LeAnn Rimes’ ex on a potential nude tape: ‘we did a lot of sh*t… I don’t remember’

In our thread yesterday on the story about LeAnn Rimes talking about her emaciated “I’m so healthy, lol” bikini body yet again, a lot of you mentioned that there’s a new sex tape story about LeAnn. Of course this is coming out now, post-wedding to Eddie, when LeAnn isn’t getting enough attention for her antics and her husband’s ex Brandi Glanville is about to star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Do you remember how much publicity those RHOBH bitches got last season? Brandi is about to blow up in the press and LeAnn knows it. This has got to burn LeAnn up. She’s already copying Brandi’s outfits down to the shoes and accessories, she got the same boob job from the same surgeon, and she copied Brandi’s wedding to Eddie using the dress designer and ceremony details. So Brandi’s pending fame has got to be getting to LeAnn and coincidentally there’s a new “nude tape” story that someone first posted online on some forum. Uh-huh.

The thing that gives this story some merit is the fact that Star spoke to LeAnn’s ex husband, Dean Sheremet, and his vague answer as to whether there is are any sexy J-Lo style recordings kind of lends credence to this story. They make it sound like Dean leaked the story and LeAnn is the victim. You never know with her though, and I have a tendency to distrust any story that gives her publicity. Plus her people were all over that right away.

“I found a memory stick to a digital camera,” an Internet forum poster who goes by the screen name OneMoreVol wrote. “It had about ten 15-20 sec videos of [LeAnn] shot by her then husband. She’s in her bedroom…” The home video captured her “[bending] over in front of the mirror” in her thong, and other private poses.

LeAnn’s ex, Dean, spoke exclusively to Star about the video that he filmed. “We were married for eight years, we did a lot of sh*t,” he hinted. “I honestly don’t even remember. I’m sure it was fun and innocent.”

Even so, after the Web user posted a teaser of the video, which was found in a moving truck in 2008, LeAnn’s legal team was ready to strike back before the full tape goes public and everyone sees her – in the poster’s words – when she had “some meat on her hips, and it looked more like cottage cheese than meat!”

In a May 26 cease-and-desist notice obtained exclusively by Star, the Web user was told: “Your posting establish that you came into possession of these materials by virtue of finding lost property which should have rightfully been returned to Ms. Rimes.”

Dean, however, doesn’t share LeAnn’s concerns about the steamy video leaking. He explained coolly, “Things like this happen.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 20, 2011]

Given the context, given the crazy, I don’t believe this. Star is painting Dean as the guy leaking the tape but maybe he’s just like “whatever, she bugs me.” Kaiser feels sorry for LeAnn and thinks that if this is really happening as it’s claimed that it’s not LeAnn’s fault for recording some sexy videos with an ex husband. The scenario with Dean leaking the videos just doesn’t seem as likely as LeAnn clamoring for publicity and attention as always. Like she would love to have some sexy videos out there, wouldn’t she? This isn’t even a sex tape.

In an inset to this article, Dean kind of goes off on Eddie and how he was cheating on his wife to be with Dean’s then-wife LeAnn. He said “That’s not how a man acts. A real man would have waited to pursue a relationship… I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.” As for the end of his marriage, he says “It wasn’t how I thought it was going to go down after eight years.” Isn’t that how it usually goes down with a divorce though? Like the person seems to change overnight as far as your perspective on who they are.

Here are LeAnn and Eddie getting papped on their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on 5/26/11. LeAnn and Dean are shown on 5/31/08. Credit: Fame Pictures





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  1. littlesilverboulder says:

    The only thing that makes me think maybe LeAnn DIDN’T leak this story is the “it looked more like cottage cheese than meat” comment. You’d think if it was coming from her camp they wouldn’t include negative comments about her body. But who knows?

  2. KatScorp says:

    “…Kaiser feels sorry for LeAnn…”

    CB, please be a dear and slap Kaiser for me.

    Good night ladies – I’m off to bed. Will catch up on the fun in the AM.

  3. Jezi says:

    Dean is so innocent in this. I agree with your insight on why he responded the way he did. He’s probably really annoyed with his ex-wife’s antics and doesn’t really care either way. So there you go. Plus, just to make her look like a dipwad when the denials start coming, he let’s them know that yeah it’s possible, this way Leann looks like the liar we all know she is.

