Charlene and Prince Albert ended honeymoon so he could take a DNA test


Yesterday, I wrote about a tip we had gotten from a South African news agency regarding Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene and HSH Prince Albert’s honeymoon. According to South African journalists, Charlene and Albert weren’t only staying in separate hotel suites during their alleged “honeymoon” – they were staying in separate HOTELS, miles away from each other. Their separate lives have already begun, and we have no idea if Charlene is going to get pregnant, provide him with an heir, or whether she’s going to pull a runner, hopefully one that will stick.

Anyway, news agencies are confirming that Charlene and Albert have prematurely ended their honeymoon on Friday – apparently, they were supposed to stay in South Africa for several more days, but Albert had to fly back to Monaco. Why, you may ask? State business, perhaps? Nope. Albert had to fly back to Monaco to give his DNA for this latest paternity suit being brought against him, this time for a one-and-a-half year old kid. According to The Mail, “Results of the DNA tests were not released during the couple’s South Africa honeymoon because Charlene could have refused to return to Monaco if they pointed towards Albert having been unfaithful.” So… wait, I’m confused. Did Albert already take the DNA test and just held off getting the results during his honeymoon, or did he refuse to take the DNA test until his honeymoon was over? I guess it doesn’t really matter either way, both options are pretty terrible.

French papers are now widely reporting the sorry state of Albert and Charlene’s not-even-two-weeks-old marriage. The French magazine VSD has a source who claims that they would separate immediately after Charlene produced a “legitimate heir” and “Once the succession of the dynasty is assured, each of them can be free again. Divorce is a tradition in the Grimaldi family.”

Meanwhile, I have to apologize, because I completely missed this crazy little interview Vogue did with Charlene on the eve of her wedding. You may remember, Vogue did a full-on profile of Charlene, published about a month before the wedding, but Vogue also caught up with Charlene just as she was allegedly trying to “escape”. Charlene told Vogue:

“I was a competitive swimmer for fifteen years. Every morning I woke up and dived into a freezing cold pool; this challenge is no more daunting,” she said, describing how she transferred her althletic approach to her preparation for the day. “I’ve made sure I get enough rest and I focus on my own space and allow myself to zone out. I’ve been doing a lot of visualization techniques to keep level-headed—as if I’m going into a swimming competition.”

Of the week’s turbulent stories, she said, “It is a shame that those rumors came at such a bad time, but I think they were timed to sabotage such a happy occasion. They are categorical lies. I won’t dignify them with any response other than to say that the photographs of me and Albert in love and getting married will speak louder than any vicious gossip and empty rumors.”

[From Vogue]

Wow. So either Charlene is prepared to go along and get along, no matter what, or she’s just kind of crazy.




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  1. mia girl says:

    So romantic… If a paternity test is his idea of wedding present for Charlene, I can’t wait to see what Prince Albert has in store for their first anniversary! STD test results maybe?

  2. brin says:

    LOL@mia girl! This story is the gift that keeps on giving! On top of all this crazy, I heard that the family has a centuries old curse put on it. Seems like it’s still in effect. Swim, Charlene!

  3. Hautie says:

    Or she did not give that statement and one of the henchmen did.

    Sadly, I never once thought “oh what joy the bride had in her eyes” during that entire ceremony.

    But yet again… if he ends up with another illegitimate heir, will any one really be surprised? Even her? Obviously he does not give a sh*t.

    What bugs me more. Is why did he never marry any of these jump off’s. It is not as if he had to marry royalty. He could marry whom he wanted to.

    Why not marry a girl who obviously has no issue’s with birthing a baby for him.

  4. gee says:

    She looks like lisa kudrow. And sad.

  5. Happymom says:

    Why in the world would she “produce an heir” and then take off?? What kind of person would willingly give up their child?! I’m thinking they’ll have their marriage annulled if/when he’s knocked up somebody else.

  6. H. Girl says:

    Is it just me or does the poor woman look HEAVILY medicated? “Coping” made possible by pharmacology!

  7. Bitchbelying says:

    She’pretty but something looks really sad in her eyes.

    Also this marriage won’t end well.

  8. Green Is Good says:

    Could this asshat possibly buy some Condoms already? The world is littered with enough of his b@stard children.

  9. bub says:

    he always seems to be giving her the side eye.

  10. Truthful says:

    As much skirt chasing as he does, his DNA should STAY on file.

    sad. Prince “baby daddy”…smdh

    I’m thinking she found out the real truth NOW.
    shunned everything off as “rumors” at first.

    She’ll save face and stay.

