Charlie Sheen (sort-of) kills one of Denise Richards’ dogs, wants the other one back

This makes me so mad! Charlie Sheen apparently used to have “custody” of two of his first wife, Denise Richards’, pug dogs. One of the dogs died from malnutrition shortly after Denise took him back, so she decided to keep hold of the other guy to make sure that he was ok. Charlie now wants the dog back as a kind of mascot on his crazy tour, but Denise isn’t letting the pug of her sight and Charlie is pissed. He’s been tweeting that Denise is a “traitor” and “loser wh*re.”

Denise is furious that Charlie Sheen is tweeting she’s a dog thief, and is telling friends Charlie is actually a dog abuser … this according to sources familiar with the situation.

Back when Charlie and Denise split, Charlie took custody of her 2 pugs so the kids could play with them when they visited him — which she had before they got married. Things were ok for a while, but after Charlie’s meltdown at the Plaza hotel in NYC, Denise started getting calls that the pugs were malnourished and neglected.

Things became so alarming, we’re told Denise went to Charlie’s and he gave her the dogs. Sadly, one of them died of malnutrition, but the other is ok.

Now Charlie wants the dog back, and sources say he just wants the pooch as a mascot on his tour bus.

As for Charlie’s tweet — “We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH -neese POOR-ARD. A VILE KIDNAPPER AND NOW DOG THIEF. HATE.”

But Denise is steadfast … claiming Charlie can’t even take care of himself and she’s not giving up the pug.

[From TMZ]

That dog is at least 9 years old, since Denise was married to Charlie in 2002 and she’s said to have had the dogs before their marriage. A pugs average lifespan is about 13 years and that little guy doesn’t need to live out his days being neglected and having crack smoke blown in his face on Charlie’s bus. Charlie already killed the other dog!

It’s ripe that Charlie is finally lashing out at Denise. She’s been nothing but gracious about him publicly, and she had many chances to dish the dirt on him but has always taken the high road. Of course he’s turning on her the minute she decides to stand up to him on any issue whatsoever. Thank goodness she’s keeping her daughters far away from this creep.

Denise with another one of her dogs on The Dog Whisperer. (Note: We know this is not a pug!)


Header image from Charlie Sheen’s Twitter

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  1. H26 says:

    He’s such a piece of SHITE. Who are the losers giving this creep money.

  2. RHONYC says:

    okay, now i wanna cut his nuts off!

    a poor animal died because this a*shole?!!!

    f*****ck him! time to put this ANIMAL down.

    i’m done. :-(

  3. Anastasia says:

    Died of malnutrition? Yeah, that asshole Charlie Sheen wasn’t even paying enough attention to it to FEED it.

    God, I’m glad they took those boys out of that house if he can’t even be arsed to feed a DOG.

  4. Quest says:

    Maybe he wants “dog-blood” instead of “tiger-blood” to cut back on his expenses. Douche

    Maybe he is still “Winning”, that is animal cruelty you donkey-poo

  5. Rita says:

    DOGS RULE and warlocks drool.

    Seems his fascinating personality is wearing thin when he has to generate a buzz on twitter about a dog.

  6. Sandra says:

    This story saddens me. I love dogs and cannot imagine killing one and asking for another. 5150 him now!

  7. Racheal says:

    I like and respect Denise more and more. Good for her.

  8. silken_floss says:

    This man serves no purpose. End him #notwinning

  9. ceenitall says:

    I didn’t really care about this guy one way or the other, but you hurt an animal or cause an animal pain that pisses me off! What a self entitled butthole.

    And why are the cops posing for a photo sp with him? They were there to remove his sons from harm and they smile and take a picture????

  10. Really says:

    We have pugs and while I was indifferent on Charlie’s craziness, I now officially hate him. NOT WINNING!

    That black dog in the front is a Pug. Looks like my little girl.

