Leonardo DiCaprio “lavishes” Blake Lively with $70,000 worth of “gifts”


This story is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. I got the giggles just transcribing it. It comes from In Touch Weekly, so you know the BS is lacquered on, but dear God, I hope it’s true. According to their source (Blake Lively’s publicist), Blake Lively “has it all” – she has a thriving, glamorous career, she’s absolute perfection, and she landed the hottest guy. Once again, this is all according to a “source”. To make matters even more fabulous for Blake, her boyfriend buys her “gifts”. Because nothing says “true love” when your notorious-womanizer boyfriend treats you like a “professional”. It’s like Leo doesn’t know how to just BE in a relationship with a woman he doesn’t have to buy “gifts” for.

Some girls have all the luck! Blake Lively is gorgeous, her career is on fire and she’s dating one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, Leonardo DiCaprio. On top of all that good fortune, Blake was recently lavished with $70,000 worth of gifts from her new boyfriend during their whirlwind Italian vacation.

“He bought her anything she wanted,” says a friend. From jewelry and perfume to shoes and handbags, Leo went all out as the duo traveled to Venice, Milan and beyond.

“Leo actually loves to shop and get gifts for family and friends,” says the insider.

But wait, it gets even more nauseating: “He later surprised her with other gifts as well,” reveals the pal.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I mock because I’m jealous. I would love $70,000 worth of gifts from Leonardo, but unfortunately I don’t do the kind of stuff Blake does, so I’ll probably never get a “Thanks for that thing you did with your tongue in that place” ostrich satchel. I will never get a “I really appreciated that position you let me try, I’m sorry you busted something” brooch. As I’ve said before, I admire Blake’s hustle, and I think it speaks volumes about her and what she’s got going on (beyond the sex stuff) that Leo isn’t behaving as though she’s a one-night-stand. He actually seems besotted, and I’m sure he’s buying her “gifts” because he actually likes her, and this relationship seems to be working for the time being. How long will it work? Eh. I’d give it another three to six months.

It does make me wonder – does Leo even know how to be in a relationship where he’s not “showering” his lady with “gifts”? No, I won’t go there. I wonder which “other gifts” Leo gave her later…?




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  1. normades says:

    Like the gift that keeps on giving?

  2. Tommasino says:

    Cannot stand this woman. Want to fart in that stupid face of hers. PFFFFFT! How’ bout some more beans, Mr. Taggart?

  3. cici says:

    he’s a notorious womanizer? i thought he was a long term serial monogamist? maybe i missed something. anyway, i love both blake and leo. can’t imagine them together as a couple but that’s ok.

  4. tapioca says:

    Well he’s got to cheer her up somehow because her “big movie” The Green Lantern is getting horrid reviews – it’s currently at a 21% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch!

    At least she can claim she’s not in it very much.

  5. LucyOriginal says:

    Is this the A-list style for professional girlfriends?

  6. really says:

    Daddy (Leo) wants babies……. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Love BLAKE, she is just COOL, and knows how to hustle and keep a dude like Leo on his knees!

  7. myrealitie says:

    Kaiser – I read your posts everyday. You are funny and smart, but you are completely clueless about relationship dynamics and attraction between a man and a woman. In a relationship, the she-power bullshit that you constantly endorse is never going to create an atmosphere of intimacy, love, and trust. I guarantee you, if Blake is receiving gifts from Leo, they absolutely do not represent one-for-one sexual favor “thanks you’s”. Men give gifts to women who gratefully accept them and who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. You won’t receive them because you seem to think it is appropriate to don armour around men and try to stay in control a la Scarlett Johansson, who obviously has not found love.

  8. mia girl says:

    @normades… very funny!

    When did Leo’s head morph into a balloon from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?! It’s so strange how big it is now

  9. Maritza says:

    He feels like sharing his wealth with her so that’s a good thing, Blake struck gold. I think he is tired of fooling around and wants to settle down. Let’s see if she has the same thing in mind as him.

  10. BW says:

    Leo now looks like a young Orson Wells, and that’s not a good thing.

