Did George Clooney & Elisabetta hang out with Silvio Berlusconi & his hooker?


This might be one of my favorite stories of the week. Or month. Or year! First, some back story. Last year, in Italy, one of the clubs that Elisabetta Canalis used to “frequent” (re: “work for”) was targeted in a large investigation of prostitution and drugs. An associate of Canalis’s went on the record about how she and other women were “paid” to be pretty girls at the club, encouraging rich men to spend their money on booze and coke, and that these girls were often paid in booze and coke. Elisabetta Canalis didn’t come up specifically as one of those cocaine-hookers (“coke whores” just feels harsh), but it was certainly implied, and given what we already know of Elisabetta, is it really so shocking to think that she simply sidles up to rich men and does whatever she needs to do to get them to spend money? Anyway, the scandal never really went mainstream in the American press, and Clooney stuck by Eli, for whatever reason (kinky sex, cocaine?).

Now, a NEW scandal, vaguely related to last year’s. For as long as I can remember, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been under investigation. He’s been accused of everything under the sun, and you know what? He’s probably guilty of most everything they throw at him. Currently, Silvio has been accused of paying a 17-year-old for sex at one of his many sex parties. Silvio is about to go to trial, and his defense has asked Clooney to testify. Why, you might ask? Because the 17-year-old girl claims that Clooney and Elisabetta were at one of Silvio’s sex parties, thus, they are potential witnesses. For the record, Clooney has told multiple outlets, “It seems odd since I’ve only met Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur.” Notice he doesn’t say WHERE he was when asked for Silvio’s help. Like, did George lean over and ask Silvio as they made their way through a bed full of teenage girls? Oh, and Canalis has “reportedly denied attending the party.”

Silvio Berlusconi’s defense lawyers on Tuesday named George Clooney, the Italian foreign minister and a bevy of showgirls as witnesses at the premier’s upcoming prostitution trial, an attorney and news reports said. Prosecutors, for their part, have asked to hear from 136 witnesses, including the Moroccan teenager at the center of the scandal and 32 other women who allegedly worked as prostitutes during parties at Berlusconi’s villa, according to Italian news reports.

Both sides presented their lists of witnesses at the Milan tribunal where the trial opens next week. A judge must now decide which witnesses to admit. The 74-year-old Berlusconi is accused of having paid for sex with the Moroccan, who is known as Ruby and was 17 at the time, and then using his influence to try to cover it up. The premier denies wrongdoing.

Clooney was listed because Ruby once said she had seen the Hollywood star and his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis at one of Berlusconi’s parties, according to the law firm representing Berlusconi.

“We want to see if they confirm this fact or not,” said attorney Piersilvio Cipollotti.

Italian newspapers reported months ago that Ruby had said Clooney, who has a mansion on Lake Como north of Milan, and Canalis were guests at one of Berlusconi’s parties. According to a Feb. 22 report in leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, prosecutors talked with Canalis last month and she denied that she and Clooney attended any of the premier’s parties.

Berlusconi’s defense also listed Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and other Cabinet officials amid the 78 people named as witnesses, Cipollotti said. Mariano Apicella, the Neapolitan composer who performs for Berlusconi, as well as showgirls and TV personalities who frequented Berlusconi’s parties were also named, according to the ANSA and LaPresse news agencies.

Ruby, whose real name is Karima el-Mahroug, turned 18 in November.

Berlusconi is accused of having had several sexual encounters with her between Valentine’s Day last year through May 2, 2010 in exchange for money. The premier is also accused of abusing his influence when he called police in May to get Ruby out of custody in Milan, where she had been held for an unrelated theft. She was eventually released. Prosecutors say the premier wanted to keep his sexual relations with the girl secret. Berlusconi has said he intervened because he believed Ruby was the niece of now ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and wanted to prevent a diplomatic incident.

According to news reports, prosecutors have also cited as witnesses Milan police officials involved in Ruby’s brief detention, as well as three Berlusconi associates also under investigation in the scandal: an ex-showgirl and Berlusconi’s dental hygienist recently elected at a local post with the premier’s party; a TV agent; and TV newscaster and longtime Berlusconi friend.

Berlusconi says he plans to attend hearings of the trial, which opens April 6, as much as his official duties allow. He also faces two other trials and a possible indictment relating to his business dealings.

