Linnocent is back in LA, meeting with lawyers and looking strung out


These are new photos of Lindsay Lohan in Venice Beach, California, looking… like something the cracked-out cat coughed up. God, she just looks horrible. This is the worst she’s looked since she got out of rehab (the last time). So, I guess all of your suppositions and theories were absolutely, 100% correct: Crackheads never change. This is the face of a girl who is still using the hard stuff. It’s not just rampant alcoholism, either. Pouring vodka into a Red Bull can and partying until dawn every night doesn’t make you look like this. Heroin makes you look like this. Crack and cocaine make you look like this. Meth makes you look like this.

In other Linnocent news, yes, she’s back in LA. She flew back a few days ago after partying her crack off in NYC. Allegedly, she’s “meeting with lawyers” to prepare for her upcoming crack trial.

Now, because Linnocent doesn’t really care about her crack trial (except that it’s going to be her own fashion show!), she’s been embroiled in something of a minor crack drama over the past few days. Samantha Ronson has a new girlfriend, you see. And Sam and this new girl were photographed together, embracing and looking couple-y. As you can imagine, Linnocent FREAKED OUT. She sent a weird tweet (now deleted), something about how she “just” dropped Sam off at LAX and now Sam has a new girlfriend, and you could just feel the crack rage bubbling up. Now Linnocent is trying to play it cool, though, and backtrack. The Daily Mail has a summary, plus photos, here.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. MMF says:

    She looks like a forty yr. old crack head to boot.

    Pathetic. Obviously no one cares about this girl.

  2. lucy2 says:

    Holy crack face!
    Mean Girls was on this weekend. The physical change in just a few years is astounding.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Ya know whats missing in these pictures??? PUPILS!

  4. Me1st says:

    Jeanette you must have been reading my mind…

  5. Gwen says:

    She is starting to look like the bad pictures in those Meth-ads. Gosh, it’s incredible that no one close to her cares enough to stop this. There’s only one way she’s headed and while it’s disturbingly entertaining to watch at times, it’s also really sad.

  6. Franny says:

    the last picture honestly makes her look dead. like, just snorted the last of her cocaine and fell over. its scary.

  7. MarenGermany says:

    she did look kinda sorta sober when she left rehab. relaxed in the face, and clear-eyed.
    but this…….. i´m literally speechless.
    her eyes…..and not just the wrinkles (she looks like 50 years old)
    kaiser is right, she´s back on the bad stuff. look at the gaze in the last picture


  8. brin says:

    Yikes…I think crackhead cracked her mirror.

  9. Siren6 says:

    That’s horrible. She looks so bad I’m actually feeling sorry for her.

  10. Alice says:

    HOLY BITCH LOOKS BEAT BATMAN. Please make these the new ‘go to’ photos of Lindsay whenever there’s a story about her latest crack antics. Good God, I’ve never seen her look worse. I look better than this after I’ve been in bed for 3 days with the flu.

  11. krissy says:

    Yeah, those are the pupils of a crack addict. My friend in high school dated a crack head for a while and I would recognize those eyes anywhere.

    I’m surprised more people don’t call her on it.

  12. bagladey says:

    Wow. How can she be using drugs? Isn’t she still on probation?

  13. Sue says:

    She look like she lost weight and I notes the missing pupils too her eyes just look dead.

  14. Mia says:

    Good God! She looks a snort away from collapsing. She looks worse than rode hard and put up wet. Can no one see that this girl is back on the stuff? Does anyone care?

    I heard she was with her straight-laced brother. Was he just there for decoration?

  15. dorothy says:

    She looks like one of those women on the ‘meth’ photos. She’s so far gone.

  16. Melanie says:

    Red heads with freckles should take extra special care of their skin. Poor baby, she looks like shit.

  17. Isa says:

    I don’t know what to say anymore.
    There have to be better pictures of her, right?

    She still might be able to turn her life around, but it will take a while. She will be like a lot of those women hanging around HW.
    Who knows in ten years she might have a fabulous come back.

  18. Ben says:

    Wow. Worst she’s ever looked. This kind of pushes her into pitiful territory to me.