  11. Justalark says:

    THE EX-HUSBAND FROM HELL! Seriously, dealing with this hooker-loving, drug addicted, animal-abusing, delusional egomaniac must be a NIGHTMARE! True, he is a celebrity from a famous family, which goes a long way with a certain type of female, but what self-respecting, semi-intelligent female would want to deal with his insanity? I’m thinking it’s hookers, porn stars and/ or other addicts (Brooke Mueller) from this point on…

  12. bluhare says:

    With the amount of people in and out of his house, someone had to notice two very sick and thin dogs. I’m totally disgusted. I found him sort of humorous in a train wreck sort of way, but no more. This is horrific.

  13. j says:

    I have a pug, and never cared about this whole Charlie Sheen Saga until now!

    I hate this man, and I truly hope that all the bad Karma he has been creating comes for pay back.

    Such a lunatic, and so hurtful to all those around him.

  14. cici says:

    oh charlie. you’re dumb. don’t you realize denise actually has graciously not bad mouthed you the WAY SHE COULD AND SHOULD. so now you’ll officially have no one, i guess. happy times!

  15. Majosha says:

    If I were Denise, I would have taken a baseball bat to that motherfucker for killing my dog. What a piece of shit. Thank god his kids were removed from the home so they didn’t starve to death, too.

  16. Shelley says:

    Malnutrition = starved to death. With all the creeps and hangers-on around this waste of breath, was there no one who could simply feed 2 little dogs enough food to keep them alive? Why isn’t Denise having him charged with cruelty to an animal ? Why does anyone think he is anything but repulsive beyond words? I have to say, the reaction of some people – those who bought tickets to go see him, the police officers in the first photo – to him is appalling. There isn’t a single thing cute or cool in his actions and behaviors. I pity his children, about whom he clearly cares nothing.

  17. Ron says:

    Go Denise!!! Everyone thought she was such a bitch whne they got divorced. Guess not! Go Denise!!!

  18. Tuatara says:

    @ceenitall – totally agree. What the hell are those cops doing?

  19. Meow Mix says:

    What is really sick is that he has a HISTORY of animal cruelty.

    It was reported many years ago in an interview, that he admitted that he beat to death a neighbors peacock because it shit on his basketball court.

    I have never liked him since reading that article. Not surprising that his abusive nature is taken out on defenseless creatures when he doesn’t have a hooker or porn star to abuse. He is one seriously sick human being who needs to be locked up.

  20. jen says:

    Go Team Denise! I like the baseball bat idea from the PP.

  21. Melanie says:

    I like to believe that there is a special place in hell for people who starve things that are dependent on them.

  22. Ben says:

    Sick. And UGH at those policemen.

    However, the ‘Oh I didn’t care until he hurt a dog’ comments are pretty disturbing. You didn’t care when he hurt actual humans?

  23. Patti says:

    This is Charlie trying to maintain control over Denise – come on. He can buy his own damn dog like he does the girlfriends, yet he wants her dog? What a fucking loser!

  24. brin says:

    He is disgusting and should never have a pet. He can’t even take care of his own sorry ass.

  25. JustBe says:

    ITA with Shelly@17

    How the hell do you continue to call the mother of your children such horrible and vile names in a public space. How the hell could any system of justice grant any sort of custody or visitation rights to such a bottomfeeder!


  26. kelbear says:

    He’s an even bigger ass for calling her a dog thief on twitter. So mature that Sheen is…

  27. guesty says:

    I remember that episode & the pug was the instigator!! Lol.

    He disgusts me.

    AND way to stay neutral & objective LAPD.

  28. Twez says:

    Any non-celebrity would have been involuntarily committed by now. Seriously.

  29. someone says:

    Is anyone surprized by this??? If he can’t treat human beings correctly, do you expect him to treat a dog any different??? Hes an ass, and I don’t know how hes passing any drug tests. Hes obviously high most of the time.

  30. Riley says:

    @Sandra, I’m with you. Ugh, this is beyond disturbing.

  31. dorothy says:

    Stop the madness!! Charlie Sheen is a train wreck and an overdose victim about to happen.