  4. Rita says:

    WTF, Kaiser feels sorry for LeAnn?!!! This falls right in line with LeAnn’s MO in craving publicity. She’s the poster child for “look at my body”, especially my butt as I caress Eddie’s “bean bag” in the sand while his children watch. In vegas she tweeted that she took such a sexual pounding from Eddie that she was exhausted (I think that was right after her story plant about performing of a stripper pole). Her favorite one-liners planted in the tabs are “they were all over each other”, “they couldn’t keep their hands off each other”, and when Eddie doing yard work (extremely rare) LeAnn tweets about getting the vapors. Before Eddie, LeAnn chose nip-visual sheer blouses.

    Deane has never sought publicity, lied, or pulled any of this crap so why feel sorry for LeAnn who has put this crap out there every week for the past 2 years?

  5. brin says:

    Love Dean & his comments….he’s like whatevs and Leann is probably going psycho nuts! Love the cottage cheese line and I really love that last picture of Leann…hahahaha!

  6. Kloops says:

    My goodness…those shoulders. If anyone is getting roughed up in bed it’s Eddie.

  7. Rita says:

    I want to make it clear that I don’t think Deane or LeAnn did anything wrong in making these salacious and demeaning bondage sex tapes. However, such private moments can cause trouble if made public. I, myself have several tasteful artistic VCR tapes that I tried to transfer onto DVD when my VCR player finally gave out last week. The man wouldn’t make a DVD because he said most of what he saw on the tapes was illegal. I explained that I picked up the lama at a garage sale sometime ago and it wasn’t alive but he didn’t want to hear it.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Seriously, who would want to see that?

    She’s such a blatant famewhore and psycho, she probably did leak it herself for the attention.

  9. DSM says:

    In that second to last picture. She looks like the sister of “Carrot Top” and those are not hands, they are claws baby! :)

  10. Rita says:

    The proof that LeAnn sent these incredibly explict, no-positions-barred sex tapes to the media is that Star wrote the piece as if Deane planted the story. The tabloid favors the person who plants the story by deflecting attention from them.

    As for the cottage cheese remark. The tapes were given to a friend who gave them to a currier who gave them to an acquaintance who had nothing better to do than eat Cheetos and watch porn all day. It was an honest movie review by an expert.

  11. brin says:

    LOL Rita! Is that crow she’s eating or maybe cinnamon rolls?

  12. DanDan says:

    Why are these people photographed so much?? Color me clueless.

  13. Eileen says:

    @Kloops-LOL That made me snort. Her top is so disproportionate to her bottom she looks like a linebacker in drag.
    She tweeted there’s no “Sex Tape” but I’m betting there is something-but good ‘ol Leann knows how to play with words. So maybe they aren’t having sex, but she’s for sure posing in some gross ensemble.

  14. skilo says:

    Oh My God! Rita I love you ! You made me laugh so hard my side hurt.

  15. 4Real says:

    “Kaiser feels sorry for LeAnn”!!??

    I FOUND this site over this scantless hookdoghomewrecker!

  16. MJ says:

    Rita, you just made my morning.

    I could give two shits about this story, but I have to say I am loving Dean’s response.

  17. Eileen says:

    Dean has a tumblr feed and a few days ago he said this: “I am always wanting something cold and sweet, this may have been evident in a few of my past relationships but I digress… Right now let’s talk Sorbet!” lol I love that guy-he is hilarious and a class act-and so over LeMann he could care less what she gets herself into. She let a good guy go for a squinty-faced douche!!

  18. brin says:

    Let’s see…cheat on spouse, check. Break up family, check. Deny everything, check. Lose way too much weight,& deny ed, check. Leak sex tape, check. She’s done almost everything the Famewhore’s Manual suggests. Rehab may be next.

  19. tapioca says:

    Surely in order to make a “sex tape”, one first has to have sex?

  20. MJ says:

    Eileen – she is also a squinty-faced douche, so it’s a match made in heaven! Ha!

    Man, I am feeling rather catty this morning. I don’t usually remark on facial features and other things one can’t help, but LR really brings it on herself!

  21. Julie says:

    Ok, this will be rude, but why does everyone always ask on this site why she is even covered in the media when this site covers her regularly. If they really thought she was irrelevant, would they be covering her? (And don’t get me wrong, I think she is completely irrelevant, along with Kim K. and some others, but they never will be until these sites take a stand.) And Kaiser feeling sorry for her. I feel like I’ve misread her on this site now for years. Thats the craziest thing I’ve ever read on here.

