Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton “Core Values” commercial released


Below is the first video/commercial for Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton ad campaign. It’s not really about buying luxury leather goods, though. It seems more like a travel ad for Cambodia. Which is to say… after watching this, I felt like “Damn, I should travel more” rather than “Damn, I should buy a Louis Vuitton handbag.” As we talked about when we saw the first print ad from the campaign, LV and Angelina are working on something called the “Core Values” campaign, which is basically like “Louis Vuitton applauds people who aren’t JUST pretty, but have something to offer the world.” People like Bono and Mikhail Gorbachev also do “Core Values” ads.

It’s nice. Angelina looks very pretty, and the shots are about her lovely face rather than her odd feet. The script is “In 2000, Angelina Jolie made her first trip to Cambodia… It was a journey that would change her life forever.” Because it was in Cambodia that Angelina decided to become a UNHCR goodwill ambassador, and adopt her son Maddox, and buy a huge tract of land and turn it into a nature preserve, and build a hospital, etc.



Screencaps from the video, plus Jolie’s LV print ad.

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  1. constance says:

    I saw 0 product placement… lame.

  2. whitedaisy says:

    I like what she did with the money she got for this campaign. She is in principled company.

  3. hopeso says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful, Angelina, the scenery everything is beautiful.

  4. katnip says:

    This is the same approach they have used for YEARS.. why just because it Angie it become an issue. The ad is lovely as is she.

    and again with the feet..really whatever. The video is just a clip. The full one will be released in July.

    I love how she has continued her work in Cambodia. Yes building a hospital/clinic that is being used as a model in many other countries because of its success rate. Maddox is almost 10 year old. She has supported this country that entire time.

    I need to research to see what people said when Maddonna, Jlo, Sean Connery, Francis and Sophia Coppela and Bono did their ad money. Did they get flack. don’t think so.

    She donated her money to charity. Wonder what everyone else did with theirs. But it was their right to keep it and do whatever they wanted. Just as it was hers. But she made a different choice.

  5. folly says:

    she is breathtakingly beautiful,love the ad

  6. Louise says:

    @Kaiser: you need to move on from the bad feet angle. In the previous post nobody had a clue as to what you were talking about. Even people who would attack Angelina for the way she breathes didn’t agree with you.

    I’ve seen other core values commercials and there pretty much no product placement. It’s not really about selling the brand but social issues. I liked the commercial. It’s just really pretty. It is a great tourism video which is probably the point.

  7. Rita says:

    “Core Values” as espoused by an elitest fashion designer. Echoes of fish sticks and cucumber water.

  8. imabrat says:

    Quite laughable. “Core values”…. does that have anything to do with owning 1,000 pairs of shoes and millions of dollars in homes?

  9. Belle Epoch says:

    Such skinny legs! I can’t even buy boots that fit. so I’m marveling at what it must be like to be able to wear ANY pair of boots…

  10. spinner says:

    Rather dull & pointless. Oh well…

  11. Shay says:

    Actually…eff it.

    She just makes me sick.
    The UN uses her as a distraction, to divert attention away from its other unsavoury practices.
    It’s a mutual relationship. She does the mother Teresa act for the world’s idiots to lap up and the UN continues with its idiotic strategies that lead to many deaths of innocent people.

  12. Pauly P says:

    She looks old. This is a dumb ad. I thought I was watching Lost.

  13. katnip says:


    I am always amazed at your vial comments regarding Angelina.

    Perhaps you should stop reading so much about her. But I am sure you save it for her. And not the countless other celebs that make as much if not more money than she does.

    Keep it up.. Angie is living her life and good that the opinion of people like you means nothing to it..

    Wow so Angelina doing a photo shoot and helping the UNHCR is responsible for the lose of lives.. man who knew.

  14. B says:

    She looks great and she’s doing good things for Cambodia.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! Definitely a woman of substance!

  16. really says:

    BEAUTIFUL, now can we see the LVMH handbag!

