Sarah Shahi bashes Paris Hilton on Twitter: “Horrible excuse for a human being”


I’ve loved Sarah Shahi for years, and now I have another reason to adore her. First, Sarah Shahi is on USA’s Fairly Legal, but I fell for her on that years-old NBC show, Life, which starred Damian Lewis (gorgeous, ginger, British). I also like her because she’s cute as hell, she has a great figure and she’s not really a famewhore in any way, shape or form. That being said, she does have a Twitter account (SO DO I, ZOMG), and she will bitch out random celebrities. But that just adds to why I love her.

So, the story seems to be that Paris Hilton almost “accidentally” ran over Sarah the other day. So Sarah got on her Twitter and sent out these tweets:


[From Sarah Shahi’s Twitter]

Cosign with all of that. Except I think it’s quite easy to get equally angry with Paris Hilton even if you’re not a mom. After all, I don’t want to drive on any roads where Paris might be lurking, and the thought of her driving like a maniac fills me with rage too.

Team Shahi!


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  1. LisaMarie says:

    I’ve never heard of this girl before, but I like her already!

  2. rissa says:

    her and lindsay need to get in a car accident with each other

  3. wonderwoman21 says:

    Maybe Paris Hilton’s feet are so big it was hard to remove it from the gas pedal on time, a 48″ foot can’t be easy to move in a moments notice.

  4. Rhiley says:

    She needs a guest starring appearance on Modern Family. She could play Gloria’s cousin or someone. I bet she and Sofia would be a laugh a minute together.

  5. Relli says:

    I have been loving Fairly Legal, she is so beautiful ! this makes me adore her!

  6. Amanda G says:

    Never heard of her, but anyone who hates Paris is okay by me!

  7. Shelley says:

    *Loved* her on “Life” – wasn’t that the best show ever?! And love her more now.

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    Team Shahi!

    I also fell in love with her on Life (WHY OH WHY did that awesome show get canceled??), did you guys know that in the pilot episode of Supernatural, Sarah played The Lady In White? Yep!

  9. melissa says:

    Ditto on the feet comment. I never cease to be amazed at the enormity of Paris’ feet. I guess you can have all the money in the world, but I’m thinking there is no solution to ginormous feet. Notice she never ever goes barefoot?

  10. Kim says:

    I dont love Paris but this girl has a gutter mouth and embarasses herself by being unclassy. A grown woman calling another woman names is classless.

  11. Sarah says:

    Never heard of her but I love her already. From what I can tell from these pics, she’s beautfiul.

  12. jackie says:

    So her life is worth more because she is a mom? As someone who is “not a mom”, I find that quite insulting. I’ve never heard of her either; maybe that is why she is bashing Paris, so she will get some attention. I am not a Paris fan at all, but that “mom” remark pisses me off.

  13. hottathanholywatta says:

    finally, she speaks on behalf of all of us instead of kissing that parasite’s ass

  14. RobN says:

    Another nobody trying to cash in on somebody else’s celebrity.

  15. KimiErin says:

    Haha, I love her! Paris needs to go away.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I don’t watch her show, but she’s gorgeous and awesome for calling out Parisite like that!

  17. OtherChris says:

    I agree with her, but it doesn’t do any good to insult Paris and it probably just makes the person doing it look bad.

  18. Betsy says:

    Class shmass. I have no idea who this chick is but if she is bitching out that wretch Paris Hilton then she is OK with me!

  19. Smitten says:

    I only know her from the L Word.. enough said! Hot Hot Hot!

  20. marge says:

    @ Jackie, it’s not that a monm’s life is worth more, but your child’s is (to you), and just the thought of being in a car accident with your child is horrible… Don’t overreact to a very natural thing.

  21. Samigirl says:

    @Jackie, I don’t think she means it that way. I think she’s saying that she wouldn’t be paying as much attention to driving, or caring as much about how someone else drives, if she wasn’t a mother. That comment she made about “what if there was a kid around the corner?”
    I don’t think she’s saying her life is more meaningful bc she’s a mom, I think she’s expressing genuine concern for children who do walk around the block, cross streets, etc. Paris didn’t stop at a stop sign, took a corner…if there was a child there, death could result. She wasn’t saying “ohhh all these non mothers can suck it, your lives aren’t worth anything”…or whatever you seem to be thinking. IMO, of course :)

  22. brenda says:

    @ jackie
    I don’t think she is saying her life is worth more. I think she means she is a mom and is more upset because the blond bimbo could have ran over her child or other children.

