In Touch: Justin Timberlake is a diva, mouths off to restaurant staff


It has been mentioned (by Kaiser, actually) that Justin Timberlake generally acts like a douche these days, which certainly won’t help the fact that filmgoers already don’t make much of an effort to watch his films. Also not very impressive is the extremely uncomfortable, leg-rubbing way in which JT begrudgingly accepted his Marine Corp date. Now JT is taking his douchy ways to the streets of NYC, where In Touch reveals that he refused to sign autographs on the red carpet of the Friends With Benefits premiere. The next evening, JT reportedly acted like a total prick to the staff at an NYC restaurant and club:

Justin Timberlake has been a star since the tender age of 12 — and obviously, he has forgotten that he was once a mere mortal, too. During a recent night out at The Boom Boom Room, “He was really in a terrible mood,” one very unimpressed eyewitness at the hot NYC club on July 19 tells In Touch. “He was awful to the staff, making unreasonable demands and acting like a total prince.”

You’d think Justin would have been on his best behavior — after all, he was feting the premiere of his new film, Friends With Benefits, alongside his mom, Lynn Harless, and his co-stars Mila Kunis, Patricia Clarkson, and Jenna Elfman. However, the singer was in a rotten mood.

“He ordered a glass of champagne but complained that it was flat and demanded another one,” another witness shares with In Touch. Then, after rejecting the second glass as “also flat,” he insisted the waitress open a new bottle. However, still not content with the third glass, the surly singer told his friends he would drink it anyway, because he was “sick of dealing with her” — referring to his hapless hostess. Understandably, everyone was relieved when the 30-year-old finally left — but not before both witnesses overheard Justin warning his driver that if he wasn’t parked right outside the front door, he would “lose his s***!”

Leaving us to wonder, what’s gotten Justin so sour? Maybe his William Rast underpants were too tight!

[From In Touch, print edition, August 15, 2011]

What a diva. I hope that poor waitress wasn’t a JT fan; if so, she’s certainly not a fan now. However, I wonder whether his refusal to sign autographs is something that rubbed off on him after his years of dating with Cameron Diaz, who earned herself a reputation of not only refusing to sign for her public but also going on to tell people how dumb autographs are. So far, Cameron has gotten away with this sort of behavior, but JT’s luck probably won’t last that long because — let’s face it — he just doesn’t have legs that are anywhere near as pretty as Cameron’s stems.



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  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve never understood his supposed sex-appeal, and now it turns out he’s a brat, too.

    Then again, this is In Touch.

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    Sending something back in a restaurant that isn’t right is perfectly acceptable. Flat champagne, steak that isn’t cooked as ordered, cold coffee, etc. should never be served in the first place. The customer is paying after all, and should get what was ordered. In all, this story doesn’t seem to have any teeth because he wasn’t acting like a diva. To the contrary since he decided to just drink the flat champagne instead of making a big deal about it.

    I don’t like JT but this story is just silly.

  3. Pose83 says:

    Totally agree with @The Truth Fairy and this was similar to what I was going to write.

    I don’t know if he’s a douche or not, but flat champagne sucks!

  4. brin says:

    He’s a tool and way overrated.

  5. You don't say says:

    I’m just a working stiff, but I send stuff back in restaurants all the time I am a firm believer in please and thank you and try to be generous, but if I don’t like the service I receive, the staff does not get a tip.

    Not sure about the rest. If he was rude, that is one thing, but if he wants what he is paying for, that is not being a diva. He is a long way from the cute kid with curls and probably needs a good spanking, but this story is not worthy.

  6. logi says:

    A favorite saying of mine:
    If your friend is nice to you, but a dick to the waiter… Your friend’s a dick.

    That statement falls into many categories. And it doesn’t matter who you are.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Given his growing diva rep, I’m more inclined to think it was him just being a fussy baby rather than the champagne actually being flat.

  8. Chloe says:

    Yeah, it’s not about him returning the champagne, it’s about how he (supposedly) did it. Of course, it might just be a case of the waitress cashing in and blowing things out of proportion.

    The header pic was nicely chosen, though;)

  9. WillyNilly says:

    He’s paying for it. Shouldn’t he get what he wants? And he likely found that his ‘champagne’ on the third glass just wasn’t what he expected, it could have been a bad case. It happens. I don’t think that is diva at all.