  32. Obvious says:

    i remember during their divorce everyone said Denise was the crazy one-I never thought so. I feel so bad for her-but at last the truth i finally coming out.

    Kudos to her for standing up for the kids and innocent pets!

  33. TXCinderella says:

    I remember when Charlie and Brooke tried to make Denise look like the bad one. There was a media frenzy about it. Now we know that Charlie was the crazy one. IMO Denise has shown strength and stability, putting her children above all else. She has shown much class in trying to shield her girls from that psycho.

  34. Heather says:

    Why is he tweeting that Denise (#DUH-neese POOR-ards) is a whore? This is the mother of two of his kids!?!

    And what does that say about his Twitter followers that they are re-tweeting this $hit?

  35. OXA says:

    He starved the dog to death and should be up on charges of cruelty to animals.

  36. GeekChic says:

    Even sicker than this piece of garbage are the people who think he’s so cool. The comments on TMZ from people (mostly young guys) who think Charlie is awesome and want to be just like him make me want to vomit. Way to aim high, assholes. And who the hell pays money to go see him rant? The same people who will make his shit show an even bigger hit when this turd is inevitably rehired by the network. The whole thing is mind-numbing and totally disgusting. He is not some poor, sick, pitiable person. He is a narcissistic sociopath who couldn’t be bothered to even feed a dog and instead starved it to death. I have more contempt for him than words can possibly say.

  37. Amy says:

    Can’t you go to jail for cruelty to animals? Wouldn’t that count in this case?

  38. SassyOne says:

    What I would like to know is did no one ( vet included) notify the authorities that there was a cruelty to animals charge with his name all over it? WFT?

  39. lisa says:

    When Denise left Charlie when she was 5 or 6 months pregnant she was attacked in the media and blogs for years. The blame was on her. I am amazed she kept her head up high. Everyone mainly was on Charlie’s side. Regardless of the number of slips or abusive acts. All Charlie.. well Denise has the last laugh. I think it is so funny how the public and media is so quick to comes out to support one side over the other. Vilifying one person and making the other other into some saint. Well time tells all tales. In the end it sometimes takes a few years to really see the truth. And that maybe the original bad guy was not the bad guy after all..

    Charlie is a creep and has always been so. I saw that his camp has been lying about his “tour” being a sell out. Well truth is the ticket were pre-purchased by scalpers and such and that there are tons of ticket for sale. Charlie does not have the talent he thinks he has. Without the writers on TaHM he is a rambling idiot.

    Denise please laugh at all the haters that attacked you for years.. YOU HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE BETTER AND MORE STABLE THEN THIS NUTCASE.

  40. Anonymei says:

    I am with j and Really. I found his antics amusing with the understanding this must be devastating to his family until now. Torturing any animal is reprehensible. I have a pug and the thought of someone starving him to death has made my blood boil to the point I could cut this asshole. I am immediately going to Twitter and unfollowing him.

  41. Kim says:

    GO DENISE! Charlie is a piece of sh..t! Neglecting his children and their dogs is sick!!! He so has bad bad bad karma coming. He will get his big time!

    GEEK CHIC Agreed! Who would pay to see his show knowing this man basically killed a dog?!!!!! U r paying for his hookers and cocaine – get a life losers who think he is cool. NOT WINNING!

  42. nikki says:

    Well said! My roomate was dating this guy and he was talking about how charlie sheen is his idol, she and I just looked at each other like oh.good.god. she dumped him shortly after.

  43. Marjalane says:

    The sad news is that if this waste of oxygen wants to have a dog as a “mascot” on his fucking tour bus, he’ll just go get another and he’ll send out twitpics that make us all hate him more and another animal will be victim to his shitty antics. Not only do I hate Charlie Sheen, but I hate his entire family for not forcing this cretin into a 5150. Not feeling too good about the LAPD at this point either. I swear I will become a letter writing nutjob zealot if ANY network gives this turd a job.

