Leo DiCaprio is jealous over Blake Lively’s flirtation with Ryan Reynolds


A few weeks ago, back when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were actually promoting The Green Lantern, Page Six had an interesting little item about Blake and Ryan and Leo DiCaprio all going out to dinner together. Blake’s current squeeze and her maybe-ex squeeze? Eh. Some people say that Blake was trying to get on Ryan when they filmed The Green Lantern. I don’t know if she was, but I do tend to think Blake has always set her gaze on bigger prizes than Ryan Reynolds. Anyway, In Touch Weekly has a story about Leo getting super-jealous of Blake’s relationship with Ryan, and how much time they spent together during Green Lantern promotions…

Blake Lively seems to be growing closer and closer to her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds – and who can blame her? Well, her new boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, can – and is! Though the movie itself wrapped a while ago, now that Blake and Ryan are doing press -a nd are both out of the long-term relationships they were in while filming – things have changed.

“They had some chemistry, but they controlled it since Ryan was married at the time they were working on the movie,” a friend says. “Now they seem to be having a great time together. Even Leo has noticed it, and that’s why he’s not particularly happy. Even though the relationship is relatively new, he has a lot stronger feelings for Blake than people realize.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Now, I wouldn’t put it past Blake to USE Ryan to make Leo jealous, but as for the idea that Leo might have some competition for Blake’s affection…? Please. Blake knows what she’s doing. She might not be a passable actress, but the girl knows how to play the game. Although… I have to admit, it would be amazing to see Blake Lively try to break Leonardo DiCaprio’s heart. But who could Blake go to after Leo? Who would be a worthy jumpoff? Certainly not Ryan!






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41 Responses to “Leo DiCaprio is jealous over Blake Lively’s flirtation with Ryan Reynolds”

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  1. Jesi says:

    I hear George Clooney is single.

  2. janna says:

    @Jesi- ha! isn’t that the truth?

  3. baby says:

    this girl straight up sold her soul to the devil

  4. Thea says:

    I bet Leo is jealous. Wanting Ryan and all.

  5. zorba says:

    Her publicist is working round the clock for this chick.

  6. Disco says:

    @Thea…LMAO!!! That is exactly what I was thinking!!!!

  7. heyjane says:

    we ladies can learn from blake…anyway she and leo look good together. too bad no new pix.

  8. Christine says:

    This story confirms that Leo is the a-lister who gave herpes to the guy in Vegas who filed a lawsuit- that blind item. Because there is no way that Leo has ever been jealous over a woman, and this fakery with Blake Lively is a distraction, like in that movie Wag the Dog.

  9. marie says:

    Leo is not gay ! What well are you there saying..

  10. curleque says:

    I’d take Ryan over Leo any day, anytime, anywhere.

  11. lily says:

    maybe christine is right…there’s no pictures of them together for so long.too bad cos they look hot together. just when i was beginning to love leo again…can’t believe leo is capable of fauxmance.

  12. SashaT says:

    Ridiculous. Is this another invention from Lively’s PR? She’d do anything to have her client’s name next to Leo’s in the columns. Gross.

  13. Riana says:

    Ryan over Leo any and every day. Leo’s hotness was tops around his Titanic days and been evaporating ever since.

    As for Lively. Straight up fame shore, I used to not believe stories of her on the casting couch but this latest string of desperate celeb tactics makes me change my mind. With a face like that she must suck like a Hoover vacuum.

    It’s a shame because some women never learn that these tactics simply don’t work. Her beauty is forgettable, her career is crippled and her fame will fade.

    Give me a good Emma Watson, Chloe Moretz, either of the Fanning sisters or any oth respectable woman in Hollywood anyday.

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    I’d take Ryan over Leo. He’s hot, doesn’t take himself too seriously and super tall.

    I think that both of them NEED the ladies but for different reasons. I

    like Ryan a lot but let’s face facts that being with Scarlett helped him with his career. He was doing well, but he is now on fire. Being a celeb couple was beneficial. He’s also doing the “dance” of being attached to ladies in the press. Olivia Wilde…. (the ick factor os high with that one…. that mandible is just to huge)

    Leo…. I don’t get this guy. He likes women a lot and he’ll hop from lady to lady and flirting. Is it that he needs to have a lady to appear straight or not like a flaky sl*t to ticket buyers? I’d be single if I were him.