  10. Samigirl says:

    @Logi-I agree 100000%. I waited tables for 6 years. Any time I’d go out with friends/family/dates, and they were rude to the weightstaff, I’d automatically get super offended. That job is harder than you’d think (and only partially bc of douchebags.)I could seriously write a book on the crap I’ve had to put up with. BUT, that’s what happens when you work at chain restaurants *cough*olive garden*cough*

  11. mln76 says:

    Lainey said he was horrible at Comi-Con last week so eventhough it’s In Touch I tend to believe this. He’s probably just pouting because he isn’t really a movie star.

    @logi absolutely I used to wait tables and it’s sooo true.

    @The Truth Fairy. There is no way that 3 bottles in a row were flat. It’s obviously a diva way to make himself better than everyone.

  12. Micki says:

    Probably hasn’t been laid for a long time or had it ready and up and noone noticed

  13. Waldemar says:

    Flat champagne. Yeah sure, as if a restaurant would even send that to a table. Customers tend to notice that very easily, since it doesn’t have the nice bubbles. He was being fussy just for the sake of it, I am sure. I have seen him in London onetime, were he had cornered of an entire section of a Burger King (screens blocking the view and everything) so that he could have just the one hamburger. He is an idiot.

  14. Nicki says:

    Guy is a twat. Could never stand him, and like him even less reading this.

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “If your friend is nice to you, but a dick to the waiter… Your friend’s a dick.”

    well said, and I totally agree. you can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat ANY service staff. I’m a “please and thank you” person too, even to someone who is “just” a server doing their job by bringing you your meal.

    I remember seeing how some of my dorm-mates treated the maintenance guy and was appalled.

  16. seal tem 6 says:

    NO WAY two bottles of champagne were flat.I actually met him back in 2000, as part of an in-store I was observing, and he was a total jerk to the girls who worked for that store, and who had a chance to get him to autograph a few things and chat with him and his buddies.

    And, of course you should send something back if it isn’t cooked right, etc., but I’ve been out with way too many people who are “normal people,: and who get jollies from treating wait staff like peons, and expecting everything to be 100% perfect. Stay home if you can’t treat customer service folks with respect.

  17. Rhiley says:

    There is nothing worse than a p—y mama’s boy. Even though I despise Ashton Kutcher and that stupid show Punked!, the JT prank was very revealing and showed what a puss this dude is. The first thing he did was call his mama and was all crying and telling her, “Mommy, get up here quickly. They are taking all of my stuff.” Ugh. Dudes who are close to their moms and help their moms are great guys, but dudes who carry their moms everywhere on their arms are creepy.

  18. Liz says:

    All of these people are worthless. But I rather agree that autographs are useless and incomprehensibly wasteful of everyone’s time.

  19. seal tem 6 says:

    @Praise –

    Good point about maintenance people. I’m really polite to the custodial staff where I work, and give them $5 Starbucks cards for Christmas (omg almost wrote “Crackmas”). Some of my colleagues treat these women like enslaved field hands — it’s disgusting. Like JT, they’ve never done public and customer service jobs ONCE. Said colleagues are also wondering when I spill coffee at my desk, one of these wonderful, hardworking, and underpaid ladies rush and clean up for me, whereas they have to clean up their own mess.

    I’ve broken up with people because of how they treat wait staff, cashiers, etc.

  20. seal team 6 says:

    @Riley –

    Forgot about that “Punked”!

  21. Kimbob says:

    This is a subject that has always bothered me (I’m in a restaurant w/whomever & they’re RUDE to the staff). I never could figure it out (other than the obvious…they are ASSHOLES), because the person(s) I was w/SEEMED like otherwise nice, decent people…& the minute you get somewhere there is a wait-staff, they become asshole prima-donna’s.

    Anytime I encounter this, I DITCH that person as a friend…or whatever, because I find this unacceptable! It seems to me that JT IS ONE OF “THOSE PEOPLE.”

  22. Kit says:

    what a twat.
    there’s no need to be disrepectful even if you are paying for service and as it was supposedly at a premier you can bet he didn’t have to pay for anything. it would have been on the studio’s tab.

  23. Calli Pygian says:

    Gaydar pinging for the first pic. Looks like quite the beeyotch to me.

    Wasn’t there a recent rumor about him assaulting/groping/yelling at& insulting a fan with the help of bodyguards (something about an elevator?)? Wonder if he is getting sick of projecting what may be becoming an unnatural image for him. Hmmm.

  24. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Rhiley, that Punk’d ep was GOLDEN.

    I laughed so hard at seeing that douche cry.

    seal team…”crackmas”…lmao!

