Hot Guy Friday: Dongspotting


Ewan McGregor. Ewan has a new movie out called Beginners, but that’s not the reason I chose him as our headliner this week. I chose him because I was overcome by lust just looking through one page of photos of him. He’s just… lovely. He has that rare combination of having both a beautiful AND an interesting face. He’s so expressive and I feel both lustful and amused when looking at him. Plus, he just seems like a sweet guy. He’s the kind of dude who brings his grandmother to the Scottish Film Festival… and holds her hand the entire time. He’s the kind of dude who takes off his kit “for the sisters”. Now, he may or may not have been having some kind of illicit affair with Melanie Laurent. I believe he and Melanie boned – but I also think he and his wife have an open marriage. Which means that all of us may have a chance…?












David Gandy. I threatened to make Gandy the headliner this week, but when it came time to actually do it, I backed down. Gandy isn’t as beloved around here as he is in my pants. When you look at him, you tend to think “Pretty, probably gay.” I think, “Pretty, not my type, but HOT DAMN.” There’s something about him… I’m even getting over this whole “boning a dumb famewhore girl-bander who gives interviews about him after only dating him for a few weeks” thing.















Matt Bomer. BOMER!!! He’s America’s David Gandy, only somehow prettier and fancier. I love him, even though I’m pretty sure he would only go for me if I had a dong. Still, I enjoy looking at him. White Collar is back on, and this season is pretty good already. I like “the hook” so far – I was so tired of the whole “mourning the dead girlfriend, who turns out was just playing him” storyline last season. But I always giggle at all of the completely gratuitous shirtlessness from Bomer on the show. Like, he just walks around shirtless and completely waxed, flexing as he answers the door. It’s ridiculous.








Daniel Henney. Daniel is Korean, and he’s very pretty. In the black and white photos, he borders on “too beautiful” for my taste – I don’t like my men exotic and delicate-featured, but that’s just my taste. There’s one recent photo of him – with the short hair, looking like he gained some weight in his face – that I really like. I’m attracted to him when he looks less like a lithe, androgynous model and more like a dude.








Sean Bean. Oh, Sean. He came in as a request on Twitter, but he’s made HGF before, to mixed results. The LOTR people love him, as do some of BBC-fanatics who love his work in British television. For me, I’ve just seen him in a handful of movies, and I think he’s The Sex. I’m not saying he’s a good guy or anything, he just seems hardcore, rather rough-and-tumble, in every sense. I like that quality in a man. Enjoy.









Joel Kinnaman. Joel is my boyfriend, you may remember, although since The Killing’s Season One finale, my love/lust for Joel has waned. He’s a tremendous actor, but he’s on a show with a nut job narcissist show runner and producers and writers who need to take their heads out of their asses. So… while I still love Joel, here’s hoping that The Killing is merely his launching pad to bigger, better and more well-written things.








Rob Lowe (by CB): Rob comes in by request, which makes me wonder what took us so long. This man is 47 years old, and he obviously takes very good care of himself. He’s been married for 20 years, has two kids and has somehow kept his boyishly good looks without looking plucked or pulled. Throughout it all he’s maintained 20 years of sobriety and a good degree of humor about fame and scandals. He seems like a kinky bastard too, doesn’t he?






Ferran Calderon (By CB): Ferran is a Spanish model and he came in as a request. He’s absolutely breathtaking, but a little skinny for my taste. I would gladly spend a month or two with him lazing around on a Spanish isle, scheduling our days around cooking, eating and pausing for sex. Spanish men are so charming in my sadly limited experience. I’ve only been to Barcelona once, and dated one Spanish guy in college but he was just the sweetest guy and so romantic.






Ian Somerhalder (By CB): We’ve enthusiastically done Ian before, and he comes in as another request. He used to be my second favorite on Vampire Dairies after Paul Wesley, but now I’m more into Ian. (The show got too ridiculously complicated for me this season though and I haven’t seen the last few episodes.) He’s a talented actor and there’s something so over the top sexy about the way he plays deviant Damon, like he’s campy and he knows it. Ian is dating his co-star Nina Dobrev and they recently went public with their relationship. They look so loved up and it’s kind of heart warming.







