Cameron Diaz, leggy at a ‘Bad Teacher’ photo call: lovely or meh?


My God, Cameron Diaz’s legs are insane. Her face goes from “OMG, WHAT HAPPENED?” to “Meh, she looks okay” while Camy’s legs stand the test of time. And please don’t give me a lecture on her athleticism. While I’m positive that Camy maintains her figure and specifically her magnificent legs through exercise and hardcore workouts, I’m sure Camy also benefits heavily from the “Amazing Legs” gene. Beyond the legs, though, I dislike this outfit. Camy has been doing variations on this outfit for a while – covered up on top, biscuit-grazers on the bottom. While the pink is nice, and her face doesn’t look like it’s melting, I don’t really care for the ensemble.


Anyway, these are leg porn photos of Cameron doing a photo call for her new film, Bad Teacher, in Madrid, Spain. The promotion for this film has been all over the place – I think the studio is putting more emphasis on getting the trailers out there, in the hopes that the film will get buzz by simply looking hilarious. Usually, Camy is the one spear-heading a film’s promotion, through magazine and television interviews, and endless red carpets. Not so much this time, although it might pick up closer to the release date (two Fridays from now, the 24th).

Meanwhile, have you heard the stuff about Cameron and Prince Harry being gym buddies now? While Cameron films Gambit in London, she joined a very posh, exclusive gym, and it happens to be the same gym that Prince Harry uses. They might have even been working out at the same time! According to Us Weekly, “Cameron Diaz wound up on the treadmill next to Prince Harry at London’s KX gym. Apparently, the 26-year-old red-headed royal put his towel on Diaz’s machine; just when the 38-year-old actress was about to ask for the towel to be removed, she realized who was working out beside her!” The Mirror claims that it was Harry who introduced himself to Camy, and “they hit off,” joining each other for workouts several more times. A source told the tabloid:

“Since arriving in England, Cameron was adamant she would keep up with her strict exercise regime. Producers secured her membership at the ultra discreet, £3,500-a-year gym – totally unaware Prince Harry was also a member. Since first clocking one another and saying hello, they have coincided visits on two further occasions. During the second one, they were pounding along on adjacent treadmills and Harry cheekily nudged-up Cameron’s speed dial, suggesting a one kilometer race. Cameron agreed… and won. They have become pretty friendly – Harry even invited his new gym buddy out drinking with him and his Sloaney chums.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Is this Camy & Harry, sitting in a tree, B-O-N-I-N-G? Eh. He seems to like trashy blondes, and it would be so much fun, but I don’t really see it. I could totally be wrong, though. I tend to think Camy is still in an A-Rod dong haze.

Here are some photos of Harry playing polo over the weekend, and Camy in Madrid:





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    That outfit is a hot mess, I hate the blazer and I hate the whole thing. Agree on the legs though.

  2. ladybert62 says:

    (1) Great legs
    (2) Outfit ok except lose the jacket
    (3) Cut your hair and get a decent syle – looks skanky now.

  3. Sue says:

    I like the outfit the shorts could be longer but other than that the color and shoes all work.

  4. Ari says:

    She really needs to get some work done on her face and I HATE saying that but like I have said before she is one of the few women who could stand to benefit from a good european surgeon who won’t overdo it but will make her face stop the melting process lol…her legs are sick though.

  5. Solveig says:

    If I had legs like those I would wear shorts even during winter time, lucky bitch.
    I quite like the outfit and her face looks almost ok, especially in the third picture. The hair is a mess as always.

  6. tapioca says:

    My 60 year old mother has almost that exact outfit, except with trousers instead of shorts, and I think she looks better in it as it’s age-appropriate for her.

    I will be heading straight to the treadmill after work, though!

  7. LindaR says:

    Shorts with heels and a jacket are very in right now but the shorts shoud be a couple of inches longer. Why is it that some people have to go just this side of tacky and tawdry when a small wardrobe adjustment would look classy and stylish. She looks like she is trying to dress up a tennis outfit.

  8. Julie says:

    I agree about genes, but it doesn’t hurt that she exercises. Re face: it’s really weird with her because her face looks constantly different to me, even the health of her skin and I’m not talking about photo-shop verses not. I would guess she is using fillers on her cheeks though.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Her legs are amazing – but her face! She’s starting to look like a drag queen from the neck up. I think that naturally aging would look better than what she looks like now. Her face looks like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz.

  10. brin says:

    cosign ladybert62….great legs, ok outfit, bad hair.

  11. Blue says:

    I don’t like her, but she has amazing legs. Don’t like the outfit. Guess her biscuit must need airing out & her face gives me the creeps. She was so pretty and softer looking back in the day now she looks hard and scary. Also agree with the person who said she needs to cut her hair. It does look awful

  12. Bubbling says:

    I think she is forcing her legs too much, it’s ok boo your legs are fine, give it a rest

  13. Eve says:

    Great legs, really really strange face.

  14. Anon says:

    We need a separate Harry post!

  15. Norah says:

    Cameron looks more and more like Terence Stamp in Priscilla Queen of the Desert to me. Really – compare: (I promise it’s not spam).

  16. Cherry says:

    Oh, Cammie… Sure, we get it. You’ve got great legs. But a romper? AGAIN?