  25. anoneemouse says:

    A douche can’t be anything other than a douche. Never liked this dude even going back to when he dated Brittany.

  26. Eve says:

    @ Rhiley:

    I’ll never forget that Punk’d episode. He literally sat on the curb and cried because they’re taking his stuff when he could have just called his lawyer or the police if he thought things weren’t right.

    I also will never forget the way he behaved after that Super Bowl fiasco, when he let Janet Jackson take all the heat for something they had planned and executed TOGETHER.

    I’ll reapeat what I’ve been saying about this douchebag: he is a cowardly little prick.

  27. Turtle Dove says:

    Samigirl – You’re right on. I did that job for years too and it is tough juggling tables and orders and clean up, and the tw*ts on top of that.

    They’re servers, NOT servants. Big difference.

    He grates on my nerves.

  28. UKHels says:

    yeah it’s fine to send champagne back but not to be so rude to the waitress who hardly made it flat on purpose

    it’s a crap job made even worse by people like this curly-haired twat

  29. Kimbob says:

    @Eve…thanks for reminding me of that Super Bowl fiasco. You are dead-on….I’ve never forgotten that, either. I remember my 1st reaction was that JT was a scaredy-cat TWAT. It was all kinds of wrong for him to let her take all the heat. Yes, he was def a p**sy!

  30. Eve says:

    @ Kimbob:

    Years later he somewhat excused himself for that (letting Jackson take the heat alone) but really…YEARS later? When it didn’t matter anymore because she already had to deal with all the bad press alone?

    Did you notice that he didn’t perform at any of the official tributes to Michael Jackson? I mean, at least not the ones Janet was involved with? And he totally ate it about that because he probably thought he deserved to be there since he thinks he’s the legitimate heir to Jackson’s talent.

    EDIT: I meant “repeat” on my previous comment.

  31. tara says:

    unfortunately, his behavior is not that out of the ordinary for celebrities. the majority of my friends work in the movie industry but as crew and set people, and most stars are aholes. lol Justin though would be a real pain because he has that squeaky voice and the fake urban posturing.

  32. Kimbob says:

    @Eve…yes…karma…it has its’ own voice. Thank God for it.

  33. TL says:

    But I bet he still likes “Dirty Pop”… haha nsync shout out.

    Yeah attitudes like his really turn me off. That’s why I can’t stand %99.9 of celebrities these days. Bono from U2 is one of the exception. Oh, and Seth Macfarline, how can you not like the guy on the Peter Griffin factor?

  34. Original Tiffany says:

    He a douche, his jean line is great, but he is a douche.
    I bet he gets spit on his meals regularly, some servers take great offense to douchebaggery:)

  35. Sloane Wyatt says:

    He’s a prissy little twit who can’t act out of a paper bag. I’m glad to see not too many here think much of this wuss.

  36. seal team 6 says:

    Yup, that Super Bowl fiasco. letting Janet take the heat, while he acted all innocent. What’s worse, the media also let him off the hook and slammed Janet. I guess poor JT was just a victim of a Woman Hoare.

    I’m not a Janet fan, so it was annoying having to defend her.

  37. xxodettexx says:

    i hate flat champagne but not as much as i hate this jerk! grr

  38. Lindy says:

    Ya know, all these years so many people have been hating on Jessica Biel and complaining that Justin Timberlake should be doing better for himself and should trade up. Honestly, I never got it. I think she’s gorgeous and a better than average actress, while he is minimally talented (even if we’re talking about music)–her only problem is that she needs to get some self-esteem and sump his sorry, diva a$$.

  39. IAMEROK says:

    @ Seal Team six you=TEAM AWESOME!
    @ Eve I really hated him in Nsync, and then the SB fiasco that was it…douchbaggery at it’s finest, he grates me so much!!
    *looks at cute pug sleeping under desk*
    K…pug cuteness helped me feel better!

  40. Maritza says:

    How disappointing… he is so funny when he works with Jimmy Fallon. The man needs a reality check, without his fans he is no one.

  41. mimi says:

    Really.. why are you considered a diva,difficult because you refuse to eat or drink crap? If it were free..yeah. But you’re paying for deserve to get what you’re paying for. jeez

  42. ADS says:

    There is no revelation here. He has always been like this. He pimped out his relationship with britney for his first album. He spoke about her non stop during that promo. Disgusting. The connection coupled with his talent helped make him a solo star. I noticed that when brit’s very public melt down began he never publicly defended her when the press were battering her. Also, there was an mtv special years ago when he bemoaned doing interviews. He bitched and complained about this part of his career-during an interview. Clearly forgetting that without them no one would give A shit about him. I have never bought his downhome/Hollywood IT boy/charmer persona. I appreciate the talent but don’t buy his false nice guy image.

