Duchess Kate, super-slim in blue Erdem: gorgeous or tacky?


More Duchess of Cambridge fashion! More blue! More lace! More weight loss! For Sunday’s trip to Quebec, Kate wore this Erdem dress for the majority of the day – it’s the “Jacquenta” dress, and I guess we’re just establishing that this rich blue color is Kate’s signature. It could totally be worse – I love blue, and the overwhelming majority of women look good in several shades of blue. As much as I’d like to see Kate mix it up, color-wise, the blue is working for her. I do dislike this dress, though. I’m confused by the lace detailing on the shoulders, and while I appreciate that Kate had the dress tailored for her slim figure, there are several shots of her where she looks less “slim” and more “emaciated”.




And here are some additional photos from Kate and Will’s cooking experience a few days ago, where they both wore chef’s jackets. WAITY WITH A KNIFE. She’s having fun with it, but those photos are hilarious.





Finally, here is Kate in a Joseph dress that is totally bland. It looks like a beach coverup!




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. Missy says:

    Harsh much? She looks fine, albeit a little skinny.

  2. kp says:

    I think the Joseph dress is pretty!

  3. Mag says:

    She looks like she walks like a linebacker.

    Again, Erdem designs such gorgeous printed dresses. Why not wear one of those? It’s summer! The lace looks cheap and slightly Dynasty-ish.

    Put the hair up.

    The white dress is pretty inoffensive but does nothing for her.

    She’s wearing an Alexander McQueen sweater dress today that makes her look like a royal child circa 1900. Wearing hair in a ponytail. I thought she had a hairdresser on the trip with her. She really needs a stylist.

  4. Eliza says:

    CB – I love how you make fun of everyone, but please, not kate. she’s just too sweet and happy to make fun of.


  5. Boo says:

    LOVE the photo of her with the Tattoo Guy! <3

    The lace-shoulder dress is not my favorite, but she still looks beautiful in it. Thin is an understatement,but she looks lovely nonetheless. Those nude colored pumps are pretty great, too.

  6. brin says:

    I think they are a great couple, especially after reading all the stuff about Albert & Charlene. Team Wills & Kate!

  7. Danziger says:

    She looks rough. The emaciated kind of rough.

  8. carrie says:

    i hate this blue color and she tarts to be too skinny

  9. teehee says:

    In general, I am very impressed with how easily she has taken up the role of the princess. All this social work and outings and being spotlighted by media seems to not shake her in the least.
    I still get a vibe from her, that she wanted the chance to play dress up and be ‘the pretty princess photographed’ and all — but at least she’s got the social ability and know how to pull off the full responsibilities of that role.
    I wouldnt say for a second its easy work; as much as you cant say it isnt extremely rewarding to meet so many people and see so many new things.

    But yeah she’s tiny and her hair looks great up; plus her modern and smart taste doent fully satisfy my desire to see princess fashions. LOL

  10. whitedaisy says:

    I like this couple.
    I just can’t with the snark.

  11. Judy says:

    I’m sure she is a lovely person and she handles herself well; however, to me, she’s attractive but not beautiful. She has a weird way of walking with her knees bent and she’s too thin–think she may have anorexia in common w/ her departed mother-in-law.

  12. eva says:

    omg, you’re such a hater. she’s really pretty, has a great body, she’s smart and well behaved. what else you need ?? i guess no matter how amazing she would be, there will always be bunch of haters like you searching for yet another flaw. well guess what? we’re all human beings. and i think that MANY girls would love to look like THIS human being

  13. KJ says:

    What kills me is her waist. Her arms and legs look thin but not like they’ll snap in half but her WAIST is so long and jarringly tiny. I can only hope she’s not falling down Dianas path of self destruction.

  14. Rosi says:

    charity work? what charity work? which responsibility of what? she’s a doll, nothing more. i am really getting angry at her being everywhere… alas, it’s like a car accident it’s just not possible to look away. could you please stop writing about her? thanks.

  15. Happymom says:

    The plain cream dress actually was initially paired with a cute jacket-but it’s so hot she took it off. Today at St Edwards Island she’s wearing an adorable cream Alexander McQueen and her hair is back in a pony tail.

