LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian got married in Malibu on Friday


This news actually shocked me a little. Not that I didn’t fully expect LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian to get married – I did, and I bet LeAnn was dumb enough to do it without a prenup too. No, what shocked me is that they managed to get married without a lot of hoopla, on a Friday afternoon/evening, before a holiday, and one week before The Wedding of the Century (Prince William and Kate Middleton). It’s almost like… LeAnn was trying NOT to be a famewhore. Odd, right? Oh, well. Now the deed is done so I suppose we can start the official countdown for Eddie’s infidelity:

It’s official: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are husband and wife!

“LeAnn and Eddie were happily married today surrounded by their closest family and friends,” the bride’s spokesman, Rhett Usry, confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. “They thank everyone for their well wishes.”

Country star Rimes, 28, wore a Reem Acra gown as she and actor Cibrian, 37, exchanged personalized vows on Friday in front of about than 40 guests, including Cibrian’s sons Mason, 7, and Jake, 4, from his previous marriage.

The couple had led friends and family to believe that they’d been invited to an engagement party, but surprised the guests by tying the knot at the intimate ceremony held at a private home in California.

“I’m looking forward to settling down,” Rimes recently told PEOPLE of her impending nuptials. “Settling into our life.”

The couple got engaged in December when Cibrian proposed with a 5-carat diamond ring from jeweler Brent Polacheck, who also crafted their wedding bands.

[From People]

Well… congratulations to the couple. I guess. Sure. All I can think about is how awful she must have looked, a bag of bones and a pair of bolt-ons, sauntering down the aisle in a God-awful, tacky gown. I wonder if she’s going to sell the photos? People Magazine, you think?

By the way, a lot of people are talking about LeAnn’s new interview for this show, Great American Country. LeAnn played the victim card over and over again. Here’s some of what she said:

On her divorce from Dean Sheremet: “I know I didn’t do it the right way. I didn’t have the tools to know how to do it the right way, how to let go the right way. I’d never been taught that…I think I felt really abandoned – I think abandoned is a really good word – because of our divorce. Not only that, our divorce became so much bigger because it was so publicized.”

Learning from her mistakes by screwing Eddie: “I have the strength [now] but I didn’t at the time… So, it got really messy, but I have learned a lot from that. And I’m not glad it happened, but I know why it did.”

The “double standard” for country music men: “[Country music] has such a double standard. You know, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and all these guys. God knows what they did back in the day? And if a woman did it, you never were accepted or forgiven. But if it was a guy, it was just their life… It’s quite interesting to have to navigate those waters as a woman in this business.”

[Quotes via The Mail]

Ugh. I can’t even start with her. SHE felt abandoned? And she really thinks she’s like the most special, A-list superstar, doesn’t she? It’s even worse when you see the video:




Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. Rita says:

    I thought this was going to happen after the In Touch leak so I sent Eddie a wedding gift I got at a garage sale last weekend. It’s a movie still signed by Al Pacino that says, “Sweet Dreams”. Al is such a thoughtful guy. I put it in a nice picture frame.

    Oh yeah, the movie still is from The Godfather where the rival mob boss wakes up in bed next to the head of his favorite thoroughbred.

    Sleep Well Eddie!!

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    My God, she must have had her jaw wired shut, her lips glued together, and her arms in casts from the tips of her fingers to her armpits (to keep her from twitioting about it).

    And “abandoned” by whom? (Her fans? Her “people”? Dude she cheated on to bone her future ex-husband? Try it, it’s like MadLibs – fill in the blank with your choice!) Didn’t she do the “abandoning”? Does she mean she felt “abandoned” in her marriage, and that’s why she felt justified in cheating? Seriously, someone help me out here…please?

  3. Psyren says:

    She looks so gross and unhealthy.

  4. Lady D says:

    “Oh, someone, quick! Pass me something with at least 2 forms of mind-altering substance in it, STAT!”

  5. Zoya says:

    Just looking at her it’s obvious this relationship, and the way it came about is wreaking havoc on her psyche.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    @ LadyD – Thank you, my lady *bows* And I’ve got you covered…what would you like? There are plenty of leftovers from the tailgate party! :)

  7. Alix says:

    Something icky about getting married on Good Friday, too. (Or, as Michael K. calls it, having a “pre-divorce ceremony”.)

  8. DGO says:

    So she got married on Friday, but was tweeting on Friday….Who spends their wedding day TWEETING??

  9. Jezi says:

    So glad to see you writing about these two dipwads again. I am not surprised at all. We suspected a wedding before Eddie’s show takes off. Before he got his balls back and ran.

  10. Darla says:

    Did she really compare herself with Johhny Cash? Really?! I guess this would be accurate if Johhny was a nutjob stalker twitter freak anorexic sex maniac. Yeah, I see the resemblance.

    Could we please get a doctor to prescribe some STFU to be taken p.a. as needed?

    Anyway, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Yourcheatinheart. Let the adultery begin!!!!!

  11. Mia says:

    How long after the ceremony did her people call up People? Jeez. Famewhores.

  12. Mick says:

    I think they make a cute couple.

    At least she did not waste time being married to someone she did not love.

    Best Wishes!

  13. carrie says:

    unless they’re married contrary to Brangelina

  14. jodie says:

    bet they got married without a pre-nup and hope they did. when, not if, he cheats guess she will now have the TOOLS to know how to handle it. I’m thinking maybe a pic-axe might work nicely.2 of rhe biggest scum bags out there. feel sorry for the 2 little boys. doesn’t Eddie just set the greatest example for the?

  15. brin says:

    The only surprise was that 40 people showed up. *waves to Jezi*

  16. Eileen says:

    Oh lordy, just when I’m trying to come off the Lindsay Court Tailgater!! Where’s Rita & Brin to pass me more mind altering snacks? lol
    No seriously-this is a good thing, maybe now her prize is officially legal, she’ll stop feeling the need to constantly tell twitter and the press every single thing they do and say including his bodily functions and where they are taking the kids and how awesome of a “Bonus Mom” she is because she spends so much on them? One can hope right??

  17. Jennifer says:

    It’s been how long and she’s still talking about her affair??!! She needs to get over it!

    Physically, he’s attractive and she is so NOT. Her actions (buying home in same neighborhood as Brandy, copying Brandy, twittering ad nauseum about stuff she has no business twittering about, etc…etc…) show that she does not have the personality to compensate for what she lacks in physical attributes. Money makes up for any lack of physical and “good person” traits!

  18. brin says:

    “a bag of bones and a pair of bolt-ons sauntering down the aisle”….LOL.
    Kaiser, you are the best!

  19. brin says:

    Mornin, Eileen! Now you of all people know how Leann has to legalize everything…lol! Let’s have some more Tequila Jolly Ranchers to celebrate this & the upcoming divorce!

  20. tango says:

    Well….that’s special.

    I don’t see this ending happily. Even if Eddie wasn’t a cheater, how can any reasonable person stand to be with someone so needy, desperate, clingy and delusional? Once the honeymoon is over and he’s realized he’s sold his soul to the great life suck LeAnn, he’s going to realize, she doesn’t have nearly enough money.

    The person you hear laughing and on his knees thanking God? Dean, the ex. He’s about to call Eddie up, buy him a drink and thank him for taking the crazy bitch off his hands.

  21. Lady D says:

    Original bellaluna: I was on my way back to your quote to give you credit for your succinct summation of this story but got a call about a plant sale and had to go, ya know? It really fit the situation perfectly.
    Also: I heard the potato salad was really good, probably better the second day. A crackmopolitan with jolly ranchers for dessert would be just about enough to get me through this weekend. First Linmate, now this. Really appreciate your awesome hospitality Original B., thanks.

  22. irena NL says:

    Wonder if 23′s fiance got his balls back & will back out of his chains.

    Good luck Le Cibrian & EC

  23. Lady D says:

    I’m sorry, if its not too late, can I get a crushed Percocet rim on my glass?

  24. Smiley says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, TOUGH tootsies, anti LR fans!!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!! You hoped so bad she would never officially have Eddie, well she does, so na na na na nahhhhhh!!!!1

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Lady D – Oooooh. What kind of plants? (Need some additions to the new place, you see.) I’m passing it all your way; take what you need and pass it on. And the potato salad is AWESOME! ;)

  26. Eileen says:

    Lady D. I ONLY serve my crackpolitain hatertini w/percocet-crushed rims-no other way to go! =D

  27. AnnieB says:

    Sorry ladies, I need to make a correction to this article. She did not saunter down the aisle, she trotted. *clomp clomp clomp* Not even just “allegedly”.

    Tacky bag of bones is also accurate.

  28. Nat says:

    Well, I guess she had to do something to outshine Linnocent…

  29. daisydoodle says:

    As my mother would say, God rest her soul, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! I miss her and her sayings…

  30. Shelly May says:

    And Eddie is going to get bored and find a new ho to cheat with in 5,4,3,2,1.

  31. someone says:

    I never thought she was a very pretty woman, or girl back in the day..Eddie is a good looking guy…if they are in love then good for them..Im waiting for the divorce lawyers….I don’t think it will last..maybe til after she has a baby!

  32. jordy says:

    hope someone gave them each a set of eyes for a wedding gift…

  33. lucy2 says:

    She was never “taught” how to properly leave her husband for another guy who was already married with kids? I’m sorry, is there a class somewhere that she missed?
    She looks awful, and no one doing that to themselves is happy.
    I think all these two have is their drama – the affair, the battles with his ex, the engagement, the wedding – when real life sets in, they’re either going to create more drama (probably cheating) or get bored and move on. There’s no way this is a healthy, mature, solid relationship.

  34. JenJen says:

    She took what was Patsy’s and acted like it was hers, to make herself famous. She took this POS from his family, to keep herself famous.

    Now, Karma can finally take it’s course.

  35. OXA says:

    Now Brandy can go back to court and have her child support increased. In California the courts will factor in LeAnn & Eddies joint income and lifestyle.
    Congratulations Brandy!!

  36. Edie S. says:

    she looks pretty in that video, and too be honest i’m not a fan, nor a hater. She does make a good point about the country music industry and it’s long history of infidelities, and she was courteous enough not to mention some of the women in country music that cheated and broke up marriages w/out the scrutiny and public backlash that she recieved. I’m not a country music buff, but people like Trisha Yearwood,or even Miranda Lamberts who had an affair w/a very married Blake Shelton didn’t seem to face any repercussions for their acts. Whether they tweeted or not, cheating is still cheating and they still hurt their spouses. What really surprises me, is how country music fans seem so mortified by Leanne’s actions, but are not what so ever ruffled by Blake and Miranda viciously killing innocent alligators just for fun, and Miranda publicly bragging on twitter about her deer kill, even posing w/ the bleeding animal in a pic she posted on twitter. Same goes for Toby Keith, a huge racist who also shares an affinity for animal abuse. (Sharkonline has these videos on youtube) I personally find that much more inhumane, then a couple who just were in an unhappy marriage and happened to fall in love, and get married. What mortifys me more than anything is the mentality of country music fans, which is why i don’t go to their concerts. Wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that scary crowd! On another note, her pr people & songwriter friends need to stop reacting to the backlash, and the haters and just leave well enough alone. Time will eventually make all that go away. Darrell Brown racting to all those mean tweets just fuels the fire, and amplifies their voice. Everybody wants their 15 min. and they seem to be getting it. Congrats to the married couple! Posted by Edie Simonzadeh

  37. Madisyn says:

    @ original bellaluna, I got your message from the Blohan post. Got a minor hangover but nothing a little “hair of the dog” won’t cure.

