Kirstie Alley is gaining weight, post-DWTS, she’s no longer a size 6!


Here are some new photos of Kirstie Alley in NYC. Yes, she gained some weight. If she had just put on a few pounds while she was truly a “size 6” – as she claimed, since she was a “size 12″ when she started out, then dropped down to a six – then it wouldn’t be a big deal. But since Kirstie is delusional and she lies all of the time about her size, I guess we should take note. According to the Enquirer, Kristie has been “packing on the pounds” ever since she lost Dancing with the Stars. They calculate that she’s put on 12 pounds… which… um… no, it’s more than that.

After triumphantly slimming down on DWTS, Kirstie Alley has gone on a wild eating binge – and quickly packed on 12 pounds.

“No one expected her to keep up with the demanding 2000-calorie-a0day diet or grueling seven-hour dance sessions once the show was over, but Kirstie has returned to her bad old ways.

Losing DWTS – combined with not having a man in her life – has left her miserable, according to her friend. And Kristie has “been consoling herself by eating the best food the Big Apple has to offer… she’s put on about 12 pounds since the DWTS finale.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

The Enquirer has more stuff about how lonely she is and how her double chin has returned, etc, but after a while, I feel kind of bad for the delusional bitch. Yeah, she struggles with her weight, and yeah, she’s been putting on weight after she stopped exercising all of the time. It happens and it was completely predictable. I guess I just feel like we should only make fun of her for lying, not about her actual weight. Like, I bet in Kristie’s mind right now, she’s maybe gone up to a size eight. THAT we can make fun of.



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Hooblie says:

    Some of us just have to embrace what size we are and stop lying about it etc… be happy with what you have got, whether it be large, small…whatever. I am suprised that there is no scientology juice or something for her to take – haha

  2. someone says:

    I don’t believe she was ever a size 6!!!

  3. Franny says:

    Like you said, no one would have said anything if she hadn’t been shouting about her weightloss for the last month. I mean, I feel for her because losing weight is tricky, but if you are delusional and lie to everyone…I don’t feel bad for you.

  4. Franny says:

    also, unfortunatly for her, they don’t make spanx for those jowls around her face.


  5. Ron says:

    You need a fact checker here. The last time Kirstie Alley was a size 6 was in 1985.

  6. Susan says:

    She needs to respect her body instead of treating it like a garbage bin.

    And what if she had gone on to win DWTS? Considering her MO, she’d probably end up binging on whatever good eats she could get her hands on in a “celebratory” manner.

    I don’t feel sorry for her if she chooses to publicize her personal struggles. Get your life in order lady!

  7. Onyx XV says:

    LOL! Bless her heart, she never was…

    I’ve heard of the camera adding 10 pounds, but not 10 sizes.

  8. TeeTee says:


    I agree, I am only laughing at the thought that she THINKS, she’s gone up from her original size 6–LOL


    I’d hate to work for her, cause I know that’s a trip, with all of the lying and sewing smaller tags in her clothes.

  9. OriginalGracie says:

    On OWN, on a Behind The Scenes, Season 25, they had an episode where Kirstie came on with Maxsum. It was supposed to be a light little chat between her and Oprah but when told that, Kirstie got very upset and said she needed more time because she needed to tell Oprah about her weight loss and the spiritual journey she went on to lose it.

    Not knocking her for being proud of it, but it was a little scary how she got all unhinged about it. I think Kirstie has weight on the brain to the point where she can’t think about anything else and it’s like she feels her whole self worth is tied up in the numbers on the scale or a dress size.

    Oprah was sweet and accomodating and gave extra time to ask her about the weight loss and tell her how great she looked (which she did).

    Plus, in the clip I saw, I swear she was loopy. Drugs? Drinking? I don’t know, but she seems kind of out of it.

    Maxsum had his shirt off and damn, that man is fine.

  10. Blue says:

    Lmao@ Franny I laughed so loud I woke my baby.

