Did Leo DiCaprio dump Bar Refaeli so he could screw around with Blake Lively?


Bar Refaeli was at the Met Gala two nights ago, although she barely got any attention because of all of the A-listers there (sidenote: CB and I were discussing the craziness of the Met Gala, and I noted that they got a much better turnout than the Oscars… it’s SO TRUE). Maybe Bar would have gotten more attention if she had shown up with Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately for Bar, it seems like Leo wasn’t interested. Not interested in the event, and not interested in Bar as a girlfriend anymore, maybe:

Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli could be heading for a more permanent split after they went their separate ways after the Met ball on Monday. While Refaeli attended the gala and the after-party at Crown, DiCaprio partied at the Top of the Standard with his boys, dressed casually in jeans and a baseball cap. The actor avoided fotogs and kept a low profile while mingling with Naomi Watts and Carmelo Anthony, among others. Sources say Leo and Bar have been “going through a difficult patch,” but they are trying to work it out. A rep for DiCaprio declined to comment. Refaeli’s rep was not available for comment.

[From Page Six]

Any other day, and I would state my allegiance to Team DiCaprio, just because I think Bar is kind of skeevy, especially with the way she’s been Single White Female-ing Gisele for years. Leo has a type, sure, but does he have to shack up with the Budget Gisele? That being said, LaineyGossip had an interesting tip today – perhaps Leo is getting a little Blake Lively action? There’s a rumor, a random eyewitness report or something. As you might remember, Blake was trying to get with Leo professionally and sexually when The Great Gatsby was being cast last year Blake lost the role of Daisy, but did she win the role of “Leo’s Girlfriend”? There was a report about Blake and Leo in January too – interesting.





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  1. mln76 says:

    These two would be a hot couple and good for gossip.

  2. Relli says:

    I think Leo is a bit like George Clooney, loves his freedom and the occasional companion who can respect his space. I believe that he is probably getting bored with Bar and looking for a jump off and for Blake this is what she has been waiting for and A-list BF.

  3. Solveig says:

    I don’t get the vibe of a cheater from Leonardo, and I don’t think he is so stupid to stay with Bar for years only because – according to some of you – she’s a budget Giselle.
    As for Blake Lively, the more I see her the more I think she’s ugly and cheap.

  4. Boobs Legsly? ew. hope Leo isn’t going there

  5. Lisa Turtle says:

    Leo = “You know what I like about high school girls?….. I keep getting older, they stay the same age”

    Leo is a big baby. He was with Gisele for half a decade, then when she wanted to get married he bailed. Same exact thing with Bar, except Bar is 5 years younger.

    Now he’s going 5 years younger again.

    In 10 years well be talking about Leo & Dakota Fanning.


  6. Isa says:

    @ Lisa LOL at your comment, so true……..

  7. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Lisa I completely agree. I have never understood what’s supposed to be diserable about Leo. Or Clooney, for that matter!

  8. NayNay says:

    Wow, if this is true, then what a HUGE step down! I have always liked him, but after seeing the Titanic, I am a major, major fan of his. Who wouldn’t fall in love with him after this movie.

  9. mia girl says:

    Someone in the business told me the other day that when an actor/artist hits it big, they stay emotionally frozen at that age. I think Leo is still a 20 year old guy, hanging with his buddies, trying to get the hottest chick and then when he gets her, he begins looking for an even hotter one.

    Leo = Man Boy
    But I will say that he has never tried to portray himself as anything different so I can’t really hate on him for it.

  10. Roxy75 says:

    Who the F is this Blake Lively? She looks like a complete and utter NERDBALL! She is like a total nobody in the Hollywood world…at least that’s how it should be. Good Lord B Rafaeli is stunning. And as far as Leo, ya I’d let him do me but I would totally regret it later. he is one of those guys that has the AURA about him—you know, bad boy, total a-hole thinks he is God but in the meantime can sweep you right off your feet and into the sack–just with a look, a whisper. Especially with a guy that does his hair the old school way…oh yes…a real man he is. A real douche man…(don’t hate me for saying that, I already hate myself!)

  11. Phoenix says:

    if any of this is true then Leo should really consider this things properly, from a purely physical perspective.. sure Blake has great breasts but Bar has the whole package

  12. Marjalane says:

    Wow, none of them looked good in those pics. Carbface always looks puffy, but Bar Refaeli usually looks a lot better. (yeah- we should all look so budget) Boobs Lively is not a pretty girl. If she holds her face just so, she’s attractive in a cheap, tacky way. But never pretty.

  13. MarenGermany says:

    team leo!
    probably they really go through a rough time (who hasnt in a relationship?) and just because they didnt show up together for an event …meh. doesnt proof a thing.
    even if they split up, i doubt leo is f-cking around.
    but if he is, NO, NOT blake lively. how random. she is not even c-list, leo is one of the best man at his craft these days.

