David Gandy has a new girlfriend, and she seems like a dumb famewhore


Forgive me for not seeing this story sooner! I know some of you are going to start yelling “WHO?” and I totally agree. These are photos of David Gandy, the biggest male model working today (who is incidentally British, gorgeous and one of my Forever Dongs) with his new girlfriend. Her name is Mollie King, and go ahead and scream “WHO?” at me. She’s a British celebrity, someone who I guess was “discovered” on The X Factor and is now a successful pop artist with her girl-group, The Saturdays. She’s 24 years old.



Now… I just saw some of these photos of David and Mollie together, but apparently they’ve been dating for a short while now, because I found some photos of them from last month too. Last I heard (or last I was paying attention), David was possibly/probably boning model Lily Cole, the one with the sketchy kewpie face. Incidentally, Lily might have dumped Gandy for Jude Law, so… WTF?

Back to David and Mollie… ugh. I expect my beloved British Celebitches to come in and tell me what Mollie’s deal is. From what I can find, she already seems like a straight-up Kardashian-esque famewhore who is already giving interviews about Gandy. She told the News of the World that Gandy “is really funny. He made me laugh straightaway. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, I wouldn’t like it if he was a poser. He takes the mickey out of me all the time and how tiny I am. He’s used to working with model girls who are all 5ft 10in so he’s always like, ‘Aww, you’re so cute with your massive heels.’ David and I are having a lot of fun. He’s just as good looking in the flesh. He’s a very good looking guy so I’ve never seen him looking bad. He wouldn’t be able to say the same of me I’m sure!”

What the hell, Gandy? I realize that he mostly socializes with other models and some of the B-list celebrities of England, but surely he could do much, much better than this, right?





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Crash2GO2 says:

    She reminds me a little bit of Sienna Miller.

  2. Kiki says:

    Yes he could do better! He could do meeee!

  3. brin says:

    I thought the same thing, Crash…heaven help him!

  4. duh says:

    [in Dr Drew's voice]: “You’re gay” ;)

  5. Rasputina says:

    Hey Gandy, baby?… WHAT THE F*CK?!

  6. Misty G says:

    I don’t like how he has his shirt un-buttoned. It makes him look like a 70′s porn star. Not that I’d mind watching him in a porn, but still…

  7. Bellatrix says:

    He’s gonna lift it, lift it… higher.

    (gah, now that terrible song is stuck in my head)

  8. Mae says:

    She IS a famewhore. And dumb.

    The Saturdays are terrible. Just this middling and rapidly ageing girlband.

  9. truetalk says:

    She sounds like a complete moron. A little self respect please girl.

  10. ELA says:

    Bit harsh! – she is famous for being in the Saturdays but is not a Kim Kardashian type celebrity at all in the UK. I think she is really pretty actually

  11. d says:

    Hey I actually like The Saturdays. Mollie was never on X-Factor – though she may have been in S Club Juniors or something like that years ago. The Saturdays are actually very well known in the UK and have had several hits. They’re kind of like Girls Aloud, but more likeable. I definitely wouldn’t class her as famewhore.

  12. ELA says:

    d – I agree, unless being a singer in a girl band now means being a famewhore!!

  13. TeeTee says:

    Oh god not THIS on a Sunday!!

    I expect Gandy to get rid of this pop-tart..glaring into the camera from the back seat.

    He could do so much better, hopefully its a passing fancy. I’ve heard a couple of their songs and I am NOT impressed at all.

    she’s low key now but just wait til US fame hits, which I doubt will happen anytime soon.

    what’s the age limit on the whole screechy girl band thing?? before its no longer cute.

  14. Girafe99 says:

    She actually comes across as really sweet, they are plastic pop group but in a non offensive way, not great music but silly fun

  15. hater says:

    Muah, it’s a fake romance. Look at the pictures. They are not looking in love in any picture. Body language is off too.

    FAUXMANCE. David Gandy, Mollie King.

  16. geekychic says:

    again: WHO are they?
    i see this types of rs everyday on the street (small country, many soccer players)-so i really don’t get what’s interesting in this story.
    @Crash2Go2: although, yes.interesting thing here-she looks like sienna miller wanna-be.

  17. violelia says:

    Nooo don’t hate her
    To me sho doesn’t come across as a famewhore (maybe slightly) but she is very unoffensive and from what I know of her she does seem rather sweet and likable.
    This is me who loathes Cheryl Cole, but really she is quite a nice girl.
    The Saturdays are terrible though I have to admit.
    Thats why I quite like this pairing because he could do much better :)
    don’t hate her!!! she’s harmless and nothing like a british kim kardashian

  18. Lisa says:

    Noo Mollie is lovely! Nor a famewhore at all. Just because you’ve never heard of her doesn’t make her a famewhore. She’s in a girl band but they’re all pretty low key. I think they’re cute together.

  19. Raz says:

    Dumb famewhore??!! That’s a bit rich considering no-one in the UK has a clue who he is and she’s in one of the most popular girlbands around! She’s very cute and sweet, she doesn’t do any advertising campaigns and in the UK (where they’re FROM) she’s the more famous one.

    C’mon, give her a break and maybe see what she’s about before just judging her!

  20. Ben says:

    Wow! Snap judgement much? She’s a British “celebrity” and “famewhore” and he’s just a hot British guy who totally doesn’t like attention? She’s in a girlband, seems lovely, no scandals, no famewhoring. UK tabloids make shit up, or wildly expand on a single sentence. Cut her some slack. I won’t even touch the Cheryl Cole assumptions.