    @ brin, @ Rita Good Mornin, how you feeling this morning ladies?

    @ Eileen, thank you so much for talking me out of using the full shot of adrenaline in your very generous to go gift bags for the tailgate party. I even found an extra percocet in my bag, thanks. Hope your back is feeling better.

    @ Lady D, Eileen gave me an extra percocet, pass your glass.

    I know were all counting down his cheating but are we counting down to the pregnancy? You know thats next. She is going to be insufferable and you think she tweets alot now about HIS bodily functions, just wait for HER every mind numbing tweet about her farts, swollen ankles, and every centimeter the circumferce of that belly.

  38. Rita says:


    Interesting that you don’t follow country music but know so much about it. The fact that you are diverting from and making excuses for LeAnn shows that you are part of her PR people. I see your work on a number of sites. Making comments that taunt the thread to lead it away from your beloved LeAnn. Don’t waste your time. She’s done in country music and this big splash of her’s won’t make anyone forget.

    Morning Madisyn: Great tailgate!

  39. jill says:

    So her insecurity about her lover performing on that Playboy show means that she probably whinnied and whinnied until he agreed to marry her right away. Any bets on whether he said “OK but no prenup?”

    He’s gonna be gone in a year — as required in California. LeAnn is such a silly woman, I’m almost tempted to feel sorry for her.

  40. brin says:

    LOL, Madisyn, ain’t that the truth!
    I think we should all raise a glass to Brandi and Dean, they are the real winners!

  41. MoMo says:

    Lol- she didn’t have the tools to know how to dump her husband the right way. If she had just googled ‘how to leave spouse’, she would have got a crap load of suggestions better than cheating with a married dad.

    Hearing those clips, I kind of wonder if she isn’t bipolar or something.

  42. Rita says:

    Try this again.

    The GacTv “victimization” bio which runs five times in 3 days (Financed by who?) that includes testimonials by her mother is meant to promote her new song “Give” on her next album “Hog Wash n Snake Oil” (Release Date:2035). The tracks are listed below.

    Hog Wash n Snake oil
    (By LeAnnO’han Rimes and the Cricket Spittin’ Mountaineers)

    I Want To Look Like Her.
    It’ll Take More Than One Coat, Keep Sloppin’ It On.
    If The Lie Ain’t Workin’….
    ‘Course Its Oil, Snakes Can’t Piss In A Bottle!
    Who Needs God When Ya Got Money?
    It Weren’t Me!
    Batshit and Pumpkin Pancakes.
    They’ll Eat It Up.
    Victims Are People Too.
    Just Ask My Mom!
    Love Me…It’s Required.
    Give (Original Title: Don’t Make Me Take That!)
    They Can’t Swallow When They’re Bent Over.
    If They Don’t Buy This, I’m F-cked (Bonus Track)

  43. skilo says:

    Hi brin! Hi Jezi! Happy almost Easter!

    irena NL:”Wonder if 23’s fiance got his balls back & will back out of his chains.” Stalker. DGFY

    Smiley:”HAHAHAHAHAHA, TOUGH tootsies, anti LR fans!!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!! You hoped so bad she would never officially have Eddie, well she does, so na na na na nahhhhhh!!!!1″

    We never hoped she wouldn’t officially have Eddie. She now has her scumbag, cheating, pos. Good for her,hope she didn’t get a prenup so when he cheats and they split he can take as much of her money as possible.

  44. DetRiotgirl says:

    Since she just got married, I’m going to say something nice. I think those videos may be the prettiest I’ve seen Falcor look in a long time.

  45. JenJen says:

    Love the tracks Rita! I can just see the commercials running for it in the middle of the night on that channel that doesn’t exist, LOL, at least not on my cable and I have the whole sha-bang.

    @ Edie, that is interesting, I didn’t know Blake was married when he and Miranda got together, they did become engaged quickly it seemed.

    As for Trisha, I used to like her and Garth before they became an item shoving their “love” in every one’s face. They did the right thing by disappearing to Oklahoma. I think that was end of both their careers as neither has had a hit since. Garth nauseates me now going on Oprah and kissing her fat azz, probably to try to stir up sales on his old songs.

  46. Madisyn says:

    @ brin, like someone said earlier those 2 “pop” sounds you heard this morning was Dean and Brandi opening champagne bottles, probably even called to congradulate the other. So in honor of this “joyous” occasiion I will raise a glass. *clinking yours*

  47. EbonyShiksa says:

    Did y’all hear? Supposedly, Brandi wore a Reem Acra gown at her wedding to Queen Edward and the wedding overlooked the Pacific.

    Guess who else wore a Reem Acra wedding gown to her wedding and it overlooked the Pacific? Three hints:

    1) Jesus loves her more than everyone else.
    2) We are all her haters!
    3) We are just jealous of her love and her amazing life!

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

    Ps, Rita, I love you.

  48. Alex says:

    Uhm, they kimd of look identical in the picture where she’s wearing the blue dress. I just now noticed this. Ew.

  49. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘even Miranda Lamberts who had an affair w/a very married Blake Shelton didn’t seem to face any repercussions for their acts.’

    To be fair there were rumors but no one knows if their relationship started before/after he separated from his ex. And there weren’t kids involved.

    I do think there is a double standard between what men vs women do, but LR shouldn’t use that as an excuse. Just admit you screwed up and leave it alone.

    It does seem like all parties have moved on and seem to be trying to make things as okay as possible for the sake of the kids. Good for them!

  50. skilo says:

    I wonder if she rushed Eddie down the aisle to fast for them to get a prenup. Hope she did, thinking to herself that it would keep him from going on a Bunny Bender (bending over every bunny he can). If so, when she eventually keels over from the stress of worrying about who/what he is doing every minute, and not eating to try and stay skinny enough to please him. Eddie will inherit the money that he’s with her for.

  51. Rita says:


    Very good comment. Anyone who’s read Blakes account about the breakup of his marriage knows that it was very difficult for him. He and Mirranda worked together but supposed didn’t get romantic until after he filed for divorce. Rimes PR wants everyone in the circle so we’ll see how “common” public adultery is.

    I see that Dean wishes her well. Class guy all the way.

    I follow…okay “Stalk” your tweets. You are one smart sista…luv ya back.

  52. Baylor says:

    What’s funny is that she had been tweeting a couple days ago on how she has been cheated on before and choose to “move on.” In other words trying to say she is better than Brandi. What’s funny about that is that when Andrew cheated on her, she had Dean to fall back on. She officially broke up with Andrew and started offically dating Dean no more than a week later if not less. They were married very soon afterwards. Then before she divorced Dean, she had Eddie lined up. She has never really been single. It’s much easier to “move on” if you already have someone there to “move on” with.
    So, I hope that Eddie cheats on her after she has a couple kids and before she has a “back up.” I’d like her to
    see how well she “moves on” then.

  53. TXCinderella says:

    It’s funny that she is too stupid to realize that she’s not going to be forgiven because she is so smug about it. She just doesn’t get it.

  54. jodie says:

    think Leann was just looking for a daddy. bought and paid for Daddy ,just like her biological one. only this one she gets to keep in her bed until the $$$ runs out. wish nothing but the worst for them

  55. Audrey says:

    People who defend Blake and Miranda don’t really know the facts. It’s common knowledge they had an affair, and the wife caught blake coming out of Miranda’s trailer at 5 am. Reason it wasn’t very publicized was #1 Miranda & Blake didn’t fess up to it like Leanne did, and #2 Blake’s wife didn’t run to the media, but kept the entire affair private. Kaynette (blake’s ex) is a very beautiful and classy lady.

  56. brin says:

    Eddie must keep thinking “hey didn’t I do this before?” All the swfing Leann is doing must have him deja vuing all the time.
    *Hi skilo!*
    *LOL….good song, Rita!*

  57. the original bellaluna says:

    Ah, Fellow Tailgaters, I’m glad you’re all well.

    Have you noticed how small their eyes are? The both of them. It looks like the Zellweger Squint personified and duplicated.

    Their child will have to have an in-utero eye/brow lift just to be able to see at birth!

  58. the original bellaluna says:

    @ OXA – Unfortunately, as a former divorcee with an ex who worked under the table while his side-dish worked a legitimate tax-paying job, and whose mother is in family law, that is patently untrue.

    An ex who remarries spouse’s income does not come into play when determining child support. If said ex is a slovenly lay-about, the judge can “compel” him or her to get a job, but that’s about it.


  59. Dana M says:

    @ Rita – LOVE your # 1 post! LOL!!

  60. brin says:

    This was Eddie’s wedding toast:”Someone loves the f***ing microphone…and that’s me”. Now that’s romantic.

  61. sunseeker says:

    On Saturday, Rimes wrote on her Twitter page: “Eddie and I are overwhelmed by the amount of lovely well wishes. We are blessed and…. I’m Mrs. Cibrian!!! So wonderful to wake up as husband and wife. Love to all of you.”

  62. Dana M says:

    Just saw the videos. Wow, talk about trying to find excuses for being a homewrecker. “It’s all my parents fault because they never taught me how to do it the *right* way….wahh wahh blahh blahh blahh.”

    Well I’m sure glad that now she’s “learned and has the tools” because she’ll need them when her new husband cheats on her. Its. Called. Karma.

  63. CHICKIEBOO says:


  64. Nanea says:

    Poor LeAnn!

    She didn’t know “how to do it the right way”?

    But she earns her money in the music business? How about listening to Paul Simon’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover once or twice? If she didn’t do it then, she should do it now, pre-emptively – to be prepared for what fate has in store for her, because the time will come that Eddie will leave her, rather sooner than later.

    I give them two years, if there’s a kid, maybe three.

    Oh, and congrats to the bored couple… There’s nothing else to do on their wedding but to tweet?

  65. Jezi says:

    Hey brin & skilo. You see how personal irena takes this. Have to insult little ole me…lol. Unlike LeAnn I don’t care what other people think. And guess what my fiance is allowed out without me. Shocker!!!! I don’t feel the need to stalk his life cause I’m secure with myself. Leann obviously isn’t and knows just what she’s getting.

    Rita wonderful post as always.

  66. Rita says:


    UsMag reports that during Eddie’s toast he talked about how both their first weddings were much bigger and their next weddings will be even smaller before dropping the “f-bomb” in front of his children and the audience whence Rimes replied, “Let’s eat bitches”.

    I guess expecting Eddie to speak lovingly and eloquently is too much to ask. After all, its not like he’s an actor.

  67. betty says:

    @Audrey Maybe if Leann and Eddie had kept their business private it would have been the same. Brandi is also a classy lady. Unlike Leann she has no need to imitate everything she does and has her own identity. Leann chose the same boob doctor,received the same carat engagement ring ,clothes ,hair coloring,wedding locale and even the same dress designer. I guess she feels she has taken everything Brandi had but still isn’t Brandi and will never be.

