Is Lauryn Hill’s sixth pregnancy mired in paternity drama?


A few days ago, Lauryn Hill announced she was pregnant with her sixth child, in concert and over Twitter. It was interesting, I thought, but I didn’t really think about it too hard. I used to love Lauryn, but over the past several years, I’ve stopped paying attention to her, mostly because I don’t want to even begin to decipher her political messages and lyrics. She’s exhausting. Anyway, most people assumed that Lauryn’s current pregnancy was done by the same baby-daddy who’d knocked her up four or five other times, her boyfriend/lover/baby-daddy-dude Rohan Marley. Not so much, according to Rohan Marley.

It went down like this: Rohan is on Twitter. He corrected a Hip Hop Wired story which claimed that he and Lauryn were married and expecting another baby – Rohan wrote “’2 things… I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything.”

A journalist than tweeted back, “So we are clear. 1.) You’re not married to your ex-wife or Lauryn, and 2.) She isn’t preggo w/your child, but someone else’s?”

Rohan Marley: “That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary.”

Journalist: “Ok. I’ll take it. But you do realize that the ‘until I say something contrary’ addendum cast doubt on your statement.”

Rohan Marley: “trust me, the info out there is so incorrect for so many years…Thx for twitter. I check a few things.”

[Via The Mail]

Now… here’s the thing: the way I read this, I don’t think Rohan is denying paternity. I think he’s just being a d-bag to the press. Like, he didn’t want people to get all up in his business and he wanted to make a point about journalists and fact-checking. That’s just how I read it. But sure, maybe he’s saying he’s not the father. That’s interesting.




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  1. mln76 says:

    Uhm Erykah Badu has a baby with Andre not Lauren I think Marley is the daddy of all of her kids. I think it’s tragic that Lauren has wasted all of her talent on this mo-fo that has been married to someone else the whole time she’s been raising his 5 kids. Also she’s obviously got some mental issues….SAD.

  2. BrandyMc says:

    Marley? Is he related to Bob Marley?

  3. bc says:

    All of her children are fathered by Rohan Marley. As for Andre 3000, you are thinking of Erykah Badu.

  4. Rhiley says:

    I am with mln76 I know Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 have a child, (named) Seven, together. I have thought the unknown Marley dude was Lauryn’s only baby daddy.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Min – Yes, sorry! Badu had a kid with Andre, nevermind. I thought maybe Wyclef was the father of one of Lauryn’s kids…?

  6. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Andre 3000 is one of Erika Badu’s baby daddies. I’m pretty sure all Lauryn’s babies are from this same dude. I remember hearing along time ago that she has some Rasta-man fetish.

  7. Blue says:

    I don’t know the history of these 2 except that he was very much married when they got together and was married long after they had some kids. Apparently she was hooked on him and he treated her terribly & mad her crazy. Anyway I read it as he’s not sure if he’s the father. I read there is question of paternity for at least one of their kids.

  8. maggie says:

    I think Lauryn Hill is an opportunist to the nth degree. I think she had a promising career and “bagged a Marley” and sat on her Laurels. She is now part of one of the most epic families on the planet.

  9. lilibet1 says:

    BrandyMc – I do believe he’s Bob Marley’s son.

    I’m sure he is the Dad and is just being a dick to the journalist!

  10. JC says:

    You are thinking of Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. They have a son named Seven.

  11. Lala11_7 says:

    This right hear…is a H.A.M. (hot a– mess)!!!

    I had NO idea that L. Boogie got down like this with her men…if this hadn’t came out…I would have continued to think that she was MARRIED to D-bag Extraordinnaire…and that all five of her children were by him…

    Now…I’m learning that her eldest child, for the longest time was THOUGHT to be Wyclef’s (who was married at the time too)…and that Rohan was married when he and L. Boogie hooked up and Rohan is STILL married and has never really lived with L. Boogie (she’s in Jersey with the chillins…and he’s in Miami/Jamaica)…and that he has two kids with his wife…apparently born WHILE he was kicking it with L. Boogie…

    I tell you one thing…she should have listened to the words in her biggest hit…

    “Girl, you know you betta…WATCH OUT”!!!


  12. Eileen says:

    Sounds to me like he’s saying he’s not the daddy. Interesting.

  13. jenni says:

    This Rohan guy used to be a football player in his youth and is the guy a lot of people blame Lauryn’s “craziness” on but who knows. I miss Lauryn’s voice. She’s such a naturally gorgeous woman as well. I hope she’s ok. I wish she’d make another album, nobody has a voice like hers. I love her natural hair in pic no.1.

  14. Raised brow says:

    @Brandy: Yes. Rohan is one of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley O.M.’s children. All of Lauren’s children are Bob Marley’s grandchildren. Bob’s mother, Cedella, made Miami her new home after her son’s death in 1981. She adopted and raised her grandson, Rohan in Miami, and he eventually was a linebacker at University of Miami.