  14. normades says:

    I can’t stand Bar, she seems like such a hanger-on. Blake even worse!!! Gisselle has made millions but she’s kindof an airhead.
    For a guy that’s supposed to be so smart, why does he date such dumb women?

    @Miagirl: You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N.

  15. Gossip girl says:

    It seems Blake Lively is screwing everyone in Hollywood and beyond. Weren’t there rumors she was hooking up with Ben Affleck during The Town filming? I think there are more. If she really is skeeving around then she sucks. If she isn’t, I feel kind of sorry for her because she is getting a bad rap.

  16. ctkat1 says:

    @Lisa: spot on assessment.

    If the rumors about Boobs Legsly are true (Ben Affleck, Leo, Gosling) then that’s just sad, and obvious. She’s trying to stay famous by having a famous boyfriend, not by her own acting talent and career. I don’t think she’s that interesting as an actress, but she’s still getting roles- she’s 3rd or 4th choice for them, but she’s getting them.

    If the rumors aren’t true, then I feel for her- being known as a Hollywood mattress must suck.

  17. dahlia1947 says:

    Was it Blake’s plan to go for an A-lister after dumping Dan Humphrey? Sounds like it. Her and Leo would look great together but I think that he would break her heart!

    He’s better off without Bar though. She usually has a b*tc& face when they’re together and she’s given b&8chy comments about their relationship too.

    So she just seems like a B&tC$ all around!

  18. Iris says:

    I just want to point out that pre-nose job, Blake was NOT a pretty girl

  19. meh says:

    He follows the same pattern over and over. Good case for dr. Freud.
    I don’t feel sad for Bar, though. She knew what she was into. How can she expect to succeed where Gisele failed?
    Anyway, she got her benefits from this relationship – because, to be honest, she is an irrelevant d- list model and she got her international gigs only because of Leo. She got media coverage, exotic vacations, luxury lifestyle,impressive pr network. But her career is going downhill since her SI cover. And any time she opens her mouth, her communication team has to work h24 in massive damage control activities.

  20. blah says:

    At least this new one has kind of a fashion sense. Bar is always naked or half naked and when she dresses up she cheapens every outfit. I bet that’s why she never works for fashion. Only lingerie or teens clothes catalogs.

  21. Karin says:

    Gorgeous man like him should be single forever, and enjoy life the most they can!

  22. lol says:

    Blake=barfie. None is better than the other. Famous for nothing other than letting everything hang out whenever they can, no talent ( besides the obvious one ). barfie has the whole package and she is stunning? Really? That`s a joke!
    Leo has a definite taste in woman and that is ( rather ) sk*nky. I do hope he is leaving barfie and he isn`t dumb enough to go after Lively.
    Plus Lainey has the perfect timing with her unconfirmed source. She happened to post this RUMOR on the day this thing about Leo and barfie came out.

  23. isi says:

    In few months Blake had more and better contracts in fashion than Bar had in her entire career as a model.

  24. truetalk says:

    so he wants to stop being a modelizer?

  25. serpe says:

    I found Refaeli particularly matronly in her Met Gala outfit. She gained some weight recently, but most of all she looks older than she actually is. Maybe this on – off relationship is tiresome for her, too.
    I know it’s the age of waity girls, but I suspect this one will not end with the ring on it.

  26. dubdub2000 says:

    It’s always bothered me that Leonardo is close to Neomi, like going on holiday close. Se I want to like him I really liked him in “the departed” and “inception” (though the melodrama with the wife in the movie was a bit over the top) But hearing that he’s so close to that mean b*tch who’s constantly attacking people, involved in VERY shady business when Leo is there trying to promote green this and green that and she’s courting dodgy folks giving her blood diamonds and isnt she like the offical mistress of whoever she’s dating?! That woman’s a skank and him being her friend close like that says things about him that are just not positive. Anyways… yeah kind of off topic but when it was said in the article that yet again he was partying with Neomi I just had to smh.

  27. jr says:

    Leo`s taste in women is pretty questionable recently. Bar, Blake ( IF it`s true ), friends like Paris Hilton or Naomi Campbell. It seems like as an actor he can do no wrong but in his private life… he seems to be pretty shallow and lame. Especially if this whole Lively thing is true. I`m all about him leaving Bar but Blake Lively? Come on! He downgraded after Gisele and now another downgrade for him!
    Did Leo and Bar even break up? Is it confirmed?

  28. riri says:

    A “budget Giselle”?

    Please. I think Bar is a fame- w**re, but she is beautiful, while Giselle isn’t even pretty.
    He upgraded with Bar.
    As for Blake, and ” jeans and a baseball cap”.

    Is he 16 years old?
    He comes across like a child.
    Men his age have families.
    They don’t “hang with buddies”.
    They don’t dress like teens.

    I am not sure any of these women are “marriage material” since they all wanted or want to use him for fame and getting press, so I can understand why he would dump Bar.

    I have no idea why he never seems to go for women who are not as calculated and fame wh**es.