  11. Eve says:

    “Thanks for that thing you did with your tongue in that place”


  12. silken_floss says:

    Work your hustle, Blake. I ain’t even mad :)

    “I really appreciated that position you let me try, I’m sorry you busted something” brooch


  13. Bia says:

    Chelsea Handler said it best, ” I really don’t like gifts from men in general, since I’m not a hooker.”

  14. OtherChris says:

    You know, he really looks like crap.

  15. Larissa says:

    the only gifts I have ever got from my hubsand :

    1 – A cheap mobile phone (for our first anniversary)
    2 – A framed picture for my birthday
    3 – And ocasionally a few bottles of perfum. Not more than 3, I am sure!

    I am effin´ jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And hookers get paid in cash, most usually! lol

  16. RocketMerry says:

    Right. Or maybe Miss Lively really does things that “regular” women won’t do. And maybe some men like that “I’ll give you some if you give me some” kind of relations. Actually, I’m pretty sure most men LOVE that. I think it makes them feel powerful, as in “I own this silly, childish, fragile woman”.
    AND I totally believe this is Leo, too: “Oh, look, I found a gorgeous body that behaves all silly and sweet and makes all my (sex) fantasies come true! I’ll give her gifts.”

  17. thinkaboutit says:

    Gifts are lovely once you’re in a rock-solid, established relationship. Totally inappropriate and more likely to feel like an exchange — gifts for service — at such an early stage. And even for a very wealth guy, that’s a tremendous amount to spend with no stings attached. Just no.

  18. DanDan says:

    I thought men give out lavish gifts only when they’re cheating?

  19. Eve says:

    @ Bia:

    Chelsea Handler said it best, ” I really don’t like gifts from men in general, since I’m not a hooker.”

    Didn’t she get her own show?

  20. tapioca says:

    @myrealitie: “Men give gifts to women who gratefully accept them and who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.”

    Indeed, and who can forget Vanessa Bryant’s strong, independent & dignified feminist stance when she decided her marriage was worth saving and forgave husband Kobe for screwing around on her almost the exact second he presented her with that $4m diamond ring? After all, nothing says “I love and respect you” better than treating the mother of your daughters like a top-dollar prostitute.

    My Dad gave my Mum a palette knife – yes, for lifting cookies off of baking sheets – for their 10th anniversary and they’ll have been (mostly!) happily married 34 years this August, because the best “gifts” you can give each other aren’t material.

    I’ll go now…

  21. Julia says:

    I thought men give out lavish gifts only when they’re cheating?

    We have a winner!

  22. koala says:

    she needs to close he mouth! SERIOUSLY, IT IS OPEN IN ALMOST EVERY PHOTO TAKEN OF HER!!!

  23. Ruby says:

    $70k gifts! I am trying not to sound bitter but that’s more than my teachers salary! Sh*t.
    As for gifts I just tell my hubby what to buy. He has only ever given me one gift that I have been genuinely surprised about & it was for a birthday. I even chose my engagement ring. But I still love that man & we have been together for 10 years. Some men buy gifts, flowers, wine & dine. My man does the dishes without me asking! Lol. Don’t need gifts if I want something I buy it myself or simply ask.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    I really enjoy Catchaho’s movies of late: Blood Diamond (made that much better by Djimon Hounsou & Jennifer Connelly); Shutter Island; Inception; Body of Lies; The Departed. He is an amazing actor, but I don’t understand his appeal as either a heat-throb or a person.

  25. Eve says:

    @ Koala:


    It must be force of habit.

  26. Cammie says:

    He does seem to like her alot or maybe he is just rebounding…FOR now..well we see how long this last, but Lainey has become hard to read lately..everyday she is writing about how AWESOME Blake is, and how Leo has got it bad for her. Sorry but I think he still has feelings for Bar and is using Blake to rebound…but Lainey’s constant Blake butt kissing is annoying also, Blake had to work hard for Leo every since Nov..at the Great Gatsby audition.

  27. myrealitie says:

    @Rocketmerry – what don’t regular women do these days exactly? I highly doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio has a hard time finding random women to accommodate his kink.

