Jennifer Aniston: “Don’t confront your man w/ things you’re not happy about”

I got this story lead from Fark, where they titled it “Jennifer Aniston reveals the secret to a successful relationship. That’s like Rosie O’Donnell revealing the secret to a successful weight-loss program.” I would counter that it’s more like Kirstie Alley revealing the secret to a successful weight loss program. A lot of yo-yoing followed by a recent and as-of-yet quite short-lived success that they’re publicizing every way to Sunday. So ShowbizSpy has a bunch of quotes from Jennifer Aniston in which she deigns to give relationship advice. They offer these with no context or source, but it sounds like her.

The Horrible Bosses star — who is dating actor Justin Theroux – insists it is crucial to be able to talk openly and honestly to your partner in order for love to last.

“You need to talk to each other and you have to say what you want,” said Jennifer, who was previously married to Brad Pitt.

“You don’t confront your man about things which you’re not happy about, you approach it in a much more constructive way. You never want to be in an adversarial situation where it’s you versus him. All couples face those kinds of difficulties, but you’ve got to be able to talk about your problems and your needs and do it in a positive way. That’s easier said than done, of course.”

As well as sharing her advice on relationships, the 42-year-old actress has also revealed her philosophy on life.

Jennifer insists she doesn’t “waste time being negative” and tries to be an “optimistic” person at all times.

“It’s important to live openly and with hope; I try to be open and look forward to tomorrow. I consider myself a very optimistic and positive person. I want to be caring and understanding of the people I love and enjoy their company and spend good time with them,” she said.

“It’s so easy to find things to worry about or complain about and I’ve learned over the years that you don’t need to waste time being negative. Having a good conversation over a bottle of wine is about as magical an experience as you can have when you’re in the moment and allowing yourself to enjoy things.”

[From ShowbizSpy]

Other outlets attribute these quotes to an interview with New! Magazine, which sounds suspect. It may be important to reserve judgment until we know whether they’re accurate, although you know I’m not going to do that.

Look, I get what she’s saying about how you need to approach things from a win-win perspective and work in a relationship as a team instead of as an individual ego fighting for your way. (Not that she would ever phrase it that coherently.) I disagree with her opener that “you don’t confront your man about things which you’re not happy about,” although that’s obviously not what she’s saying. I’ve been married for six years, not that it makes me an expert in any way, but I know that if you don’t bring up things that bother you they will sit there under the surface, fester and affect your relationship until you resolve them. Even if you think you can forget about something, in my case it’s hard not to and communication is necessary to resolve things. Usually it’s a totally different situation than I assumed and just talking to the other person about it will help clear the air and get me to understand that it’s not what I thought. So it would be dumb not to bring up something. But there’s a way to bring it up so that it’s framed in a positive way and that’s probably what she meant.



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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh yes the “f” you do. Bet your ass he’ll confront you about what he’s not happy about. And much less eloquently at that!

  2. spinner says:

    WOAH…I just read a very interesting tid-bit. Justin Thoreaux may be a Scientologist & Jen has been targeted for induction. Justin wrote Tropic Thunder (Tom Cruise) & also Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise.) Evidently there is a connection. Ooooooh…would love to get to the bottom of this.

  3. katiemarie says:

    Her quote is saying that it’s important to discuss problems/issues without being angry/confrontational – not that you shouldn’t speak to your partner about problems you have…

  4. nan says:

    Oh Justin, you are NOT happy with your 14-year relationship and you DO want out, don’t you? (twirl hair and take another bite of chicken salad after downing a glass of vodka).

  5. Lucky Charm says:

    “Jennifer insists she doesn’t “waste time being negative” and tries to be an “optimistic” person at all times.”

    OMG, that is hilarious. What does she think she’s been doing for the past six-and-a-half years?! Talk about being clueless and not recognizing the hypocrisy you spout out of your piehole. Can she please just go away now? Ride off into the sunset with your new boyfriend and stay away, and take Lindcindent Lowblow with you. Thank you.

  6. This is off subject I know.I want to change my commenting name to something silly and fun.Is that allowed or would that be considered as commenting under multiple names,even if I don’t use the origanal any more?I don’t want a spanking from mama Celebitchy.Goin’back to work for a while,hopefully someone can help me out with this.

  7. Ron says:

    She is right. Confrontation is not productive in a realtionship. She is not saying to ignore it it here but to approach it in a more prodcutive manner. I am 10 years into a realtionship and I have a confrontataion streak in me that I have to rein in with my partner. It’s never prodctuive. You have to learn how the other person works. My partner knows that i will rip his head off verbally if he approaches me in that manner so he never does.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “It may be important to reserve judgment until we know whether they’re accurate, although you know I’m not going to do that.”

    bravo, CB, that was funny.

    meh, the quotes don’t really sound like her. like, it’s stuff she might say, but she wouldn’t say it like that, using those words.

  9. Ell says:

    I agree with you Ron. I like her positive attitude, the world needs more people like her.

  10. RobN says:

    Her point was not to avoid talking about issues; her point was to do it in a non-confrontational way. And she’s right. Anything else results in people feeling attacked rather than in them feeling like we’re in this together and can work on things as a team.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    All of a sudden she’s an expert in maintaining relationships?

    @spinner: That’s interesting. Coincidence? Maybe (not).

  12. Ycnan says:

    Holy misleading title batman.

  13. Eve says:

    Agree with Original Bellaluna’s comment (# 1).

    And no, I do not want Aniston’s advice when it comes to relationships with men and friends.

  14. teehee says:

    read the whole piece– she says “dont be a nag” basically.
    Communcation is critical- it is said so often it is obnoxious but it is true.
    Just whining will not help;
    she should have better said don’t COMLPAIN abut the things you are unhappy about becasue communcaiton is in first effect a confrontation which then becomes a means to settle the matter intelligently and to negotiate…
    Poor wording on her part but she meant the right thing.

  15. BiniChic says:

    She’s the last person I would take relationship advice from…

    By the way, did you watch her on the Daily Show? She seemed very tipsy and ditsy — she slurred her words and at one point had to lean on the side table.. Jon could barely think of anything interesting to say… I was embarrassed even to watch her…

  16. Chloe says:

    Somewhere, Heidi Bivens is screaming at the ocean.

  17. Layla says:

    Why is Aniston the only one who seems to be pushing and doing the rounds for Horrible Bosses?

    Were are the main actors? And there media show???

    Isn’t she merely a supporting character? I don’t see the other supporting “bosses” (Kevin Spacey or Colin Farrell) all in our faces.

    She’s plain annoying.

  18. Rose says:

    She, JA said, “you need to talk to each other and say what you want.” I believe her X husband had told her he wanted at least 6 kids and she told him “he would be lucky if he get 2 from her”. So now she is giving advice to others when she could not get her own house in order.

  19. Rose says:

    To be fair, she was married for a number of years. But also, meh.

  20. Lala11_7 says:

    I am not a HUGE Jennifer Anniston fan…yet I’ve always loved the way she handled a situation that would have earned me a starring expose on “Snapped”…REAL EASILY…

    And I like and agree wholeheartedly with what she’s saying…cause I’ve “BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT”!!!

  21. Esmom says:

    @15 I saw the Daily Show interview and I thought the exact same things. It was appalling. It’s like both of them had to force themselves to stay engaged, him more so than her.

    I used to think she was kinda funny and warm but none of that came through in their exchange. If I were going into an interview with Jon Stewart I would bring my A game for sure, what was she thinking? Seriously embarrassing.

  22. Phat girl says:

    @ Hanna of Machars:

    What? That is the most awesome name ever. Don’t change a thing darling. You’re beautiful just like you are!

  23. JAMESMON says:


  24. Laura says:

    You disagree with the opener but then pretty much restate the rest of her comments?