  15. JustBe says:

    I think that, for whatever reason, Rohan Marley has always been vague/cagey about both his relationship with Lauren Hill and their children.

    I hope that he fully participates in their lives and they don’t feel that he is doubtful about his paternity and/or feelings for them.

    I think that he and Lauren’s relationship and her behavior in general since they’ve had a relationship has been very confusing and a bit sad.

    There was so much talent and beauty in her seminal album, it’s sad that she hasn’t put more music out there to that caliber.

    Perhaps she’s got her hands full raising 5+ kids.

  16. Amanda G says:

    She seems to like married men as she was involved with Wyclef for a few years too. It is so sad what has become of Lauryn. She used to be so beautiful and talented. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was a FANTASTIC album. BTW, I thought it was a shady/manipulative preacher or something that caused Lauryn to go off her rocker?

  17. KB_explosion says:

    this gossip bit has made my day. please rohan/lauryn, tweet some more! i can’t wait for all the sordid details!

  18. Solveig says:

    Rohan hasn’t inherited his father’s beauty gene, he looks like a pig and acts like one.

  19. Violet says:

    Rohan Marley was married to Geraldine Khawly — with whom he has two kids, bringing his grand total to seven, possibly eight — before he met Lauryn Hill, and he is STILL married to Geraldine Khawly.

    So, yeah. This entire time Lauryn has been popping out babies for a married man. Lauryn is apparently bi-polar, but that doesn’t excuse her actions.

    As for his cryptic statement, it could very well be that he’s not the father of Lauryn’s sixth child. After all, both of these two aren’t really into honoring commitments. Also? Both are batshit crazy. I pity the kids.

  20. sassenach says:

    Violet he has said that he is not married. I don’t know why people have been saying that he is married like they know what is going on in his life. He is not a celebrity and not much is known about him other than rumors.

  21. Violet says:

    @sassenach – Actually, I said the complete opposite: Rohan Marley has been married to Geraldine Khawly the entire time he’s been fathering all of these babies with Lauryn.

    His marriage is a matter of public record, as is the existence of his two legitimate children.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    January Jones has been out-January-Jones’d! GASP.

  23. Bubbling says:

    I want to pluck that mess of eyebrows so bad! She was so beautiful, and enlighten I saw couple of videos on you tube when she held speech in one high school and it made me sad to see how much she has changed. Six kids, tho it has to be mad house, I couldn’t handle it for sure

  24. smith says:

    Her eyebrows are an epic cry for help.

  25. Brittany says:

    Apparently Wyclef thought the oldest child was his until he found out otherwise….

    She’s a ho!

  26. MollyB says:

    I read an interview with her a while ago and now I can’t remember where, of course. Anyways, it seemed like Lauryn and Rohan were pretty on-again, off-again.

  27. truetalk says:

    maybe he doesn’t want another child by her but she refused to abort so he decided to be a d-bag.

  28. Kim says:

    Who cares. Another no talent popping out to many kids.

  29. malachais says:

    Lauryn is extremely talented. I hate that press like this comes out about her and I wish her nothing but the best with her pregnancy.

  30. MJ says:

    There are probably a lot of things one could say about her, but “no talent” isn’t really one of them.

  31. courtney says:

    @truetalk are you one of those people that believe that abortions don’t leave emotional/phsycological scars for the reast of the would be mothers life. then I recomend you find a used copy of academy ward winner Patricia Neal’s Autobiography As I Am in which she vividly recounts the affects a forced abortion had on her. Rohan is repeating his father Bob’s cycle not surprising at all

  32. rose80 says:

    If i’m not mistaken, some of Bob Marley’s children follow the rastafarian faith like he did. And I also believe Lauryn follows the faith as well. They believe, and please correct me if i’m wrong, in spritual wives and so on and reject what society deems “normal”. So the way that she has decided to live her life is in line with her faith and it’s not for me to judge. Besides, Bob Marley was a brilliant, talented, man whore. He has an estimated 11 children with various women. So if anything, Rohan is following in his father’s footsteps.

  33. truetalk says:

    @33;could u pls read to d end before jumping to conclusions? ,u might see d word “d-bag”.did i say she should abort?.i thought everyone was trying to figure out why rohan seems to be denying paternity.
    BTW,i’m not pro-abortion but i am pro- choice.

