Jessica Simpson’s pre-nup involves a “vesting plan” for her K-Fed


Ever since Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson announced their engagement, there have been constant rumors about the difference in their bank accounts, and what, if anything, Jessica was going to do to protect her assets from Eric’s potentially gold-digging ways. There have been mixed signals, but I believe that the last we heard, Joe Simpson and Jessica were in agreement that she would definitely need a pre-nup to protect her billion-dollar empire. And now Star Magazine has the alleged details:

Money talks before Jessica Simpson walks – down the aisle, that is! Her ultra-hands-on dad, Joe Simpson, is making sure Jess’s $1 billion fashion empire will be preserved after she weds her fiancé, ex pro football player Eric Johnson – and Star has the details of the iron-clad prenup Joe has in the works with his attourneys.

“Eric is on what you might call a vesting plan,” an insider tells Star. “He’ll get $500,000 as a wedding present. Then, on each anniversary, he’ll get another $200,000. Is he and Jessica make it to five years of marriage, he’ll get an additional $500,000 bonus – and a $1 million bonus is they make it to 10 years.”

Not that Eric is hurting for spending money while he waits to marry Jessica: “They already have a joint checking account,” adds the insider, “and Jessica also gave him his own high-limit Visa Black Card and an American Express Platinum card!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I believe that Jessica already gave him credit cards, and access to one of her checking accounts, just like I believe that Eric is already on her payroll. I’ll also buy that Eric has agreed to sign a pre-nup, but I don’t believe these terms. There’s no way Jessica would be stingy with the current love of her life! And there’s no way Eric would settle for a paltry $200,000 yearly bonus, either. Two hundred thou is probably what Eric is charging just to put up with Jessica’s constant farting.

But seriously, why all this drama about the pre-nup? You know that as soon as Jessica pops out a baby, she’s going to get all lovey-dovey (and dumb) and tear up whatever pre-nup they have.




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  1. Marjalane says:

    I’d like to know what PapaJoe’s take from Jessica’a bank accounts are like. Whenever I read stories about the two daughters, he’s the one I end up hating.

  2. kazoo says:

    Haha, like Trey gave Charlotte!

  3. kai says:

    I’d marry her for that price!

  4. Quest says:

    Money can’t by me love…not with this catch

  5. flourpot says:

    1 billion dollar empire? Our Jess? If she’s happy, I hope he stays true. Our dumb blonde needs some happiness. And really – die your hair brown, Jess. Us blondes don’t need any more grief than we already get.

  6. Jackson says:

    I just don’t understand how you could be with someone who gets a yearly lump-sum every anniversary just for being married to you. Would that not undermine your entire marriage? Wouldn’t you always, always wonder if the person was only with you for that guaranteed payday? I find that whole concept very weird. And sad.

  7. Hakura says:

    This story is… so sad, if the ‘terms’ listed here are anywhere close to reality. If that’s so, it’s just prostitution… Except she’s probably paying him to just marry, stand with, & smile for the cameras.. with.

    If that’s the case, how sad is it that she thinks she has to PAY a man to stick around or want to marry her? Papajoe has sure done a number on her psyche. (prominent male figure in her life who always appeared to put money ahead of everything else, even his kids.

  8. Rita says:

    I suppose it’s reasonable that Eric gets some sort of allowance if Jess expects him to dress, travel, and appear as an A-Lister. I mean, if I lost my husband in a tragic bowling accident and Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to “hook-up”, he’d have to make some financial accommodations. For instance, if Jake was embarrassed with me driving through his gated community in my 1998 Ford Escort with my Taylor CD’s playing, then it would be his responsibility to buy me the leather interior Cadillac Escalade (with seat warmers) and a new CD collection. Just sayin.

  9. TXCinderella says:

    She looks like she’s had some work done in the first and second pic. Her face looks different. I don’t care, I like her despite her flatulence issues. She’s a down to earth Texas girl.

  10. Escapee says:

    Eric looks like John Travolta in that top pic.

  11. Leticia says:

    Rita, “tragic bowling accident.” Brilliant!

    With my husband it would be a tragic tv remote control accident, like he chokes on it or something.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Rita, I hear you – if I suddenly had to go “uptown”, I would need a significant budget to get there (I have a 2004 Toyota Echo hatchback). And I’d be giving up my illustrious career to follow my prince charming around – so that would cost PC too!

  13. guesty says:

    AWKWARD!! Yet understandable. Lol @kazoo.

  14. Rita says:


    A 2004 Toyota Echo? From where I’m standing, you’re already “uptown”.

  15. Who cares says:

    So in other words; she’s paying him to date her? Access to her bank account and her credit cards and a deal that basically says if you stick it out with Jessica you will get a reward? What a dumb ass! I mean Jessica, obviously not him!

  16. MikeyAngel says:

    Rita you are so funny. For my husband it would be a tragic Xbox handle accident! And I can’t believe no one has commented about the crazy leggings and whatever is going on in the crotch area of said leggings! WTF is up with them?

