Will Blake Lively play Samantha Jones in the ‘Sex & the City’ prequel?


Here are some photos of Blake Lively shooting some scenes for her new role as “The Girlfriend” in the new film Savages. I can’t believe they’re going with that title. I guess they don’t realize that there was an Oscar-nominated film just a few years ago called The Savages. Anyway, if you couldn’t tell from these photos, Blake is really stretching as an actress. I believe her character is a rich girl who shops a lot and flashes her boobs and then whines. OSCAR! Savages is directed by Oliver Stone, so… eh. Working with Stone gives Blake some extra credibility as an actress, I have to admit. We’ll see how bad it is.

Speaking of Blake’s once and future career as a TV Girl, did you know that she’s at the top of list to play the young Samantha Jones in the “prequel” Sex & the City projects? Allegedly, producers want Blake for Sam, Emma Roberts for Miranda (ugh), Selena Gomez for Charlotte and Elizabeth Olsen for Carrie. In an ideal world, these prequels would not be made, but in a not-so-ideal-but-still-better world, they would get someone truly sassy, and a versatile comedienne to play Sam. Sam always had the most physical work to do, and I just don’t think Blake would be up for anything other than flipping her hair and mumbling her lines.

Also: Leo and Blake went out on a date to a Stevie Wonder concert at the Hollywood Bowl. According to sources, “Dressed incognito – Leo sporting his trademark baseball cap and Blake a stylish white fedora – the pair hid their faces and stood apart as they entered the venue, in an effort to blend in to the crowd. After the romantic gig the duo snuck out separately in an effort to go unnoticed, but dived into the same waiting car.” Hm… getting “shy” all of a sudden? What’s that about?



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Relli says:

    She looks so happy on her mother-ship, THE MALL.

  2. Jules says:

    Who cares? Sex in the City is so last decade.

  3. MarenGermany says:

    I seriously dont get her appeal.
    yes, she is pretty, california-style, and she has great legs, but how many of her are out there?

    oh and is it just me, or does she resemble beyonce in those pictures?

  4. Liz says:

    That prequel SHOULD NOT get made. But if it were, Blake does not have the quick wit, sass or acting ability to pull off Sam. No additional comment necessary.

  5. inthekitchen says:

    Who is this chick anyway? I don’t even get what she’s famous for (but I guess that’s just how it is now…people famous for nothing really).

    And, seriously, is a sex & the city prequel necessary? Does anyone even care anymore? I never understood that show in the first place so a prequel seems so bizarre. Are there ANY new ideas in Hollywood anymore?? Everything is a remake, sequel or prequel. So boring.

  6. Enny says:

    That is a truly hideous ensemble. Who is doing the costume work for this movie? Bunch of savages!

  7. carrie says:

    i hope the Sex In The City won’t make because the casting is awful

  8. LisaMarie says:

    Um, is anyone actually going to go see another SATC movie? That last one was pure dreck and I’m cringing just thinking about it again.

  9. Summer says:

    make her go away.. please.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    This movie Blake is shooting caught me totally off guard. Not only is Oliver Stone directing it. Selma Heyeck is in it and Benicio Del Toro. Its about some weed growers (played by two actors I don’t know) facing off against a Mexican drug cartel. Blake plays one of the guys girlfriend and she gets kidnapped by the cartel. It doesn’t sound that good to me but who knows. It sounds gritty and drama filled…not sure how Oscar worthy it will be.

    As much as I love the Sex and the City franchise, there would be a cold day in hell before I watched a prequel of the show starring those girls.

  11. gee says:

    How does a prequel make sence in the life of the series? They didn’t know eachother that young.. Unless Emma Roberts will be a harvard law grad at the ripe old age of 21.

  12. mia girl says:

    “Allegedly, producers want Blake for Sam, Emma Roberts for Miranda, Selena Gomez for Charlotte and Elizabeth Olsen for Carrie.”