  16. Demi says:

    She looks like fat cow. She needs to lose a lot of weight.

  17. ElleGin says:

    She is thin, and boarding on skinny, but she is not THAT thin. There are not weird bones poking out and her muscles are visible. I think she looks fine and very happy. It’s such a contrast to another newly weds.

  18. bluhare says:

    She’s a princess; she can’t be too flashy. It isn’t done. In my opinion, she’s doing a great job of styling herself. She’s simple and unfussy, and she is travelling after all.

    EDIT: Just saw today’s dress. It’s Edwardian looking, which is pretty appropriate since they are in PEI for her Anne of Green Gables day which was written in Edwardian times.

  19. Lady D says:

    With the exception of her engagement pic dress, I have liked everything she has worn so far. We have the same emaciated build and I think she looks really good.

    OT: Happy 4th of July neighbours.

  20. seVen says:

    I love Kate… I probably always will. Woman can do no wrong in my eyes.

  21. Vee says:

    Will and Kate are really growing on me. They seem truly content with each other and their new roles as ambassadors for their country and the monarchy. Style wise I give her an A. She is classy and understated. I like her solid colored dresses, they photograph very well. Well done to the both of them!

  22. atorontogal says:

    Someone of substance who does not do drugs, drink, fall on their ass, get arrested etc etc. And yet still people need to make derogatory comments. What’s wrong with people? Not happy unless they can slag on someone else? Pretty sad lives if you get happiness from bashing others. Bottom line, she doesn’t know you nor care (I’m sure) about what is written on this page! William loves her. End of story.

  23. Diane says:

    Kate is lovely. Like Princess Diana, whom she will probably always be compared to, she looks good in just about anything.

  24. blonde on the dock says:

    She has a lovely figure and handles herself with class. I’m impressed with them both.
    @Rosi: no ones forcing you to read about them.

  25. Findley says:

    Love love love that she wears her hair down!

  26. Rosanna says:

    She looks great in blue!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Cheyenne says:

    The dress is very pretty and she looks great in it. Damn, I wish I still has a waistline like that.

  28. honeychurch says:

    Can we use the word “anorexia” yet? I look at her and I think of Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden who famously had “the Princess Syndrome” a few years back and finally admitted to an eating disorder. It’d be interesting to do a before & after post on Kate because there’s being thin and then there’s having a big eating issue.

  29. Sara says:

    She isn’t ageing well… She 30 Ok…
    Let see other actress who are 30
    rachel mcadams- 32 sheLooks better than Kate. So as… Kirsten Dust, Julia Stiles,Natalie Portman,Alexis Bledel,Sienna Miller and anothers.

    Sorry but she looks 35-38 but not someone who just turned to 30.
    When she get to 35 she will be like forty…

  30. Deven says:

    She’s just a lovely young woman who looks great in her clothes. She radiates happiness, and I’m sure she’s delightful to be around. There’s no reason to pick away at her. Please stop.

  31. Leticia says:

    I bet she wears the blue to compliment her engagement ring stone. And I love her tiny waist.

  32. sarahtyler says:

    Can we please just talk about how nice Wills looks in jeans?

  33. Jen34 says:

    She looks great. Really, Kate deserves some kind of honeymoon period with the press where everyone backs off.

  34. lucy2 says:

    Like the blue color, but I’m not a fan of this lace trend, it always looks dated to me.
    She does look much thinner, probably due to all the attention on what she’s wearing. Hopefully she doesn’t make herself ill because of it.

  35. Hellen says:

    I think she’s too thin but YMMV. So far her clothes have been safe, appropriate but quite boring. I’m getting a little tired of all the blue, but again – she looks perfectly fine. She looks really great in cream – would have liked to see the jacket to that dress.

  36. Valerie says:

    If that’s a beach cover up, then I havent a clue as to what I’ve been wearing over my bathing suits! Her blue dress is lovely. I haven’t a clue why you’re always so “confused” by nice clothing. I’d love to see what you have in your closet–your critical comments lead me to believe that you are one if the best dressed women in the world!

