Jennifer Aniston is uncool: “I’m extremely lucky, and I’m extremely happy”


These are some new photos of Jennifer Aniston arriving at The Daily Show last night. I dislike the dress, and I have literally NO idea why Aniston insisted on wearing dresses and skirts with some kind of dust ruffle attached at the hem when she looks so good in pencil skirts. I also have no idea why she’s flashing that gold ring like it’s some kind of diamond or something. She really wants her ring to be photographed…? I guess it’s the ring that caused so much “controversy” because she and Justin Theroux seemed to be wearing matching rings a few weeks ago, but that “controversy” was so, so dumb, especially considering the real controversy was that Aniston is an uncool homewrecker.

Anyway… ordinarily, I find Jennifer Aniston’s interviews somewhere between tediously boring and outright horrible. CB always says that Aniston is a horrible speaker, as in Jennifer simply has issues communicating whatever it is she’s feeling or talking about in any kind of interesting or thought-provoking way, I guess. I just think that Aniston simply isn’t a “deep” person, and she’s only really comfortable talking about her pity parties and her hair and clothes and such. Which is fine, I guess. There are lots of people like that, and they manage. Anyway, I bring up Aniston’s sketchy interview history just to say that I didn’t hate her Good Morning America interview yesterday morning. I wasn’t charmed by it or anything, but Aniston was cognizant and lucid and she had some funny little quips. Maybe she gives a better interview when she’s all loved up?

So, when asked about her love life, Aniston says, “Yes, I’m very happy. I’m extremely lucky, and I’m extremely happy.” SO UNCOOL. Imagine how Heidi Bivens feels right now, hearing this HOMEWRECKER declare how “happy” and “lucky” she is with her STOLEN man. Ah, I love how the chickens have come home to roost on this one.

Anyway, moving on. In yet another interview, Aniston confirmed that her foot tattoo (her first tatt) is definitely “Norman” for her dead dog. She told ET Canada, “That’s my dog. My baby who just passed away. I never thought that would ever happen,” she said. “It’s just my way to pay homage to him … forever.”

Meanwhile, the Red Band trailer for Horrible Bosses was just released and it’s… really funny. It looks filthy, and now I kind of want to see it, but I’ll only watch if someone can tell me if they only put the really funny parts in the trailer. And yes, that’s an awesome cameo by Ioan Gruffudd.




Photos courtesy of WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. mew says:

    Everyone loves Jen/Angie talk so here goes..

    Angie got a tattoo of her man on her shoulder and hmm hmm hmm place. I wonder if Jen did the same thing for Norman?

    Yeah, I’m tired and unconstructive. Maybe she’s “revenging” stolen Brad Pitt this way? Thinking, it’s her turn?

  2. constance says:

    That dress is for a 12 yr old. Her silly ring is silly. I really wish the ex would speak up and tell us how it went down! lol

  3. saintdevil says:

    That looks like something Pamela Anderson would wear…

  4. Micki says:

    This sort of posing with the ring reminds me of Leann Rimes.
    Is it the photo or her nail polish is chipped?

  5. mln76 says:

    Just got to say that I think this looks HILARIOUS…I am gonna try to do my best to ignore her shennanigans because that looks like a classic.

    But yeah Jen fans are so hypocritical with their let her be happy spiel….It’s uncool the way she isn’t considering Heidi’s feelings what-so-ever.

  6. Len says:

    What’s with the whole home-wrecker thing? I would use that word only when kids are involved. Ontherwise, it’s just a matter of stealing someones guy, which is not particularly shocking.

  7. rkintn says:

    I just can’t stand her. TEAM ANGIE! lol

  8. Launicaangelina says:

    Meh… About the whole thing.

    Call me tacky but I actually like the dress.

  9. Vanessa says:

    I used to like her but for years now, all she is truly known for is PR moves and bad choices in men. I felt bad for her when Brad left but never believed she was all victimized. Now, I am really annoyed with her. The sleazy new boyfriend who was involved when she set her sights on him, the questionable photog, etc
    She is slowly creeping into Kardashian territory where I only know her bc of her constant press exposure and I am SOOOOOO sick of her.

  10. katnip says:

    I think she is giving a bit FU more to her fans that have been so crazy in their 7 year support of her. She saw him, wanted him and took him. That is the narrative that was written almost 7 years ago. Now it is reversed. Her father said in an interview that she was not moving to NY. I saw in that interview that she said she would never leave LA. but would be bicoastal. So when her father said that it was true. I also believe him when he said she and Brad have no contact. so when her fans have been going on and on about secret meetings. I guess that bubble is burst.

    I don’t like the dress. She has a nice figure, but the dress is not age appropriate. and yes she is so flashing that ring. Don’t understand why Kevin and Colin are MIA in this promotion. Wonder if they will compare her and Cameron. Bet not. because if someone else had a similar or none similar film out at the same time that would be headline of every single web site. But nothing about the battle of the raunchy ladies going head to head at the BO.. lol

    such is the double standard.

  11. Chloe says:

    Also, extremely orange.


  12. Katalina says:

    Does anyone know what that ring says? Is it a name? And yes, it’s ugly and awful.
    And yes, what went down with her and Theroux was shady. But from what I’ve read elsewhere, he was on his way out the door before Wanderlust and Aniston.

  13. someone says:

    I still love her and just because she said shes lucky and happy,it could mean just that..why is she always compared to Angie, its ridiculous..the breakup, and divorce have been over for years, all of them are over it, the haters need to get over it too…

  14. Addie says:

    I think that Jen really doesn’t have something that she is REALLY REALLY passionate about.

    She is someone who doesn’t seem to have much of a “deep down” and it shows in her so called “in depth interviews” and the way she coverses with others, It always turns into some quirky joke, never a REAL or serious moment.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Jen’s interview with John Stewart was hilarious. They talked about going to the dentist the entire time. Jen does play a dentist in the movie but really…the whole interview was about her creepy dentist. I also sorta dislike that Jen even goes on Jon Stewart but he didn’t kiss her ass so much this time, so it was cool.

    Colin Farrell is the one who cracks me up in the trailer. I am not gonna pay to see it though.

    I am honestly really happy Jen seems to have found love and Justin is actually kinda badass. I mean he was THE COWBOY in Romy and Michelle. Sooo freaking sexy. So yay for her.

  16. Shane says:

    Can we at least consider the possibility that the relationship she is in began after this guy ended things with the other woman? The woman commented or had someone comment that she had just moved out which is intentionally vague. That does not mean they were still actively together, just that she had not moved her stuff out of the shared space. Is it possible that she is trying to paint the exact picture of JT that so many of the comment assume? Let’s not forget that he was with this girl for over a decade-that hardly makes him some sort of fickle prick. It is possible that he met someone else after all that time and decided to end the one relationship so he could pursue another. It’s commonplace…except some people are already married when it happens, you know, like Brad.

  17. Lisa Turtle says:

    I don’t understand why she insists on spoon-feeding the tabloids tidbits from her “private” love life.

    Seriously, she looks so old. Its time to retire the giggly school girl crush.

  18. Eve says:

    I think she’s been getting fillers again. But I like her dress here.

    And now I found a thing in common with her: no matter how careful I am, the nail polish will always get chipped quickly (note her index finger).

  19. lucy2 says:

    Don’t like that dress at all.
    Don’t get all the recent comments about her looking old though – she’s early 40s, of course she’s not going to look 25 anymore, but I think she still looks younger than she actually is. Especially when you see the Lohans or that “16″ year old who looks 40.

  20. Shay says:

    I suspect that she has been happy ever since she offloaded her ex husband. The rest is just media beat up and Jolie planted spin.
    You only have to read Morton’s biography to realise that Jennifer wasn’t really that heartbroken, and that she had been experiencing problems months before (and that Angelina is a psychopath).

  21. Rose says:

    You are so tedious Shay.

    Anyway, don’t like the dress, but enjoyed the interview.

  22. Bee says:

    I love the dress- think it is very flattering, and if I had legs and a figure like that, I would be wearing it too. Why are you people so hard on her? She looks to me like somebody I would want to go have a drink with. And if you don’t know her or Justin personally, don’t comment on her “man stealing ways”. You don’t know the true circumstances of what really went down. You people would be bashing JA if the guy was married, but he was not, so lighten up! This poor girl can’t win in your eyes. If she gave ten million bucks to the homeless or built a thousand orphanages, you would say it was just a PR move. So quit your bitchin and for once, be happy that she is happy. Some of you people just suck.

  23. spinner says:

    I love this little peasant dress & you gotta admit…Jen has got some great stems.

  24. danielle says:

    I love the dress – different from what she usually wears, I like that she’s mixing it up a little.

  25. LadyJane says:

    She really does have killer legs. Probably the best in hollywood – her and Cameron Diaz.