    It’s very clear what this person (possibly Aniston) was getting at, in my opinion, because reading past the opener enlightens you to her actual meaning.

    Anyway, isn’t it possible that she’s learned from her mistakes of 6 years ago? Why are people so quick to jump the “hypocrisy” gun? You do know that was years ago and she’s gone through years of crappy relationships-shes bound to have learned something (if this is Aniston).

    I’d say all of a sudden she’s giving good advice (if this is Aniston), because good advice is good advice whether you like her or not.

  25. Eve says:

    @ Hanna of Machars:

    Not that you have to change your name anyway, but if you feel like doing it I’d like to help you.

    You can change your name easily, I don’t think there is any major problem if you start using a new name with the same e-mail address. If you’re concerned about being considered a troll who posts under multiple IDs you can start using your new name with “former Hanna…” between parentheses. Then you drop that after a while.

    I think what Celebitchy and Kaiser hate is when someone uses multiple IDs on the same thread — you know, to support their own comments or to gang up against another commenter.

    For instance, I started posting on Celebitchy without a name (just anonymous), I was new here and wasn’t sure I’d keep visiting it. When I realized I liked the site and became a regular I decided to use a moniker. But even my old “anonymous” comments can be easily spot because you can see my gravatar on the left corner.

  26. someone says:

    I hardly think she feels as tho shes an expert at relationships, or is telling anyone to take her advice…I simply think thats her opinion on how to have a good relationship…I believe she has learned from any past mistakes..the haters will always hate, no matter what she does or says…

  27. katnip says:

    I think women tend to nag but sorry Jennifer is not the person to give out advice.

    and she does look her age in that second pic. It is always very evident when you see a profile shot of her.

    I too have wondered why she is doing all the promoting. Nothing from Colin or Kevin. Not one interview. Don’t understand that at all.

  28. UKHels says:

    girlfriend is a total Stepford Wife in the making – expect her to be modelling herself on Katie Holmes within the year

  29. Maritza says:

    She is a lovely person, inside and out. Her face glows with happiness, I’m happy for her too.

  30. Laura says:

    She’s the biggest name out of all the cast. That’s why. There’s no real mystery.

    Plus she’ll appeal to all the 20-45 year old women who probably wouldn’t be interested in a filthy guy movie unless they saw that Aniston (i.e. someone accessible) was in it.

  31. lin234 says:

    Anyone still think her relationship is a publicity stunt? She got called out the last time she tried to use the same old moves by major networks that she’s changing it up a bit.

  32. Ramona Q says:

    I love that she’s slipping into heavy botox face – that first pic sure shows it. Keep it up Jen so we can continue laughing at you. Tee hee.

  33. Phat Girl*Eve:Thanks for helping me out.I was a little bummed last night,trying to figure out why I’m so damned broke.I was thinking ‘Horse Poor Hanna’fits the bill.Anyways,I might just tattoo it on my forehead.Ok,back to business-Aniston definitely knows whats shes talking about.It all started waaay back when**Brad,honey pooh,what do you mean you don’t want to rub suntan lotion on my bum while we’re in Cabo!?!And WE all know how it went from there!

  34. Mia says:

    Yeah…I’ll be taking advice from my grandmother who was married for 69 years until my granddad died 2 months ago. They made it work.

    Horrible Bosses must suck. Haven’t seen nearly as much press for Jason, Charlie, or Ed. I know they’ve done stuff, but as usual…Jen’s lovelife takes precedent.

  35. RHONYC says:

    if she starts a ‘JOOP’ website, i’m gonna take a personal day.

    to vomit. :twisted:

  36. Mary K says:

    Having been married 16 yes, and w/ my hubby for 17. Now I have advice. We have NEVErHad an argument and I can say that w/ an open heart.. Why??? When we discuss things and not let them fester. Not having an argument doesn’t mean no ups and downs.. We have battled life threatening illnesses and both almost declared deceased but the other argues to have them keep trying (and were right), we have had family issues and worked them out, couldn’t have children.. Worked it out, due to stock market crash at same rime of major heart operations, ovarian cancer battle, Parkinson’s in the mix, kidney disease among others and well bankruptcy was only option. But we stuck it thru together.. Open communication.. Laughter and tears, blood, and sweat. And never raising our voices or yelling. It’s called respect. So pardon me if I don’t take relationship advice from JA. When she has walked a mile in our shoes and been w/ her spouse for 17 yrs… I may listen.. Just to see if she grew up and stopped being so shallow (and this coming from a former beauty queen that in my day think I could give her a run for her money… And I can act! Hid my PD successfully for eons from others…not an easy feat. The only thing positive the last 7 yrs for JA was she was positively having pity pool party w/ her enablers! Sorry but call it as I see it. ;)

  37. elaine says:

    Leave Jennifer the fock alone! To say that she’s not an “expert” in relationships is STUPID! She’s never professed to be an expert and is just stating her opinion on relationships in general.

    Is she not to be taken seriously because her HUSBAND cheated on her? Give me a focking break! She did not cheat on Brad or ignore her marriage vows to him.

    He was the asshole in their relationship; not the other way around.

    I am sick and tired of people picking on her. She is not the one who disregarded her marriage vows!


  38. original kate says:

    @ hanna: i changed my name a while back when someone started using the same name (only in all caps) and it got confusing. it was annoying so i put “original” in front of my name. if you change your name just announce in a post what your new name is and then ditch the old one. a gravatar is a good idea, too.

    but i like the name you have, too.

  39. elaine says:

    And another thing; I’ve been married and I’ve been in “relationships”. They are NOT the same.

    If she’s found someone she’s compatible with (for however long it last), GOOD FOR HER. She did not break up anyone’s marriage. As far as I’m concerned, she gets more points than Angie/Brad!

    He publicly humiliated her and totally ignored his marriage vows. I hate when people act like she’s the bad person in that failed relationship.

    Just so you know, I am an African-American nan with no horse in this race but I get tired of hearing how she can’t keep a man, is a horrible person, etc. She seems like a nice woman that “was done wrong”. PERIOD.

    Sorry, I just don’t see it.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    @ elaine: Slow your roll, hon. They issued a joint statement that they had mutually agreed to separate. She could have left it at that, but NOOOOOOOO. She had to go bitching and moaning all over the place and launch a stupid pity party. She was not the first woman to get dumped by a man and she won’t be the last. But most women deal with it with a great deal more class and dignity than she did.

  41. Mary K- Your one STRONG women! You have to be able to depend on the one at your side,or you have nothing at all.Sometimes,life can be like iceskating uphill.As you are well aware of.Oh,and you have a hellava a strong man,too!

  42. Az says:

    My first impulse is to say that if you don’t address issues directly with your partner, then your partner will find someone with whom he can actually talk (and have smoking hot sex). But I get what she is saying and she’s not wrong. The best piece of advice for confrontations that I’ve ever used is not to accuse like, “You did this _____” but rather say “I feel _____ when you do this ______ ” which makes it seem less of an accusation and more like a discussion which is what I think Aniston is saying there.

  43. mln76 says:

    Well I don’t want to beat up on her because she was possibly misquoted and the girl isn’t exactly gifted with words. I will say at a certain point ‘therapy speech’ can get a bit passive aggressive and there are times where it’s better to have a shouting match and clear the air but I’m no relationship expert.
    And the Jen hens who in the same breath talk about what Jen went through and then justifying why she has every right to do the same to Heidi are making me laugh so hard.

  44. kira says:

    Jennifer insists she doesn’t “waste time being negative” and tries to be a “positive” person at all times.
    Right. But, she just happens to be friends with Chelsea Handler, Joe Francis and Terry Richardson? And, when Chelsea Handler called a certain someone “evil” and Aniston is sitting right next to her with a BIG smile on her face, is that what she means by being “positive”? Or, hanging out with someone like Handler–who curses people out calling them fucking whores, fucking cunts, monkeys, eskimos, lesbos, etc.–is that her idea of “positive”?