  37. JulieM says:

    Please DO go on making fun of Kate. She is vapid and boring. Why should she get a pass? There is nothing interesting about her at all. She is doing what she hung on and waited for for 9 years. She does wear nice clothes, though. I like the blue lace shoulder dress because I’m a big fan of Erdem. If he had designed her wedding dress, it might have been more interesting. I liked the Kate Burton dress, but it was nothing extraordinary.

    Social work, what social work?

  38. Heather says:

    The blue dress does not appeal. It looks like a discarded bridesmaid’s dress.

  39. gemmaa says:

    i like the Joseph dress! Anyone know what shoes she is wearing??? Me want!

  40. Snappyfish says:

    @whitedaisy…well said!!

    I love this couple & am sick of all the snarky comments & criticism that border on pure malevolence. They are sweet, considerate of each other & clearly happy & in love.

    In such a cynical world these two are a breath of fresh air

  41. Nicky27 says:

    Hate to say it bitches, but I have to agree with a lot of people here: enough with the Kate Hate already. She’s gorgeous, smart, classy, and seems to handle all this new pressure with great aptitude. Isn’t there some Lohan or Tori Spelling clone we can make fun of?

  42. teehee says:

    @ gemmaa: there is a blog dedicated to royals and their fashion- and not just the British but all royals, and they identify the dresses, bags, shoes etc worn by the various princesses on outings.
    its called “my royals” and the address is the same, google it and Im sure youll find it.
    I check it daily– lots of pics :D

  43. Dirty Martini says:

    Shes a lovely girl. I generally like most of her clothing choices. She is in my opinion getting too thin. I shudder to remember thats how Dianna started to show the stress.

  44. JennJenn says:

    The dress is lovely but should have been worn on another occasion and not right on the heels of the navy blue lace dress. Being very lean with low body fat is not the same as being emaciated. Look at Kate’s muscular biceps. Emaciated people are skin and bones with no muscle tone. I think she would look better with a little more fat to fill out her tall frame, but maybe she likes the way she looks.

  45. JohnnieR says:

    Meh, nothing against her, but she just doesn’t do it for me, at all. What is she like in reality, aside from the media articles, media spin, etc.? Nobody outside her circle really knows. One thing’s for sure, she does not have that certain “IT” about her.

    She’s a pretty woman, but I think she’d look better and more striking by cutting that boring hair of hers to shoulder length.

    Wow, can’t believe we’re coming up on 30 years since Charles and Di got married! I remember waking up early and watching the wedding on TV with my older sister. Wow…I feel “older”! LOL!

  46. tmbg says:

    I don’t get these too thin comments. She has muscle tone – you can see it in certain pictures. This girl is nowhere near an Angelina Jolie or Nicole Richie (from a few years back) level.

    I like her, but not her fashion choices so much. She should wear a pair of jeans or khakis once in awhile. Or if everything has to be formal, something more youthful. A lot of these dresses have a matronly feel.

  47. Violet says:

    I don’t think commenting on her weight loss is hating on her. Personally, I’m a bit concerned given how quickly eating disorders can spiral out of control. (BTW, Princess Di had muscle tone, too — some anorexics and/or bulimics don’t just starve themselves, they also exercise like crazy to keep their weight down.)

    If you compare photos of Kate before the engagement and after, it’s pretty clear that she went from being slim to being emaciated. That’s not healthy for Kate, nor does it set a good example for the girls that look up to her.

  48. Mia says:

    I’m with JohnnieR. I don’t hate her. I just don’t feel much towards her.

    I think she needs to cut her hair, but I doubt she’d do it. Her hair is her signature, like the navy/blue colored clothing. She won’t change it up any time soon.

  49. maritan says:

    Not liking how matchy she is with the colours. The red and white on Canada Day and then this blue dress in Quebec – was it worn to match with the Quebec flag?
    She looks good, but I would agree, a bit older than her actual age.

  50. Minx2 says:

    She’s getting a serious case of a lollipop head.. she should not wear clothes that emphasise the fact that she has no hips. She looks like she has huge shoulders and a big head (which she doesn’t) in that blue dress. BTW, the lace/applique thing reminds me of something one buys at JoAnn Fabrics for a craft project. Anyway.. I hope she gives us something to write home about soon. Unfortunately, she’s close to looking like Nancy Reagan (anorexia included).

