Blake Lively in NYC, in biscuit-grazing Marc Jacobs: cute or tragic?


Here are some new photos of Blake Lively in NYC last night, attending the Ghetto Film School Awards… solo. No Leonardo DiCaprio. Blake wore Marc Jacobs, with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. I hate the outfit. Yes, Blake usually wears miniskirts, and I always feel like she’s about two seconds away from publicly flashing her biscuits, but usually she just looks trashy. This is just an ugly outfit, though. The top especially.

During the event, Blake presented an award, kept a smile plastered on her face, and waited patiently. After the awards, she met up with Leo, according to The Mail. They went to a restaurant, exited separately, but then moved on to Leo’s apartment where Blake spent the night. The Mail also claims that while Blake and Leo were touring Verona, Italy, Leo took Blake to “Juliet’s House” – the Dell Capello home which “features the famous balcony and is thought to have been the home of the real family who inspired the story of the Capulets.”

By the way, Lainey had an interesting story about Leo and Blake yesterday – Lainey says that her sources are all saying that this relationship is very much “real” and that Leo is truly into Blake. You can read her story here – and I tend to believe it, only I think this is maybe “infatuation” rather than love. I think Leo is really into her right now, but we’ll see where he is six months from now.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. constance says:

    Meh. She’s going to ride the relevancy wave of Leo for as long as she can.

  2. spinner says:

    Girl has great legs paired with a border-line homely face. Odd…she looks like she could be Giselle Bunchens’ little sister

  3. Blue says:

    She looks like she just rolled out of (Leo’s) bed and threw something on.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    This outfit looks so sloppy on her. Blake almost looks unkempt but I like the outfit…just not on her. She should have done something with her hair.

  5. Samigirl says:

    The outfit is not so great, but her legs are amazing.

  6. Anne says:

    Co-sign on “Giselle Bunchens’ little sister”. Absolutely.

  7. brin says:

    She doesn’t look bad in these pics but I’ve seen other pics where the outfit looks bad on her.

  8. Cherry Rose says:

    I think Blake is perfect for Leo because one, she gets him more attention than dating a barely known model, two, he knows that she isn’t A-list material so he won’t have to worry about her overshadowing him, and three, she’s young and probably will do whatever it takes to keep this relationship (until one of them gets bored or Blake decides to trade up).

  9. mia girl says:

    My current Leo/Lively theory…
    There was an article in the Hollywood Reporter this weekend about 2011 Oscars and it mentions how Leo is due for an Oscar and that his role as J Edgar Hoover (movie release in Dec 2011) might very well be his time. Well, maybe this Blake thing is a part of an already orchestrated Oscar campaign. Official campaigning for Oscar and other awards begins after Labor Day, but wouldn’t he need to roll this out beforehand to not seem so obvious?

    “Leo in Love! Leo finally meets the girl that makes him drop his modelizing ways! Leo’s never felt this way!”

    He gets lots of great press and a sense of maturity out of it (for all those older Oscar voters). This might explain why he is being so visible with Lively.

    Just my cynical little theory. Who knows, maybe they really are in love. :)

  10. iheartlasagne says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself spinner! This chick is really not attractive. Could find 10 better in 1 hour in my local hotspots. Bitch does have some nice stems though!

  11. Shay says:

    I think everything that Marc Jacobs designs is tragic. Whose casting couch did he sleep on?

  12. Jack says:

    She is perfect looking chick,tons of ugly chicks in this site

  13. uknowuloveme says:

    there is no trading up from *the dicrapio*

  14. Anna says:

    Mia, I am praying that you are right.

  15. Crash2GO2 says:

    You have great legs. We get it. Sheesh. The rest of her looks like a cross between a mermaid and an ostrich.

  16. Chloe says:

    @bc – Really? What makes you think that? I’m not disagreeing, just curious. Oh and she looks trashy as hell…

  17. normades says:

    @bc: Lainey says it isn’t, why do you think otherwise?

    @Mia girl: Spot on about the Oscar bit, I’m sure it crossed his mind that he’ll be needing a date. He was so OVER Bar that I think he started shopping around for a jump off a long time ago.