    If these quotes are real, her PR is such fake BS. And, let’s not get into how “positive” Heidi Bivens must be feeling about Aniston right now–to hear Aniston mouth off about being so “happy” with Justin–the guy Aniston starting dating, while he was still living with her. Then, days after Heidi leaves, Aniston is out with her boyfriend getting publicity shots taken of her snuggling with him. Heidi’s mother only confirmed that the split was “painful” for her. But Heidi wasn’t married and she’s not famous at all, so she doesn’t count. Yep, Aniston seems like a “positive” person to me–snark, snark. ;-)

  45. Mary K says:

    I didn’t say she was a horrible person.. But there are more people put there w/ longer relationships and marriages than she has had and are successful. I got my BA in nursing..worked my ass off for yrs to get it.. Only to have a Degree on my wall and no experience other than clinical because my ability to live out my career choice came to a screaming halt. Now I have A College Degree hanging on the wall that is useless, even though I have experience w/ my illnesses going back to childhood and can tell most med teams what they need to do for me.. I do not profess to give unsolicited advice regarding medical issues just because I went to school all those yrs and got a degree (BA not AA), nor do I think my decades of experience from a patients point of view give me the right to give unsolicited medical advice. Now if she were Rita Hanks, Goldie Hawn, or someone that has been in a relationship for more than5 minutes.. I might be interested on her take… And has nothing to do w/ team Jen or Team Ang as I think that is all childish.. Has everything to do w/ people having an over inflated ego in Hollywood. Wouldn’t take advice on relationships from Ang either… But that I would most likely read… As for relationships and marriage not the same thing… In some cases a NO, was w/ my ex in a 5 yr relationship and it was amazing! We were married for 8 and he walked out on me due to OV Cancer and my in ability five him a child… But I had no pity parties… Life is to short and I was fighting for mine. Staying positive and a healthy outlook is what my hubby loves about me..and he has been thru far worse w/ me than my ex, and we all get along! How can I be bitter, I beat cancer 3x and have an amazing man in my life now for 17 yrs who has been there for me every step of the way…

  46. Kimbob says:

    @spinner….really? Justin’s a Scientologist?! I’m like you…I want to HEAR about this. Oh, joy of all joys..Jenn could be the poster child for Scientology….LMAO!! I mean, seriously, I so hope it’s not true. I’d really like to believe Jenn wouldn’t go for that crap, or even go out w/someone who is a member of that SHAM OF A “RELIGION”**cough**MONEY-GRUBBIN’ CULT. Oh say it ain’t so.

  47. Mary K says:

    @Hanna of McChars.. Thank you so very much sweetie.. Strength is found only in positivity.. Negativity gets let at the door…and a whole lot of comedy! Laughter gets one thru much more than some realize;) much love <3

  48. Onyx XV says:

    @ Elaine: Thank you for stating what I’ve been thinking about JA for years – ITA!!

    @ Spinner: I wouldn’t put much faith in the silly “rumor” that Justin Theroux might be a Scientolobot, just because he worked on a couple projects with Tom Cruise. I went to school with him and I’d like to think that he’s way too smart to fall for that BS.

  49. mln76 says:

    @ Mary K I still disagree with you about marriage because I have known more than on committed couple who have chosen not to walk down the aisle but in all other ways are married have have been so for decades BUT I have to say I admire your strength and commitment.

  50. elaine says:

    @Cheyenne, I don’t have to slow my roll, because my roll is rolling just fine.

    I’ve never personally heard the whining of which you speak, not to say that it didn’t happen. I don’t follow every word by so-called celebrities.

    It is MY opinion that people, in general, have dogged her enough.

    Where does it stop? If she’s dating someone, it is fake; if she’s not dating it’s because she can’t get a man. Again, my point was that she is not the one who broke the marriage vows.

    Also for the poster above that said people diss Angelina but praise Jennifer for doing the same thing: the two relationships are NOT the same, IMO.

    You are as entitled to your opinions as I am to mine. Your opinions mean as much to me as my opinions mean to you.

    A husband/wife is not the same as a boyfriend/girlfriend. Your mileage may vary.

  51. elaine says:

    Oh, and thank you, Onyx XV.

    Opinions are like a$$holes; everybody has one…..

  52. Cheyenne says:

    @elaine: A cohabiting couple can have a relationship every bit as strong and enduring — often more so — than a married couple.

    I’m not calling Aniston a homewrecker; if anyone is at fault here, it’s Theroux, for being dishonest with his long-time partner. But it does seem more than a tad hypocritical for her fans to excuse her for being in the same king of situation for which they excoriated Jolie.

    As for her whining, check this out: Every other celebrity I’ve heard of in her situation — and I’ve heard of plenty — had the dignity to keep their mouths shut.

  53. REALIST says:

    No, just let the problem fester until it explodes one way or the other…bad advice, but Jen isn’t exactly the purveyor of wisdom…

  54. elaine says:

    @Cheyenne, I agree that “A cohabiting couple can have a relationship every bit as strong and enduring — often more so — than a married couple.”.

    Perhaps you missed it earlier when I said I’ve been in BOTH situations. Like I said in my original post, I’ve been in both situations.

    I’ve been in a “relationship” with a man that I just stopped loving after 12 years. We slowly drifted apart and agreed that it was time to move on.

    We had not made any vows to each other so to ME, it was easier to walk away. Vows/commitment mean a lot TO ME.

    There were no issues of infidelity; the love just slowly died.

    I also have an ex-husband that I was married to for 6 1/2 years who gambled our marriage away. It was much more painful to me because of the fact that we had vowed our love to each other.

    I’m not living in the stone age but there are different degrees of relationships. You may feel that marriage and relationships are the same; I do not.

    As for Jennifer whining; I watched the links you sent and I get it. I also saw people asking her pointed questions that she chose to address. Why doesn’t she have to right to vent about the way she was treated? You call it whining; I call it venting.

    Again, everything I state is obviously my opinion. again, YMMV

  55. Cheyenne says:

    How exactly was she treated? Her husband lost interest in her. He fell in love with another woman. He left after they made a joint announcement that they agreed to separate. He let her be the one to file for divorce. Her problem is not so much that he dumped her, but that he moved on so easily to another woman before she was ready to let him move on. I refer you to Nicole Kidman in the same situation. After Tom Cruise left her, she never said a word in public about him or the divorce. Seh didn’t throw any pity parties. She held her head up and kept her mouth shut. Aniston should have taken a cue from Kidman rather than whining about missing sensitivity chips etc.

    From what you described as the breakups with your husband and your boyfriend, I’d hazard a guess — and this is only a guess — that you still had strong feelings for your husband when you split, while your feelings for your boyfriend had largely dissipated. Maybe that is what made the separation from your husband more painful, not the formal vows.

  56. Jenni says:

    Longevity isn’t everything.
    I’ve known couples married 20-50 years where one seems like a shell of themselves, a doormat, or has even endured abuse, cheating, etc. Yet people will say when such couples die “they were married 50 years” and act like that’s a noble thing in and of itself. When the wife of one man I know, has sacrificed her dignity and even body (physical abuse) just so when she dies people will give her the honor of saying she was married 50 years. So I don’t think it’s only those who have had long relationships to be listened to. People stay in relationships for both noble and innoble reasons, or simply reasons of personality or circumstance. any relationship ideas can be useful. You can learn from anyone. I agree with Elaine- It’s weird to me people hate Aniston …for having a husband who broke his vow to her. Typical blame the victim. People say “she complains” – A handful of quotes about the whole (traumatic as hell) deal now and then. I dont see that as complaining. It happened. It’s a part of her life. It would take a robot or egomaniac to never mention anything about a very significant event that happened in your life. I like Aniston because she’s funny, seems determinedly resilient and into just enjoying life and making people happy thru humor. And I like Angelina because she ‘s strong, and she’s got a big picture/conquest/love quest going on (her humanitarian work). It takes all kinds. Choosing to be hating Jen…or Angelina … when Brad was the one who broke the vow. yet he is not demonized like either his former lover is or his current lover is. And people also forget …Angelina also knows how it feels to be cheated on …BillyBob did it to her. And if Heidi Bivens ever speaks on this, I will not think she is “complaining” either. Life is complicated and no one is pure villain, martyr, hero etc ….