  68. indi says:

    I don’t think Rimes has really thought through this whole copying of Brandi’s life. Yes she has the husband, access to the kids, moved to the same suburb, starved her body down to twig status, copied Brandi’s hair, clothes, body by using Brandi’s plastic surgeon and now the wedding ceremony (apparently using the same dress designer and similar wedding location). It begs the question does Rimes actually have the capacity to have an original thought? And does she realise what comes next….according to some Fast Eddie was cheating on Brandi within weeks of their wedding and we all know how Rimes began her relationship with Cibrian.

    Eddie’s alleged wedding speech as reported by US Weekly is hilarious..talking about the next wedding being even smaller – doesn’t say who that wedding (or as more accurately reported by MichaelK pre-divorce ceremony) will be with though!

    And now what is Rimes going to do for attention? She has milked as much publicity as she can from the affair and now they become just another boring married couple. Of course there is pregnancy speculation followed by fighting, separation then divorce. She obviously can’t get attention for her music career so the only option is more scandal.

  69. dovesgate says:

    @OXA – Oh, how I wish that was how it worked in CA. Unfortunately, his earnings are the only ones that count towards his child support. Even if they were to file a joint tax return (and they received a refund, which I doubt), if Leann is the bigger earner and Brandi tried to get back child support from the tax return, Leann would just have to file an injured spouse claim and get it all back.
    However, if he stops working for too long, they will pull his driver license and throw him in jail if Leann doesn’t pay it for him.

  70. Eileen says:

    Hey I just heard Leann used Reem Acra-the SAME wedding dress designer as Brandi? Seriously? I mean….SERIOUSLY???

  71. colt13 says:

    I know Eddie is as much to blame as Leann, but she won’t shut up about it.

  72. Vanessa says:

    omg did you guys read their toasts? EC “joked” about his next wedding being even smaller!!!!! They are truly a class act.

    She said, “lets eat cake bitches!” Lovely young lady right there.


  73. blouson says:

    Oddly enough I think she looks almost pretty as a skeleton…and her fashion sense has improved a million times. If she dresses this much better just from copying Brandi, then Brandi deserves a salary for being a kick ass stylist.

  74. I actually feel sorry for LeAnn, even though she’s an idiot and got herself into this freakshow. This marriage is going to be a disaster.

  75. Cali says:

    A rat! That’s what she looks like and this guy is so happy that his payday is finalized!

  76. Marion says:

    Is it true that she copied Brandi’s wedding dress?? Omg..when will this woman stop stalking and taunting his ex??

  77. Eileen says:

    Oh and I just read Amy Grindhouse article -she noticed that Leann didn’t wait for the ink to dry on that marriage cert before updating her twitter acct Bio to: WIFE & BONUS MOM. RME&SMH

  78. cheaterssuck91 says:

    LeAnn didnt walk down the aisle she flew down with her wings since she is Falcor’s body double oh well back to being serious. I think IMO LR’s karma is slowly kicking in she has to constantly check on her bought gigolo and go just about anywhere he is. She is stuck w/ him until cheat or death do them part i think Ed will cheat you can keep a dog on a leash but we won’t stay on the porch for so long. @Rita you are hilarious love your humorous insight

  79. brin says:

    Hey Jezi! That comment speaks volumes about irena and not in a good way.
    You are one classy and secure gal, something Leann will never be.

  80. icantbelievethis says:

    @audrey If that is true then shame on them and LR is right there is a double standard.

  81. jemshoes says:

    I’m shocked, too! I never thought this wedding would get off the ground because I thought EC would string LR along for a few years before dumping her.

    Well, folks, we’re right into Easter now so I’ll do what Kaiser’s done and wish this very unlikeable couple a half-hearted, lukewarm congratulations. They’ve certainly worked hard enough to get to where they are today – heavy irony intended – and since the future doesn’t seem to bode well for them no matter how you look at it, I hope they both enjoy their honeymoon period as long and as much as they can milk it.

  82. Cirque28 says:

    I wonder what the expert at Eyes for Lies would make of Leann in these clips. In #2, some pretty weird things (smugness? triumph?) seem to flit across her face between :07 and :09 before she looks back at the interviewer with undisguised delight. Which is… odd… while admitting how wrong you were.

    But I don’t hate LR. I think she’s probably somewhat tortured and not incredibly bright.

    Anyway, congrats on the wedding. Because love is what matters, not all the people you f’ed over to get it.

  83. Aviatrix says:

    No amount of sticking her finger down her throat is going to fix her unfortunate face.

  84. charity says:

    haven’t posted in awhile trying very hard to be a good girl but absolutely hate being lied to. Agree that Ec must have had to get s.h.i.t. faced drunk in order to promise to obey Falcor. thats why hes already looking forward to his next wedding and this time to a woman probably very much like the mother of his kids. would be willing to bet some serious money that she didn’t get a pre-nup and I hope she didn’t cause when he leaves he will need some of that money he earned to take care of his next wife you know the one he was talking about in his toast. He probably has her lined up already.

  85. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I know she’s bloody awful but look at their faces….they are so similar like they mirror ech other

  86. GG says:

    This pair wouldn’t recognize class if it slapped them updside the face. On a more important note….Happy Easter wishes to true stars: Rita, Jezi, Eileen, Anne, Brin, Ebony and all the rest of you BB darlins. xoxo

  87. Messenger Of Truth says:

    So it’s official. Remember, you only get married for the second time once.

    Q: What do massage parlors and the LeAnn Rimes threads on Cele/bitchy have in common?

    A: The both get closed because of the whack jobs.

    See ya next time :)

  88. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Rita – WOW. Is that seriously what went down? Because no. Just. NO. It was frigid on their honeymoon, no? ;)

  89. curmudgeon says:

    Its just gossip sweetie. Calm down and take your meds.

  90. Kloops says:

    I bet he rushed it. He needs to secure his meal ticket sans prenup. And whichever dentist did that to her teeth needs to have his/licence revoked. Try as I might, I just can’t get past it. What goes through her mind when she brushes (and brushes, and brushes, and brushes) her teeth?

  91. Amanda G says:

    I have to agree with her statement about certain situations being double standards. We tend to hold our female celebs to a higher standard and rip them apart when they don’t meet it. I’m guilty of it fo’ sho’.

    BUT, I don’t understand her claim of not being taught? Taught what? How to be married? Faithful? Properly leave your husband? Not get caught?

  92. jessica says:

    well everyone think about it. she has millions and he knows it. It doesnt matter what u look like if u have some dinero! He is a washed up actor that besides his “good looks” has nothing, why not marry this bag of bones or should we call her skeletora? I bet she writes his child support checks and brought her own ring. I firmly believe in karma what goes around comes around. does she not think he will do the same to her that she did to her husband and he did to his very pretty and way better ex wife! Someoen who spends all theri time online tweeting about this and that feels like she has a lot to prove.
    Did u see her she already changed her status to WIfe and and bonus mom, what an idiot!

  93. jessica says:

    about the dounle standards amanda, the reason why she is at the bottom of the barrel and everyone cant stand her is because she not only stole another womans husband but cheated on her own. All the ohter celebritys like julia roberts and johnny cash and so on cheated but only one family got hurt not two!

  94. jessica says:

    tools? lol thats just to funny. i will forever remember her cheating video online where she is waiting for eddie outside a resturant. she had no regard for her husbands feeling or for brandis. She should just stand up and say “im a rotten bitch for cheating on my husband and for being involved with a married ma and im SORRY” but she always looks for an excuse for how it happened. Own up to ur mistakes!!!!!

    In a way i feel sad for her because she had this wonderful voice and alot of people liked her but now she will always be remembered for being a doubble cheating bitch!

  95. R.R. says:

    I don’t know if anyone will agree, but….

    This whole…. post, is the only thing I’ve ever read about LeAnn and liked.

    I mean, she’s basically coping to being a fuck-up about her last marriage. Isn’t that really all there is to say? She f&*#%ed that one right up.

    But, at the same time, I (almost hate myself for saying this), I kind of understand f&*#%ups, so in a way, her being honest about things is better.

    I don’t know.

  96. jessica says:

    @april everyone messes up. we just dont go around posting about what we do with kids (when they have a mother) its very inconsederate. When we make a mistake the most thing that people do is apologise go into seclution and apologise and all she does is tweet, i went here, i brought this, eddie is the best, i went with kids here, oh they love me blah blah blah. all her interviews are about she fell in love, she could have told her husband except she chose to be deceptive and no one like a deceptive person.

  97. Dea says:

    @ Kaiser: Now the deed is done so I suppose we can start the official countdown for Eddie’s infidelity.

    I actually have never heard of many infidelities of Eddie and LeAnn other than this time and it ended in marriage. Maybe I haven’t read a lot about him, but I really do not know if he ever cheated on his wife other than LeAnn. Not that I am defending what they did but it is so obvious that both of them were not happy in their marriages and it just happened. Brad Pitt cheated on JA with Jolie and nobody calls him a cheater. And there are many other examples like this.
    I really wish these two a good life ahead. If one of them will get tired of the other, then the end will come soon and let them deal with it.

    Happy Easter everyone!! All joy and happiness in your families.

  98. why? says:

    I think that the only reason Leann was quiet about her wedding is because she has something very big planned with People mag, an exclusive interview/photospread of EC, LR, his sons, and all of 40 of their guests set up with People mag and of course she could have also been taping for their reality tv show/wedding special. Why did EC and LR only have 40 guests? Because no one likes them. Who wants to bet that the majority of those guests where family members?

    I think that Leann’s interview is how she plans on trying to upstage the Royal Wedding.

    Nothing is original about these two, doesn’t EC toast sound just like one of LR radio interviews? Why is this man cussing, I thought LR fans were disturbed by that type of language? I think that EC must have had a lot f tequila.

    Why do people keep insisting that Leann is the victim of some type of double standard? There are no double standards in her case, and she of all people doesn’t even have a right to talk about double standards seeing as how she went on major campaign to justify herself by smearing DS(ie-he is gay so it’s okay to cheat on him) and BG(she is B**** so it’s okay that I slept with her husband) names. She gets into trouble because she just won’t lay low or shut up. Think about those cheaters who got little to no criticism, and it’s because they laid low or shut up when they realized that they were not very well liked. She knows that the things she does are inappropriate and she keeps on doing them. After the fallout from the Shape mag she should have known that this intervies wasn’t going to work in her favor.

    Leann’s pr is hitting this thread heavily. Looks like “two” people are intentionally trying to start fights to get the thread shut down. Things must not be going well for EC and LR afterall.

    Is it true, they said that CHASE is coming back to NBC?So is EC still on it?

    LR and EC are nothing more than a publicity stunt. You know it’s bad when they have to do things like stage a wedding to promote their careers.

