Britney Spears is ‘Shopped into oblivion on the June cover of Harper’s Bazaar


As Britney Spears promotes her new album, I’ve noted time and time again that she’s not really doing any of her interviews. Her PR team works it so that she answers questions “via email” and God knows who writes the junk. But I will give her publicist credit – he or she really makes an effort to put in “Britney-isms” into the interview so it sounds sort of like her. Anyway, Britney is the cover girl for the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar, although it might be difficult to tell because they Photoshopped the crap out of her face. However, it actually looks like she sat down and did the interview face-to-face, although it‘s unclear how the piece was actually conducted. Some of the questions and answers do sound email-ish. But she doesn’t sound out of it, either. She sounds cognizant, reflective and nice. Good for her. The slideshow is here, and the full interview is here. Here are some highlights:

LAURA BROWN: What has been your best fashion look?
BRITNEY SPEARS: I went to the Grammys in 2002, and I had really curly, curly hair. I had a red dress on. It wasn’t short and saucy; it was a long red dress. That dress was fun.

LB: What was your biggest fashion mistake?
BS: Ten years ago at the Billboard awards, I wore this orange hat and orange bra and orange booty pants and purple fishnets. Oh, and I had an orange jacket on.
LB: Was it Halloween?
BS [laughs]: No, it wasn’t Halloween. I actually thought I looked hot at the time. But, um, I definitely stood out. I thought it was just a marvelous idea to wear this purple and orange outfit; it was like high school colors. I was a cheerleader for a school I didn’t know. People were talking about it, but not in a good way.

LB: Your hair is looking long and lustrous. Are you whipping it back and forth?
BS: Yeah, I love ponytails. I’m a wash-and-go girl. But, oh yeah, I like to whip it.

LB: Are you enjoying dancing again?
BS: I love to dance, so it’s very exciting. The tour rehearsals have been going really well. I think it will be my best show yet.

LB: What songs get you moving?
BS: I love “S&M” and “Only Girl” by Rihanna; that’s why I jumped on the “S&M” remix. She’s really cool. I like her a lot.

LB: Everybody has Bieber fever. Have you met Justin? Would you ever want to work with him?
BS: I think he’s adorable. I just saw his movie, and I really didn’t realize how big he was. He’s enormous; he’s just Mr. Man. A lot of the movie is really similar to what I did when I was starting out. I did a promo tour for a year, going into radio stations and all that. It was so cool to see our similarities.

LB: “It’s Britney, bitch” is classic, but you say you’re less bitchy than impatient. What makes you impatient?
BS: When things take a long time, I just get really stubborn. When I know that things are supposed to go a certain way [laughs] and when it’s my time of the month.

LB: What makes you laugh uncontrollably?
BS: Usually when people trip or fall or run into something. Not to be mean, but I can’t help it. If they really hurt themselves, then I feel bad, but if they accidentally do it and they stand up and act cool like nobody saw them, I have to laugh.

LB: It’s been eight years since you kissed Madonna onstage at the MTV awards. What have you learned from her?
BS: I actually saw her a couple of weeks ago at a party. I guess she’s really taught me to stay true to myself. That seems like a simple thing to say, but she taught me through action, not just by saying it. There are so many people around you that have opinions, but you just have to listen to your instincts.

LB: You’ve said Jennifer Lopez inspires you professionally. Would you ever want to be a judge on American Idol?
BS: I would! That would be awesome. I wouldn’t be a tough judge, though.

LB: What do you think of Lady Gaga?
BS: She’s unique and extremely talented. I love her spin on everything.

LB: Would you like to get married again? More kids?
BS: I’ve thought about both, so if the timing was right …

LB: Could you see your sons performing?
BS: If they have a love and passion for the arts and that’s what they want to do, then so be it. They are both little actors and so charismatic, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

LB: Which one of your hits made you realize you’d made it?
BS: From the beginning, probably “… Baby One More Time.” I haven’t seen that video in such a long time.

LB: What’s your favorite video?
BS: “Overprotected.” I just think it says a lot. It was directed so well, it was really colorful, and the dancing was amazing.

LB: Who is your greatest inspiration musically?
BS: Whitney Houston. I’ve loved her since I was a kid.

LB: What is your guilty pleasure?
BS: Bapchi’s caramel toffee from Vosges. They were in my hotel room, and I made everyone bring them from their rooms.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Yeah, it’s not a deep interview. Which makes me think Britney might have actually said this stuff. Does she sound mentally incapable in this piece?

Oh, and regarding the photo shoot – that wig. Yikes. I mean, I’m glad that we’re not seeing her busted weave of doom anymore, but JESUS. That is one tacky looking wig.




Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar slideshow.

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  1. anne says:

    I would have never known it was her – looks more like Carrie Underwood

  2. Danielle says:

    If you told me that was Diana Agron on the cover I’d believe you!

  3. mary jones says:

    Brittany fashionable? Oh come on. She is one of the worst dressed stars in hollywood.