    Look, I get it – the Leo/Blake dynamic is confusing. But however hard it may be to believe, the point I was trying to make is that he isn’t going to behave this way (if this story is true) unless it is motivated from the heart – if he wanted x y or z sexually he certainly wouldn’t have to get papped all over europe all whilst dropping 70k. Blake seems confidant enough in herself to understand and use her true feminine power – being receptive and relliquishing a little control. I’m sure this attidue DOES make Leo (or whataever other guy might be in this situation) feel powerful – but (@rocketmerry) certainly not in the “this woman is a stupid child” way. More like “wow, this woman really appreciates and admires me and now I want to be good to her and cherish her even more” way.

  28. duh says:

    Well, he has to spend his fortune on someone/something. What’s the use of having millions of dollars if you keep it all in the bank?

  29. yepp says:

    i think that Blake is probably a nice girl who knows how to ____ with her ____(please feel free to fill in the blanks) lets just say she does her kegels!

  30. Rita says:

    I believe every word of this story..just a minute I have to answer the door, Santa Claus came over for brunch.

    PS- In a month Blake will get a dozen roses with a note that says, “I’m sorry. Its not you. Its me.”

  31. spinner says:

    My husband is a big time gift giver. Always has been & I love it. Not just for special occasions either… & we have been together a long time. He still makes me swoooon.

  32. Rita says:


    That’s Great!!!!!!

  33. normades says:

    @Rita: Doubtful, he needs his arm candy for Oscar season. I think it’s “official” and she’s signed on for the next couple of years.

    That said, I think Leo probably does “like her”. She probably fits in well with his entourage, has her own stuff going, isn’t needy, young and career minded so she isn’t looking to start a family, isn’t demanding and acts happy and upbeat. Bar just seemed like a big ol’ stick in the mud and the last year he looked miserable with her.

  34. SallyJay says:

    @Kaiser, honestly your blog is the highlight of my working day. Your writing is consistently smart, well expressed and just downright hilarious – but “I’ll probably never get a “Thanks for that thing you did with your tongue in that place” ostrich satchel. I will never get a “I really appreciated that position you let me try, I’m sorry you busted something” brooch” made me laugh my head off. Out loud. At my desk. Thank you for a great start to the weekend!

  35. Lantana says:

    @myrealitie – I guess I know now why I was never showered with gifts by my husband(s)…except (this is @tapioca) my second husband who bought me a freakin’ vacuum cleaner for my birthday (which is why I now have a 3rd husband, at least he doesn’t get me anything lol).
    Everytime I see Leo he reminds me of a scrunched-up old man.

  36. Riana says:

    Lively should just turn ho-sessional, Lord knows her acting career is utter garbage and in terms of looks she’s a lovely Tranvestite with fake boobs.

    You can always tell how much to respect a woman when all her accomplishments are what others say/do for her and not what she’s actually done.

  37. spinner says:

    @ Rita

    awwwww…thanks so much.

  38. kieslowski says:

    @Normades totally agree with you!

    And I agree with another poster who pointed out how Lainey is really touting this pairing, man somebody got to her that’s for sure.

    I read the NYTimes review for The Green LAntern, boy it was brutal. I can’t believe that Warner Bros. is already thinking about a sequel?!? WTF!

  39. RobN says:

    You have to remember, with his money, $70K to him is like $100 to most guys. At the level at which he lives, this is basically like buying her a decent watch. There are an awful lot of pretty blondes around who’d do any sexual thing he likes, so I’m thinking that if he’s hanging around, then there may be more to her than meets the eye.

  40. Rita says:


    Wow, do you really think a couple of years? That’s a dust covered corpse in Hollywood time. I like Blake. She gives me that vibe of “I’m walking on sunshine”, which of course is the schtick but I like her lightness.

    However, I also think that while Leo is enjoying her company, he doesn’t seem like a “walking on sunshine” sort of guy.

    Be well today, lovely.