  44. sapphire says:

    TEAM DENISE. Anybody who abuses animals is a loser and a scum. I am particularly mad becuase I have a pug and they are very needy little guys.

    Where’s Melanie?

  45. Melanie says:

    Hi Sapphire. I am here and I am furious. Pugs are so very expressive and affectionate. I hate Sheen with a passion for this, and actually have a lump in my throat thinking about my Ivan in such pain. GRrrrrrrr~!

  46. Hildebryn says:

    Poor pup, but I would NOT describe Denise Richards as gracious under any circumstances.

    She talked smack about him during and after the divorce. Truth or not, it was highly unclassy.

    She also uses her kids to get papped at photo ops whenever possible. She whored them out for a reality show, I mean come on!

  47. boo says:

    This is the last straw, he caused an animal to die! What really burns my toast is that he now wants the other dog and when Denise refuses he immediately starts ranting! He is such an abuser of women and has absolutely no respect for anything or anyone that stands in his way, no wonder he likes hookers and strippers, they are his yes people, unfortunately many of these women have absolutely no self esteem, ergo strippers and hookers. He is such a pig. By the way I have a pug and they are lovely dogs and like all animals must be lovingly tended, nobody messes with my little Peaches.

  48. margaritachum says:

    this story makes me sick.
    “people” like this should be banned from planet earth.
    i love my dogs and treat them like little people and “people” like this make me furious and sick and disgusted.

  49. Faye says:

    Denise is no angel, but seriously, who is? At least she’s standing up to him. Neglecting an animal…ugh. Little angers me more than animal abuse.

    Like a few of you have mentioned above, for a while I found his rants amusing and figured they’d sink him. It’s sad that they’ve actually empowered him.

  50. Vanessa says:

    @MeowMix – Are you serious, that is the most revolting story, he beat a bird? and bragged about it? Gawd, this guy has been a maniac for YEARS, he should be behind bars.


  51. TaylorB says:

    I have a difficult time addressing this issue, sadly there are several ways to malnourish your dog. Sometimes by starvation, mostly by total morons who think the dog can live on crap like beer and Cheetoes, which isn’t starvation in the worst sense of the term but it might as well be; I suspect that CS probably fed the dogs nothing but junk food and people food thinking it was fine… then comes renal failure, pancreatitis, malnutrition, etc.. Either way they are idiots and do not deserve their animal.

    Like Denise or not, she is doing the right thing keeping the dog and I hope she only allows short visits with those kids until he gets his act together.

  52. Chickadees4me says:

    sick and messed up *vomit*

    Watching your pet waste away is truly sick, it would be over a period of time and the poor animal would be begging for food and to think it was ignored???

    CS you are a vile piece of crap.

  53. Myra says:

    I can’t believe he called her a “loser whore”. Because of a dog, especially. Eh, I mean I DO believe it and should understand because his mind is just gone.

  54. Kiska says:

    How nice, the father of your children calls you a loser whore. Nice role model, Charlie.

    I’ve never liked the man and now I absolutely hate him. That poor animal. Dogs give unconditional love and having to die slowly and painfully from malnourishment is BEYOND cruel.

    I say put ole “tiger blood” Charlie in a locked cage with a really hungry tiger and see who is “winning.”

  55. Rachel says:

    I’m no fan of Denise’s. I always thought she was what Charlie called her in that tweet – especially after the Richie Sambora/Heather Locklear incident.. I also found his ranting highly amusing. HOWEVER, his starving a dog to death and then accusing someone else of doing it has gone too far. That is so low. I don’t care what he does to himself or to anyone crazy enough to marry him (whore or not) but I draw the line at innocent animals.

    Charlie for this, I am taking you off my Twitter feed. Denise may or may not be a whore and she may be a terrible friend to other women (Heather) but she appears to have one redeeming quality. She’s a great mom to both her human kids and her furry kids.

    I’m going to add her to my feed instead. PIG!

  56. sapphire says:

    Denise doesn’t have to be anything but someone who know how to take care of a dog in this case.

