Scott Disick’s Men’s Fitness cover: awesomely bad or just plain bad?


Hahhaha. Scott Disick, douche extraordinaire covers the new issue of Men’s Fitness. I’ve always been ambivalent about that magazine, just because they usually get really great cover guys, but then they don’t do a thorough interview, only asking celebrity men about their workouts and junk. Anyway, step aside Gerard Butler, Scott Disick is a cover boy now. And look what the Photoshoppers did to his face! It’s like they were trying to make his face less creepy and serial killer-esque, and instead he got morphed into some kind of eyeless demon. The Fab Life is saying that Scott is sucking in his gut too. Excellent.

But what does Kourtney think of one of the leading contenders for Mason-Dixon’s daddy (coughPremoStallonecough)? Kourt thinks Scott looks like Patrick Bateman James Dean! Ugh, I hate how Kourtney sets the bar so low for herself.

Here’s the clip from their show where Scott is shooting his cover. One day, this man is going to throw a truck full of Kardashians into the wood chipper.



Photos courtesy of Kourtney’s blog.

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  1. Nanea says:


    Seriously, why do people like him get a cover?

  2. guesty says:

    He is completely creepy. Did anyone see that one scene where he puts Kourtney in the bathtub during an argument. *chills*

  3. Ricci says:

    I dunno, he seems like a really nice guy in general.

  4. Elj says:

    Geuch. My skin is actually crawling on itself.

  5. malachais says:

    What exactly does he do besides be on a show with his girlfriend? He doesn’t even have muscles.

  6. stitchface says:

    He totally reminds me of Christian Bale in American Psycho.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    @ guesty – I didn’t see it, because I refuse to contribute a cent (or a brain cell) to furthering the Kartrashian fame-whore machine.

    But it sounds to me like he was practising his “out.” I’ve long maintained we’re one day going to read about a KK/Dick murder-suicide. You can’t keep that level of crazy at bay for ever, you know?

  8. teehee says:

    He seems rather normal in that clip— excpet where he starts belittling that ‘servant’ of his in front of everyone AND cameras.
    Theres no excuse for treating (MIStreating) anyone that way, period. Ever– and he probably thinks that the salary he pays to the guy makes up for it: no it doesnt. He is officially not intelligent and not developed– in my book.

  9. maya says:

    Their reality show is scripted. He makes a living off of the Kardashian name.

  10. original kate says:

    he seriously skeeves me out. i’m not saying he’s a psychopath, but i wouldn’t be surprised to find out he tortured animals as a child.


  11. Andrea says:

    His ego will really be out of control now…….even more so.

  12. hstl1 says:

    He reminds me SOOOO much of Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman.

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:



  14. garvels says:

    Wow…why does this talentless narcissistic douche get to be on the cover of this magazine?? Ugh,gross…I need to vomit. This Kardashian crap is getting out of control.

  15. Cali says:

    WHY???????? I blame Ryan Seacrest for ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  16. fabchick says:

    Lmao@ truck full of kardashians into the wood chipper. We can only hope :)

  17. Ellie says:

    This is totally disgusting.

  18. kg says:

    so gross
    so beyond nasty
    slimy greasy sleazy

  19. Rita says:

    His comment “Dressing up gives me confidence” says it all…..the clothes make the man.

  20. RHONYC says:

    he looks like one of those 80′s throwback tv action stars. :lol:

  21. guesty says:

    @theoriginal…hope that never happens but yeah…ita.

  22. LunaT says:

    @stitchface & hstl1—-I’ve thought the same thing about him and Christina Bale’s “American Psycho” character. I’ve always thought he was creepy but couldn’t put a finger on his kind of sleaze. Just recently figured out why he creeps me out so badly.

  23. Cy Fort says:

    John Lillpop takes it in the mouth.

  24. sapphire says:

    But does he have enough brains to turn the machine on? Seriously, this one should crawl back under the rock.

  25. KCT says:

    Why have ANY of these people (Kardashian-esque reality ‘stars’) made magazine covers and bundles of money? Because of the idiots who sit and watch their ridiculous shows. If nobody watched, the ratings would plummet and they would disappear.

  26. TT says:

    TOTAL dormant serial killer, circa 1988. Ick.

  27. Riley says:

    It kills me this asshole got any kind of front cover! Damn that Kris Jenner. I can’t wait until Zahara takes over the world so this bitch and her minions will have to step aside.

  28. kelbear says:

    He didn’t even take his shirt off.

  29. anon33 says:

    James Dean???


  30. Ron says:

    Normally you are supposed to want to emulated the people on covers of fitness mags. Who on earth would want to be anything like this arrogant twit?

