Katie Holmes’s dominatrix-themed Vogue Spain shoot: sexy or camp?


Katie Holmes covers the August issue of Vogue Spain, presumably to talk about her film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, which doesn’t come out for another… five weeks or so. Ah, it just occurred to me why Katie did a Spanish fashion magazine… it’s produced by Guillermo del Toro, one of the most successful Spanish-language director-producers working today. I guess that’s the connection…? It makes no other sense to me.

As for the cover and cover shoot – our little Katie is trying to mix up. I feel like she’s been doing a lot better recently with the whole red-carpet/magazine/candid photos thing. Her hair has been looking great, her makeup has vastly improved, and she’s found some great jeans. But I think Katie was pushing her Xenu-provided envelope with this faux-dominatrix shoot. Does Katie think that if she dresses up like one of the Village People, Tom will come running? Sigh… it doesn’t work that way, Katie.

The rest of the photo shoot looks like “The Audited Becomes The Auditor” (LOL, I cracked myself up with that one!). Seriously, these pics were taken in the “basement” of The Castle d’Xenu. And by that, I mean John Travolta’s ass.






Vogue Spain photos courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

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  1. MJ says:

    I actually like this look, but Katie seems like the wrong person to sell it.

  2. Rita says:

    Actually, the shoot is quite good but her head is big enough without the hat.

    “.. these pics were taken in…. John Travolta’s ass.”

    Those mini-cameras are getting smaller everyday…or JT’s getting more action.

    @Bellaluna- Need me a slice of that marinated watermelon ASAP

  3. Emily says:

    I call photoshop on how thin she looks (although I know she lost weight recently). Some of the pictures are quite beautiful, esspecially the one with the lace around the eyes.

    I know it may be hard to believe, but Tom might not be gay and they MIGHT actually have a real relationship. I don’t get why we hate on her so much.

  4. Jennifer says:

    She still has the blank stare :(

  5. merski says:

    But does the hat HAVE to be in EVERY shot? o_0

  6. Anna says:

    I’m not one to say this lightly because often it’s just not true, but in this case, wow is it ever. She looks like a drag queen doing some kind of Nazi porn meets Madonna’s SEX book shoot. And that’s not a compliment. Then again, maybe this is THE look to finally get Tommy Girl to make sweet, sweet love to her. Or maybe, her to him.

  7. Micah says:

    Great concept and pics….but

    I just don’t buy Katie in any of this.

    The concept is supposed to be sexy with a naughty twist….but I just get bored looking at it.

    Wrong person for the shoot.

  8. RHONYC says:

    lemme guess?

    this is what her wife makes her wear during their S&M ‘clearing-sessions’ in ode to ‘Valkerie’.

    oh. what hi-jinks.

    Zzzzzzz :-(

  9. JB says:

    She has such a beautiful face I could cry.

  10. June says:

    Great photography!! Love it (the photog)…but Katie is still VERY BORING.

    by the way, I want all those dresses!

  11. Smokey says:

    She looks dead inside.
    It just makes me sad looking at these pictures and I’m sure that’s not the intention.

  12. KB_explosion says:

    her face is very katey sagal in that last pic…no?

  13. Novaraen says:

    For one, she is not that skinny in real life. Two…she WISHES she were a dominatrix instead of a brain-washed Scientolo-stepford wife.

  14. The Truth Fairy says:

    My big toe has more personality than Katie Holmes.

  15. little girl lost says:

    whatever you’re selling katebot, i am NOT buying.

    @ ari: nazi porn indeed. that made me snarf hot tea.

  16. Toe says:

    Sorry to say this, but in the first pic she has something of Ange Jolie, no?!
    The shoot is great but she doesnt have the sexy spark in her eyes at all.
    If you’re a man, you’ll get all exited seeing your girl like this but as soon as you see her “dead” eyes, all the passion is gone.

  17. Hautie says:

    Too bad this is not American VOGUE.

    It would have killed Victoria Beckham had Katie got that cover before her.

    Now I do like Katie. She just made a questionable decision about joining a cult. :)

    But I find these pictures lovely. She is groomed within a inch of her life and it looks good.