  99. skilo says:

    If this bitch told the real truth she’d have said: Well, the thing is that I was young, and I had just been dumped, and Dean was there for me, he was a really nice guy and I jumped into a marriage with him asap. I really wasn’t old enough,and hadn’t experienced enough to realize what a commitment it really was. He treated me great but, I got to do this movie with Eddie and it was lust at first sight and, instead of being a good person and holding back because we were both married and people would be hurt I thought only of myself and humped Eddie first chance I got. I liked it so much,I said to hell with Dean, Brandi, Mason, and Jake, Leann is going to have what Leann wants. I made sure to expose our cheating to the paps, so his wife would be hurt and humiliated, hopefully she’d throw him out and I could have him for myself. And it worked! I selfishly took what I wanted no matter who I hurt, and I’m so happy I got what I wanted.

  100. Evelyn says:

    She legit looks like a chimpanzee

  101. Rosanna says:

    The really insane thing is seeing a bunch of women attacking a woman for being a “homewrecker” while SHE wasn’t married to anybody. Years and years of feminism did nothing. WOW.

    I don’t particularly like LeAnn but I hope she makes it with Eddie, at least to p*ss all the haters off.

  102. Zelda says:

    @Jessica et al

    Own up to her mistakes?
    To whom? A bunch of anonymous people on a message board? The public? What!?

    If I make mistakes in my private relationships (and we all do) I don’t have to talk about them with everyone. Just the people involved. Why should she have to talk about her shady behaviour? We’ve all behaved badly in the past, and are not expected to discuss it with people.

    I do not care at all about these 4 nobodies and their romantic lives, but Jesus people. It’s not your relationship. Chill out.

  103. brin says:

    GG….back at ya!

    Rosanna….she most definitely was married at the time to Dean.

  104. Eileen says:

    @Rosanna who was the person who wasn’t married? Leann was married to Dean when she hooked up with Eddie so I’m not sure who you are referencing.

  105. Eileen says:

    Happy Easter to you Brin & all the other CB bitches!!! :) ))))))

  106. Liana says:

    The really insane thing is seeing a bunch of women attacking a woman for being a “homewrecker” while SHE wasn’t married to anybody.
    * * * * *

    Um, you Do know that LeAnn was married to Dean Sheremet when she cheated with Eddie, right? And it takes two people to wreck a home – the wrecker and his/her accomplice. In this case, they wrecked their own homes. LeAnn was fully aware that Eddie was married with children, and she didn’t care. Eddie certainly was aware that both he and LeAnn were married and he just didn’t care. Why is it so hard to end your relationships before embarking on an adulterous affair? Because it takes patience and trust and work.

  107. You don't say says:

    Don’t care about these two, but I hate when it is always the woman who “stole” someone’s husband. Why isn’t it the man who stole someone else’s wife, which is never the description. The woman is always the bitch and the man is the poor piece of property who got dragged kicking and screaming from his perfect marriage. No one is anyone else’s property to be stolen. He walked away on his own accord.

  108. Zelda says:

    @You Don’t Say:
    ITA. But there is a lot of that “husband-stealer” name calling from other women. It the louder women cry “harpy!” the more I think they are afraid that something like that could happen to them. Also, the more I assume that they see men as so stupid, they just HAVE to do whatever their dick tells them to do.

    There seem like plenty of squinty, chiclet-toothed reasons to hate Leanne without bitching about the fictional act of “husband-stealing”

  109. Anti-icon says:

    I cannot believe she chose the same designer for her wedding gown; and basically the same setting. That is even creepier than her love of homewrecking; her blatent copying of the first wife. That’s insanity. Scary.

  110. carey says:

    wedding date is unexpected. do you think she is pregnant? she will want to procreate asap (preferably a girl to one-up brandi) to further cement eddie into her life etc etc.

  111. the original bellaluna says:

    @ carey – No. She’s so emaciated she’s probably not even having a period.

    Happy Easter to brin, Eileen, Rita, happygirl, Madisyn, and all the other CB bitches!

  112. brin says:

    Having a child won’t keep Eddie, he already has two with Brandi and he still cheated.
    I agree about how creepy she copied Brandi’s wedding gown designer and the place. You would think Leann would want something different…proves how nutso she is.

  113. Janna says:

    congratulations. But I doubt they will last. Eddie seems like he will cheat again. But past that, most of these celeb unions just don’t stand the test of time.

    Re cheating, plenty last, but many don’t. Many marriages last and the wives and/or husbands don’t even know their spouses once cheated in their longterm marriage.

    Anyone who thinks Blake Shelton didn’t cheat on his wife is naive. But Amy Grant and Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are going strong. Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward, Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson, Johnny Cash/June Carter all lasted.

    People make a mess of marriage, cheating and not cheating. I know people longterm married who treat each other like …… or live like roommates. I’m blessed in my relationship but I try not to judge others too much.

    Leann, though, has handled the aftermath horribly with her twitter immaturity, which doesn’t speak well of her. I don’t see LeAnn cheating on Eddie. I think she married way too young and he was her security and she fell wildly in lust/love. Eddie strikes me as someone who will cheat again. We’ll see. Even if LeAnn is dumb enough not to sign a prenup, which I believe she is, he won’t get her earnings premarriage, but he will get half of anything they accumulate during the marriage and buy, like a house, even if she pays for the bulk of it. Eddie knows coming out of this marriage he will be better off than when he entered it.

  114. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Betty….Brandi is classy?! Are u kidding with this sh!t? *barf* she’s the same kind of dressed up white trash, ordinary slag LR is. Please.

  115. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Leann’s life very much mirrors the plot of “the hand that rocks the cradle.” if Brandi’s boys were younger I’d say she might have to worry about picking them up at Leann’s only to discover her trying to breastfeed one or the other. Bonus mommy!

  116. Crash2GO2 says:

    It sounds like it was a very loving and romantic occasion. NOT!

    Best of luck to the new couple. They’re going to need it.

  117. Dirty Martini says:

    Totally with Carrie on this one. I’m no fan of either of them personally, and I really wish they’d go away, but a significant contributing factor to why they aren’t going away…….well, none of the rag media (this website included) will actually let them.

    But all this significant hate for cheating…??? Really? Brangelina is a perfect example Carrie.

    David Duchovney and Tea Leoni. Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas. I could go on and on and on…..

    Yes LEA and EC are completely annoying. And so are those who right about them judgementally excessively as if they were the only ones who ever did.

    The opposite of love is indifference. Those that hate on them so much are just a tad obssessed.

  118. Maya says:

    Its just a matter of taste and theirs seems to be tacky to have a profanity laced wedding.

  119. Iggles says:

    Is it wrong that I’m happy for them?

    They seem to genuinely cared about each other. Sure they’re both screwed up, but perhaps that’s why they work. I’m rooting for them!

    Um, I think she’s RIGHT about the double standard between Country Men and Women. Johnny Cash treated his first wive TERRIBLY. They had FOUR kids and he was screwing around. But since he’s a legend, that was all okay…

  120. jill says:

    @ #101: nice summation! this seems to be exactly what happened.

    i wish i could be happy for LeAnn but i find myself cringing in embarrassment at her sheer gratitude for having become Mrs. Cibrian. she is so pathetically in thrall with this guy, so grateful that he now belongs to her. this isn’t love. it’s something far more unhealthy.

  121. Dana M says:

    Leann was def married, Rosanna. What is even worse, is that Eddie and Brandi have children. Leann was totally selfish and didn’t think about the negative affect on the children’s feelings and emotions when parents go through a divorce, the bouncing back and forth from house to house, the tantrums associated, feelings of abandonment for the children, performing poorly in school, higher risks of substance abuse, etc. No, she is too self absorbed to think about anyone else but her self and her instant gratification with out thinking about consequences.

    She made a decision to be a public figure so everything she does and says will always be in the media ( she loves to give out information). So comments and disections like ours come with the territory.

    And also, she chose to be a public figure so everything she does and says will always be disected.

  122. Dana M says:

    Oops meant to delete my last sentence and spell check!! Effect, not affect!. Hard to type and see my text on my smart phone. A Celebitchy App would be fabulous!!!

    Happy Easter All!

  123. brin says:

    “My first Easter as a wife!!!”, Leann tweeted. Guess she forgot about the seven with Dean.

  124. Dana M says:

    “my first Easter as a wife!!”

    @ Brin:

    - what a disrespectful thing for her to say. But I am so not surprised.
    She clearly doesnt think before she speaks or anything.

  125. TeeTee says:

    she gets everything that is coming to her, I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

    Brandi get more $$ if you can!!!

  126. charity says:

    guess the 7 years with Dean, she didn’t have Easter. she was traunitized when her parents got divorced and really acted out big time. but she never gave one thought to EC kids “he didn’t either” it was all about what Leann wants Leann has to have. hope they both rot in you know where

  127. Shari B says:

    People are not pulling for this couple at all. I think it is because she has been so awful to the ex-wife. Cheating with her husband and expecting her to just suck it up and go away quietly. Affairs happen and marriages break up but it is her (and his) refusal to be low key about it, with the constant tweets and photo ops that are so stomach churningly awful. Why should his ex-wife make it easy for them? His speech at the wedding was so disrespectful and low class. I don’t think he is much of a conquest for Leann even if he is an attractive man. Cheaters never change. Chances are he will do the same to her. Will she have the tools to deal with that? She seems unable to be on her own. It probably would have been much better for her to have some time on her own after her marriage rather than racing immediately into another one. Her country music career seems to have dried up. I guess being Mrs. Cibrian is all she has now. It really damaged public opinion of her. Hope it was worth it. Maybe they will live happily ever after and prove everyone wrong. I don’t think so as in most photos, she is staring at him and clinging to him and he is looking at the camera. That doesn’t bode well.

  128. Apple says:

    I think it is more a count down to when she has a massive heart attack and permanent vegatative coma brought on by her anorexia.

    THAT is what Brandi is doing sitting by the phone waiting for THAT call.

  129. Rita says:

    Most the ladies on this site understand that LeAnn is a real player. She plays those twits on twitter, laughing at them while they dance to her tune.

    The GacTv bio was perfect for her M.O. She is a coniving heartlesss bitch who loves playing the naive victim and gets such pleasure from watching people buy into it. Then she makes outrageous tweets hoping the tabs will pick them up and talk about her.

    Her persona has burned through her facade and now manifests itself in a skeletor appearance. Her “Let’s eat, bitches” off-guard comment exemplifies the contrast with her manipulative BS of “God bless and I’ll pray for you”.

    Waiting for her to announce she had a vision of Christ hanging on a cross above her wedding dress as People Mag to pics which she interpretted as a sign to get married on Good Friday rather than considering the solemness of the occasion with her sisters in the Church of the Kardashians.

    Anyway, I’m off for a couple of days so “God bless each and every one. May your Easter baskets be filled with Unicorn Jelly Beans and your biscuits be moist and warm”….yes, those biscuits.

    @brin, Hope you’re having a beautiful day.

  130. Janna says:

    @Apple, I would hate to think Brandi is doing that. And I don’t believe she is. It’s Easter and what a thing to say on Easter, if you’re a Christian, posting something like that on here. And I believe Brandi is too classy for that, anyway.

    And it’s not just LeAnn that looks anorexic; though she looks awful so thin. Brandi has always been too thin also, besides her fake knockers. Her legs are like sticks. Both women need to realize sexy legs are not sticks, nor are skinny arms. Slender is not the same as skinny. Have a shake, women. It’s not a competition, LeAnn. Your body was hotter last year. You had great legs. Now you just look like sticks and bones. Brandi, you’re a very pretty woman, but your body needs some pounds on and reduce those massive boobs. Massive fake boobs are so yesterday. You would be stunning then.

