Britney Spears naked in new video for Womanizer

Britney Spears stars as four separate women seducing the same guy in the video for “Womanizer,” which first aired last night on 20/20. She’s a sexy homemaker, an office worker who xeroxes her butt, a cocktail waitress with arm tattoos, and a chauffeur. She also appears completely nude in a sauna with her legs and arms placed strategically. The home maker persona is closest to Britney’s original look and she dons a black bob wigs and a red wig for her other roles. It’s a pretty sexy video and a catch song that sure to be a hit for her.

Just Jared points out that it’s directed by Joseph Kahn, who also did Britney’s “Stronger” and “Toxic” videos and is responsible for the VMA award winning “When I Grow Up” video for the Pussycat Dolls.

Britney has called Womanizer “a girl anthem” and said “It’s basically saying, ‘We know what you’re up to.’ It’s about guys cheating on girls.”

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  1. wow says:

    a “girl anthem” ? Its a slut anthem. Show a little respect for yourself and you’ll attract a decent guy. When is breakdown number 2 going to happen. Sad.

  2. AC says:

    I like that she looks like herself again. I also like that she’s a nice size… she looks like a normal but insanely in shape person. Not as tiny as she was before. I like that I can see my own self in her body for once. The video isn’t AMAZING but its pretty good and I couldn’t help but be glad to see her at her old stuff again. Dancing could have been better (and that’s what I most like to watch Britney do…)

  3. Kaiser says:

    Am I alone in liking Brit in the black wig? She looks fierce. :D

  4. Jenna says:

    I actually like the video a lot. All the different characters and the appearances look awesome. The sauna scene to me is a very attractive. She looks normal and beautiful.

  5. Ling says:

    That video was… a little empowering.

  6. MomOfTwins says:

    How does she wear so many hair colors so well? That red wig would look horrible on many but she pulls it off.

  7. aleach says:

    yay brit brit! haha
    that song is pretty catchy! ive been singing it in my head all day since i saw in on 20/20 last nite. and she looks so good in the video.
    looks like the old britney is back in business…lets hope at least…

  8. Anna says:

    In my opinion, this is Britney’s best video to date and God knows she has a ton of them. She looks grown up in a pretty, flirty but not skanky way. It really is a stylish and powerful video. Who would have known she’d turn around like that after the last couple of years?
    It’s a shame the song is so awful. I hate the chorus and I hate the effect layered over her voice. Not that I like her singing voice much but this Cher-like effect really makes it look as if she’s hiding her lacking singing skills behind it.
    Let’s hope for her sake that she keeps the good work up. Things can only go up anyway, can’t they?

  9. AC says:

    I agree she looks beautiful in the sauna. not slutty and i really like seeing her look natural like that. I don’t really like any of the wig looks but she looks great in general.

  10. Kait says:

    It’s fantastic to see her back to “normal” and making her typical pop videos. I loved it!

  11. jess says:

    i really really REALLY wanted to like this. The only parts I liked were the sauna part and bits of the homemaker part. I thought her “dancing” looked like she was just throwing her arms around and everytime she twirled her head, i cringed. it just didnt look right and those wigs were tragic and unflattering. :(

  12. House Mouse says:

    I don’t like it! Britney, despite the weight loss and the wigs covering her greasy hair, isn’t pretty.

    It’s s slutty & vulgar, and her voice isn’t exceptional.


  13. tyson says:

    that could just as easily be my grandmother (who is dead btw) actually singing the song with all the computer crap in the voice.

  14. Cari says:

    I have to agree with those who say it sucked. This is something a no-talent could sing.

    Oh wait, yeah. Nevermind. This is perfect for Britney then.


  15. Kate says:

    Oh come on guys,she still looks heavy to me and i dont mean on weight.She cant dance anymore and she desperately tries to be the old Brit.Where are the good lyrics songs with meaning she talked about a few week ago in her Ok interview?Bull.

  16. MonicaBee says:

    I don’t think it’s her best song/video ever, but she’s sure back on the right track. She looks amazing

    Team Britney! :twisted:

  17. A.J. says:

    I like the beat of the song itself, but like someone else pointed out, there are way too many effects layered over her voice. It might as well be a Speak-n-Spell singing, sheesh.

    She looks lovely in the video, and I have to say I’m impressed and happy for her to seemingly be headed back in the right direction- for a while there it seemed like she would be permanently lost in the world.

  18. Codzilla says:

    Same crap, different pile.