Denzel Washington (By CB): Denzel is getting up in years, but he still has it doesn’t he? He’s the commanding presence, the vigilante with a purpose, the man in power who can seduce you with a quick look. He plays guys who don’t take sh*t and know exactly what they want, and that’s how I imagine he is every day. His deep voice does it for me every time.







Mark Consuelos (by Bedhead) Okay, so he’s “soap opera” hot, but I think Mr. Kelly Ripa is pretty damn fine and so suavely swoonworthy. It’s something about that brilliantly white smile, methinks. Also, Mark’s in the running to replace Regis Philbin; if that happens, then we’ll be able to drool over him during our morning coffee every day.






Rufus Sewell (by Bedhead) Ah, I do love a strapping Englishman just about any day of the week, and Rufus is a very intense one at that. In particular, I really loved his performance in Dark City opposite Jennifer Connelly, whose character completely forgot that she was married to him. Crazy sceenwriters — that could never happen!






Samuel L. Jackson (by Bedhead) This crazy motherf&@#cker has such personality and a great career to boot, but I’m pretty sure he’d also be a great drinking buddy too. Just think of all of themotherf&@#ing stories he could tell…







Matt LeBlanc (by Bedhead) I know that LeBlanc isn’t really Joey Tribbiani, but since that was always my favorite “Friends” character, I can’t help but think of him that way and want him to walk up to me with a sly, “How YOU doin’?” Plus, he’s turned into quite the silver fox these days.






Spike Jonze (by Bedhead) While this guy’s not classically handsome in any sense of the word, there’s just something rather endearing (albeit a bit too hipster) about him. He makes pretty good movies, and those dimples are a hell of a lot nicer than Kellan Lutz’s dimples! Less creepy too.






Gabriel Aubry (By CB): Aubry lost some major points for dating Kim Kardashian, but I suppose that could also be interpreted as meaning he’s that much more accessible for the rest of us. This guy is so pretty he turns heads and fuels countless fantasies just walking down the street.







Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame, Pacific Coast News, PRPhotos, the domestic and international editions of Vanity Fair, GQ, Details, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Google Images.


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  1. mln76 says:

    Wow you started off really, really hot with Ewan but you lost me with Samuel L…he’s talented and has charisma but not hot…and Aubrey well he still hasn’t lost his Kardashian stench.

  2. brin says:

    I spotted some good dong….thanks, Kaiser! Especially for Gandy & Aubrey!!
    (Has Halle had him banned…haven’t seen him).

  3. Rita says:

    Wowwww!!!! Binge-dong. This is what happens during extended dong withdrawals.

    By the way, shouldn’t there be a hyphen in dongspotting but where? Dong-spotting or Dongs-potting…..water twice a day and caress gently for best results.

  4. Eve says:

    Daniel Henney was born in the US if I’m not wrong. He’s of Irish-Korean ancestry.

    Washington is always a classic.

    The rest is meh.

    P.S.: I wouldn’t mind Gandy if he was gay as long as I found him attractive. The problem is that even though I can see he’s a handsome man, he truly does nothing for me. Also, he’s a model…I’m not into the fashion world to actually read anything about him. I need a background, some personality so I can relate it to the person’s appearance in order to fantasize with her. I can’t have that by just looking at him without knowing anything else.

    EDIT: I was so disappointed for not having my requests (Jesse Eisenberg and Tahar Rahim) granted that I missed Rufus Sewell was here. My apologies.

  5. Nina says:

    Rob Lowe FINALLY! I’ve been wanting to see him here for a long time!
    Nice to see Daniel Henney back, too. Personally, I LOOOVE “exotic” guys. I have a thing for East Asian men, especially.
    I also have a request for actor Jason George. He was on Grey’s Anatomy for a bit, and starred in the recently cancelled Off The Map.

  6. marge says:

    Just yesterday I was thinking thatr it has been far too long without HGF

    Ewan is SOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

    And “the Sex” is the most fitting name for Sean Bean

    Thanks Kaiser
    luv u!

  7. normades says:

    Gandy rings my gaydar big time, but my gaydar is wrong sometimes.

  8. Kaye says:

    I requested Ferran Calderon, and thank you VERY MUCH for the pics. He’s gorgeous.

  9. Jane says:

    I love Sean Bean, thought he was the best actor of the entire cast in LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring. But, he is looking his age recently, or even older. Maybe too much hard partying? He was great, as usual, in Game of Thrones, but looked like he had been rode hard and put up wet.

