What’s going on with Ben Affleck’s hair?

Photo is from 7/10/11

Conspiracy theory: Ben Affleck switched up his toupee for a bushier one. Occam’s razor: Affleck’s hair is growing naturally, nothing to see here. Possible alternate explanation: Affleck got “natural” hair implants/plugs, which can supposedly grow like regular hair over time, and they’re mixing with his regular hair and causing that overgrown bushy hair. So which is it? Does Affleck have a head of perfectly natural hair that’s growing like it should?


I did some forensic analysis of Affleck’s hair, and it’s really hard to say either way. So if he does have plugs, as is widely rumored, it’s not as easy to prove that with older photos as it is with say, Jude Law or Matthew McConaughey. He’s admitted dyeing his hair but hasn’t admitted wearing a hairpiece or anything. (Colin Farrell has claimed Affleck’s hair is real too, or at least that it stays in place when you pull it.)

I think Affleck started wearing a piece around 2002 when he did Sum of All Fears. Check out this interview with him around the time and the first photo below. The top of his hair doesn’t match the bottom at all.


Then later he may have switched up to some plugs. But however he’s growing this ‘fro, it has to go! He’s so hot when he’s clean shaven, and the dude would definitely look good bald. But not with salt and pepper fuzz on his head. Check out this picture of his bald spot. He’s definitely getting some help up north. The mystery remains how he’s getting such fluffy hair.




In ’98 and ’99 with ex girlfriend Goop, for sh*ts and giggles.



Photos of Affleck out with his family are from 7/10/11 and are conveniently timed to counter that “Ben lost $400k at poker” story that he denied. Credit: Pacific Coast News. Other photos credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. OtherChris says:

    I think it looks real, but he’s totally dying his hair.

  2. P.J. says:

    Ben looks wonderful with the long hair and beard! Very flattering–he looks 10 years younger. I always knew he should let loose with his inner hippie.

  3. dat222 says:

    gray hair is more wirey…he has alot of gray and dyes it hence the texture difference

  4. brin says:

    LOL….the drapes don’t match the rug.

  5. Rhiley says:

    I have a feeling he and jennifer garner will be split by the Holidays. They are just so out in the public lately, trying to make Ben look like a stay at home dad. I do like them as a couple but something doesn’t seem quite right with them.

  6. mia girl says:

    Can someone please tell me WHY Jennifer Garner’s casual clothes look like someting she bought at Talbots?!!! She is too young for the look and fit of her streetwear!

  7. really says:

    CUTEST GIRLS! As for his hair, he has invested in a carpet company called “Bens Carpets” and is advertising his carpet debut!

  8. Christine says:

    Look, if you need help up north, more power to you. But have it done well. In the really short hair pics, he looks good and the hair/plugs/whatever look great. The 2002 rug was a disaster, so thank goodness he invested more money into it. But, yeah, he needs to trim that crap up.

    Also, how cute is the little girl in the first pic showing her picture to the world? She’s so proud!

  9. Deb says:

    According to another gossip site, he is growing his hair out for a movie he is directing and starring in.

  10. tooey says:

    Say all you want, but it’s still working for me… ;0 Those pix of him with Goop, well, that’s almost enough to kill it.

  11. Bella Mama says:

    the 2002 pic looks simply like he got his hair cut leaving the top longer. the new hair grows in darker than the sun kissed longer hairs.

  12. Susan says:

    He looks like kind of a “Born In The U.S.A.”-era Springsteen. That’s not a bad thing at all.

  13. Mr. Stinkyfish Face says:

    @Mia because sometimes being a mom comes before being fashionable. Her clothes are practical and not overdone. I think she looks great!

  14. zesty says:

    He’s a goof and she seems incredibly fake to me but wow, his daughter he’s holding is ADORABLE. What a beautiful little girl.

  15. UKHels says:

    I have a lot of love for Ben but the hair is minging!

  16. Relli says:

    I think its real, because it looks way to similar to the hair he had in Dazed & Confused, much younger and weird Bieber poof in the front. It could just be that by keeping short he keeps the curl down and when it grows out he lacks the appropriate tools and brush to style it properly.

    The littlest one looks like his mini-me.

  17. Buffy Wilson says:

    He looks more and more like the love child of Bruce Springsteen and my brother.

  18. Kelly says:

    Bouffant! I think it looks fine – but then again, I’m going grey too so I’m biased. I agree with whoever attributed the fluffiness to the grey hairs – they have a different, wiry, untameable texture.

    I think the grey hair proves he doesn’t have hair plugs – if he did, the top would be all one color and the bottom would be salt-and-pepper.

  19. Patricia says:

    Jesus he looks like Andy Gibb

  20. MsLIb says:

    Jennifer has an outfit on from LL Bean. Her girls better get older quick so they can help her with her clothing selections. Daughters are usually very good at that!

  21. The Truth says:

    Its because she is married to that she male Jennifer Garner

  22. mia girl says:

    @Kelly : Good point on the grey proving he doesn’t have hair plugs. Although I don’t know enough about hp to know if they too can eventually turn grey.

    @Relli: Also a good point about Dazed and Confused. His hair was very wiry/poofy in that movie, so I am definitely with you in thinking this is his natural hair.

    @Mr. Stinkyfish Face:
    As a mom of three, I hear you on the need for comfort. But who says you can’t be fashionable and practical/comfortable at the same time?! I dropped off three kids at camp this morning in a practical/comfortable gray tank top, cute retro-print cotton a-line skirt and stylish silver sandals – with a messenger style purse draped horizontally across for free hands!. It took me literally two minutes to put this all on – and I feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.
    IMO Garner picks clothes that, for a mom of her age, are too dowdy and quite frankly ill fitting.

