Billy Bob Thornton denies affair w/ Tea Leoni, says he no longer wants fame

Billy Bob Thornton was cited as the reason for the recent split of Tea Leoni and her sex-addict recovering husband David Duchovny, after Duchovny alledgedly found steamy text messages from Thornton to Tea. Thornton and Leoni recently filmed a movie together and the actor says that the rumors of them having a relationship are not true.

Billy Bob Thornton has denied he is romancing Tea Leoni.

The 53-year-old actor, who was reported to have been secretly dating Tea after meeting her on the set of their new film ‘Manure’, insists their relationship is purely professional.

Billy Bob’s representative said: “Billy and Tea are friends. They recently completed shooting a film together.”

Tea – who has been married to David for 11 years and has two children with him – further fuelled relationship rumours by praising her ‘Manure’ co-star.

She said: “We have this incredible cast with Billy Bob Thornton, who is maybe my new favourite person in the world.”

[From 92.9 Entertainment]

While I’m sure that statement didn’t help to quell the rumors, it’s hardly the kind of thing one would say about a secret lover. It’s more a “working-with-him-was-inspiring” kind of comment than a “sleeping-with-him-is-hot-and-dirty-and-I-love-it”. Tea has remained silent about everything, from her husband’s rehab for sex addiction to the latest rumors of infidelity on her part. She seems to be handling all of it with a sense of decency.

But the silence doesn’t help Billy Bob, and he’s to the point where he’d like to just hang up the famous. Having been married to one of the most controversial and discussed women in the world, Thornton says it’s easy to try to wish yourself into obscurity. He seemed to lap up the publicity to me, it was usually him doing the talking during their “we had sex in the car on the way over” phase, but he kinda tried to drop out of the picture when the divorce came along. Thornton says now, he would rather leave the fame behind and just be in a band.

I always want to be annonymous in every aspect of my life,” said Billy Bob at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s All For The Hall benefit in New York, where he was singing with his band, the Boxmasters.

“I’ve been famous for a long time — I’m tired of that s**t. I just want to be in a band.”

But the Eagle Eye star, who won an Oscar for Switch Blade, says that once you’ve chosen a life in the spotlight, there’s no going back.

“You can’t not be famous once you are. Once you’ve screwed a bunch of pretty girls and won an Academy Award, you’re screwed,” complains Billy Bob.

[From OK! Magazine]

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest to BBT that he stop making movies if he’s looking to get out of the fame business. It wouldn’t take as much as he thinks it would for his star to flame out.

Here’s Billy Bob Thornton outside an appearance on Conan O’Brien on 9/23/08, credit: WENN and at the Eagle Eye premiere on 9/16/08, credit: WENN and BauerGriffinonline. Tea Leoni is shown talking on her cell phone while out with her kids in Malibu on 6/1/08, credit: WENN. I know some of you can’t resist the hotness that is BBT.

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  1. Anon says:

    He’s kind of right about the being famous part. Even if he stopped making movies and ten years passed, people would still remember him and know his name. He wouldn’t be as famous as say, Miley Cyrus or something, but he’d still have complete strangers who knew his name.

    Once you’re famous, the only option comprable to not famous is “has been” which doesn’t seem like much fun.

  2. stellapurdy says:

    sorry, I just don’t see the attraction to him. yuck. I wouldn’t hit that even if he was the last dick on earth.

  3. RAN says:

    I don’t either stellap… I think he’s nasty and a walking germ/disease trap, but that’s just me.

    While I like his acting, I doubt anyone would follow him around if he just stopped doing it (acting not sex :lol: ). He’s barely relevant anymore.

  4. Darlene says:

    He makes my stomach turn, always has. I don’t care how big he’s rumored to be, he has no appeal for me. Bleh.

  5. BB says:

    He reminds me of John Mayer. In that case, Jen and Angelina have more things in common than Brad Pitt. Both of them have been with two major jerks. Angelina is well rid of this jerk, but will Jen get rid of hers?

  6. Jeptha says:

    “Switch” Blade? the film he got an Oscar for was Swing Blade. You ought not talk about that boy like dat m m m h m m!

  7. MonicaBee says:

    SLING BLADE is the movie that BBT wrote, directed and starred in. He won an Oscar for best writing and was nominated for the best actor Oscar.

    SWING BLADE, to my knowledge, had nothing to do with BBT other than being a spoof of Sling Blade.

    I started to have a “thing” for BBT when he was in Bad Santa. I’d probably do him. :twisted:

  8. Jeptha says:

    Swing Blade Monica i stand corrected

  9. cara says:

    I don’t know…every movie he (bbt) is in as great, so I hope he doesn’t stop making movies. (I sort of love him.)

    As for Tea… funny, HE has sex addiction, and stays by him, and she gets probably a playfully naught text and it’s “how could you”. Like they say, what’s good for the goose….

  10. chris says:

    ..i think its ‘sling blade’…

  11. Jaclyn says:

    Talk about a downgrade! David is SO MUCH HOTTER than Billy Bob Thorton! Geez Tea, stay with your sexy husband please.

  12. audrey says:

    i think he is very handsome.. i don’t know why he always gets put on the “unattractive” list.. look at that face! gorgeous.

  13. Kaiser says:

    Well…I understand why *some* women find him sexy – he’s dark, funny, intelligent and talented. If you’ve got that going for you, it really doesn’t matter what you look like – if you’re a dude.

    I just find this *alleged* pairing weird because it doesn’t seem like Tea is his type.

    But what do I know? His type is probably “anything with two legs and a pulse.”

  14. vdantev says:

    Just do yet another movie where you play grumpy guy that swears a lot and you’ll be fine.

  15. Jinxy says:

    Anytime there is an affair that goes public, and a divorce with very public people it’s going to get messy, very messy. Tea isn’t helping her cause by giving interviews where she states a man other than her husband is her favorite person.

    That BBT has perhaps one of the messiest love life histories in Hollywood, and a new child and girlfriend isn’t helping the cause either.

  16. Anni says:

    my vibrator´s name is billy bob.

  17. Ceenitall says:

    BBT is a scrawny old dude who had some really bad plastic surgery and should go away. Or better yet he should go hang out with Kenny Rodgers and they can talk about their strange looking faces together.

  18. czarina says:

    By the time a guy is ready to admit he needs to go to rehab for sex addiction, one has to wonder what’s been going on with him for years before that? I am not ready to judge Tea Leoni for an affair (if she did have one at all, with BBT or anyone else), when who knows what she’s been going through in her marriage for a long time?

  19. RAN says:

    Good points Cz – I think a lot of us thought that, but none of us actually said it… glad you pointed that out.

  20. geronimo says:

    :P Anni! I love BB, sleaze and all, much sexier than DD (and Pitt!)