  57. Deltona lakes says:

    And Sandra bullock….who was humiliated much worst than aniston and manage to go on with her life.

  58. elaine says:

    I understand that her husband lost interest in her; it happens.

    My problem is that he was not open and honest with her from the beginning about the relationship.

    I had just purchased a new laptop and remember pictures of Brad/Angelina with his hands around her waist, looking lovingly into each others’ eyes, etc.

    l mentioned to my husband (to whom I’ve been married for 19 years) that something didn’t seem/feel right about it.

    If Jennifer is going to be defiled for something, it should be that she didn’t realize what was happening when I, a person just surfing the net, realized it.

    Yeah, if my husband publicly cheated and dumped on me, I would probably also agree to a joint announcement to save face.

    The fact that he “let” her file for divorce is silly to me. The marriage was over; it didn’t really matter who filed.

    And you are absolutely wrong about my husband vs my boyfriend. Believe me, it was a blessing when my marriage ended. He was putting us, read me and our son, deeper in debt everyday we were together.

    I am still in contact with my ex-boyfriend. He happened to marry an old college friend of mine after he moved to a different state. I attended the wedding and my husband at the time (the gambler) accompanied me and we had a wonderful time.

    I am still friends with my ex-boyfriend because he married a close friend of mine. I love them both, just in different ways and I wish only the best for them.

    My sister, on the other hand, thinks I should be bitter and dissolve the friendship, (we’re going back almost 25 yrs). People are different and handle things in different ways. There are no set rules, IMO.

    Yes, Nicole Kidman kept her mouth shut. She’s probably a more private person and wasn’t willing to share with the world at large. I applaud her for that because that is how she chose to handle it. No hate.

    I must say, however, What worked for Nicole does not have to work with Jennifer. Some people are just more willing to share of themselves than others. I don’t think that any choice is necessarily good or bad, people are just different.

    I’ve mentioned several times, the opinions I give are mine alone. The fact that our opinions do not match is fine with me.

    Life will go on for both of us…

  59. Ell says:

    @Jenni, well said, a very balanced post.

  60. Laura says:

    mln76: I cannot see any place where a shouting match is a better choice than reasoned communication.

    I don’t find talking about whatever issue you have “passive aggressive”, I find it much more productive than shouting each other down to “clear the air” until you can’t talk anymore and the argument is over.

    Talking about your issues is only passive aggressive when the person in question is being fake and sarcastic about it.

  61. Jenni says:

    @ Cheyenne actually Nioole Kidman did talk about her break up and feelings on it after her divorce. I woudl always read her interviews during that time b/c she was one of my favorite actresses. As I remember She said ‘I would rather have a happy family and relationship than a good career” after all her career success, soon after her divorce. She said that type thing at least twice as I remember it. That could be seen as “throwing a pity party” as well but I did not take it that way. She also said “at least now I can wear heels” about the break up, and I a few other things. Like “why did this happen?” By the way I think all those comments just made her seem normal. I like Nicole Kidman alot. Also, Tom Cruise was not immediately with someone else in the wake of their divorce. THere were no rumors around him and any one else. But just like Aniston, she still spoke if it and seemed sad about her divorce. That is normal. In this day and age, People think dovorce is no biggie, but it remains a leading traumatic event in peoples’ lives.

  62. nan says:

    @ Elaine….Is that you Chelsea Handler or is it the “uncool” bimbo herself!

  63. Flu says:

    Jennifer aniston was the firt to say tha Brad he has not done anything wrong, always praising him, and she still attacked with sue famous “uncool” to Angelina, her friends attack Angelina….

  64. elaine says:


    I agree with everything you said. I don’t fault Jennifer OR Angelina; it was Brad that broke HIS marriage vows.

    I NEVER understand situations where the husband/wife go off on their spouses’ boyfriends/girlfriends. Your beef is with the person in which you had a relationship. He/she is the person you should be mad at! The other person doesn’t owe you a thing; did not make promises/vows to you or lied/cheated on you.

    Deltona lakes, it’s great that Sandra Bullock went on with her life. Do you know that Jennifer hasn’t done the same?

    Some people internalize; some people externalize and that’s okay. How boring would it be we all reacted to every situation the same way? I don’t see one reaction better than the other. I see them as different.

    Personally, I’m probably more like Sandra/Nicole in that I tend to keep things to myself. By the same token, I can’t really fault someone (male OR female) that needs to talk it out.

  65. elaine says:

    @ Elaine….Is that you Chelsea Handler or is it the “uncool” bimbo herself!

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please explain..

  66. kira says:

    Oh gosh, people’s hypocrisy is just stunning.
    People are still carrying a torch for Aniston because she was hurt by Brad 6 1/2 years ago, but Aniston’s recent bahvior of dating a guy while he was still living with his longtime girlfriend, and which caused a “painful” split for Heidi, gets a pass because it wasn’t “the same kind of a relationship.” Ugh. Just ugh. You’d think Aniston fans would drink a big cup of STFU after this shit went down, but nope … I agree with mln76, it’s pretty funny watching people jump through hoops trying to find ways of bashing Brad/Angelina yet excusing Aniston all in one breath. Cheating and lying is wrong—except when there’s no wedding ring, then it’s ANYTHING GOES, don’t ya know! :-o

    And people who cheat before they get married are likely to do so afterwards. You really think Eddie Cibrian’s marriage to LeAnn Rhimes is more valid than a relationship like that of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel (together for 25+ years). That’s a joke. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before Cibrian’s or Rhime’s eyes start wandering again, while Hawn and Russel have stood the test of time–and in Hollywood, no less, where many marriages barely make it to the 4 year mark. It just goes to show that people define their relationships differently and you can’t say that one relationship is more valid than the other, simply because you want to excuse the behavior of a certain actress you like.

  67. mln76 says:

    As for why Brad’s never blamed I think in part it goes back to Jen’s interviews where she stated she believed Brad didn’t cheat and that she’s proud of him etc….. From those kind of quotes mostly positive about Brad meanwhile calling Angie uncool and all the rest the teams were born. Add that to the digs made about Angie then later the kids from people in Jen’s inner circle well timed with her movie promotions and that’s where the resentment towards Aniston comes in. I think Aniston had every right to call out Brad IF he cheated (all 3 plus Courtney Cox say he didn’t), hell if Aniston actually had the balls to spell out what exactly happened I’d give her a medal.

  68. werty says:

    elaine I’ve never personally heard the whining of which you speak, not to say that it didn’t happen. I don’t follow every word by so-called celebrities.

    Heres one of Chloes old post.
    Vanity Fair, 2005
    Jen Finally Talks. And Talks and Talks. And Cries. And Talks.


    Entertainment Weekly, December 2008
    [cover]Jen’s fresh start: candid, confident and so over gossip, Jennifer Aniston moves on.

    Vogue, December 2008
    [cover]Jennifer Aniston: What Angelina did was very uncool

    GQ December 2008
    [inside] “we all go away to The Hamptons on the weekends,” jokes Aniston. “That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox …

    Marie Claire, March, 2009
    [inside] I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend (..) my husband… it’s like saving love letters.