  11. marge says:

    “Wow. So either Charlene is prepared to go along and get along, no matter what, or she’s just kind of crazy. ”

    C’mon… what else was going to say???

    Help, I’m being held hostage and forced to marry a pig!!???

    My guess is that by the time she figured what she was getting into, they wouldn’t let her go off the engagement. It would have looked pretty bad for the “pig/prince” to have his gf break up with him after so many years dating. Guess she’s just slow

  12. OriginalGracie says:

    Ugh in those pics it looks like a very young girl marrying a man old enough to be her father.

    And there are hot hot guys out there age 40 and over who could melt your panties off and age would not even be a factor in being attracted to them.

    Albert is just the polar opposite of that. I mean, look at this pasty moon face and corpulent out of shape body and that stupid simpering half smile of contempt he always has.

    Some were saying he resembles his mom? Ugh, Princess Grace would never look like such a dough faced idiot.

    Princess Grace was a beautiful, regal woman.

  13. OriginalGracie says:

    I can sense too from the coverage of their honeymoon that things are moving towards Charlene getting the hell out of Dodge.

    I guess if old moon face Albert wants to knock her up he’ll have to send a courier with a vial of his semen over to her hotel and she can knock herself up with a turkey baster.

    That’s how I would do it. His dick would never get within 50 feet of my lady parts.

  14. Annie says:

    She is already getting that Katie Holmes dead eyed, frozen look.

  15. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Princess Charlene looks Xanax-ed to the eyeballs to get through the sickening reality of being married to the Prince Pimp who abuses women and more.

    I feel certain Princess C was blackmailed/threatened to go through with the wedding or some harm would come to her and/or her family.

  16. teehee says:

    No Charlene isnt crazy so much as she has to say and do the right things to keep up the appearances, and has millions of people she would disappoint or confuse or start up the rumor mill etc if she does abandon ship— its gotta be a tough matter to juggle all that stuff and try to make a good decision. Shes been entrusted with the maintenance of the royal image and people’s trust– so its not so easy. Ultimately the heart knows what that best decision is, so its only a matter of time till we see her acting on it (even if it means she stays)

  17. mel says:

    omg – what a sad soap opera. i mean really prince albert needs to keep his penis in his pants. i feel sorry for her but yet again she had to know about his playboy ways.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    I think she banged her head once too often on the bottom of the pool!

  19. Jackson says:

    Oh, those wedding photographs of she and Albert DID speak loud and clear to me. Mmm hmm.

  20. Eleonor says:

    Albert should start to conserve some samples of his own dna, so when he’s with his wife he doesn’t have to interrupt their supposed honeymoon, for a last minute paternity test.

  21. anne_000 says:

    he should just recycle the dna samples he used for the other 3 or 4 times he had to take this test.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Kaiser – From what I read, the paternity test had already been done and they “refused to reveal the results” until after the honeymoon.

    I bet my ass it was to keep an air-tight lid on those results to keep Charlene from leaving.

  23. Gypsy says:

    The love of his life is that girl in Paris, but his royal obligations to his Kingdom requires that he bears an offspring/heir by his wife, and that wife was picked and groomed for him.

    It’s all a contract, he has no plans to give up that Parisian girl.

  24. Rita says:

    In the year 2525, if man is still alive and if women can survive, we’ll pick our sons and pick our daughters too from the bottom of a long black tube….wooo wooo. (Not a racial thing but it seems just as romantic as this union)

  25. Mr. Greek says:

    First and foremost, kudos to Kaiser for keeping us informed of the story in progress. Merci, Madame.

    Well, well, well, pardon my lingo, ladies, but this has got to be one of the most fucked up, twisted tales that hails from the Hilarious House of Grimaldi. H.S.H. Prince Potato Head is letting the other royal potato head of his rule, as he continues to spawn out them chirruns faster then a slurpee comes out of the dispenser at 7-Eleven.

    Karl Lagerfeld is busy, giving directions to his toy boy apprentice designers to sew a multitide of bright fuscha “WTF?” onto the latest gown destined for Charlene’s ass. One wonders if Prince Potato Head got inspiration from spending time at Steph’s Monaco condo, where the two shared a bottle of Jack Daniels on her balcony, and between drags of her ciggie, she advised Potato Head that it don’t matter how many damn uteruses, as long as he’s consitent, like her.

    All this hot mess needs is for Alexis Carrington to show up in Monte Carlo, claimin’to be the real mama of Rainier’s three.