    If only Katie could persuade crazy pants to leave the cult… then she would suddenly become a hero.

    For all the crap she gets tossed at her. The girl seems to survive. And I am going to hold out hope she has a grand plan to over throw that cult.

  18. Bill Hicks is God says:


    She’s about as hard-looking as a poached egg and can’t “do” this type of shoot or anything else that involves a camera.

    She’s an abysmal actress and mediocre looking.

    This woman has no Game. At. All.

    There is not one thing going for this chick other than her $ciencloseted “husband.”

  19. layla says:

    All things aside (the blank stare, the tree trunk legs, the Xenu crazy)….. she really does have phenomenal bone structure.

  20. Boo says:

    Mostly I just feel embarrassed for her. She is not sexy. She is attractive from some angles, but she is asexual. I think the whole Gay Scientologist Tom thing has permanently tainted (oh, I know) her image into some sort of pathetic Faustian sell-out whose every project just seems desperate and stupid.

  21. Audrey says:

    I like the photos, but she’s totally photo-shopped. Her arms look way too thin in the first photo and overall she’s not as slim as she appears in these photos.

  22. Jana says:

    They look really great, but Katie isn’t sexy in real life, so I can’t buy her in it.

  23. Nymeria says:

    “Katie Holmes” and “sexy” do not go together. Ever.

  24. 4Real says:

    She looks kind of old hollyweird here…she’s actually very photogenic I’m suprised.

  25. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Katie looks HOT!!! But thats due to all the photoshopping!

  26. danielle says:

    She might have questionable taste, but she’s certainly a beautiful woman.

  27. Leticia says:

    These photos flatter her, because she has a lovely face and a small waist. She looks better when shot from the waist up.

  28. CandyKay says:

    I like these photos. She looks great.

  29. Belle Epoch says:


    Did they tell her to stop twisting up her mouth? Was it photo-shopped away? The only reason these photos are passable is that somehow they got rid of the Katie Smug Smirk.

    Agree – girl’s got No Game, and Xenu knows they’ve tried everything.

  30. Pixiegirl says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I think she looks awesome in these pics.

  31. mew says:

    In some shots she looks so extremely thin. And that one shot, she looks like Victoria Beckham. I guess those are merits enough for someone.

  32. ladybert62 says:

    This pics do not look like Katie Holmes – Marlene Dietrich yes – katie holmes – no.

    I also agree that she has been photoshopped – the face is not hers and the body is too skinny to be hers.

    In a sick, black and white sorta way, the pics are pretty/artistic – just not very inviting, in my opinion.

  33. madpoe says:

    Hmmph…should’ve had Michael Fassbender in the shoot. Then who’d care for Katie?

  34. lucky says:

    her face looks kinda like j-lo in the last pic which can only mean it had been photochopped to bits!

  35. Deven says:

    Her face looks fabulous. It’s too bad she can’t look good all the time. Maybe if she’d let her daughter walk on the ground, she’s be able to apply makeup more readily.

  36. Truthful says:

    the last pic is cute, I like that dress.

    poor Katie, Suri will be wearing these fashions next year.

    RUN Katie RUN!!

  37. teehee says:

    OMG they shopped het to a plank— they even removed her ribcage in some pictures. Good god these shopers need to stop it already!!

  38. Hanh says:

    They used ALOT of PHOTOSHOP on those pictures. Oy vey.

  39. Relli says:

    I don’t know kind of feels like a jab at Catwoman a la Anne Hatheway.

  40. antisara says:

    “Como nunca la has visto” is written COMO NUNCA LA HAZ (TO HAVE VERB IN PRESENT PERFECT TENSE) VISTO…dumb gachupines! GEE! So Katie willingly posed for a magazine with a typo on the cover..can it get worse than that? Might as well change that text for: ESTA IDIOTA LAVADA DEL CEREBRO: ME DOY TOQUES PARA BAJARME LA HORMONA…jajajaja…i’d buy that mag in a second!

  41. sapphire says:

    @ladybert62 Yes! I couldn’t figure out why she looked so wrong at first-her face has been shopped onto another body! Anyone remember that Demi Moore cover?