  41. normades says:

    @Rita: Thanks for the reply. Love your posts. <3

    Who knows, either way it’ll be drama :-)

  42. truetalk says:

    @Ruby;does dishes without being asked?!
    Girl,hold on tightly to that dude!.lol

  43. chipolata says:

    She’s reminds me of Jennifer Aniston…reality star level talent but going to make it big no matter what. She should make sure she signs with JA’s PR because then she will stay in the big time by being tabloid fodder. If she marries Leo D. one day he will find true love and Blake can then hold a pity party in the press and go on whichever show has replaced Oprah.

  44. Bitchbelying says:

    #27 MyRealitie. I agree. I think he may genuinely enjoy her company and hello, Blake is pretty girl. And she seems really sweet in her interviews so good for her.

    Lainey doesn’t necessarily like this relationship, but she thinks its good for gossip which it is since we talk about them every single damn day.

  45. Ron says:

    Ok people. Since when is In Touch a reliable source? And, 70,000 worth of “gifts” with nothing named? Please. PLEASE! I was in Beverly Hills yesterday shopping and I can tell you what the celeb near me actually bought.

    Funny post though.

  46. Sigh. says:

    He probably does like the “novelty” of her. I mean, he’s admitted he likes “Jersey Shore,” so…

    I could care less if she dates DiCap, her hustle, sunny disposition, and/or legs didn’t save her performance in GL at all. Please HW gods, DO NOT pass up talented actresses for this broad to get her hands on what very few prime females roles come down the pike, simply because of her talents OFF-SCREEN, and not on (Yes, I know I pray in vain…).

  47. Whatever says:

    I love that Kaiser is such an expert on what goes on between these two in their private life. Awesome.

  48. Eve says:

    @ Sigh (# 46):

    Completely agree with your comment.

    I hope she won’t last long in the business…but I don’t think this is going to happen.

  49. Rep says:

    In general I don’t see anything wrong in buying “gifts” to a GF, provided that:
    - it’s a solid relationship;
    - it’s not a sort of compensation. In this case the gifts value has no importance. Leo must be billionaire by now, he has a luxury lifestyle and maybe he just wants his GF to fully enjoy it, as well.
    So, the question is, is it a solid and honest relationship? If this is the case, why she did feel the need to talk about this topic with third parties? An unselfish relationship doesn’t need to be confirmed by material proofs and discussing about this is such a gross behaviour. Besides it’s such a sensitive info, she should know that people usually associate “gifts” to “mistress compensation”.
    I think only time will tell.
    By the way, there are rumors about a generous severance payment to terminate his agreement with the previous one (someone mentioned she bought a large apartment in a luxury condo in her home country right before the split announcement). And she is keeping her mouth wide shut, so far…

  50. Kara Ann says:

    I love Leo but, please, with these young girls! I’m not mean-girling Blake but she’s, what, 23 years old? I don’t blame her at all for pursuing this relationship. Him? Well, it just seems like, in HW especially, he could find someone closer to his own age and still very attractive. It makes me think that he’s not capable of dealing with someone on a more equitable experience/emotional level.
    I find men who are ….emotionally manly?…. super attractive.

  51. Turtle Dove says:

    They’re only dishing that story because of his Lanvin shopping spree. There was obviously some women’s stuff in the Lanvin bags because a purse handle was peeking out. The stuff he purchased could have been for Blake, but it could have been for his mom, Irmelin, too.

    I agree with OPs who say why shouldn’t he buy gifts for those he cares about. The guy is unmarried and has no kids. What the hell is he going to spend all that money on? I’m sure the he spoils his mom like crazy.

    I don’t mind them together. 36 isn’t old or past his prime, and he has a youthful spirit. Blake seems kind and genuine. It’s hard enough to find someone you like let alone someone to go long term with. I hope they enjoy their time together.

  52. jocular says:

    @Rep Excuse me have you just confirmed the In Touch story? It wasn’t an unnamed source erm intern at the magazine, it was Blake Lively herself?

