Ellen Barkin, age 57, shacks up with her 26-year-old boyfriend


As a woman, I find myself incredibly sensitive to the effects of the aging process, which isn’t helped by the general public’s acceptance of the word “cougar” as a metaphor to describe women who go after younger men. Of course, I am actually married to a younger man; that is, if a difference of two years even matters at all in the grand scheme of things, which it really doesn’t at all. This is in sharp contrast to Ellen Barkin, whom Page Six describes as a “supercougar” (ugh) since she’s apparently shacking up in a long-term relationship with 26-year-old Sam Levinson. Sure, Barkin’s got the body of a 30-year-old, but all the busted-up plastic surgery in the world can’t disguise the fact that she’s actually 57-years old. Exactly what these two have in common beyond the obvious — sex — is beyond my comprehension, but admittedly I cannot see past the fact that Barkin has a 21-year-old son. This is pretty gross, right?

When Tony front-runner Ellen Barkin opened her home for a magazine profile in April, one detail the reporter managed to miss was the 20-something boyfriend residing in Barkin’s bedroom.

The 57-year-old supercougar has been living with Barry Levinson’s son, 26-year-old writer-director Sam Levinson, in what sources tell Page Six is “the worst-kept secret in New York.”

“I’ll show you more than the living room . . . the ‘public’ room of my West Village townhouse,” Barkin told the New York Times Magazine. Upstairs in Barkin’s boudoir the writer found “hundreds of DVDs,” as well as “scented candles near her bed” — but apparently no sign of Levinson.

But Barkin and Levinson, who’s only five years older than her son, Jack, have previously been “linked” in reports. The couple has actually cohabitated for two years, and been an item for longer — despite the 31-year age gap, multiple sources said.

“They go out, they’re photographed together, they don’t keep it secret,” said a person familiar with the May-December duo. “It works, but it’s weird,” added another.

A rep for Barkin said the star does not comment on her personal life.

Barkin launched her career in Barry Levinson’s 1982 film Diner. Sam was born three years later. But Barkin’s relationship with her young hunk is no fling: She’s been overheard saying she’ll part ways with him when “they roll me out in a wheelchair.”

Barkin is in a wheelchair nightly as a polio-stricken doctor fighting the AIDS epidemic in Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart,” which is a favorite to win the Tony as best play revival June 12.

Barkin met Sam Levinson when he was writing the film Operation: Endgame more than three years ago. It was released last year. She then produced and starred in his feature directing debut, Another Happy Day.

[From Page Six]

What I find amusing is that Page Six talks as if the NYT Magazine reporter was supposed to have entered Barkin’s bedroom to find her young lover sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but a loincloth and holding a rose between his teeth. While it’s true that these two have been photographed together on at least one occasion (we don’t have access to that particular picture, but PopEater does), it’s not as if they walk the red carpet together or even get papped on the streets of New York City. Mostly, the paps get pictures of Barkin walking her dog, so maybe Levinson is the puppy she keeps at home? I think I just grossed myself out.


Interestingly enough, Barkin was recently snapped on the red carpet while holding hands with 32-year-old Lee Pace and his porn ‘stache at the 56th Annual Drama Desk Awards.




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  1. Obvious says:

    I love Ellen Barkin. For all the jacked up surgeries and baby robbing she is and always will be one of my faves. I don’t know why but i love her.

  2. Jaded says:

    Where I come from (Toronto), women over 40 on the prowl for younger men are called cougars, over 50 they’re called sabre-tooth tigers…not sure what over 60s would be called….pathetic?

  3. yeppp says:

    she looks damn good!!! more power to her 1

  4. David says:

    WOW- SHe was smoking hot. Now her face is scary.

  5. lolalola says:

    I agree. She’s spunky and I love her. And “busted surgery” or not, I think she’s fabulous. She was amazing in Sea of Love and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute–hell, even Diner. Hope to see her come back to acting if she wants to.
    p.s. I’d be thrilled if I looked 1/2 that good when I get to be 57.

  6. Franny says:

    her body is sick. she should let her face age a little bit more gracefully though….

  7. Buffy Wilson says:

    Add me to the list of Fans of Ellen. I find this woman to be smoking hot – I love it when people who are unconventional looking have it going on.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    I will always love her lopsided smile!!!

    Don’t know why she had to go the surgery route…it was never about looks with Ellen…it was about “spunk” and “heat”…and she had that in spades…

    Hell…I would imagine she still does!!!

  9. Becca B says:

    Well, she definitely doesn’t look like a regular 57-year-old. She looks a lot younger and sure, I can see that younger men see her as attractive. But 31 years of age difference is a bit too much. I imagine they have little in common.

  10. Ari says:

    Kirstie Alley could learn a lot from Barkin on how to keep working it into your 50′s and 60′s

  11. dannyexplosion says:

    Hot from a distance… good for her, Get some honey

  12. maggiegrace says:

    I’ve always liked her too.

  13. JULIE says:

    I hope my body looks like that at 40 nevermind 57!

  14. arock says:

    i dig her. good on the lady.