  23. k says:

    What ignorant classless people to use a person’s foot size as a means of snarking.

    Please, pick something else about Hilton that is purely the result of her own idiocy and self-absorption. She offers so much free material, and you’re fixated on her feet?

  24. jc126 says:

    That “mom” remark grates. As if those who don’t have children don’t value human life other than their own lives, or their lives don’t matter as much if they get hit, etc. Some of those who don’t have kids value ALL life regardless. And would be just as upset over a child getting hit or killed even though they don’t have kids.

  25. OhMyMy says:

    @Kaiser: I so totally agree with you on this one!

    I loved her in Life and I was totally bummed when they cancelled it.

    Love her in Fairly Legal too. Her Wizard of Oz ringtones crack me up.

    Come to find out she’s a decent human being with the balls to call out the likes of Paris Hilton…yeah baby!

    FYI…she’s married to Steve Howey who starred in Reba.

  26. Annie says:

    I’m not a big fan of Paris’s but all this constant ragging on Paris is getting old; it’s so 2005. In the big scheme of annoying celebs Paris seems pretty tame imo. Anyone can dislike Hilton it’s not that clever or funny. This Sarah could be a total snooty bitch for all we know.

    Also I hate it when people have kids and instantly turn all holier than thou and all “you don’t know anything, your’re not a parent.” As if others wouldn’t care about innocent kids getting run over just because they’re not a mom.

  27. gg says:

    She could’ve called her out in a far classier manner.

  28. Tia C says:

    Not that I disagree with the sentiment of her tweets, but if she really wanted to get a message TO Paris, why not send her an actual personal message rather than using Twatter to do it? Seems immature and pointless at best, infantile and stupid at worst.

    She was also in “The L Word” – as the most unbelievably good looking lesbian I’ve ever seen, LOL.

  29. Jamie says:

    RobN, oh is that what Paris is? She’s famous for doing absolutely nothing. She IS useless.

    Completely agree with marge, Samigirl and brenda. I think everyone is overreacting about Sarah’s ‘mom’ comment. She wasn’t saying that people who don’t have children’s lives aren’t worth as much as hers. She’s saying that since she’s a mom, she pays more attention to how people drive. Paris was driving recklessly and if it had been a child coming around that corner instead of Sarah, Paris could have easily run them over because she wasn’t paying attention to how she was driving. Sarah’s absolutely right.

    TEAM SHAHI FTW! I love her just for the sheer fact that she bitched out Paris on Twitter. Thank God someone did.

  30. Whatever says:

    So her life is worth more because she is a mom? As someone who is “not a mom”, I find that quite insulting.
    That’s not how I read it. She wasn’t saying that she wouldn’t care if she got run over if she wasn’t a mom. Her comment before that was about paris then running a stop sign and what if a kid was coming around the corner. Then, I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t a mom. I took that to mean she wouldn’t even be aware of the fact that a kid could have been coming around the corner if she wasn’t a mom. Being a mom makes you think about stuff like that more than before having kids. I really don’t think she’s saying its ok to run down women, as long as they don’t have kids!

  31. Amy says:

    Oh, would you guys stop ragging on her for the “mom” comment? She didn’t mean it like you think. She is 100% awesome for this. Let her be awesome!

  32. mia girl says:

    By saying “I wouldn’t be as pissed if I wasn’t a mom” I really dont think that she is insulting women who are not moms. Take a breath and think about it.

    Its seems like she is saying that she wouldn’t be going AS ape sh*t on Hilton if she wasn’t thinking about how her kid or any kid could have been hurt. She is not saying mom and non-moms value life differently. Someone with no kids might have had the same sentiment and said “I wouldn’t as pissed but there could be kids around.”

    It is coming from the perspective of knowing that kids simply do not pay as much attention to their surroundings making them especially vulnerable to careless drivers like Hilton. That is all.

  33. Victoire says:

    Never heard for her, but she’s great ! =) Hahah

  34. TXCinderella says:

    She is beautiful…and she’s not afraid to call these other celebs out. I like the way she thinks!

  35. TeeTee says:

    gorgeous lady!!

    and its refreshing to see, she speaks her mind and in this instance the stone cold TRUTH!

    Paris must have been rushing to her dealer or something.

  36. jc126 says:

    People without kids aren’t as aware that a kid could be coming around a corner and could get hurt? I don’t think that’s at all true.