  51. Amanda G says:

    People, it is possible for a woman to be slim and not anorexic. She is thin, but healthy.

  52. Lee says:

    First of all – love them together. Very sweet, loving, and a refreshing change from the usual royal/gossip couples.

    Love her hair – love that she wears it down. And she might be thin – but she is no anorexic – just look at her healthy arms and legs. I’m tall too, and used to have that exact figure with a very slender waist. Sadly, a few years and 3 children have somewhat modified it for me. Now I just have a regular waistline like everyone else. It is an awesome figure for wearing dresses. Everything looks good. And I love her choices so far – very suitable for each occasion.

  53. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Kate is a lovely woman with beautiful hair who looked ever so much better as a healthy ‘waity Katy’!

    Too bad she seems to be losing weight at a disorder type rate. Maybe, it’s newlywed stress and Kate will return to her attractive, normally slim self?

  54. Laughternrain says:

    I love her blue dress, just gorgeous! And blue truly is her colour.

  55. PrettyLights says:

    I think she’s looking a little too slim, but if she were anorexic or bulimic it would probably be showing in her hair. My sister was bulimic for a while and it finally hit home for her how unhealthy it was when her gorgeous thick hair started falling out. Kate has great healthy-looking hair and skin, so she seems to be getting enough nutrients. Anyway, I think she’s probably one of those women who loses weight when they’re under stress, plus I bet she works out whenever she has time and eats healthy.

    Her style is a little boring, seeing as she keeps wearing the same few colors, but she does look good in what she wears and she accessorizes well. Her and William look really happy together, and he looks really cute in that button down shirt and jeans… I remember when I was in middle school and all the girls had his picture on the wall, he was/is such a cutie, hair loss or not.

  56. CIdee says:

    I love her and am going to refrain from any snarkiness.

  57. Darlene says:

    You’re consistently too hard on her. She’s sweet and lovely and you’d think people would be happy William is so happy. She looks wonderful, albeit a little thin.

  58. bb says:

    She looks awesome! Why the haters?! Jealous much?

  59. Hilary says:

    Yeah, her torso area is kind of worrying me. I look at her waist and hips and wonder where all of her internal organs have room to function. Like, I wonder if she menstruates. Her sister is absolutely tiny too, so I’ll concede that they’re both petite and slightly-built. But chicks, eat a sandwich or two, please, you got me worried.

  60. hmm says:

    If you want an idea of exactly how skinny she is, go to US magazine and look at the photo of her in the boat. Her legs are skinny skinny and it kind of reminds me of Angelina Jolie. I hope that she realizes that the thinness really detracts from her looks and makes her appear about 5 or 6 years older than she actually is. They seem like a sweet couple and I hope they remain happy and if she has issues with weight or food, I hope she doesn’t go the Diana route.

  61. Dea says:

    Kaiser: I really like the dress but definitely she looks really skinny for her height. As I read she is 5.10 and she should be at least 125 or 130 lbs for that height. I think she already is 10-15 pounds underweight. I hope she does not become obsessive with her body. As to her style I think her style has become too predicted. All her dresses are just fine and “royally correct” but I kind of know what style she is going to wear next time – I may just not know the color.

  62. gemmaa says:

    @teehee, thank you, found it…..and the shoes…plus a non expensive copy of them. They’ll be just as comfy I am sure :0

  63. mimi says:

    Her dresses are very pretty. I love the color blue, and the cut is great as well.

    The shoes are absolutely awesome! I wish they said whose shoes are they.

    She is so skinny, it ages her. She looks older than most 30 something women.

    A few more pounds would help her harsh look.

    The hair is fine and could be better had it more curl to it.

    Other than that, she lives at the expense of the people and has no real job other than have a PR team make sure she stays famous for being famous.

    She is living her dream, though. She is famous for no real reason or accomplishment.

  64. euroschmuck says:

    its not simple weight loss anymore, it already looks ugly and unhealthy. And think of all good quality top-chef food she can get…

  65. Bobby the K says:

    Did she run over your dog or something?

  66. Dizzy says:

    Prince not St Edward!!

    I think she’s obligated to dress conservatively but it’s kinda refreshing after all the boobs and buts we’ve been seeing from every major pop star out there

  67. orion70 says:

    I like the white dress tbh, certainly more than the blue. I like the looser styles on her.