    Blake played her cards REAL good. Chick has game. But y’ know who has even better game? Her spokesho!

  18. Eve says:

    Apparently Lively had a “premonition” that she would marry DiCRAPrio when she was nine years old.

    She looks like Gisele Bündchen’s dollar tree version.

  19. Mick says:

    IMO, Blake is hot! The mini skirt looks fantastic on her. She has a great body, great legs, what more could Leo ask for. I have begun to like her, also because she is gutsy! She is willing to try new looks all the time.

  20. bunny says:

    Gary Dell’Abate (Howard Stern Show) said he sat next to her at a concert and couldn’t even tell it was her because she had very little makeup on.

    He said that he didn’t even find her attractive and thats coming from baba booey.

  21. Julie says:

    I don’t find her attractive….I just don’t and I’ve tried since apparently alot of others do. I don’t think she would turn my head if she walked into a room and it doesn’t take a whole lot for someone to do that.

  22. jocular says:

    @bc are you’re saying Natalie Portman became pregnant to portray a family friendly image to win an Oscar? are you joking?!

  23. MarenGermany says:

    horrible outfit, but she is one of those girls (I always wished to be) that can basically wear everything because her sick body makes up for every fashion fauxpax.

  24. kazoo says:

    @julie, i’ve come to the conclusion it’s because she’s skinny, blonde, tall, and blue-eyed. to a lot of people, that automatically equals beauty.

    i have a question. why does everyone believe lainey? like, has she been right about things in the past or something? i’m not very familiar with her, but i’ve noticed on a few gossip sites people believe whatever she says.

  25. jocular says:

    Well you can’t ignore the pregnant belly in the room. Maybe she was just happy as was her fiance. Maybe Leo sincerely likes Blake though the conspiracy theory does release the endorphins for some.

  26. kieslowski says:

    Lainey got her ass handed to her by Leslie Sloan Zelnick and Leo’s rep Ken Sunshine, she had a story up last Tuesday early in the am and she took it down, it basically exposed the Blkae/Leo relationship and she had to take it down. Ever since then LAiney has been very positive about this relationship.

    Blake and Leo are basically getting killed all over the internet, Blake’s rep is really trying to do damage control, read the USWeekly and Poeple stories they are fed straight up by Leslie.

  27. starbright says:

    I attended the awards reception for GFS last night. They’re a great organization. Anyway I saw Blake in person. She is pretty and has a nice figure. But honestly I live in Manhattan and there a beautiful, model types from all over the world there. Compared to them Blake is OK. (She does have great legs).

  28. kazoo says:

    @kieslowski, oooh what did her deleted post say?! details, please.

  29. Rita says:


    Could you answer this question for me. The answer might provide the big break we’ve all been waiting for.

    Why is Blake’s beauty mark (aka mole) on the right side of her face in publicity pictures but on the left side of her face in nude pics? Inquiring minds want to know.

  30. Sigh. says:

    I co-sign Cherry Rose, bc and Julie:

    I think he’s “fascinated” with her, but not in the way that comes with RESPECT or even truly LIKING someone. She’s probably very “accommodating” and extremely transparent to the point that they both know what this is: he gets to easily control someone, she gets attention. Attention, NOT respect (which she may not be looking for anyway).

    I notice people say she’s pretty OFF-SCREEN. That’s nice and she might be, but that’s not where I see her. ON-SCREEN (tv/movie/computer), she plain, IMHO. Blake, plain and tall.

    EDIT: And that outfit can be pieced together at your local thrift store for hundreds cheaper. Trust.

  31. Chloe says:

    @kieslowski – Details!!! Details!!!

  32. Rita says:


    I just realized her nude pics were taken in a mirror. Left becomes right. Never mind. Duhhhhh

  33. kieslowski says:

    I wish I could give details on the post but she took it down before I could read all that I know about it is that she talked about Leo’s “tasted” and that Blake was very accomodating to those tastes. Her deleted post was mentioned during her Liveblog by Sarah (she is the other girl that does the liveblog with Lainey).

    I know it must have been bad, because Lainey only ever deleted one post that I know of it was about Josh Hartnett and his heroin abuse.