[From ABC News]

Man, Italian politics, huh? It’s funny and entertaining, but could you imagine if he was one of your elected officials?!? And yes, you know that Elisabetta totally partied with Silvio. At some point, I imagine all of those kinds of Italian hooker-esque girls partied with Silvio. At the end of the day, all this story does is just add yet another headline with the words “Elisabetta. Prostitute.”

As far as Clooney potentially testifying… I don’t even know. I have no idea how this sort of trial works in Italy, but I would guess that if Clooney is in Italy and he’s gotten some kind of subpoena, he would have to appear? But he’s not in Italy – he’s in America, filming in Cincinnati. So, probably not.

Oh, and here’s a photo of “Ruby”. She could be Elisabetta’s sister.





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  1. louise says:

    I think this is much ado about nothing. If Clooney was involved the prosecution would call him to testify, not the defense. Also considering Silvio is a Prime Minister a lot of celebrities and politicians have interacted with him. Doesn’t mean they are all guilty of something.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Birds of a feather, and all that…

  3. brin says:

    Good thing the Jersey Shore cast wasn’t in Italy last year or they might have been asked to testify too…lol.

    Mornin bellaluna *waving*

  4. Marjalane says:

    I’m not really of either thought about Clooney, he’s pretty much lost any heat I ever felt for him, but when I see him snuggling up to that she/he, it makes me think he’s a man of questionable appetites. I’d prefer the tranny to go back to her prosticlubbing and get off our gossip pages!

  5. Merry says:

    Yeah, real horrible stuff happened at Berlusconi’s place: there’s talk of over 30 hookers! I’m speechless.
    Regarding Clooney, I don’t think he had part on those “private parties” Mr Berlusconi held. Maybe some kind of official dinner.
    Anyhue, disgusting story.

    Ps. Ruby is very arab-looking and she does not resemble Canalis very much. Ruby actually has hips.

  6. Theuth says:

    Oh, my…
    As an Italian, I’m SO ashamed about all this shit going with Silvio Berlusconi: this is the consequence of DECADES of corruption in Italy, and we are at a point where there are NO MORE excuses for it. Really, I’m starting to believe if this is some sort of mass hallucination.

    However, this is the deal (I hope my post isn’t going to be pushed too far in moderation): Silvio Berlusconi has proved in about 15 years of political career to be one of the most disgusting men in our history (someone links him to Mussolini, really). He entered in politics to avoid all the trials for corruption, mafia and connections (politicians here have some sort of immunity, and he has been very careful about EXPANDING such privileges), lured the country, which was desperate for another leader after a HUGE scandal which basically erased all the political class (Tangentopoli). It’s been about 17 years (from 1994) since he started doing his things here, and basically NOBODY was able to stop him.
    In the last couple of years there’s been an incredible scandal about a prostitution circle in exchange of money, television visibility (SB owns about 80% of the channels here in Italy, something ABSURD) and Parliament seats: as time passed, Berlusconi has to change all his statements because of how much evident has become everything, and STILL he couldn’t be persecuted thanks to his position.
    Now, it’s been found that even minors were present to his “parties”, and NOW he can be charged with the accuse of underage protitution AND corrution AND abuse of his office, with the hope to be condemned (friggin’ finally). All these women (Canalis included) who became ‘famous’ in Italian television were likely to be incited into sexual situation in order to gain favours and money, and have been cited in court to testify against him.

    Is this horrible? YES. Is this common here? Again, YES. When I hear the gossip about Hollywood and politics, all I think is: “Dude, you really have NO idea how far have we come here!”.
    Kaiser, you would be disgusted about all this Italian antics, I’m sure you’ll be pray for brain bleaching after having read some of the things happening here (one over everything: PUBLIC CORRUPTION of Parliament seats in order to maintening the majority of the Govern. And by public, I mean PUBLIC).

    PS: Clooney will probably be questioned as a witness. Same for Canalis (nobody here cares enough for hers, except for trying to put Berlusca in jail).
    We’ll see after the 6th of April.

    PPS: Sorry for the rant and for possible (probable) errors in my post.

  7. Rita says:

    “It seems odd since I’ve only met Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur.”

    This is a perfect example of an ill-informed celebrity supporting a charity. For crying out loud, what the hell does Darfur need with cocaine and hookers? Food, water, and guns are what they need.