  17. Rose says:

    Shay, do you like to feel sick,? If not quit reading about Angelina. Remember, when you hate someone, it’s like you drinking poison and hope the other person will die. It does not work that way, your hate will kill you, not her. Go have a good day and stop reading about Angelina.

  18. folly says:

    UN should consider themselves lucky to have her,and i hope she never stop doing good and she deserve all the good things she have(husband,envious career and lovely children)

  19. Eve says:

    @ Folly:

    She’s breathtakingly beautiful indeed.

  20. Shay says:


    It’s the Angelina cult!
    Yes Katnip, Angelina is living her life, renting out multi million dollar mansions while naive people such as yourself brainwash yourselves.

    BTW it’s vile, not vial (your Freudian slip), but I can’t chide you for that. You probably have Angelina’s former blood vial on your mind.
    My comments may be vial for you, but her hypocrisy is even worse.

  21. folly says:

    shay,calling people idiots because they dont share your lousy opinion seems childish,you dont see what she does because you are blind with hatred for her and does not make those that sees it to be idiots,you can make your point without been rude

  22. Cheyenne says:

    @shay: She walks the walk and puts her money where her mouth is and doesn’t spend all her spare time blow-drying her hair and laying around the beach doing nothing, so that makes her a hypocrite?

    Go back to your co-haters on FF, you’re wasting your time on here.

  23. luls says:

    Kaiser, I saw this on another site, and I believe i read that this only the teaser video.

    In any case, the vid is SO much better than the print ad. Her beauty is simply radiant in it, whereas the print ad does her no justice.

  24. Eve says:

    Me thinks FF posters have finally decided to invade Celebitchy’s threads.

    Too bad, because there’s a chance this site may become a new Popsugar: a nice community at first, then turned into a complete mess that ended up shunning sane posters from the site (at least, from the front page).

  25. sandy#1 says:

    she’s lovely, you can’t say that about too many people, location is everything, it’s so beautiful and looks peaceful there.

  26. Lucky Charm says:

    Hmmm, so something we did over a decade ago, in our early/mid 20′s, that never hurt or harmed anyone & wasn’t illegal, we are never allowed to outgrow? People grow up & change, especially after becoming parents. It’s actually quite pitiful if you are still the same person at 36 as you were at 26. I know I did things in my early 20′s that I would never do now, because I’ve matured. And yes, as soon as my first child was born I realized that I had a new little life to shape & my wants had to take a backseat, that I had to grow up & become a responsible adult.

    I think the message about wanting to travel more may not entirely be an accident. The easiest way to fully understand a culture or way of life is to actually be there & experience firsthand. Maybe it’s LV’s way of encouraging global & cultural awareness as part of their campaign? Regardless, the ad is very nice and Angelina is a natural beauty, just like the backdrop.

  27. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awwww I thought that one little snippet of video was so lush and so beautiful. Angie in motion is like the best thing ever. Angie is just soooo beautiful, also her beauty comes from with in so its not just that she is amazing on the outside she is amazing on the inside.

    @Shay Angelina isn’t involved with the UN per say, Angelina is involved with the UNHCR which handles matters directly dealing refugees. What practices there are being conducted by the UN that you don’t agree with, Angelina has no involvement with that. Angelina’s mission is to help those people who have been displaced and find way to get them home and to bring awareness to the world about whats happening to these people. A job I would say she has done quite well. Now as far as the UN goes…Angie has nothing to do with that.

  28. Jollyjolie says:

    Amazing woman… haters gonna hate.

  29. katnip says:

    actually Shay the studio pays for the TALENT (brad) to have a place to live.

    and the misspell..not a slip just typing so fast. My comment was based on you first comment before you edited your post. all your rambling about what has been printed in tabloid. YOU either read every thing about her or you live in her house. I’m sure it has to be the former because all you ramblings are based on Tabloid. 6 nannies and all the other stuff you wrote before deleting it. And she never wore a vial. but a locket with a drop of blood. Not my thing but hardly this huge thing you are making it to be. And the world I live in says that Charity is what you choose to give, not what you have to give. She does not have to live in a hole to be a caring person. YOU are are the one that sounds like a hypercritical. YOU don’t post all this crap about anyone else just her. So bias is quite telling.