  57. Dany says:

    To us our dogs and cats are like our furry kids.

    But to me it fits perfectly. This dull pervert watches his world go to pieces and laughs about it. Why should he care watching a little dog suffer agonies? Maybe he laughed about this too.

    My aversion for cs turns into hate right now. Why do no authorities finally stop him?!

    PS: @Myra: “his mind is just gone” – EXACTLY!
    PPS: Put him in a cage! Feed him garbage!

  58. Meow Mix says:

    @ Vanessa, Yup completely serious. It was during his hay day of being a teen heart throb. I remember reading about it and being completely turned off. Never again would I watch him in anything. I actually knew Denise from when we both modeled in Japan. I think she was about 16 then. Just felt so sorry for her when I saw what a douche bag she was marrying.

  59. Hollowdoll says:

    IMO Sheen does not deserve my creative effort so I’m going to recycle from another post I made.

    I don’t understand why there aren’t headlines in the papers every day saying: Charlie got kicked in the nuts again today by some random person walking by. Who then yelled at him that’s for being a dog killer, woman abuser etc and embarassing the human race you pathetic loser!

    Charlie Sheen: American Poser

  60. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    When Denise and CS divorced…I felt bad for her. I mean, it was OBVIOUS that CS and his PR team went after her. She is such an amazing woman for havign to tolerate this crap.

  61. Really says:

    Lots of Pug owners on here- Love it! I vote for Celebrity Dog Mondays. Cheerful photos of celebrities and their dogs, because Mondays suck.

  62. annie says:

    Why would you leave your beloved dogs with a known abuser and drug addict??? She has custody of the girls so it would make sense that they would see the dogs more if they stayed with Denise. I would NEVER leave my dogs with an ex-especially a giant turd like Charlie!!

  63. John Wayne Lives says:

    Are we done with this piece of sh!t yet. This is horrifying. Movie star or not, what ever psycological probs, or addiction probs he may have, CS is a bad person. That’s it. That’s all. He is one of lifes villians.

  64. Maritza says:

    I’m so sick of Charlie Sheen’s stupid talking,”duh” the warlock crap and tiger blood, the man is not fit to take care of himself and much less a dog.

  65. Erin says:

    What a horrible story! He is just the skeeziest, worst person! I hope she is able to press charges for animal cruelty!

  66. Flan says:

    Go girl! Don’t give the poor dog to the maniac

  67. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ Ben, thanks — um, this is the last straw for you people — he was abusing women, actual humans, but that was okay? I mean dogs are adorable, and esp pugs, but I’m a pretty disturbed that people seem more upset by animal cruelty than spousal abuse.

  68. echolocate says:

    Anyone who ever doubted that Charlie Sheen is abusive with women and a misogynist should note how quickly he goes from zero to “loser whore” when the mother of two of his children doesn’t give him what he wants.

    I wonder if he really does think he has adonis DNA and tiger blood. When he gets angry, the vitriol he spews sounds like self-loathing directed outward. Even his remarks about Chuck Lorre and references to his supposed real name sounded like Charlie was projecting self-hatred: Chuck/Charlie, Chaim/Carlos, etc.

  69. Emily says:

    @Really, I agree, but don’t just limit it to dogs! Celebrity Pet Mondays!

  70. LBeees says:

    She’s so pretty.

    I figure she probably has some sort of confidentiality clause in her divorce/alimony/child support papers, but I respect her more and more for being astonishingly gracious and supportive during his wacko-jacko time.

    She is a class act.

  71. curmudgeon says:

    All animals deserve love and proper treatment, but if you don’t know a pug I can tell you this;
    It’s like having a sweet needy three year old that worships you. They are some of the most loving lovable canines in the world. How any one could be such a vile disgusting pile of fieces as to abuse one of these little guys is beyone me.