  26. Anne de Vries says:

    Look, there are plenty of people, perfectly normal people who are not in magazines, who realise before the wedding that they are about to make a mistake, and go on to get married anyway. Because everything has been arranged. Because they do not want to disappoint the family. Because they do not want to admit they made a mistake with this person. For myriad reasons that come down to ‘it felt like a moving train and I could not get off’ and ‘Jumping off seemed scarier than staying on and going ahead’.

    The pressure on her must have been enormous, and I for one do not think for even moment that she had something that looked like a viable way out to her.

  27. Jag says:

    She looks so that that it makes me sad. Agreed that she should be using a turkey baster if she is going to have a child with him, and I’m totally confused as to why he didn’t marry one of the other women having his babies.

  28. Blue says:

    I too wondered why he didn’t marry one of his baby mothers? They were good enough to stick his dick in but not put a ring on? Maybe they were supposed to be married first then baby. Idk I just think this whole thing is messed up. I don’t know how she can give him a child and walk away. I couldn’t, not ever but especially not with that family.

  29. Violet says:

    @Gypsy – The only love of Prince Albert’s life is his c*ck. The guy has less impulse control than a drunk teenage boy.

    Why the hell is this guy not using protection? And don’t his baby mamas — current and aspiring — realize they’re taking a huge risk? The guy probably has every STD under the sun.


  30. Mr. Greek says:

    Meanwhile, Charlene’s kin are starting to realize that “Gravy Train” is only the name of a best selling dog food brand. Mama Wittstock, who bears a resemblence (and Albert’s gold Amex card)to Charlene Tilton of “Dallas”, is busying herself in the change rooms of boitiques all over Monaco. Mama is multi-layerin’ them Versace get-ups on her body the same way an Arkansas, Cracker Barelled redneck bitch slaps on the entire Jaclyn Smith collection before makin’ a shpliftin’ beeline to the door marked “Exit”.

  31. Mr. Greek says:

    Papa Wittstock is busy trying to sell hot photocopier machines to the palace, when in reality they’re on the lookout for a shredder. Charlene’s brothers, Jethro and Jethro, are being “sized up” by Stephanie, who is in the market for her newest and latest baby daddy.

    Meanwhile, Alexis literally dug up 80′s designer Nolan Miller, and brought him with her to Monaco, claimin’ that his trademark shoulder pads are a right mighty good fit for that there Princess Charlene. Nolan and Karl Lagerfeld had it out in a nude Russian caviar wrestling match in the palace square, or rather, their respective loin-clothed boytoys did.

  32. chloe says:

    she just looks weird to me.
    her head and esp her chin, are waayyyyyy to small for her body
    and her eyes….she looks like she’s not quite there

  33. Lushus L. says:

    @ Mr. Greek– Hey now, don’t bring Jaclyn Smith into this.

  34. Mr. Greek says:

    @ Lushus L: Look, Lushie, now you know and I know that Jackie girl works her American tail off for them K-Mart folks, but it’s all semantics, darlin’…semantics. Aint NO way I’m directly tying THIS Angel to the devil’s playground in Monaco.

    Ah…who could forget her in the classic season one episode of “Angels in Chains.”?
    Jackie’s makeup and hair was simply stunnin’ at that Louisiana women’s prison. Buddha bless Jackie.

    And speakin’ of chains, Princess Charlene needs an emotional rescue.

  35. MB says:

    I would give anything to look like her. She is amazingingly beautiful.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    What a way to spend one’s honeymoon. Well, she can look forward to getting a shitload of loot in the divorce settlement.

  37. P.J. says:

    Sounds like Char is hedging her bets for now; If the DNA doesn’t match, the marriage is on. If he fathered another child, she gets an annulment.

    That could explain why they stayed in different hotels — for proof that the marriage was not consummated, which is grounds for annulment in the Catholic church.

  38. 4Real says:

    Well she did say that the proof would be in the “photographs” and she looked miserable.

  39. Firecracket says:

    I feel so sorry for her! I wonder if she has any family in Monaco?

  40. Firecracker says:

    I feel so sorry for her! I wonder if she has any family in Monaco.

  41. REALIST says:

    That sucks. Charlene was home and probably feeling comfortable for the first time in months…She must have felt so free in comparison to how she must feel in Monaco-locked up and surrounded by those nose-out-of-joint Eurotrash. (Yes, we all know the long term..)
    Kick that baby out, honey, and hit the road..then YOU can have lots of affairs…(Please, dear Lord, let it be a boy…)

  42. REALIST says:

    Question-will they be allowed to divorce? I assume Mr. Swinger doesn’t want a second marriage in the Catholic Church (or at all).
    His Supreme Highness Douchebag…

  43. Firecracker says:

    I typo’d my own name, sorry for the double post!

