f’d up courts in CA.

    @ LindyLou – Thanks! :D

  13. Siren6 says:

    I like how his thumb is corking the bottle in that last picture for the photo op. Even he can’t stomach the taste of his Tiger’s Blood!

  14. Cha Cha Loca says:

    What’s with the gold teefuses?

  15. Anti-icon says:

    So, do people still believe that “rich” kids get a privileged life? I feel so sorry for these poor children…..both parents are mentally, physically and spiritually bankrupt….and soon, with all these legal “nanny” millions being spent to determine who is the safer parent, we get the public spectacle of POOR white trash behavior.

    God save the Sheen children….because their parents don’t care.

  16. Ellie says:

    I can’t help it. I love the guy!!!

  17. Madison says:

    It’s not a psych exam he needs, he needs to do drug and sobriety exams before he’s allowed to see those kids.

  18. dj says:

    It is a shame he is getting positive press (i.e., Twitter followers) because it is reinforcing his insanity. We need to stop watching and following this psychotic person. I was actually hoping all of his videotaped antics would educate people on what someone in a seriously manic (bipolar) phase behaved and how scary it is. Maybe we already are the “Idiocracy.”

  19. original kate says:

    “He looks like he sleeps in a microwave.”

    @ saskia: along with lohan. LMAO.

  20. Kim says:

    So he’ll never be able to see his kids i take it because he is psycho. Winning Charlie!

  21. Madam U says:

    Where’s all the Chris Brown haters? You got a legitimate excuse to hate him, I get that but Charlie gets praise, smiles, and pats on the back. What a bunch of f#cking hypocrites. What the hell is wrong with this picture. They are both TOOLS!!

  22. InTheROC says:

    Charlie is messing with everyone…and it is freaking highlarious! And the world has been sucked in to believing he is crazy.

    His ex Brooke? Yeah, pot calling kettle black making Charlie look like the nut case. Has she been drug tested lately?

  23. helen says:

    Madam U, I don’t see many smiles and pats on the back for Sheen on this site. maybe you are thinking of another site? And there is a difference between the two men, and no, not just skin colour. Charlie Sheen has been an entertainer for a long time and has built up a fanbase, and at least so far there has been no photo evidence of him beating up and biting a woman. Chris Brown was a relative newcomer when he was caught abusing Rihanna. There was proof of that right away. They are both tools, no argument there, but they are bound to have a different response from the public to their bad behaviour.

  24. Anti-icon says:

    The difference between Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen is this: inside Charlie’s breakdown, he is, either wittingly or unwittingly “outing” Hollywood on its SHADY/UNETHICAL business practices. Sheen is popular among Middle class and upper class DUDES.

    It makes me sick….because the laws apply to rich, poor, educated, uneducated, but it plays out in the PRESS and in PUBLIC OPINION.

    Sheen, Brown, Lohan, Gibson. All criminals. All celebrities. Each one gets different press treatment. They ALL get PREFERENTIAL LEGAL TREATMENT.


  25. Anti-icon says:

    I’m gonna follow up my post above with these facts that have been reported that are sobering about OUR system of justice:

    fact: Oksana has spent $3 MILLION on her defense of domestic violence charges against Sheen. She has employed 49 lawyers in her fight. I ask you, how many “regular” folks who got themselves into a domestic violence situation, would have those resources.

    fact: Oksana’s child support from her British ex husband, father of her son, is reported to be $2,700 per month. This sounds much more like what an American middle class mother would receive.

    fact: in UK, it is against the law to VERBALLY assault someone. It is a charge that is met with arrest. A criminal charge.

    fact: Camille Grammar will receive a $50 MILLLION marital settlement. (This is incredible….and it is very good that this is being reported….but is it true? (We only know this because a blogger has a “source” inside Mel Gibson’s law firm….and it is ILLEGAL to divulge details of a divorce settlement while it is negotiation. So, bloggers are reporting news from sources who are breaking the law.

    It all just illustrates how CORRUPT the laws are surrounding divorce settlements and child custodial laws in America. The laws are not written in fairness for the mother; they are written in fairness to the person with the deepest pockets.