    Great post. We’re all ashamed of our politicians. Imagaine the people that support this polical infrastructure.

  8. Micki says:

    Clooney has never been known for an awfully refined taste in women. He may praise sofisticated ones like Julia Roberts but won’t hook up with one, so it sounds believable. But I think half Rom was at theseparties,it’s also easy to drop any name. I saw this girl Ruby on TV and she was only too happy to hold court, give autographs and interviews. She didn’t strike me a sorely used one.
    And the italians in general are sort of embarrassed but you can feel a tinge of pride to have such a virile prime minister.

  9. silken_floss says:

    @ Marjalane- Prosticlubbing is my new favorite word of the day :)

  10. Addie says:

    @ Theuth Sad yet interesting stuff happening in Italy. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh Clooney and Calanis are probably involved in those parties. It just seems that stuff like that is how this “couple” rolls and why they are together.

  11. Steve says:

    Elisabetta Canalis works for Berlusconi’s televisions, she was taken as pole dancer in a Berlusconi’s tv show called Striscia la notizia (take a look on Youtube) when she was twenty and she’s one of his favourite. Sure she’s involved, the prime minister shagged every woman who works for him. Clooney… I don’t know.

  12. Solveig says:

    My guess about this story is that Clooney is saying the truth and he has never been involved in those gross sex parties. I’m sure Berlusconi tried to impress him in some stupid (to say the least) way, it’s his personality: he needs to impress everybody, no matter if he looks stupid or if he ridicules the whole country.
    George Clooney is just a face used to make Berlusconi look good in this trial, a bait for SB’s voters.

  13. Rachel says:

    George Clooney at a party with hookers and cocaine? SHOCKING. Well, not really. I’m sure Clooney has been to MANY coke whore parties, that’s probably where he met Eli.

  14. Theuth says:

    @Micki: Ruby is, in my opinion, the definition of a famewhore who’s been fed up with the idea of success and money since early age. It’s a common thought here in Italy, where the reality “reality” (pardon the pun) is so ingrained, especially for those who want to pursuit a career (and not only in showbusiness); more than often, if you want to succeed, you have to agreed to nepotism/corruption in a degree, or going abroad (brain drain is a big problem in Italy). Most of these women are pushed by their families in hope of a social upgrade, and are more than happy of doing this.
    And Italian people who still are proud of the evil dwarf are fewer by the time (even his TVs can cointain the amount of bullshits he keeps giving to his followers) but VERY VOCAL. Most of us want him to just go away (possibly behind jail bars), but I doubt it will be possible in a few years, unless there’s going to be a mass revolution like in a dictatorship and a strong opposition – forgive for the comparison, but I feel like THIS situation IS a dictatorship. Just not a bloody one.

    @Solveig: Newspapers are such a mess these days (I read LaRepubblica, IlFattoQuotidiano and other on the internet or in bars). For what I understand, all the witnesses are going to be the same for both the defence AND accusation, and they are throwing some famous name in order to transform everything in a public freak show.
    Where’s the popcorn GIF when you need one?

  15. Solveig says:

    @Teuth, according to the newspapers it’s the DEFENCE of Mr. B. that wants Clooney and Canalis to testify. They’re not going to testify against him.
    This trial, if it will ever happen, is going to be a circus, a show in perfect B.’s style.

  16. oh please says:

    they have money, they are ALL involved in sex parties…”Eyes Wide Shut” was a very accurate interpretation of what really goes on behind closed doors…..some of you have no idea….

  17. njnick says:

    Ruby is about 1000x better looking than Elisabetta. Not only do they not look like sisters, they do not look they are the same sex.

  18. Micki says:


    I agree in general with your opinion of Ruby and the society reality but I wouldn’t restrict it to Italy. I think in any country where a social upgrade through selling sex is possible/practicable, there you’ll find lots of Rubys. While I don’t condone it I’ve been in a priviledged position where I needn’t trade with my pride and body and part of me reminds me that it’s the best way out in the eyes of these girls.

    I hope Berlusconi will be charged for the sake of the nation but there have been so many scandals around and about him and so far nothing much happened.

  19. munchies says:

    I am surprised that Italy just focused on this now. This PM has been doing those activities for many years and it is not a secret at all to the Italians.