  26. munchies says:

    she needs a new polish or invest in gel polish

  27. Praise St. Angie! says:

    le sigh…I said this before and I’m going to say it again.

    as far as the Brange goes…NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE what exactly happened. maybe there was nothing until Aniston filed. maybe they fell in love and knew it but neither said anything until Aniston filed. and maybe they boned like rabbits on set.

    the situation with Aniston and Theroux is similar. they very likely had some chemistry while filming. (like the brange.) maybe they didn’t do anything about it. maybe they both knew there was something there but didn’t DO ANYTHING PHYSICAL (like the brange claim) until Theroux had informed his gf what was going on. perhaps he and his gf were completely split by the time these two started to make appearances together. and maybe they boned like rabbits on set. again, NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE what happened.

    these situations are REMARKABLY similar.

    so, I’ll say it again. all of you who called Jolie a homewrecker should be calling Aniston the same…and all of you who said that Jolie has ZERO blame because “Pitt and Aniston were over” or “a man can’t be stolen and Pitt left on his own” has to give the SAME allowances for Aniston/Theroux.

    and I’m seeing MAJOR HYPOCRISY on both sides. (not from everyone…it’s easy to see who isn’t being fair.)

    EDIT: don’t like Aniston’s dress AT ALL. agree that pencil skirts suit her better. she sure does have nice legs, though…

  28. katnip says:

    @shay. stay away from IUC and FF

    I seriously doubt Angie is spending her time on the phone putting out fake stories about Aniston.. and since according to you Aniston was not heartbroken, then why in heck were her fans pissed for 7 years.

    I hope Morton is giving you a few pennies to bring up that book. You’ve done it several times. And you should stop spouting off so much hate on the Jolie threads. If you don’t like it regarding Jennifer then take you own words to heart.

    I for one never thought she was heartbroken. AND yes her marriage was over long before Brad met Angie. I like many fans thinks she was pissed he had the nerve to move on and never looked back. Ego is a bitch when you think the man stop thinking about you and made the family he longed for with someone else.

    Call Angie whatever you want. she seems very happy and so does Brad.. deal and put down the rags and books that didn’t sell.

    I saw the John Stewart interview if it could be called that. It was just fluff, not even fluff it was really nothing. I guess they were told not to talk about the boyfriend because the interview was about her dentist playing guitar music. YEAH.. oops that her word.

  29. Roma says:

    @Eve: A great tip to save your nail polish from chipping is before applying the top coat to the entire nail, swipe it along the end of your nail (like the edge). Then the top coat. And to really lock it in, do the edge once more. It stops the chipping because it reinforces it against impact. I go a full 7 days with no chips – it could probably go longer but I change the colour every Sunday.

    Yes, I find talking nails entirely more interesting than JA.

  30. whitedaisy says:

    Look forward to the time when we don’t have to hear about her every day although I hope that it comes sooner than later.
    She cannot act and is seemingly another self-centered celebrity.

  31. Kelly says:

    I don’t give a fig about her personal life, but the movie looks a little less “meh” on the Meh-o-Meter than her usual fare.

    But what the hell is up with her face in those Daily Show pics? It looks like a sausage.

    And finally, I too experienced a tiny thrill that her nail polish is chipped. I’m glad to know that spending a gajillion dollars on one’s appearance is no guarantee that one will look perfect all the time!

  32. nnn says:

    @ Shay

    Just to say that Jolie for all the sociopath theory you spouts, doesn’t hang on all smiling, cuddly and friendly with sociopaths as Joe Francis and Terry nasty Handjobson…i mean what kind of ‘normal’ woman does that ?

    just sayin….

  33. Iggles says:

    “That’s my dog. My baby who just passed away. I never thought that would ever happen,” she said.

    Really? Because dogs don’t live as long as people. There a reason for the term ‘in dog years’

    I’m just saying…

  34. Crash says:

    I’m sorry all you haters but she looks adorable. Jennifer is and always will be much prettier than that ghoul Angelina. She is fresher and “light” while Angelina is just getting harder looking every day. You will never give Jen a break nor will you ever admit she is pretty and always dresses better than Angelina. Who the hell dresses that ghoul anyway? Ah well. I’m not “team” anyone. Just speaking the truth

  35. Laughternrain says:

    Len, when a couple have lived together for 14 years, they made a home. Children or no children, its irrelevant. Together, Heidi and Justin made a home together and a life together. Hence ‘home’wrecker.

    Len, when a couple have lived together for 14 years, they made a home. Children or no children, its irrelevant. Together, Heidi and Justin made a home together and a life together. Hence ‘home’wrecker.

    Someone, face it; you are so brainwashed by Aniston, she could commit murder and you’d still love her. Since you were one of the main ones who linked Angelina with Aniston, you are now being a hypocrite in wanting it to stop now its not convenient.

    Shay, you’re another brainwashed one who believes the bs they read and lacks the ability of critical thought. Morton’s trashloid-in-hardcover was exposed long ago. NOBODY is stupid enough to mention his name or believe a word he says. You look like a fool, and psychopathic. Someone who breaks up a home of fourteen years and poses deliberately with her ring finger outstretched as well as hangs around Terry is a true sociopath as well as a psychopath. As well as a master manipulator.

  36. Eve says:

    @ Roma:

    If I told you that I already do that (it’s a well-known technique here in Brazil) but the nail polish still gets chipped, would you believe me?

    I swear I have tried every single tip I read/heard about it…but I came to terms with the fact I’ll wear my nail polish perfectly only for some hours (at best!!!).

    I go a full 7 days with no chips – it could probably go longer but I change the colour every Sunday.

    I envy you so much…my nail polishes always get too thick and most of the time I have used them twice (tops).

  37. Sakyiwaa says:

    Applause. Applause. Say what you may… but I think Jen Aniston has a great clean-up crew… I don’t think anyone should underestimate the power of ‘having’ a publicist. I’ve sorta followed this Aniston situation since it broke and I’ve realized a few things. 1. There is a popular theory that she gets with guys before rolling out new movies… Thanks to her own ‘acting perfectly happy’ skills and the illusion that she’s been put through the wringer by her male lovers; being the delicate unwitting woman that she is. She’s often able to pull her fans into the new relationship for a brand new ride… Fact is; she is pretty much an ace at getting her fans to believe things are the real deal and so after awhile people just quit talking about how much of a PR deal this move of hers is for her movie and start singing her tune of rainbows and happiness because she puts out stories like this. 2. The blogs and tabs are run by people. If you get a publicist with enough clout, I should think they can get ahold of anybody. I’m not claiming money changes hands…but of course, Aniston’s PR is gonna do whatever it takes to protect her public persona. Which probably means a couple of bloggers, maybe a tab or two, are gonna go pretty easy on her. I read a couple… I noticed that while a couple of them are calling her out, others are beyond excited for her newfound and ill-gotten love and public image. Almost coddling. It’s like now…they ‘want’ her to be ‘badass’ (Which is only a problem when others do it. Not Aniston. Aniston is ‘allowed’ and they’ll love her the more for it). And of course, other blogs and tabs have also assumed a stance of mock indifference which only serves to give silent approval to stuff. 3. I give a hand to her PR honestly. Despite everything…I think he works hard. Her PR Stephen Huvane is the lifeline to her deadline. Fans are fans. Well-cultivated fans are awesome. They’ll stick with you through anything. Aniston has that. The majority of them are ‘not’ gonna suddenly fall by the wayside because Aniston made a ‘faux-pas’. They are gonna make excuses for her. (Exhibit A:#7 Len) Rationalize the situation on her behalf. (Exhibit B; #17 Shane #21 Shay) Pull for her.(Exhibit C:#14, someone) Guess why? Cos when you love a person, that what you do. Her PR helped with creating the image to produce those awesome results…by getting her on a hit TV show and helping her nail one of the most beloved men in the planet. She’s been a wronged woman many times. Lost her dog. Has BFFs. Etc. Also, she looks warm and nice. Very accessible. That helps. Forget about not ‘judging a book by its cover…’ Speaking mystically, I believe Aniston was always meant to achieve this inexplicable level of fame and adulation. Sometimes, it’s just written in the stars. I wish some fans would figure…some people are ‘not’ just gonna quit liking someone becos they did something. If anything, they’ll pack up their logic, sharpen their defences and put their best foot forward. There’ll be a shield for every arrow and a bullet for every mark and the bickering won’t stop. If you talk too much about something, it means you care about it. I usually leave Aniston alone. Not becos she deserves it, but becos I shouldn’t care that much. I think Aniston is gonna get through this relatively unscathed. Should we care? I think… not too much.

  38. sandy#1 says:

    my 26 yr. old son can’t stand her either, he says she is desperate for attention, beds all these men, and ruin every movie he wants to see, she can’t act, he says she’s an air head, i hugged him, for once we think alike, great observation from an intelligent young man.

