Photos of Britney Spears practicing new routine for concert tour

Britney Spears’ official website got a major update yesterday with some pictures of Brit and her dancers practicing a routine for her concert tour. It looks pretty hardcore (and a tad dangerous) too – Brit’s holding what appears to be a real whip.

Gimme more! Brit was snapped rehearsing her latest dance routine — holding a whip.

The Spears Comeback Train is rolling on full steam ahead — she’s reportedly signed Wade Robson, the man behind her raunchy video “I’m a Slave 4 U,” to choreograph her world tour. She will reportedly hit the road in March next year.

Meanwhile, Brit’s driving-without-a-license trial has come to a grinding halt — jurors are at a deadlock! Jurors in her trial went home today without reaching a verdict after announcing they were stuck on a 10-2 vote. They’ll reconvene tomorrow.

Britney, 26, is charged with driving without a California license.

[From Extra]

It really is amazing to see how incredible Britney looks. Her body appears the same as it did years ago – she’s obviously worked incredibly hard to get it back into such crazy shape.

TMZ is reporting that the jurors in Britney’s trial are deadlocked, and they theorize that confusion of dad Jamie Spears’ testimony is partly to blame. Apparently Jamie has a very, very thick southern accent, and the website claims the jurors couldn’t understand much of his testimony. A court employee now has to read it back to them. TMZ loves to make fun of the Spears family for their southern roots, so it’s hard to tell to what extent they’re joking. I doubt Brit’s trial is hinging on even a very thick accent, but it probably doesn’t help speed things along.

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  1. elisha says:

    She looks sooo fit in these pics. There’s hope for me yet!

  2. maria says:

    exactly! — she’s looking hot!!! go Britney!!!!!

  3. dr.grrl says:

    oh boy… same stuff, new year. :roll:

    wouldn’t it be great if she evolved as a “performer” and did something besides flail her arms about in some weak dance moves?

    in the years that she has been around plaguing the air/tv waves, why oh why can’t she try and do something new? at least someone around brit knows to surround her with talented back up to draw focus off her.

    could someone please explain to me how she can be a “mom” to her young kids AND global tour when she doesn’t even have custody? guess we know where her priorities are.

  4. Bytch says:

    How come everyone suddenly thinks she “got better” because she looks good again? Her management is back….the management everyone blamed her “fall” on….her management that was always the best at hiding the trailer trash she was and whatever mental issues she had….. all that is happening is her issues are being swept under a rug. Everyone forgives the shitty mother she has been, the danger to herself and the public…the instant she shows her tummy and shakes her ass again. Disgusting.

    And circus? Um…like the theme for the last christina aguilera concert? Wow, how original.

  5. Bodhi says:

    TMZ is full of shit. (I know, big shock) Even IF Jamie has a super thick accent, the jury could get a transcript of his testimony

  6. Lilmiss13 says:

    I love the haters…you all probably never had to go through the shit she did and yet you still hate on her when she gets back up. I guess she is one rich bitch and sexy as hell again, so I guess that’s why you all are hating. Britney keep up the hard work and screw what everyone says, just keep going.

  7. dr.grrl says:

    @lilmiss13…. are you even old enough to post here?!?

    do you know what adult problems are?
    have you even had to worry about a job, making ends meet, caring for your kids, and being somewhat of a functioning member of society?

    we do. most of us here do not have the luxury of going bat shit crazy and flashing our crotches. this woman has serious mental issues that reflect more than just a dire need for acceptance. she comes from a long line of loonies and isn’t “cured”.

    this is a woman who LOST CUSTODY OF HER KIDS and then went to mexico. it is the constant guidance from her father and MEDICATION that has gotten her to this point. i’d be more impressed by her if she actually stepped out of the limelight and took proper care of herself and then started to work on damage she has inflicted upon her sons.

  8. Codzilla says:

    dr.grrl: Amen to you, too.

  9. Mrs. B says:

    dr.grrl, Has the thought ever crossed your mind that work can be the best medicine of all? It seemed she got herself into all that trouble when she stopped focusing on her work. And what is “taking proper care” of herself, and how do you know she’s not? People need to just cut her a break and give kudos to a person who pulled herself up by her bootstraps and is moving forward with her life, instead of rolling over and succumbing to the negativity that people like you put out.

  10. Codzilla says:

    Miss B: Pulled herself up by her boot straps? This chick has a truckload of handlers on her payroll to do all the heavy lifting. Obviously, since while on her own, she lost custody of her children (then celebrated in Mexico, as dr. grrl pointed out), and ultimately, needed Daddy to step in and gain legal control of her sh*t before it all went up her nose. Now that she has people back in place to tell her what to do and when to do it, her idiocy has been wrestled, momentarily, back behind closed doors. If Britney had to actually face the world on her own, she’d crumple into the fetal position in about an hour tops.

    I’ll reserve my kudos for people who truly overcome adversity on their own. Not some spoiled pop star who was legally forced to obey her fleet of managers. :roll:

  11. Anonandonandon says:

    If work was the best medicine for her then how come she couldn’t be bothered to promote her last album or even properly rehearse for last years MTV performance? It seems her breakdown occurred when the constant beam of sunshine stopped shining up her ass. Why should she be continually celebrated? She doesn’t do anything except take the spotlight away from real musicians. She’s the Paris Hilton of the music industry. WOW! That’s the worst thing I’ve ever called anyone.

  12. Red Rooster says:

    She’s just continuing to be what she was created to be — America’s legitimate porn star.

  13. Enn says:

    Look, I can see disliking her music and not approving of her parenting choices, but why is there so much hate in here? I’m happy she’s gotten it back together and didn’t end up wrapped around a phone pole. I would hardly compare her to Paris Hilton; no matter what you say about Britney’s voice, the girl can dance. I know I couldn’t perform an hour and a half of those routines night after night. Can you?