  44. Jana says:

    I bet she was guaranteed a lot of money to go through with this wedding. What did she ever see in this unattractive middle-aged man who not only screws anything, but doesn’t even wear protection. What an idiot. Too late for her to back out I guess, with all the pressure on her before the wedding, but what a sad day and honeymoon for her.

  45. Alix says:

    I wish this girl would get some gumption! Howzabout, “We’ll leave South Africa only AFTER the DNA test results are revealed”?

  46. JohnnieR says:

    LOL @ Mr. Greek’s unique take on the Monaco melodrama! Alexis goes to Monte Carlo!

    This sure is turning into one hell of a farce. And I read in the Daily Mail that Charlene’s maid of honor stayed with her at the hotel! NICE honeymoon! Albert is pure trash. I was wondering, IF Charlene opts for an anullment, she’ll probably walk away with nothing, but at least she can move on with her life.

    I for one would love the test to come back positive, so His Horny Highness looks like a complete Jack ass. Wait, he already is one, but you know what I mean.

  47. JohnnieR says:

    Wait a minute, the test results provided AFTER they BOTH arrive back in Monaco so she couldn’t refuse to depart from South Africa? Huh? What’s Eurotrash Al gonna do, lock her in the palace tower, sans passport?

  48. jane16 says:

    I think he should step aside and let Carolines kids take the crown. Same with Charles in England. These old dissipated, spoiled playboys don’t deserve it.

    btw, Charlene is a ringer for my older sis!!! My fam is rooting for her to get out.

  49. JohnnieR says:

    You know, someone should hire a plane to do a fly-over of Monaco, dropping thousands upon thousands of condoms to send a message to His Serene Herpes.

  50. Anti-icon says:

    Is this saying that when you marry a royal, it is now her DUTY to produce an heir….whom she will no longer get to raise!?!?!?!? (That’s what this drama seems to be getting at.)

    Charlene, girl, you need to RUN. Get an annulment. I bet an American attorney can get you out of this mess.

  51. Yasmine says:

    Oh puh-leez! He’s off to Monaco for a paternity test? With the number previous kids he’s sketchily produced, AS IF they don’t have his DNA on file already.

  52. Victoria says:

    Swimming-Great! But please Don’t find yourself “sleeping with the fishes” Charlene… giddy up! :P

  53. Sumodo1 says:

    The Pope is on stand-by.

  54. sirsly says:

    I cant believe in 2011 they’re still using the words “heir” and “illegitimate child”. WTF.

    Why aren’t his existing children good enough?

  55. Tina says:

    He should have kept his pecker in his pants.

  56. Gossip Owl says:

    This has been bugging me since the last Albert/Charlene artice.
    He’s not even that good looking. He’s bald and fat and always has a mean look on his face. I wouldn’t sleep with him even if he offered me his entire fortune. How does he end up having sex with so many women? I can understand him having a fling but as many as it sounds like he’s had? I don’t get it. I wouldn’t think the royalty thing would get him too far.

  57. really says:

    Hey its life in the “big ROYAL city”, it seems there! If looking for love, he is the wrong dude period.

    But if I were her despite the rumours, I would TAKE what I could get, come out the clouds (he is no fairytale)……and deal with all with positive energy. At this time, you can’t change Prince Albert (he is an old dog, 53). The only thing she can do at 33 years old, is quickly give the IDIOT an heir, keep her commitments as Princess….. and MOVE ON past all the bullshit.

    I think anyone getting emotionally or mentally involed with Prince Albert is headed for ruin! No wonder he has affairs with whatever he likes (men or women)……he does not even love hmself, altho amazingly wealthy/ royal.

  58. stacey says:

    Why does everyone think she did not know what she was getting into… the woman has absolutely no ability to support herself and she stated in interview that she has never held a job but swam for 15 years. She is getting just want she wants – money fame and a life that looks great from the outside but not so great from the inside. Not one ounce of sympathy here for this money hungry no selfworth female! Shut up and live the life you wanted so badly and that means you accpeted that he is a cheat that will never really love anyone but himself! Worhtless woman gets what she wanted and now has to lay in the bed she made!!!

  59. OriginalGracie says:

    @Stacey: You are really a horrible person for writing all that. Charlene has done nothing wrong and yet you attack her. Shame on you.

  60. OriginalGracie says:

    @sirsly: I completely agree. Maybe the oldest child he has already fathered? if that child was not able or did not want to, move on the next oldest until you have a yes.