  23. So what says:

    I hate that Jen Garner always looks like crap, half of the moms I see schlepping through Target look better than her and I know her clothes aren’t cheap. And don’t give me this crap that being a mom is more important – yes it is, but when you walk around smiling for the paps you’d think she would want to look better than she does.

  24. MSat says:

    Can we talk about the real star of that photo – little Seraphina! She is so cute! Look at her showing off her drawing!

  25. Jazz says:

    Is he actually smiling in that picture with Jennifer and the girls??

    Toupee or not toupee, that is the question…

  26. Ron says:

    Not a rug. And seriously, who doesn’t dye/highlight their hair. I think it’s more Starsky than Andy Gibb ;-)

  27. RHONYC says:

    his youngest is the spittin’ image of her dad. soooo adorable! :-)

  28. Minx2 says:

    OK.. Ben better watch out, his hair starts to look dangerously close to the bouffant Cliff Robertson sported in “Three days of the Condor”.. ;) )


  29. Kelly says:

    I agree with Jennifer’s schlumpf-factor – it is possible (especially with an unlimited clothes budget) to put together some comfortable AND stylish outfits. That plaid shirt? really? I saw a memaw at Target with that one on just the other day.

    I just think she has no taste. The weird thing is, if you look at the girls Ben dated before – Gwyneth, JLo – they may have been high-maintenance monsters, but they do have their own style of sorts. Seems odd to go from stylish to style-less.

  30. Rhiley says:

    Regarding Jen’s mommydrobe… Reece Witherspoon is a hands on mom who always looks fantastic when she is in ever day street wear. Supposedly Reece and Jen are friends. Reece should do a fashion intervention with her friend.

  31. hoganbcmj says:

    I dunno what you guys are talking about. His hair looks perfectly normal, like real hair does. The stuff on top gets more sun and wear and tear and is therefore more damaged, giving it a slightly different texture, and sometimes hair just grows that way, different in different areas on the head. Does he dye it? Of course he does, to cover the grey, but I see no evidence of plugs.

  32. Jana says:

    People are nuts that thinks he has a toupee, absolutely nuts.

  33. Jana says:

    And, sorry, Jen’s fumpdum is getting worse. She has a hot husband, and she’s pretty. But what the ……..
    She tends to look like a man in jeans, not sexy at all, unless she’s at her thinnest. So needs to make an effort. She is naturally pretty, though, better than his last, JLO in full tranny makeup at all times.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It’s real. No plugs. My brother’s hair does the same thing when he goes too long without a haircut. Shame on you for listening to silly rumors! Don’t you know, most rumors are b.s. started by people who don’t like other people.

  35. Mary Jane says:

    The hair doesn’t bother me as much as the face… he looks really bloated and like he’s been drinking…

  36. Maritza says:

    They look like a normal couple going about their day, good for them for keeping it real. If they want to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood that’s the way to do it.They are a sweet family.

  37. YvetteW says:

    He looks like that comic Dane Cook with the bushy hair. Is that what he was going for?

  38. gg says:

    ich – he so looks like my idiotic ex. bleah. Complete with the lost and lazy expression.

  39. Marianne says:

    The hair is probably for a role.

  40. Kelly says:

    gg: lol. Let’s hope that in your ex’s case, it was something intrinsic to him, whereas in BA’s case, Jen made him that way!

  41. mackavoy says:

    Hey, I’m a 40 year old male and I got the transplants too last summer.

    Boy, what a change for the better.

    I got them in the front, and I have straight brown hair. after the procedure, though, the front came in kind of bushy, which was really weird to see my hair actually grow in different.

    So, my special input is yes, it’s implants.

    These implants actually work, it’s incredible and I look much better.

    He probably got them too, and his frontal hair changed too because they take the donor hairs from the back of your head and transplant them up to the front.

    Odd, but a great choice. Expensive, too, but well worth it.

  42. Lucy says:

    I think Ben is super hot! and little Seraphina is such a cutie pie! Violet looks so much like Jen and Sera looks like Ben…

  43. sandy#1 says:

    he is still handsome and talented.

  44. Ally says:

    There’s no shame in hair plugs. I’m amazed they work. And if they work, why the heck not. Certainly better than a toupee in looks and comfort.

  45. april says:

    He is one of the few male actors who is really good looking. Wish there were more. Anyway, I like a man with a full head of hair so if it takes hair plugs to do it, I’m all for it.

  46. Fug! says:

    He has enough money to afford better hair plugs then that. He is lucky to land a pretty wife with his farty breath and hair.

  47. bitca says:

    IMO he looks strangely hot w/early-80s hair (WAS it early ’80s? I forget…). So much, in fact, that it’s sort of confusing. B Affleck’s not supposed to be sexy ;-)

    All he used to have going on was a sort of unusual intellect—which is why it seemed best when he worked behind the scenes. He has my permission to retain the Weirdly Hot Mystery Hair as long as he sticks w/directing & writing.

  48. normades says:

    @miagirl: I hate Jen’s “mom style” too. She dresses like a middle aged woman. And when I say “middle age”, I mean 50.

    @Mr. Stinkyfish Face: Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t stay hip and somewhat fashionable. I have a kid and wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit. Comfy jeans can come in flattering cuts. You don’t have to wear “mom jeans”.

    Plus she has no excuse. She has tons of money to buy clothes on line or use a personal shopper. Seriously, if Ben’s loosing interest I don’t blame him. She looks like she doesn’t give a shit whatsoever and is letting herself go. Shame, because she’s VERY pretty when she wants to be.

  49. Dan Kelso says:

    His hair looks real to me.