  22. Quest says:

    Kaiser you are going soft on us by feeling sorry or did you loose your pearl necklace….ah Dean’s input is absolutely wonderful

  23. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    The tape should be called
    ‘Falcor’s REVENGE’

  24. REALIST says:

    Why do public figures Tweet their weiners and do sex(y) tapes? They always show up; it’s just so stupid…
    Of note-she looks happier and more relaxed with her ex. Not a poseur like she is now.

  25. malachais says:

    @endoplasmic – L.M.A.O. I thought we’d never see explicit videos involving fowl! :D

  26. Beans says:

    I totally thought that was Brandi in the pics above.

  27. GoofPuff says:

    Holy crap. Her copying Brandi is pretty scary. Its like she is desperate to keep Eddie so she tries to be exactly like Brandi (which is a bizarre logic). Also she probably copies to get attention.

  28. Rita says:

    A note to Kaiser:

    Next time you listen to Adele’s beautiful voice and the sincerity with which she sings about a broken heart and how she almost had it all I hope you will think about Brandi Glanville. Then think about the bitch of a thousand smirks who taunted Brandi and stalked her husband and viciously calls Brandi’s sons her own merely to cause Brandi pain. Yes, when you hear Adele sing about such things, imagine Brandi singing like that and then tell me you feel sorry the the heartless, manipulative, narcasisst who enjoyed raping a woman’s life.

  29. Juliette says:

    Rita, I love your posts. You speak the truth and say what we are all thinking but some are afraid to say.

    LR deserves no sympathy. Brandi & Eddie were trying to work it out but LR couldn’t leave him alone. I know it takes 2 but she just had no respect for the sanctity or marriage or family.

    Showing up at baseball games when EC & BG were there together. Driving by the boys school when she knew BG would be there to point out how she was just coming to see her new house.

    LR is a disgusting, selfish biatch and she deserves all the bad press and all the bad karma coming her way.

  30. Thea says:

    I can already see how Eddie is playing this. He is destroying LeAnns self confidence (HA), she is tweeting like a freak her every move. Then he is going to start leaking things like: she is having a breakdown, the pressure about her abs/bones/weight and then he is going to stick her in a mental hospital with a 5150 after he has totally f*** up her mind whats left of it. And while she is there, he will hook up with someone. There will be a divorce, she will say he beat her, blah blah. Then she will write a country song and make a comeback. Then I will throw myself off a bridge when it hits Billboards top 100.

  31. Rita says:


    You forgot to mention that after Eddie has LeAnn committed, he’ll petition the court to appoint him as executor of her estate.

  32. brin says:

    Rita….you go girl!!!
    Thea…lol…don’t worry, it won’t make Billboards top 100!

  33. Laughternrain says:

    Ok so maybe there is so ‘sex’ tape ie no intercourse – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Maybe she ‘inhaled’ him, and thinks since it wasn’t intercourse, it wasn’t sex?

  34. sapphire says:

    CB, did anyone mention these are great photos? She looks like she broke a tooth!

  35. gg says:

    Well done Rita!! I am still laughing at the two pics posted of her snarling face. That my friends is the real Leann. Have a great weekend brilliant BB’s!!!!!!

  36. SolitaryAngel says:

    Rita: You rock girl! You should seriously start a blog and I’ll be your first follower (if you have one already, tell me where to sign up!)

    Dean is a class act, love the “cold and sweet” comment. Love him more for the way he has handled all this.

    *thanks to Rita, gotta clean off all the water I spit onto my monitor* ;)

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Rita – Too, too funny! *waves*

    @ brin – Or she’ll end up “in treatment” for the eating disorder she claims she doesn’t have! *waves*

    *waves to all the ladies* Sorry I’m late today!

    Love Deane’s response; very non-committal, very over all her BS!

    I think what he probably meant about the divorce not turning out like he thought after 8 years was probably a combination of dis-belief at how publicly immature and trashy LR was acting and thinking the split would be “amicable.”

    It’s a mistake we all make, as things soon degenerate into “Well you can’t have back your game system until I get back my CD collection!” and that type of thing.

  38. brin says:

    Missed you, bellaluna! *waving back*

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Keep tweeting Leann (as if you would ever stop).

  39. John Wayne Lives says:

    to be honest, all i could think about when I read this was “Oh f*cking great! I forgot about Brandi and her Real Housewives bullsh!t. Now I’m gonna have to deal with her Holiness and her fake ass bullsh!t for who knows how long”
    I hate all three of them.