  34. Barbara says:

    I think Blake is very attractive…and I love Leo, but he really is a player.

  35. Eve says:

    @ Kieslowski:

    I wish I could give details on the post but she took it down before I could read all that I know about it is that she talked about Leo’s “tasted” and that Blake was very accomodating to those tastes.

    ATM, probably.

  36. BlackMamba says:

    @kazoo Lainey has connections in the industry because she works for Etalk. She doesn’t just get the gossip through hearsay from the streets, she actually goes to the celebrity events/parties as a reporter for Etalk. So anyways, she hear/see things up close and personal. She has been right about many many things.

  37. jover says:

    Yes, she has great stems but i briefly caught her on today’s Regis and like most have said, she’s surprisingly average and not that well-spoken; the press she gets is out of all proportion to how the public views her; from my own limited perspective much of the younger crowd is unaware of her and GG is fading anyway.

  38. sassenach says:

    Kieslowski, I participate in the live blogs and I have never seen a comment on a deleted blog post. I also don’t think Ken Or Leslie can make her take down anything. She is very careful in what she says. Lainey says that she gets threatened all the time by publicists which I am sure many blogs do. It won’t stop them from saying what they want to say.

    Why do people have a hard time believing that Leo truly likes Blake. He loved Gisele and seemed to care about Bar so I just don’t get all of the conspiracy theories.

  39. lrm4joy says:

    well, Leo actually looks happy/glowing in the pap shots with Blake…i have noticed. which is very unusual for him.
    He seems to light up around her.
    Then again, he’s an ‘actor’ and so he could be acting for the oscar campaign as mentioned.

    As for beauty, sometimes people just have chemistry-regardless of whether there are technically hotter people out there….
    I do think lively is attractive in a unique way. I dont find her homely per se, even though, l iving in san diego, i too can find 10 hotter women outside my door this morning….

    but like i said, maybe he just has chemistry with her?

    Or not. The whole thing smells like early kelly preston and john travolta, to me. kelly preston had a premonition she would marry travolta, as well, when she grew up in australia. it’s all just a bit weird this leo blake thing. has a contrived element to it, IMO.
    Time will tell.

  40. selay says:

    Some people here and their conspiracy theories…. too much free time

    Hollywood is losing some great writers!!!

    Come on!! Dicaprio’s publicits do not care what Lainey says!! hahahaha.

    and according to Ted Casablanca Leo is not the guy from the TMZ law suit.

  41. kiikii says:

    @bc : where do you get your information from???

    Im just curious.

    Ive been following Lainey for a long time, before all the TwiHard bs, and I haven’t seen that much of a change.

    Not that it matters one way or another – gossip is pure entertainment, I actually don’t really care if its true or not or publicist pushed or not. It fills in my lunch hour and makes me giggle. Just curious is all!

  42. kieslowski says:

    @Sassenach, look at the liveblog from June 7th, it is still up this is a quote from Sarah (time 12:26):

    Sarah: I liked Lainey’s point earlier today–is Blake indulging Leo in some…tastes? Because Leo has some friends who have some…tastes. And maybe Leo wants to taste those…tastes. And Blake will do that for him. Makes sense, yes?

    Laney posted the story earlier that day but then took it down.

    I really don’t care either way, I just love this story for the gossip.

  43. sassenach says:

    @ kielowski, like you I enjoy the story for gossip. I remember that and it didn’t have anything to do with a post that was taken down.

    @ selay, I agree with you. I don’t think Leo’s reps care what Lainey or any gossip blog has to say.

  44. rightgrrl says:

    homegirl does not photograph very well. great legs though!!

  45. bela says:


    you don’t care either way??? you seem obsessed.

  46. kiikii says:

    Lainey quite OFTEN references Leo’s (and George’s and their boys club) tastes.

    I doubt that this one time would be any different as to take down a post?

  47. Chloe says:

    @ kieslowski – I actually know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. In her post, that I can’t find, she insinuated that Leo was into some weird shit that Blake was willing to accommidate. I also thought it was VERY weird how she did a complete 360 from thinking there were other motives involved to all of a sudden thinking they were sooooo cute and sooooo real. I love lainey but this and the gyllespoon thing are ridiculous.