  20. Solveig says:

    @Teuth, I understood that just Ruby will testify for both the defence and the prosecutor.
    I don’t know, this is a farce, I fear that his “honoraubles” and lackeys will make another law to save his a** once again before the 6th of April.

  21. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ Theuth .. very interesting post, TY.

    I agree with other people here and say I think we are all ashamed at our political leaders these days.

    I really am disgusted with Eli. EWWWW..

  22. Lucy says:

    Oh George…I am not judging you for falling in love with Eli, but you know… I cannot convey my thoughts well in this story. I am glad he said something on this one since he remained quiet about the French Voici magazine article.

    Is it a tragicomedy?
    He not only aged very quickly (If you check his interview on Ellen 2 years ago before Eli, you see how good looking he was). But …have ever crossed his mind to be called to defend a corrupted politician?

    ps I:I cannot wait to hear news from the party of the century Eli is preparing, she must be really busy because we haven’t seen and heard her (lucky us!) in a month or so, which is a record!

    ps II: I am sorry that Italians have to go through this, I have many Italian friends who are embarrassed by B. antics.

  23. Dea says:

    “Because the 17-year-old girl claims that Clooney and Elisabetta were at one of Silvio’s sex parties, thus, they are potential witnesses”
    Clooney is not a witness per se to prove the accuser’s story. Berlusconi is trying to question the credibility of the girl. Apparently both Elisabetta and Clooney do not accept they have been in those parties. Clooney says he has met Berlusconi only once and for the Darfur cause (which shows the character of Clooney to attract Berlusconi. Who wants the corruption money to fund Darfur? Isn’t that a corruption on its own or money laundering?). So, if Clooney will testify to that instance only and that instance has not been at the parties in question, then the credibility of the only witness to prove the truth is in real question: case dismissed.

  24. serena says:

    Being an Italian, I’m ashamed to have such a prime minister.
    And I totally believe Elisabetta was one of the coke whore, like many many others (which includes also politic women and all kind of subrettes and prostitutes).

  25. Theuth says:

    @Micki: Of course, I don’t restrict this situation to my country. We hear of many political scandals everywhere.
    But you can’t deny the fact that here, in Italy, things have gotten out of hands, and this situation is intolerable in a so-called democracy who have the privilege of sitting at the G8 table. I don’t recall any of these country who actually has a Prime Minister (Premier) with a similar record.

    @munchies: Italian people have known this for ages, at least the ones who didn’t just watch Berlusconi’s tvs (and even then, they just justified him). Some things which are particulary deprecable abroad (i.e. sexual scandals) are more tolerable here, but there’s a limit, and SB has exceeded it from the beginnning of his career. He’s becoming more and more visible, Italy is losing what little representation had in the world previously because of him, and outside our borders this is really strange.

    @Solveig: Agree with everything you said. I honestly hope this might be the last straw and SB will finally go away from our sight (and be replace with someone A LOT better), but I’m prepared to the worse.
    Davvero, questa volta il Berlusca l’ha fatta troppo grossa per scamparla.

    And, wow, finally I was able to be present on an active post :D damn time zone, I always miss all the fun!

  26. oh god… george, what have you gotten into?..

  27. original kate says:

    did clooney get chicklet teeth?

  28. Francesca says:

    He’s ready for his truckers hat. Dumb ass.

  29. skill says:

    When in Italy there is a ho0ker and drug scandal, Vallettopoli, Hollywood night Club, Bunga Bunga, there are the same “show-girls” name (Canalis, ecc.ecc.). they are all cokewo.hres, no doubt!!!
    where did George meet Elisacessa Cagnalis? eh!eh!eh!

  30. spotchecker says:

    last night larry king was on craig ferguson [i know], and while they were discussing bagels, craig said “i like bagels so fat, the hole closes.”

    @ #23 Dea, #12 Solveig
    there was an update on gawker last nite saying that gc was at a party, not a bunga bunga party:
    “”Update: An important semantic detail: The AP reports that El-Mahrough said she saw Clooney at “one of Berlusconi’s parties.”"

    semantics, antics, whatev..

  31. LadyBert62 says:

    Whenever I see Clooney and this “Girl” all I ever think is, is she a tranny? I just dont get what he sees in her especially given her past as narrated above.