  39. Trace says:

    She looks old. Moving on…thanks for calling her out! She’s not deep, doesn’t have much to say usually, and yup, she’s the “other woman” that broke up a long-term, committed relationship. Except no one’s gonna care soon because Heidi Bivens is not famous and won’t throw a media-whoring 7 year pity party just like Jen did. For this reason, I boycott all of her films.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    @shay: Jolie has no need to put out any spin on Aniston, positive or negative. As far as she is concerned, Aniston doesn’t exist.

    When is Aniston ever going to start acting and dressing her age? That dress looks like something a teenager would wear to a prom.

  41. Laughternrain says:

    Crash, in your dreams. Aniston is unfortunate looking and isn’t and never will be as attractive and sexy as the Jolie, no matter how many nose surgeries she has.

  42. N.D. says:

    Her body is amazing and she can pull off any dress no matter how stupid/weird/ugly including this one.

    The other amazing thing about her is her PR team that can clean up any shit and spin any negativity in her favor.

    The rest of her is either boring or ugly.

  43. Roma says:

    @Eve: How good is your top and bottom coat? I have all of my girlfriends wearing Deborah Lippmann – I actually find OPI to have great colours but not great top coats.

  44. Lou says:

    Micki said

    This sort of posing with the ring reminds me of Leann Rimes.
    Is it the photo or her nail polish is chipped?


    Micki, we know in Jen’s case it’s because she thought she’d never, ever get another man. But hey, maybe that’s true in Leann’s fug case too.

    I hope that Jen makes out okay. I can see that she isn’t too lucky in love, so I hope this one lasts. And I don’t begrudge her taking someone else’s guy because the couple wasn’t married. To me, married = vows and a promise to God that you’ll love and cherish one another forever. Not married = no vows, no formal commitment. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but that’s the way I see it.

  45. Lou says:

    I don’t know, ladies. I gotta say I wish that I loooked that “old and fug.” I know she’s not a raving beauty as Jolie once was before she lost all of that weight but she’s got a great figure and really pretty hair. And a nice – though not gorgeous – face.

    I’ve never really understood the hatred that Jen collects but maybe I’m missing something that others see.

  46. TexBrook says:

    I love how she tries to be so hard with her gold ring. This woman is not edgy or cool. She still wears toe rings. Ugh. I secretly hope she reads our comments and knows how the real population feels about her. Housewives who read People in MO may think she is great, but I hope she knows how we all feel.

  47. P.J. says:

    Does Aniston smoke? Her voice on Jon Stewart last night was really deep, it sounded like she’s a heavy smoker.

  48. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Jen’s got the dreaded ‘raisin feet’, poor thing. Just like Angelina, they have the starved veins a poppin’ look that Hollyweird thinks is attractive.

    Too much Tracy Anderson and not enough Adele in the celebrity world.

  49. Laughternrain says:

    Lou, cheating is cheating, is cheating. Married or not, unless you believe its ok to cheat *up to 1 minute prior* to the wedding ceremony? That a 14 year relationship and commitment that involves homes and assets is lesser than a piece of paper of one minute old? If so, you truly lack morals and traditional standards. The fact that you condone two-timing and cheating suggests you are NOT traditional at all. On the contrary. I don’t know any traditional person with morals like yours. You are either in favor of cheating on your steady partner (immoral) or you aren’t. You either have morals, or you don’t. And you seem to have none.

  50. curleque says:

    WHO CARES who cheated? Like it’s the first time this has happened? If you cheat for some strange, so be it. If you cheated because you fell in love, good for you. Sometimes love just hits you, and oftentimes you don’t realize how wrong the person you are with is UNTIL you meet someone new, someone right.

    Life is too short to spend it with someone who is all wrong for you because you have X amount of time invested with him/her or because of a legalized commitment. And I think the older you get the shorter the timeframe becomes when it is “appropriate” to move in together or get married… like the new Mr. and Mrs. Bond.

  51. Eve says:

    @ Roma:

    Well, I buy the brands available here (Brazilian ones)…but nothing expensive. And it really doesn’t matter the type or brand, it will chip anyway — I’m a case that should be studied by scientists. By the way, I had to google “Debora Lippman” and now I envy you a little more because they’re cruelty free, have beautiful colors (I’m in love with that “Wake up in Vegas” one) but are freaking difficult to find here (I’d have to import or buy from someone who does it). Anyway, thanks for the tip, I’ll try to buy some bottles as soon as I’m not so broke (like now).

    P.S.: My oldest sister’s nail polish lasts just like yours (even with cheap brands).

    P.P.S.: We’re really off topic, aren’t we? LOL!

  52. Laughternrain says:

    Shaking my head at people like Lou and curleque. No wonder societal morals is going to hell in a handbasket these days. curleque, if you work out someone is wrong for you, you END THE RELATIONSHIP and THEN start a new one. You don’t two-time. Perhaps one day someone may cheat on your and then your worldview will change.

  53. bluhare says:

    Yep, Jennifer smokes. Both types.

    And her face looks different. She’s done something. Is her chin not as pointy? Haven’t figured out what yet.

    EDIT: She’s morphing into CHelsea Handler!

  54. Eve says:


    I meant “Deborah Lippmann”.

  55. Samihami says:

    Her boyfriend just lived with his ex-gf, right? She didn’t interfere with an actual marriage. Stealing a BF isn’t especially nice, but she didn’t break up a marriage, so I don’t see her as a homewrecker.

  56. lolas says:

    @ Roma — you’re Canadian, I think…if you’re in Toronto, where do you go for manis/pedis?

    I saw Jennifer Aniston on Jon Stewart last night, and thought she looked a lot better in the brunette wig she wears for the movie than real life…Her face looked sort of puffy and the blonde is boring. But anyway, I’m sorry for the new guy’s ex, but happy for her. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I never quite got the hate on for her all these years, she does her job, she tries her best, so she’s not the deepest chick, but she doesn’t have to be. Not sure why Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig leaving their respective partners is all hot and cool, and JA hooking up with whoever that guy is is awful and she’s a homewrecker, but there you go. Maybe public opinion would change if she changed her hair colour… :)

  57. Laughternrain says:

    Nail polish only lasts me a day or 2 before it starts chipping. Probably because when I shower and scrub by scalp/hair the polish comes off the tips.

  58. curleque says:

    @Laughternrain: You may not agree with my worldview, but I do have one that has been formulated because of my experience living in the real world.

    My worldview also includes the following true statement: people do not accept a breakup unless they have a reason… like cheating. People do not want to hear or accept: “Hey, I’m not into you anymore” or “You know what? I really don’t love you like I thought I did. Let’s go our separate ways.”

  59. KCT says:

    I don’t understand the uproar about this. To label her a homewrecker is ridiculous. He wasn’t married, and for all we know the relationship was just one of convenience. If he had wanted to marry that girl he would have by now. He’s moved on, and it happens to be with someone who is high profile and in my opinion, deserves to be happy…and she can say it as often and in any way she likes. Dating after 40 isn’t fun for anyone especially if the paps are following your every move. She is lucky to have met someone she connects with and likely wants to shout it from the rooftops, or even flash a ring that has private meaning whether it’s tacky or not. Go for it, Jen!

  60. truthSF says:


    I’m more interested in your and Roma’s conversations then the topic on hand.

    I have the same problem as you with nail polishes. I was just at a store yesterday contemplating on buying a more expensive brand just to see how well it will work on my nails.

  61. Laughternrain says:

    Samihami and KCT, I AGAIN post this that explains that homewrecker has NOTHING to do with being married or having children. If you live together (as deFactos) and own joint assets, INCLUDING a mortgage, its a ‘home’. Len, when a couple have lived together for 14 years, they made a home. Children or no children, its irrelevant. Together, Heidi and Justin made a home together and a life together. Hence ‘home’wrecker.

  62. Iggles says:

    Laughternrain – Amen! Your earlier post was full of win!

  63. Laughternrain says:

    curleque, either you’ve dated deranged men/women or you’re a cheater yourself because no sane person could hold that view. I go with number 2.

  64. blonde on the dock says:

    @Laughternrain: people have a right to their opinion and you should respect that. As for the cheating. You werent there, you don’t know what went on. My ex-husband and I lived together for six months before he moved out. Just because a couple splits doesn’t mean it has ended on bad terms. You’re coming across as a little unbalanced and quite angry my dear. Chill out.

  65. Len says:

    Cheating is often what happens when a relationship has run its course. That’s just how we humans work I’m afraid, especially in longterm relationship a person if often afraid to make a change. Cheating sets it all into motion. I don’t condone it, I just find it a bit overdramatic to call it homewrecking. Breaking up a family might be homewrecking, but even then I find the word annoying.

