Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again, reports The National Enquirer

Just like her sister Britney, who had her second baby about a year after her first, The National Enquirer reports that Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, is knocked up again. Her daughter Maddie is only three and a half months old and Jamie Lynn is said to be 8 weeks along. MSat just reported that both Jamie Lynn and Casey went to OK! Magazine to deny that they’re having trouble after multiple reports that he cheated on her throughout their relationship. Maybe they have some pretty compelling motivation to set the record straight if they’re expecting another baby:

In a blockbuster world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has learned that the 17-year-old Zoey 101 starlet is now expecting for the second time – a mere three months after giving birth on June 19 to baby Maddie Briann.

Jamie’s desperate to keep the shock ing news secret and some people close to her are urging Jamie Lynn to consider ending the pregnancy, sources say.

“Jamie Lynn is about eight weeks pregnant, and she and her mom Lynne are hysterical,” revealed a close source. “Neither of them knows what to do, but for now they’re trying to keep the news from getting out.”

Too late.

The unplanned pregnancy came as a shock to Jamie Lynn, who’d been breast-feeding her infant daughter Maddie Briann, insiders say.

“Jamie Lynn believed she couldn’t get pregnant while she was breast-feeding,” said the close source. “She’d expected to have her period by early September.” A home pregnancy test came back positive and Jamie Lynn cried her eyes out, said the source.

Her mother Lynne was livid when she found out, divulged an insider.

Meanwhile, insiders say that those close to Jamie Lynn are urging her to abort!

“They’ve reminded Jamie Lynn how much trouble she had adjusting to motherhood with Maddie, and pointed out that having a second baby now would only be a recipe for disaster,” said the close source.

For the full shocking story and to discover WHO the new baby’s father is – pick up the latest National Enquirer.

[From The National Enquirer via ONTD]

The National Enquirer has a solid record of getting scoops and I bet they have some pretty good sources to back up this story. They broke the John Edwards cheating story months before the rest of the press picked it up. This news is too much of a jaw-dropper to run without fact checking and they probably have it on good authority.

Many women who breastfeed end up pregnant again if they don’t take precautions, and it looks like Jamie Lynn could be headed down that route too. Some praised her for keeping baby Maddie and taking responsibility for her actions, but two in a row just seems careless at her age. If she indeed is pregnant again and has another one, she certainly has the resources to care for the baby. Does she have the wherewithal to cope with two young children though? It proved too much for her older sister to handle.

Update: Jamie Lynn told OK! she wasn’t pregnant, and TMZ quotes a source who also claims she’s not pregnant.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Um, kind of a derogatory term there, Irish twins.

  2. elisha says:

    This is a win-win story for the Enquirer, since they mention ending the pregnancy several times. If she IS pregnant, they’re right. If she ISN’T, then “she obviously had an abortion” and they’re still right.

  3. Julia says:

    Who is stupid enough to think that breastfeeding prevents pregnancy? Seriously? This is 200-freaking-8. And people still think sex education is a bad idea? Jesus…

  4. CB Rawks says:

    If this actually turns out to be correct, after picking myself up off the floor and rubbing my eyes for awhile I would suggest having her spayed. If she’s pregnant again so soon she has no regard for her poor body, and is also just plainly nuts.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    Sorry Geronimo I will take that out and shouldn’t have used it. A friend of mine refers to herself as an Irish twin and I should have realized that it’s rude to use it like that.

  6. geronimo says:

    No prob, CB, wasn’t offended, just saying that it might offend some people since it buys into a now-outdated prejudice.

    Can JL really be this stupid? Not to mention Saint Lynne, particularly when she’s been running round town so recently saying what a hands-on, caring mother she is. :roll:

  7. A.J. says:

    I was shocked by this for about thirty seconds.

    Then I remembered she’s a Spears.