  10. jamminatorr says:

    Can I make a request for Aaron Paul??? (Jessie Pinkman on Breaking Bad) he’s just got that beautiful but skeezy look. Plus Breaking Bad starts again soon! July 17th!!

  11. MikeyAngel says:

    Amazing…all of them!

  12. RHONYC says:

    ~Ewan & his ‘easy-access’ kilt. damn i love Scotland!

    ~i’ll take a Henney & Coke please. on second thought, hold the Coke.

    ~Russell Sewell’s piercing eyes are so Christopher Walken intense. sexy.

    ~Denzel can STILL ‘train’ chicks any ‘day’. :lol:

    ~that towel pic of Gabriel are what shower rub-out sessions are made of. ;-)

    ~and Rob Lowe.

    nothing else, just…


    that is all.


  13. IAMEROK says:

    Ohh you gals are my hero’s!! I post this on FB every time cuz it’s always WINNING!! Sean bean = THE SEX and Rufus Sewell is gorge!

  14. Rhiley says:

    Ol’ David Gandy can certainly wear a suit, can’t he?

  15. Lois says:

    Thank you for Bomer!! Love him! :)

  16. Quest says:

    Ladies you never cease to amaze us.

    I was breathless looking at the morning after /matching PJs photos with Ewan McGregor and Jude Law then I scrolled down and saw Matt Bomer who gave me this Rob Lowe vibe and there he was in the line up.

    After seeing the Rob Lowe pics I said to myself that Ian Somerhalder would complete this “Ode to Hottness” with Denzil as the topping and you delivered

    Absolutely loved it. It was like you read my mind each step of the way, Kaiser.

    I’m gonna wash this down with a glass of “Benefibre”.

  17. TQB says:

    Ewan is my first and foremost, above all the rest, forever dong. I can’t believe the accent didn’t figure into your description anywhere. Just listening to the man makes me remove my clothes.

    Many thanks.

  18. Hautie says:

    If Ewan isn’t careful… he is going to end up pregnant. Cause Jude is just that potent! :) I still love Jude. And his ability to knockup anyone who gets too close…

    Oh how I love Mr. Gandy in those tight white panties. Nothing pleases me more.

    Now I would like to see Gabriel Aubry wearing a pair of those tight white Dolce panties too!

    Love Matt Bomer.

    And Rob Lowe is still hot… and pretty. But I still find his wife annoying.

  19. UKHels says:

    the only two that do anything for me at all there are Rob Lowe (ever since I was about 12) and the mighty Sean Bean – guy is a totally rough alcoholic northerner but my god I’d do him all night long and again in the morning


    you seem to have a penchant for pretty boys – for me they are all ‘meh’

  20. original kate says:

    ewan and denzel…yummy. the rest are not my cup of tea.

    can i please please get some jeremy sisto for next GHF? thanks.

  21. Nanea says:

    TGIHGF again!

    After such a long wait…

    The best things about Denzel? His voice and the way he walks!

    Thanks for Ewan, Daniel, Matt…

    David and Gabriel are eyecandy, even if their tastes are questionable at times.

  22. werty says:

    Got a new crush on Daniel Henney even thoi i dont like pretty boys.
    And Sean Bean got me when i read that he got in to a fight outside a bar, lost, and instead of letting the paramedics fix him up, he went back inside the bar and kept drinking. *swoon*

  23. sarahk says:

    Wooooo!! HGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent job.

    Now speaking of White Collar, I know he’s not as pretty as Bomer, but Tim DeKay is so handsome, IMO. Something about the mouth. Plus, he’s got an amazing body.

  24. tapioca says:

    Since Wimbledon is currently on for the next 1½ weeks, how about some “Wimbledong” next Friday?

    Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin Del Potro, Fernando Verdasco, Fernando Gonzalez, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Roger Federer, etc…

    Or Richard Madden from Game of Thrones?

  25. lucy2 says:

    Great group. The return of Matt Bomer!
    Has Rob Lowe made some sort of deal with the devil? He doesn’t seem to be aging.

  26. I Choose Me says:

    That B&W picture of Matt Bomer holy wow!
    I could stare at that picture for hours.