  31. Brittany says:

    He’s a douche, but I did like him on the Fashion Police when he filled in for Kelly Osbourne.

  32. galaxy.girl says:

    The face on the mag looks more like a young Hoff…

  33. Harley says:

    Everything about this guy screams “douche!”. And he actually reminds me of Robert Chambers -the “Preppie Killer”.


  34. ZZ says:

    Aw, I feel so bad for that Dale guy. He’s such a douche.

  35. Nikki says:

    What size he wears? S? M?

    He looks very skinny… :|

  36. xxodettexx says:

    how about horrid with a side of psychopathy-looking?

  37. MARKYMARK says:

    As one poster mentioned earlier, Men’s Fitness usually has men on it who other men wwant to emulate.
    I read men’s fitness often & it’s usually to get not just workout tips, but tidbits on diet, Excercise, nutrition. I don’t watch the Kardashian’s, but if I heard correctly this guy abuses alcohol & has virtually no regular physical regimen whatsover. I can’t wait to hear what type of low numbers this issue of Fitness sells

  38. dea says:

    I can’t believe he is straight just looking at him. Then, he is so so gross.

  39. DiMi says:

    He looks like the gay version of the main character played by Christian Bale in American Pyscho.

    Why are we pretending he is straight?

  40. jane16 says:

    Yuuuuck! Men’s fitness must have lost all their self respect to put this loathsome toad on their cover. Besides, he doesn’t look muscle-y, just coke thin. The asshole cut us off on the freeway a few weeks ago, he was driving a really expensive sports car, I forgot which kind. btw, I am hearing from everyone that yes, he is into guys, and they keep him around just becuz they think he adds to their drama & helps ratings.

  41. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    He’s giving some serious Wonk-eye on the cover;
    AND, Patrick Bateman was a serious fitness fanatic in American Psycho. Maybe Scott is an aspiring Patrick Bateman? We can only hope, considering who the casualties would be…I’m looking at you Kris. ;)

  42. Marie says:

    Maybe cause I’m out of coffee today and not thinking right but actually I think he looks pretty good! Much better then those horrible suits that he wears…

  43. Lynda says:

    I feel like I have to take a scalding bath, scrub with a nail brush all over and then use rubbing alcohol all over. what a creep.

  44. Kim says:

    They totally buffed out his arm! BUT i appreciate they didnt airbrush his face to death, You can see lines on forehead & around eyes. He is actually a nice looking guy – he is just so creepy its hard to see past his creepiness.

  45. TG says:

    He is my favorite character on those shows. He is so funny. I don’t believe he is really that bad of a guy, I think it is all an act.

    The episode with the cane/walking stick was the best. He is hilarious.

  46. margo says:


    Muthr-fukkin CREEPY CREEPERTON

    Something…coat tails….liar…douche-nozzle to the 11th power

  47. Jovial says:

    Hah! I just watched that cane scene, that man is a legend! His aggression definately stems from repressing his homosexuality. The man is screaming.

  48. Cherry Rose says:

    He has Patrick Bateman’s dress down, or at least everytime I see him on the show. Scott always wears some stupid suit and suspenders, and walks around like a debutante.

    I think he is bisexual, to be honest.

  49. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I agree with everyone that made the connection between him and “American Psycho”. It’s like he saw the movie and didn’t get any of the irony and tried to emulate Christian Bale. Seriously, he is a serial killer but honestly … he kills the whole kardashian family and isn’t that kind of a good thing? I know I’m going to hell for that one but come on!

  50. Green Is Good says:

    Christian Bale called, and even he’s disturbed by this smarmy, greasy jackass.

  51. Tara says:

    Kaiser, I have no words to thank you for how hard you had me laughing over this ish! I hope you don’t have bad teeth because you have GOT to get your own TV show! Does anyone else agree?! Yeah, the Dicksic is sketchy – beyond skeevy. However, the Kards totally deserve him – except baby Mason.

  52. George says:

    Why would people watch their shows? I just don’t understand it. I agree that this is totally disgusting.

  53. MenScience says:

    We’ve all done stupid, thoughtless things when we were young. The key is realizing that you want to be a better person. If you actually read the article, you’ll notice he does talk about moving on and becoming a better man, mostly because of what he feels for his son. Stop hating and start loving yourself.

  54. Like most my only experience with Scott Disick is from the Kardashian reality show and I must say he comes off as a self absorbed jerk. Now is he like that in real life – who knows? But the cover of Men’s Fitness – really? The rich do get richer.

  55. Jack says:

    This is a prime example of a narcissist. He thinks he is better than everyone else, that he is God’s gift to the world and that people should be under his command. There is no excuse for him to treat other people like crap. I don’t hope the best for his career, but I do hope he realizes what a douchebag he is.