  66. sassenach says:

    @ Eve. Do you use a base coat? I find that using a base coat AND top coat is the only way for my nails not to chip. I have kids and constantly clean and wash my hands and my nails stay looking great now. You may also want to try CND Shellac. It’s the UV nail lacquer that has a minumum of seven days of wear because of it’s UV system. It can be more expensive but it’s worth it. Alot of people buy the CND UV light system themselves and do their own manicures to save money.

  67. Laughternrain says:

    blonde on the dock, I am going by what Heidi herself said. And she WAS there. And I never, at ANY stage, said the only time a relationship splits, its because of cheating. You are putting words into my mouth that I never said, and its YOU that is coming across as unbalanced and angry, as well as manipulating and distorting posts. Chill out yourself.

  68. Codzilla says:

    @Praise: Totally agree with everything you said. But the fanatics on both sides of this broken down fence will die before admitting their idol(s) of choice did anything wrong. The foaming-at-the-mouth lunacy this triangle continues to conjure up is truly mind boggling.

  69. Eve says:

    @ TruthSF:

    So I guess our conversation is not so off topic anyway…;)

    @ Sassenach:

    My internet started f*cking up with me so I’ll type this quickly: if I use a base/bottom coat and a top one chances are that the nail polish will come off completely (like when our skin is peeling off after being sunburned)? I have a better result if I don’t use the base coat.

  70. Roma says:

    I do love how off topic we’ve become with the nails!

    @Eve: Chances are your nails are too slippery so make sure you’re priming them before you put on the basecoat and make sure there is no lotion, etc and that will help. But yes, the Debora Lippmann line is incredible. You can buy it on ebay when you have a little more cash.

    @lolas: I am in Toronto and I go once a month to a down and dirty place near my house (I live in the Beach) just to get cleaned up. But I honestly do my colour most of the time as I buy good products. That being said – I love the Ten Spot if you have some money to throw around. You get to drink! Very helpful before waxing.

  71. shay kay says:

    Not a big fan of the dress but it’s not ugly either.I think sometimes women just want something different to wear even if they look best in their usual style.
    I still hold with the you don’t mess with a committed guy regardless of marriage.I’m not changing my moral code for JA.
    That said I still like her and I still think she seems like a fun, warm person to hang out with.I still like some of my friends that make decisions I don’t agree with too.I ditched the ones who repeatedly make me ask myself,”What is it that I ever liked about you?”
    I didn’t like Jolie before the Brad/Angie hook-up so I didn’t like her any the better for it.I actually liked Angie when she did Gia.I thought she was wonderful in Girl Interrupted but frankly I think she was that girl.Maybe she’s had treatment and is the better for it.The whole blood vial wearing/brother kissing/sexual titillation image made me decide this is not a woman I like.Still I recognize Angie’s better qualities which is exemplified in her UN position.Personally, I thought she and Brad would breakup within a year as that was her patten with Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thorton.At this point I think she and Brad have worked out a happy relationship and are going to go the distance.Their six children are enough reason for them to work out any differences.
    Question:I read the Andrew Morton book but didn’t hear about the backlash referred to here.What did he do?I could goggle it but just give it to me short and sweet someone.

  72. ZenB says:

    I like the dress. It’s not the dress, it’s her being in it. She makes any dress look blah – even the one with the boob cutout was unsexy on her.

    @Micki I don’t think the polish is “chipped” I remember seeing somewhere that she has fingernail fungus (normally I wouldn’t call someone out on that but it’s Aniston)


  73. ZenB says:

    As for nail polish, my nails were weak and peeled, I started using GNC Hair and Nail vitamins and they started to grow but I still had minor chipping issues. One nail salon I went to put OPI Bond Aid on before the polish and it lasted a week (for me that was a miracle). I bought my own bottle and my manicures are lasting a lot longer:

  74. ladybert62 says:

    I am extremely disappointed in her – and that dress is ugly and unflattering.

  75. Anon says:

    “my 26 yr. old son can’t stand her either, he says she is desperate for attention, beds all these men, and ruin every movie he wants to see, she can’t act, he says she’s an air head, i hugged him, for once we think alike, great observation from an intelligent young man.”

    This statement sounds so phony it’s not even funny. If your son truly believes she “desperate” and “beds all these men” then he must be a big reader and believer of the tabloid press – something few 26-year-old males I know even know anything about. And what movies that he wants to see does she ruin? Love Happens? The Switch? He’s Just Not That Into You? Again – hardly the films most 26-year-olds are clamoring to see.

    None of us knows whether she’s an “air head,” but I find it interesting that so many people that posters on here do love are close pals with Jennifer…seeming to indicate that she in fact is not an air head, or at least that these others must be as well in order to be so friendly with her.

  76. blonde on the dock says:

    @Laughternrain: so Heidi actually said he cheated on her with Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer is responsible for wrecking their home? Sorry I didn’t know she said that. You are still insulting others on here for an opinion that differs from yours. I don’t want to argue it’s just an observation I’ve made by reading your comments.
    On another note: I like the dress on her and she really does look amazing. I get the impression she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about her private life or her appearance. Horrible Bosses looks like it could be a fun movie to watch. Lots of talent there.

  77. Eve says:

    @ Roma:

    Final comment on the nail thing: I’ll definitely try that (I do my own nails, by the way). And thanks again for the heads-up about Deborah Lippmann’s nail polishes. They’re truly beautiful (I already checked Brazilian websites ENTIRELY dedicated to talk about nails and nail polishes!!! I guess people care more about the subject than I expected — the girls explained they aren’t cheap but they’re affordable).

    @ Sassenach:

    I also wash my hands a lot (have two cats and I have to clean their mess constantly).

  78. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I am going by what Heidi herself said”

    the only thing that has come from Heidi’s OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON was a comment on when the two met, how long they dated, the confirmation of the split and when she moved out.

    Bivins herself has said NOTHING about it, and her rep said only the above.

    so-called “insiders” and “scenester pals” have commented, but no quote from Bivins herself. (and, BTW, the so-called insiders have conflicting stories about whether or not the relationship was over.)

    and please, don’t say “just google it” like so many others do because I DID “just google it” and this is what I came up with.

    now, again, NO ONE KNOWS for sure what happened. (see my post number 28) isn’t it POSSIBLE that their relationship was mostly over, Bivins saw it as salvageable and Theroux didn’t? that she was, essentially, in denial that it was over?

    same could be said for the Aniston/Pitt relationship…that is, their relationship was almost over, Aniston saw it as salvageable (hence her seeming to be more upset about the divorce than Pitt) and Pitt didn’t? like, he had already moved on and that’s why the relationship with Jolie seemed to happen so quickly?

    can’t the same be said for Theroux? maybe the relationship was on life support, but Bivins didn’t see it?

    and I realize that Theroux and Bivins made appearances fairly recently, but please recall the famous lovey-dovey looking trip that Aniston and Pitt took just a month or so before she filed for divorce.

    as someone above said, this happens all the time. a relationship has run its course. the two people involved mostly know it but don’t want to break up and “be alone”…so the relationship doesn’t COMPLETELY dissolve until one person moves on to another relationship.

  79. Cheyenne says:

    @Eve:1) wipe your nails down with nail polish remover before you apply the base coat, and that will remove any trace of oil that may cause the polish not to stick.

    2) Apply a base coat, two coats of color and then a top coat.

    3) If you wear a dark color or a bright color polish, you’ll probably have to apply touch-ups every day or so. If you use a light color (like I do), your mani should last at least a week with no touch-ups at all.

    4) Essie nail polish is the best stuff out there and it comes in a bajillion colors.

  80. blonde on the dock says:

    gotta laugh at the nail polish conversation in between all the crazy rants

  81. Luna says:

    I don’t like Jenifer Aniston particularly much, but, in some sort of distorted fairness, Angelina Jolie was also a homewrecker, but everyone seems to have gotten over that fairly quick.
    Not saying that Jen should be wrecking another person’s relationship cos what happened to her, but you know, at least we aren’t yet hearing too much complaint on the ex-gf side.

  82. P.J. says:

    @bluhare – I think Jennifer’s face has changed, too. It’s probably fillers that make her face look more round and fuller.

    It just struck me that her voice sounded like a 50-year-old, while her face and body look 30-something. She looks so much younger than she sounds.

  83. kira says:

    Well, we do have these quotes from Heidi’s mother which indicates that Justin was lying to them both. Justin denied the relationship was happening, then Aniston’s publicist denied the relationship was happening to many outlets (People, US Weekly, Celebuzz, etc). He was highly vocal in saying they were “just friends.”
    Heidi didn’t release a statement that she moved out until June 14th. That’s well AFTER Jen was
    already public with Justin (X17 pictures place them together in early May).