    Terrific list ladies. Always nice to see pics of some of my favourites. Ethan (with a little side order of Jude), Aubrey and Denzel.

  27. Bettie says:

    Ooh girl, you can never go wrong with Denzel!!!

  28. Yummm says:

    Love that it’s finally HG Friday! Ian! Sean Bean! Ewan! Nothing like a hot Scot to get the blood boiling! Thanks!!

  29. laboux says:

    David Gandy is definitely my type! Thanks so much for featuring him! FWIW, in his interview with Jonathan Ross, he says he’s straight. But hey, I don’t discriminate!

  30. Katie says:

    I LOVE Matt Bomer. It’s unreal how good looking he is. Also love Ewan, too…and he seems very funny and charming in interviews. That Ferran guy is hot. Never seen him before but would like to see more. Ian is very hot too. Your boy Gandy is very attractive but in pictures he looks cocky and douchey, no?

  31. Bitchbelying says:

    This a good eclectic HOT DONG FRIDAYY! They can all get it, equally….on the spot.

    One request, Micheal Ealy!

  32. Mae says:

    Hmm the pretty boys aren’t really doing it for me, but to each her own. I would like to request Jeff Goldblum for HGF, sure he’s a bit quirky, but he’s so attractive (to me anyway) especially in Jurassic Park. :)

  33. nelly says:

    Joel Kinnaman is awesome. Thanks for including him on the list.

  34. kazoo says:

    after seeing ‘beginners’, i am totally in love with ewan.

  35. UKHels says:

    in fact you should do a game of thrones special now it’s over – sean bean, jason momoa (wowzer), nikolaj coster-waldau, richard madden, kit harington, charles dance (I could go on…)

  36. KatherineM says:

    Love Kinnaman, wonderful actor. He has done some pretty hot love scenes in his Swedish movies. That he looks like he does on The Killing is a testament to his lack of vanity. Thanks for including him.

  37. Andrea says:

    Love love love ewan for all the reasons listed. I watched long way round and long waydown and he just seems so down to earth and someone who would shoot the s*it with anybody. Not too bad on the eyes either!

  38. Boromir's bytch says:

    Bean’s voice is auditory foreplay.

  39. Me says:

    You know what I love? “The Rock’s” smile. He just looks so goddamned happy every time he smiles and when he tries to look tough he still smiles even though you can tell he’s trying not to. Love it!

  40. Luna says:

    So pretty~ reading this before bed makes dreaming so much more fun.

  41. Chickie Baby says:

    Mmmmm…Matt Bomer. And the rest of the list is nice, too. But…MMMMMM…Matt Bomer. Oh, my.

  42. kpist says:

    It’s so funny that you put Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder next to each other, I have always thought of Ian as a young Rob Lowe

  43. Stubbylove says:

    Another triumph Kaiser – many thanks. You’re totally on with Sean Bean being THE SEX – bring it on. Denzel’s presence & Rufus’s quirky hazel eyes are and will always be fabulous.

  44. Alaska says:

    Wow, Spike Jonze is really cute without all the facial hair.

    Mmm… Ewan. I’ll always love him.

  45. liv says:

    david gandy, matt bomer, daniel henney, and gabriel aubry – YES, YES, YES!

    kaiser have you seen david’s new short film “the tribute” ? or his vogue italia interview where he dons hipster glasses – which he makes totally hot. plus he has an british accent. love him. don’t care for his girlfriend though.

    matt bomer – hot. too bad he’s in a relationship with simon hall – and they have 3 kids together. but whatever he’s still hot. white collar is awesome, but i can’t stand hilarie burton (didn’t like her on one tree hill either.)

    daniel henney – irish korean – gotta love the eurasians, but i’m biased, cause i’m eurasian as well. haha. he doesn’t really do it for me in pictures, but i did enjoy him on three rivers.

    gabriel aubry – another hot male model. but he has questionable taste in women.

  46. Liz says:

    I’m with @Eve let us have some Jesse Eisenberg & maybe you can add Andrew Garfield to HGF too

  47. The real Jenny says:

    Thank God for Ewan MacGregor and for his kilt.

