Madonna and Guy: The Way They Were (a photo retrospective)

Fame Pictures put together some of the photos in this amusing and touching retrospective of Madonna and Guy Richie’s nine year relationship. Some of the photos are kind of telling and may give vague clues as to whichever dynamic they had going on in their relationship, which many of you are speculating about. It’s hard to tell what went on behind closed doors, but it’s easy to see that as Madonna’s star got brighter by sheer force of will Guy’s just sort of dimmed. It was like he threw his hands up and became Mr. Madonna. That was due in no small part to the bomb of a movie he made in 2002, Swept Away, starring his wife. After that things were never quite the same for Guy’s career. At least Madonna swore off acting after that film.

Ritchie is currently directing Sherlock Holmes in London while Madonna remains in NY.

Photos are individually dated. Credit for newer photos: Bauergriffinonline. Older photos are from Fame Pictures.

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  1. blech. says:

    You know what, seeing their time together like this all at once…
    makes me really sad for them, and the love they once shared.
    I hope they can maintain a good relationship for their children.

  2. Kayla says:

    Whether you care or not Madonna you let us down with this. We love Guy! He was there for you, he was good for you, and he PUT UP with you. You could have made this work.

  3. SeVen says:

    Yeah…wow… seemed like everyone was sorta rooting for their divorce when the rumors were about now that its here we’re all sad…. Divorce is icky no matter who it is… I dont want to seem biased to anything but I deff feel that Madonna is involved with A-rod which is a downgrade imo. He might make more money then Guy but i think Guy loved her.

  4. eatavag says:

    He is one handsome man that’s for sure. Maybe it was his idea… maybe it has nothing to do with A-Rod. Maybe he realized that she’s pushing elderly and he’s still a hot young thing. who knows.

  5. Jess says:

    It seems like they were together for more than nine years somehow, which makes it seem more sad. I wish them luck and hope they can stay friends, if possible.

  6. Rose says:

    Shut up Kayla, you don’t know anything about their marriage.

  7. RAN says:

    Good gravy Rose, dial it back a notch! Cheese and rice…. Kayla is commenting from her perspective, she didn’t threaten the kids or anything. :roll:

  8. A.J. says:

    In the last few photos, it looks as if Guy is clinging to her for dear life. Makes me sad, because despite how much of a powertripping, control freak, frigid bitch Madonna is, he genuinely seemed to love and care for her.

    Meh. He’ll be better off without her. And my sympathy to the children; it’s always tough when kids are involved.

  9. says:

    ummmmmmmmmm….i’m not quite sure i would EVER say that guy richie had resigned himself to Mr. Madonna. he has a HUGE fanbase and is a very talented director with lots of successful movies. geez.

    but i do have to say, madonna looked fabulous in the 2006 pictures, after that she just starts looking a little…strange…

    and i like the pictures of guy holding rocco when he was a baby, any man that knows how to hold a sleeping baby like that, where you cradle their head with your head and neck so they can sleep and still remain supported on you is a good dad. that a technique that REAL parents do in every day life when they are carrying their kid around…good for him. it looks like he actually hands on takes care of his children.

  10. smit33 says:

    Are there really any people who cares if they divorce or not ?

  11. Jinxy says:

    I hope that guy gets partial custody of the kids, he clearly loves them, and while Lourdes isn’t his, he loves Rocco and David, Guy says such sweet loving things about that little baby and how much he loves David, I do hope she stays close so he can be there for the kids too.

    It’s sad when anyone’s marriage collapses, they are both in pain, and hopefully both will take the high road. There is plenty of money for everyone involved.

  12. Trashaddict says:

    What did Madonna’s mother die of? She’s looking either medically ill in the later pictures, or drugged out on something. Maybe the current craziness is in reaction to a serious illness??? Maybe they quit the marriage because she wouldn’t slow down and take care of herself, she really looks scary sick these days.

  13. Baholicious says:

    @Trashaddict: her mother died of cancer. Not sure what type though.

  14. Rachel says:

    Why is he always the one holding onto her arm (as if trying to hold her back) :\

  15. jamie-- says:

    Seriously, poor Guy spent 7+ years with
    an egomaniac, control freak who said the hardest part of her marraige was “not being right all the time” (because you know she thinks she is).
    This guy deserves a hella lot of money and some kind of award!!! :lol:

  16. Jeanne says:

    Judging from the pix their union never appeared lovey-dovey. He’s boyish and she’s haggish. They look uncomfortable in almost all of the pictures. She never spoke well or fond of him in interviews. What did they ever have in common anyway? Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez look happier than these two. Guy should be happy to be rid of her, get custody of your boy, Madonna’s life is no life for little kids, and make the greedy bitch pay.