    Radar, May 25th: “Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux? Not happening. Who says so? The mother of Justin’s gorgeous long-time girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens! Marilyn Bivens said Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, are just FRIENDS. “It’s not true at all,” Bivens said. “That’s from Justin’s own mouth. He said he was with her at a dinner party with a lot of other people. It’s been just a big, big misunderstanding — and you can take that as the truth.”

    Then, on June 14th, we have this: “The costume designer’s mom, Marilyn Bivens, has exclusively told Radar that her daughter is “doing fine” despite her high profile and painful split. She said: “Heidi is doing fine and just trying to get on with her life.” Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, allegedly first hooked-up last autumn while they had been filming Wanderlust together. He was last photographed in public with Bivens at The House Of Blues Leaves opening night on Broadway on April 25, 2011. Aniston and her new man went public with a very public display of affection at the MTV Movie Awards bash (on June 5th)”

    I don’t get why these celebs can’t wait until one relationship wraps up before starting the next, though? Why not wait until the girlfriend is out of the picture before moving on? And, it’s pretty insulting to end a 14 year relationship this way. Just kinda sad.

    Then, days after the girlfriend moves out, Justin and Jen are already out wearing matching rings, getting PDA pictures taken by Terry Richardson, and GOING PUBLIC in a major way. Isn’t this what Aniston complained about with Pitt and his pictures with Jolie? Talk about missing a “sensitivity chip.” People find the hypocrisy a little stunning, that’s all. ;-)

  84. Cheyenne says:

    Okay everybody, in fairness to both Aniston and Jolie, let’s set the record straight:

    Neither Aniston not Jolie are homewreckers. The homewreckers were Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. THEY were the ones who walked out.

  85. Eve says:

    @ Cheyenne:

    Thanks for the tips — I used to wash my hands really well before applying the base coat, now I’ll try that as well. But I still think I should choose the top coat instead of the base one (if I apply 4 coats: two for the color, one for the base and another for the top, it’ll get too thick and it’ll easily come off like I said before).

    @ Blonde on the dock:

    I know. Kinda surreal. Still funny though…very “girl talk-ish”, like my friend who was watching Gladiator in the theatre (with me) and during a very emotional scene she says (out loud): “OMG! look at her (Commodus’s sister) earrings! Gorgeous, aren’t they? WANT!”.

  86. lolas says:

    @ Roma — Thanks! I’m in the west end of city, so will check out ten spot to compare with my usual place near me. Drinks with pedi sounds good to me! I always use OPI but Holt’s carries Deborah Lippman, I’ll check them out.

  87. Maritza says:

    Nice interview, she looks lovely and very friendly. I never understood how come there is so much hatred for someone they don’t even know. Great to know she is finally happy.

  88. I Choose Me says:

    I co-sign everything that Praise St. Angie said. Including her dislike of Jen’s dress. It could have looked so much better without that ruffled hem. I don’t care for the shoes either or how orange she is. But she does look happy and her figure is as slamming as ever.

  89. Belle Epoch says:


    Heidi & Justin were together 14 years, ever since Heidi was 20. She was with him through all his not-so-famous years.

    I think he is an opportunist and a creep. Aniston blew the dog whistle and he came running.

    How long do we think this is going to last? At what point will he stop needing her in order to get more famous?

  90. blonde on the dock says:

    I thought her voice sounded like an old lady who smokes a pack a day. But I think JA quit years ago.
    I’m beginning to think botox and fillers make a person look like they’re wearing a mask. I suffer from migraines and my doctor suggested I try botox. Well, I did and I looked *surprised* for months. Funny thing is my husband didnt even notice. Men!

  91. bluhare says:

    As someone who can’t wear nail polish for more than two hours without effing it up, I have LOVED the nail polish conversation in the bushes here!! And am definitely on board with whoever said that base coats almost make the peeling/chipping worse!

    And just so that poor dead horse keeps convulsing, home wrecking should be defined as someone coming in between a relationship that is still in progress. In my view, still living in same place equals in progress, even if the progress is on its way out.

    I’ve been cheated on; it’s not fun. But if my husband wasn’t willing, she wouldn’t have been able.

  92. Jana says:

    How interesting that Jen all of a sudden in February she decided to sell her new dream home she just moved into last year and announced a move to New York just out of the blue. Yet she still wants us to believe they just started dating and she’s blabbing about how happy she is. That’s a woman who’s been with the man for a while and feels comfortable and sure saying that; hence, they were involved way before he moved out from the girlfriend just recently.

  93. Isa says:

    I always kind of figured Brangelina fell in love on set and didn’t say anything until he got his stuff straight. But yea, anything could’ve happened.

    But I think it’s funny after all these years Aniston is in the same situation and watching all these people make excuses for her after pointing fingers at Brad and Angie. Judging from the timeline of their relationship the only thing I can guess “for sure” is that Heidi was blindsided by the end of it. But, anything could’ve happened….who knows!

  94. Jana says:

    And I agree with Kira, talk about missing the sensitivity chip. And I really like Jen, but the hypocrisy is something. Funny how when she’s in love she justifies him leaving his live-in, longtime girlfriend in her mind. And it happens. You’re in a longtime relationship and you meet someone new and fall in love. Just like Brad did.

    And when you look at the trajectory of Brad and Jen’s lives, you can see he was going to move on from her anyway. He travels the world for fun, work, and living and humanitarism. She lives in California and only vacations in Mexico for her sunbathing and marguiritas twice a year or so. Jen isn’t very adventuresome. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Brad outgrew her.

  95. Violet says:

    “I’m extremely lucky, and I’m extremely happy”

    More like she’s extremely delusional (this guy is turning out to be a bigger douche than John Mayer, cheating on his partner of 14 years, plus best buds with perv Terry Richardson) and extremely insensitive (poor Heidi!).

  96. KCT says:

    @Eve – LOL at your movie comment. Too funny! Sounds like someone I know.

    Who knows when it started? They obviously became friends while they were filming last year. Justin could have left his waity then but didn’t so that’s very telling. There are lots of pictures of celebrities getting close with their costars and hanging out together, and that is likely when the Terry Richardson photos were taken because Jen’s hair was longer. If it’s been going on longer than a couple of weeks, they really had the media fooled because no one spotted them before now.

  97. mia girl says:

    @praise st angie – You posts are some much needed reality/sanity checks. Agree agree agree!

    As another way to balance things, I encourage a read of all these comments and then read the comments on yesterday’s post about Craig/Weitz.

    Similar stories… existing long term relationships – actors on set together who eventually end up together. The timeline for each of these stories is also full of some small facts and much speculation… and yet – It is almost like night and day…. one is hot and the potential overlap is “meh”, the other uncool and the potential overlap is “homewrecking”. Either they both are, or they both aren’t.

    Or maybe life is complicated and not everyone does the right thing all the time. And seems most of us (myself included) are willing to give license in some siutations and not in others. Who knows why that is? What I do know is that none of us know the real stories in any of these situations. So my position – none of us can really judge. Hope all involved in each of these situations I cited are happy –I do feel bad for those who got hurt.

  98. Violet says:

    Incidentally, I do consider Jennifer Aniston a homewrecker, because she got involved with Justin even though she knew he already had a partner. Justin is the one that broke his commitment, but Jen was the one that knowingly helped him break it.

    Not cool.

  99. mia girl says:

    Oh and @laughtattherain – I agree with other posters and think you are being overly aggressive with your words. You realize that you actually wished someone gets cheated on so they would know how it feels? You also said to others things like they “lack the ability of critical thought”, “You either have morals, or you don’t. And you seem to have none. “, “either you’ve dated deranged men/women or you’re a cheater yourself because no sane person could hold that view. I go with number 2”

    How are those not aggressive? Please take a breath, express your opinion, let others do the same and feel free to counter… but please stop bullying people.

  100. Cheyenne says:

    Jana: Jen isn’t very adventuresome. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Brad outgrew her.

    I’m willing to bet that the majority of divorces happen because one partner outgrew the other one. Or they both grew in different directions until they were so far apart they had nothing in common any more.

  101. lrm says:

    i hate her hair right now.
    i liked her look back in the days of the good girl and along came polly-before too many nose jobs-i liked her greek looking face when it was all there, not partially whittled away…..
    and i liked her darker hair color and semi-curly hair…..
    right now, her hair looks like a curtain covering her face.

    it’s too straight, has no shape and is way too blond.
    she has aged in the past year or so; i dont buy that she is really happy right now.

    But I do buy that she is nervous in interviews, and not that riveting of a conversationalist, either.

  102. Laura says:

    Yea she has issues with fillers. They look strange for a couple of weeks-her face is puffy and kinda stretched but it softens over time.

    And yea it is uncool that she’s saying she’s happy and lucky with a man who she started up with under questionable circumstances just like it was uncool that Angelina said she couldn’t wait to get to work to see her married co-star.

    Anyway, laughternrain, like others have said, you’re becoming a bully and it isn’t cute.

