Brooke Hogan blogs about Nick getting out of jail tomorrow

Today I realized that it is physically impossible to write an article about Nick Hogan – or the Hogan family in general – without starting it off “Poor Nick Hogan,” followed by a bunch of comments about how hard his life is. But it is truly next to impossible to say anything about them that isn’t dripping with sarcasm. The other options are to be all-out mean or…. well to lie. There’s nothing good or redeeming to say about anyone in that family.

Brooke Hogan has the misfortune of not just being a member of that family but also being phenomenally, shockingly, “how are you able to breathe?” stupid. So she’s written a little blurb on her MySpace page about how little jailbird brother Nick is getting out of prison tomorrow. And just how hard it’s been on her. And on her family in general, but mostly it’s about Brooke, and all that she’s gone through. There’s a mention of John Graziano as an afterthought, but that’s about it.

Brooke Hogan’s brother Nick is leaving jail tomorrow – and she can’t wait. “I can’t even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me!” she writes on her MySpace Celebrity page. “Nick and I are like best friends…and I can’t believe how long I’ve gone without him.”

Nick, 18, has been serving eight months in jail after pleading no contest to reckless driving charges stemming from an August 2007 crash that left his best friend, John Graziano, in critical condition. Thanks to his good behavior behind bars, he is being released from jail three months early.

“Not seeing him for six months has been really, really hard,” Brooke writes. “He always knows how to make me feel better or make me smile when I need it, and it’s been tough without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when I’m havin’ a bad day.”

She continues, “There have been a lot of supporters and a lot of haters that have come up to me and said things that have helped and things that made me feel like I couldn’t make it through another day… Some people wish terrible, terrible things on us and say the most nasty comments that I can’t even repeat on here… It really hurts.

“I understand people have their own opinion, but most of the people that come up to us don’t know the whole story or how much we really, really love John [the victim],” she says. “It’s really sad because we’re not bad people. We’re just going through a really hard time, and so is John’s family.

“All I ask is, instead of making this harder and putting evil things out there, you pray for John, and for us, and leave words of inspiration,” she writes. “John is gonna walk out of that hospital and things will be OK again. I know his strength, and I know he can do it with our prayers.”

Before signing off, Brooke writes, “I just can’t wait to see my Nicky! I’m gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! He’s been living on bread and potatoes so far and I know some Mac-n-Cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL”

[From Us Weekly]

Brooke already had some serious haters pointing her way before Nick nearly killed his best friend. People couldn’t stand her personality on her family’s ridiculous T.V. show – but it was her so-called singing career that really made her the butt of jokes. Along with looking like a tranny version of her father. Frankly the last thing this girl needed was more attention for people disliking her. But that’s her own doing – she’s constantly going on ridiculous MySpace rants about how awful everything has been for her family and how hard it is on them, yada yada yada. The essential point is that all that matters is the Hogans, and why doesn’t the rest of the world see that? What jerks.

I still wish really terrible things on this family, and hope every single moment of happiness that they would ever have experienced is sent the Grazianos way instead. If Brooke feels the need to request prayers, she should leave her family out of it and request that they go towards the victim, not the criminal.

Here’s Brooke Hogan outside the Setai Hotel after attending the Bejeweled Swimwear show at Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami Beach on October 1st. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Syko says:

    I don’t think John is “gonna walk out of that hospital”, not with half his brain gone.

    Particularly horrible picture of Brooke there. Good job, JayBird!

  2. california angel says:

    I know, what a horrible thing to say about someone who cannot even feed himself. She has been without her brother for months, meanwhile, the grazianos are going to have to deal with the aftermath of that accident for the rest of their lives.

  3. hlhannigan says:

    she looks like a male version of Paris Hilton.

  4. devilgirl says:

    The whole family disgusts me. Yeah Brooke, John only needs a little physical therapy, and maybe a walker or crutches. He’ll be up and about in no time! He will also be followed by a lovely unicorn, a rainbow and a parade of pixies throwing magic dust. Dumb Biotch!

  5. jennifer says:

    October 20th, 2008 at 8:53 pm I don’t think John is “gonna walk out of that hospital”, not with half his brain gone.

    That’s what I was going to say. Unfortunately I saw those pictures of him…not gonna happen, Brook “Even Dumber Than I Thought And I Can’t Believe That’s Even Possible” Hogan. Sorry.

  6. hello says:

    Did she revolutionize the science of the human brain? I thought that you needed your frontal lobe to function in the world.

    Does she not think that people have not seen pictures or read about the extent of his injuries.