  19. Relli says:

    @ lucy2 I was watching mean girls in pure amazement this weekend at how young and pretty she once was. I used to love that movie and now its almost too sad to watch because of how far gone she is now.

  20. Harley says:

    Wow. Just wow. I think this is the worst I’ve ever seen her look – and that’s saying something. I also noticed the missing pupils. Scary and sad.

  21. Jackson says:

    This chick looks bad. Really bad. Isn’t she still on some kind of probation? How can she be on anything, are they not still testing her? Wow.

  22. Syko says:

    If I didn’t know this woman is only in her 20s… early 20s at that… I’d swear she’s at least 45 to 50. Is there a makeup shortage in CA? She seriously looks older than her own mother, who is no spring chicken and doesn’t look like one either.

  23. Devon says:

    Isn’t she still having to have random drugs tests? I guess she was partying more than everyone thought in NYC.

  24. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    When I have kids, instead of giving them a normal “don’t do drugs talk” I am just going to print up pictures of Linnocent and show them what drugs do to you.

  25. Ben says:

    OMFG! Michael K has more pics, and this bitch… look at her posing for the ‘invasive’ paparazzi who ‘detract focus from her work’. Crazy Crackie McGee.

  26. njnick says:

    She’s back to using opiates….the lack of pupils tell the story.

  27. the_blonde_one says:

    I’m soon going to be forty, partied like a lohan (heh) when I was younger, tanned, smoke, live a very stressful life and have better skin/less wrinkles/sunspots etc than that girl. Yay for me but how very sad for her.

  28. meg says:

    LOL Who is the dude lurking in the palms behind her in the 2nd to last pic??

  29. mln76 says:

    She looks like she’s on meth…isn’t she supposed to get drug tests put this bitch in jail already.

  30. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Somebody hold me…That is some scary shit.

  31. LittleFATMe says:

    Holy crack balls, Batman! That chica is twasted! (Twisted-wasted.) She is not doing okay, and I am so confused.
    How is it possible to be this big of a cracky in the public eye when you are on probation? What the hell? Am I missing something? She doesn’t have the money to pay off cops, and I am at a loss.

  32. Isabel says:

    @jeanette – YES!! That is what is so freaky…and totally telling…about this hot piece of mess.

    She’s also super SANS FARDS. I do not understand how her eyes are so aged. I mean, I do…I know it’s drugs…but it really is some sort of amazing.

  33. JULIE says:

    God, she looks like she’s over 40!

  34. angela white says:

    ive noticed when she is “on” something, she keeps her hands around her face, hair and mouth a lot. apparently, she is back on whatever the heck she got off of.

  35. bunkins says:

    “Real Housewives of Mordor” Michael K
    love it

  36. Pink Elephant says:

    Wow. Nevermind the pupils, the nostrils on Picture #1 look swollen and abused. Just…wow. You really can’t make someone clean up/embrace sobriety if they don’t want it.

  37. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, yeah, meth, heroin, vodka, yada, yada, these are things we KNOW; What I want to know NOW is who the eff paid for Lindsey and her cracky family to fly in a private jet back to L.A.?! Why has her priveledged movie star, (gag, cough, shudder) life not come to a screeching halt? Why, I guess one of her foreign johns musta paid for it!

  38. willynilly says:

    It’s not CRACK, everyone. Crack/cocaine doesn’t really change pupils….meth makes them huge, opiates make them small. So this picture means she’s on opiates, which also decreases your hunger, hence her gauntness.

    This message brought to you by the letter: O(xy).

  39. Innocent says:

    JEEZ i guess now that her probation has been revoked Lindsay is taking full advantage of having her freedom back.

  40. phill says:

    She is not using drugs. If she was her probation would be revoked after a positive drug test. The posted pictures of her are purposefully unflattering She certainly has her issues but most men would agree that looks are not one her problems.

  41. Dingles says:

    As soon as I saw that header pic I blurted out, “Holy sh!t, dude.” She looks twenty years older than she is. That girl’s not going to see 30.

  42. JaisyMaisy says:

    This is alarming. Most parents who saw their child looking this way would be doing anything necessary to find help for them…Dina’s still trying to sell the “poor child” story. I honestly don’t think she’ll live much longer. Sad.