  103. Laura says:

    Oh and sorry to comment again so quickly but where’s werty? She needs to get her drink on! 100 comments!

  104. N.D. says:

    @Praise St. Angie! One little comment on your analisys with which I mostly agree.

    Unlike Aniston/Pitt for Bivens/Theroux “the big talk” seems to have happened AFTER the new couple went semi-public. They started going out sort-of-together (dinners and such) BEFORE he informed Heidi (or her family) about his feelings and decisions and therefore was forced to deny everything for a few weeks.

    And although Heidi didn’t say “he cheated on me” but through her spokeperson she let everyone to understand that at least where she is concerned there was an overlap. I don’t think there is any other way to understand that only public statement she’d given. Plus there are even more explicit comments from her mother.

    And I don’t mean to villify Aniston or Justin. Those things happen and as someone above said it’s not easy to end long stable relationship, most people do need some outside incentive to do that. Finding love again is the most common form such incentive comes in.

    Sometime after so many years people don’t ever realise how stagnant and dead their relationships are until they meat someone else and get to love and feel loved again. BTW it doesn’t necessarily make them leave, sometimes that realisation makes them go back and try harder and/or appreciate the stability they had etc. My point is sometimes you do need to take a look at your life/relationship “from the outside” to judge them properly.

  105. N.D. says:

    @mia girl: The problem is the timeline.

    Craig and Weisz were first photographed together several weeks after break up announcement. Aniston and Throux created a very awkward situation where they were going out and denying it and having everyone else including his gf mother to deny it only to move to staged PDA, matching rings and declaration of happiness on national TV mere two weeks later while Heidi was packing her things in the background.

    That’s very different from how Creig/Weisz handled their affair.

  106. Nikki Girl says:

    Regardless of how/when JT and his ex actually broke up, it is really insensitive of Jennifer Aniston to be bragging about how happy she is with him publicly. Period. If she feels happy and lucky, that’s great; but there’s NO REASON to talk about it publicly (or take pictures by a famous celeb photographer) when JT so recently came out of a long-term relationship. It is completely rude, disrespectful, and inappropriate considering the timeline. If any of you had just broken up with your ex of over a decade, regardless of how the break-up went down, how would you feel if you were seeing quotes and pictures from him and his new celebrity girlfriend all over the press? Honestly? Be happy with JT all you want Jen, but STFU about it in the press, have the decency to be a little more private about it. And therein lies the reason I have just recently started disliking Jennifer Aniston, because before this I had no problem with her. I rest my case.

  107. katnip says:

    I see the fans, but are there any pictures of her actually interacting with them.

    I don’t care about her boyfriend. Hope it last. I just can not stand the twisting and turning by her fans. How now they want to move on and the JP fans need to get over it and stop hating on Aniston. Go read a Jolie/Pitt thread from a week or so ago. Funny how no one was moving on then or getting over it. But I guess when you are looking out a different window your perception changes. Sad that some people were not so thoughtful and understanding years ago.. or Heck like I said.. a few weeks ago.

  108. Last night I made the HUGE mistake of wandering onto a couple of other gossip sites.Ok,I admit it* I was scoutin’for some strange.Anyways,one post was a ta-doo about Aniston,and read as basic text.Now I consider myself as somewhat of a hardass,but the comments were so foul and disgusting,I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t on the aryun nation does porn site.(I’m not kidding)I didn’t finish reading the comments,and I’ll never go back.Those sites must not realize by letting commentors on like that they keep people away.I can’t imagine Aniston fans having a good time on a site like that. BTW:For the record,these were not JP fans getting digs in(don’t want that being assumed)These were sick people looking for attention.So,what I really enjoy about Celebitchy is that people here are not shy about expressing their opinions,or having the balls to call someone out for a gentle ass-stompin’.Thats what makes it fun for me anyways.Those other sites can keep all their racial,sexual filth.Celebitchy:you’re my one and only!

  109. What an outfit with no nipples peekin’ through?!?.If she keeps this up I’m going to lose my permament Maguire poker seat to Werty.Is there no justice!

  110. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ND, thanks for your well written and civil post. I always appreciate it when folks on here can disagree respectfully.

    I see what you’re saying on the overlap…but to go back to what I said before, let’s remember that no one is privy to the conversations that took place.

    maybe Theroux told Bivins something like “I just want to see other people for a while to make sure our relationship is right/wrong”…which is almost always a pre-cursor to a break up. the person who wants to “see other people” just doesn’t have the nerve (or honesty, kindness, whatever) to just END IT cleanly. they think, “oh, a transition from ‘seeing other people’ to ‘breaking up’ will be easier for him/her”…or easier for the person who wants out. and if the other person in the relationship wants to hold on and salvage it, they’ll believe stuff like this and hold out hope. and he told his gf (who told her mother PART of the story) something to that effect. and perhaps the denials of a relationship were part of that.

    and honestly, I think that’s how it went down. I think that Theroux probably wanted out but was too much of a chicken to just end it and, like a LOT of men, wouldn’t “jump” until he had a “jump-off”. once he had “the next one”, he probably told Aniston “it’s over but we just haven’t pulled the plug yet”…

    also, your analysis in the last two paragraphs was great…I agree that, more often than not, it happens that way.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    lrm: i liked her look back in the days of the good girl and along came polly

    She was how old back then? Cut the woman some slack. She’s at the age where her age is starting to show. Not a thing wrong with that, as long as she accepts her age and doesn’t try to look like a teenager. That black dress she has on in the photo does nothing but accentuate that she is an older woman trying and failing to look like a much younger woman

  112. original kate says:

    @ sandy#1: so your 26 year-old son thinks aniston is “desperate because she beds all these men” and you reward him for that sexist view? is it just aniston or does he think this way about all women? how many lovers is too many for a woman to have, according to you two? is a woman a slut if she has more than 10? ummm….okay, sounds like a healthy mother-son relationship, if he even exits. i’m with anon in thinking he is really you.

  113. Laura says:

    I don’t think she’s trying to look younger or anything. I think she’s like Goldie Hawn in that she has that goofy flippy (slightly drunk) charm about her and she’ll always look and dress and bit younger than she should but no one cares because she looks so great.

    And Goldie is 66 and ADORABLE.

  114. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @len ‘Cheating is often what happens when a relationship has run its course. That’s just how we humans work ‘

    Not true. Not everyone is cool with using people, and not everyone cheats. Some people don’t want to lie, sneak around, or break their unsuspecting partner’s heart. There are caring and kind people.

    Personally, I want to be with a partner that is honest and not self centered.

  115. Iggles says:

    @ KCT:
    “Who knows when it started? They obviously became friends while they were filming last year. Justin could have left his waity then but didn’t so that’s very telling.”

    This comment made me ROTFLMAO!! Love’s the Waity Katie reference ;)

    original kate – I think the reason Aniston comes off as “desperate” to any who hasn’t drunk the kool aid is because every year she has a new man who she deigns is “the one” — always corresponding with her movie promotions. None of these “fantastic” relationships with men who are “better” than “cheater” Brad ever last! It’s a game and she’s gone from man to man while still wearing the crown of Miss Innocent America’s Princess. It’s false and ridiculous at this point, and more than obvious it’s designed to generate attention. THAT certainly comes across desperate to 26 year olds who can see through her BS and everyone else too! I should know, I am 26 years old :D

  116. N.D. says:

    @Praise St. Angie! While I agree that a lot of this awkwardness was probably due to JT not being quite honest with both women I don’t think JA could be completely acquitted of the blame here.

    See, BP and AJ were first photographed together 2 months after separation was announced and didn’t began to talk about their new found love and happiness until a year after. Still she deemed them uncool and missing sensitivity chip. Now look at what she’s doing there. For it it would look even worse if there were nop overlap and they’ve started dating 4 weeks ago because that would mean she’s hurting other woman feeling over some man she’s just barely started seeing and may not be together with in a month as it happened to several before him.

  117. Anon says:

    Venus: The Dark Side = Huvane and Aniston. google

  118. kira says:

    One other thing about the lying–according to People, Justin’s camp says they broke up in March. But there are pics of Justin and Heidi together April.

    Look at this pic from April 25th, 2011:

    And the caption: “ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Justin Theroux is accompanied by his longtime love, stylist Heidi Bivens.”

    Heidi also did a magazine interview where she talked about her recent trip to Hawaii with Justin on May 16th

    Here’s a quote: “Here’s me throwing a shaka sign…can you tell how happy I am?”

    At this time, Justin is out with Jen, telling people that he’s just friends w/her, and the romance rumors are not true and a “big misunderstanding.” Jen’s camp also issued PLENTY of denials. So sad. Heidi probably didn’t see it coming. What a way to treat your “longtime love.” :-(

    Call me old-fashioned, but starting off your new “happy” relationship with a bunch of lies is usually not a good thing. ;-)

  119. sandy#1 says:

    why can’t i respond? i have lost 3 long response, they won’t go through,i will try again later. i type and leave, i rarely check back, but i want to respond, to anon#76, orig kate? not that i owe any one an explanation, i can assure you that exchange between my son and i took place, i admit i was being sarcastic but none the less it’s true.