    Cosmopolitan, May 2009
    [cover] Why THIS is the BEST time of my life.

    Elle, April 2009
    [cover]Face to face with Jennifer Anniston: “Why I have no regrets”

    Vogue (Italian edition) April 2009
    [cover] Jennifer Aniston: Quella Volta Che Angelina. L’Ultimo (finito) amore, l’affetto Per Brad, La rivale, I 40 Anni Prima intervista a cuore aperto (Davvero)

    (my Italian is very rusty so I’m not gonna translate but the key words are easily recognizable)

    Harper’s Bazaar, May 2010
    [cover] Jennifer Aniston: “It’s time for my rebirth”

    People, Jan 2010
    [cover] 5 years after Brad: Fun, flirty & 40! Happier, hotter than ever, she’s loving the single life – AND her sexy nights out with Gerard Butler

    People, February 2011
    [cover] Jen’s Most Revealing Interview Ever! Over coctails and girl talk the world’s most misunderstood star sets the record straight: I’m happy, Really.

    So she talked about it alot and even years after the divorce.
    And if you read the Vanity Fair article youl see that she knew that they were in trouble, heres a quote from Courtney Cox from the VF article (page 4)

    * “There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don’t tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time.”

    And that will hopefully be the last time i qoute anything from that article.

  69. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Elaine the only pictures you could have seen of Brad and Angelina doing anything loving or with physical contact before his separation are ones from the set of Mr and Mrs Smith…FYI they were supposed to be in love in the movie…even though they later fell in love in real life Jen Aniston never had to deal with photos of Brad and Angelina together in love while she was still married to Brad.

    According to Jen’s Vanity Fair interview, which is still available for you to read on their website, Brad did tell Jen he wanted out and he admitted being attracted to Angelina to Jen according to Jen’s friend Courtney Cox who is also interviewed in the same Vanity Fair article.

    Angelina and Brad DID NOT have an affair. They both deny it and there is no proof. Jen’s love life as of late looks sketchy. There are no concrete details. The only person who even hinted that something fishy happened was Bivens’s mother and thats subjective information as well.

    This whole thread is based off something Jen POSSIBLY said…not did say. So I think everyone should stop arguing and please quit the comparisons between Jen and Justin and Brad and Angelina. There aren’t any to be made. Jen and Justin could be over after Wonderlust comes out….

  70. jocular says:

    The vanity fair journalist took advantage of the situation, having interviewed her and Brad the year before. The reporting is unnecessarily biased against one person in the relationship and we all know it takes two, she should have balanced the quotes as most reputable writer would do in the name of objective journalism. At times the interview technique is underhand. JA says she’s trying to avoid the celeb news and the journalist proceeds to fill her in and mention the W photoshoot with Angelina which Brad arranged and that he had the worldwide rights for, this is a touch insensitive in my eyes of both Brad and the journo for mentioning it and trying to provoke a reaction. Basically he profited from leaving his wife for a new woman. Be objective again and you’ll understand that would hurt and should not have come from a stranger. The journo kept piling on information just to provoke a hopefully bad reaction. Horrible journalism. It was an understandably vunerable time and she shouldn’t have let herself be exploited by someone with an agenda. But now let it be. She is in the main quite complimentary about the ex in the article, I wouldn’t have been after such a short time. She says nothing about Angelina. I think this one article has a lot to answer for in why people have kept the whole thing going for so long. On another note there is a gender bias to gossip reporting and public perception which plays to peoples inherent sexism. I’ve never wanted to get into this and really don’t know or care to know all the ins and outs of the 3 but just from a feminist point of view I hate seeing women bashing other women, everyone’s sh*t stinks but men have so far run the world so don’t drag down the women as they have as much to contend with as you, including aging! For the record I like them both but hate the blinkered vitriol they both get from the press and the public.

  71. elaine says:

    I didn’t say lying/cheating was wrong except when there was a wedding ring. I said the relationships are different and I stick by that. You may not see a difference, but I do.

    Ring or no ring, the person that you were “personally” involved with is the person that owes you an explanation.

    Brad’s lying to Jennifer and Justin’s lying to Heidi are both unacceptable to me.

    I said the same thing upthread. I don’t blame Angelina NOR Jennifer and I thought I’d made that clear.

    What I also made clear is that people’s opinions differ on this matter.

    I can disagree with your opinion without dismissing it.

    I guess that’s one of OUR differences.

  72. jocular says:

    Co-sign @Jenni very fair evaluation

  73. anne_000 says:

    maybe gwenyth can give jennifer a relationship advice column in GOOP. LOL.

  74. elaine says:


    i openly admitted that I don’t normally follow celebrities and their daily lives.

    When someone upthread sent me a link to a Jennifer Aniston interview, I watched it and several others.

    I do understand why many people see it as whining, and they are entitled to their opinion.

    I am not trying to belittle anyone’s opinion, I am just stating my own.

    She talked about it Ad nauseam. I get that that’s the way you see it and I have no problem with that.

    I think she talked about as a form of therapy to get it off her chest.

    For like the fifth/sixth time, I am NOT trying to change anyone’s opinion. You see it your way and I see it mine.

    Does someone HAVE to win the pi$$ing contest?

    Jennifer handled things differently than you would have or differently than you think she should have.


  75. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Jenni – NK speaking of her divorce twice is far different than speaking about it for SIX YEARS after the fact. I mean, come on, the JA cover “5 Years After Brad” is moving on and not referencing her divorce? Even though after Brad there was Vince, John and a handful of others. He obviously wasn’t her last relationship, so why mention him and not John Mayer, whom she dated, broke up with, got back together a second time, then broke up with again. And have you forgotten that TC was with Penelope Cruz immediately after, probably even before the divorce was announced. They worked (TC & PC) together on Vanilla Sky and there were rumors that they hooked up on set, and shortly after TC filed for divorce from NK.

    Brad did not break his vows, by first telling his wife that it wasn’t working and he wanted a divorce, before he got involved in a relationship with anyone else. Breaking vows would mean seeing someone else while still married and not giving his wife any indication that A)he wanted a divorce or B)that he was seeing someone on the side that she didn’t know about. JT is the one who “broke his vows” to his long-term girlfriend by not letting her know that he didn’t want the relationship to continue any longer, and began dating JA before he broke up with HB.

  76. elaine says:


    Yes, the pictures I saw were when they were shooting Mr & Mrs Smith.

    The pictures I saw were after hours’ pictures after shooting had been completed for the day.

    They were entering a restaurant and he had his arm around her waist and they were giggling.

    I’m a nan, so I know that look when I see it; I’ve been around the block a few times myself.

  77. Toe says:

    I see no diff in being married and in a serious relationship. Why should people get married? Will you get more “love” or more “devotion” from the other? Being married is just a title to me. We are expected to be commited and faithfull before marriage anyway. All the demands are there before marriage.

    I think society is what makes marriage so important. It’s a false sence of security. Good and bad things is gonna happen in your relationship, marriage is not the “cure all”.

    I hate is when people say “oh, the marriage didnt work”, your REALTIONSHIP didnt work.

    So again, whats the difference?

  78. werty says:

    elaine: i know youre not trying to change my opinion and i did read that you dont follow celebs life on a daily basis.

    But you said that you thought that B was dishonest and i showed you a qoute from an article that showed that it was the opposite.
    And i showed you some articles over the years that shows that she still havent stopped talking about it, of course she not the one asking the questions but if she dosnt want to answer she could say “no comment” and if she sees it as therapy to talk about her past then ok, but not several years later (and thats my opinion) at some point youll have to let go.
    That was my point and i agree that sometimes the comments on her is a bit much (same goes for angelina post)
    And yes Jen/Angie threads is a lot like a pi**ing contest sometimes but if you go back youll see that ive never said anythiing mean about either of them (that means comments like chinnifer, skankelina etc)

    EDIT: elaine are you sure they werent shooting a bar scene from the movie, it was night time and they talked, danced and later made out?