    That is the most bizarre combination of young actresses! I actually don’t think any of them make sense and frankly, can’t imagine they would have chemistry.

  13. Quest says:

    That casting suck, not enough can be said at the thought of prequels. :(

  14. Mia says:

    *yawn* She’s boring. Her relationship with Leo is boring.

    Can’t believe they are trying to keep that dying franchise going. Doesn’t Blake already play a younger version of Carrie on Gossip Girl? So now, they are going to make her supersexy, confident Samantha? GTFO! Ridiculous casting suggestion.

  15. Riana says:


    I can take Fake Lively playing a dimwit in most of her roles but don’t dare bring that dreg to the likes of such a vivacious character like Samantha Jones. Blech.

  16. Cammie says:

    She doesn’t gets lead roles.. like Carey Mulligan or Jennifer Lawrence

    I guess all the plastic surgery, kissing up to the power players in Hollywood didn’t really play off.

  17. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:


  18. Rita says:

    I don’t care for Stone as a director. He’s a bit too “left field” with his personal quirks distracting from the movie but he does direct A-list actors so I wonder what he will think of Blake.

  19. WTF says:

    is that a new butterfly tattoo or for the movie -cause i don’t remember seeing it in the naked pics ?

  20. REALIST says:

    OMG, the “Sex and the City” franchise is pulling a “Star Wars” (although I think Lucas planned the prequel stunt from the beginning). That presumes too much as to the quality of the original. Isn’t SJP one of the main shareholders in the franchise?
    Maybe they (the holders of the franchise) should start producing little dress up dolls of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte. They could get designers to make little outfits! Another way to make more money!

  21. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ gee

    RIGHT ON! The show itself showed a heightened reality of new york. Now we have to see these girls pretending that NYC wasn’t super gritty and dangerous in the 1980s? Miranda, the genius Harvard Law grad at 21. Charlotte the hispanic WASP. Carrie already buying sh*t she can’t afford, yet never seeing the consequences of those endless shopping trips. Samantha was also supposed to be about 10 years older than the other women. So… None of this casting makes any sense.

  22. Denise says:

    Boring beige ho playing another boring beige ho; sounds about right. Leo’s wanting to date incognito kinda defeats the purpose of her dating him because there will be no glamor shots of them together. Oliver stone has not had a hit in years, so don’t get too excited about this one especially if Biege is one of the headliners.

  23. jover says:

    Yes inthekitchen for all of hollywood’s pretense about creativity 27 films this summer are sequels/prequels etc. Love the comparison to beyonce but please don’t disrespect the mighty Led zeppelin by invoking the mothership with this generic mall girl.

  24. SashaT says:

    It probably is a perfect character for her. Let her be. Playing these vapid, hooker-like-with-no-substance characters suit her very well.

  25. Savages says:

    When was the last time Oliver Stone made a good movie? He’s very pretentious and un-American. I sure wouldn’t want to be cast in on of his movies. His career has faded away.

  26. Kim says:

    Her agent or stylist-someone needs to tell her to stand up straight. She hunches so bad and she looks manly to begin with so the terrible posture doesnt help.

  27. Kim says:

    Turtle- its called tv not reality. The purpose of Sex & the City was to escape not deal with reality. Thats what tv and movies are all about.

  28. Launicaangelina says:

    I love SATC & the actresses who played the characters. I just can’t imagine these girls living up to those actresses/characters! I’d be interested in a prequel but not with the cast suggested.

  29. Blue says:

    They need to not make this movie. The cast sounds awful. Blake is not a good enough actress to pull off the role if Samantha. She’s not much of an actress to begin with, so I don’t know how she gets any roles at all. Like people have said she doesn’t have the ability to pull of the wit and sass. I won’t be seeing it even if she wasn’t in it anyways but still.

  30. loveyourwork says:

    I actually LOVE the idea of a well-made prequel. It could be amazing! Those types of storylines always work (if done well). It could show the origin of their friendships.