  43. flourpot says:

    Sam’s looking extra thin, I mean really way more thin than usual.

  44. Innocent says:

    Yes i do agree that not all the pictures are as bad as the ones CB provided.
    However her probation has been revoked and she is out on bail and free to do what she wants until her next court date on April 22nd.

  45. sam says:

    Perhaps she can now land a gig doing Dept. of Justice ads for “Kids, don’t do drugs…..evah!”

  46. mary jones says:

    Does she not have to submit to random drug tests? Oh yeah I forgot the rules don’t apply to her so probably not.

  47. DesertRose says:

    She looks like White Oprah’s sister. In addition to putting down the pipe, can someone also tell her to stay away from the spray tan nozzle?

  48. Sumodo1 says:

    Her pupils are pinned. Can’t hide that cokey look. Plus, booger-y nostril. It’s coke.

  49. Jen says:

    This is the one and only time I’m going to come to Lindsay’s defense…

    I remember when a serious boyfriend and I broke up, I was so devastated, I cried for hours. When I stopped, I looked like I had aged 20 years, no lie. Major, serious bags under my eyes. Like Lindsay’s.

    We all know Lindsay is a drug addict, but also, she has cameras in her face flashing, your pupils are going to adjust. I’d be more concerned if they didn’t adjust to the major amounts of light being flashed in her face.

  50. Zelda says:

    Opiate eyeballs….
    I bet if you bent her head backward like a Pez dispenser, Oxycontin would pop out.

  51. skuddles says:

    Yep, looks like somebody has been a big coke (crack, meth whatever) bendor for a while now. Booze bloats, drugs make you look very drawn and black eyed like she looks here. Well enjoy it while you can girly – there are no crack dens where you’re headed….

  52. Melanie says:

    This message brought to you by the letter: O(xy).

    LOL. I think it is speed, but i digress.

  53. lilred says:

    Holy sweet Jesus.That’s frightening I don’t wish death on anyone but I don’t think it’s going to be very long before she is dead.

  54. Macey says:

    Nothing like some pics of LL to make my 40 year old self feel pretty damn good.

  55. someone says:

    Im sorry, but lindsey looks doped to the hilt in those pics…

  56. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Hey, I remember my pupils being pinned like that. I was riding a horse at the time.

  57. Kas says:

    Just terrifying…. Like a walking PSA for ‘Say no to drugs’!

  58. mln76 says:

    @Innocent what she does is her business huh? I thought you were her fan she looks near death/overdose and with her history neither scenario is out of the question. Shame on you.

  59. Just Sayin says:

    This is kind of off topic – but whateves. I think Ronson is just as pathetic as Crackhan and has played a major role in the whole Crackgate saga. That girl is a manipulative,celebrity f’er and an addict herself. I think she mind f***k’s Crackhan on the reg and tips off the paps so she can put $$$ in her pocket. She learned from her mom Ann-Dexter Jones – who is a “socialite” star f’er as well. Of course Crackhan’s pupils are always to dialated to see the truth about Sam.

  60. Rita says:

    Lilo looks like she knows she going to jail and wants to get so loaded that she won’t come down until after she’s released.

    This tailgate party will make the Super Bowl shindigs look like Kate Middleton’s hen soiree.

  61. Quest says:

    She looks like shit on a crack high. Man she’s gotta be clocking at least 40 something in real life.

  62. jenn says:

    People saying she looks 45-50 are tripping. She does not. She looks like a 20-something redhead with sun damaged skin. I’m not saying she isn’t using because she does look jacked, but you guys are exaggerating. My redheaded sis in law has those crazy discolored bags under her eyes if she’s not wearing eye bag concealer, and especially after she’s been sleep deprvied or crying. The 4th picture she looks normal, and pretty. Her eyes are exceptionally beautiful. I totally forgot celebs have yellow teeth too if they don’t get them capped or whitened or whatever they do. I think this girl is just too preoccupied to take care of her physical appearance (to celebrity extent) . She has too many legal troubles, and probably drug habit. I feel sorry for her.