  4. Samigirl says:

    Danielle, you took the words out of my mouth. It’s uncanny how much that looks like DA.

  5. Kaboom says:

    My first thought was Dianna Agron.

  6. Quest says:

    It doesn’t look like Brit Brit

  7. silken_floss says:

    Harpo, who dis woman?

  8. Darlene says:

    I don’t mind the wig. I think she looks pretty. This is pretty much how she’s looked in her recent photos, so yes, there was photoshop, but no, I don’t think it was “to oblivion”.

  9. Vivi says:

    When I went onto the home page, it took a while for the titles to load, and I honestly thought “mmm, Diana Agron looks a bit odd in that picture.” When I saw it was Brit-Brit I actually did a double take. Geez.

  10. TXCinderella says:

    I saw that pic. The dress was plain but pretty, but her hair was AWFUL!!!! Britney does not even look like herself on this cover.

  11. Sue says:

    Britney is not a good model she so stiff in ever pose, she as bad as Jessica Alba maybe even worse at least Alba body seems more relaxed. She has clothes on and it’s a more mature photos and not that teen age image they were pushing in the other two mags so I happy about that and I’ll take this wig over that busted weave any day.

  12. RHONYC says:

    Britney sounds surprisingly self-confident and poised to me in this interview.

    she is like the 1st pop artist i’ve ever heard (and let’s face it…she is still at the top of the pop food chain) who actually gives props and admits to liking her pop contemporaries.

    that is a very likable quality to me. ;-)

  13. Slim Charles says:

    Britney will never be Britney again.

  14. dorothy says:

    If she were only that pretty in person.

  15. jover says:

    I’m going to lay into this. Sue, of course she’s not a good model she’s not good at anything since the fashion mags have become tabloids they’ve all gone downhill. Brittney is a caricature of what an artist, a musician should be – she’s plastic, fake, brainless, talentless, could not write or sing a song live to save her life, and yet she’s treated like she’s Maria Callas or Beverly Sills. All these mags have become low brow shills – yes, that was a “deep” inteview, no follow up questions, of course. Sad thing is she’ll make millions going through her robotized routines and some will think it’s great musci. We must demand more from these people if they are going to make this kind of dough.

  16. Ari says:

    why put her with a bunch of skateboarders and graffiti – I could see Avril with more this photoshoot but yeah the cover looks incredibly unreal while the others are okay.

  17. Novaraen says:

    Terrible photo shoot…she looks so unnatural with all the skateboarding stuff. Especially in those tight dresses and “blank but smiling” expressions.

    Poor Brit…she’ll never be the same.

  18. guesty says:

    She looks like she would look if she had work done imo…like fillers or a mini lift. Not hating the pics.

  19. ghoulish_moose says:

    I’ve always really liked Britney. She seems different to the other celebs out there in some way. I can’t put my finger on it, but I find her very likeable.

    She defnitely isn’t as up for it as she was at the beginning of her career. You can see that in her recent performances and music videos. She says she loves what she does, and I do believe her, but I think she was pushed back out there too soon by the money grabbing higher beings in her life, Which is very unfortunate, they definitely didn’t have her best interests at heart. Those selfish bastards!

    Still, I loves me some Brit-Brit =)

  20. Peachy says:

    Sad. Doesn’t even look like her. Why can’t the rags just show it like it is?? OOOOooh, right – nobody would buy them. Nice to know pushing a false image is still going strong! Not so nice to know there’s people stupid enough to buy into that crap.

  21. Sassy says:

    Looks to me like she got new veneers or they photoshopped her teeth and mouth.

  22. Solveig says:

    Those pictures are surreal in a very cheap way.

  23. Ron says:

    The photo shopped Britney into another woman. To all those who said Dianna Agron I couldn’t agree more

  24. Jess says:

    Wow so glad to hear everybody else say it. I totally thought this was Diana Agron too.

  25. Bruna says:

    She looks like Shakira’s and Scarlett Johansson’s love baby in that picture.

  26. C-DUB says:

    I don’t know how you photo shop the “crazy” out of someone’s face, but they pulled it off! (kind of)

  27. arock says:

    @ silken floss- worked a color purple quote in there, well done.

    shes looks great in this pictorial. great, like if she had made a right turn in her personal life and not a left 8 years ago.

  28. Amanda G says:

    Wow! She looks like the Britney of 6 years ago! Too bad it’s fake.

    Why are we even talking Britney fashion? She has no fashion…even in her sane days.

  29. pixiegirl says:



  30. whitedaisy says:

    That was no interview. It was as though her PR team gave the magazine the questions to ask, and provided pre-rehearsed answers. Gah!

  31. jacq says:

    Holy moly, they turned her into Jessica Simpson! Will she way more or less cheetos now? I’m so confused!

  32. Scott says:

    Please, the parts where she talks about her favorite outfits from years ago. The only way this bitch can remember what outfit she wore last week is because she is probably still wearing it today.

    The fact that “she” speaks in complete sentences is a clear giveaway that the interview was, at best, heavily edited with content control by her conservators, as is standard practice with her.