    @Eve they have been here all along. They get very pissed if there are any comments positive toward Angelina. It pushes them over the edge. Watch. they are sending up smoke signals to alert the others. Seriously. and JP fans are call crazy and a cult. Visit those hate sites for 2 minutes and you will see insanity at its worst. and check out post 24.. that is Grated compared to what they do on a daily basis.

  30. AL says:

    She shares “core values” with Bono. Interesting. So does it mean she makes her hat fly in first class when she forget it somewhere? In her case, more like her LV bag.

  31. Lem says:

    That is beautiful print ad. Layout, colors, backdrop, boat, girl, bag. Beautiful

  32. Laughternrain says:

    Instead of being anti charity and a tight as$ and tossing an ugly used ratty old handbag into a raffle bucket, Angelina is donating her fee for this to help the country and its citizens. Rather than support a piece of trash, I support substance, morals and decency. I am *so* PROUD to be on the RIGHT side of morals and decency.

  33. jocular says:

    @Louise it is a very small criticism really. If she didn’t criticise at all she might be accused of being sychophantic. Angelina looks very beautiful.

  34. Cut the Cheese says:

    “Feels” like a SNL skit, imo.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @Eve: It won’t happen if enough people on here hold them up to ridicule. That’s what they can’t deal with.

  36. fatcat says:

    hahahahaha, I just can’t believe it!!!
    YES, lets all of us take our perfect LV bags & go to Cambodia, adopt a perfect child and save the world! REALLY!!!

    I don’t mind being manipulated in the name of the sale, but sometimes the sh#t is too much.

    “People like Bono and Mikhail Gorbachev”
    BONO is man that sold out a cause of the irish freedom to become pop star & GORBACHOV turn his back on the system that created him to find a nice place in the US, when the whole eastern block was falling apart.

    there is much greater irony behind the ads of LV, besides super expescive bags and starving people (as it’s in the case of the Cambodia placement)

  37. Lisa Turtle says:

    I second the “I should travel more” sentiment. But its a beautiful commercial, really very beautifully shot.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    @fatcat: Cambodia is very happy to get the publicity. So what exactly is your problem?

  39. mimi says:

    That is very nice.

    I don’t like the adoption part, as if it’s another “public/ charity act”, and its not- there is a person there- it’s personal and private and shouldn’t be used for anything commercial.

    But all the rest is really beautiful and is inspiring (hopefully).

  40. Lauren says:

    AJ looked better with more weight on her bones. Beautiful but sickly. She has her mom’s stunning bone structure. How can anyone think AJ is healthy?

  41. Camille says:

    Beautiful woman. Love it. :D

  42. Eve says:

    @ Katnip:

    I have visited those forums (I already told someone else here that I once stumbled upon them, went there and never came back). Never again. I don’t need that negativity in my life, honestly.

    @ Cheyenne:

    I know they have been here for a while. Some of them we can spot in a second, but I fear they end up taking over the site because they don’t seem to care or realize how ridiculous they sound. I gave up trying to call them out on their hypocritical behaviour because you could rub it in their faces and they would still not accept that. So, I’m like…whatever.

    I enjoy this site. I even like the comments written by those who dislike the Jolie-Pitts…I can take a joke and some are indeed really funny and creative. I just don’t like the repetitive, foaming at the mouth ones. It’s not only a matter of hateful remarks, they’re f*cking boring to read. And that’s why I’d hate if these lunatics started posting here more the ones that make sense.

    I always compare Celebitchy with Popsugar because I used to love the latter — the threads had nice discussions, I have made friends there. Yes, we had the crazies there too, like a woman who had more than 15 (you read it right: FIFTEEN) profiles so she could gang up against anyone who said anything positive about The Jolie. She got banned after a while. But the site eventually went downhill (in terms of comments/threads).

  43. Shay says:

    Funny how no one jumps on fatcat’s comments.