  19. daisy424 says:

    Codzilla, gonna borrow that one if you don’t mind :mrgreen:

  20. EnKay says:

    I think she looks beautiful – but my GOD what a horrific song. I had to turn off the volume so I could make it to the end.

  21. RAN says:

    The song was ok… but I thought she looked fabulous in the video. Good for her!

  22. April says:

    I liked it. The red wig was hot, I have to say. Wouldn’t work for everyday life, but she did pull it off well!

  23. Codzilla says:

    Daisy: What’s mine is yours, always. 8)

  24. Mae says:

    I hope she is back! She had a rough up bringing, no roots and parents who probably would admit they made many mistakes(selfish). Looks like she is trying to get on track…and I bet she will be a even better mother after all of this. Good luck to her.

  25. prissa says:

    Brit looks great. Good for her. The song sucks though… :|

  26. vdantev says:

    Remember when she used to sing ? I do and I miss that. This talking to the music might be great with the kids, but not me.

  27. doodahs says:

    This poor girl has been pulled in so many different directions in the past few years, so I am happy to see her getting back to work. A lot of her recent ‘comebacks’ were train wrecks because she wanted to be ready but wasn’t (and it didn’t seem like anyone in her camp was telling her that) or maybe everyone else wanted her to be ready and she wasn’t…. either way, this new video seems to have hit the mark in terms of presenting her in a better light. I hope she can keep moving forward.

  28. christy says:

    i’ve seen her do better but i’ve also seen her do worse lol she looks great you can tell she is working her but off trying to pull her life together

  29. Cmora says:

    In that red wig,Britney looks like “Tiffany” from the 80′s ….dull song half decent video.

  30. wickedjenn says:

    I think it’s a great video. Brittany looks hot! I am happy for her. She has worked very hard to regain her figure!. I kinda like the synthesizer over her voice.

  31. KLO says:

    She looks great. The song is boring. The video is pretty good (mainly because she looks good)
    I can’t believe i’m actually, and many others like me, who never cared for Britney’s music, are so interested in her new video. What has this world come to?
    And was this whole breakdown a big conspiracy just to take her to another level of fame? (LOL I KNOW, i know…)
    But i can’t help but wonder.

  32. Kat says:

    She looks good. The song grows on you, after a while. I didn’t like it at first, but now find myself humming it.

  33. Mairead says:

    I must say, I thought the video was good, with some quirky special effects. I also thought that the “office” metal belt (Dolce & Gabbana?) and the “chauffeur” shoes were extremely covetable.

    But God, that is a bad song. It’s only remotely tolerable when watching the video; it lasts about 1 second on my car radio.

  34. ian says:

    best film ever and all you jealous people bad mouthing britney just get a life ha ha ha
    :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

  35. Mairead says:

    *cuts off Ian’s sugar supply*

  36. vdantev says:

    Ian, shouldn’t your narrow butt be in Sunday School at this hour ?

  37. John says:

    Wow! The video is definitely sexy. But I don’t get the point of being naked for the song. I don’t think there’s even a need for doing that!

  38. popo says:

    Great back to the very thing that fueled her crazies. sexual exploiting everything about herself. Not good. I mean has therapy taught her nothing. This means more break down and pain. Till she understands being an artist is about talent not exploitation. Doesn’t look like she gets it. Everyone including mama just wants to squeak out more money before she has a permanent break down.

  39. chrissy says:

    wow they had to fix her voice so much it sounds like a robot. and saying womanizer over and over gets really irritating.

  40. ema says:

    the man in her video looks great, he is so hot… britney looks sexy too.

  41. CandyKay says:

    Anyone else spot the nerdy guy from the “Toxic” video at 1:40?

    The whole video reminds me a lot of “Toxic” – the waitress throwing down the man on the kitchen counter is almost a direct steal from the “Toxic” bedroom scene.

  42. Vixen says:

    I think she looks AMAZING! Go Britney! I especially love her as the sexy cocktail waitress!

  43. Bodhi says:

    :lol: 4:20! Hehe…

    I think its pretty damn good for a Britney video. She has always been a great dancer & performer & its nice to see her getting back into what she clearly enjoyed. I think this album & video are a great step to getting her back into good mental space

  44. I choose me says:

    Song is meh but that video rocks! That scene where her sexily-shod foot is on the steering wheel was kinda hot. Or maybe I’m just easy to please.