    Thing is, if she was coherent enough to give this interview in the first place, then it would be open season on how empty and shallow every single thing she has ever said has been. “It was really cool, I liked it, It was so, so, so fun and awesome!!”

  33. RockLobster says:

    why is she at a skate park?

  34. Louise says:

    “LB: Your hair is looking long and lustrous.” Laura Brown should be slapped for this comment. It’s common knowledge she wears extensions that always looks like a rat’s nest. She must have done this interview just before or after the photoshoot. That’s the only time Britney’s hair looks decent.

    I think the photos look like Britney but from 10 years ago.

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Carrie Underwood’s stand-in.

  36. Maritza says:

    Nowadays everyone gets photoshopped that’s just the way magazines do business, they sell the fantasy of a perfect flawless image. In essence it looks like her 10 years ago.

  37. HotLatino says:

    I used to hate on her but she said that JLO inspires her OMG, I love Brit now, JLO inspires me too, she’s my role model!

  38. Twez says:

    So I’m assuming Diana Argon wasn’t actually physically present at the skatepark either, since her entire figure looks ‘shopped in.

    (I know it says that it’s Britney, but good god almighty.)

  39. Red Rooster says:

    Well said, Jover (15.) and Scott (32.).

  40. Deb says:

    I have nothing against Britney. However, I never thought of her as Bazaar material. It seems Bazaar has ceased using models and other individuals I associate with high fashion and is now using actors, singers, and people who are famous for nothing (i.e. Kim Kardashian). I am glad I canceled my subscription.

  41. Hakura says:

    I agree that I wouldn’t have recognized her, in the cover shot. I hate that she has to be *so* photoshopped, she’s such a pretty girl without it.

    I had to look up those 2 outfits she mentioned. xD It was odd seeing her with that huge curly hair piece, but the dress was beautiful.) But she should’ve just referred to her biggest ‘fashion mistake‘ as her PIMP outfit. xD Her body looked amazing, but the outfit was God-awful.

    This just makes me want to ask something I’ve asked over & over. WHY do these rich superstar women, with access to huge teams of the best stylists, always end up with wigs that look like they came from the 99¢ bin at the Halloween store?

  42. kasper says:

    Whoever this cover girl is she looks like your generic hollywood bottle blonde. Wait, britney is a generic hollywood bottle blonde… could it be?

  43. Chris says:

    Nah. I saw her at a Wal-Mart once and that’s exactly what she looks like.

  44. jover says:

    39# all the fashion mags are using every random celebutard – anyone with a cd or moview coming out – instead of models and great fashion photog. Vogue’s had boobs lively on 2 or 3 times. I don’t get it; it hasn’t helped their subscriptions – I have to wonder if people aren’t being paid off in so many ways; there is no other reason why all the mags should be water carriers for hollywood.

  45. jemshoes says:

    Britney looks more and more like a caricature of her old self, the older she grows and the more her team / peeps try to keep her frozen in time. In this shoot, she just looks absent in the eyes and in the mind. And the interview reads like someone trying to be Britney, for Britney. It’s all just so sad! :(

  46. LuckyLilGem says:

    She looks fantastic- wow! Love photoshop.

  47. Dagny says:

    I think the photos are actually quite good, aside from the photoshop and the wig. The skate park is an interesting and active background although slightly out of context, and Britney looks mature and appropriately pretty in dresses that don’t make her look like she’s trying to be some young sex kitten. I like that she’s smiling and doesn’t have that aggravating open-mouthed blank look (or a duckface!) that everyone’s using lately.

  48. Vickyb says:

    I just googled that Grammys dress and she looked amazing. Really simple and clingy but not skintight. I’m not surprised she liked wearing that dress – she looked amazing, in such good shape. And the hair may have been big but it was big in a Southern cheerleader way, or like Kylie in the 80s. Both of which I have a guilty liking of, and both of which are definitely going to be hits with Brit!

  49. Lady Satan says:

    How sad that even ‘shopped as she is she still doesn’t look well. That poor girl has the saddest eyes. I think she should be allowed to retire and live a quiet life with her kids.

  50. kara says:

    It was via phone, but don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda to spew bullshit.

    And what’s wrong with her wig? Tacky? It looks like a nice weave to me. I see, she does a pretty cute interview and a pretty cute photoshoot so you must find something to whine about. Classy.

  51. matty says:

    she looks great thats not a wig its her hair wiith extensions nice light interview good for her

  52. Wellwellwell says:

    Man Britney! You wore more horrible outfits that the 2001 Billboard awards one! I actually still like this one…2001 (or 2003? the black leather skirt shirt)..VMAs not so much

  53. Lenore says:

    @Silken Floss – is that…is that a line from The Color Purple?! Right before Sofia busts Squeak’s lip?

    That is easily the weirdest reference I’ve seen on this site, and I still can’t figure out the relevance to Britney, but dang, I love that book, so…thank you for that little moment of WTFery.

  54. thegorilla says:

    i think she looks fine, cute and pretty