    This ad is just Louis Vuitton, using Marc Jacob’s sycophantic approach (celebrities) to sell a product.
    Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of refugees or, worse, asylum seekers are detained and the UN takes years (and years, and years) to process these people, some of whom lose their sanity but many children lose their education in the process, and I’m not talking about refugees in Syria, but also people who are detained by nations like Australia – supposedly ‘democratic’.

    But yeah, meanwhile Angelina is a distraction and relishes the publicity.


    The core values of Louis Vuitton is to imprint its label/brand by using supposedly ‘moral’ celebrities and former political egomaniacs. What did Gorbachev contribute to? Sean Connery is a horrid abusive man. Bono (and U2) have avoided paying tax in Ireland for years (possibly decades).
    Louis Vuitton is about whitewashing its image. I’m betting few who have barked at me in here know that Louis Vuitton, at one point, received high recommendation from the Third Reich (ie the Nazis), which is why I find their sacking of Galliano ironic (they obviously want a new director).

    LVMH is an all-profit organisation: those are its values. Mind you, this ‘values’ campaign borders on false advertising, making out that significant proceeds go toward good causes. This company took a young artist (Nadia Plesner) to court because she ‘dared’ use their one of their idiotically named bags as part of her art to make a pertinent statement about this type of hypocrisy (I don’t see Angelina supporting the artist’s cause; it’s all about her narcissism). So when it’s about artistic expression, it’s all about profit. If anyone goes against this conglomerate, they can be potentially stripped of any livelihood.

    In short: this ‘core values’ campaign is complete and utter bullshit for starry eyed fantasists.

    For anyone interested (because Angelina surely isn’t interested about artistic expression when she is on the LV- cult payroll – LV is like fashion Scientology):

    Louis Vuitton is only about controlling artistic expression and mining the dollar and Angelina’s participation only confirms her ‘stance’.

  44. jocular says:

    Hmmm nobody got my irony. Less subtle next time.

  45. werty says:

    June 26th, 2011 at 1:15 pm
    She shares “core values” with Bono. Interesting. So does it mean she makes her hat fly in first class when she forget it somewhere? In her case, more like her LV bag.

    No and im sure of it because if she did the tabloids and people like you would never let us forget.

    June 26th, 2011 at 3:43 pm
    That is very nice.
    I don’t like the adoption part, as if it’s another “public/ charity act”, and its not- there is a person there- it’s personal and private and shouldn’t be used for anything commercial.
    But all the rest is really beautiful and is inspiring (hopefully).

    I didnt get that feeling about the adoption part. I think its in there bc shes known for adopting kids and ever since she adopted Maddox she has pointed out that
    she felt like there was something special about Cambodia (a family member), so theyve problebly threw it in there. I really doubt that she would adopt just to get attention etc. (i say the same when people acuse Madonna of the same thing)

    The Cambodian govermant was happy when she filmed TR there because it increased tourism, they were happy when she started her foundation and built alot of necessery things (hospital, school etc).
    So im going to assume theyre happy about this too since it most likely will increase tourism yet again, which means that more people will have enough food to feed their families.

    And it does look more like a ad campaign for Cambodia than for LV but i think thats a good thing, cause Cambodia need the money more than LV.

  46. Chloe says:

    Could we please not bash AJ for doing charity work? Or at least stay away from her kids?

    I’m sure there’s a lot of juicy stuff we can gossip about till cows come home (her feet are weird – or are they? she looked fat / too thin in that dress, she keeps wearing sacks, her weird accent in Alexander was atrocious, does UNHCR’s policy towards refugees yield measurable results or not and why it’s AJ’s fault) but let’s not throw dirt at the charity work itself, or the kids.

    She actually does help a lot of people, by donating money, building hospitals and schools, through her own charities and by raising awareness, and she undoubtedly loves her kids. Denying that is just vile.

  47. She is a shining light to people left in darkness.

  48. Not impressed says:

    If she really cared about helping 3rd world countries she would not carry around such expensive bags. She is such a silly attention seeking fool. What has really changed since she started exploiting these poor people for photo-ops?