    I do agree that she looks quite thin, but I’m not sure anyone in her shoes would want to be chowing down on big meals while you have to sit through all these engagements.

  68. Anne de Vries says:

    Yikes, that looks like she’s going to dissappear into nothing soon. Enough with the diet, Kate!

  69. ZenB!tch says:

    She’s been a little thin for a while now. I thought she went on some weird diet for her wedding.

    I know I’m going to be slammed for this but I was never a fan of Diana’s fashion or hair choices and the blue dress is a little too Diana. It’s perfectly royal and dowdy.

    At least she didn’t wear a hat. When does she hit LA again? This will be interesting.

  70. april says:

    I think the blue dress is totally gorgeous. I would love to have it for myself.

  71. Ally says:

    Well, the blue is probably playing off the engagement ring color.

    And yeah, considering Diana started off with an eating disorder, this isn’t great. Her energy level in Canada has been incredible, though, so hopefully her health really is OK.

  72. Flounder says:

    She looks rough, not very elegant at all.

  73. Andie B says:

    In my opinion she hasn’t got it wrong yet. The blue is lovely on her. She is a little too skinny, but if she had more weight on, she would probably be criticized for that. I like the fact that she will wear something twice.

  74. Samihami says:

    Lovely young woman, great clothing choices and beautiful hair. I can only assume that a lot of folks are jealous of her Otherwise, why all the hate? she in just so inoffensive.

  75. gab says:

    @Danzinger: I agree she does look rough.

    Princess Lollipop!! Geeze, have a burger! (Or perhaps even an entire salad – c’mon, don’t hold back!)

  76. anti says:

    she has a very slender waist. her arms and face look fine. she just has an interesting body shape.

  77. Dahlimama says:

    I think she’s adorable, but when the width of a grown woman’s head is wider than that of her waist, I’m a little concerned. I’ve loved every outfit I’ve seen her in though.

  78. gamblea says:

    first time I’ve seen him without a tie!

  79. phaksi says:

    The blue lace dress is horrible. She doesnt need to wear blue to match the ring. The thing is huge, no one will miss it. The white dress is pretty. The McQueen one looks like a school uniform. Wills looks good dressed casually :) . If he still had all his hair Id be lusting after him instead of Harry

  80. myTbean says:

    When is having a waste that is almost the circumference of your kneck a good thing? I think she looks ill. :(

  81. Listerino says:

    Loving the dress. As soon as I saw it I looked about to see if there’s cheap rip off versions. I’m sure there will be soon!
    And yes I also thought when I saw these pics she’s looking a little on the too skinny side. Not alarmingly so yet but she doesn’t need to lose any more weight that’s for sure!

  82. Isa says:

    I’m glad she’s not wearing a hat. Getting a little burnt out on them.

    I like that she wears blue and doesn’t ALWAYS wear neutrals. I can’t get over how narrow her waist is. The rest of her looks normal-slim but her waist and hips I feel I could wrap my hands around and they would touch!

    I noticed the bent knees too…is she about the same height as Prince William in heels? Maybe that’s why she walks like that.

  83. Hmmm says:

    Blue is not her colour.

    Has she become anorexic?

  84. Trillion says:

    Must’ve been rough being around all that chocolate. The only one watching her waistline more than herself is the (ruthless) British press.

  85. Ashley says:

    Oh please of course she’s “good at this” she’s been practicing for 9 years! And probably before then knowing what her Boelyn-esque family is like.

    She better be good at smiling and posing, it’s the only job she’s ever had and I’m sure she’s been practicing for this day the minute Willy saw her in her see through dress and paid for her for the night.

    Come off it. It’s like I’m in some weird parallel universe where everything she’s done for the past 9 years has suddenly been forgotten and she’s become a “role model” (for what girls to be Stepford wives?), beautiful (yes for someone a decade older) and so lovely (really when has her real personality ever emerged)? She’s like a better put together Katie Holmes, robot personality and all.