  48. Mairead says:

    To paraphrase the old Ferrero Rocher advert, “Kaiser, with zees pictures of an angry-open-shirted-Sharpe, you are really spoiling us” :twisted:

    Although I’m surprised that you never show one of his best stills from “Caravaggio” ;)

    I wouldn’t fancy him, but I like Rob Lowe. I heard him being interviewed about his new biography on the radio recently, and he was so funny and candid.

    Oh, and on Matt le Blanc. Have you seen “Episodes”? he’s actually incredibly good on it. It has the lovely and adorable Stephen Mangan (you’d love him as smooth bastard doctor Guy Secretain on “Green Wing”, a Channel 4 comedy) and equally lovely Tamsin Greig :)

  49. mary simon says:

    Thanks for putting Ian up there – I love him in the vampire diaries – and I agree about the second season getting a bit too complicated.

  50. Arvedia says:

    Thanks for these delicious guys! Totally yummy.

    I’m watching Lie To Me Season 2 at the moment, and I miss Brendan Hines here. I love those nice guys who are actually quite sexy. And CB, if you live in Germany, you could do a German special, with Florian David Fitz, Birol Ünel, Christoph Walz, Thomas Kretschmann, Til Schweiger, Daniel Brühl, Sebastian Koch and others. That would be quite a treat.

  51. Carolyn says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! Thank you x 100 for Ewan Mc Gregor, Sean Bean and Rob Lowe in HDF. Trifecta of hotness. They are “it”. Kaiser words cannot express my joy. You’ve set the bar (pun intended) very very high now. Or we could just have these 3 as a permanent feature :)

  52. dj says:

    Agreed many thanks for Ewan (love the goatee/mustache) and Sean Bean. Unfortunately, the rest seemed to be a bit of a douchefest. It is a tough job & much appreciated.

  53. Gwen says:

    Oooooh my godness, what a fab display of hot men :D The first picture of Jude and Ewan is just about my favorite fantasy and thanks for the photos of Joel and Sean and Rufus too :D

  54. Lucy says:

    Wow….fantastic list….all smokin hot…and then….Sam Jackson…SAM JACKSON…really?

  55. Mari says:

    May I request Nathan Fillion :) Thank you

  56. normades says:

    @liv: Yup, Bomer is tots gay and in a serious relationship. And good for him.

  57. Anne de Vries says:

    HOW THE HELL did a photographer manage to make Gandy look PREGNANT??

    That first photo is really.. .bizarre. Can’t believe nobody in the editing/publishing process noticed that his body looks like of hilariously weird there.

  58. Cat says:

    Ohh, Sean Bean. Puurrrrr…..

  59. Crystalline says:

    Ah, Sean, truly a sex god.

    Since my true forever dong (Till Lindemann–the man has gorgeously haunting eyes) has no real mass appeal beyond my weird mind, requesting Sam Huntington. He’s been on my mind lately and is simply so geeky cute.

  60. LuckyLilGem says:

    Let’s see some pics of Henry Cavill!

  61. Anoni Mus says:

    Yowza what an eyeful of hot men. Thanks again for all the work sorting them out.

    My favorites this week:

    Ewan McGregor, so lovely and he seems so down to earth.
    Sean Bean, ohhh yeahh. Come to think of it, Ewan and Sean are my blond forever dongs! ;)

    Bomer is so pretty it hurts, Gandy is so pretty in a manly way it hurts. They both could be Adonis in the flesh.

    Honourable mention: Rufus Sewell, I love his intense stare and Mark Consuelos is cute.

    But, yuck to both Rob Lowe and especially Matt LeBlanc… but to each their own.

    I am thoroughly satisfied!

  62. jayem says:

    Ahhh, Kaiser, what a wonderful list of lovely men.

    Those Jude and Ewan pictures are hilarious!

    And my lover, Joel Kinnaman. I like him better all scruffy. He looks a little creepy clean-cut.

    *sigh* All the pretty, pretty model boys and their blue eyes. And a shot of The Rock. I’ll be in my happy place…

  63. Sara says:

    Thank you for featuring my all-time favorite actor of the 1990s-the present, Ewan McGregor. I never get tired of looking at or listening to him in interviews. His wife is a very lucky woman indeed.

    Not that I’m complaining ONE BIT about your list, but I’m missing Clive Owen. Any chance we’ll hear from him soon?

  64. Lemissa says:

    yummy! Thank you. Maybe a little Michael Weatherly soon?