  40. Baylor says:

    I’m sure the “nude tape” will get released anyways around the time Brandi starts appearing on TV regularly.

    She has done things like this before though. She took nude pictures or a nude video with Andrew. That’s what the bodyguard tried to blackmail her with and she sued him over it. You would think she would learn from that experience.

    Funny, Darrel never says anything when Dean makes a jab at LeAnn or contradicts anything she says.

  41. TG says:

    Yes that girl looks like a linebacker with those shoulders. I always knew she was mannish and now I see even more evidence. She can starve herself all she wants but she will always look like a man. And is there anyone who actually thinks her ex husband isn’t gay.

  42. judyjudy says:

    We’ve seen ninety-gabillion photos of this girl in teeny bikinis. What would be so shocking about a nude tape, or pics of her in her underwear? Are her crack and nips that spectacular? Because that’s pretty much the only bits we haven’t seen.

  43. Common Sense says:

    She looks bad in the face and the body, I have no sympathy for her or Christina A they both strike me as the same type but don’t like to be honest about it.

  44. why? says:

    We can say with 100% confidence that Leann was the one who leaked the story of the sex video and the video.

    How do we know? She has come up with another attention seeking tactic.

    Now she has staged a shopping for a birthday present for the BIG BOY[Eddie] with his son photo-op, while wearing a shirt that says BOYS in big letters(why would she wear a shirt like this after tweeting about the comment about the BIG BOY if she didn’t know that the paps were going to be there?). She saw that she wasn’t getting a lot of attention from the media in regards to the sex tape(because once again the media is being dominated by Kim K and the Weiner guy) and of course 100% of the public believes that LR leaked the video/story to draw in ratings for Drop Dead Diva, and so she dragged out the kid to whitewash her image or deflect by getting people to talk about what a great bonus mom she is.

    So why was EC making such a huge fuss over the kids making a cameo on BG show when he sits back and allows LR to stage photo-ops with those kids because her plan A(honeymoon), plan B(charity event for victims of storm), and plan C (skinny stories), and plan D(sex tape) attention seeking stunts failed/backfired?

  45. AnnieB says:

    This is EXACTLY what LeMann reminds me of in the above pics. Tint her skin green in that second last pic. Grrrr….SMASH!


  46. why? says:

    I saw the most funniest comment.It said that EC was going to be upset about the DS and LR sex tape.

    Seriously? Why would EC be upset over a DS and LR sex tape when EC isn’t even upset that his newlywed wife tweeted the day of and day after their wedding, tweeted the entire time they were on their honeymoon, and tweets 24/7 like her life depends on it even while she claims to be watching a movie in EC arms.

    EC cares so little about LR that he supposedly surprised LR with a cruise knowing full well that she had motion sickness and was going to have to take meds to make her sleep,

    Don’t forget that EC is the same man who stated that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media/press/paps and yet allows LR to tweet about those kids knowing full well that what she writes about them will be posted on blogs/in the tabs(her tweet about taking her 4 yo stepson shopping is already on 1 blog) and then allows her to tip off the paps when she is out and about with the kids to validate that she is a great bonus mom and thus her relationship with EC is great or allows LR to sell the birthday photos of EC son to Bauer Griffin to promote her wedding and GAC interview.

    So we know that EC isn’t going to get mad about a DS and LR sex tape. EC is too busy thinking about how he can trade his kids faces and names to LR for a gift/trip/shopping spree.

  47. Hakura says:

    @TG“Yes that girl looks like a linebacker with those shoulders. I always knew she was mannish and now I see even more evidence. She can starve herself all she wants but she will always look like a man. And is there anyone who actually thinks her ex husband isn’t gay.

    Honestly, I don’t think her ‘shape’ was *naturally* overly masculine, when she was actually at a healthy weight. Her build was reminiscent of an athletic swimmer, a lean ‘straight’ midsection, with strong shoulders & legs. It’s just that her losing so much weight has made her bone structure very harsh & unattractive.

    I’ve always thought Dean was gay… Just felt so obvious in her mannerisms. But they did stay married for a long time, who knows… If I were a guy, I’m sure being with Leann for 8 years could turn me off women forever. xD But I noticed that they never had children during that time (though I know not everyone wants to.)

  48. jackie says:

    LeAnn is seething w/jealousy over Brandi’s soon to be fame!! She’ll do anything just to try to upstage her:)HA!! Goodluck LeAnne! Love the comments Rita!!