  8. Tabby says:

    Getting pregnant again so soon after giving birth is quite unusual though, surely? If she’s 8 weeks along already then she literally got pregnant a month after having Maddie. Breastfeeding does cock up your ovulation process for around a couple of months, providing it is sustained (exclusive) feeding, due to the hormones it releases. Seems a bit far fetched, but then I guess it could happen.

  9. Ellen Smith says:

    What else can one expect from rich white trash?

  10. princess says:

    So the question remains… Who’s the daddy?

  11. Anni says:

    You can be a hands-on mom all you want, you have to teach your kids values, set up rules AND tell them about sex. yes. i think every parent has to be as open about it as can be. we are humans, be have sex. but teenagers HAVE to know about consequences, protection and the responsibility that comes with intercourse. not talking about sex does not prevent sex. not talking about it leads to a hell lot of problems.

  12. sol says:

    My stepmother had a daughter ,my sister on january 2 and in the same year on december 26 my other sister was born.So anything can happen in short time.I can assure you that with right knowledge you can prevent being pregnant.
    I know a girl that got pregnant the first time she did it,so its up to us mothers to talk to our kids and let them be informed.JLS might have a child but that doesn’t mean she knows or has all the info she needs,obviously if she is pregnant and it wasn’t expected there is something wrong.Don’t underage mothers take parenting classes in United States?Just wondering i think i saw this on a movie or something.

  13. Anna says:

    Oy vey! The first time might have been a stupid accident, this time around it’s just plain stupid.

    How can anyone be so dumb? You’d think that while being pregnant she would have gotten to know the female body’s biology and that she wouldn’t be so careless anymore. Unbelievable. I’m not sure whether to lean towards getting an abortion or not. On the one hand, it seems like the right thing to do because she really would have troubles coping. On the other, I’m tempted to say “you do the crime, you do the time”. If she’s too stupid for contraception, she should deal with all the consequences, no matter how dire they are. But a kid brought into this world as a punishment for the mother’s idiocy and faults? Seems very unfair and like a true recipe for disaster, on all sides.

    I’m really curious to know what happens next.

  14. geronimo says:

    Deciding what to do next would probably have been easier if the world didn’t now know about it.

  15. Alecto says:

    “Neither of them knows what to do”
    Birth control?

  16. vdantev says:

    Who wants to help me weld a stainless steel chastity belt on Jaime Lynn ?

  17. Anni says:

    I´d rather make sure someone becomes president who does not demonize sex-education and makes it mandatory.

  18. mE says:

    Small detail but why would she have expected to have her period by September? FTR, I am a veteran breastfeeding mother and unless I am tracking my fertile signs, I wouldn’t know when to expect my period. Maybe I am not giving her enough credit but I kinda doubt she knows anything about tracking signs of fertility.

  19. Anni says:

    what´s the deal with the period and fertility signs and stuff. just go and buy condoms. use a diaphragm. those devices don´t require much knowledge about fertility or signs of the body. they don´t contain hormones as well…there are so many contraceptions…lord. it´s quite simple, really.

  20. sad says:

    this si really disgusting. I wish and hope that people everywhere boycott these rags. At the end of the day, this si a 17 yr old kid, and she’s trying to raise a baby – and then to have adults basically lying about her and harrassing her is truly disgusting.

  21. SeVen says:

    Yessir’rebob this young filly done got herself fouled up again you bet’cha bottam dolla! But Gosh darn maw i didnt know how that there worked, yall said as long as he pulled out evr’thin would be fine! I dun’ understand momma! We need to go to church and pray. Pastor said it would all be fine!

  22. Frenchie says:

    The only pill you can have when breastfeeding is a micro dosed one, meaning you have to take it at the same time every day. One hour too late, you are screwed !
    This situation is a real shame, but Casey should be the one to be blamed : couldn’t he have left her alone, because I very doubt she was the horny one not even a month after giving birth. Second, couldn’t he be a gentleman sometimes and wear a condom or learn how not to blow one ? ??

  23. Carrie says:

    For God’s sake, will someone teach this family what “contraception” means……

  24. Codzilla says:

    The implication on the cover of the Enquirer seems like they’re claiming Casey isn’t the father.