  65. curegirl0421 says:

    Hooray! Been too long.

    *sigh* Oh my sweet, darling Ewan. He is definitely a foreverdong.

    I’m… I’m just not feeling the David Gandy. I just don’t go for the modely types, but that is purely personal preference. I’m glad you had fun dongspotting him! :)

    Am I the only one who preferred Rufus Sewell pre-eye-fixer? I kind of loved him with the wonkeye. (That statement should explain my lack of modelizing.)

    Finally, YAY FOR SEAN BEAN. Holy crow. (Insert “Winter is coming” joke here, then feel ashamed for making gross, bad puns.)

  66. Charlotte says:

    Ahhhhh – Rob Lowe. I used to have an Oxford Blues poster on my wall in junior high, movie sucked, but Rob was so pretty. And I’ve gotta say, I’ve never really thought Matt LeBlanc was all that hot, more of a Matthew Perry girl, but the gray hair has got me rethinking!

  67. daisy says:

    i wanna like comment button.

  68. Flan says:

    Love Sean Bean in Game of Thrones.


  69. Cel says:

    I’m with Tapioca – Wimbledong with be brilliant – particularly a load of Nadal!

  70. ol cranky says:

    The only bone I have to pick about your selection of Rufus Sewell is that he’s Welsh, not English.

  71. KLaw says:

    Have you ever included Liam Neeson? He makes me weak in the knees…

    David Gandy is so hot that I’m actually intimidated by his extreme hotness. yikes

  72. khaveman says:

    All that I read about Ewan McGregor makes me like him less and less. I used to worship him too!

  73. englishbreakfast says:

    that spanish dude is doing silly things to my special place… may i request some matthew perry love? weird but he is so smart and funny and is looking very nice as time goes on.

  74. Jilly Bean says:

    Gandy is the love child of Timothy Dalton and Jon Hamm

  75. Andrea says:

    I third the vote for Henry Cavill!!!!

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    Gandy’s got an ass I could bounce a quarter off of…I want to bite it!

    I’ve had a crush on Rob Lowe since I was a pre-teen. He’s beautiful!

    Joey whatshisface (from The Killing) looks like a budget Timothy Olyphant. I’ll stick to the original, thanks.

    Ewan, Denzel; how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

    Rufus is sexy in that “I’m gonna fuck you all night, and then I might kill you and keep a foot” way. (Dangerous!) ;)

  77. Saundra says:

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL choices this week. Rob Lowe, Ewan, Gabriel and the others. I will sleep well tonight with my guys under my pillow. Since we are crossing the pond, where is Mattew Macfayden with his piercing blue eyes? I don’t know if he has been featured in the past, but I wouldn’t mind a few pics of this Brithish hunk.

  78. michalkhan says:

    I saw the movie Beginners and at first I didn’t know what to think of it cause the movie seemed like such a personal story, but then it stayed with me, on my mind, for about two days and that’s when I realized what a touching and romantic film it was. Ewan and the rest of the actors were fantastic.

  79. Mario says:

    Rob Lowe is a scumbag, I’m amazed he still has a career.

  80. rerun delaney says:

    god bless you each and every one-especially for rufus!

  81. MLM says:

    I fell in love with Sean Bean from the LOTR–he could of made a very good James Bond.
    David Gandy is breathtaking, however, if he dressed less model–like I would find him more appealing.
    Joel Kinnaman is someone I’m going to look out for in the future–very promising.

    Kaiser, do a vintage dong post and include Timothy Dalton–the hot fudge, super Sunday, Shakesperean Bond. He is still amazing looking.

  82. Erin says:

    Henry Cavill should def be on next HGF! I loved the Daniel Henney too – he wasn’t on my radar but now is :) I’m still waiting on Toby Stephens for HGF. Yes, he’s under the radar and mostly does British stuff but damn is he fine!

  83. Laura says:

    This is possibly the greatest HGF ever :P Rob Lowe (my forever dong), Matt Bomer, Matt LeBlanc, David Gandy, Sean Bean, Ian Somerhalder… I love them all!

  84. Chrissy says:

    I love how you have a variety of men. Different races, different skin tones, facial structures etc.

  85. kikay says:

    can you make garrett hedlund as dong friday too.

  86. madpoe says:

    I could use another Michael Fassbender fix STAT.