  43. Hautie says:

    Holy crap, he looks like a serial killer in that first photo!

    The problem with p*ssy boy, is that in his mind he is a A-list actor. And with that he assumes he can be a total jackass.

    Yet factually he is a C- actor.

    With a good manager/agent who manage to get him opportunities to work in these movies.

    Yet he can not sell a movie. Which makes him failure. Then add to it he is a nasty piece of work.

    I don’t see him lasting long with the acting thing. He does not have enough sense not to make enemies with the people who matter.

  44. kieslwoski says:

    This guy has always been a douche it is so refreshing to see more people catching on to what a total a-hile this guy is. He is notoriously known to be a total diva, he treats staff/waiters etc very rudely, always.

    I cannot stand him. Hope his next movie tanks even worse than this one.

  45. Runs with Scissors says:

    “Divo” male version, not Diva (female version) please.

    Women have it hard enough without our gender itself being an added “put down” to men. :)

    Just look at the names he’s being called and that’s just scanning the posts, “Twat, douche, bitch…” all words to put down women. Let’s not add Diva to the bunch.

  46. ladybert62 says:

    He certainly is no Johnny Depp in any category at all!

    JT sounds like he had a PMS night – he should have just said “no” and stayed home alone.

  47. velourazure says:

    that’s a boat-load of foundation he’s wearing in the first photo.

  48. KsGirl says:

    Douchetastic. I totally judge people who are jerks to waitstaff, too – it’s generally a very good test of character. And no it’s not the act of sending something back, it’s the being a rude asshole about it.

    I saw Bad Teacher recently and he was bad in it. Like, bad enough that it stood out to me as bad. He cannot act, for reals.

  49. I’m just another working class hero who can vouch for the fact that it doesn’t take a celebrity to act a diva.

    I know times are tough and going out is a “treat” to 95% of the population. I appreciate that, and I really do work hard on the other end of the line to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their “little luxuries”. I’m proud to work at a very small, neighborhood cafe, and I want people to enjoy themselves and come back. Well, most people, anyways.

    You see a whole different side to humanity in food service. And as a student of psychology, it’s fascinating to see the social interactions that occur within a perceived power dynamic. Absolutely fascinating.

  50. Venus says:

    It is totally acceptable to send things that are sub-par back in a restaurant, whether it is flat champagne, undercooked/overcooked food, etc. HOWEVER, it is *not* acceptable to be mean to the waitress about it or say things like you “are sick of dealing with her.” It is almost NEVER the waitress’s fault for a sub-par performance from the kitchen or bar & acting like it is is akin to “shooting the messenger,” which is a low-class thing to do.

  51. Denise says:

    He looks like a crazed bitch in the first photo; Lainey’s observations were spot on, he is devolving into a complete tool.

  52. Nikki Girl says:

    I highly doubt the champagne was actually flat, not sure why some of you are so quick to believe that it was. The Boom Boom Room is a highly respected and well-known hot spot, I don’t think they’d be stupid enough to send out champagne that wasn’t bubbly, especially to Justin Timberlake. No, I think he was just being the whiny prick that he is. At this point, I have read articles in several different magazines about how big of a jerk he is, and how rude he is to fans. Anyone remember the incident when he was throwing crap off his hotel balcony onto fans below? Jessica Biel was with him on the balcony. Also he and Cameron Diaz were allegedly really rude to fans all the time together. He’s an absolute tool. I HATE when celebrities are rude to their fans, you CANNOT bite the hand that feeds you! If it weren’t for his fans, he would not be where he was and enjoying that lifestyle, so get your goddamn head out of your ass Justin!

  53. Enn says:

    Paying for something doesn’t give you the right to act like a cunt. I never liked his curly-trying-to-be-sexy-but-failing-desperately ass. Ugh. He needs a serious reality check.

  54. Tiffany says:

    For a momma’s boy this guy is a joke as far as how he treats women. You would think that his mother would say, ‘You are being a ass to your girfriend or people in general.’ I thank my mother everyday for how she treated people in public and instilling that in me. All the photos with Biel where everyone holding his hand and taking the lead, everyone thought that she was clingly and hanging on for dear life. No this douche was just a dear in headlight who expects women to take care of him and be the ‘villian’ when things either go wrong or not his way (Super Bowl incident). This guy is and always will be a joke. Why women drop their panties for him is a mystery. Dispite all the money, I cannot imagine having a conversation with him interesting. He believes his won hype and does not seem to educate on anything around him. Yeah, Biel is going to be alright.