  37. KCT says:

    Say it once and then get over it already. It’s obvious she was having a bad day and felt like ranting. Childish – like something Paris would do.

  38. anyhoo says:

    don’t know her but i am now in love and will watch anything she acts in.

  39. bluhare says:

    Us non-moms wouldn’t get as worked up about comments like this if it weren’t for all the “how do you know, you don’t have kids?”, “I didn’t know what love was until I had kids”, and “blahblahblah because I’m a mom” comments we hear all the time.

    In this case I agree that she was just saying that having children made her more aware of accident possibilities, but my first reaction was like other posters. That we, as non moms, don’t have a clue about anything as we don’t have a child. Sorry, but that’s how some of those mom comments come across.

    But way to dis Paris, Sarah!

  40. jamie says:

    all that matters is that she called paris out for being the trash that she is

  41. Annie says:

    She’s trying to get her name out there. She went about it in a classless way.

  42. ADS says:

    Anyone who is privy to The L Word will not be shocked at Sarah Shahi’s awesomeness. She still has quite a fanbase cause of that show. Foxxy lady.

  43. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @bluhare: Exactly!!! & what’s more, some moms…have no idea WTF they’re doing!

  44. Janna says:

    She’s not the worst human being ever. That’s for pedophiles and murderers. But she is wasted space on this planet. I find it funny she’s still single and has slept with a gazillion guys and none stick with her. Her dumb baby talk isn’t working at age 30 or 31, whatever she is.

  45. Katie says:

    I have had a girl crush on Sarah ever since she was on the L word. Then I LOVED life and was so sad it cancelled. But she is gorgeous and I love her and it’s cool that’s she cool, which judging by this, she is.

  46. Delta Juliet says:

    Oh jeez are we getting offended because she commented that she is a mom? Are we really that sensitive now?
    The rest of her tweet seemed kind of loony but come on.

  47. Liana says:

    She’s trying to get her name out there. She went about it in a classless way.

    * * * * *

    She doesn’t need Paris Hilton to “get her name out there.” She’s a working actress while Hilton is a working… um… not working… um…. yeah, stumped myself there.

  48. Anti-icon says:

    I recognize lovely Sarah’s face. Hey, I don’t even want to be in the same zip code as Paris Hilton–that’s how strong I believe her STDs to be.

  49. Camille says:

    Don’t know who this girl is, but she has a new fan in me! :D

  50. Kim says:

    I remember this girl acting VERY innappropriate at a Hollywood party and there were pics of it online at the time of her sticking out her tongue in provocative ways and acting like a drunken, classless fool so I dont think she is the barometer of judging class.

    Regardless of how i feel about Paris i will say anyone with an ounce of class doesnt publicly Twitter that another person a piece of ….

    She can tell her friends etc but to take to Twitter and type it for the world makes me think she is simply looking for some attention.

    She is after all, as a mother, calling another mothers daughter a waste of a human being! How would she feel if someone said this about her child? She is being hypocritical.

  51. fizXgirl314 says:

    How much “balls” does it really take to call out Paris Hilton anyway? She’s kind of a joke. Even the PH is useless,this doesn’t really impress me that much… Also “non-moms” value lives just as much as anyone else. For her to think otherwise is kind of stupid.

  52. Eve says:

    She was also fabulous on The L Word.

  53. michelle says:

    I didnt know who this woman was before she dissed Parasite but I like her already wish more peole had that kind of courage!!!

  54. AmityvilleHouse says:

    You know what I picture when I imagine Paris Hilton driving? That movie ‘Clueless’, where Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher is driving her jeep at the start of the movie and hits a pot plant or something and she goes “boy that came out of no where!” and continues on, grinning.

  55. zesty says:

    How in the world do you guys trying to defend her “mom” comment know exactly what she meant? I always think people sound weird when they say stuff like that anyway because it comes across as if before they had kids they were compassionless clueballs.

    Edit: And it does seem kinda hypocritical to totally trash someone while using the mom card.

  56. Blithe says:

    Yes, Paris is horrible but this story has left me with an unfavourable first impression of Sarah Shahi.

  57. Pia says:

    She will always be Carmen on the L Word to me. Loved her then – super hot!

  58. Eileen says:

    I’ve never heard of her, but she is gorgeous.

  59. Rachael says:

    She was also in season 1 of Alias. Her character dated Will Tippin (the now very famous Bradley Cooper) if I recall.