  79. kira says:

    “I didn’t say lying/cheating was ok except when there was a wedding ring. I said the relationships are different and I stick by that. You may not see a difference, but I do.”

    Just because there isn’t a ring, doesn’t mean the people in that relationship aren’t in love and deeply committed to one another. The fact that people want to make distinctions to support their love for an actress is sad. And you excused the behavior–do you remember your own words? Here they are:

    “And another thing; I’ve been married and I’ve been in “relationships”. They are NOT the same. If she’s found someone she’s compatible with, GOOD FOR HER. She did not break up anyone’s marriage. As far as I’m concerned, she gets more points than Angie/Brad! He publicly humiliated her and totally ignored his marriage vows.”

    “GOOD” for her for dating some guy while he’s still living with someone else? But bad on Brad and Angelina? And I’m guessing it would also be pretty humiliating for a person to watch her boyfriend go out with an actress, and then say they are “just friends”? AND, have the press report on the fact while you are still living with him? Probably, huh? ;-)

  80. laji says:

    elaine: seems to me you’re making assumptions about who is and who isn’t lying. As someone pointed out upthread, in the VF interview, Aniston and Cox both said that Pitt didn’t cheat and he didn’t lie to Aniston. He told her when he had feelings for Jolie.

    Could it be possible that the marriage was over before Pitt and Jolie shot that movie together? Could it be possible that meeting Jolie made Pitt realise that his marriage was never going to get better? Could it be possible that Pitt and Aniston had been seeing a marriage counselor for a while by that point? Could it be possible that, aside from the X-factor, Aniston was not that in to her marriage any more, either (regardless of what she said afterward)?

    OTOH (if you believe the quote from Bivens’ mother), Bivens was completely shocked by the ending of her relationship, which sounds like everything seemed hunky to Bivens until just a few weeks ago. Of course, I’ll allow that Bivens was deluded and Theroux may have been unhappy for long before Aniston, and maybe even expressed it to her at some point, but she clung on. I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

    I wasn’t there for either relationship breakdown, but based on what has been *reliably* reported on both (especially with direct quotes), I’d give Pitt a pass and Theroux a “WTF?” However, given the shamelessness of how Theroux and Aniston are playing things out in public, either they’re completely insensitive or Bivens is overplaying the wronged woman part.

    Either way, Aniston’s comment about Pitt lacking a sensitivity chip (though perhaps true), plays ironically now.

    (BTW, can you tell I’m not willing to label anyone “evil” in either situation?)

  81. jocular says:

    I’m on my mobile phone so perhaps am missing something but looking at the People article 5 years after brad. It seems to be a mash up of quotes from unknown sources talking about the time around the bounty hunter, John Mayer, past boyfriends and that she is over Brad and doesn’t talk about him. The quotes attributed to her are not from any interview they did at the time. but are past quotes. She would not have had any control on the title of the article. People would have chosen it to try and get people to buy it because as they know, it would sell! Look at all the continuing interest just on this website from lovers and haters. It may not be the whole article, but that’s how I read it and would expect them to put any explosive quotes on the website.

  82. Flan says:

    Whatever, just go away.

    Your sitcom was finished years ago and all your films flop.

  83. kira says:

    “She would not have had any control on the title of the article.”
    This is People magazine–the one her PR rep talks to all the time, and they quote him all the time. People has a cozy relationship with many celebs. Do you really think People would do something that she absolutely didn’t want?

    Case in point, when she did that Vogue magazine interview, called Angelina “uncool” and she received some flack. Aniston went on Oprah and was grilled. She said, “I don’t go there” (it was HER own words!) and Vogue went “tabloid on her” (way to shirk responsibility). If she was so upset with the continual links to her ex, then where was her protest at People mag for going “tabloid”? Please–people make excuses for her as if she’s a baby. Celeb interviews are highly orchestrated. I had a roommate who worked at LA Times–basically all questions are sent in advance to the handlers/PR, then the final copy is often approved by the celeb/PR. The celeb-kissing magazines don’t want to piss them off or they risk losing access to them. Celebs are not victims of the evil media. They have a lot of star power and they use it.

    Aniston knows what sells–her love life (past and present) gets her LOTS of press. In that very People interview, Aniston invited People magazine and Access Hollywood to her “private” birthday party in Cabo where she was interviewed. She also invited Gerard Butler (her movie co-star) and waxed poetic on how they worked so well together. Again, she’s using her love life for the attention. It’s a pattern with her (and many other celebs). :-)

  84. Lucy says:

    brad and jen were married 5 years, justin and heidi were together 14 years…in my book justin and heidi had much more of a relationship than brad and jen, irregardless of the fact that they did not have a legal piece of paper…

  85. Kim says:

    Easy to be optimistic when, although you lack true talent, you are making movies and millions. She has no REAL problems.

    I do agree with Elaine – Brad was never seen as bad guy it was Angelina which is funny because she wasnt the one married at the time! He is the bad guy in that whole situation yet he came out unscathed! Sexist Hollywood that wanted to pin one celeb female against another. He is the one who was married but so self centered he wouldnt let his attraction to Angelina go – he left his marriage for her.

  86. Ruffian9 says:

    Uh…totally misleading headline CB. Using half the quote makes it seem that she’s taking the opposite viewpoint that she actually is in the article.

  87. Katherine says:

    ” . . .Aniston …for having a husband who broke his vow to her.”

    Why do people go there? Is it just cheap and easy? No one has ever offered any proof that this man – who had no history of cheating or even being dishonest – broke his vows to his wife.

    I suspect some women just have to put blame on someone whenever a marriage breaks up – even in a relationship that they have no relationship to & have no personal knowledge about. Perhaps it comes from their own fears that their own relationships and lives could be subject to what they think are forces beyond their control.

    The fears of and transference by posters have no link to the reality of Brad and Jennifer’s marriage and divorce.

  88. Laura says:

    toe: Well legally there is a tremendous difference between marriage and a committed relationship. If you’re married in the United States you can:

    joint file your taxes, get wrongful death benefits for the surviving spouse and children, to be eligible for child support should one partner leave, automatic inheritance in the absence of a will, sponsoring your partner for immigration purposes, income tax deductions, next-of-kin status, tax-free transfer of property, joint adoption, prenuptial agreements, if your partner dies you are entitled to any of the benefits they’ve received from the government AND from their employer and the list literally goes on and on for about 1000 more benefits married people get in the United States.

    Unrelated to the government, some housing rules eliminate singles (i.e. non-marrieds) even if you’ve been in a committed relationship for however long-my older sister and her boyfriend of 7 years were not allowed to move into a condo complex in Florida.

    And this is why that “it’s only a piece of paper” or “it’s only a title” crap bothers me. Because it’s NOT. It helps secure your children’s futures when you die and helps secure your spouse when you die.

    So no, it’s not only a title. Marriage doesn’t cure all and it’s not for everyone but don’t act like it means nothing.

  89. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t know, I think she was pretty clear. “Confront” was a gentle way to put it. Sometimes people (both men and women) just kind of go on the attack about things, and it rarely gets the results they want. She doesn’t say don’t talk about it at all, she says DO talk about it–just do it constructively. That’s hardly new advice.

  90. Cheyenne says:

    @elaine: We could argue about this till the cows come home to no purpose, but the bottom line is this: no one has any evidence that Brad Pitt “broke his vows” to Aniston. He lost interest in her and no longer wanted to be married to her. But she should have seen that coming. She said in an interview after the divorce that by 2004 the marriage was dead. This was before he ever met Jolie.