    Do I think Clooney would be at one of these parties? Yes. He has himself mentioned his past of heavy drugs and womanizing. Should be interesting to see if he tesifies – Based on my reading of the Donna Leon mysteries set in and around Venice, I dont have much faith in the Italian judical system. Will be interesting to watch and see what happens.

  32. jane16 says:

    Yes, Berlusconi is an embarrassment to any Italian. Regarding sex parties, check out this blind item of Ted C’s, “Cookie Muncher”. You have to scroll down the thread, its number 80. After writing the blind, Ted apparently tweeted that Cookie is famous for “something on her face”.


  33. jane16 says:

    I should have explained more about the blind vice. Its about a gorgeous woman who dances naked and goes down on another woman in front of a crowd at a party. Teds hints make it obvious that its Cindy Crawford, and the link I posted lists Nastybetta as her partner.

    Today Ted’s hints about Cookie are “think chocolate chip” (Cindy has a lot of brown moles all over) & “its not her mouth but its thisclose” referring to her mole.

  34. Lorenzo says:

    Everytime I think it cannot get worse, it does.
    Next scandal, here we go, what else is going to happen? He could take this as an early birthday present and hope for other nice things to come.
    My back hurts from sitting at the computer too long, I have to take an elephantpill and if I do not get up for work after this it is all you to blame, Mr. Clooney.

  35. Poppy says:

    I wouldn’t put anything past Clooney but I know for a fact he does not hang out with Berlusconi when in Italy, he despises the man. Mainly because he was taken for a ride on Berlusconi promising the help of the Italians in dealing with the Darfur problem. The meeting he referred to took place near Rome in July 2008 not in Berlusconi’s party house near Milan.

    As for Elizbetta, regardless of what the Italian press says about George meeting her at a dinner in Rome and falling in love at first sight, he met her at his own coke/*hore party held at his own Lake Como villa. She was brought along by a model friend of hers who had attended his private parties before. She begged to be taken along to the next one, her reputation had to pass muster with Georges Italian bodyguard Gio first. I mean her reputation as a party girl who knew the score.

    I’d say Eli is not long for Clooney world her mud is starting to stick to him, something he won’t put up with and he will cut her loose this summer if not before.

  36. Ruffian9 says:

    Clooney’s gf, hookers, blow..nothing to see here folks, business as usual.

  37. Ruffian9 says:

    “For crying out loud, what the hell does Darfur need with cocaine and hookers?”

    Diet Coke on keyboard. Thanks Rita!

  38. Aqua says:

    And exactly what is the “SHOCK AND AWE” in all of this?

  39. Vickyb says:

    I’m in England and have been watching the stuff about Berlusconi. I won’t add to Theuth’s excellent post, except to say…

    How can anyone trust a man, a politician(!), who wears that much makeup and has that terrible plugged, dyed hair?! I’ve thought for years that it’s clear how vain and self-centred he is, and how he cares only for himself, as evidenced by his horrendous face!

  40. Fabio says:

    What else must Miss Canalis do to make everyone understand who she really is!?
    In Italy we have know for a long time that she’s a professional pro.sti.tute.
    She does nothing for nothing and she does it for fame and moneyPERIOD
    I wonder whether Clooney is so dumb not to have noticed yet. Or maybe it’s all right with him. One thing is certain, since he hooked up with this woman Clooney’s quotations as an actor and, even more, as a man, have dropped quite a lot. If he hangs around with Canalis longer his reputation will be destroyed.

  41. Anna says:

    Canalis is a great supporter of Berlusconi and his political party and a great fan of Berlusconi himself. She has never hidden this, on the contrary. In an interview at San Remo festival she publicly criticized the womens’ demonstration against Berlusconi held in whole Italy back in February underlying that she is on Berlusconi’s side. She works for his tv empire and I wouldn’t be surprised if she also belonged to his “harem”. First the cocaine scandal last Summer and now this…. I must confess I used to like George Clooney, but I have drastically changed my mind. If he hangs out with such a trashy woman he can’t possibla be a good man. I won’t spend any more money (movies, dvds) to watch one of his movies.

  42. Laura says:

    She’s dragging George where she belongs, i.e. in the mud and s…!
    George, sorry, but you really have no taste in women. What a bad choice!