  86. mimirin says:

    She was in the province of Quebec when she was wearing that blue dress, and the colours of their flag are white and that same blue. I think it was a symbol of respect. For Canada Day she wore red and white, and a maple leaf brooch. She’s trying to coordinate with the provinces that she’s visiting. I bet when she visits Alberta (Calgary) it will be some kind of cowboy-themed outfit.

  87. eternalcanadian says:

    The colour is lovely, and remember Catherine was in Quebec, the anti-monarchy province of Canada. That colour of her dress is the same blue in the Quebec flag. So like she wore red and white on Canada Day, she’s wearing blue in Quebec. However I didn’t like the style of the dress. It looked like a bridesmaid dress as a couple posters already mentioned.

    And good grief, can she get any skinnier? Did you all see her when they did the dragon boat racing and walked on the beach? Her legs were skinnier than her neck! She has no arse. I wonder if that’s why she switched positions, that she didn’t have the muscle tone anymore to handle the steering like she did 4 years ago? She could barely row too. Although I think William had an unfair advantage with his mostly guys boat, and I believe the guy in front of him (bald head) is one of Canada’s Olympian rowers.

    Getting off track here. The dress colour is lovely, the dress style a fail. I hope Catherine gains about 10 or 15 pounds. She needs it in order to conceive and to look better than a lollipop on a stick.

    Come to think of it, doesn’t William look a bit thin himself? He had skinny legs and no arse in those trousers he was wearing at the beach. What the heck do those royals eat? Bird seed?

  88. Jaxx says:

    Why in the world do people say she needs to cut her hair? Because it is just too gorgeous? Are you jealous of that rich mane of hair? And yes, she is thin but it looks good on her and her clothes look wonderful too. I think people criticize because they are just plain jealous of someone who has so much. Looks, wealth, titles, a loving husband, and trips around the world. Well, let her enjoy it without all this nasty carping.

    All you haters need to spend your attention somewhere else. Why keep your focus on someone who clearly spoils your day?

  89. Jaxx says:

    @Minx2–How can you say she has no hips? In the second photo it is clear that her tiny waist flows out into very shapely HIPS. I think she has a beautiful form and she wears clothes that flatter it.

  90. wunderkindt says:

    She looks like she’s wasting away. That blue is getting too repetitive.

  91. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I seriously believe she has an eating disorder. She now looks like a bobble-head, compared to her emaciated body. I just hope somebody in her family REALLY cares about HER (and not her “image”) and starts some kind of intervention. Seriously. Because if they turn a blind eye and tell her she looks great this thin, they are enablers who don’t really care about her health (her hairline is receding, as it does with many women who starve themselves). It’s sad.

  92. Wens says:

    You know, you Americans only think she looks thin/anorexic because you all overeat junk food & fizzy drinks and don’t exercise so you have no idea what a healthy body actually looks like!
    Instead of hating on everybody that can actually be bothered to exercise and has restraint in what they eat why don’t you get busy down the gym and consult a dietician!

  93. Sara says:

    @Wens- right because there are no fat people in Europe?

  94. alice says:

    Too thin? Maybe

    Tacky means to show poor taste or quality.

    She has never shown poor taste or obvious poor quality in her dress sense. Its a non story.

  95. Minx2 says:

    Wens.. I live in a country where young women are tiny and the average female size is 38 (8) and that is considered “big” by most people but she still looks too thin to me. When your head starts looking much bigger than your body, something is wrong. I just don’t want her to go down Diana’s route. She used to look much healthier before the engagement.

  96. Lucythinks says:

    This woman is married to the future King of England – she is not Eva Longoria, Olivia Wilde or Chery Cole. She is a position which represents class and tradition – she can’t turn up to state events in flashy colourful haute couture like it’s a red carpet occasion. She certainly will be expected to never draw attention to herself in an overtly flashy way as old fashioned as that sounds – for god’s sakes the girl is a duchess!

    She is not a celebrity and has not been put into her position because she looks like Megan Fox. Whether you like or understand this she must dress tastefully and appropriately and she is the epitome of both currently despite a bit too much weight loss.