  25. JoGirl says:

    If this is true, I just feel sad for her. Whether she decides to have the baby or not, she’s in for a world of hurt. Good thing she does have the resources to hire a couple of full-time nannies… but that in itself just makes me feel worse for her kids. Ugh.

  26. mE says:

    Anni, tracking fertility signs is just how some of us roll. It is a perfectly legitimate method of birth control provided it is used accurately. Works for us, your mileage may vary. It is sometimes called FAM, fertility awareness method, if you are interested in googling it. It is not Rhythm method.

  27. doodahs says:

    Maybe I’m just old but after the wonders of natural childbirth, there is a time after when you are healing no?
    Her baby is 3 months. 3 month’s = 12 weeks… She is 8 weeks pregnant. She got knocked up in the 4 weeks after?

    Plus CB, I’m Irish and no offense was taken on my part. I grew up with ‘A Scottish man, an English man and an Irish man’ jokes. For a long time, I wondered who this Paddy fella was that kept getting himself into all kinds of malarkey :D

  28. Lauri says:

    @mE: Rhythm method does work, though. My Catholic in-laws used that method since birth control was a no-no for them. All 3 of their children were planned. My husband, their first, was born after they had been married for many years, and his two brothers came along three years and six years after that, respectively.

  29. Anna says:

    vdantev: I’ll help! I’ll also bring along some bananas and condoms and teach these two apes (Casey is also to blame) how it’s done.

    No matter what your prefered method of contraception is, you need to know your body. If you are as fertile as she (and the whole Spears clan) seems to be, then you better make sure you use contraceptive methods which are as sure as possible. And yes, given the fact she may still be breast-feeding and her hormones may still be a bit out of whack, she would have been wise to use a condom or diaphragm. Maybe even in addition to whatever else she might have been doing.

    But honestly? My impression is it’s not the birth control method that failed. It’s simply that she didn’t use one, thinking she was safe because she’s breast-feeding. She really, really should have been smarter than that. Again, how can you have a baby and still not know jacks**t about your body, hormones and contraception? She is probably the dumbest celebrity around and that’s saying a lot in a world sadly populated with the likes of Paris, Nick Hogan, Kim Kardashian, the list is endless.

  30. SLAND3R SG says:

    Geez, if this is true, how unfortunate for everyone involved! Don’t even know where to start, but I just pity those little Spears kids..

  31. Syko says:

    It’s just dumb. Now that she knows that it CAN happen to her, why did she let it happen again?

    I came of age in a time when these things were not common knowledge. If you went to a drug store to buy sanitary pads, they were wrapped in brown paper to save you the embarrassment of someone knowing it was your period. I know, I know. But that’s an example of how it was. And yet, when I became sexually active, I knew something had to be done to keep the sperm from meeting the egg, and we used what was available at that time, condoms. We all knew, even though we never talked about it, that it took only one little swimmer to change your whole life.

    Now there are condom ads on television. You can pick up magazines with “how-to” and “how-not-to” off any book rack. Contraception is discussed in polite company, and most people are very open about discussing sex and its consequences.

    No excuses. She’s just pitifully, abysmally stupid. And so is the overly zealous male who couldn’t let her heal up before going for it again.

  32. CB Rawks says:

    “Rhythm method does work, though. My Catholic in-laws used that method since birth control was a no-no for them.”

    Hey, if they are purposely trying to *trick* their way into some consequence-free sex, then God should still be pissed at them. :roll: They are still attempting a form of birth control, and deliberately using sex for fun. Naughty naughty! Sigh, such hypocrites. :-)

  33. JaundiceMachine says:

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    What a fucking moron.

  34. Syko says:

    CB Rawks, I’m not Catholic, but as I understand it, the church’s position on birth control is to not use artificial means. The rhythm method does not use artificial means. It’s not hypocritical for Catholics to use it.