  55. ADS says:

    That first pic is really weird. His eyes look like he has a touch of the crazies. I wonder what he’s on?
    Oh, and to the people who rightfully noted JT’s turn coat behaviour regarding Janet Jackson. I watched an interview with JJ and she said that she cannot forgive him and will not talk to him. As some of have said there is clearly good reason he was not continually quoted about MJ’s death and of course was omitted from many of the big award show tributes.

  56. Justaposter says:

    Okay I may be old school but..

    Since when do men order a single glass of bubbly for their cocktail choice?

    I think Clint Eastwood summed it up quite nicely in Grand Torino


  57. YvetteW says:

    I detest calling men douches. It’s so vulgar. But JT is a douche.

  58. 4Real says:

    Ew what a bitch!

    But then again…I would have done the same thing.

  59. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    The comments about the treatment of the waitstaff are telling – it is cool to hear the inside stories. If JT treats the waitstaff like they are servants and is rude to them, I’ll bet he gets lots of fun in his food & drink.

  60. Runs with Scissors says:

    seems to be a lot of posters who hate women here (or who don’t realize their language does):

    so he’s a “Diva” (instead of DIVO – male equivalent because of course being female is a terrible weakness in itself) but he’s also:
    a “cunt”
    “douche” (arguable)
    he has “PMS”
    he’s a “Twat”
    … hmmm, what other words can we use to make him as sub-human and lowly as a WOMAN??

    C’mon ladies, there are a lot of nasty adjectives we could use to describe men who we don’t like WITHOUT cutting on women in the process.

    I know we’re supposed to hate ourselves, as we’re taught, but you can do better than calling a man a “pussy” or saying he “has PMS” as the ultimate put down.

    I know it seems unrelated but it really isn’t. We’re still being paid 75% of what men get paid for the SAME job and the language we use about OURSELVES and the shit we put up with is partly the reason. No biggie, just think we should put more thought into the language we use to represent ourselves.

  61. pwal says:

    It’s fine to send back food or drinks that aren’t right, but why take it out on the hostess/waitress? They had no hand in making it, so why ruin their day/night? Just send it back and do it in the most polite way possible.

    And yes, Justin is a douche for that Superbowl crap and his inability to display any compassion towards Britney during her crisis. Maybe she did do him dirty while they were dating (kinda doubt it), but if someone is in danger of not only losing her children, her sanity, and maybe even her life, compassion should’ve just been there.

    And that is why this, and many other reasons I won’t name, is the reason why he will only be the ‘new’ King of whatever @$$-kissing, PR-driven pseudo-new title, merely, in name only.

  62. stella says:

    The first mistake this article made proving the whole thing is no doubt a lie is there are pictures and footage galore or Justin Timberlake signing autographs at the NYC premiere of the film.

  63. cali says:

    well, to be fair, the Punk’d episode was a long time ago and he was pretty young, so his reaction is kind of understandable. I don’t think he will be winning an Oscars soon, but I don’t think he is terrible. He was fine in the new movie and he can actually be quite funny when he is doing skit comedy.

    BUT, I definitely get a “douchey” vibe from him and even though he may have had valid reason to send back the champagne being rude to the waitress is stupid as she obviously has no control over how bubbly the champagne is. I doubt she was the owns the winery where the Champagne was produced.

  64. lisa says:

    I thought the article said he ordered a glass and it was flat. Then ordered another glass.

    I don’t see the problem. I like good service and I tip very very well when I get it. I know how hard most of them work, but I also know there there are some people that shouldn’t be doing it.

    This just seems to be a story the tabs print to feed the image they want the public to have for some celebs. I’m not a JT fan. But I don’t see this being a diva act. Just someone paying for something and wanting what they pay for. People send and take things back everyday. Got to a customer service line.

  65. Original Tiffany says:

    C’mon, don’t be so hard on the word douche. It just fits with some people and their actions SO well.
    Besides, in Europe it just means bath. :)

  66. kitkat says:

    I went out on a date with a filthy rich NYC man. He took me to a seafood restaurant; sent back his lobster several times because it had green stuff on it (one of the internal organs), etc. The tone of his voice still rings in my ears; he was loud, shaming, and dramatic. I was embarrassed to be with him. How about please, excuse me, and thank you? Mama’s boy, and I was gone soon after. JT is from the SOUTH. This is not how we do! Y to all slurs, and I add DICKWAD to even out lady slurs w/man one.