  131. Iggles says:

    “My first Easter as a wife!!!”, Leann tweeted. Guess she forgot about the seven with Dean.

    Brin – I wonder if that’s a dig at Dean. You know, because her team smeared him as being gay so the marriage didn’t “count”.

    Oy. She really shouldn’t have said it.

  132. Maritza says:

    Infidelity has been going on for ages especially in the arts and entertainment business. Marc Anthony left his wife and 2 kids for Jlo and no one cared. I guess LeAnn has brought this upon herself for tweeting so much photos and comments. She needs to STFU.

  133. Hakura says:

    I wonder what classy way they worked the official ‘surrendering of the balls’ into the ceremony? Perhaps after he gave her that ring she bought?

    @Brin“Let’s have some more Tequila Jolly Ranchers to celebrate this & the upcoming divorce!”

    We need some kind of ‘sweet’ alternative! I had too many jolly ranchers yesterday, they’ve made my tongue hurt. xD Perhaps some kind of alcoholic ‘blow-pops’… we could call them ‘Blohan Pops’, made from a combination of Red Bull & vodka.

    @EbonyShiksa“Guess who else wore a Reem Acra wedding gown to her wedding and it overlooked the Pacific?

    You really can’t make that shit up… If I were Brandi, I’d seriously be getting a restraining order.

  134. betty says:

    Leann still has a high school mentality and Eddie is her hero and that hero will soon turn into a zero when he starts cheating..Eddie will teach her all the things Dean did not. That delusional world she is living in will soon come crashing down.For one thing Brandi is not going away and Eddie still has a wandering eye and those are thorns in her side.

  135. brin says:

    Hope everyone is having a happy Easter.

    Rita…your comment was spot-on (as usual). Have a good time, see ya back here soon!

    Iggles…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a
    dig at Dean. It was mean and he actually wished her well!

    Hakura…Blohan pops sounds great!

  136. Madisyn says:

    @ original bellaluna, thank you and Happy Easter to you and all the Crack Tailgaters.

    I agree with poster 100 (sorry can’t read your name) the reason for no fanfare is People Magazine is probably paying big bucks for the “exclusive” wedding photos. Since neither seems to have an income, I guess they need the money. I know people have been saying from the beginning about how he’s being kept but I have to wonder, how much money could she possibly have? I know she’s had a couple of hit singles but that was over a decade ago. So could someone please enlighten me?

  137. NancyMan says:

    OMG Married?!? I didn’t even know those two crazy kids were dating….

    WOW! 140 comments (and counting) on a weekend. Not bad for has-beens…..

  138. sandy says:

    didn’t her dad steal a lot of her money when he left her mom? or something like that, i can’t remember the details, can any one, elaborate?

  139. Isa says:

    She really has no clue. Generally speaking, the public is very forgiving and has a short attention span. It’s all in how you handle yourself afterwards.

    You don’t treat your husband’s ex like crap and taunt her constantly! Of course you’re going to have a backlash!

    No one would care by now if Leann wasn’t so intent on SWFing Brandi. She did this to herself.

  140. Janna says:

    Isa, you hit the nail on the head, but the majority of people don’t waste their time posting and following gossip sites. None of my friends do, but me. lol And what they see in passing on maybe Perez Hilton they could care less past thinking about it in the moment. They’re busy with their own lives. The people who live and breathe what she does on twitter is in a small minority as far as really caring. I told my sister once about it and she said, that’s weird and promptly forgot about it. LeAnn and Eddie just aren’t on most people’s radar. They’re not A list celebs.

    But you’re right, that whatever is written bad about her would be a lot less on websites and such if she had gone low profile on twitter and left her private life private, like Amy Grant and Vince Gill did. And not to have the commonsense for her to see how people react to it over the period of a year is very odd. She’s definitely immature.

  141. MrsOdie2 says:

    I think the only people who can wreck a home are the two people who live in it. A woman can be as alluring as Eve holding an apple, but if the man doesn’t unzip his fly, nothing will come of it.

    And LR is not as skinny as Saint Jolie, and all I ever hear is how perfect and beautiful the latter is.

  142. anon1000 says:

    my, my how resentment slips into every post by mentioning someone not related. someone is pretty powerful.

  143. jessica says:

    @ zelda when ur life is public as we all know how very much her life is with all the tweets she has a right to apologise to the public. When she became a celebrity she basically gave up her right for privacy and anyone will tell u that. She has a public marrige to Dean, a public divorce to dean and a very very public relationship with eddie. HInt…….First morning as mrs cibrain!!!! lol if that isnt public and not personal then u are as delusional as her

  144. jessica says:

    as for the references to angelina joli and julia roberts. i agree its isnt right that they wernt given a hard time like miss leeann is. the thing is you dont here about angelina joli twittering about her love for brad. she goes on with her life and trys to do good. she volunteers alot of her time to benefits and im afraid that all leeann does is twitter. she twitters about where she goes, what she does and talk about children that are not hers and makes things very public even to a point that it looks like she does it prove to people how “happy” she is. People that are usually happy dont go around talking about it

  145. MaudeLebowski says:

    You’ll need to clarify that, anon. Blohan is powerful? Amy Grant? No, that sounds unlikely, bible rock is not commonly heard these days.

    I’m grossed out that he was drunk at the wedding. I hate drunkenness in general, but I would have called it off because it raises nothing but red flags. Why did this douche need to get DRUNK to marry me? Ick.

  146. sunseeker says:

    Headline on Radar online
    LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Host A Day-After The Wedding Brunch, guests include Laura Dern, am I wrong or did Laura not cheat on her husband too.

  147. bored says:

    In answer to Sandy, this was at celebritynetworth.com. She is apparently worth 38 million. I assume that is earnings, not taking into consideration what she has spent over the years. How relevant or current it is, I can’t say. But seeing she hasn’t had a hit single or album in years and she is acting in the occasional TV movie of the week, one can only assume that she is living of the proceeds of her career back in the day when she actually sold records. Now after selling up in Nashville to live in LA for Eddie and the divorce payoff to the ex-husband – that would have eaten into the savings. The ex is living comfortably in NY (which isn’t cheap) and hasn’t spoken out against her so that screams payoff and a confidentiality agreement. Then factor in the desperate and costly attempts to keep her career active as you can bet the record company is not picking up the bill for her ‘tour’ and extra recording sessions to make the album perfect, who knows what she has left. But with all the trips and spending that she seems to do on the lifestyle and all the toys that she buys Eddie(Porsche, motorcycle, etc) to keep him around and, she must be going through it fast. Lord knows Eddie isn’t helping with the bills or covering the household expenses. He can’t even pony up for child support. She would have paid for the wedding. She paid for her own engagement ring. I doubt she would get a big payday from any of the tabloids for the coverage. They aren’t that interesting and most people don’t care that they got married and are desperate to see the photos. The engagement “exclusive” didn’t sell well. The sale of the wedding will help cover costs but at some point soon, she is going to have to tone down the spending. Will Eddie stay long after that happens?

    Her father reported pocketed 7 to 8 million of her cash. How much of that she got back, no idea.

    LeAnn Rimes Net Worth – $38 Million USD
    LeAnn Margaret Rimes is an American singer-songwriter and actress and a highly-acclaimed Country Music star. Born on August 28, 1982, she has a current estimated net worth of $38 million. Rimes’ career started early, when she was only 13 years old. That’s when her debut album, “Blue,” was released and quickly rose to Number One in the Top Country Albums list. Known for her rich vocals and striking similarity to the legendary Patsy Cline, Rimes debut album was Certified Multi-Platinum and the single from that album, “Blue,” became a Top Ten Hit, as well. LeAnn Rimes is the youngest singer to win a Grammy (she has won two). She has also won 12 Billboard Music Awards … an American Music Award … and she has had 40 singles on American and International Pop Charts. To date, her recordings have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. When not performing, LeAnn Rimes is actively involved in charities helping cancer research.

  148. brin says:

    Gee, I’m sure the royal wedding will be such a letdown after Leann’s classy affair…lol!

  149. Liana says:

    When she became a celebrity she basically gave up her right for privacy and anyone will tell u that.
    * * * * * *

    No. Everyone has a right to privacy. Just being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to privacy. HOWEVER, nothing that LeAnn has done has indicted wanting privacy. She has publicly tweeted about every moment in her life since hooking up with that co-cheating loser Cibrian. Had she simply issued a statement when it all went down saying that yes, it happened, yes she wish it had been a different situation, then quietly lived her life until it all blew over (and it would have), she wouldn’t be in the boat she is with regard to poor publicity. But LeAnn seems to think any publicity is good and so throws HERSELF to the lions at every opportunity. It’s really too bad she stopped maturing at age 14.

  150. bored says:

    Pictures from the bruch have turned up online. How shocking.


    Can’t take my eyes (or keep my hands) off you: Newlyweds LeAnn Rimes-Cibrian and husband Eddie celebrate marriage with a lingering kiss
    By Sarah Fitzmaurice

    She has been gushing to fans about how happy she is to have become Mrs Cibrian. And yesterday newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian, celebrated their marriage with friends in Malibu.

    The singer and her new husband enjoyed a meal at Malibu’s Moonshadows restaurant with family and close friends. And the couple couldn’t have looked more in love they indulged in a very public display of affection.

    LeAnn,28, and Eddie,37, who married in a surprise ceremony at their home in California on Saturday, arrived in a classic Chevy corvette convertible to start the day off in style.

    Newly weds: LeAnn and her new husband Eddie enjoyed a lingering kiss before heading into Moonshadows restaurant in Malibu yesterday

    Eyes for you: LeAnn, who has been gushing to Twitter about how happy she is to be the Mrs Cibrian, couldn’t take her eyes from her husband and they enjoyed some alone time before joining friends in the restaurant

    And the newly-weds couldn’t help but stop for a passionate embrace before making their way into the restaurant and they indulged in a passionate kiss by their car before heading inside.

    LeAnn was dressed in a revealing white crocheted dress with a plunging neckline and shielded her eyes from the sunshine in a pair of classic Ray Bans.

    She carried a crocheted and tasselled bag to match her dress, which was worn by Katie Price to the Irish Style Awards last month.

    Eyes for one woman: Eddie couldn’t take his eyes from his new wife who was dressed in a revealed crocheted dress for the occasion with friends

    Eddie, who couldn’t take off his eyes off his new wife was dressed in a checked shirt and navy trousers for the occasion.

    LeAnn looked happy and extremely relaxed as she sipped on a drink while looking out from the balcony of the restaurant.

    And while the couple were celebrating with family and friends it was clear that the pair only had eyes for each other and they enjoyed a romantic kiss as they enjoyed the view.