  21. hater says:

    …and yet they fake a relationship. So it makes her a fame whore.

  22. ADS says:

    Totally agree with Ben (no 21) She in the UK-Mainstream media wise has a much bigger profile than him. He to most non fashion followers is just some hot guy. Some may even place him from the infamous Dolce & Gabanna perfume ad but I doubt it that it would be many. This could easily be a kosher thing or the aim to bump both their profiles up. As Mollie and her group are indeed famous (for being young and good looking) but they are not doing as well chart wise as to be expected.

  23. londonLady says:

    Kaiser- I saw her name in a gossip magazine the other day (LOOK) with no moniker like I was supposed to know who she was, but I didn’t. Saturdays are not really a big kids band…celebrity is a bit strong I would say, rather “British girl band member”. The story was about how close they had got recently and even met each other’s parents- their pic was listed under the “new” phenom of ‘speed relationships’ like the Ghost whisperer. Off topic, but anyways..

  24. Tania Degano says:

    Always thought he was gay. Also, she looks like a cross between Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson

  25. gemmaa says:

    the Saturdays had one of those ‘fly on the wall’ shows in the last year and all of the girls actually came across quite well…
    She was one of my favs on it and seems quite sweet and *shock* had a sense of humour which always sits well.
    So, we’ll leave her have her Gandy fix til she proves herself otherwise ;)
    Jeebus, they look well together!!
    Watch out the US, I think the Saturdays et PR/mgt team may be attempting an invasion….and the tunes are catchy, do not say you have not been warned!

  26. ZenB!tch says:

    I guess she likes her fame local because like you said “WHO”??

    @JM LOL! Wasn’t KB dating some male model I’ve never heard of forever after Orlando? Very good call.

  27. snapnhiss says:

    He totally comes across as gay.

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    And this is news how? Pfft. Wake me up when Pink has her baby. Wait, she had the baby, Willow Sage. Wow, slow news day, eh? :P

  29. Shay says:

    She bears a resemblance to Sienna Miller

  30. jemshoes says:

    I kind of did a double-take scrolling down the photos. I don’t know who this girl is but I agree with other posters who say she looks like Sienna Miller.

  31. kitty says:

    Blond hair so she must look like Sienna Miller. Sienna is prettier. Whatever.

  32. Out of Africa says:

    ooooh jealous much Kaiser??? Yes Gandy is the hottest thing since sliced bread! I hurt him, but Molly is a girl-band member- so unlike Kim Kardashian she has a bit of talent. I think they look dumb and beautiful together.

  33. harfang says:

    On the bright side, I’ve actually wondered multiple times what the sanitized version of “take the pi*s out of _____” was. Thanks, dippy girl I’ll forget about immediately!

  34. liv says:

    i have no idea who she is, but in a couple of pictures, it looks like she’s fixing her hair, which is hilarious

  35. Lottie says:

    I think this is unfiar – Molly is a celeb in the UK in her own right. She is much better known than him. She’s nothing like Kim Kardashian… in fact I fail to see any resemblance whatsoever.

  36. ginger-ness says:

    Sienna Miller? I don’t think so…

    She looks like a blond-haired “Dexter Debra Morgan Bobble head”…Google it, please.

  37. MissBrit says:

    Molly King is an amaaaaaaaaazing singer from the UK and has got the most amazing personality to match ! She is one of the most down to earth celebs I’ve ever seen! She even has a youtube wer she videos random stuff her and her bandmates get up to in life! Check her out ! I reckon the person that wrote this article need to be a better journalist and actually research the people he or she talks about before actually jumping to ridiculous conclusions !

  38. britdoll says:

    Say hello once again to jealousy. Mollie is stunning, by no means a ‘famewhore’ and not a zoo exhibit for people to view from behind a laptop and judge. Maybe the people hiding behind a computer and calling her names without knowing her should take a look at themselves.. happy enough with yourself? then stop making judgments about people you clearly don’t know. I wish them lots of happiness. God you guys must be so perfect to have all that time to judge others.. jeez.

  39. Ginger says:

    yes, he can do better. She is not that pretty…. It’s her nose. It reminds me of a penis head. =0( Can’t believe he is dating her though!

  40. Pippa says:

    Yeah, she’s actually pretty famous by herself in Britain, and for a reason too – the Saturdays are probably the most successful girl group over here at the moment. Definitely NOT anything like a Kardashian.

  41. ladies, he dumped her :) says:

    confirmed by both : they split up & on valentine’s day eve (ouch)! he obviously didn’t have time to see her fugly face so cheer up, ladies : the FAUXmance is over & so is my nightmare ! & MY david, free and AVAILABLE :D

  42. Chiara says:

    Dear blog writer,

    Thank You so much for writing. First of all, Mollie doesn’t do justice to Height.
    Second, a few days before Valentine’s Day this year 2012, I put a spell on Mr. Gandy, saying that I want him to find true Love, a few days later he broke up with Mollie saying exactly that she wasn’t the One.

    He sent me a message in chat on facebook, saying that the day he broke with her was his unlucky 13th. That is it!



  43. Chiara says:

    Dear reader,

    All of this is not about how good she is, but about whether she is right for him, I suppose, since the Blog is entitled with David…

    Anyway, I had no clue he had a girlfriend at the time. Broke up instanstly.