  120. get things checked says:

    Get a life, you Brangelina loons.

  121. Eve says:

    @ KCT:

    @Eve – LOL at your movie comment. Too funny! Sounds like someone I know.

    The whole thing was insanely funny (I had seen the movie but she hadn’t and that was the last day so I told her she HAD to see the movie, that she HAD to watch Joaquin Phoenix’s amazing performance)…Everything that went down that day sounds like a sitcom script, I kid you not — among many things that happened: we took the wrong bus to the mall and then we had to take a taxi to where her father was so he could pay the ride AND the movie ticket so basically we were taking the risk of not finding him therefore not having the money for paying the ride, we were starving because we had been at the University — back then I was studying Social Communication/Journalism — but we couldn’t leave nor eat before finishing some essays/papers…so many things wrong happened that day, but things turned out just fine and we eventually watched the movie (looking like two crazies, sweaty and with ratty hair) and that comment was just one among many others. I even wrote it down. Three pages (front and back) so I could show her later and we’d both laugh at it. She lives in the US now and we pretty much lost contact. I still miss her though (she was one of the funniest people I have ever met).

    P.S.: If I spell the three letters of your name it’ll sound just like one of the (many) slangs for penis. Are you Brazilian?

  122. Carolyn says:

    I’m with all of the bloggers here calling out Team Aniston on their fake PR. Jen does do pot, drinks excessively and has had a lot of work done to look as good as she does. I’m 40, my friends are all 40-50 and none of us look as haggard as poor Jen. Kudos to Huvane for this PR clean up and having people put pro-Jen posts on this site. We can spot you a mile away. If Jen wants to party like it’s 1999 and switch partners that’s cool. She should be honest about it to her fanbase, the public and media and stop pretending to be something she’s not. This is my only gripe with her PR strategy. PS I also like the nailpolish ongoing blog…thanks for the tips!

  123. sandy#1 says:

    lets try again,it’s no secret i find JA one of the worst actress in the business, she is way over blown, for what ever reason, brad, etc. i recently started ignoring her post, same old things for years, hair, clothes, boyfriends, skimpy clothes, attention addict, low IQ, etc. promo for horrible bosses came on, this is when my son said, i would like to see this, but she ruins it for me, her pr is so aggressive, you would have to walk around with your eyes shut not to see her, news stands, stores,t.v. promo with different boy friends every other month, promoting herself and her movies, there is no need to lie for something so trivial and small as a blog, listen, not every one is snowed/brainwashed with low I.Q to actually see,hear, even based on small amounts to know, judge, a subject. we have been saying this for years. accepted or not, it’s mine and others opinion. happy to obliged.

  124. Louise says:

    The only reason I read the Jennifer stories is because she and her fans are so hypocritical it’s hilarious. For 6 years Jennifer and her fans have been playing the victim and bashing Angelina. Now it’s coming back to haunt them. I can’t help to LOL at the ridiculous comments condoning her behavior while still attacking Angelina.

  125. Eve says:


    @ KCT:

    I meant “If I spell the three letters of your name (the way they sound in Brazilian Portuguese) it’ll sound just like one of the (many) slangs for penis here. Are you Brazilian?”.

  126. N.D. says:

    @kira Thanks for these links and quotes.

    I don’t claim to know the truth but to me it looks like they had an affair since they met on the set last autumn. I don’t buy them being SO deep in love and so settled in relationship just a couple of weeks into it.

    I think that affair was the reason behind her selling LA house and a few other more subtle weird moves from her. I think Heidi was absolutely unaware and would have stayed unaware if they wouldn’t have been caught by papz. Even after that they’ve tried to hush it but failing to convince anyone they’ve just dropped all pretentions while Heidi moved out.

    That’s my take on the situation.

    I’m not hating on anyone involved here pretty much as I’m not hating on Angelina, Weisz or even LeAnn Rhimes. We’re all human. And people who love us don’t own us.

    Come to think of it it’s universally hated LeAnn whose situation is actually the most similar to this one – worked together, had an affair, were outed by papz, denied, divorced, declared their love.

  127. Moops says:

    Blech. I haven’t like Aniston since her 1996 Rolling Stone interview – she came across as totally vapid, fake and self-absorbed. I never liked Angelina, either – she came across less vapid but just as fake. I guess that’s Brad’s type? Self-absorbed posers – Gwyneth being the worst of the bunch. (Of course, Juliette Lewis comes by her self-absorption naturally, being totally crazy.)

  128. John Wayne Lives says:

    I dislike her more and more.
    And I’m kinda thinking some of you have been right all along. Her image is fake, and she loooooved all the drama that has gone on for years, cause it makes her look so good.
    I think her true colors are showing.
    Pretty Uncool Jen.

  129. Ramona Q says:

    She is obsessed with herself! Who cares if she’s happy, go do something for someone else for a change. And don’t wear dresses that look like they are from Charlotte Russe – 42 yr old woman!

  130. Camille says:

    @Kaiser: I agree with most of what you said..

    As for Aniston, the only ‘nice’ thing I can think of to say about her- is that I like her shoes in the top photos.

  131. Meanchick says:

    What is the deal with her face?

  132. Ruby says:

    Reading some of the comments here makes me realize we all have different definitions of cheating. To me cheating constitutes behavior you would not do in front of your significant other.
    Some of those behaviors are deal breakers others are not.
    Homewrecking happens when you have made a home with someone and some hoe comes by and ignores that fact. It takes two to tango so the guy involved is a prick.
    Some people don’t need an expensive wedding, a ring or a piece of paper to show commitment.

  133. Quixotic1205 says:

    So we are applying the term home wrecker to couples that aren’t married too?! His ex should have dumped him ages ago for not taking the plunge. Lesson ladies, if a guy really wants to marry you they won’t need years to figure it out.

  134. Shy says:

    I think that now all that triangle is officially over. Since Aniston is an “official” homewrecker too. And she has no rights to complain about Angelina since she stole that Justin guy too.

    P.S. And Gosh her interviews. She is so dumb and empty headed it’s impossible to watch. And looking and Brad Pitt, the man he is now. Every time I watch Jennifer Aniston talking in interview I ask myself how could Brad Pitt spend 7 years with that empty-headed dummy. What were they talking about? What they can discuss? I don’t believe that she is any smarter in real life. She is 40-something but sounds like some 13-16 years old.

  135. Firecracker says:

    Re: nail polish, I make my own colors. If you buy one and it’s too dark, you can add white to lighten it up. I just make sure to use the same brand. I hate it when it chips the very next day!

  136. kira says:

    I love the idea that only marrieds count. If you don’t get your man to propose, your relationship means nada. That’s such a 1950′s “you’ve got to catch THAT man with a ring!” attitude. And, lying and cheating only happens before marriage, but once the ring comes on, suddenly we turn into Sunday school children? Yep, that’s the way it works. :-o

    My experience has been that people who lie and play games before marriage continue doing it afterwards. Look at the high divorce rate and the rate of cheating in marriages (something like 50-60% for each). Most people don’t magically transform with a wedding ring, unless they come to some sort of greater realization that they are a-holes and feel genuinely bad. But, how often does that happen? If you get a lemon before marriage, s/he will be a lemon after marriage. And who wants a lemon that bad? That’s my take on it, anyways. ;-)

  137. Shay says:

    @ Katnip, get over yourself.
    I haven’t brought up the book several times. I only just read it a week ago.
    I’m sorry I offended the cult that you are currently the president of, that rivals Scientology.

  138. Anonymous says:

    June 28th, 2011 at 3:01 pm
    Oh and sorry to comment again so quickly but where’s werty? She needs to get her drink on! 100 comments!

    Already done ;)

  139. werty says:

    that was me, see ive already had to much.

    Hanna of Machars:
    June 28th, 2011 at 3:44 pm
    What an outfit with no nipples peekin’ through?!?.If she keeps this up I’m going to lose my permament Maguire poker seat to Werty.Is there no justice!

    You said 2 and so far none, im might actally get that seat

  140. mln76 says:

    I love how the JenFans are doing backflips to make their ‘idol’ blameless. A 14 yr relationship is the same as a marriage anyone who thinks differently is ignorant and the way Justin is turning his back on her definitely shows how he’s going to treat Aniston down the road because very much unlike what Brad did he didn’t even let a month pass before he was trotting around town getting papped with Aniston . In Hollywood the majority of people end up being unfaithful to someone, but Aniston set the standard that she herself should have lived by or STFU and quit whining a long time ago. I don’t think anyone can say for sure what actually happened (although certain things make me believe Justin lied to Heidi and snuck around behind her back) and no matter what her fans would like to say now it’s a very similar situation that she’s in to what happened with Brangelina except that Heidi isn’t famous and the controversy is going to die down much sooner.