    I never thought she was ugly or even unattractive. The make up and photography are gorgeous-but it’s still Katebot

  42. Kim says:

    She looks good but her face is very photoshopped. Her lips look silly.

  43. california angel says:

    I think she looks great! WAY better than Blake UnLively as far as a fashion girl….

  44. Bodhi says:

    Didn’t Kate Winslet wear the dress in the last picture months ago? I think Kate looked far better in it, I think her curves are better suited for it. But Katie doesn’t look terrible here, not great or anything & I don’t for one second by her as a dominatrix, but the photos aren’t terrible. She has a lovely face, after all.

    And yes… she looks MUCH BETTER without that damn smirk!

  45. DreamyK says:

    Sad. Not sexy at all. What was she thinking? She is very girlish looking and nothing is going to change that, especially with those dead eyes. I pity her, I really do.

  46. Mia says:

    WHO IS THIS? Seriously, most of these pics could be annyone. With that much makeup & high contrast – my dog would look more like Katie than Katie! Does she not like herself that she wants to look like someone else?

  47. Cherry Rose says:

    @zephyr – Ah, someone else who remembers that movie. As soon as I saw these pictures, I immediately thought of The Night Porter.

    I do think she looks good, but they photoshopped the hell out of Katie’s legs.

  48. Lee says:

    They are art-y photgraphs, there is no doubt, but they could be of ANY woman with the shadows and photoshopping. In only the first pic is there even a hint of Katie. The rest don’t resemble her at all. Anonymous “art”.

  49. DethHammer says:

    This just proves that ANYONE can dress in “dark dominatrix” wear, and it does NOT make anyone artistic or even edgy anymore.

    Seriously, go on Ebay and buy a black lace catsuit, a generic pleather cop/military cap, a black lace mask and some heels. Presto! You’re Lady Gaga (and Katebot in these photos)

  50. sierra says:

    This is the best I’ve seen her look. But my God I thought it was Jennifer Aniston in the third pic!

  51. kris31 says:

    she looks a little angelina jolie-ish in these pics.. when angelina was still a little sexy..

  52. Nymeria says:

    @ antisara – Isn’t the correct conjugation of that verb “has” rather than “haz”? Because if it is, then the magazine is correct – the cover reads, “como nunca la has visto.”

  53. Maritza says:

    Very nice pictures, she looks beautiful.
    @antisara – cuando viene de HACER es haz (“haz la tarea”)y cuando viene de HABER es “has” (“¿has visto esto?”)
    So Nymeria is right.

  54. AsheNDust says:

    She just looks dumb in those hats.

  55. Melancholy says:

    Eww, that one where she’s threatening us with a ribbon bow makes her look like one of the Midwich Cuckoos! Pale uncooked alien eyeballs. Blech.

  56. Star says:

    Katie has the “sexiness” and personality of a sponge. It’s too bad really, because she IS a pretty girl. But like everyone else points out – her eyes are DEAD. NOT sexy – just sad and humiliating for her, because she looks like she’s trying too hard in everything she does, whether acting or photo shoots, and she just sucks. Poor thing. That Tom Cruise marriage just killed her career. But hey, she’s got her gilded cage to live in. Sad, selling your soul for that..

  57. Green Is Good says:

    Is this a joke? Gawd awful.

    What a ridiculously pretentious and straight-up bad photo spread.

  58. Charlotte says:

    Did Suri pick out the outfits?

  59. manda says:

    her ankles have been photoshopped, they are totally not that thin!!

  60. Dea says:

    I really like her. I think she does no harm and is satisfied in her marriage. I can see her and Tom together for a long time.

  61. Kaye says:

    I agree Zephyr… This is an extremely poor imitation of Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter.

  62. Deb says:

    @ Zephyr, The Night Porter immediately came to mind as well, particularly when I saw the photo of Katie in suspenders. Charlotte Rampling definitely did it better.

  63. DomiNOTrix says:

    I’m a Pro-Domme. Despite how stylized she is, a crop, a butch leather hat, and an attempt to channel something she has no grasp of is a major fail.

    A *real* Domme does not need that decoration to elude that essence that men will do anything for.

    It’s comical and insulting.