    Arriving in style: The couple, who married in a surprise ceremony at their home on Saturday pulled up in a classic Chevy Corvette convertible

    Honeymoon period: The couple were beaming and appeared happy and extremely relaxed as they enjoyed a drink on the balcony

    Can’t keep my hands off: Eddie couldn’t stop kissing his new wife and the couple canoodled together as they took in the view from the balcony

    LeAnn has been taking to Twitter to gush about her new husband and yesterday she posted: ‘Am beyond happy to have my first Easter as Mrs. Cibrian….ARE WE CLEAR…LOL’

    Friends and family of the couple were expecting to attend an engagement party at the the couple’s home in California last night, only to discover the pair were actually tying the knot.

    The 28-year-old singer and 37-year-old actor exchanged personalised vows in front of a small party, consisting of just their closest family and friends.

    Rimes’s spokesperson Rhett Usry confirmed the happy news to People magazine.
    ‘LeAnn and Eddie were happily married today surrounded by their closest family and friends,’ he told the publication. ‘They thank everyone for their well wishes.’

  151. charity says:

    reminds me of the story of the UGLY DUCKLING WHO BECAME A SWAN only this time the ugly duckling grew up to be an even uglier swan .she is person without a conscience ,nobody matters but her n what she wants. her career is in shreds and she still twitters on about her delusional life. can’t wait for the boys to get old enough to know about their role model father who had an affair while their mom was pregnant with Jake, hope Jake punches him in his rather large nose.

  152. brin says:

    Eddie looks rough in those Daily Mail pics…probably still hungover from the wedding. Bet he didn’t have to get drunk when he married Brandi.

  153. tracking says:

    I do feel a little sorry for her. She seems immature, delusional, and dumb as a box of rocks.

  154. brin says:

    Woo hoo…Us Weekly is going there….they are saying that Leann swf’ed Brandi & Eddies’s wedding.

  155. Lindsey says:

    Whenever I see pictures of her, I walk away from them completely freaked out by her plastic face. She is a disgusting human.

  156. Cecelia says:

    I wonder if her callous attitude toward his ex-wife will come back to haunt her. She expected her to happily accept the demise of her family and even had the nerve to insult her on twitter and now calls herself a “bonus mom”. She is not and will never be the mother of those two little boys. She certainly can be someone special in their lives but calling herself their mom shows that she is immature and has no concept of boundaries. I get the feeling that she is one of those people who have an immature, underdeveloped personality, and that she doesn’t have proper empathy for others, therefore, she does not care how her actions affect others. Rather than examining herself and her actions she puts the blame on everyone else, even those who she has hurt terribly. Her career seems over and other than her prolific tweeting and seemingly constant photo ops, what is she going to do with the rest of her life. Follow her husband around to make sure he doesn’t find that new woman to have that even smaller wedding with? I agree with what was said earlier about him as well. He does seem more focused on the camera’s while she stares at him and clings to him. I get the feeling she has “bought and paid” for him.

  157. JenJen says:

    The pig didn’t even shave for his wedding beach bar bash. Leann’s trashy, weird dress exposing her ugly belly button says it all. Could this be a hint of the next twit to come?

  158. brin says:

    In Touch got a comment from Brandi and she said she was happy that her boys have consistency while on their dad’s time and the THIRD time’s a charm!
    LOL…Brandi & Eddie both see him having a third wedding.

  159. 4Real says:

    As somebody that has followed the SCANDAL since June 2009 all I can say is…..blech!

  160. why? says:

    US Weekly posts an article about how Leann had SWF Brandi and EC wedding this morning.

    By this afternoon, photos of LR and EC wedding are popping up all over the internet?

    I guess Leann will do anything not to be upstaged by Brandi. She can’t have talk about BG and EC wedding, so she leaks the photos of their wedding to various media outlets.

    Cue the tweets where she goes on and on about how she doesn’t know how they got those photos and how upset she is that these people invaded their special day. And then stay tuned as she makes those photos her icon.

    She is trying very hard to upstage Kate M and Prince M.

    I’m not shocked that EC and LR are doing more media blitz; afterall, EC Hallmark movie airs today. Why is every part of their life centered on what they are promoting.

  161. why? says:

    Leanns pr are in full force.

    If LR and EC pr/publicist would tell them to lay low and shut up, then they wouldn’t be in a position where they would have to come to these sites to pose as fans or try to redeem EC and LR by trashing BG and DS.

  162. original kate says:

    makeup really is her friend, isn’t it?

  163. Kim says:

    And the countdown to their divorce starts. He is a serial cheater. He cheats on Leann and either she is clueless or to save face has to turn the other cheek.

    You have to feel a little sorry for the bed she has created- well no you really dont because she is a home wrecker and karma is a bitch!

  164. Kim says:

    If you havent seen the crocheted dress she wore to brunch you have to see the pics!!! Its is the most hideous, tackiest, most innapropraite dress for a brunch ive ever seen!!!! I hope there were no children present at this brunch esp his with what she is wearing!
    What in the world was she thinking?!

  165. Eileen says:

    @Kim I saw the dress and cringed-especially at the bellybutton keyhole! THEN I just about vomited when I saw she paired it with e matching crochet bag! Crochet on crochet? I wish I could have seen the shoes-probably wore crochet heels! Now we know why she SWF Brandi-she can’t dress herself sexy-she comes off looking cheap.

  166. why? says:

    Can you image Leann’s surprise when Monday rolled around and instead of talking about her wedding, which was fit for fairytales people are talking about

    a) how LR, SWF BG and EC wedding

    b)why LR is tweeting, shouldn’t she be off somewhere enjoying her life as a newly wed

    c) Leann’s twitter storms against US Weekly and the LBG group that wrote an article about LR and EC marriage

    d) How horrible they look in those bruch photo-ops, even if you say that it’s because they “partied” all night long, you have to take into account that EC looked just that miserable on the day they were tanning on the beach

    e) Royaly Wedding

    f)how insensitive they are being with the statements that they are saying(ie-first Easter as WIFE, EC talking about their first marriages, and then singing a song they sung when they sleeping around and deceiving their spouses)

    g) GAC interview was a very bad idea, it just made things worse for LR and EC

  167. Darla says:

    I would seriously backhand this nasty little homewrecking trollop if she had the audacity to refer to herself as “mom” to my kids in any way. She is a truly truly evil human being, and I will laugh my arse off when he cheats on her, and she’s faced with either losing half of her income or being humiliated the way she shamed his former wife.

    Stupid white trash ho

  168. skilo says:

    “Truth be told I miss you…Truth be told…..I’m Lying” -all american rejects, -GIVES YOU HELL #oldiesbutgoodies
    That was on Dean’s twitter.HA Ha loved it!
    I’m sorry but Dean was A.)better looking B.)a really nice guy C.) a class act D.)Way better personality
    God bless her she’s as stupid as she is ugly.

  169. brin says:

    Leann may have had the same wedding gown designer as Brandi, but she must have gotten the low end line cause it’s got a slit up to her crotch. Stay classy, Leann.

  170. DGO says:

    LOL’d at LeAnn’s wedding pictures on Radar. She’s doing her best to look surprised but it’s so obviously staged. Guess we can see why she’ll never be a serious actress.

  171. Eileen says:

    @brin Yeah I LOVE Reem Acra wedding couture but this gown looks like a Grammy’s dress, not a wedding dress. I can totally be down with the lilac -esp for a 2nd wedding, but the chest display & slit to her no-no? Not digging it. But it goes with the tacky speeches & tacky SWF that is Leann.

  172. kc says:

    The sites have forgotten to add that LR even chose white flowers like Brandi.

  173. Hakura says:

    I think I really have this figured out….I hadn’t thought about this until now, but all these things Leann has done to spite Brandi… look like a neurotic human equivilent to a dog pissing on another dog’s scent-marked tree…..

    She focused in on Brandi. It wasn’t enough to simply steal EC, she wanted everything. Her plastic surgeon/breast implant size, clothing, body posture, location, & her 2 little boys… Even imitating photos taken by Brandi with herself in Brandi’s place.

    Now the wedding… Not only the same ‘style’ location, but the same dress designer (who isn’t SO well known enough for me to buy that to be a coincidence.) Leann is doing every last thing she can think of to take EC + BG’s marriage away from Brandi, to ‘replace her’ so publicly out of pride & spite.

    I’m sorry, but I can see Leann sitting on the floor in the living room, surrounded by Cibrean family photos…. Cutting pictures of *her* face out of another pic, & attaching it to Brandi’s body in all the photos.

    Maybe we’re all wrong about this… Maybe Eddie isn’t even the target of her obsession, but just a means to an end?

  174. brin says:

    Hi Eileen…I agree, the dress looks more Vegas showgirl than wedding dress. Looks like “People” is getting “the real” pictures (per Mrs. Cibrian).

  175. betty says:

    @Hakura Just shows no matter what Leann thinks or how she acts she cannot minimize the past and history can never be erased those kids are reminders to her that they were spawned from that love, thats why she tries to act as if she is the mother She will always be the 2nd not the first and that what gets her that she is not the love of his life there was someone before her.

  176. Baylor says:

    “see, NO ONE that we invited to our wedding breathed a wrd and there was only ONE couple that was even at both, so nonsense! Lol”

    This is one of LeAnn’s tweets. Notice she hasn’t outright denied the speeches, etc. Same old routine she always does.

    she has confirmed that People magazine will have the “real” photos out. So much for being outraged that the paps caught her on her special day. So much for “privacy.”

  177. KatScorp says:

    @Hakura: I totally agree with your hypothesis; LeAnn is obsessed with Brandi, not Eddie. Over at the GossipRocks forums someone suggested that LeAnn could be “in love” with Brandi, but I think that’s unlikely.

    Instead, I reiterate your idea: LeAnn is SWF Brandi out of pride and spite. LeAnn’s behaviour reminds me of a high school girl’s, which is a little troubling to see in an adult who has access to the kids 50% of the time and fancies herself (and acts like) their mother.

    I really hope LeAnn didn’t get a prenup. If she didn’t, it should speed up Eddie’s return to his whoring ways and the sooner the boys are out of LeAnn’s clutches, the sooner I’ll be relieved.

  178. Eileen says:

    Hakura: I think you are spot on. I think it eats at her that Brandi had to kick Eddie out-he wouldn’t leave Brandi even when brandi told him to leave, he kept trying to get her back for a month and then they hooked up a few times after he finally left. She didn’t get her prize the way she wanted him-him busting through the doors and telling Brandi its over and he is head over heels in love with his SWEETS his squinty-eyed beauty! He was forced to leave his home. She got him, but it wasn’t ideal for her and I think she is doing everything she can to be like the woman he didn’t want to give up.

  179. Forelithe says:

    Is it just me, or is she beginning to look like David Bowie ?

  180. bored says:

    Another quality Leann tweet:

    @katplummer why would I EVER want to be anyone but me?! I’ve got a pretty dang great life that’s authentically my own. I’m proud of it!
    10 hours ago

    Ok, sure hon. Feel free to continue to delude yourself. Once he is gone by way of trading up to another meal ticket and after you have played the victim for months on end and gotten very last drop of famewhoring out the the demise of the relationship, you might just start to see the huge gaping void in your life. You might just see how lacking your life really is.

  181. star says:

    love the wedding dress love the crochet dress as well! hmm i cant say the same thing for the bag though! but I am so happy for Leann and Eddie they both deserve to be happy. i know LeAnn feets havent touch the ground since and looks like never gonna touch. now i just wish for the news for little baby cibrian!

