Rachel McAdams covers Elle: “Love is such a hard thing to find”


Rachel McAdams takes the cover of the June issue of Elle Magazine. She’s promoting her work in Midnight in Paris, the Woody Allen film which is opening the Cannes Film Festival. She got to work with lots of good people in the film: Owen Wilson, Michael Sheen (who became her boyfriend), Marion Cotillard, and the First Lady of France, Madame Sarko, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. As for the interview in Elle (read the full Elle excerpts here)… well, Rachel is a well-adjusted, emotionally mature, intelligent woman. Which means that her interviews are never really dirty or juicy or anything fun. But I still like what she has to say:

On working with Owen Wilson: “It’s definitely a different dynamic from the last time we were together. It wasn’t as fun being mean. I love that Woody likes good guys to be good guys and bad guys to be bad guys. Owen seemed to respond really well when I was a really bad guy.”

On her role in Mean Girls: “With Mean Girls, I originally auditioned for the part that Lindsay Lohan played. I wouldn’t have seen myself playing Regina at all. But when I read the script, I thought, Oh, this part is way more fun; I wonder who will play that.…”

On being a romantic: “I am. When Billie Holiday comes on, I can’t help but be transported—and I’m sure it wasn’t as romantic then at all—but that’s the wonderful part of my job: dressing up and walking down the street in New York or Toronto, pretending I’m in the ’40s.”

On finding inspiration in her parents’ marriage: “[They are] Still together and still in love. I’m very blessed that way. I had a great example of love in front of me, and that’s probably what makes me such a romantic, because I’ve seen it firsthand.”

On her expectations for relationships: “You grow up and you assume that everyone is like that, and you quickly realize that they’re not, and then you have those days when you wonder if you’re going to find it for yourself. It’s such a hard thing to find. I think it was more that realization that rocked me.”

On being hesitant to take on certain roles: “Sometimes I don’t think I’m the best person for the job. That was the case with Morning Glory. Sometimes I think, Really? You see me as this? Just because I don’t see myself that way, does that mean I shouldn’t do it? I tend to go, Is this the right decision? What are the ramifications of doing this part? You can start to overanalyze. But once I make the decision, it’s full steam ahead.”

On the critics’ reaction to Morning Glory: “It’s funny, because so many people said to me, “It’s the kind of film you don’t see anymore, done in a way that isn’t done anymore.” I thought that was a really positive thing, but apparently not. I only hear these businesspeople: “Well, no one was sure who it was for.”

[From Elle]

Oh, I loved Morning Glory! Have I talked about how much I enjoyed that film? There was a sweetness to it, and yes, there was something old-fashioned about it. It sort of reminded me of an old Katherine Hepburn movie – Rachel played the spirited, intelligent workaholic who threw everything into her career. I guess Harrison Ford was the Spencer Tracy character, the curmudgeon, the jackass who didn’t see what was right in front of him. I’m making it sound like there was something sexual between Harrison and Rachel, but there wasn’t it. It was just a really solid romantic comedy with an interesting female lead and solid character work by Harrison, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell, Patrick Wilson and several other great people.


Cover & additional image courtesy of Elle.

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  1. Samigirl says:

    She’s gorgeous, down to Earth, and totally likeable. She may be slightly vanilla in her interviews, but that just makes me like her even more :)

  2. gloaming says:

    I just watched Morning Glory again the other night. It deserved to do much better than it did. What a great little Movie.

  3. Vera says:

    The cover doesn’t really look like her and the posing is quite awkward.

    I’m hoping this film has her acting a bit more – I generally like her, though have noticed how she seems to perpetually either get cast for or goes for the more girly romances.

  4. Isa says:

    I liked Rachel in Morning Glory. But I was really hoping for more back and forth banter from Harrison and Keaton.

  5. francesca says:

    I hated Morning Glory. Found it to be a total mess of a movie. No one I know liked that movie. So weird to hear it being praised.

  6. jinni says:

    Her face, especially the cheeks and smile remind me of the mask from “V for Vendetta” and her hand looks like she was trying to do a Fosse-esque move. I’ve only ever seen her in “The Notebook” and wasn’t impressed.

  7. searching4grace says:

    Okay, they have Rachel McAdams to work with and THAT’S the final picture? Ugh. She’s gorgeous and fun….and they did that. ACK. Anyway. Just watched Morning Glory two weeks ago! I’d never even seen a preview. My husband made me watch Watchmen, which led to the googling of Patrick Wilson, which led to Morning Glory. I liked it. I REALLY liked the ending. I thought it was sweet.

  8. Kaye says:

    I completely enjoyed Morning Glory.

  9. Abby says:

    She is my favorite actress! I have such a girl crush. And I enjoyed Morning Glory.

  10. shockedandappalled says:

    It’s refreshing for a Hollywood actress to be truly down to earth and together. I hope we never see her in the tabloids for crazy mishaps.

  11. really says:

    “Love is such a hard thing to find” : ummmmmmmmmmm tell it to Paul Mccartney, and then plug his cha ching!
    I loved NOTEBOOK, best hands down!

  12. mln76 says:

    I really like her and I see her career lasting for decades she’s smart and cute and seems really genuine. I liked Morning Glory it was romantic but I wouldn’t classify it as a rom-com because it was about more than the relationship.

  13. carrie says:

    what is her age? because i know there are some stories saying she lies on her age since some years
    i like her as actress because she’s sweet& energic also

  14. sandy says:

    again, i like her, i just saw Sherlock Holmes, she’s cute in it, i hope she remains this way, i have to watch morning glory now. i also loved her in the note book.

  15. The Truth Fairy says:

    Morning Glory was awful. Harrison Ford playing a cantankerous but respected old fart? Seems that’s the only role he takes anymore.

  16. Newbie says:

    I really like her as an actress. I think she’s talented and that she’ll continue to get roles. And I find her to be a knock-out. I hope she never messes with her perfect face. Good for her parents and good for her that they’re still together. No matter what people say, it’s hard for children to see their parents divorce. It can really taint your perception of how life works.

  17. Newbie says:

    @searching4grace: totally agree. I love that shot of her from the back, with the mirror, but the cover shot is soooo blah. She’s gorgeous and they’re making her look like a regular.

  18. Chris says:

    Wouldn’t Carla Bruni be the FLOF? I know, I know, I’m nitpicking, but it seems a little …off to call her “First-Lady-of-the-United-States—of France.”

    Also, FLOF is super fun to say. FLOFFF.

  19. Macheath says:

    FLOTUS of France? First Lady of the United States of France?

    Shouldn’t that be FLOF? First Lady of France.

  20. dj says:

    I loved Morning Glory! I wished Keaton & Ford had bigger parts because they were fantastic together. Rachel McAdams will have a long career due to her acting ability and good choices. Lovely to her how grounded she is about her family especially.

  21. Kaiser says:

    Chris & Macheath – YES!! Sorry about that. I’m currently being medicated. Not that medication is a good excuse for such a dumb mistake. Urgh.

  22. Chris says:

    Aww, no worries!
    It can’t be too fun to be all medicated AND be subject to the grammarian whims of random anonymous internet folks. I hope you feel better soon!

  23. Camille says:

    Rachel is adorable, love her.

  24. TG says:

    I really like Rachel too and Diane Keaton but couldn’t finish Morning Glory it was such a mess to me. I didn’t get the chemistry between Rachel and the guy she was banging and at some point it seemed like everyone was in their own movie. Just watched “The King’s Speech” and it held my interest to the end. Wish someone would make a good romantic comedy. I will take formulaic just give me chemistry and keep moving forward.