  15. beth says:

    i’m pretty sure there’s a lot more going between those two than just sex. granted, she’s probably great in bed and all, but he can get just as hot sex with someone 5 years older – he didn’t have to leap so many decades ahead.

    all the same, i am somewhat uncomfortable with extremely wide age gaps – whether the hookups are between women and men young enough to be their sons, or men and women young enough to be their daughters. it might be, i’m not used to it, i don’t understand it. i’ll probably change my mind if i ever fall in love with a man old enough to be my dad, although chances of that happening are highly unlikely – my dad is in his 70s – i don’t want to spend the remainder of my youth wheeling both my husband AND father about their wheelchairs.

  16. Amanda G says:

    Wow, she looks fabulous. Can’t blame that young man for snatching her up.

  17. brin says:

    She’s cool. Remember “Sea of Love”…she was so sexy in that movie.

  18. K-MAC says:

    She looks great and I love her face! She has always had a sort of “boxer’s nose” and her quirky smile is fabulous….damn amazing body for 57, 47, 37, 27!!!

  19. Mia135 says:

    Great body. I’ve always loved her. I am happy for her and not turned off by the fact that she is dating a man half her age. Of course if it was Madonna I would be, which makes me a complete hypocrite.

  20. Anne says:

    I’m sorry but she looks really spaced out to me. It’s so obvious she has had lots of surgery on her face. She could have had less work done and still looked good.

    I think the age difference is way over the line. It’s creepy when men do it so the same rules apply to women.

  21. RHONYC says:

    don’t stop, get it, get it! :-P

    her neck and decollete looks amazing & she has that same shape dress in a ZILLION fabrications.

    good for her for knowing what look works for her that keeps her chic & sexy, but appropriate. ;-)

    i guess she still got some of that sexy mojo left from ‘Sea of Love’.
    work it out Ellen, do you! :lol:

  22. The Truth Fairy says:

    Bad haircut, unflattering hair color, AMAZING BODY.

  23. the_blonde_one says:

    Ellen Barkin is everlasting cool enough that I may go bust up my face with surgery just to have something in common with her. Yes, she’s just.that.cool. I love her.

  24. lucy2 says:

    Her body is killer, but her face looks plasticy in the close ups. Still looks younger than her age though.
    I always have a hard time understanding THAT much of an age difference, at least while one party is still in their 20s. But if it works for them and they’re happy, good for them I guess? At least they keep it private and low key.
    My uncle’s third wife is a year or two older than his daughter. It’s a weird family dynamic.

  25. e says:

    Ok the plastic surgery is bad but is it really any worse than the faces of the real housewives? And she has a great body.

  26. the_blonde_one says:

    @e- not any worse per say but, they weren’t ellen barkin at their starting points.

  27. badrockandroll says:

    There may be more than what’s going on in the sack – didn’t Ellen make a gajillion dollars in her divorce settlement a few years ago? If an older woman is called a cougar, is there a special name for a male gold-digger? And my fave of her films is the Big Easy – Ellen, Dennis Quaid and the soundtrack are all hot hot hot.

  28. islandwalker says:

    Badrockandroll- Yep, the Big Easy. Loved her and Quaid together. HOT!!!! And great sound track.

  29. anti says:

    lee pace is looking rough. :(

  30. Harley says:

    Her body is rockin’! Have always loved her – go Ellen!

  31. magda says:

    I love her!
    And “Shit Year” was soooooooooo fantastic film

  32. Jen34 says:

    Sorry to break it to you young girls, but after a certain age, a woman’s sex drive goes south. She is either on some wicked hormone creams or there is something else going on.

  33. Cherry says:

    I don’t know about all women’s sex drives going south…my sister (thank goodness, it wasn’t me) caught my late 60s grandmother having sex with her 40-something boyfriend. That said as I get closer to 40 I find myself having less of a problem with this. Hey the dudes have been going there for years.

  34. sophia says:

    I just moved from my long-term home base, leaving behind my now 29-year-old lover. I’m 54 in July. I am obese & disabled with joint pain. The relationship w/my VERY GORGEOUS lover was based both on insane chemistry (we both tried to quash it&it didn’t work) and a wonderful connection. He lived with my husband & I (I’m very happily married & yes we have an open marriage) as a roommate (one of several) for 10 months before we got involved. There is just no accounting for connection between certain people. Don’t judge-these things just are. I had the best time with my lovely guy, and it was sad to leave him behind, but I’m so glad I had such a cool & rewarding & sexy time with such a great guy. My stepson, btw, is literally the same age. THAT was weird!

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Damn, for 57 she looks fabulous!

    @Jen34: The right guy can wake up her sex drive and send it into hyperdrive. Maybe she found the right guy.

    @Sophia: You had a great time. Now you have some great memories.

  36. Dingles says:

    Now I ain’t sayin he a gold-digger…

  37. harfang says:

    As busted as her face is, I am pretty amazed at her overall appearance. I find the excessive use of words like “boudoir” and phrases like “her young hunk.” Has anyone even considered that they may get along insanely well and have a lot of personal things in common? As much as I hate to say it, that’s probably why Soon-Yi is still with Woodless.