    Blake Lively has too much boobage to play Sam. In her favor: her face looks 10 years older than the rest of those girls.

    Emma Roberts does not have blue eyes or a convincingly screechy voice.

    Selena Gomez as Charlotte York?
    If anything,Emma Roberts should play that character.
    Selena…Gomez…her face is like a minature dog…one of those camel-colored fluffy things. Or like Tanya…from Fievel Goes to America…

    And Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie actually works.

  31. xxodettexx says:

    NO, just NO! samantha was and still is my favorite character from SATC and this mumble-mouth is going to ruin it!

  32. Truthful says:

    Hollywood always has to get the last drop out of any film that was a hit–until they run it in the ground and flop it out.

    I will not be supporting it.

  33. Turtle Dove says:

    SATS booooring

    Bar has been trying to get in the news, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about The Loch Ness Monster relationship that is Leo and Blake – oft talked about, rarely seen.

  34. Caity says:

    A prequel with those actresses sounds horrific!

  35. Amanda G says:

    Why can’t they let this series die a semi-dignified death?

  36. huh says:

    Sex and the City movies are always crappy so it would be perfect for her acting ability. She already looks way to old to play SJ in a prequel. The character is trashy and gets around so Flakey can play herself again. Just like Serena on Gossip Girl. Slept with every possible character on the show … just like Flakey for roles. Nice catch, Leo! Ugly, no talent and gets around. You hit the jackpot, man!

  37. gee says:

    IF they were going to do a prequel, they should do one right, focusing on the women as they met in the mid 80s in different places socially and economically, and their social lives, it might be interesting. Like a little bit older St. Elmo’s Fire kind of thing.

    @Lisa Turtle, I agree sooo much with your pov.

  38. Katija says:

    Blake as Samantha is the only one who I could actually imagine “growing up” into someone who looks like their older counter part, Kim Cattrall. How is little Latina Selena Gomez going to grow up into the queen of the WASPs?

  39. kimberly says:


    She is too obvious and easy. Pick a better actress than the one that looks the part, but can’t act!!!

  40. Chris says:

    Ahhh make it stop, make it stop!!!!

  41. Shoe_Lover says:

    I would imagine that a Sex and the City prequel would be based on the “Carrie Diaries” series that so far has two books released that Candace Bushnell has written. And I am really glad she has. I love Sex and the City but the last three seasons and the two movies were vastly different from the first three series and the source material. I imaging that is due to MPK and SJP being given greater control over character development etc. I enjoy Candace Bushnell’s other books and I really liked the first two books in the Carrie Diaries series.

    As is aid I imagine that any prequel series or movies will be based on these books so her is a brief synopsis SPOLER ALERT

    The first book details Carrie’s senior year of high school in small town Connecticut. She gets accepted to a summer writing program in new York City and in the final few pages makes her way to NYC were she is supposed to stay with a family friend. When she stops at a pay phone in NYC her hand bag gets stolen which had the number and address of where she was supposed to be staying. She then calls the older cousin of a girl she went to school with to see if she can stay with her for the night. The older cousin is Samantha Jones.

    The second book starts with Carrie’s first night in NYC where she goes with Sam to a party. Various things happen in the book but a couple of chapters in she gets a call from a Miranda Hobbes who says she has found her purse. I think Miranda was going to Columbia (not 100% on that and as we know she went to Harvard Law afterwards). Carrie was supposed to be leaving the city at the end of the summer to go to Brown. At the end of the book she leaves to go but gets a job offer at a paper and on the train back to the city she meets Charlotte.

  42. Sami says:

    There’s no way they can ‘remake’ Sex and the City’. What a farce that would be.

  43. Cherry Rose says:

    I swear, if I was in that mall with Blake, I would never even give her a passing glance.

    Meh, the only movie I liked of Oliver Stone was Natural Born Killers. Love, love, love that movie!