  48. regina says:

    Hey now! I like her top. Totally funky and retro.

    Otherwise, I don’t know why this girl is so popular. I wonder what America Ferrera makes of Blake now?

  49. jocular says:

    I’m sure like most gossip columnists she gets some ‘true’ info – never from the horses mouth of course – because that is just not possible. The rest is just good writing! @kieslowski if you don’t care – just take the photos and that they seem to spend a lot of time together at face value. Maybe he is/was a dirty boy, so what! – perhaps this is a new phase and he likes her. I am quite SURE that Lainey has not been in the bedroom with them – so she knows as little as you do. It’s pretty un called for to brand some girl you don’t know as being perverted MAYBE in some way, give it up!

  50. bela says:

    @kiikii: sure! when lainey talks about Leo and his tastes = a lot of models and club girls.

  51. Bubulle says:

    People should stop giving so much credit to Lainey, the truth is that she speculates a lot, I don’t think she has as much informations as she wants you to believe just because she’s based in Canada, plus she’s so full of shit sometimes, she swears to god that Jake G. is straight while he is has been outed ages ago by the like of Perez and of course TC and his annoying BV, she also gutless why doesn’t she allowed people to post comments on her website, i remember when she started her website the comments section was supposed to be underconstruction now it’s all gone.

  52. kieslowski says:

    @jocular, oh I definitely did not personally want to imply that Blake is into some wierd stuff, I just brought that up to show that there was an earlier post that Lainey brought down.

    Sorry I did not want to imply in any way that Blake is/was into something lewd. So sorry if I offended any Blkae fans.

    I am just interested in public relations, and I just though the story was really interesting.

  53. normades says:

    I love how this has become a discussion about Lainey and PR fed gossip bloggers. The worst is Ted and his Robsten stuff (like, whatever). And while I’ve always hated Perez and haven’t read him in years, I think his new “nice” tune is cus he’s getting paid.

    In defence of Lainey, while she isn’t right all of the time, I think she’s right a lot of the time. She’s a great reader of body language like how she picked up on the Rachel Mcadams/Micheal Sheen thing.

    I think she’s pretty smart in not getting herself sued and I believe she peppers her posts with hints. FAKE DATING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??…etc..

    @ kieslowski: Yes, you are obsessed and I love it! Thanks for the Harnett tidbit. I guess that’s why we haven’t seen him in anything for awhile.

  54. kieslowski says:

    @normades, thanks! Yeah this gossip has gotten me really excited for some reason, I have not been this interested in a story, well never really.And I am not a Leo fan/hater or Blake fan/hater. Just the PR stuff is so interesting to me.

    And yeah Hartnett is just doing very small and independent movies.

    This website is filled with really nice and smart people, so sorry if my stupid theories offend anyone. I come in peace and just looking for some fun.

  55. Eve says:

    @ Kieslowski:

    You know, I don’t think you should be apologizing anyway. I for one don’t apologize for having an opinion, for something I happen to think about a certain celebrity, especially when said celebrity is a well-known famewhore who’s willing to do anything to “happen”, especially when I’m posting on a celebrities-related blog.

    I don’t like Blake Lively mostly for her absolute lack of talent. I also don’t think that her beauty makes up for that…she’s nice looking: great legs, tall and blonde. But facewise? She’s rather plain.

    And my take on what Lainey suggested isn’t that she (Lively) is dirty (by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being dirty and liking naughty things as long as it isn’t a crime, I always say). I think what she meant was that DiCRAPrio likes dirty things, that maybe some of his past girlfriends weren’t willing to comply, but Lively is — that’s why he seems so “smitten” by her now.

  56. kiikii says:

    I agree… I think the behind the scenes gossip blogs / PR machine and the whole system of how they support/tear down each other is FAR MORE interesting than the objects of gossip themselves!!!

  57. kiikii says:


    “I don’t like Blake Lively mostly for her absolute lack of talent”


    “I think what she meant was that DiCRAPrio likes dirty things, that maybe some of his past girlfriends weren’t willing to comply, but Lively is


    I could not agree more.!