  63. Estella says:

    You know those commercials for Cover Girl eyeshadow (brings out your natural eye color, for green eyes, etc.)? I pray she has misused this product. I can’t think of another reason for there to be such dark brown shadow all around her eyes (except extreme illness or hard drug use). The fact that she is wearing brand new Walmart-style attire makes me hope she had to – for whatever reason – buy new clothes and cheap makeup.

    Or these pics are just seriously photoshopped.

    The alternative is just too bad to think about. This girl looks one crack hit away from death and it’s a shame.

  64. Kim says:

    That face screams hard living! How can a 20 something yr old look 40?! I cant imagine what she will look like at 40 -yikes

  65. Faye says:

    Holy crack pipes!! She is about my age, but my 49 year old (all natural) mother looks younger than her!!

    *Edit: My mom does color her hair, but other than that, she’s all natural.

  66. LindaLu says:

    LMAO @ Zelda.
    The visual for that made me LOL

  67. mln76 says:

    @jenn she’s been in NY for two weeks where it’s been 45 degrees on a nice day so I doubt she’s been sitting out in the sun. She looks like a junkie on a street corner.

  68. LadyBert62 says:

    Wow – she looks dreadful. Obviously she cares more about the crack, meth (or whatever her drug of choice is) high than anything else in life. She is on the road to an early death – I doubt she will see 40 and possibly not even 30 the way she is going. I dont blame anyone close to her as I don’t think she can be stopped – she has been in rehab how many times and she still does this to herself as soon as she is released – she likes it. No sympathy from me – sorry, tough love would not even work on this one. And, finally, wow – she forgot to put her pupils in this morning! ha ha – she doesnt have any !

  69. saintdevil says:

    At her age, the skin normally forgives nearly everything: Unhealthy eating habits, going on all-weekend binge drinking, smoking…
    So: YES, there must be some bad shit involved. Starting to look like the crypt keeper.

  70. gamblea says:

    I do think her mother is hoping ‘LL’ OD’s soon so she can collect the insurance money, would explain why she enables her.

  71. Innocent says:

    I didn’t say it was it was good or right IF she has relapsed, However it appears that her sobriety is on longer being enforced so its up to her.

  72. serena says:

    OH MY GOD.
    Talk about trash.
    Look at those vitreous eyes, all those wrinkles, and the dirty skin. She is absolutely at her worst. And she poses too! Thinking she is beautiful or whatever! Wtf, someone must tell her!

    And the alcohol-bump is the final step to crackness. Really.

  73. melinda says:

    Good lord she looks like a corpse! Wow. Is she trying to do herself in before her trial?

  74. Ruby Red Lips says:

    These pics are horrifying, how the f*ck can someone with so much botox and plastic surgery still look that rough and haggard?!!?

    Jenn, wake up, the girl has a serious drug problem and to Phill WTF?! It may be time for an eye test, unless u regard drug addicted hookers as hot!!

    I don’t believe her bro is a good influence, he is a Lohan after all!

    Didn’t realise she wasn’t on probation at mo, god this is just a snap shot of what will happen if she gets off in April, death wish much Lindsay!

    Heroin, meth etc are so f’ing addictive and life threatening, scary stuff!

    Also sure someone was paid in kind for the private jet!

  75. Jackson says:

    Maybe she’s just taking Oxy for that dental work she had done. That was, what, a year ago? Yeah, that sounds like a good story…

  76. TXCinderella says:

    Ooooo, she looks older than me and I am 46. A definite sign of hard living, drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

  77. TXCinderella says:

    After reading some of the other posts, I noticed the lack of pupils. They are about the size of a pin head. She is definitely on something!

  78. Riley says:

    If Sam Ronson gained like 85 pounds she could probably be fairly attractive. She looks kind of like Drew Barrymore a little but man, dude is a walking skeleton.

  79. Melanie says:

    jenn: Sweetie, I agree. She is just not taking care of her skin. I am Irish and my husband is as well. Yep, these girls have tissue paper for skin. BUT she can afford a dermatologist fo sure. Just like Charlie Sheen is not taking care of his dogs and his teeth, a junkie only has so much time in the day you know.