  141. Else411 says:

    Wow, to all these put a ring on it ladies. Marraige is not the goal of every women. I know sounds crazy but it’s true.
    Truthfully Heidi is still young at 35 she might have only just started thinking of a family in the last year or two. You stay/feel younger in active cities. Maybe they just started having that talk and that’s when things started getting bad.
    Now my true story, I dated a guy for 15 yrs(13-30)with a 2yr break during HS. We were very happy. How did those 15 yrs fly by without me thinking of marriage- simple I worked to become the woman I wanted to be, college, career, good money, then promotions and 6 figures- That took 12 years.
    We shared a home for 12 and lived a wonderful youthful time. Then around 29 I started thinking what more do I want for the next stage of my life. For me it wasn’t him. I can’t explain but it wasn’t. So we ended it. So all those that invalidate her relationship because after 14 yrs she sorry he didn’t marry her, maybe she was just finding herself before she married another person.

  142. Cheyenne says:

    Shy: I ask myself how could Brad Pitt spend 7 years with that empty-headed dummy. What were they talking about? What they can discuss?

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like to spend an hour in her company. Once you’ve exhausted the weather as a topic, you’ve got 55 minutes of vapid, mind-numbing crap stretching out ahead of you. An hour with her must seen like eternity.

  143. hollywood101 says:

    You know if she was to put a big ole curly red wig on she would look like a clown.

  144. Crys says:

    Aniston seems to suffer from limp-hand- pose disease. Maybe we should call her Limpy Mchomewrecker…meh.

  145. RHONYC says:

    her stylist should be exiled from Hollywood. :-(

  146. KCT says:


    @ KCT:

    I meant “If I spell the three letters of your name (the way they sound in Brazilian Portuguese) it’ll sound just like one of the (many) slangs for penis here. Are you Brazilian?”.



    I’m afraid not, but that would have been clever, wouldn’t it?

    If you take the last E off of Eve and add an A, it spells my mom’s name.


  147. Cheyenne says:

    hollywood101: You know if she was to put a big ole curly red wig on she would look like a clown.

    DAYUM!! I knew she reminded me of somebody! Ronald McDonald!

  148. Lucky Charm says:

    Is her dress torn at the hem where the ruffle is? It looks like she has two or three rips in her skirt. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Is it because she bought the dress in the children’s department and ripped it trying to put it on?

  149. Lucky Charm says:

    @Cheyenne, maybe that’s why Brad spent so much time with his friend mary jane…

  150. Laura says:

    mln76: Look, the Angie fans did it when Brad and her got together under suspicious circumstances and now the Jen fans are doing it now that she’s gotten together with someone under suspicious circumstances. The pointing fingers, the “they’re hypocrites!” and all that should, really, just be done with now.

    You know who doesn’t care about their fans being “hypocrites” or twisting facts on the internet? Brad, Jennifer and Angelina. They don’t give a fart’s knuckle what we’re talking about here.

    So being all righteously indignated on their part (I know that’s not grammatically correct) is really not worth it.

    In my opinion. All four of these people are overpaid, undereducated, not-as-beautiful-as-people-peg-them-to-be, actors. Actors play pretend for a living. And here you all are in-fighting; getting hits for this website and lining the website owner’s pockets with cash all while Brad Angelina and Jennifer just don’t give a flying f-bomb.

    And it’s also my opinion, hollywood101, that if you are going to try to cleverly compare someone to something else in order to be funny-mean, the least you could do is pick something she actually looks like. Like Micheal Steel. He actually looked like the Muppet who sent his soup back.

    Jennifer Aniston looks nothing even remotely reminiscent of a clown. She isn’t wearing too much make-up, her outfit is black-maybe you’re thinking of Tammy Faye Baker?

    Goldie is adorable!

  151. nnn says:

    @ Shy

    I ask myself how could Brad Pitt spend 7 years with that empty-headed dummy. What were they talking about? What they can discuss?
    For me the two years of therapy is symptomatic and a testamlent of the ‘mood’ of that marriage.

    And this picture alone is worth a thousand words :

  152. mln76 says:

    @Laura I don’t really go to any other websites besides the ones I want to give hits to,I do my best to ignore the articles on CB that I don’t want to read. This is a gossip site so I am gossiping. If your argument is that because Angelina got away with it, Aniston should too that doesn’t really work. No one has stopped talking about the divorce for 7 years and Aniston has used surrogates in the press to make digs at Angie and her kids so that no one will ever forget what happened. By the way no matter what your opinion is of either one of them (or all 3) they all live at the mercy of the public. They all have an image to contend with and I am positive they do care about how they are percieved in the media and by the public at large. Why else would someone pay a percentage of their salary to a ‘publicist’? And although I love the Brange I am positive they also do things to make sure the public sees them in a positive light. In fact I’ve gotten in trouble with some JP fans for pointing out times when I’ve called an obvious pap walk.

    Lastly Aniston just did the thing that exposes her hypocrisy and this is the time it all should be over with. Why now and not when she was cracking jokes about Brad’s kids, or when she did the ’5 years after Brad cover’, or vacationing with the woman who made racist jokes about his kids? And as I said in a different post. Unless she’s changed her name, gotten plastic surgery etc Heidi isn’t Angelina. Why should everyone forget about what’s happening to Heidi because the triangle is annoying to talk about?
    And BTW I am far from righteous I find the whole thing amusing. EVERYBODY in Hollywood cheats.

  153. original kate says:

    “original kate – I think the reason Aniston comes off as “desperate” to any who hasn’t drunk the kool aid is because every year she has a new man who she deigns is “the one” — always corresponding with her movie promotions.”

    @ iggles: you missed my point. i haven’t consumed kool-aid, and i am happily neutral on the brad-angie-jen triangle, but why is it only aniston who is called out for promoting her movies? that’s her job. they all do it, and they all have the “relationships” that come out at movie time. everything they do in hollywood is a PR game. even goopy & her hubby with their no public appearances together thing is a PR move, because people have been trying to photograph them together for years. i doubt anyone in show business goes to the 7-11 without PR.

    as for my comment i just thought it was creepy that a mother would encourage her 25 year old son to call any woman “desperate” because she has a lot of boyfriends. seems like a sexist double standard to me. how come clooney or justin timberlake or whomever isn’t “desperate?” oh, right…because they’re men.

  154. Lucky Charm says:

    @ original kate – Clooney and Timberlake have long term relationships lasting several years with each of their girlfriends. They don’t have a new one for each movie they promote.

  155. original kate says:

    @lucky charms: really? george clooney has a long term girlfriend? since when? his last a max of 2 years. JT may have long term girlfriends but he is rumored to be quite the wanderer. and i don’t care – they are grown men and it is their business.

    if you read all my posts on this thread you’ll see my point is that we do not call out men for having alot of girlfriends/lovers/hookups, etc. but it is okay, even encouraged, to call out grown women for the same behavior. that has been my point the whole time, but evidently i must have stirred up some kind of hornet’s nest when i did not jump on the brangeloonie bandwagon to call aniston a whore.

  156. Laura says:

    mln76: That wasn’t my argument. I don’t care who “gets away with what” because as far as I’m concerned, both have gotten what’s coming to them and both will have years more of people pathetically belittling them on gossip sites.

    My point was that they do not care. They are all three established enough that they would literally have to grind puppies into baby burgers in order to lose fans or lose their images. All three pander to their respective fan bases and I’m sure their publicists check out blogs to see where the general ebb and flow is but all this “hypocrisy!” screaming? They do not care. Why should they? Some people just do not care for them and they don’t care.

    And what she did isn’t hypocritical. It’s kinda douchey but I’ve never heard her say that she’d never have done that to someone. If you can point me to an interview where she talks about how she would never ever cheat with someone else’s boyfriend/husband, then I would understand that hypocrisy stance. (and I don’t mean point me to one where she says something was uncool-uncool does not mean “I’d never do it”.)

    It was crappy when it happened to her and now it’s crappy happening to someone else. Like you said, everyone in Hollywood cheats. Giving anyone a pass is messed but hey-it’s great tabloid fodder.

  157. Eve says:

    @ KCT:


    I’m afraid not, but that would have been clever, wouldn’t it?

    That’s why I asked if you were Brazilian — meaning you’d have chosen the name on purpose.

    If you take the last E off of Eve and add an A, it spells my mom’s name.


    Hmmm, I’d have to do the same in order to spell my own name.

    *wink wink*

  158. I find this woman very boring and even though I believe we make our own luck I think she has been lucky in the true sense of the word because she is so dull I can’t understand how she gets so much attention.