  11. Rhiley says:

    Yeah, I think if Kirstie stopped lying about her weight then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. She looks massive because she claims to be a size 6 who has recently gained 12 pounds so in her mind she is probably now a size 8. If she would stop lying, and just own that she is a full figured lady, and for goodness sakes stop wearing such crappy clothes: moo moos, leggings, pleather jackets, she would really be attractive. Oh, and she needs a new hairdo, but that is an easy fix. Anyway, I hope she keeps up the exercise, and 2000 calories a day is a massive amount of food so she could find a diet that works for her easily eating that amount of calories. I am sure her problem does boil down to she wants to get a little lovin’ every once and a while and now that she isn’t dancing all day every day she is reminded of that desire.

  12. NayNay says:

    She could not have ever been a six. I am like half her size, and I’m a size six. I think she looked great with all the weight she lost while on the show, but Sweetie, no one ever bought the “I’m a six 6 act”. Sorry! It was a nice try, though.

  13. phlyfiremama says:

    @ Ron: I read your comment as “fat checker” first…:)

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    When you look up “slovenly” in the dictionary, there’s Kirstie Alley’s picture.

  15. tooey says:

    She was a 20/22 who went down to a maybe 14 with some heavy duty spanx who is now a solid 16/18. And it looks more like 20 pounds gained, not 12. Which I couldn’t care less about, but just stop LYING! Or deluding, whichever.

  16. Jackson says:

    In her mind it’s probably just a bit of bloat.

  17. LadyJane says:

    What Fergie will look like in… about 5 years.

  18. Maritza says:

    I can relate to her ordeal, losing weight is hard enough but maintaining a proper weight is even harder.

  19. Eve says:

    *Highjacking the thread with an off topic subject*

    Kaiser, can I please have some Jesse Eisenberg in the next Hot Guy Friday post? Pleeeeeease!

  20. brin says:

    ITA with Franny, Kirstie is the one who talks about her weight all the time so what does she expect.
    It’s sad but that’s what she’s known for
    (like Lindsay and crack).

  21. Turtle Dove says:

    She’s got self esteem issues about her weight and she has for years. She used to do drugs and that may have contributed to her post-rehad weight gain (guess not fact). Someone else pointed this out on another thread, Kirstie is SIXTY years old. She’s not a 20-something chippy, so I’m gonna ease up on her.

  22. Becca B says:

    And here she goes again.

    I don´t think she´d admit to a size 8. Maybe 6 and a half. MAYBE.

  23. gg says:

    Dude – get a facelift, quit wearing spandex, and stop hanging out with criminal defense lawyers! (see guy in photo and tell me he’s not a cdl.)

    She needs therapy to see why she gorges herself with food.

  24. Rita says:

    Best in class: “I’ll cut you, bitch”.

  25. nnn says:

    Before embracing her body at any size she sould embrace her natural dark hair. She was so beautiful with them.

    That blond hair makes her look washed up and cheap looking.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    Poor thing looks like a superannuated hooker.

    Put on some clothes that fit, wash your hair and stop trying to fool yourself that you’re six sizes smaller than you really are.

    She looks rode hard and put away wet.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I agree nnn, I think she was even prettier as a brunette.
    I too wish she’d stop lying and obsessing, and find something else to put her focus on for a bit. She’s made her weight her career, and it’s an endless circle of some success followed by disappointment.

  28. Jenny says:

    Kirstie is a classic pear shape who gains more in the lower half than the top. Perhaps she can fit in a stretchy size 6 dress? Still, I do find it sad that she feels she has to lie about her size. Be honest, don’t give into the Hollywood self esteem crushing machine. Kathy Bates is zaftig and gets all sorts of work because she is talented. Maybe Kirstie should work on her acting skills.

  29. Marina says:

    @lucy2 and nnn: I agree with you guys, but first she should embrace shampoo… Her hair has more grease and fat than her ass…

  30. Sumodo1 says:

    She’s easily over 200 lbs. At Lane Bryant she’s a 6….I’m not thin, just chubby.