  80. Clavin says:

    Pin-point pupils = opiates aka smack, oxy, hydrocodone, etc.

  81. Cherry Rose says:

    Well, it’s obvious she’s back to using drugs and drinking again. Yeesh. She looks like a 50 year old crack hooker.

    It’s a bit sad to see, but I reserve no sympathy for her. She’s had opportunites that most people will never have and plenty of resources and chances to get sober, yet pisses them all away.

    I hope they find her guilty and put her in prison. Only place she deserves to be.

  82. javagirl1 says:

    I was going to take issue with the sentence: “Pouring vodka into a Red Bull can and partying until dawn every night doesn’t make you look like this.”
    Then I remembered she’s 23 not 43!

  83. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @zelda that was super funny!!! :)

  84. Cookie says:

    god she looks old and putrid.

  85. sunshine says:

    Can someone please take out the trash!

  86. Pirouette says:

    Do you all realistically think you can judge her based on a few photos?

    She definitely doesn’t look 45 years old. Most 45 year olds I know look much older than Lohan.

    Many of you claim to be in your forties and looking younger than her. I doubt it, but let’s go with whatever makes you feel better in the morning.

  87. j says:

    I hate that she is posing for pictures.

    I hate that she always needs to flip her hair, and pretend to be all sexed up.

    Utterly sad that the truth is so far from reality.

  88. Liana says:

    Many of you claim to be in your forties and looking younger than her. I doubt it, but let’s go with whatever makes you feel better in the morning.


    Nice *rolling eyes*

    My mom is in her 60′s and looks fresher than Lohan. Dayum. Girl needs sleep and a nice quiet island somewhere.

  89. jenna says:

    In her defense, I’d be looking like this as well if I were facing a major trial with possible prison time. Just sayin’.

  90. Madisyn says:

    That photo! I’m a 42 year old woman who has smoked and drank for 25 years, but I showed my boyfriend the photo and he said I look the same age as her. Now I’m almost double her age and we look the same. That’s effed!

  91. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s got a whole Louis Vuitton luggage shop under those eyes!

  92. louise says:

    Clearly the NYC stories are true. Based on the circles under her eyes Lindsay has slept in days.

  93. Ron says:

    I just feel sad for her anymore. Her life is so f*cked up who knows if she’ll ever get back on track and she has got to be running out of money and fast. Then what? She’s beoming Leif Garrett.

  94. original kate says:

    the oldest looking 25 year old in history.

  95. Hakura says:

    Seeing these pics illicited an audible response from me… “Oh God.” The pin-prick pupils are a complete give away for opiates.

    This is so sad. I really want to believe she could still come to her senses & get better. But pictures like these make me realize that the odds of that are incredibly slim at this point. I still think prison would be useful, if only to give her a ‘detox’ period of time.

  96. Shy says:

    Oh Gosh… That second picture… Is she trying to audition for a zombie cameo in Walking Dead? :) She totally looks the part.

  97. skeptical says:

    I know her defenders here are saying “she’s just been crying!”
    Ok 1 for all we know Sam broke up w her months ago and she just refused to accept it a la “we are taking a brief break” kinda thinking.

    And 2…. notice her neck and how sunken the skin is around her collarbones. And her sunken cheeks. The ropey-ness of her neck in the 2nd shot.
    Crying doesn’t do that.
    This girl has been on drugs instead of eating.
    And I’m betting Samantha just couldn’t deal with dating a druggie anymore.
    Has no one noticed that her new girl is the anti-lindsay? Clean, private, 34, a yoga teacher ffs.

  98. Marie says:

    I didn’t think my day could get better, boy was I wrong! I see those pictures and LMAO! She’s a stunner…for a 60 year old that is.

  99. Murrie says:

    Geez, she looks more and more like her mother every day.

    And I really don’t mean that in a good way.

  100. Becky says:

    I agree with March, although Lindsay looks really rough she doesn’t look like she’s in her 40′s or 50′s. She looks like a twenty or thirtysomething that’s been “rode hard and put away wet” (yeah, it’s a nasty expression but it fits). It’s sad. She really looks like a truck stop hooker or a girl at a low rent strip club. If she’s not using/abusing something I’d be shocked. I bet if she truly got sober, gained a little weight and slept at night she’d be cute again-she’s still young.