    I too take extreme issue in THIS DAY AND AGE with the issue of “in” wedlock and “out of” wedlock children. They are children with his DNA. Period.

    Poor little darlings.

  61. joie3232 says:

    You accidentally impregnate your first royal jump off….oops. You do it again and you seem reckless. But a third time? Really? What an a-hole. We get it, Albert. You want us to see what a stud you are. But guess what? If your family wasn’t LOADED none of those chicks would have touched you because you look like a walking penis. And you’re proving yourself to be a complete D-bag.

  62. Iggles says:

    @ P.J.:
    “That could explain why they stayed in different hotels — for proof that the marriage was not consummated, which is grounds for annulment in the Catholic church.”

    Wow! Didn’t consider this! It’s make a lot of sense.

    I hope she can get out of this mess! He’s revolting!

  63. Joanna Backman says:

    the man is a pig, prince or not, but he does come from a long line of less than virtuous family…here is a perfect example of why if you marry for money you earn every cent.

  64. Esmeralda says:

    What bothers me the most is that he keeps fathering babies that he has no use for, like he’s just tossing out used Kleenex. What kind of guy would do that? Affairs, yes most likely, unwanted babies, no. What a cold guy. No wonder she doesn’t want him.

  65. Esmeralda says:

    Charlene – I disagree. She was a professional swimmer for 15 years. That WAS her job and she loved it.

    And are you seriously saying that no one, not one of us, ever dates or marries someone higher up on the social rung than we are – and that by doing so that would make us a gold digger?

    Who knows what she saw in him. Maybe she never got to date due to her hectic lifestyle. Maybe she was perceived as too athletic by other men. Maybe she has poor self confidence. Maybe it was just for the money. Thing is, we DON’T know and it’s nasty IMHO to damn her because she ended up marrying someone rich who clearly doesn’t make her happy.

  66. I am Legend says:

    If he wasn’t a royal Albert wouldn’t be fit for anything bad Maury Povich episode.

  67. rachel says:

    They are on their honeymoon right now. Stop with the lies.

  68. OriginalGracie says:

    @Rachel: Um, no they’re not. They had to cut it short so the groom can go get his DNA test.

    What lies? That Prince Albert is scumbag? The proof of that is all over the place.

  69. eternalcanadian says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it is pretty darned easy to take a DNA test, right? Swab in the cheek and away you go? Also wouldn’t Prince Albert already have DNA samples around from the other paternity suits?

    Something is really off here, even more so…

  70. Gigohead says:

    This poor gal does not seem to be happy AT all.

  71. hank says:

    Here is the Reason he doesnt marry his baby mamas:
    #1. First baby mama is a MARRIED flight attendant in her late 40′s. She gave birth to a daughter in California who is set to start college: Jasmin Rotolo.

    #2, Second Baby mama was also a flight attendant… a BLACK woman from Raratongo…very ethnic looking. She gave birth to a son Alexander. She lives well in France on Alberts dime. The public hates her for being so Ethnic and would never accept her. She has gotten ill willed threats against her.

    #3. Its possible that after dating for 5 years, Charlene at age 33 put all her eggs in one basket. This was supposed to be her payout. Listen to her blue collar daddy saying marrying albert is like winning the Grand Prix or whatever. So common. Yet so true. Being a tall and pretty pro swimmer in South africa doesnt get you too far after the party is over. Especially in South Africa. Surely this seemed like an upgrade at the time. and charlene could reason- he may have BEEN a play

  72. Heather says:

    Or she really really wants to be a rich divorcee.

  73. lady says:

    Who cares what you band as we do egnime, another friend in parliament going out in Spain friends to France prime minister and Canada gang, have you found the bliss seal, i did not think so, its to band you all this is happening you last to realize what is happening dud and dirt at his side.

    your mojo gone empty, took that too for your lies, theft, and mental breakdown… Realize what is being done world wide, again your lack of knowledge and intelligence and mystery laughs at you carcass, and bowl head. Second two more economic modules under super laws found to not just rite you out of my world but close banks in less than ten years… and thing next to bowl head….

    and time you tell people how you made her signs contract before marriage and payoff, shut up losers….

  74. River says:

    What happened to the results of his paternity test?

  75. Vogue magazine says:

    This seperate honeymoon issue is awfully similar to ex Princesse lavina and one of the band from Poison or Skid row 86/90 respectively.

  76. Vogue magazine says:

    Exactly exiled lovely royal killer Princesse lavina started the tradition marrying one of Skid row or Poison and honeymoon elsewhere.