  38. nayslove says:

    I have always been a huge Ellen Barkin fan, HOWEVER…I am 54, look good for my age and have a 35 year old son. (yes I started young)…The thought of someone going in me that is young enough to have come out of me makes me want to vomit. But, that’s just me.

  39. dorothy says:

    Argh! Recoil in horror…Good lord, whats with the face lifts? Whats that old joke..’if she has one more she’s going to end up with a goatee?’

  40. beth says:

    @36: “There is just no accounting for connection between certain people.”

    this is so true. while i have a *narrower age preference than ellen, i’ve had unexpectedly strong emotional connection with at least two seemingly (at first glance) unlikely people – they were just no where near my type. *one was 12 years younger than me, and the other spoke English very badly – these minor flirtations turned into major emotional affairs of the heart and stayed there for an indefinite time before our paths had to diverge. i never let it move pass physical because i was in a ‘don’t want sex until i can see us lasting for at least 10 years’ phase (i still am, damnit), and long after we supposedly moved on, there were clear signs on both sides the reluctance to completely let go. still, they opened my eyes to a lot of experiences that would’ve been impossible with someone with less chemistry/connection, so i’m really very grateful for all of that. i can totes see it happening between two people regardless of the packaging they each come. it’s like your eyes see another dimension to that person, and you just want to fall in deeper.

  41. THAT GIRL says:

    Lee Pace is gay…no need to make a fuss over holding his hand.

  42. jdao says:

    Wow, I hope I look that good when I’m her age!

  43. Heatherrr says:

    She is living the dream!! Love it.

  44. eternalcanadian says:

    Ewww. I hope I never do something that stupid when I’m 57. :o

  45. firefly says:

    Love ellen… she is definitely cool. But, looks quite a bit older than 57.

  46. J says:

    Good for her ! Btw : I know women in their 60s that still have rockin sex . The person who said that women dry up at 50 are full of crap ! She looks hot !

  47. Peanut says:

    I think she looks AMAZING!!!

  48. Jenn says:

    i have a ‘friends with benefits’ with a young spunk 20 years younger than me and apart from the sex which is rather good we can also chat for hours about anything. I grew up where his parents are now retired, he grew up where my parents retired we talk sport current events, music anything basically and i am telling you i am no oil painting it can happen

  49. crtb says:

    Sorry but I can’t be a hypercrite. It annoys the sh1t out of me when men date girls young enough to be their granddaughters, I can’t think its cool when women do it. I think she looks like an old fool getting taken advantage of because she has money.

  50. Dirty Martini says:

    What color hair is that anyway? Newborn poop #1???

  51. Kelli says:

    GOOD FOR ELLEN!!! She looks AMAZING – body and face! I don’t care that she had plastic surgery, it doesn’t look bad and she has always had that unconventional beauty. She is one of the most bad ass women out there, and I only hope that when I am that age, that I can score myself a man as young and obviously as talented as Sam Levinson. GOOD FOR YOU ELLEN! YOU KEEP SHOWING US ALL HOW TO DO IT RIGHT! You are and have always been one of my absolutele faves!

  52. Franny says:

    I can’t tell if you ladies are being serious or trying to make a joke…

  53. B says:

    Compatibility is *not* dependent on age; it always irks when people claim that it is. I can honestly say that on the whole, I do *not* relate well to those my age (or younger). Some people are just old souls. Conversely, some are youthful at heart. Ellen strikes me as someone who is the latter…I doubt that your average 57-year-old male could keep up. A few upthread described her as “spunky” and that’s precisely how she comes across. It’s easy to see how a spunky personality could be drawn to a twenty-something’s.

  54. Dana M says:

    I want to look this good when I am entering my 60s.

  55. Luls says:

    I’m sorry but that’s just gross! If she wants a youthful energetic man, couldn’t she have found someone at least in their late 30s or early 40s?

    He’s TWENTY-SIX for Gods sakes.
    Bitch is a cradle robber.

  56. N.D. says:

    She’s cool and cool is attractive at any age. The fact that her body’s that amazing doesn’t hurt either.

    @Luls: If she wants a youthful energetic man, couldn’t she have found someone at least in their late 30s or early 40s

    Because among 30-40s someones who are cool enough for her none are single?

  57. Crash2GO2 says:

    She looks fabulous, no doubt. But I have to wonder what on earth she has in common with a 26 year-old besides the obvious.

  58. beany says:

    a gold-digger turned sugar mama, what a pathetic woman

  59. Dizzybenny says:

    when i was 26 i dated a woman of 52.and she looked 35,so i have no problem with theyre situation.:)

  60. chantal says:

    Great actress, so sexy! And still is! Please, it’s not like she’s Hugh Heffner, boning 20 y.o., stupid airheads…

  61. BabyCakes says:

    She’s gorgeous for a 57 year old woman. I hope to look this good when I’m her age.

  62. Kim says:

    Her lop sidded smile is nerve damage possibly result of surgery but most likely not. I have same thing and have never had cosmetic surgery. She had the “crooked” smile long before she started tweaking her face so i believe its just nerve damage of some sort. Ive seen it on quite a few women but never a man – very interesting.

    I personally think a 26 year old is way to young for her but to each her own.