    And I did think it kind of odd that in that Vanity Fair article, Aniston said she was only 2% responsible for the failure of her marriage, assigning the other 98% to Pitt. If she’s unable to accept her real share of the responsibility, she’ll never really be able to move on.

  91. DD says:

    Just because a person is in a relationship that appears healthy on the surface doesn’t mean it actually is. So then nobody should be entitled to give relationship advice really. Perhaps I’m a bit jaded after being approached by several “happily” married men over the years.
    Anyway stop thinking so highly of yourself because you’re in a happy relationship. Things are not always as they seem and they can also change faster than you think. You may unexpectedly end up like lonely Aniston too, and everyone will reproach your opinion cause of your pathetic singleness. People are assholes. Just sayin :)

  92. Lucky Charm says:

    I think that the reason people are saying a non-marriage relationship doesn’t count, is because Brad & Angie are in a committed relationship but not married. It’s a subtle dig that they don’t have a “real” relationship like Brad & Jen did.

  93. KateNonymous-Love it!!!As you can see I’m over myself.I’m still horse poor,but I’m holding out for Wertys vodka!

  94. jemshoes says:

    I have no personal animosity towards Jennifer Aniston (because, you know, I don’t know her!) and I even enjoy some of her movies (even though she plays the same character over and over again!) but would I take any life and/or relationship advice from her? Not really. ;)

  95. Chloe says:

    Wouldn’t you agree that it *is* slightly inappropriate to dish out advice on relationships and share the bliss just NOW? Normally I wouldn’t be focusing on it so much but after all the talk about sensitivity chips and classy behavior, don’t you get the sense that something is just.. off here?

    Regardless of whether Theroux lied to Aniston/ Bivens or both of them, or whether Aniston knew about Bivens or not and whether she cared or not, regardless of what actually went on there, wouldn’t it be simply more classy and sensitive (and isn’t it what JA used to consider important) to lay low right now for a little bit? Would it really hurt the movie she’s promoting or her career?

    I’m simply amazed that none of her PR people seems to be aware of the backlash this strategy is causing.

    edit: I never actively disliked Aniston, to be honest. I enjoyed Friends (and her character), and when she and Pitt split I actually thought ‘ouch’ this must hurt – to have your ex-husband move on immediately AND with a woman like Jolie.

    My current low opinion on Aniston results solely from her decision to turn the split into a brand and market it (even if those early interviews were indeed a kind of public therapy). I simply find this particular kind of manipulation distasteful.

    And oh, before you say ‘you don’t know her personally you can’t judge’ – I’m judging on the basis of the image she’s actively working to project.

  96. Chloe says:

    @ elaine, 37 – on why people *pick on* Aniston.

    I find it particularly cynical to portray yourself as sweet and positive, and the next day sit beaming next to a show host who just called your rival a whore.

  97. LuckyLilGem says:

    Sounds like a PR planted story to make it seem like she’s emotionally evolved and cast a shadow of a doubt over the emotional maturity of Justin’s ex girlfriend. Pathetic.

  98. P.J. says:

    Infidelity is devastating, whether it’s physical or emotional. Which is worse, for your spouse to have sex with someone else or fall in love with someone else?

    I know people who had a spouse cheat on them and NEVER, ever got over it. So if it has taken Jennifer a few years to move on, I think we should give her a pass on that one.

  99. Callumna says:

    People feel more strongly about this than the interested parties. Not judging, but hope no one is getting too worked up over others’ lives when in reality none of these people are faring badly. This is not what suffering looks like.

    She’s just babbling to fill up her PR contract quota, no biggie.

  100. mln76 says:

    @ PJ ITA except add whether you are officially married or in a long term relationship ;)

  101. mln76 says:

    @Laura you are right on some of the advantages of legal marraiges but for some there are more tax and financial reasons to remain unmarried. And BTW legal benefits don’t guarantee fidelity or affection. No matter how you spin it Justin and Jen were ‘uncool’ to Heidi.

  102. anom says:

    I think that the reason people are saying a non-marriage relationship doesn’t count, is because Brad & Angie are in a committed relationship but not married. It’s a subtle dig that they don’t have a “real” relationship like Brad & Jen did.
    i think you are right. these are the same dreamers who believe with all their “wittle” hearts that brad and jen will reunite. they tout that brad MARRIED jen yet forget that he DIVORCED her as well.

  103. Mugs says:

    Oh yeah she’s a relationship/romance expert…HUH!!!! Pulease!!!

  104. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    Ech. I think that is the worst dress I’ve ever seen her in. It’s like a black dyed doily.

  105. Cheyenne says:

    Lucky Charm: It’s a subtle dig that they don’t have a “real” relationship like Brad & Jen did.

    I would say Brad and Angie have more of a “real” relationship than Brad and Jen ever did.

  106. NicoleAM says:

    while I’m well aware that this is a forum which was created to gossip about celebs, but am I the only one that thinks you people are a little too invested in the Jen/Angie/Brad triangle? This goes behind gossip….some of you are really taking this stuff personally. Chill.

  107. Laura says:

    mln76: Where did I try to spin anything?

    I was responding to a comment where someone said that marriage was merely a title and meant nothing. I was just saying that legally, it does mean something as there are quite a few advantages to being married in the United States. That’s just a fact-no spin.

    And I also stated that marriage isn’t for everyone-I didn’t indicate anywhere that it guarantees anything in terms of your personal relationship.

    Or did I? I don’t recall writing anything like that.

  108. Trashaddict says:

    OK all this relationship crap aside (maybe Jen could really give a shit about relationships, the way she acts) — is she pregnant or did she do some weird plastic surgery on her face? Because it looks full and maybe almost puffy right now. What’s the verdict? early preggers or a plastic surgery touch-up?

  109. Josephina says:


    Most of us have read Aniston’s interviews over the last 7 years… and indeed, she has had a difficult time getting over Brad Pitt.

    My point is that is was truly a distasteful decision on her part to vent the different stages of her feelings-hurt,pain,jealousy, embarassment, denial…in the media for the entire world to see. The unfavorable comments that you refer to are responses of disgust and ridicule to see a middle-aged woman behave in a catty, immature and vindictive manner—for 7 years…all because a man lost interest and moved on.

    There have been TOO MANY interviews that she has referenced Brad, Angie or the their children. There have been
    TOO MANY snarky remarks delivered on her behalf in print or live from her Goddesss Circle of Friends.

    Read the entire Vanity Fair article, August 2005 issue. She spills her guts, with Courntey Cox’s help, about her feelings for Brad. She did not want the marriage to end. She was not ready…and she burst into tears upon the news of Angie’s pregnancy. She did not want her marriage to Pitt to be forgotten. Her divorce is much more popular than her marriage because of the way she coattailed the JoliePitts for 7 years.

    Aniston played all of this drama out in the press/media because she could not control her jealousy. Aniston’s diarrhea of the mouth created the illusion of a triangle. Brad never looked back when he left.

    Her relevance should be memorable film roles but we know that is simply not the case. The Brange brand is so huge that everyone names drops them to make money or to be recognized.

    Angie has it all– the man, the solid lovelife, the career and the children. If Aniston was over Pitt, there would not be any attacks on Jolie. The two women do not know each other.

  110. werty says:

    Trashaddict: Im thinking touch up, but you never know.

    NicoleAM: Yeah that because we have had this conversation several times before and atleast i have learned where to go to find my qoutes. Its more of replaying the same sh*t over and over again, which you can see if you go back a few Aniston post.

  111. Addie says:

    @trashaddict I say surgery (botox type stuff) But maybe both surgery & preggers??