  29. Tali says:

    Funny how the ‘homewrecker’ label seems to follow Blake wherever she goes….where there’s smoke there’s fire. So far the rumors have her linked with Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, Harvey Weinstein, and Leo.

    *Mind you that all of them are either married or in a relationship save the serial bachelor Gosling

  30. lh says:

    FYI: It said “Naomi Watt’s” NOT “Naomi Campbell”

  31. JJ says:

    I remember hearing a rumor that Leo was into black girls. Guess not lol

  32. RobN says:

    I’ve always kind of thought that Gisele is the budget Gisele.

  33. mia girl says:

    @normades and @Lisa you BOTH used a Wooderson quote in this thread to describe Leo… and now it all makes sense as to why Blake Livley went red this week…. “I love them redheads”

  34. specs says:

    If I remember correctly those pictures are the only one of them together at a formal event. It was 2010 Berlin Festival, more than one year ago. Quite an odd relationship, they never attended an event together in the past 12 – 15 months.

  35. meh says:

    I didn’t notice this before, but in these shots I now realize how small Bar’s nose is. Did she have a nose job? Not a good one, in my opinion.
    There is also something strange going on on her upper lip. Some filler?
    She looks different.

  36. Chris says:

    Bar Refaeli? Her name sounds like a pretentious inner city bar. As for their “difficult patch” read the sex has become less stimulating so Leo’s looking for some fresh action.

  37. Dana says:

    You can’t blame Leo for coming to his senses and dumping self-absorbed Gisele. After both Kelly Slater and Josh Hartnett “hit it and quit it”, she settled on the one person dumber than herself and promptly started to turn Brady into Leo.

  38. Camille says:

    Blake and Leo would make a ‘hot’ couple. And as mln76 said they would make for good gossip. Hope they get together.

  39. sashavice says:

    His hair line reminds me of Mr. Garrison from South Park.

  40. Blue says:

    I find all of them unattractive. Blake & Bar are fame seekers. That being said women like them are why men like Leo think they are Gods gift to women, cuz there’s always skanks wanting to screw their way up the alphabet.

  41. bitca says:

    Don’t want to knock a woman for her looks, but in every publicity pic I’ve seen Blake Lively seems to emit an intense ‘If I bl*w you will I get the part??’ vibe. Maybe she just photographs that way. To be fair have never seen her on film, & despite the in-your-face boobs, her face lacks that cookie-cutter ‘which actress IS this, again?’ look.

    Bar is pretty, but never sensed a screaming famewhore thing from her—just imo (where are the interviews?). But Israelis are prob psyched she’s attained a rather high profile in the US.

  42. Beauty says:

    Leo needs to settle down.

  43. natalie says:

    ok this post is about Leo and Bar and half the posts are more about Gisele. People are obsessed with her I swear! lol.

    what is weird is some people have said Blake looks like Gisele. He def has a type. tall,thin,blonde,model-esque. well except Bar looked more like a vegas showgirl than a model, but you get my point..

  44. lisa says:

    I highly doubt Blake is sleeping with all these men. I think she is just being labeled as the “hot” new chick that gets rumored to be sleeping with any and every man she stands next to. Silly and nasty on the parts of women that spread these rumors.

    Regarding Leo. I have never ever ever found him the least bit attractive. All that Titanic heart throb mess. He never fit the rouge and I could never imagine anyone giving up all they had or could have to be with him. Nothing attractive at all. He looks bloated and I don’t see any sexiness with him at all. He seem almost asexual with the women he is with.

    Nothing wrong with guys hanging with their friends. I think men need that, but he and his friends also look more like a bunch of frat boys hanging out.

    Final rant: he is always covering his freaking face when he is not promoting. Then BAM when he has something to promote he will splash that bloated mug all over.

    Not on the Leo band wagon at all. hehe

  45. jemshoes says:

    The “budget Gisele.” Oh dear! ;D

  46. Jack says:

    Blake is too beautiful for Leo

  47. Addie says:

    Leo seems to go for woman who would feel ‘grateful’ to date him.
    He just does not appear to look for an equal partner who can challenge him.

    Wish he would though *hint Mila Kunis

  48. foozy says:

    he should’ve kept gisele! bar sucks!!!!

  49. Dee Cee says:

    He wuv’s his mumsie bestest!

  50. andrea says:

    I think you are too hard on Bar and she is LIGHT YEARS HOTTER than Gisele. Gisele isn’t even good enough to be the budget Bar in my book.

  51. The truth says:

    Bar comes across as very slutty…she even hit on Dave Letterman on his show! Eww.
    Can’t blame Leo for not wanting to marry, only to have to give the chick half his $ in a few years.
    And Blake looks like a typical Hollywood Ho.

  52. molly says:

    You have to admit it is funny when Blake first denies the nose job then the fact that the nude photos r real. She had a nose job after filming Accepted in 2006 its clear for everyone to see if they watch her old movies. The nude photos show she also had a boob job. Wouldnt even be fun to look at the photo if she wasnt lying about it! haha