  31. Amanda G says:

    @OriginalGracie – I saw that too and it was disturbing how annoyed she was that she wasn’t going to be asked about her weight. She is obsessed!

  32. Anon says:

    The size she is now and all the hoopla around her weight loss/weight gain would be a non-issue to me IF she were not shilling the Scientology recipe miracle weight loss system called Organic Liason. It is filled with non-medical claims of weight loss and costs ALOT of money of which she is getting a sizable portion. Sorry folks, that makes her a con artist in my book.

  33. OriginalGracie says:

    @Amanda G: Agreed!

  34. jamminatorr says:

    I really think its impossible that she gained like, 12+ pounds. She might be water bloated, maybe. But you have to eat 3,500 calories OVER what you ‘burn’ in a day to gain a pound.

    Its been, maybe three weeks since DWTS ended? Even if she was pounding food all day its still pretty hard to eat 3,500 calories OVER what you’re supposed to every single day. I’m not a Kirstie Alley fan but I think you’re being pretty harsh.

  35. whybenice says:

    Today’s size six is the 1970′s size twelve. I was there. So I guess a size zero today would be an honest size six. How anybody keeps a straight face looking at a label for size is the question I have. God forbid you want to order a sweater from a catalog — is the small an x-large?

    At least her shoes rock.

  36. gab says:

    It is difficult to maintain your weight unless you work at it the boring way: proper diet and exercise. Just how much does the girl binge on to go up this much this quickly? Serious issues here.
    “Stop the insanity!”

  37. Annie says:

    The only size 8 she wears is her shoes…maybe.

  38. Falliblehuman says:

    I am so troubled by her. I once heard her refer to herself as a fat pig. She makes a lot of derogatory remarks about her extra weight, and I feel sad and infuriated with her at the same time. When she says it about herself, she’s also saying it about everyone who is overweight. She’s not doing anybody any favors with that kind of attitude. So many of those poor actresses are so empty inside. I try not to buy into the ‘must look perfect’ mindset but it is hard. Think how much worse it is in that industry.

  39. fannomore says:

    more weight crap, very very very b o r i n g!
    great shoes tho and she looks a hundredx better than she did before

  40. anon33 says:

    damn, I’ve been on 1400-1600 calories per day for YEARS. 2000 a day is a “diet???”

  41. TXCinderella says:

    She looks to be a 14/16. I know photos can add 10 lbs, but there is no way she is smaller than a 12.

  42. Alaska says:

    Falliblehuman – I completely agree with everything you said! She seems to really define herself by her weight. It’s so sad to see, but it just goes to show how much pressure is put on women, especially in that industry. If she could just be comfortable with her own body instead of trying to lie about her size and squeeze herself into tights (and ok, wash her hair), she’d still be a very attractive woman, esp for age 60!

  43. Gossip Owl says:

    She could be a European size 6? :-P It’s the binging that concerns me. She needs to accept the fact that she has a bad relationship with food. I’d say she needs to seek psychological help for it but since she’s a scientologist I know that will never happen.

  44. Annie says:

    She needs to aim for a weight that is realistic for her to maintain..I’m gonna guess a size 6 just isn’t realistic for Kirstie. It might have been in her Star Trek days –

    but sometimes people’s bodies and metabolisms change a lot over the years. She needs to aim for maybe a size 12 instead. All this yoyo-ing at 60+ can’t be very healthy.

    This thing that annoys me most about her appearance is not her weight, it’s her hair. I always want to hand her a brush and a bottle of deep conditioner. Apart from that I think she’s a very attractive lady.

  45. Novaraen says:

    2000 calories a day is a diet when you’re dancing for several hours a day. Which she isn’t anymore.

    She was never a 6…at least not since she was on Star Trek…and maybe not even then. So sad how delusional she is.

  46. MarenGermany says:

    but for being a big woman she sure dresses nice. I mean you cant hide the fact that you are chubby but I really like the outfit on her. especially the jacket.

  47. Annie says:

    I found this old picture of Kirstie where she looks almost anorexic to me.×233.jpg

    Seems she’s had major weight issues most of her life.