  97. sandy says:

    There’s lot of hypocritical comments going on here today. I don’t always agree with every opinion out there but I tolerate it because I believe everybody has a right to express it. I like reading Celebitchy because it’s escapism from our daily lives. On one hand you say Kaiser is jealous and harsh and on the other you are just as harsh. When will people stop calling someone jealous, bitter and haters only because they expressed a different opinion. Not everyone has to express sycophantic fawning over kate.Anybody can see she has lost a lot of weight and can barely stand straight. In the rowing pictures posted on daily mail her life jacket is hanging loose. If people cant see this that’s fine but stop calling people names for pointing it out.

    Yes no one is forcing us to read about Kate but no one is forcing you to read comments you don’t like about her either.

  98. JulieM says:

    Sandy, well said. And Ashley @89. All this sparkling unicorn drivel I’m reading when it comes to Katie is almost comical. This dull young woman sat on her arse for 9 years waiting William out and she won. Good for her. Other than that, where is it written that I have to respect her in any way? 9 years of expensive vacations, shopping, living off her parents, and now the British taxpayers is supposed to engender respect?

    No, I’m not jealous, she can have William. Other than his bank account, I’m not impressed. No, I don’t hate her, I just don’t respect her. And she IS thin almost to the point of an eating disorder. And that does not make me happy in any way; especially because Diana was bulimic. I think it’s quite sad, actually.

  99. Rich Girl says:

    I think she is too thin already! Stop dieting, Kate! She is nice, but I just can’t read about her all the time.

  100. Caro says:

    She’s great. Almost always smiling. Don’t care if she is too thin or did not do anything noteworthy the last 9 years. Love her!

  101. Pose83 says:

    Well, she’s not going to be pregnant for a while. I’m not sure you could fit a baby in that size body. Is she doing the Dukan diet?

  102. Esmom says:

    I think she and Wills are cute. And I get that as a royal she represents tradition and can’t/shouldn’t be flashy with her fashion choices. However I think most of her choices are just dowdy. Pippa’s, too, for that matter.

    The last really cute outfit I can recall was the jeans and sweater-poncho thing she wore to go grocery shopping right after the wedding. It was a tasteful yet age appropriate outfit, not too old for her. I’m not saying she should wear jeans to public events, but with a world of choices at her disposal I’d love to see something a bit younger and more fun on her.

  103. ladybert62 says:

    I like both dresses and wish I was as skinny as she is. But I know that when Kate starts to have babies, she will be looking back at these pictures and saying (like my mother did): “I cant believe how skinny I used to be!”

  104. sharylmj says:

    I bet they are fun to hang out with, they seem so relaxed and easy going. They look great, she is a little thin, but not scarey skinny yet.. I think she’s been dressing very appropriately and I like that beige dress, it’s simple, she is very conservative with her clothes, so I wouldn’t expect too many flashy colors and prints from her wardrobe.

  105. KatT says:

    For goodness sake, she is the future Queen (consort)of England. She must present herself appropriately, at all times, most certainly during official duties, it is her job.
    Fashion aside, she obviously adores William, and he clearly loves her. After the loss of his mum, and the unbearably un-private manner he must live… I wish them happiness and peace.

  106. Ari says:

    I don’t really see her as the emaciated skinny I see her as the athletic person who perhaps is working out a bit too much and not eating enough or she is traveling way too much and eating less who knows i think she looks fantastic in that blue

  107. telesma says:

    I think the blue and the bland are both better than that nautical number with the crap tailoring (that’s a style that should be *crisp*, the waist shouldn’t droop, nor should the hem be uneven, among other things). The blue is a bit late 80′s homecoming queen, and the bland is shapeless, sack-like, but they’re at least properly fitted and tailored. And honestly, I expect her to wear dowdy, boring clothes. She’s an English duchess. I think dressing like she shops at Talbot’s is probably part of her job description.

  108. I have to say that I like that Kate wears clothes from labels and prices we can afford but I do not like how skinny she is. I bet tons of girls in the UK are going to starve themselves to be skinny like Kate.

  109. Fashion cents says:

    She looked slim but healthy, just not the hour glass type of figure, a very pretty head though. The superb cutting of her dresses is doing the best for her very slim figure.

  110. jemshoes says:

    Kate looks lovely but always too skinny!

  111. superman says:

    Too skinny for the fat UK and Americans..yes.

    Anyone to criticize her is simply a miserable person. Go kill yourself and donate your organs to someone who wants to live.

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