  182. Salina says:

    Star is hopeless lol moving on, they are tacky. Its a good thing those boys have Brandi. They will need some sort of normalcy as they get older. And when they realize what a fruitcake their current stepmom is they will put a stop to the bonus mom crap.

  183. Salina says:

    Star is hopeless lol moving on, they are tacky. Its a good thing those boys have Brandi. They will need some sort of normalcy as they get older. And when they realize what a fruitcake their current stepmom is they will put a stop to the bonus mom crap.

  184. brin says:

    “love the wedding dress love the crochet dress….can’t say the same thing of the bag” (Leann?)lol.

  185. Hakura says:

    @betty, KatScorp & Eileen – I’m glad I’m not alone in my opinion here, it just seems so *clear* to me now… I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before. It’s barely even about EC, if you really think about it…

    It cheapens the whole thing even further, marriage being less a life decision based on real love, & more a ‘challenge’ to win. A way to make herself feel superior to someone else (with no care for the marriage she was already in, the ‘challenge’ was all-consuming…) by taking it away from them & obtaining it for herself.

    But now she’s won the game… She got the man, the ring, & the wedding. I’m concerned about what she’s going to turn her obsessive focus on next. As someone else mentioned, the next logical step is a baby (if there isn’t a pregnancy already to explain the quick ‘surprise’ wedding). It’s really scary that she has access to the (Brandi’s) children.

    The woman obviously has issues, it’d be impossible for even her fans to deny that. (They will, of course, but they’ll be lying. They HAVE to see it as clearly as we do.) It’s really… sad that she has to make life into this. It’s so messed up, & she’ll never be truly happy or satisfied with what she has, always trying to upgrade….

  186. star says:

    @hakura agreed with some of what u said! she has the ring< she has the man , she has the surname she has everthing she wants! 1 thing is missing in that picture is a BABY !and god knows i cant wait to hear for that news ! total happines and Blessing. their relation ship is strong it lasted this far under constant hatred and ill wishes. i trully believe all this negativity making them stronger and stronger. and PLEASEEEEE her issues ?? umm like what ?? tweeting too much ?? cuz she enjoys talkin to her fans ? tweeting about KIDS ?? um nearly everysingle of BB does the same thing?? copying ?? i am even not commenting on that just SMH. lol 2 person fell in love wrong time wrong place it was WRONG but happened?its gone its in the past. i dont get what do u want ? standing up for brandi great how is bashing leann helping brandi i really dont see. same as for some fans of leann how the heck is bashing BG gonna help any how to LR besides making LR looks back, BG and EC are divorced i dont see BG complaining about money anymore?? so really what is the proplem NOW ?? so dont not getting it !

  187. skilo says:

    @Hakura I really don’t think Leann is pregnant. I could be wrong, but I think one of the reasons she tries so hard to take over as much as possible with the boys is she wants to play the mom role but is scared to actually get pregnant. She might think it would help cement the relationship(it won’t). But I’m sure she knows Eddie cheated on Brandi while she was pregnant, and it has already been made public Eddie likes her thin so, if she got pregnant it she’d be afraid he’d be turned off by it and cheat on her too (he will anyway). Plus on top of the weight she would gain she couldn’t take her psoriasis meds so she’d risk break outs, flare ups that EC probably would be turned off by as he is terribly shallow. If she wants to look the way he wants/likes pregnancy is out.

  188. star says:

    @#189 i cant see the names somehow its displaying on top of the numbers ! sure i am Leann and would say for myself that BAG doesnt look so good ! wakey wakey time to wake up u still dreaming ! lol

  189. Hakura says:

    @Star – Are you sure you’re not coming off of the Lohan tailgate hangover? (I’m kidding.) But seriously, we seem to be on different planets.

    I guess our perceptions of Leann’s actions are just coming from completely different directions. I think the woman is neurotically obsessed with Brandi, as shown by her repeated blatant efforts to imitate her.

    *Plastic surgeon & breast implant size (specifically to be the same size as Brandi’s)
    *Overstepping bounds with the children, calling herself their ‘step-mom’
    *Clothing (as documented here: http://twitpic.com/photos/mysterious67 ) Shoes, Purses, accessories, whole outfits….Bathing suits…
    *Imitating poses of Brandi’s in pictures (Here: http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/201137//300.legs.twits.lc.040711.jpg )
    *Both drive White Range Rovers
    *Ring carat size
    *Wedding location/season/SONG (“I Got You Babe”)
    *Designer of the wedding dress

    It’s just TOO many things to be coincidence &/or unintentional. How do you explain all of those similarities without admitting Leann did it on purpose?

  190. brin says:

    @skilo…great relationship, huh?

  191. skilo says:

    hey brin! I know it’s almost like a fairy tale right?

  192. betty says:

    @Hakura&skilo I totally agree.I think Leann is afraid or has conception problems thats why shes never been pregnant. I wish she would get pregnant soon so she could leave Brandi kids alone they don’t need her in their lives she has too many major hang ups. @Star You are as delusional as Leann she doesn’t have everything she wants > she just have the trappings if she had what she wanted she would not be so insecure.Her relationship with Eddie is fragile and she knows it thats why she has all these hangups about Brandi or any woman she sees as a threat.

  193. brin says:

    More like a nightmare, don’t ya think? lol!

  194. star says:

    @hakura i m defnetely sure we must be in a different planet. lol and wow im very impressed by ur knowlegde of implant sizes. here is the thing i e seen those pictures, yes same shoes have u heard anthn called FASHION ? or did they made 2 pair only and 1 BG got and Leann tried so hard to find the second pair so she can copy/stalk B. umm seen the BIKINI pictures !it is obviously not considered or just turned blind eye to putin those pose on twitter like that! are we all forgetting she is mother of 2 BOYS and nearly half naked pictures all over the internet ohh wait i forgot she was ex model right so it must be ok. i hope it ll be by boys to see their mum half (more then half naked) back to subject even though it looks similar why those 2 bikinis looks like covers more on Leann and less on B especialy the bottom part!. but again i can show u another million of pictures that with same BIKINI, so u r still not gettin me there. whatss left ahh the pose Leann tweeted saying she is going to take her legs picture to show that it does not look as skinny as it looks on those pictures, umm she was sun bathing like any other at least half a million (im just bein generous here cuz number is much higher then that) and took the picture of her legs. i ahve actually posted on my twitter page near enough same pose that adrienne C. posted and i do know K kardashin and there e more celebs with the same pose like normal ppl too, blimey i even got the same pose from my young and skinny days. so ur case is lost there too, about the hair i m also pretty sure BG hair coulor is darker then Le and the style so she has the similar fringe i m not sure what u call them bangs?? bands? somthn like that. it is so not the same. do i have to tell that she was asked to wear the acra wedding dress, and we all know it is 1 of the best designers out there so BG got a good taste too. its hard to go up on down with my dislexia so forgive me if i forgot smthn ! beach wedding ! yeah umm it is so not popular right ?? who has a beah wedding besides BG ? song i heard it was not a same song but some kinda karaoke song they did together (but if it is really the same song eddie and BG got on their wedding i have to tell u that is stupid so stupid and i would straight tell that to Leann s face! ) driving same car again i m going to tell her to change the car asap ! so u again sure BG bought the car B4 LR) Dear HAKURA i do see most of ur points i felt like i was really tryin to defend LR but my head does not get the idea of her really copying BG, what to copy ? i simply cant see and cant believe it? call me what ever u want i just dont see it. ohh and SHE IS A STEPMUM ?? so what am i missing there ??

  195. why? says:


    Since no one was saying nice things about your wedding, you thought you would hit EVERY blog and do it yourself?

    All this damage control wouldn’t even be necessary if you would have just shut up and laid low.

    The problem is YOU. Lay low, shut up, give the media and public some time miss you, and no two weeks isn’t enough.

    You know that your interview made things worse and now when that People mag spread comes out, do you really think that things are going to get better for you?

    How many ways can the public say that they don’t like you?

    Instead of coming to these sites and posing as your own fans, why don’t you go and downlaod your song from ITUNES.

  196. why? says:

    There is no doubt about it STAR=Leann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. star says:

    omg i wonder where was my gwenie ! here here gwenie ! lol there r so mnay ppl who knows me here so pls dont start STAR is Leann crap ! they ll just laugh at you,! lol @betty i really must be delusional but no more then you all bunch here !

  198. Messenger Of Truth says:

    For the love of all things holy, close the thread-NOW!

  199. star says:

    @ hakura i just find a lil info about the car. first of all learned that LR owned a RR since she was 17 and BG drives a RR SPORT LR drives a RR HSE that there are two of in the country with different wheels and completely her own cause its got customised put black mat $6000 rims on it and custom painted several things on the outside. so here u go it is a diffent car way more expensive then BG and nope NOT same at all! and bought way before BG s ! so i hope we are clear there. and i also heard that beach house was offered to her by a very close friend it was going to be at the Parker in Palm springs till the last minute!! As for dress i said earlier Reem asked if she can MAKE her dress for Le and as far as i know BG bought hers? so u see why i dont believe this accusations ! u see a white colored car ahh LR drives the same car she is copying from BG !! just getting aboit way too annoyin! ahh for the wedding songs ! uhh ahh i digged that out too none of the music was played not even similar at Le and Eddie s wedding they had this old hollywood theme going on with Joe Purdy David gray ray LaMontagne patty griffin….. well you all going to hear soon anyway! wow i did my home homework well right ??! lets hope i wont get in to trouble ! lol

  200. AmityvilleHouse says:

    I think people like Star mean well, but they are so brainwashed by their fandom of Leann that they don’t WANT to believe the hard evidence.

    Just on one point, sure, ok, the designer offered her services to LR. That didn’t mean LR had to ACCEPT! I’m sure she knew, or Acra whoever her name is, told LR somewhere in conversation that she designed Brandi’s dress as well. LR KNOWS how much she is accused of copying Brandi, therefore she should have said NO! Thanks, but no thanks. Are you telling me that is the only designer she could have gotten? There are literally hundreds of designers out there! But no, she had to agree to the one Brandi had. Common sense would tell one, that given the sensitivity of the circumstances, LR would have declined. If she was really innocent and determined not to copy Brandi, she would have gone with another designer. Simple as that.

  201. Hakura says:

    What was I thinking? Lord knows we ALL show up wearing the same clothing/accessories as our man’s ex a week after she’s pictured wearing it.

    I never mentioned anyone’s hair. Their hair was similar, but I didn’t include that in my list. The ‘request’ made to the plastic surgeon for the same size implant was mentioned in several articles, I didn’t come up with that one on my own. (I couldn’t.)

    It’s just too many coincidences. Making excuses that don’t explain the imitation isn’t convincing anyone, it’s just making it more obvious.

  202. betty says:

    @Star We might be delusional but not so much we can’t tell fact from fiction. Stop with the bullshit about the car and the designer to much info and Leann still is copying Brandi,no matter how you try to explain it. I’m like Gwen now you must be Leann you know to much info to be a fan/You can’t look this up.I bet Brandi wedding had class and Eddie didn’t make a tasteless toast in front of his guests and their parents. It sure did not show Leann in a favorable light talking about a past and future wedding at his present one. It just typifies the type of relationship this farce was built on.