    Ok, my take: people would be more understanding/sympathetic to Jen if she let it all out. Said everything she has been TRUELY thinking and feeling toward Angie, Brad, their life, their kids,EVA-RYTHING in one interview/article and then LET.IT.GO!!!!

    This thing of dropping hints of attack through interviews and friends like Handler and then protest to be inocent girl next door/best friend who did nothing wrong,was wronged. This two-faced behavour is getting old fast.

  112. Laughternrain says:

    Btw, Brad and Angelina NEVER associated outside of shooting. But they both entered a restaurant in the movie. So what you saw, were MOVIE SHOTS. There WAS NO ‘restaurant after shooting’. They NEVER went ANYWHERE after shooting. You seem to have ab-so-lutely NO idea what you are talking about. Bottom line is, Aniston BETRAYED Brad and lied to him about children. HE was the innocent one, not her. And this conniving, scheming, manipulative b1tch has used the last 6 years to pose as the victim instead of the villain she is, to attack Brad who was humiliated and betrayed by her, and to go on any talk show to make passive-aggressive attacks. She is a connivng, scheming and highly manipulative psycho who has made it her missive to create a vendetta and witch-hunt against Brad for 6 years. You truly have been manipulated and conned into supporting the WRONG side in this. I truly feel sorry for Brad because what he endured with Aniston. Her turning it around and making him the villain when all along he was the victim and she the psychotic aggressor. That people think (or rather, like yourself, have been manipulated and brainwashed into thinking Brad was the villain) Aniston is the victim makes me sick with the injustice of it all. After what she did to Brad, he deserves every happiness. God knows he waited long enough. That evil b1tch is getting her bad karma back. Karma always tells the truth.

  113. Carolyn says:

    I used to work in PR/Marketing. Huvane can create all the PR in the world but here are the holes in his Aniston strategy:
    1. If Jen is so wonderful why is she still single? a) she can’t maintain a relationship b) she doesn’t want one but needs to be seen as wanting one or c) trying to appear hot & desirable.
    2. The more someone tells the media they’re happy, they’re not.
    3. Why does Jen need to be across a myriad of forms of media every day? Look at the multitude of very successful celebs who aren’t and cope very well.
    4. He can’t work out which Jen to promote – lonely Jen who’s been dumped by the most handsome man on the planet who all average women can supposedly relate to, hairstyle Jen, workout Jen, homewrecker Jen…all have been done to death. None stick because none of it is genuine.
    5. Jen can’t speak without a script and teleprompt. If so, she’d be a great interviewee and a sought-after celeb for her opinions on things. All of the articles contain very little direct comment from her – it’s all written by the PR team. She actually has very little interesting to say.
    6. There are a lot of PR-generated relationships and set up photo ops.
    7. She does get endorsement gigs but they’re short lived because the public know she just does it for the money.
    8. Brad and Ange have barely commented on her at all over the years. They don’t need to. They’ve moved on.
    Huvane must be the hardest-working PR man in Hwood.

  114. katnip says:

    Seriously if there had been any pictures of Brad and Angie after shooting holding hands or kissing or anything those pictures would have been plastered on every tabloid in the world. Brad and Angie were not seen together until March.. MONTHS after Brad left. And even in those pics they were not touching. They were not seen touching each other until the were holding hands walking in an airport. Hardly a picture of two people cuddling in an embrace weeks after one relationship ended. thing is the press was on the look out for pictures of them together. ONE photog got a picture of Brad boarding a plane and followed him. I remember Angelina was traveling a lot during that time. Not in the US at all. So all this they were in LA sneaking around is beyond silly. They were not seen together at all. If they had been don’t you think that someone would have taken a pic. Heck that beach picture got someone 1/2 a million dollars. that is how much money was floating around.

    I know the Jennatics want to ramble on for almost 7 years about how Brad hurt Jen. Well he and Angie were not flashing their relationship all over the place. And for Brad to be the cheater the Jennatics claim he is they were sure so wanting him to go back to Jenny for some reason. Her fans to this day are still talking that way. About how this relationship with Justin is a fake to get Brad’s attention or make him make his move (leaving his family).

    I laugh because if Brad left his family for Aniston her fans would have no problem with it. Just like they are making long term relationships seem like nothing because the need to keep her the good girl.. something she never was to to begin with.

    Keep the spin and the twisting and demeaning of other relationships. This stance is going to bite them in the ass just like this new relationship has done. It is going to be fun to watch.

  115. mln76 says:

    @Laura LOL I just was more using a phrase and speaking in general. I don’t think you ever even mentioned them in your post.


    people would be more understanding/sympathetic to Jen if she let it all out. Said everything she has been TRUELY thinking and feeling toward Angie, Brad, their life, their kids,EVA-RYTHING in one interview/article and then LET.IT.GO!!!!


    @trashaddict I think botox all the way(you can’t do both)

  116. nnn says:

    Every cheater is blamed or left pronto by the wronged woman as much as his mistress.

    Wether it’s Tiger who was smashed with a baseball bat by his angry wifey, wether it’s Eddie Cibrian, critiqued by Glanville or even Sandra Bullock who left him as quick as she can.

    A woman who said she will always love her husband, who suggest him to take a break but not divorce, who keep on saying how proud she is of him doesn’t act AT ALL like a wronged woman, more like a woman who knows her man’s value, her man honesty. She is just scared to be left by such a man.

    Aniston knows that there were never an affair, her ego was just shattered when he said he didn’t love her anymore and wanted to divorce quick. She realiste that she was…replaceable and knowing exactly how good Brad is, she kenw Jolie was lucky.

    Nothing more, nothing else

  117. jocular says:

    It’s very loud in here.

  118. Josephina says:

    Carolyn—Knock ‘em out with the truth! Hit’em in the eye with common sense! Bravo! VERY WELL SAID.

    Aniston is strongly PR-driven by Stephen Huvane. Name another actress that has as much tabloid and media coverage (Angie does not have a publicist and stays very busy traveling) over the most nonsensical aspects of her life…oh wait, there really is nothing else going on. Aniston has a lot of money and Huvane is spending her money. Go back and look at the quality of her interviews —they are usually vapid, shallow, or immature remarks that reveal…her.

  119. Josephina says:

    NNN- You are absolutely correct. Jen fans have been spun around so much that they cannot keep up with all of her conflicting direct quotes collected over the last 7 years…they do not know what to believe because every PR-induced version of Aniston has been contradicted by her actions or her statements in interviews. Aniston does not care…just as long as she is in the media, seen as a “movie star,” and that people are talking about her—that’s what counts.

    I see her more as a celebrity and far less notable as a movie actress.

  120. original kate says:

    wow, i need a big soda and a pack of red vines to read all these comments. kooky nutburgers!

    i wouldn’t take relationship advice from anyone in hollywood, although the best advice i ever heard was from kevin bacon. when asked the secret to his happy marriage he answered: “you gotta keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.” if mr. original kate & i ever tie the knot that is what is going inside our wedding bands!

  121. Toe says:

    @ Laura
    Yes you are right. There are tons of legal benefits when getting married. Bt i was talking about the emotional parts, the loving parts, the stay faithfull parts.
    thanks for the post though

  122. spooge says:

    How come great photos of cute girls always seem to have some dorky looking guy in the background to spoil it.

  123. Cici says:


    Those picturs are of Brad and Angie on MAMS and what about pictures of Brad and Jen seeming unhappy? His marriage was falling apart before he made that movie and there is no proof he cheated. I don’t even think Angelina was soo focused on a hook up because she was still a relatively new mom. If she was to get involved with someone it would be someone to be a father figure to Maddox.

    So Brad didn’t break any “vow.”

    And Brad and Jen weren’t even that affectionate to each other and all their vacays were a final goodbye sort of thing. He just moved on really quickly.

    And spot on #88!