Gerard Butler under investigation for allegedly repeatedly punching photog

Scottish beefcake Gerard Butler, 38, is under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly pulling a tailing paparazzo out of his car and repeatedly punching him in the face. TMZ has the story and a photo of the guy Bulter is said to have beaten up, who pulls down his lip to show multiple cuts. The story sounded at first like a typical case of a celebrity fed up with the paparazzi in general and taking it out on the latest stalking photographer who happened to be around. In a follow up TMZ says they have several witnesses who say the photographer was driving incredibly recklessly and following Butler for hours before he finally blew up.

We’ve learned Gerard Butler is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a photog.

It allegedly went down early Tuesday in L.A. Gerard was leaving Crown Bar at 2:00 AM and got into his limo. The photog claims he was following Gerard’s limo in a car, when the limo suddenly stopped. Gerard supposedly got out of the limo, approached the photog and asked why he was tailing him.

To that, the photog says he responded, “Hey, that’s my job.” Gerard allegedly then reached in the car, grabbed the photog’s throat and and punched him three or four times. Butler allegedly then kicked the car and again punched the photog three or four times — close-fisted — for good measure.

The photog went to the hospital for stitches and then filed a police report. The LAPD confirms they’re looking into the case and plan on interviewing Gerard.

No immediate comment from Gerard’s people.

[From TMZ]

And here’s the maybe-real story where sources claim that maybe the guy didn’t have it coming exactly, but he wasn’t quite as innocent as he says:

Sources tell us witnesses have now come forward with a very different account. They are saying the papper was tailing Gerard for hours. And, they say, the photog was driving “recklessly” as he “chased” Butler’s limo, almost hitting several pedestrians.

After Gerard allegedly got out of the limo and struck the photog in the face, we’re told the photog continued following Butler for more than an hour before going to the hospital.

And, we’re told, the photog spoke with a civil lawyer before contacting cops.

[From TMZ]

Ca-ching! Even if the guy wasn’t looking to get abused he certainly seems open to getting a big fat settlement from Butler. I hope all he gets is a fat lip and his case dismissed. There need to be more laws in California and in the US in general to protect celebrities from the paparazzi. It’s getting out of hand, and while I don’t condone Butler’s behavior, no one should be driving recklessly to tail a star, either. We avoided a disaster with Britney, but the problem didn’t go away – she just got sane despite the circling vultures.

Gerard Butler is shown at the RockNRolla premiere in LA on 10/6/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. anony says:

    Too bad he couldn’t have yelled ‘This is Sparta!’ and kicked him down a bottomless hole in the ground.

  2. Kaiser says:

    In the second picture, that’s his “Come to me, Kaiser” Face. :P

    But yeah, the Mayor of LA should give Gerry a medal. Paps better respect!

  3. SeVen says:

    *passes out iced drinks to the ladies* Oh yes, this man is amazing ….

  4. Pont Neuf says:

    Oh, come ON! While I do agree that it must be very irritating to have a group of people follow you around all the time, these celebrities get paid millions for this. It is part of their job; if they don’t like it, they ought to find another occupation.

    Also, it is common knowledge that, most often, ‘accidental encounters’ with the paparazzi are set up by a celebrity’s publicist with the full knowledge of said celebrity. That’s why I have never felt any pity for Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or any other of those parasites who victimize themselves while shamelessly courting publicity in the aforementioned way.

    Oh, and finally, Gerard Butler should be declared the 8th Wonder of the World… And be forced to pose, wearing a loincloth, in the centre of London. Now THAT would be a historical sight :oops: :mrgreen:

  5. anony says:

    @ Seven- Make mine a sloe gin fizz, :lol:

  6. ri23 says:

    I call bullshit. He has a movie coming out, so interesting timing. Unless he is charged it’s all crap.

  7. Rose says:

    I’ve said it before on this site and I’ll say it again, GB is an arrogant boor with a serious drink problem. He is an absolute wanker, yet he is given so many passes because of his looks. Honestly, he’s horrible in real life.

  8. Bodhi says:

    Britney is sane? I dunno about all that…

    I’m surprised there aren’t more stories like this. I’d go apeshit if I had to deal with that crap all the time & I’d probably beat some ass too

  9. vdantev says:

    Gerard’s got a strong pimp hand !!

  10. Syko says:

    I heard he did it because the pap said something derogatory about Kaiser and he leaped to defend her. I got that from one of my sources.

  11. Kaiser says:

    Syko, I heard that too, but I didn’t want to brag. :oops:

  12. Liz says:

    To the stupid Brit who commented that Gerard was a “wanker” and a “boor” and a “drinker”…didn’t he/she know that Butler hasn’t had a drink for ove 10 years??? Why is this person even commenting on this story? Butler is wonderful, as an actor, as a man, and as a human being…The pap deserved it; Gerard should be applauded.

  13. Allie says:

    So Gerard punched this guy in the face at least 6 times and all he has is some cuts on his inner lip? Really? Because I’ve accidentally punched myself in the face once (hey, I was drunk) and ended up with a black eye. So how this photographer managed to get away without some nasty marks is beyond me.

  14. RaraAvis says:

    Gerard? Honey? You can come hide out at my house for a year or two…or five…

  15. Rose says:

    Yeah right, ‘Liz’, keep telling yourself that. He’s a boor, nothing more, and punching people, even detestable people like paps does not make him less so.

  16. Amy says:

    Gerry Rocks!
    The funniest part of all of this is that the TMZ loser pap did an interview on YouTube and he said that he smelled alcohol on Gerard. He is on the wagon and has been for 11+ years! This man has lost ALL credibility. Not to mention the SAME photo/Pap threatened to sue Viggo Mortenson 2 years ago saying he did pretty much the same thing. It got thrown out of court. This will too!

  17. lady garden says:

    Rose-tell me more-i can’t help it, he’s so damn sexy i can’t take it all in

  18. Rose says:

    Let’s just say, Lady Garden, that when he was filming PS I love you with H Swank, quite a few people noticed how unlovely Gerry really is.

  19. suz says:

    QUESTION: If you are leaving a nightclub at 2AM and you’re being tailed by a photog, do you ignore him/her and just have the limo take you to your home with the photog following?

  20. Codzilla says:

    Rose: Most Hollywood dwellers are boors, and frankly, who cares if Gerry hits the bottle? He’s still a stud, and I’ll gladly shell out my cash to see his movies.

  21. pissoff says:

    Madness? THIS. IS. ANAHEIM!

  22. jennifurrr says:

    saw him last night at arclight, came for a Q&A after rock’n'rolla and was fantastic!!! in a great mood cheering and laughing and super charming… so must not be too worried about this stuff.

    also completely random, i saw the pic of the guy he punched on tmz, and i kinda know him. he’s a regular at a bar i go to and a complete douche so it’s kewl that he got punched!!! wooo hooo gerry!

  23. Muse says:

    Sounds like Gerry got a piece of poor Rose and now she is a woman scorned!
    Dont be so bitter Rose, its not flattering.

  24. Muse says:

    Kaiser, whats your secret…how can I get him to make that face for me???

  25. Muse says:

    The Paparazzi recently visited a gynecologist to get laser vaginal reconstruction for his face! :lol: :mrgreen:

  26. Wooden Gates says:

    it is common knowledge that, most often, ‘accidental encounters’ with the paparazzi are set up by a celebrity’s publicist with the full knowledge of said celebrity. That’s why I have never felt any pity for Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or any other of those parasites who victimize themselves while shamelessly courting publicity in the aforementioned way.

  27. NJ Lawyer says:

    Interesting issue.. I guess time will reveal more.