  17. malachais says:

    I feel bad for Jessica, the more I hear about this nonsense. He is worse than K-fed in my opinion, getting on her payroll and becoming practically one of Jessica’s assistants. @Jackson, my thoughts exactly.

  18. Fuzzy Cat says:

    If John Mayer says she is sexual napalm, and he’s slept around enough to know, why does Jessica need to buy dong?

  19. fabgrrl says:

    I really don’t think this is fair. Reverse their genders and no one would bat an eye — Man with lots of money dates attractive woman with less money. He gives her expensive gifts and expects her companionship. They have a prenup that benefits the woman for staying in the marriage.

    On an aside, Jessica should NOT wear stretch pants. Not saying she is “fat” at all. But she is short with thick legs. As am I, which is why you won’t see me in stretch pants.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Actually, it’s not that different from any other “contractual marriage” pre-nup. (See Donald Trump, and any other high-powered, big money, self-important dude who marries trophies, not life companions.)

    I’m glad Joe Pimpson has finally pulled his head out of his arse about the need for a pre-nup. It only took BOTH of his daughters marrying without pre-nups the first time around.

  21. Hautie says:

    Well in defense of Daddy Simpson.

    Those girls both married men who had more money. Than either girls had at the time. And he never really pushed for a pre-nup for either.

    I don’t think anyone thought in a million years, that Jessica would end up with her fortune. Even Daddy Simpson.

    So I am not shocked by their financial arrangement. I suspect Eric has a monthly allowance/income from Jessica. Along with what ever he gets after they are married. (Seems like he receives 10K a month as her companion.)

    So I am not going to scream about any of it.

    Look at Clooney. How much money do you think he is giving to his own gold digger monthly?

  22. John W Sharp says:

    No prenup. Take it like you find it and leave it like it is.

  23. laura says:

    Seriously, people. WTF is she wearing? leggings with a horizontal stripe, which by the way, seems to have a leaping gazelle or reindeer? Horizontal stripes across the thickest part of your thigh is not a good look, unless you are a skinny-mini 7 year old. WTF? W. T. F.

  24. TeeTee says:

    I think she is giving him more in the pre-nup..200,000 is what he could make at a corporate job or doing some athletic stuff..

    I’d love to have those credit cards though..

    10 yr plan huh? her dad irks the heck out of me.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I’m all for a pre-nup protecting individual business interests, but the idea of paying one spouse annually, or bonuses for making to anniversaries, is really, really weird to me.

  26. Feebee says:

    What one calls “vesting” another calls “payment for services”. If true this sounds ridiculous. It’s paying him for staying married to her. It’s mindboggling. Can she really be that insecure?

  27. Hakura says:

    While I know it’s a bit pessimistic to concern yourself with a pre-nup (who wants to go into a marriage already having dealt with the possibility/propability of it ending?), I’m incredibly glad she (or someone on her team) insisted it. She really has SUCH a fortune, that it would’ve been ridiculous not to take charge of her own money.

    @Feebee“What one calls “vesting” another calls “payment for services”.”

    Exactly. I’m really surprised more people didn’t mention this (after I did early in the comments calling it ‘prostitution’, where-in he’s being paid to be her ‘arm candy’, smile for the cameras, & donate his genetic material. (Horrible thing is, my twisted mind & dislike of papajoe makes me think “Producing a baby that Jessica will give to PapaJoe as an offering of gratitude for his ‘great wonderful parenting skills that she ‘just doesn’t have’.

    I could be totally wrong, but papajoe creeps me out big time, he just seems so controlling over Jessica’s life.

  28. Nikki says:

    This guy is a LOSER and she looks hideously bad in that first picture!

  29. Kim says:

    PATHETIC! Im embarrassed for him. A real man, with a job, would never take a paycheck from his famous wife! He is such a user!

  30. Kim says:

    She bagged on Nick for taking alimony BUT she is paying this one before they are even married??!!
    Get a job you leech Eric!

  31. Madisyn says:

    I’d of thought she could do better than a washed up former NFL player with zero money.

  32. t says:

    I agree with Hakura and Feebee. This is payment for services or prostitution.

    Ever since reading that she pays him $10,000/month to “date” her, I’ve stopped thinking of this guy as KFed jr and started thinking of him as Fred Garvin, male prostitute.

    Considering he seems to be on call 24 hours a day, everyday, that $10,000/month really works out to $13.88/hour. I don’t know the going rate for male prostitutes, but $13.88 seem awfully low.

    Either Joe is ripping off Jessica’s male prostitute (like he did her ex husband)or Jessica shops the bargain basement for “male companionship”.

  33. Dana M says:

    Wow, he’s got it made. $core. (Poor Jessica can’t smell a D-bag.. )

  34. Tiffers says:

    1) What kind of man who is truly in love with someone take that kind of money from his future wife?

    2) Sounds more like a business deal than a freakin’ marriage.

    Pathetic indeed.