    Now who do I see ’bout getting a pair of them shoes. :mrgreen:

  45. paris herpes says:

    Whatever. I’m totally boycotting listening to this song.

  46. jessie says:

    I love it she is beautiful and seems to be back to herself . You go Brit! :D

  47. sassyspank says:

    Codzilla, you might want to TM that – i might borrow it too;)

  48. desktop says:

    Only in today’s Sex and the City society would people be giving this a thumbs up. She should just walk a street corner for a living.

  49. Codzilla says:

    Sassy: Wish I could take credit, but I heard it from someone else. :P

  50. C says:

    i’ve seen two different comments that i have to answer to.

    one, that she needs to go back to singing.. your problem right there is even insinuating that she can or ever could actually sing.

    another comment, about her exploiting herself and her needing to realize it’s about talent again.. once again, you’re insinuating she can sing and has something more to offer than shaking her butt around half naked.

    britney was and is back to being considered a sex toy. that’s the only reason people were mad at her for being overweight. she had nothing else to bring to the table but basically being a stripper who lip syncs to her own overly processed music.

    but i am proud of her getting her shit more together.

  51. Skien says:

    I believe Britney surely landed on her feets this time and is back for good. This was a good song and an amazing video. A bit controversial, but that has never hurt anyone:)

    And she looks better then ever too!

  52. aspen says:

    Actually…Britney Spears had a rather powerful voice at one time. She has never been in league with power ballad singers, but her voice was clear and pleasing and she had a very respectable range. There have been several tracks over her albums that showcase her ability to sing. She also had, once upon a time, a talent for dancing. She was quite the performer.

    Whether these talents are gone forever or have just been on hiatus for a while remains to be seen. The stuff that has always sold for her was the slutty techno-pop club tracks. She’s doing what has worked for her before, I suppose.

    But…just because it’s popular and gets you a seat at the cool kids’ table to dismiss Britney Spears as an untalented hack doesn’t make it the truth. She did have a natural talent for performance and she had a very adequate singing voice. We just haven’t heard it in a while.

  53. hlynn2008 says:

    I just think the red hair is effin hot as hell!!!!!! Have never been a huge fan of britney but looks like shes back.

  54. CoverupGirl says:

    THIS IS SHAMEFUL. She’s a MOM. Would anyone here like to see THEIR mother one day in a music video, spread out naked on a sauna bench covered in steam? I sure as HELL wouldn’t. She used to be (seemingly) nice, but now, she’s trying to be really sexy.

    You don’t have to be like that to seem sexy. Britney Spears doesn’t have to bare it all to make people want to watch a music video. Is wasn’t relevant to the video in any way, and she came off seeming slutty.

    Don’t say I’m hating on her. It’s 100% true.

  55. neil says:

    well u cant deny the video is hot. she looked hottest as the homemaker, limo driver & in d sauna (of course)…however the chorus does seem to drone a bit…I still am stuck up on Break The Ice (her best song eva! according to me).

    and wrt her being a mom & that her kids wont like to see their mom like that puhleez! this is nothing new. I think hollywood bred children have to live with the inevitable truth that they’ll be seeing their celeb mom/dad in some pretty gd, not-so-gd & d downright bad situations. this is jus a not-so-gd situation for brit. she’s getting there…c’mon cut her some slack. now the shaving head & proclaiming u’re the antichrist is something that wud upset me if i was her kid….

  56. Vince says:

    Britney Rocks and she is back to piss all you hates off… GO BRITNEY GO!!!

    Loving britney all the way…

  57. Q.T.Pie says:

    I’m a mom. I’m also divorced. I model & am sexy, too. Does that mean I pose artistically nude anymore? No. My perspective changed the day I became a mother. I feel sorry for her children to be exposed to that kind of torture. Synthesizer=horiblizer. Britney needs to stick to the singing. I can do the same thing with my computer at home and make it sound just as bad.

  58. doodle says:

    lov it so much i could die… great job pulling off the red wig brit, love ya! (I am very random) :D :-) :o 8O 8) :lol: :P :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :mrgreen:

  59. Britney says:

    Britney was great before, and now she’s coming back for more!

  60. Jade says:

    anyone know what the red colour in her hair is called.
    Love it! :lol:

  61. dave says:

    i love her to bits
    this is her best video and she looks fucking hot :P
    she’s had a lot of bad press but i have always thought she was just trying to get on with her life

  62. Illogic says:

    I still think she should have started playing punk right after she shaved her head.