  48. anon33 says:

    good point novareen…i didnt think about it like that

  49. Jennifer says:

    She always looks so unhappy and mean.

  50. junipergreen says:

    “grueling 2000 calorie a day diet”?!?!?! Um, that’s a very normal amount of daily calories for a woman.


  51. Annie_Grey says:

    She’s about a 16, but I don’t think she looks bigger than on DWtS.

  52. Franny says:

    jammiw/e: you think its impossible to gain 12 pounds in 3 weeks? If you go from exercising 8 hours a day and eating 1200 calories, to probably not exercising and eating whatever, you can EASILY gain that much, plus more. Eating 2000+ calories is easier than you think – try logging what you eat a day…you’ll be surprised how easily everything can add up. ESPECIALLY if you’ve been extreme dieting. So yes…she def gained that much weight. And we’re allowed to be harsh because she’s been crazy delusional about it all.

  53. april says:

    For being 60, she looks awesome!

  54. sandra says:

    She looks AMAZING! Stop hating…she’s 60!!!

  55. LindaR says:

    Look at her feet. She does not have fat feet. And yet she is very big. How odd. I know quite a few very fat people and they have trouble fitting into shoes. They have a pillowtop on their feet, their feet are very wide and they have cankles. KA has slim feet. Is there plastic surgery for fat feet? Enquiring minds want to know.

  56. Fuzzy Cat says:

    I too think Kirstie looks really great for being 60, very nice legs.

  57. Buffy Wilson says:

    I’m not going to hate on this woman, I like her too much. Honestly, she looks tired here, but really pretty terrific for a 60 year old. So she’s a bigger lady, big deal, she was never that small, but I suppose in that industry you could easily get a complex about it. Reelz channel airs old episodes of Cheers (it makes for a great Saturday morning) and even then she wasn’t super skinny.

  58. dr.bombay says:

    I’m sorry, but that minus 12 pounds is not a size 6 by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I LOVE Kirstie’s earlier work (Cheers, etc.) and wish her the best.

  59. mrsezc says:

    She’s a double digit size .. please maybe a 16 or 18 .. but she was never a size 6 from dancing at all!! She is so delusional!!

  60. Sumodo1 says:


    I’m a petite XL, a 14W, a 16 in jackets (the sleeves have to be tapered and shortened, and don’t look at all like that heifer Kirstie Alley. I weigh abut 165.

  61. Joey says:

    I love her but she needs to stop with the exaggerations. And with her money there is no reason to be walking around with that hair or in those clothes.

  62. Joey says:

    She could be a size 6…maybe in metrics…or if she grew 18 inches taller.

  63. Kiska says:

    Why does she always look so unkempt and unwashed. It’s gross! She looks like she smells really bad.

  64. Michelle says:


  65. eternalcanadian says:

    Kirstie was never a size six. Maybe when she was on Cheers or Star Trek, but not now nor in the past few years.

    It is too bad she didn’t keep the lessons learned while on DWTS. Eat less & move more and you won’t balloon up the way you are now.

  66. jsla says:

    That’s right — she is 60 years old!

    We should all HOPE to be so lucky to look that good when we turn 60!

  67. gg says:

    I agree she needs to get away from the $cifientology. She’s been burying her issues for decades with that $hit and food. Girlfriend would do herself good to get qualified therapy and physical and mental health treatment.

  68. Kosmos says:

    She’s definitely still quite a bit overweight, possibly still in the obese range. I don’t know if and when she was ever a size 6. Maybe that was when she was a child or a teenager or even very young woman, but I have only seen her very heavy for years. To me, she always looks like someone who is bedraggled or partied too hard the night before. She’s quite an extroverted personality and apparently enjoys being in the spotlight, as that spells $$$. She has great hair, however, but even there, she is not well groomed and the color isn’t suitable either. Bottom line, she could clean up a bit and look pretty good if she also lost some weight. Best not to wear body revealing clothing in the process.