  64. BabyCakes says:

    Why do these women insist on only plumping their top lip?

  65. dovesgate says:

    Very nice. I wish she’d dress elegantly all the time. Hell, Tom has the money for her to be in couture 24/7. I’m sure it is somewhere in the contract that she gets a great clothing allowance.

  66. lisa says:

    I love black and white pictures Katie has a lovely face, her body looks amazing! and that black dress with the flower lace is beautiful~ good job katie :)

  67. Flan says:

    I think Travolta gets enough action there already.

  68. Nymeria says:

    @ DomiNOTrix – I’m a bit confused. You said: “A *real* Domme does not need that decoration to elude that essence that men will do anything for.”

    Did you mean exude rather than elude? Because in this photo shoot, Katie is certainly eluding that essence that men will do anything for. Which would make her a *real* Domme. Which is why I’m horribly confused.

  69. Emily says:

    She reminds me of Raven from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  70. Chris says:

    I like to go to bat for her but I’ve got my hands full sticking up for Blake Lively and the Afflecks.

  71. Janiqua says:

    She looks so freaking hott!!! About time, I’m totally tired of the “granny ma look”.. katie has a wildside, please show us more of your feminine sexy side more often.

  72. Meanchick says:

    She exudes all of the sexiness and excitement of a peanut butter sandwich.

  73. trh says:

    Beautiful, yet her eyes and posture do not command, they submit. Not that I’m complaining… maybe it’s the 7-layer Lohan dip talking but this is so wrong, it’s right. I imagine Suri just out of frame with a bull-whip and a wry smirk.

  74. munchies says:

    body is not hers. Look at the legs alone… she has elephant legs. this one is slender.

  75. Suzie says:

    The photos are so UN-Katie my jaw just dropped. They are horrible! They are utterly incompatible with her (former) sunny personality, I say former because it lurks somewhere within her. The photos are gross, senseless, meaningless and stupid and look like they were taken by a prize idiot who had mastered the use of a camera.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Love the lace theme and she may not be that hot but the girl is BEAUTIFUL. i mean B-E-A-U-TIFULLLL!!!
    Hopefully she’ll pull a nicole-kidman and make her comeback!

  77. Mario says:

    I’ve never liked her, she looks like a terrible person no matter what she wears. She seems like a backstabbing snob. Poor Suri, a wacko ego maniac for a father and a gold digger for a mother.

  78. luls says:

    These pics look gorgeous & artistic. Thank God shes not doing her signature smirk.

    I do have 1 critique though: in the only pic where her legs show, they look totally photoshopped. The real Katie does not have attractive legs.

  79. trh says:

    Beautiful, yet her eyes and posture do not command, they submit. Not that I’m complaining… maybe it’s the 7-layer Lohan dip talking but this is so wrong it’s almost right.

  80. kimberly says:

    Poor woman

    she just doesn’t have “it”. She looks lethargic in every picture. She keeps trying to do stuff to make her more marketable, but “the people” just don’t give a shit about Mrs. Cruise. She isn’t a great actress, one eye is WAY lower than the other, and her mouth is similar to a stroke victim’s. I just feel sorry for her. . .

  81. marge says:

    this is by far the UNSEXIEST “ultrasexy” photo shoot ever!!!!!!!

  82. firefly says:

    When will these magazines STOP PHOTO-SHOPPING!

    Makes pictures so BORING.

  83. shiv says:

    The bigger lips plumper results last all day or night & takes only 3 minutes to completeBigger Lips

  84. Tara says:

    rotfl @ merski’s “nazi porn” WOW.

    I really like these pics but there’s no way katebot is this interesting in real life. (shrugs)

  85. Dorrie says:

    I don’t see the “dead eyes” – to me she looks completely miserable in these shots. Her eyes and facial expressions are saying “get me out of here, please!” I’m not exactly sure where “here” is, though – the photo shoot, the marriage, motherhood….

  86. Anonymous says:

    Those legs are not hers!!!

  87. Ew. Who styled this shoot? Katie Holmes looks skeletal; the lace dress does not fit her and that is a hideously ugly hat. If they really wanted a dominatrix shoot, they should consult a dominatrix or at least a fetish designer.