  17. Quest says:

    Camy’s lower limbs are just lovely. She needs to work her hair, not hating on the outfit too much, just don’t like it for these occasion. It is getting boring and predictable

  18. Amanda says:

    I would kill for those legs. They are gorgeous. I don’t understand why her face looks so bad and…strange. It seems like she has lost volume in her face as she has gotten older, and its making her look very, very odd. She really isn’t very old, either, but there is nothing fresh looking about that face. I think it would help if she cut that straw-like hair that’s always in her face. Go back to the haircut from the “Something About Mary” era.

  19. Lindy says:

    Killer legs, to be sure. But I honestly can’t figure out *what* is up with her face! I mean, the very natural crinkles around her eyes are awesome and make her look happy and real. But then her cheeks and chin and nose look–off somehow. I don’t even know how, though. Too puffy? Too shiny and pink? Someone please explain!

  20. carrie says:

    great legs but she gets old badly

  21. spinner says:

    Cammy who??



  22. Tina says:

    She has to show off her legs to distract from the mess that is her face and hair.

  23. Rog says:

    Her outfit is irrelevant. So is her body.

    Her hideous face DESERVES to be with Alex Rodriguez. They’re two of the ugliest people the gene pool has spawned in the last half-century or so.

  24. nnn says:

    I like that she is secure enough to show her wrinkles but she is one of the laziest women ever.

    I mean, ok, the face is not great but she has assets many would kill for : legs, eye color, real blondness. I don’t understand why she doesn’t make the BEST of what she has.

    Her hair seem thick and she is a natural blond. With a good hairstyle she can look 10 times better without having to go through the bleaching process. She should take care of her hair !

    Her eyes are also underrated. she should learn to enhance them.

    And she has great legs, great body proportions. She could wear any feminine clothes to flatter her body type.

    She is lucky and doesn’t know how to make the best of what she got !

  25. 4Real says:

    Okay I get it…you got nice legs but time to dress your AGE HONEY!

  26. Cheyenne says:

    I think she’s just comfortable with her face and wrinkles be damned.

    I’d kill for her legs, though.

  27. Kim says:

    Her hair is AWFUL! She really needs to cut it all off its so damaged.

  28. Maritza says:

    I could see Harry and Cameron being beer buddies, they both seem to be fun people. She does have great legs, a great smile and beautiful eyes

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    I like the outfit in general, but I agree with the OP who said that the shorts should be longer. Cam does have amazing legs. What makes them appear even longer are the neutral colored shoes.

  30. orion70 says:

    She seriously needs to do something about her hair, it so ages her.

  31. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Hair is a hot f’ing mess, she dresses like sh*t, the face is not aging well but great legs.

  32. Crys says:

    Her face is looking…er, rough.

  33. LouRob says:

    Nice, but she’s turning into a butterface.

  34. Call Me Al says:

    i get the whole cali girl thing, i just think she needs to do her hair with some polish that would befit her age. that and get some help for her skin and makeup. but her legs are awesome and i would wear that at 70 if my legs looked like that.

  35. dj says:

    I love Cameron Diaz. I just watched “Knight and Day” again and it really was good. It seemed so easy for C.D. to be goofy, boots wearing mechanic chica to shooting guns and wrapping those long legs around Tom on a motorcycle backwards. I can’t think of another actress (except maybe Drew who could have done it). It makes me so sad to say that I agree with some she could use a little tweaking in the facial area. She really is starting to look odd. Still love her though.

  36. Cat says:

    @LouRob that was my 1st thought!! LMAO buttaface all the way!!!

  37. kira says:

    She looks a lot better in person than on-camera. It seems like the bright lights magnify her wrinkles. In person, you don’t notice it as much. Also, her face looks less round in person. It’s strange. I really feel for her since it’s her job to look good and the aging process is not making it easy. She’s only 38, too.

    As for her personality, she’s just a cool person. She didn’t know me from Adam–I was a friend of some friends–and she sat around talking with us. And then, she even toked up with us. She’s just genuinely nice, unlike some others. Most celebs I’ve met (even some bit players and reality stars) have this filter between the public and them. (The few exceptions have been Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton.) What I mean is they have this very cold eye. Sometimes, it’s genuine fear of strangers, but most of the time, it’s weariness from dealing with fans/gawkers. And other times it’s the “I’m important and you’re not” attitude. And, the ones who do smile or pretend to be nice, you can tell it’s a major act where they’re humoring you. Cameron didn’t have any of that. She had no assistants, no handlers, and no bodyguards. She just tools around in her blue Prius like anybody else. I really like that about her. This was a few years back, so I hope she’s still cool like that. ;-)

  38. Charlotte says:

    I’m sorry. I think aging has NOT helped her. At all. She looks like she’s in her 50′s. I know people like her. I actually think she’s funny sometimes, and a good actress sometimes, but her looks leave a lot to be desired.

  39. luls says:

    Her face…. her face….. i have no words other than MOTHER NATURE IS A BITCH.

    I guess we cant have it all after all! Her face is the price she pays for her insanely perfect legs.

  40. imabrat says:

    Pretty legs but icky face. She has one of those faces that just highly irritate me. You know how you just can’t stand the look of some actors and you can’t watch anything they’re in because their face makes you ill? Yep.

  41. honeyv says:

    Her face – totally meh. Her outfit – somehow cuter meh. Her legs – hot hot hot but face is more important than legs anyways.

  42. sportschick says:

    O.K. what is so great about her legs?? Yes, she has skinny thighs. She also has REALLY skinny calves. Her legs are not defined at all. In other words, she looks like every other anorexic actress.

    Attractive legs have muscle definition, you can actually tell the DIFFERENCE between the thigh and the calf.

    Plus, she is really not aging well in the face. She is really young and looks like crap.