  60. BRE says:

    I’m so glad Sarah is finally getting noticed, I have always thought she was by far one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. She started out as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, actually, but I loved her as Carmen on the L word, she was stunning!

  61. Isa says:

    Honestly, before I was a mom I was a “compassionless clueball.” I will admit that. Stuff that makes me mad now I would’ve just rolled my eyes at back then. Also, motherhood has made me slightly morbid in the way I always imagine the worst scenarios.

    Of course it doesn’t take being a mom to think this way, but for some of us it does. Maybe she used to not think this way before she had a child? She could simply be speaking about herself.

  62. jill says:

    maybe Paris’ size 11 foot slipped off the gas pedal. it could happen.

  63. khaveman says:

    She swears like a sailor, as they say. Kind of trashy. It’s just rage-tweeting and it’s so overdone. The LAPD are in charge of traffic violations — call them. I don’t like Paris that much, but I don’t think it’s my place to call someone a piece of $hit. That’s pretty vulgar. Paris is merely an insensitive driver. She needs tickets, not some actress calling her out and riding her fame for her own benefit.

  64. LuckyLilGem says:

    Sarah looks so pretty in the photo and then you read what’s on her mind and it’s ugly. Like she didn’t think she would get attention by berating Paris Hilton on twitter??

  65. Dorrie says:

    Loved Sarah on Life. God, I still miss that show! Damian Lewis was also awesome, of course.

    As for whether her tweets are appropriate or not, for God’s sake, they’re tweets, not the New York Times.

  66. Faye says:

    Yet another piece of documentation in the annals of how much Paris doesn’t give two turds about anyone but herself.

    I don’t know anything about Sarah Shahi, however. I’m glad she didn’t get hit, though.

  67. Leah says:

    She also had a guest spot on Reba too because she is married to Steve Howey (who played Van).

    She is super pretty.

  68. June says:

    I was introduced to her while watching The L Word. GREAT SHOW.

  69. Jamie says:

    @Janna, actually she’s NOT single. She’s married to Steve Howey, who used to be on Reba. Might want to brush up on your info.

    @Liana, haha – so true. LOL

    @zesty, oh you mean the same way that those who are berating her for the comment don’t know that she meant it in the way they’re assuming?

    Oh for God’s sake, she wasn’t saying ‘non-moms’ don’t value life as much as moms do. Stop overreacting. People are so god damn sensitive these days, it’s ridiculous. Paris deserved it. I’m so sick of her sense of self-entitlement and being famous for having absolutely no talent whatsoever and doing nothing with her life. She should have been more careful and Sarah was right to call her out IMO.

  70. tracking says:

    She is stunning and right about Paris Hilton (though words could have been better chosen). I miss “Life” too!

  71. Zelda says:

    I had never heard her name, but recognized her immediately from the pic as the woman from a half episode of the Sopranos. It is simply impossible to forget one of the most beautiful people in the whole world.

    And I like how much she swears.

    HGF nomination please.

  72. soompi_er says:

    @ Liana and Jamie, agreed!

    @ Isa, exactly.

    @ zesty, and how do you know exactly what she means?

    Lol. I don’t think she’s trying to be a model of class nor is she claiming to have a better gauge at the value of human life than non-moms. I’m a non-mom, and I take no offense with what’s she’s saying. Her “mom” stance is very innocuous. And really, the main and more serious point (than the expletives contained in her tweets or her “mom” comment) was that Paris was driving recklessly yet again and could have easily hurt somebody. Good for some of you “classy” folks if you can take the high road (no pun intended) and manage to stay calm or call out Paris “with class” after nearly being run over, but if it were me, I’d probably say worse things than Sarah. Just saying, can’t really blame Sarah for going off with her tweets.

  73. tmbg says:

    I took the “if I wasn’t a mom” comment to mean that she’s pissed because if she was injured by Hilton or God forbid killed, her child would be left without a mom (either temporarily or forever). Could be wrong, of course.

  74. Hakura says:

    @Kim“I dont love Paris but this girl has a gutter mouth and embarasses herself by being unclassy. A grown woman calling another woman names is classless.”

    If I was almost run over (especially by a brainless twit with a very ‘documented’ lack of responsibility where road safety is concerned), you can bet you’d be hearing much worse in the cursing department than ‘bitch’ from pretty much everyone else here, including myself.

    I’m all for class, but sometimes there’s just nothing quite as appropriate as a quickly chosen 4 letter word.