  43. cindigirl says:

    @Poppy #35, George stated he met Berlusconi only once but did he meet him in Rome July 2008 and again? at the party? That would be twice. I would assume that if you were at Berlusconi’s party you would ultimately meet the host. And as far as I know, George wasn’t involved with Betta in 2008. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  44. Aqua says:

    Thanks Theuth & Anna for your comments. It’s nice to know what’s really going on in Italy from people who live there.

  45. spotchecker says:

    @ Theuth, Solveig, Dea et al
    fascinating online audio interview @ berlusconi corruption trials:


    was gc mentioned? yes [last 5 min, in name only by the host], but only in passing to what’s more disturbing re: the ruby investigation, and theuth’s post @ corruption and how sb stays in power – the parties and $$$ assoc’d w/ them have a lot to do w/ members of the italian parliament. [italy actually sounds a lot like the US right now; we just get the craigslist congressman instead of bunga bunga girls; and does anybody remember communism? oh wait, socialism..]
    the first 15 min or so was @ his media/real estate empire & how he got into politics. you can all draw your own conclusions @ the wiretapped conversations. listen to the whole thing though. total eye roller.

    christoper hitchens often criticized mother theresa for taking dirty $$$ in the name of the greater good. i think that w/ such enormous crisis as darfur, it always comes down to political triage. no good deed goes unpunished, and in this case, it seems some naughty spanking was involved somewhere along the money line.

    and theuth – posting more than 1x in 8 days mentioning he who shall not be named…i believe you’ve broken his law : /…

    *interesting to note re: link comments below audio:
    one poster in the comments [1st @ bottom, patrick] noted that: “..One visible aspect of affirmative action in Italy is the elevation of women to occupy positions in the judiciary. Now the upcoming trial of Prime Minister Berlusconi concerning the Ruby Case features a panel of three judges – all female. One can only wonder what an all-female panel means for sexual politics in Italy.”

  46. Alex says:

    Are Clooney and Canalis still together? The Dutch and German Press (I’m writing from Germany) have been spreading the news that they have split, already in January. Actually, since the Christmas holidays they haven’t been seen together (no Golden Globes, no Oscars). Only Canalis’s ghost visit to Kentucky of which,very strange, there’s no evidence.
    Reason of splitting up (according to the above mentioned press): he wants to have kids from her and she doesn’t want! Absolutely ridicolous!!!!

  47. Lucy says:

    @Theuth and Anna: excellent explanation! Thanks for the update.

    @ Fabio: Dido! I spoke with a dear italian friend of mine last night and he said the same thing about Miss Canalis. Oh, I don’t think GC is stupid. I think that’s what he likes since he has no intention in marrying and having kids (Why engage in a serious relationship?). Unfortunately, it seems that his personal life is, in some extent, tainting his career.

    @Alex: I’ve seen all over European “news” that they are no longer together… It started with the article on the French magazine, Voici. Then, Some Italian blogs, Dutch gossip news and now in Germany. But we don’t hear anything about it here in US. So, they are officially together here.

  48. Serena says:

    I have just read the news posted yesterday (http://www.leggilo.net/36885/elisabetta-canalis-incinta-di-clooney-2011-04-01.html) that Canalis is pregnant. Evidence that the relationship with Clooney is real and bla bla. It must be a trashy article as they report a declaration Clooney has supposedly done, i.e. that they wanted to give the news themselves before the rumors spread and that they are super happy. A couple of lines later they write that no declarations have been made. I mean, do we have IDIOTS stamped on our foreheads!?! I think they are only trying to take away the attention from this umpteenth scandal (Berlusconi trial), i.e. that Canalis is not exactly a lady and maybe Clooney is not the gentleman we have thought he was. Ridicolous article, ridicolous Clooney and Canalis!

  49. Toni says:

    I have read the news, too. Italian sites are quickly spreading the news, stating it has been confirmed by Clooney himself and citing American blogs as a source(?) I tried to post a couple of comments (no swear words or offenses) on the link that Serena pointed out and realized with dismay that they only publish what they want, i.e. positive comments on Canalis.
    If you have a different opinion, you’re cut out.

  50. Lorenzo says:

    Clooney will get out of this as always. People love him, he can do what he wants and he does. Do not underestimate his acting talent in his public private life, bad mistake.