  49. Lucky Charm:Well said! When I was younger I was awed by her sexiness and bad-ass rebel side.I would have eventually outgrown her,but with age and experience she has grown into a woman that I admire and respect.And damn,her beauty still awes me.

  50. Mario says:

    So the ads and her so called compassion are nothing more than ego masturbation

  51. vanessa says:

    She is very pretty. My dad loves her!

  52. Katherine says:

    It’s a nice ad. It does stir wanderlust and true adventure and that seems to be the point. Take a chance . . . travel to somewhere unknown to you and off the beaten track . . . maybe it will change your life.

    People who know and can afford quality luggage have been buying LV for more than a hundred years.

  53. Zara says:

    Brad was the home wrecker, not she, so she needs to stop suffering in silence and letting the media and his ex-wife and her assorted friends bash her. I wish I knew her so I could say to her “You are Angelina motherf*cking Jolie and it’s time to let these @ssholes stop using you as a punching bag”.

    It’s been 6 bloody long years of endless weekly tabloid bullsh!t and never ending tell all books. Some will always want to manufacture controversy out of anything she says and does. Well enough! Get back to the post Billy Bob, pre Brad Angelina who used to strut the red carpet and looked like she was having fun and was such a joy to watch on talk show interviews.

    Stop trying to appear non-threatening to the Mini-Van majority and just be your badass self. If they are intimidated by you, that’s their problem, not yours. Last but not least, stop bringing up the kids in interviews. Just tell the interviewers they are fine and move it along. Also stop talking about Brad like you’re some Stepford wife, he sure as hell doesn’t talk about and compliment you the same way in his interviews. It’s not as if he needs the good press anyway, you’re the one who is portrayed as evil personified and maligned at every turn.

  54. Isa says:

    It looks sooo beautiful there. And she looks beautiful and peaceful in the teaser. I love it.

  55. DanDan says:

    She’s so lucky to have all that money. I’m glad she’s using it for good purposes to help people who are less lucky in life.

  56. Reality says:

    Thanks for that link Shay. Yet another reason to dislike this revolting brand. These are tacky, ostentatious, ugly bags carried by the likes of Paris Hilton and the bloody Kardashians, and Angelina walking through Cambodia barefoot (and sans fards of course!) listening to children laughing isn’t going to change that for me.

    “(Beccari) would not discuss the amount Jolie was paid for the campaign, but says she did donate an undisclosed portion of her fees to charity.”

    At least she’s giving some of it to charity, but the disparity between a luxury brand (shilled by a pretty movie star in a poverty stricken 3rd world country) that’s been made in factories by underpaid workers is strange.

    Can’t help but compare how their last campaign was received.

  57. hellnbackl says:




  58. Brittney says:

    I was on vacation for the weekend, and coming home to this (+ new True Blood) was amazing. My BF didn’t understand my getting so worked up over such a short clip, but any new footage of her is exciting for me, and this was just gorgeous. This woman just keeps getting better.

  59. Sakyiwaa says:

    she’s awesome! i love her. she’s just who she is. haters (fatcat) are gon’ hate… *eyeroll*
    they can’t do much else…
    that’s a lovely ad and she looks so pretttttttttttttyyyyyy in it…

  60. katnip says:

    I laugh because the haters get so pissed when anyone says or thinks anything about Angie. They actually think all the millions upon millions of people in the world have to feel the way they do.

    well wake up because she does have millions upon millions of fans.

    LOVE her and she is such a beautiful woman Inside and OUT.

  61. Elements says:

    Although I really like this picture its very interesting and beautiful but sorry I have to label this one as…. “Blaa”.. Shes pretty yes yes she helps out yes yes… So do alot of people with that much money and power its only the right thing to do to give back or do something for some of the people or parts of the world who have made you yes yes soooo boring … Nothing new here!… Back to aniston and justin where at lease there life and peoples comments are intresting…

  62. sun-angie says:

    @@@@@ Angie is the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN , I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!