  35. CB Rawks says:

    I thought they believed sex was only acceptable if you were doing it specifically to make babies.
    Therefore wouldn’t any means of dodging a bun in the oven be a bit sinful?

    hehe I just thought of something. God doesn’t want people to be so aware of their cycles, that’s SCIENCE creeping in! Therefore anyone using the rhythm method is being a dirty science believer! A pox on you!

    Sorry, anyone I might be bothering, I’m just kidding around. :)
    Personally I’m in favour of every kind of protection, including handcuffs for people like Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend.

  36. anony says:

    I wanna know about the Courtney Cox drama! Husband caught with someone?!?

    DO TELL!

    Maybe she can hook up with J Aniston now HAHA.

  37. caribassett says:

    @ CB Rawks

    enough. Do you truly need to be so derogatory, and nasty?

  38. Codzilla says:

    I know I’m setting myself up for a beating, but here goes:

    After my first child was born, I went on the pill. After many pregnancy-free months, I accidentally forgot to swing by the pharmacy and pick up my refill, and ended up missing about three days. No big deal, I thought. Well, now I’m the proud mother of TWO little boys.

    I’m not excusing Jamie at all, but surprise pregnancies can happen, even when you think you’re covered. :?

  39. Anni says:

    you have to take the pill everyday (exept for the 7 day pause) and no, missing three days and getting pregnant does not fall under “surprise”. i am sorry to say that, but that´s denial and carelessness.

  40. Codzilla says:

    Anni: I get that I was careless, but that was my point: Some times we assume a little stumble isn’t going to matter, and it ends up becoming a big deal. So yeah, it did qualify as a “surprise” to us.

  41. vdantev says:

    So the church not only wants to tell you when you can have sex, but how to have it as well? Interesting, coming from a bunch of pedophile priests and asexual frumpy nuns.

  42. Bodhi says:

    Syko~ You are absolutely right about the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control. My fiance & I are both Catholic (albeit bad ones :evil: ) & we just attended a Pre Cana workshop & that is EXACTLY what the presenters taught.

    Natural Family Planning (which I think is what mE is talking about) and the Rhythm Method are two completely different things. NFP counsels couples to track their fertility day by day and has been proven to be just as effective as artificial BC. Rhythm Method, not so much.

    I paid a lot of attention to that portion of the workshop because I’m really interested in NFP. I am cursed with truly awful migraines & I’d love to get off hormone-effing-with BC

  43. Bodhi says:

    Ok, seriously, WTF? My “currently waiting moderation” comment is 100% g-rated!

  44. Moderator says:

    The filter sometimes catches words that are harmless in general conversation but have been associated with spam. Please be patient, the Moderator will release your comments when they are made aware of them. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  45. RAN says:

    Codzilla, I’m with you on this one… both of my girls were surprises – blessed ones and ones that I am eternally grateful for, but surprises anyway.

    1st daughter – on the pill and antibiotics, I may have forgotten a pill along the way because I was so sick… Bang! First surprise :wink:

    2nd daughter – someone credible (maybe my mil, but I can’t remember) told me you couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding… Stupid me… I actually believed it. Bang! Second surprise less than 2 years later! I wasn’t taking anything during the breastfeeding stage though, we’re bad Catholics too (Bodhi :wink: ) so we practiced the rhythm method – ineffective.

    Long story short 8) Amen, Codzilla!

  46. Frenchie says:

    Hi people, I’m a catholic (at heart) but not from America. I beleive that your religion shouldn’t tell you how to live the every day life. Ho yeah, it is so much easier to think that you are a good person because you follow a protocole, than because you really think about what you are doing to you and others. Religion and faith are not recepies, they should be about minding your life. Don’t take us all for extremists, thanks.

  47. Hollz says:

    I don’t think JL is mature enough to take the pill- something you have to remember to take daily….I think she should go on Depo Provra… the 3 month needle…99.8 percent effective, and no need to worry about it! I’ve been on it since I was her age, and I love it. No pesky periods :D