  58. jocular says:

    “I think what she meant was that DiCRAPrio likes dirty things, that maybe some of his past girlfriends weren’t willing to comply, but Lively is

    DOUBLE FACT.???????????

  59. jocular says:

    “I think what she meant was that DiCRAPrio likes dirty things, that maybe some of his past girlfriends weren’t willing to comply, but Lively is

    DOUBLE FACT.???????????

    Nobody should apologise for their opinions on celebrity gossip! However so often there is an eagerness to drag down women for their sexuality, they’re a whore/slut! etc. That is an insult to ALL women, largely because there is no equivalent for a man. So many ways you can express why you’re against a woman before you brand them with embracing some sort of unknown deviancy just to get ahead! i.e she is not a great actress

  60. kazoo says:

    @kieslowski, don’t apologize and ignore the people calling you names! i and others asked you to elaborate and you obliged. i’m glad you did. we’re all nosy and interested in strangers’ lives, or else we wouldn’t be on a gossip site. LOL. i know i definitely need distractions from real life right now. ;)

    this discussion has been very interesting. i too often wonder about the PR flack/ gossip blogger dynamic. PR is all about controlling the message and instilling a very crafted image. the internet makes it much harder for them to do so.

    what are these dirty things leo is into??? LOL.

    and i for one am skeptical of the relationship because leo is behaving so out of character. this is a guy who literally ran from paps while with bar, always covered his face whenever a camera was near, and had his publicist shut down any personal life speculation. now all of sudden he’s cool with blake’s speed dial relationship with the media? ODD.

    sorry for the essay!

  61. Turtle Dove says:

    LOLing at the, “Leo must appear more stable,” “not modelize,” etc. in order to get an Oscar. Did George have to do this to get his Oscar? How about bad-boy and marriage wrecker Russell Crowe? I don’t think that this theory holds any merit. The Oscar is a kiss of death, in my opinion.

    I DO agree about the bloggers redacting comments and posts per request and fear of litigation. I’ve seen stuff disappear on blogs especially if it’s a big celeb. I would love to have read that deleted Lainey post. I haven’t seen that here on CB, however.

  62. kiikii says:

    I am by no means bringing Blake down for her choice of “fun”. I was simply agreeing with the statement that if Leo likes things a certain way and Blake is willing to go there/also likes it that way … then that is reason enough (in the early stages) for Leo to be interested in her. Who knows how it will play out but I think the novelty for Leo could be very enticing (if there is actually any reality to it)

    I was also agreeing with the fact that I read Lainey’s comments as that Leo was the driver here and not Blake as some others had mentioned.

    I also have absolutely no problem with anyone and the choice of sexual fun (as long as its legal and not harming to anyone) male or female. And woman have as much right as men to embrace their sexuality. Fully and completely.

    I do however, have a HUGE problem with Lively’s horrendous acting skills, or lack there of.

  63. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Why does she always look sweaty and greasy???

  64. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Wow, just wow…this has been a fun read. IMO Leo is the blind where the huge star is gay and has model beards to keep his career intact. The blind went on to say that huge star was auditioning a beard for a contractual type relationship as he was just ending his previous contract – Bar maybe?

    I think Blake is fresh, fun, and believable in “The Town” and even did well in the hideously awful Green Hornet. If a celebrity can keep me entertained, I don’t care what their sexuality is. Leo and Blake entertain me, and Jake G. not so much.

    What I’m trying to say is that if an actor is talented enough for me to buy them in a straight part, that’s fantastic! But if he (Jake) seems obviously not into women onscreen, then I don’t pay to watch them in a heart throb role.

  65. Charlotte says:

    She’s not my favorite. And I don’t like her with Leo. But I think she’s cute. All that aside, I’m not liking this dress.

  66. lesa says:

    There was no “deleted Lainey post,” though most of the garbage she writes should be deleted for being boring. It’s a figment of a bitter, obsessed DiCaprio fan’s overactive imagination.

  67. Luna says:

    Not tragic…but… almost tragic! Her outfit is terrible… :-(