    Oh… I saw BURIED with Ryan. It was good. I was very uncomfortable through the whole movie though. lol See it!

  15. Mika says:

    Blake Lively makes me laugh, she is such a bad actress but I like her anyway. I say this all the time, but I’ll say it again…She’s like a lady Keanu Reeves. Does anyone go to a Keanu Reeves movie expecting to experience even slightly believable acting? NO. But it’s Keanu, and we all love Keanu. Maybe we can learn to love Blake too?

  16. Audrey says:

    Jesi – THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME! But Clooney tends to go for brunettes…:(

  17. Turtle Dove says:


    Cute Ryan pictures.

    I never asked if it was an issue to link to other sites before. Is it? Anyone? Anyone?

  18. surelay says:


    give me a break! this story is– In touch magazine FAN FICTION.

  19. Jules says:

    I guess her gaping maw and those awful implants have really paid off.

  20. KsGirl says:

    You know, if this is true, I’m all for DiCaprio having the tables turned on him and suddenly being the lesser-status partner in the relationship. Good on Blake if she’s got him eating out of her hand.

  21. skilo says:

    On her very worst day Bar would still be a million times more beautiful than Blake will ever hope to be. Bitch looks busted most of the time. In the full body shot with Ryan, Blake looks like a smaller chested, blonde J-Wow. She’s gonna age really badly.

  22. Ramona Q says:

    Why is her hair orange? Not blonde, not red – orange! It looks like she rinsed out the peroxide too soon while going from brown to blonde. Furthermore, I want to smush a hot pie in her stupid face!

  23. Cammie says:

    Seems like this Fling has slowed down…Iam hearing that Leo is in Australia now, hoping he will come to his senses and end this ..Mess.I doubt Ryan Reynolds wants PR seeking Blake…

    And she looks 33 instead of 23 in that pic

    Is she sad about pics of Leo and that model…Anna J

    At America’s wedding she looked rough also

  24. Cammie says:

    Wow I notice how fake and hard her breast look in those pics with Ryan

  25. Bonnie says:

    I’m thinking Leo and Charlize Theron would make a perfect couple. Wonder if they could like each other?

  26. sandy#1 says:

    neither one of them is a prize,i never got on the band wagon of his (Leo,..)no personality, and she is another desperate wanna be,who is going to be used for what ever reason. IMHO

  27. Maritza says:

    Ryan is hotter, Blake and Ryan look better together.

  28. viky says:

    Leo and Blake was this week in LA, together.. so isn’t a PR.
    I really think they like each other.

  29. Turtle Dove says:


    Ryan is officially divorced. Their IMDBs were changed weeks ago and say that the marriage ended in December. I really want to know what happened there. He seems like a great guy. Scarlett appears high maintenance.

  30. Ashley says:

    baby – Not the Devil, Harvey Weinstein. He’s who we should blame for getting this bland bowl of otameal shoved down our thorats.

    Fake Lively please, this might have worked with any other actor, but Leo? Your not even as hot as his last 5 girlfriends. Pssh.

    I’m sure she wants him to wife her up but I have the sneaking suspicion he’s got many girls on the side. I just don’t understand why he would choose such an odd bed mate. He’s not a pap kind of guy and he definitely hates all that gossip. I mean this is a girl who released her iphone pics, she’s not exactly discrete.

  31. Trashaddict says:

    Blake and Ryan look perfect for each other. Boring and seriously white bread.

  32. imho says:

    Flakey still keep on hustling even though Green Lantern bombed – what a nerve!

  33. kazoo says:

    yawn. over it. on to the next one.

  34. Ja says:

    As long as it’s not Ryan Gosling I can rest easily :-)

  35. Babi says:

    Blake is such a wonderfull person. Sorry but all this “talking shit” about her, is because even don’t know her.

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  37. dweep says:

    Funny turn of events really:)

    Blake has been with Ryan for months as I type this. Who would have known!