  53. hottathanholywatta says:

    Leo is gay and she is his beard. that.is.all

  54. Anonymous says:

    Why is this a big deal..? i mean, boyfriends usually give presents to their girfriends … Of course, not all of them in the same level ..$$$.. but there’s nothing wrong with it.
    Maybe he’s not really good at expressing his feeling and this is his way to prove her that he’s interested :)
    Remember… we’re talking about people.. even when they are famous celebrities they react as human being.
    So, there’s nothing wrong with give gifts to a person that u are in love with… they thing here is that u b*tches hate her!


    ..”because the best “gifts” you can give each other aren’t material”

    GIRL… So Damn right!!! ..

  55. Rep says:

    When a ledy receives gifts , she has 2 options:
    1) talking about this with her “friends” that can easily turn into “insiders”;
    2) keep her mouth shut.
    If I were in her shoes I would keep my mouth shut.
    She is a celeb now, she should know that anything she discusses about with her friends is going public. I think she knows.

  56. Marie says:

    lol oh please like u don’t suck cock, the misogyny in this article is ridiculous, get off ur high horse

  57. lmfao says:

    I don’t know… I don’t really get all the ‘superstar’ hype buzzing around her. She’s utterly ordinary, and not the kind you’d do a double take for. In fact, she doesn’t strike me as having much star quality at all! She doesn’t seem at all the puzzle piece to fit into this grander-than-life fairytale. She’s delusional if she actually thinks so….

  58. jocular says:

    @Rep I think you are delusional if you believe every insider/source quoted in a tabloid story actually exists. I’m sure you know that often stories are made up to sell papers, magazines, get clicks on websites – Just having the names Leo Dicaprio and/or Blake Lively in the title I’m sure gets you plenty of hits and hits means money. This story may be true, it may not be, I took umbrage to you going for the jugular and making up your own short story when you have no idea if the article is true or not. You’re a hater letting your hater flag fly. That’s fine. I’m snarky. That’s fine too.

  59. TeeTee says:

    I cannot beleive how many women this angers, LOL

    I think they make a cute couple and enjoy life while you can..

    Geesh, some women act like they had a chance or I guess they hate Blake..

    I LOVE it!–hilarious

  60. Chris says:

    Come on. Leo’s a womanizer and Blake’s a sexual deviant? Jealousy’s a curse Kaiser.

  61. duh says:

    I can’t blame him, she seems like a fun person to hang out with. Why do so many women hate her? I don’t know. I hope they have babies soon because I want to see how little Leo will look like :)

    And yes, she does close her mouth from time to time :D Proof:


  62. Lucy says:

    I thought she was pretty good in The Town, even though it was a small part…I can see why he would go for her, shes young, pretty, and is always smiling…whats not to like…and I’m sure she is pinching herself that she is dating a big movie star…seems like they are having fun…

  63. Dana M says:

    I want to know who came up with this magical number of $70K? Her rep or his?

    @Kaiser: LOL, loved your post. I was giggling during the whole read through . X-) Thanks for the laughs, I had a hard day.

  64. nicki says:

    I don’t think DiCaprio’s name has ever been so much in the columns as the last four weeks. I guess choosing to date a B list actress who desperately hungers for publicity has a price. He better gets used to it!

  65. LuckyLilGem says:

    She’s radiating with happiness on the red carpet. Good for her.

  66. Chris says:

    “I don’t think DiCaprio’s name has ever been so much in the columns as the last four weeks. I guess choosing to date a B list actress who desperately hungers for publicity has a price. He better gets used to it!”

    Perhaps Leo has become disillusioned with the serious artist routine and has finally decided to start playing the game.

  67. Maddox says:

    This little romance can only end with a punchline.

  68. LP says:

    well he could decorate her neck with a very personal pearl necklace – you know, the kind a guy gives you.

    But seriously – this just sucks and i begrudge her happiness. She has no talent, a horse face (which would explain why Leo likes her – see Giselle) and she is only gotten this far because her whole family is in showbiz. I resent it when people who dont deserve it, who didnt work for it, get to have it all.

  69. Trashaddict says:

    I can’t think about the gifties, I keep being distracted by her low-budget outfit.