    However, Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toror in a movie together sounds pretty hot. Hopefully Blake’s part will be as small as her part in The Town, and we won’t have to see much of her.

  44. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    The shoes look both stylish and comfy.

  45. dleen says:

    she is horrible actress and a calculating climber, such a shame, please go away

  46. Emily says:

    @Shoe_Lover, thanks for that synopsis! I’ve vaugely wanted to read the Carrie Diaries but never found them in a library and didn’t wanna pay for them.

    The only one I can see working is Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie. But I could’ve sworn that there was a rumour a couple of weeks ago that Black was up for Carrie’s part? This just sounds like the studio’s pulling names of 20something girls out of a hat. Why no Miley? Or Kristen Stewart? They’d make just as much sense as this lot…

  47. My name? says:

    Umm Selena Gomez as Charlotte? I hope that WHOLE list was a joke.

  48. KatieD says:

    I love Selena Gomez but she isn’t going to be playing Charlotte…people shut it down just on the basis that she isn’t a mini me of Kristin Davis. It’s important that the actress playing these parts look as they could grow up to be the actresses in the original HBO series.

    I’m Latina and I love Selena and see personlity wise why people are interested in seeing her play Charlotte but it takes more than personality. Selena is still early in her career and I don’t think (even with her being eighteen) that she or her people would be interested in her associating with the SATC franchise. Even if it is toned down.

    Everytime people mention her or any of these actresses I can’t help but think that it was some fan out there in the ether (or many fans) who threw the names out there and hoped that if they were repeated enough the studio and/or producers would agree and latch onto the idea.

    I think they would try to go with fresh faces (maybe Elizabeth Olsen) or like in the movie the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which featured mostly new (or not so mainstream) faces.

    Lastly, I agree with those saying that Hollywood needs new ideas or to let go (at least a little) of SATC franchise!

  49. Lissa says:

    I think I would enjoy a SATC-inspired show for the new generation… I mean I’m Blake’s age, but I sure as hell don’t want to see her play a younger version of Samantha Jones. And as for the rest of the casting….awful. Emma Roberts? Selena Gomez? Seriously??!?!?

  50. blah says:

    Well, I’m not that surprised to see this talentless celeb in a Stone’s movie. After all he is the one who chose Farrel with a blonde toupe as Alexander the Great. I mean, Colin Farrel?!?!!
    I am fond of ancient history, but now any time I read about Alexander there is this crap coming to my mind – Farrel his fake hair and ridiculous script. I hate him.

  51. Katherine says:

    Blake Lively doesn’t have the quick wit to play Samantha? LOL!

    I love Samantha and I love Kim Cattrell but that quick wit came from a script. She looks the part and why couldn’t she do it? It’s not Hamlet.

    Carrie had to have been homely as a young 20 something so how could Moss fit that? She has a lovely face.

    Miranda also was most likely geeky and a very plain Jane. Miranda didn’t even blossom until well into the series.

    Now I assume Charlotte was always a pretty princess. Though they could mine some interesting twists with her character if that doesn’t prove to be true. Maybe a darker and less picture perfect background would be good.

  52. Emily says:

    @Katherine, a good script is only as good as the person delivering it. If they don’t have the comedic timing, which I’ve never seen Blake show, then it’s just going to fall flat. And why do you assume that Carrie must have been homely as a kid? I know SJP isn’t aging well at all, but she was sort of cute when she was younger.

  53. aoigrumbelina says:

    They should cast Adrianne Palicki( Friday night lights) to play Sam,she’s gorgeous,tall, and talented on top of that.

  54. Sheigh says:

    No, no and nooooooooooooooo!

  55. britweed says:

    Do people just dislike her for sport, or what? Seriously, she’s not a bad actress. She’s just as fine as all the other young ones out there but for some reason everyone takes it out on Blake alone. Is it because she’s so pretty that has everyone’s panties in a twist?