  72. JUDY says:

    I smell Bullshite here. Are you saying that all these cops that have been in and out of that house never saw starving dogs??????Bullshit. His housekeepers never fed the dogs????????BS. Pug live about 9 years. He probably had cancer and lost weight but this is a complete bunch of bullshit

  73. wd says:

    oh wow, you mean a dog that was 10+ years old died???? yeah it must be Charlie’s fault!?

    people need to stop acting like animals are more important than people. a dog is just a good meal to a lot of people around the world.

  74. embertine says:

    Alarmjaguar, couldn’t agree more. Cruelty to animals and children makes me see red just like it does for most people, as it is the abuse of those who cannot defend themselves. It’s the actions of a coward.

    However, it makes me sick to my stomach that his abuse of women is apparently condoned, both in celebrity culture and in law. Apparently, misogyny is the last acceptable discrimination.

  75. Lynda says:

    He should adopt a retired drug sniffing dog to take with him so the dog would have a job. Ooopppsss…sorry, the dog would never stop working. cs is a skin fart sack.

  76. Jazz says:

    Bet that sweet little dog had more class, intelligence and dignity than Teflon Chuck does.

  77. helen says:

    Oh yes, Celebrity Dog Mondays, please!

  78. Really says:

    @Emily- Celebrity Pets- even better!

  79. original kate says:

    so does CA have decent animal cruelty laws or is starving a dog to death merely a legal blip? why aren’t the police there – oh, wait…they are there! smiling and posing with him?! that’s helpful. way to keep it classy, LAPD.

    team denise, obviously.

  80. Kathy says:

    Someone needs to walk up to this guy and hit him so hard it knocks him to tomorrow….then pick him up….throw him in jail and charge him with animal cruelty.

  81. She is horrible too ,she lives withhim in the same house .No one on this earth would hurt my kids or dogs .Where the hell was she .They are both bad news

  82. harfang says:

    Theresa Mapes has a point, why did Denise entrust the now starved-to-death animal to Charlie in the first place? Do you take seriously a guy who’s living a manic house-of-cards life bound to cave in on him when he says “I want the dogs to stay here so the girls can have cute living toys while I’m too busy tweeting and shooting tiger beams from my fingertips to be an actual dad”? My guess is that she was frightened of him and put it off till it was too late. This is understandable, but not really excusable for a wealthy dog owner (meaning Richards in this sentence). Obviously Charlie’s worse, but Denise failed. It is a serious responsibility to take a sentient being requiring human attention into your home. It’s bad enough that she’s apparently into buying from breeders; but my point is, Charlie mostly killed the dog, but Denise did some of it too.

  83. lurkinglurker says:

    Look, I dislike Charlie Sheen, and this latest incident just makes me dislike him even more; however, I wonder about a lot of you.

    He beat heck out of one of his ex girlfriends (and there are pictures that show her battered face), shot one of his ex-wives, physically assaulted a sex-worker, and held a knife to one of his ex-wives throat and threatened to kill her – none of that seemed to really mean much, but now that he hurt a dog, you’re angry?

    I like animal abuse is deplorable, but I also think abusing people is awful and my opinion about Mr. Sheen was cemented long ago when I learned how he treated women. Domestic abuse and animal abuse often go hand-in-hand, keep that in mind the next time you hear of someone battering their significant other.

  84. Nurse B says:

    Seriously!! He is a 100% drug addict with serious psychological concerns that need to be professionally addressed-he probably hardly remembers to eat himself never mind looking after another living creature!Children, pets, frankly anything living shouldn’t be near him until whatever the heck is wrong with him is straightened out! If this was anyone else he would have been locked up a long time ago for all the crap he pulls. The only living creatures around him are the ones he is paying one way or another-he needs to wake up and realize he is all alone in this world….only reason anyone even cares what he is doing is because misery likes company…..guess he’s surrounded by a entourage of misery! **Way to go Denise-keep him far away from everything you care about…

  85. Kwast says:

    Disgusting. Charlie is a narcist in combination with other psychological disorders. You can always judge a person on how he treats an animal. If a person treats an animal with love and care, he will treat a person too with respect,love and care.