Charlize Theron’s leather pants & sour face: cute or fug?


These are some new photos of Charlize Theron out in LA last night. Fame Pictures notes that she seemed like she was in a “sour mood.” I think that’s just who she is, right? She’s not one of those celebrities who smiles at the paparazzi, and she always seems a bit “sour” to me. I kind of like her leather pants, but those shoes look like some kind of torture device.

In other Charlize news, did you know that there are still rumors about her and Keanu Reeves? Soon after Charlize split with Stuart Townsend, there were rumors about her with Keanu, and how he was helping her get over her breakup or whatever. The rumors never really got anywhere, as it seemed like they were just friends. Anyway, Star Magazine reported a few weeks ago that Charlize and Keanu are planning to “finally go public with their romance.” Oh, and they somehow managed to keep their relationship under wraps for a year or something, although you could really struggle to find a point in time over the past year where Charlize and Keanu were even in the same city. I didn’t report the story at the time because Gossip Cop spoke to Keanu’s rep, and he denied it. So now you know: Keanu is not sucking on Charlize’s sour face.

Last Charlize story: Charlize has signed on to play The Evil Queen in one of the two Snow White “retelling” films. Charlize is attached to the one with Kristen Stewart as the eye-rolling, lip-biting Snow White. First Viggo Mortensen, and then Hugh Jackman were approached for the role of “The Huntsman” – but Hugh has just left negotiations, so now that version is still in development/pre-production hell. Meanwhile, the Snow White “retelling” with Julia Roberts as The Evil Queen is full steam ahead! Haha, Julia’s Evil Queen will probably be better than Charlize’s.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. LindyLou says:

    She looks good. I swear this woman never ages!

  2. Quest says:

    Love the pants and actual loving the shoes (from the side it looks gorgeous).

    I think she’ll make a great evil queen

  3. beth says:

    why oh why do i keep getting serious gay vibes from keanu; they get louder each year he remains single, and unembroiled in sexy, scandalous affairs…

    charlize is my secret girlfriend; i keep her in my purse :)

  4. Rita says:

    Charlize has all the talent, beauty, and smarts a woman could ask for. I think she’s great. The fact that she’s not a famewhore shows she’s very substantive. However, if the Keanu thing is right, I have to ask WTF? I’ve never thought of him as substantive or in her league.

  5. mia girl says:

    I respectfully disagree. Charlize Evil Queen > Julia Roberts Evil Queen

  6. kazoo says:

    i would love her & keanu together. but keanu seems to only like ugly, homely chicks so no dice.

  7. sapphire says:

    Gorgeous woman, but I am so over gladiator shoes and peep toe booties.

  8. Reality says:

    She really can do no wrong, she’s just gorgeous. I loved her episode of ‘between two ferns’, she obviously doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  9. Henriette says:

    They might share an apple bong, but I’d say that Keanu is gaygaygay.

  10. danielle says:

    I also think she’ll make a great evil queen. I like the pants, shoes, and t-shirt but I think that blazer is too boxy.

  11. garvels says:

    Charlize Thieron-Evil Queen-Now that is what I call good casting. If she doesn’t like to have her picture taken,why is she an actress and why does she live in LA? She needs to get over herself.

  12. Flo says:

    I’m writing from France and I love Charlize. She’s great ! Her reaction is normal : let’ her alone ! She have the right to be alone. She have a private life and we must to respect it !
    Not to be annoy everytime by bastard paparazzis.

    My reaction would be the same ! paparazzis : you’re arse ! You’re the shit.

  13. k says:

    There was a blind item a while ago about a male actor who had some sort of health or performance problem, which explained his chronic stag status. Many ppl thought it was Keanu.

  14. Juu says:

    Isn’t Snow White supposed to be prettier than the evil queen?

    Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and Stewart is one of the most average looking. I don’t get this cast.

  15. TXCinderella says:

    What is it with all these celebs wearing the leather skinny pants? Ugh, they are not flattering, even on tall skinny women.

  16. CHARLIZEFAN says:

    Charlize is beautiful and talented but she always has that bitchy face when she’s out and about. I have a girl crush on her WOOOOW!!! She needs some LOVIN’ :) Charlize always looks lonely! :( Get a toy or something!!

  17. ffffffffff says:

    i dont like charlize theron past why keanu need her then he is sad

  18. beth says:

    i think this is how id appear in pap shots too, if i ever got so famous im considered public property; totally feeling her up… i mean, totally feel her… feel for her.

  19. Judy says:

    She is stunning and classy–a rare commodity nowadays. And love the shoes w/ the pants and jacket.

  20. anonymust says:

    Someone seems jealous. lol. Is it just me or is celebitchy the one blog that is always hating on this woman? She does not always have a sour face. She is often seen in public laughing and having fun with her costars and in interviews. All her costars say she is hilarious and just like one of the guys. She’s just not a media whore.

    And what’s with the smug Julia Roberts comment? Theron can act circles around that one-note horse face and no matter how the films turn out, you can bet Charlize’s evil queen will be way better.

  21. Stubbylove says:

    Charlize can wear whatever the hell she wants – she’s a stud.

  22. luls says:

    @ anonymust; Agree with everything u said, 100% !! :)

  23. CHARLIZEFAN says:


  24. Melissa says:

    I guess I’m not over the gladiator type shoes. I really love them with those leather pants.

  25. curmudgeon says:

    Sorry Sis
    I would rather watch CT reenact Two Girls One Cup than watch Julia smug pants Roberts do ANYTHING. Blech.
    Last night I watched Michael Collins not realizing Julia was in it. Her accent was so bad it hurt. Critically acclaimed my tush. You go CT. BTW this has been done. Sigourney Weaver as Evil Queen. Way cool and hard act to follow.

  26. Camille says:

    She looks great, but I just don’t care for her.

  27. Mary Jane says:

    SERIOUS girl crush here…
    She looks AMAZING in those pants and I want a pair…

  28. Janna says:

    I think Keanu is gay. He lives a private, quiet life.

    Charlize is one of the best actresses of this decade. She can play so many types of roles and is breathtakingly beautiful

  29. CeeCee says:

    rockin way to tone down leather pants. Classy babe!

    I will be detroyed if Keanu is gay!! I’m not anti-gay. But not Keanu nooooo

  30. Claire says:

    I love you Keanu – please don’t be with her!!! You deserve more!

  31. Addie says:

    Exactly @ anonymust, She ISN’T a fame whore.

    On the odd occasion when Charlize comes back here to South Africa, the public tend to leave her alone for the most part.
    Maybe she sees that and misses it in her day to day life in LA.

  32. ffffffff says:

    leave keanu alone if keanu dont married her keanu is not gay

  33. Paige says:

    shes so pretty, but im over the shoes too!

  34. 88Modesty88 says:

    Yes, Addie, Charlize digs coming home because we let her be.

    She’s gorgeous and can do no wrong in my eyes!

  35. harfang says:

    It’s a little overly ’80s but she looks terrific. She’s respectable enough that I don’t think she should have to mug for the cameras to retain our goodwill.

  36. dana says:

    Char’s Dior commercial is a million times better that Julia’s Lancome ad.