    Her stupid brother is lucky that his family didn’t refuse medical intervention because when he died NIck would have been charged with vehicular manslaughter at the least, 2nd degree murder at the most/best. :evil:

  7. Christina says:

    idon’t see anything wrong with worrying about one’s brother… i know in a similar situation i would still love my brother and be concerned for his welfare…

  8. Mrs.Ezc says:

    I think I’m sick to death of this family and their opinion that Nick did nothing wrong, his friend didn’t die so it’s okay for him to get a slap on the wrist ??? if this was my son first off he’d have the book thrown at him by a judge (since he’s not a celebrity) and second .. I would throw something at him for not taking responsibility for his stupidity!! Does this family have no shame .. poor Nick .. to hell with that, poor JOHN!! I have no respect for the Hogan family and to be honest they aren’t even new worthy until Nick takes responsibility for his actions. 8 mos in jail is not responsible.

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    ZOMG 8O “John will walk out of the hospital one day because of prayers”?! I can’t even express how mad this makes me–I too, have seen video and pictures. Now I know why there is that saying “Too stupid to live”.

    I have a serious question; someone please answer, ok? WHY are they keeping John’s body alive, when there is NO hope–ever–of him waking up?

  10. caribassett says:

    What a freaking idiot. I have seen the images of John. I do not think he will ever even be able to tell his family how much he loves them again, and He will certainly not ever walk out of there.
    I really really want to shake the snot out of this girl. :cry: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :cry: :cry: :cry: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  11. Chris says:

    Someone please tell me how this skank is relevant?

  12. Codzilla says:

    Brooke is so hideously ugly. Like, stop in the street and stare ugly. 8O

  13. geronimo says:

    I was going to say that’s an unfortunate pic but I prefer your take on her, codzilla. :twisted:

  14. hello says:

    @ Solitary Angel

    I think they are keeping him alive because they are catholic.

  15. Codzilla says:

    hello: Would it be considered suicide if they were to take him off life support? I know Catholics frown on suicide, but I’m shamefully ignorant of most things religious.

  16. hello says:

    @ Codzilla

    What a wonderfully confusing medicine v. religion conundrum. Good for you! A+ :mrgreen:

    It wouldn’t be suicide on his behalf because he isn’t killing himself. Maybe murder on his parent’s hands?

    I know from the Teri Schaivo stuff, her parent’s (who were Catholic) saw that she had basic responses to light via the brain stem activity (which Graziano has), they said that she was conscious and therefore alive and could recover and to take her feeding tube would be them killing her. Although her brain injuries resulted from a heart attack, not a car accident.

    In this case the cause was Nick, not a heart attack, so I would think that logically the cause of death would be Nick (legally it would be), but perhaps in the eyes of the church the blame shifts to the parents because they ultimately make the decision to stop the efforts to keep him “alive.”

    That’s my take on it…I don’t know for sure. Maybe we can email the Pope? He has to know the answer.

  17. geronimo says:

    Religious beliefs aside, I guess it would be regarded as murder were his family to decide to take him off whatever life support he’s on, based on their own personal feelings about how untenable his situation is, and against medical opinion. If John is in a position to cummunicate well enough to indicate that he wants to die, his family could go down the ‘assisted death’ route (but this would still be regarded as ‘murder’ unless euthanasia is permitted in the state in which he lives.)

    It’s hard to imagine what quality of life he has from the horrifying pics of him but I guess where there’s life, there’s hope, and quality of life is such a subjective thing, isn’t it? But I hope to God it’s not just strict religious beliefs that are keeping him alive. Either way, it must be beyond heart-breaking for his family.

  18. hello says:


    If you’re being kept alive on life support and your family decided to pull the plug it’s not murder in any state. It’s a power that whoever has power of attorney, or the parents/legal guardian have to make for you. If you couldn’t pull the plug hospitals would been kinda full. Doctors have no medical duty to you once they’ve exhausted all the medical options to cure/make you healthy. The murder/suicide debate is just religiously based.

    I just looked up what his injuries are and it says that he isn’t brain dead, but is confined to pain responses and blinking his eyes. He has to live in a nursing home for the rest of his life. So he is there, but trapped in a broken body. He probably wont recover, but the family hopes. That has to be the worst fate ever. I didn’t think I could dislike the Hogans any more than I already did.

  19. Jeanne says:

    In that picture she also looks like Marcia Brady. What an odd family.

  20. geronimo says:

    @Hello – yes, you’re right, I phrased very badly what it was I was trying to say, which was that his family, regardless of POA, couldn’t make the decision to let him ‘go’ if John himself had indicated (assuming he’s in a position to communicate) that he felt his current existence, limited tho’ it is, was tenable. That would constitute taking a life, wouldn’t it?

    And yes, recovery here would be nothing less than miraculous. Too sad.

  21. jjj says:

    It is called euthinasia not suicide. if you were on a bed just laying there with no thoughts not being able to eat, talk basically live then would you wnat to live?