  101. Tiffany says:

    She has NO pupils. And I am 42 and look younger than her. No lie. My 13 year old daughter just looked over and thought she was older than me.

    When I was her age I could party all night and still look great, but I wasn’t exactly pulling a Lilo or Charlie.

  102. anonymous says:

    Thats strange there are pics of her on a private plane with her her brother from yesterday and she seems fine.
    Think this is obviously from the day she got back to LA after the pics came out of Sam making out with the other woman blah blah blah she prob lost it. Move on girl stop moving in next to sam and worrying about her you got your own life to handle..and she said she didn’t know she was moving in next to her..right.

  103. Flounder says:

    I feel bad for her. She never had any proper guidance, and was obviously used by her parents. It’s a shame we feel obliged to punish her further by critiquing her downward spiral.

  104. lucy2 says:

    I do think she looks 40-ish. Scary.
    Looking again, I really noticed the pupils, but I didn’t want to look to long, or I feared my face would melt off a la Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    The entire shape of her facial features seems to have changed, it’s downright freaky. She can’t be long for this world.

  105. Crash2GO2 says:

    The fact that she has no pupils means NARCOTICS people. Opiates. Crack and cocaine cause the opposite effect – dilated pupils.

    Not that she doesn’t indulge in both. She’s right back where she started from, in spades. Let her go there, I say.

  106. skeptical says:

    Dlisted has more pics from this set and it’s very obviously staged. She is posing just outside her door with some guy. Why she’s doing it is anyone’s guess. But she is posing her crackie heart out and putting her arm around her buddy.
    These pics were deliberate. She wanted them taken.

  107. icantbelievethis says:

    I don’t understand why she hasn’t been tossed into jail for a probation violation yet. I think she’s such a PITA the jail doesn’t want to deal with her.

  108. Camille says:

    These pics just make me sad. How someone can eff up their life so bad is beyond me. :(

  109. Magsy says:

    She looks gone. Those look like heroin eyes.

  110. Luls says:

    Gross! Has nobody noticed those coke inhaling NOSTRILS!!? she’s starting to resemble Charlie Sheen in the nose… :S

    I still say her face looks MASSIVELY better when her skin isn’t toasted and she has a little bit of weight on her bones!! Her disproportionately large head is verging on anorexic territory.

  111. JQ says:

    This makes me so sad. Despite everything, I was really hoping she would just get her act together. She looked so great when she left rehab this last time. Then all the crazy stories started again, but she still looked sober. Now, as someone who went down this road myself, I can tell you these are not pictures of a sober person. Lindsay, please get it together!

  112. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Magsy I agree, this def looks like heroin abuse.

    We all know she has been down the heroin path b4 (pics with Paris Hilton and needles) and convinced that once u start on heroin, it’s near impossible to stop.

    Very sad, she is completely lost

  113. wunderkindt says:

    This is more than a lack of skin care.

    She looks like smack.

  114. eleni says:

    Oh my God, I am so sorry for this girl. Kinda talented, funny and healthy. And now this?

  115. the original bellaluna says:

    Kaiser – Just saw on a news blurb that Linnocent Blohan has been cleared in the rehab fight investigation. Shock.

  116. cindy says:

    OMG Im 41 and feel so much better. Maybe my mom was right. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, wash your makeup off, brush your teeth, and last but not least brush your freaking hair.

  117. Bailey says:

    these pictures should be used as a warning not to smoke or do drugs.

    more like rode hard and put away dead!

  118. Crash2GO2 says:

    @skeptical: Of course she wanted the pics taken. In her mind, she looks fabulous.

  119. Rex says:

    Wow – I’m 52 and my skin looks better than hers. Thought at first it was just a bad picture – sometimes the rags do that – but that’s a lot of bad pics!

  120. Eluxuryin says:

    During this year, the LV architecture in Tokyo’s Ginza commune was opened, and the cast collaborated with Bob Wilson for its Christmas windows sceneography.