  203. Bunnywabba says:

    I would def wanna marry a man who cheated on his wife and the mother of his children. She is a homewrecker too. Not to mention she looks like she should be part of a petting zoo. Oh and her boob job looks botched.

  204. Hakura says:

    @Star – It’s a bit creepy how much you seem to know about their cars, & housing situation… Goes beyond ‘doing your homework’.

  205. star says:

    @betty betty dear betty !! i am NOT LeAnn and u so know it! what happened proving u wrong made u go OUCH !

  206. star says:

    i am not making excuses im just stating facts ! that is all !

  207. Captain Obvious says:

    Nice work, Star! Well now we can put a lid on all of the delusional insinuations that LRC was somehow trying to “copy” BG. I guess we’re supposed to assume LeAnn is not allowed to breathe air, go to the beach, drive a car, get married, wear a wedding dress, have music at her wedding BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, otherwise she’ll be “copying” someone. What a joke!

  208. Baylor says:

    “The country singer, who was in town filming a CMT Original Movie called Reel Love, clearly displayed her three Jason Palacheck diamond wedding bands, which represent Cibrian and his two sons, Mason and Jake, from his marriage with Brandi Glanville.”

    Wow! She had to to include his kids in her wedding band?! WTF?! Who does that? She is really trying to claim Brandi’s boys any imaginable way she can isn’t she?! Someone needs to inform her that she has no legal rights whatsoever to them though.

    In the birthday party pics, you can see the boys are really enjoying Brandi and just adore her. Then Leann comes walking out and tries to talk to the younger one. Probably hoping the paps take pics of them all interacting/ being one happy family. You can tell the boys don’t have near as much love for her as they do for Brandi. LeAnn was probably hoping that it would seem like they do but it was not to be!LOL!

  209. Hakura says:

    I stick by my original statement. It’s impossible for even Leann’s fans to deny the truth. They will (& have, of course), but it’s lying & pointless making of excuses. (Though I’m impressed someone so closely associated to Leann (if not the woman herself) felt the need to argue, betraying their identity with a ridiculous amount of inside information. Bravo.

    Even 2-3 similarities may have flown as coincidences, but not THIS many.

  210. skilo says:

    The country singer, who was in town filming a CMT Original Movie called Reel Love, clearly displayed her three Jason Palacheck diamond wedding bands, which represent Cibrian and his two sons, Mason and Jake, from his marriage with Brandi Glanville.

  211. DGO says:

    Star = Asu freak.

    As far as LeAnn getting pregnant, she’s allegedly on Remicade for psoraisis. There’s a whole host of birth defect risks for a Remi baby, so I doubt she’ll get pregnant soon, although with the Squinty One, who knows?

  212. betty says:

    @Star Who are you? You are not just a fan,but someone in her circle to have this type of info. As I posted we know fact from fiction.@Skilo That ring thing is just another delusion of Leann Brandi is their mother and number one in their lives even Eddie comes second just goes to show how warped her sense of thinking is she will never be able to push Brandi in the background where her kids are concerned there is a bond between them that can’t be broken.

  213. Captain Obvious says:


    What is the point of writing that hateful personal insult in your post about Asu? You went on to discuss another entirely unrelated issue, but you had to include that evil comment in your post, why? I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish by personally attacking someone who has continued to insist on not name calling. Even when multiple people were coming at her, she would never stoop to that level. You are rude and out of line.

  214. star says:

    @captain obvious thx but u didnt need to. this is not the first time igot called names and definetely wont be the last time. this how some ppl are.some can agree to disagree some cant and goes hiding behind name calling and rude remaks. lol it just shows you what kinda of a person behind the screen, u dont need to see them but sure you know HOW they are :) thx again good night my dear! xox

  215. why? says:

    STAR and Caption Obvious

    Is on some serious DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STAR mission: convince people that Leann isn’t SWF Brandi, despite the fact that there are numerous documented cases of Leann doing just that.

    What does she use to support her facts?

    Details about Leann’s cars:
    a) She knows how long LR has owed her car(ie owned it since she was 17)

    b) She knows the different make and model of BOTH cars (ie-BG drives a RR SPORT LR drives a RR HSE)

    c) How many there are(ie- two of in the country with different wheels)

    d) Minor details (ie-customised put black mat $6000 rims on it and custom painted several things on the outside)

    e) How much the car costs(ie-way more expensive then BG)

    Details about where Leann was going to have her wedding even though she has said over and over that she was surprised by LR wedding:

    a) Beach house offered to her by a very close friend

    b) where Leann originally planned to have her wedding(ie- going to be at the Parker in Palm springs till the last minute)

    Details about her dress
    a) LR was a gift from the designer while BG bought her dress

    I have just one question. How does STAR know all this background info? That means either she is Leann(and has found away to skew the ISPs), and if she isn’t Leann, then it means that LR is feeding STAR info and using her a puppet on these sites(since she is LR puppet, then we might as well call her Leann).

  216. why? says:

    Caption Obvious,

    STAR is not the victim. Perhaps if she got off the DAMAGE CONTROL duty, she won’t have to worry about other posters coming after her.

    What you are having a hard time understanding is why Leann’s band=aid(aka her interview with GAC) failed to get LR sympathy and support from the media.

  217. brin says:

    All Leann’s fanatics are out in force but no one seems to be buying what they are selling.

  218. Eileen says:

    You guys STAR isn’t Leann-its Asu. I think this will tell you ALL loud and clear just how much info Leann shares with her “fanatics” on DMs over Twitter. And she doens’t just do it with Asu, she does it with ALL of them. She even let’s them hear private phone calls or messages saved from a while back from Brandi to Eddie. THIS is why all those fans over there are so fanatic about her. She takes you in gives you private info, no matter if its the truth or not, doesn’t matter…makes them feel like they are special and then releases them into the world to do her nasty dirty work like posting sick photoshopped pics of Brandi, making account spoofing Brandi aka Brandiliarville, and open fake accounts to harass anyone who doens’t like Leann. She openly talks to these people who harass Brandi everyday and laughs at what they do.
    Leann’s in higschool and these are her little click who bullies anyone who doesn’t like the head cheerleader.

  219. MaudeLebowski says:

    “For the love of all things holy, close the thread-NOW!”

    My comment got erased entirely, but this one’s fine. It’s the same premise, and I’m nowhere near the first person to speak it, but yay.

  220. brin says:

    @Eileen….hey girl, they really are out on many sites, too bad they aren’t changing hearts & minds…lol.

  221. krissi says:

    Saw a great quote on another post about Leann from a lady named Kathy…

    “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Judgment is JUST as much a sin as infidelity. Most of you would do well to remember both of those little pieces of Biblical advice!

  222. EbonyShiksa says:


    I think it’s human nature to judge, but it’s what you DO w/ those judgements against you that makes a difference.

    LR has chosen to ignore them. Which is why her career is, and always will be, in the crapper.

  223. betty says:

    @Star You are a phony as I always posted and have been outed.You claim you have known Leann for a short period of time but seem to have a lot of info. We know better. @Krissi Since you like biblical quotes..Thou shalt not commit adultery also Thou shalt no covet thy neighbors husband. Too bad Leann mother never gave her the tools to learn these.

  224. krissi says:

    @Betty – did you read that I put infidelity is a sin too?? I did not leave that out.

    @EbonyShiksa – yes it is human nature to judge, as it is for people to lust, or admire or look but don’t touch even when they are married or with a significant other. But it is what you DO with those thoughts that makes it wrong or right. We are HUMAN. that have made mistakes….. ALL OF US!!!!!!

    That is why Leann is in the wrong, she chose to lust and act on it. (as did Eddie) No one is denying that. Just as you are not denying that you are judging her. You guys speak of KARMA coming back around to bite her…. well let it! Let it bite her, without bring yourselves down to that level and letting KARMA come back to get you too.

    Brandi looks as if she has moved on…. am I wrong?

  225. Hakura says:

    Karma *will* come back around for Leann. (I think it already has, destroying her public image, & what’s left of her ‘career‘.) She is one of few performers with singing talent these days… It really shows how much people dislike her that she can’t be successful putting out music.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who *so* needed to just… stop talking publicly. She’s only further damaging her image by making excuses for her wrong actions. You can only blame your parents for so much, even her parents.

    Basically, to put it bluntly, she needs to shut up. People would gradually warm up to her (forget the things she’s done) if she would. Stalking Brandi & being openly vindictive to her (continuing her original ‘wrong actions’) is not winning her any fans.

    It’s just not *smart* business practice for her to continue her behavior, even taking all ‘morality’ out of the picture.

  226. betty says:

    @Krissi As long as Leann keeps promoting her personal life and her selfish acts on the net she will be critique. She keeps putting it out there and we post what we think. Most celebs shy away from media exposure regarding their personal life,but not her she loves tweeting and her show and tell photos about every segment of her life and inappropriate behavior with another womans kids. She is not the only woman to marry a man with children. She tries to give the impression the kids love her as they do their mother which we know is not a fact. What gives her the audacity to think marriage to that scumbag gives her any rights as their mother. She said herself she had no tools so what does she have to offer beside her bankroll. and it takes more than that to raise kids,much more.

  227. Baylor says:

    According to People magazine, it was LeAnn who was adament about having the three wedding rings to symbolize the boys. Of course it was! Any way she can find to stick it to Brandi, she will do it!

    The article also said that she had Eddie’s ring engraved with the words : “I love you more.” What does that mean? I love you more than Brandi did? I love you more than I ever loved Dean?

    If she means, I love you more than you love me, than she is right! She is way more into him!

  228. brin says:

    @Baylor…well, since she’s paying for everything, I guess she gets whatever she wants, even if it is the most distasteful thing to do.

  229. Baylor says:

    BTW, I agree with you Betty. LeAnn wanted/wants people to think that the boys love her just as much as they love Brandi. You can tell that is not true by just looking at the birthday pictures. Bet you anything that is what she wanted the birthday party parking lot pictures to convery when she went out there to talk to boys. She wanted people to see one big happy family and the boys interacting with their “two moms,” loving them equally. LOL!

  230. betty says:

    @Baylor If she thought thats what those pictures conveyed she is delusional.The party and guests were inside and the kids were outside with their mother. Leann walked out trying to appear as if they were interacting she was the one doing the interacting;Leann knows she does not exist when Brandi is around.They act like most kids when it comes to Mommy.

  231. why? says:

    Why is LR so predictable?

    LR is indeed releasing her and EC wedding photos with People mag on Friday, the same day of the Royal Wedding. Wow, like that is still going to make the public interested in her lovefest with that cheater.

    LR is SO insecure and do they not understand how much damage she is doing by releasing an article about her wedding/ring/thong/how she spent the time with EC before their wedding each and every day from People mag? What I also find funny is that her wedding didn’t trend until 4 days after it happened and that only happened after she went off on US Weekly for saying that she was SWF BG. So does CMT see a problem here? Of course LR and DB see the problem, it’s why they are hitting every site with some mad damage control.