  70. April says:

    Why are people so mean to Blake Lively? Ok she may ont be a very good actress, but is she the only no so good one in the showbiz? And why do people just assume she can’t win Leo’s heart? She’s a bad actress so Leo can’t be into her? Since when does acting talent have anything to do with a woman’s charm? From what I know, she can be a fun person, and she’s young and sexy, it’s perfectly understandable that a man will fall for her.

  71. MeriJaan says:

    I just dont get. She is not the least bit attractive. Did I miss something?

  72. Rep says:

    I might be delusional. But I still think the story is credible.
    Because Gisele sold some of the jewels she got from him and they amounted to 300 – 400k if I remember well. And there was no engagement ring. I assume she had other presents – not only jewelry.
    And I don’t know if you are aware of the weekly rental cost for a megaboat (it’s more of the mentioned amount for gifts) and he rented one for his vacations with her that he didn’t even use. A reptile bag may cost 30k Euro. I could continue.
    I would be surprised if he didn’t lavish her with gifts.

    BTW, looks like you are overreating on my comments here, why? After all it’s a gossip site, it’s everything about “insiders”, and we are here for fun, aren’t we? If I want to comment on real news I go to FT.com.

  73. sapy says:


    and the source about Dicaprio renting one megaboat for his vacations with her that he didn’t even use or buying a reptile bag may cost 30k Euro IS????????? …usmagazine? in touch? life and style? …

    During his vacations DiCaprio was on Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin’s yacht and Top Shop boss Sir Philip Green’s yacht.

  74. jocular says:

    @Rep Not over erm eating thanks..! Contributing to the discussion, I’m incredulous about sources whether it is a Jennifer Aniston story or Leo DiCap, I find it funny that you are not. Though that said I’ve never read anything re Gisele’s Jewels and have never looked into the rental costs of a boat. You are more informed than me.

  75. ohso says:

    A man in a certain financial situation does not mind spending money on a female that he’s interested in. Hence the term there is not romance without finance.

    If any of you were in blake’s situation, I seriously doubt that you would turn down his gifts. Anything that you wanted was yours. That’s like having a walking Genie.

    Women may call blake a ho, but wealthy men will say, its not tricking if you have it.

    Side note: Blake lively is a horrible actress. She knows this. That’s why she is working on her post acting hustle.

  76. OfficialBitch says:

    What’s with the messy horsetail hair extension braided into her own thin hair??
    I can’t get into this girl. She’s so…Kate Middleton ‘basic.’

  77. Ilovemee says:

    She slept her way to the top and having that reputation will follow her everywhere she goes.

  78. Rep says:

    I live in Cannes, my dear, and there was a boat waiting for him. A huge one. I don’t know why he preferred to accept Doronin’s and other’s invitation, maybe hey had bigger ones. Or she did prefer to visit Venice.
    Anyway, if you don’t like speculations, why are you visiting gossip sites? It’s all about speculations…do you really believe in any of the story regarding these socalled celebrities? Don’t you smell PRin any of these news?
    I am just having fun discussing on nothing.

  79. skinanny says:

    She’s young and pretty, if not now…when?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Catchaho is a perfect name, thanks original bella luna for the chuckle, that name for Leo is hillarious, it sounds like the name of the ancients.

  81. Hilly says:

    Leo is a Scorpio Man and they are tough on their significant others…if his relationships haven’t worked out it was probably mostly him.

    Kaiser, you’ll love what the astrologers Starsky and his wife have to say about Leo and other Scorpio guys!

    Check here:

  82. MB says:

    Once again, I dont really get the Blake hate. I think she is gorgeous and who cares who she is or isnt dating?

    As for her sleeping her way to the top….. I read a blind item somewhere about Harvey Weinstein being obsessed with a certain actress and had plans to make her an a-list movie star in exchange for “favours”. The actress declined and continued to decline his repeated advances. That actress was widely believed to be Blake.

  83. must be very much in love, and besides I think it’s the men who do not mind spending money on the person they love, if 70 000 is far, But surely for barely enough to show their love.