  69. StopKiddingYourself says:

    @Michelle: Agreed! She is SLAMMING at sixty. My jaw dropped when I recently found out her age.

  70. Cheyenne says:

    I’ve seen many 60 year old bag ladies who look better than this woman. She looks like she’s been living 1n the street. She looks unkempt, uncombed and unwashed.

  71. Nonny says:

    SPANX it does a body good. How many pairs does she have on I wonder.

  72. luls says:

    since the woman clearly loves her food, and keeping active is the only thing that has proven to keep the pounds off her over time, why doesnt she enrol in some serious dance classes/ cardio aerobics, pilates…? Anything! With her resources shes got SO many options!

    Duh. no brainer.

    Anyway, I agree with the article. She hasnt gained more than 12 pounds! Since she really was NOT that small before, as she liked to believe.

  73. Stella says:

    2000 cals only seems like hardly anything if you’re eating mostly calorie-dense junkfood and pre-packaged foods. 2000 cals worth of more nutritious food is suprisingly a lot.

  74. Laughternrain says:

    Maybe she was a size 6 around her wrist?

    Seriously though, we all know she has weight struggles, she was brave enough to be the face of Jenny Craig and to talk about her battles. I really don’t understand why she can’t be brave now, and be honest about her size? She could be an inspiration/help others. If other women her size look at her and then look back at their own dress size, it will cause confusion. It would really help others with the same struggle if she didn’t lie about her size.

  75. Aly says:

    You know who looks great at 60+? Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep,Raquel Welch … need I list more? Tina Turner is 70 and looks amazing.

    KA looks on the outside the way it sounds like she feels on the inside. I’m tired of rooting for someone delusional who straight out lies and expects me to believe her delusions.

  76. Lady La La says:

    Totally agree w/ tooey. you nailed it

  77. Elleh says:

    When Kirstie started DWTS, she was easily a size 20/22. Clearly she lost weight, but never went down below a size 14. Now she looks to be back up to a 16. I’m the same height as Kirstie and I’m a size 8/10. I look utterly skinny compared to Kirstie. As to gaining 12 pounds so quickly – piece of cake. She was probably on a low-carb/no-carb diet while on DWTS and now is off of it. Cutting carbs will make you drop weight fast, but it will also cause you to gain it right back (plus some) when you resume eating them.

  78. Elleh says:

    I agree with those who said Kirstie needs to fix her hair. Not just a wash, but a cut. The color is okay – going back to her natural brunette would now be too harsh on her 60 yr-old skin and would only age her by casting shadows in her face’s wrinkles and folds. I’d like to see her go for something like Jennifer Aniston’s current long bob style. She needs something shorter and chic instead of that Real Housewives of Orange County hairstyle she’s sportin’ now.

  79. Grace says:

    Maybe her delusion makes her think her hair looks okay too? I would love it if the woman would just brush her hair.

  80. Lrayne says:

    I think she would look great for 60 if she stopped trying to look like a size six 20 year old. Cut the hair, wear some nice not-skin tight age appropriate clothes. Ugh.

  81. PICOPINK says:

    She still looks good with the weight loss, esp for being 60 so I give her props for that. HOWEVER…those fug shoes have to go. She wears them all the time- they must be comfy but they look like she has had them from the 80′s..due to the style and the shape their in.
    I sympathize with the weight’s hard to lose and even harder to maintain. I couldn’t imagine having to go through that struggle in the public eye.
    Her lying about her weight and size bugs me too, but I can kinda see why she would. Being overweight is so taboo and everyone is so mean about it.

  82. Baronessa Marcovicci says:

    Kirstie needs to stop obsessing about her weight. Just stick to a sensible plan of eating healthy foods in healthy portions at the appropriate times, i.e. when you are truly hungry, not just grazing and bingeing to feed some emotion. Throw the scale out along with all the junk food. In the meantime, go on with your life. You are more than your weight. You are a complex, significant human being with a mission to accomplish on your journey through life. The weight will come off as you focus on the tasks you need to do each day.

  83. XOOM says:

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