  34. Blue says:

    I read that Rohan is a child of one of Bob’s “sidepieces” not by his wife . I doubt he asked her to abort though. Jamaicans aren’t big on that. You get preggo you have it and raise it. Also Rasta’s are hard men to date if you aren’t one too (rasta) I dated one and boy was that an experience

  35. amanda says:

    I remember way back when she got with this guy. My roommate at the time was…still is…an absolute FIEND for hip hop and reggae. I think she’s read every issue of XXL and Vibe and watched every episode of 106&Park for the past 12 years. So I got a lot of info back then about the gossip. Basically the word was that Lauryn was obsessed with Bob Marley, wanted to be a Marley. There’s even a version of “Turn Your Lights Down Low” with her on it from the sndtk “Chant Down Babylon”…I think that was either before or around the time she started banging Rohan Marley. That was pretty much what everyone thought back then. But before that, there was a ton of shadiness with Wyclef. I don’t know, she’s a weird chick. Talented and beautiful, but not right in the brains when it comes to men. Wouldn’t surprise me if the kid’s not Marley’s…on the other hand, the guy seems to be sketchy. I wonder if anything else will come out about it or what…

  36. Eve says:

    I wish she’d get her act back together. I love her voice.

    Her video for “Everything is everything” is one of my favourite of all time.

  37. constance says:

    I miss her when she was a great voice and stage presence. Didn’t know things were soo… “messy.”

  38. jc126 says:

    Sorry, I never really cared for her. Can’t articulate why, just something I didn’t like.
    There was a story that came out a couple years ago, supposedly what really happened, and it was that she was really in love with Wyclef, took up with Rohan to make him jealous, and got pregnant by the latter. Who knows if it’s true. She certainly did then go on to have several kids by a married man. Which seems like kind of a mixed message from someone who rapped a lot about self-respect.

  39. Adrien says:

    Uh, Ok! I always thought Lauren was still with Wyclef Jean and not Rohan.

  40. TXCinderella says:

    All these multiple baby-daddy’s is just gross.

  41. mmmm says:

    She is absolutely full of talent… or at least, used to be

  42. Nah, nah, and nah... says:

    Jackpot Rose 80 & Blue! But, check this out:

    1.) Rohan is a child of one of the many of Bob’s (Marley’s) “jumpoffs” and this is “normal” for his family’s type of “Rastafarianism.” Easy for journalists to prove thru basic internet searches, regardless as to how d-baggy Rohan wants to be toward them. Conversely, journalists have been beyond d-baggy to the entire Marley clan for decades.

    2.) Bob’s wife Rita (of his group, The I-3′s) accepted many of his kids produced outside of the marriage, even raised some of them, and many of those kids followed in their father’s footsteps. The estate, primarily overseen by son Ziggy, is ridiculous. It’s like running a city as opposed to a family. Again, easily provable thru public record.

    3.) Not only is Rohan supposed to be married to someone else (again, public record), it was explained to me that one of his other babymammas was one of Lauryn’s high school buddies that used to sing backup for her AND Lauryn introduced the two. Can’t provide facts on this, but it’s a longstanding rumor. If it works for them, I ain’t mad wit’ it, as “normal” ain’t quite working for a lot of us anymore.

    4.) Musicians tend to be emotional artist-types. Lauryn may be bipolar; Bob may have been as well. They’re also both indisputably brilliant icons at this juncture in music history. Who’s going to stop buying either of them because they’re “nutso” if the music’s good? Beethoven was a total wack job and he’s still sellin’.

    4.) They’re’s a “sect” of young women artists who are “spiritual/religious” who are all around the same GenX age as Lauryn who really think that they are on track to birth a “messiah” and need to “replace” a lot of people lost in years past. Nutso philosphy, but real talk. “Spiritual Advisors” got them on some other isht. If Kaiser thinks deciphering the “political messages and lyrics” is tiring, she should try having a conversation with one of these chicks who has 25 kids by 26 different daddies and is willing to tell you ALL about why. Badu, Hill, even Monie Love…I ain’t sayin’ this is what they believe, but their kids were not no chickenheaded accidents. The strangest part about it is, as crazy as all of these broads sound, their kids are reportedly exceptionally smart, talented, responsible and insightful people. They’re more in tune and focused/centered than most “stable” adults we all know. And, not one of these women that I’ve ever encountered is anywhere near a bad parent. Despite their situations, they manage to do a great job of raising genuinely good kids.

    I never got it, and while I respect them all as women and artists, I agree that they’re kinda loopy when it comes to politics, religion and family planning. But, what they clearly aren’t is stupid and what they’re doing shouldn’t be lambasted as much as it is by journalists but truthfully discussed and commended. I think they have a great deal to teach “normal” moms and families. Jayden and Willow are only the tip of what will “flower in this generation – triumphantly.”

  43. original kate says:

    i really liked “the miseducation of lauryn hill” but she seemed to take a strange detour after that.

    erykah badu is one of my all-time faves. love love love her.

  44. Charlotte says:

    I love her voice. I feel sorry that she’s kind of a psycho now. And if she’s really into (or was that into) Wyclef Jean, I’m sorry. I don’t get what people see in him. He’s a complete fool who thought he should be governor of Haiti or something like that. Last I heard of him, he was doing commercials for Ritz crackers. How stimulating.