  67. Heatherrr says:

    How much longer to I have to look at his face? I mean, really??!!

  68. Jacqueline says:

    He isnt a coward or a prick. He worked since Mickey Mouse Club and has been famous probably since he was 15. This guy had diva coming a long time ago. Douchebag all the way. AND he is a serious mama’s boy. Her one and only child at that. I dont think he knows how to handle the real world because its been awhile since he has been in it.

  69. echolocate says:

    He was a pageant boy as a kid, so I have an image of 6-year-old JT kicking up a fuss at the local strip mall salon while getting his brows waxed and his highlights, and then later launching into a backstage tantrum because he didn’t want to wear his spurs for the Wow Wear segment of the competition.

    Last week, out of a clear blue sky, my mother declared that “That Justin Timberlake is not very good-looking.”

  70. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Well it won’t be long before he’s film career is “gone” like his music career. I think the problem with these celebs are society puts them at a higher standard even though they are not.I am in no way defending JT, cause I abhor assholes but like us regular people some of us are nice and friendly and others are douchebags, Celeb or not.

  71. Kebo says:

    Why the hell does this dickhead always look like he’s sucked a lemon? What’s the appeal with him? Seriously.

  72. Sara says:

    I liked both Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits but mostly because of the female leads- Mila and Cameron. In both movies JT plays a dorky character and that’s all I can see him doing. Alpha dog was a pretty good movie but he didn’t stand out. If he wants to be an actor that’s great but he’s never going to be on the level of great actors like Tom Hanks or Brad Pitt.

  73. Flan says:

    @Runs with Scissors, you’re totally right. I avoid those words for that reason.

  74. Jess says:

    The issue was not about sending back glasses of flat champagne, it was his attitude about the whole thing. I can never understand some people who find him attractive. He looks like a douche canoe.

  75. Str8Shooter says:

    Prissy little twit who’s ‘acting chops’ apparently are limited to ‘Dick in a Box’…hence the poor showings at his lame movies.

    Never understood the appeal of this pussy boy with a little girl’s voice. Someone needs to pie him, PRONTO!

  76. tryme says:

    punk ass pussy boy. bitch ass mama’s boy.

  77. Runs with Scissors says:

    @flan: “@ Runs with Scissors, you’re totally right. I avoid those words for that reason.”

    Thanks for sayin’ :)

  78. Eve says:

    @ Runs With Scissors:

    I used “prick”, see? I love pussies (the animal — unless The Jolie hits on me…he he he) and I don’t like using that word for insulting people like Timberacting.

    Now you should totally give me a hug (remember: from behind).

  79. Turtle Dove says:

    runs with scissors (63) I stand corrected. :)

  80. Runs with Scissors says:

    *hugging Eve from behind* thank you for using the work “prick” (a fave of mine) (I actually did notice that, lol!) and ha! Timberacting, nice.

    hi Turtle Dove :)

  81. Jamie says:

    @67, it’s not about him sending it back. It’s about him being a rude, pissy, whiny asshole about it. He’s a douche and there was no reason for him to treat the waitstaff like shit.

  82. TG says:

    @seal tem – I agree with you too many a**holes out there on powertrips because they want to feel important so they are rude to the “service ndustry” people. And JT is a loser. However, I think autographs are stupid too. Who the hell cares about someone’s signature.

  83. Remote Control says:

    He literally looks like a penis.

  84. Venefica Delirium says:


  85. Venefica Delirium says:

    All joking aside, I’m not surprised. This guy serves as a great example of what happens when you allow fame to get to your head.

    I’m a college student, so I work at a fast food joint, which I know isn’t a “real” restaurant nor does it seem as glamorous as serving celebrities, but this behavior is disturbingly common.

    I’m glad that most of the time I work behind the scenes preparing food and am not a service person because even though I’m generally very friendly and polite, I suck at hiding my emotions when I’m upset. I don’t have a thick enough skin for that position.

    Sometimes our machines break down and I’ve witnessed many tantrums by customers, taking it out on the cashiers and runners as though they’re the ones responsible for technical difficulties. Sometimes our computer systems crash and our managers have no choice but to calculate totals manually and relay their orders to the cooking staff, so they cop an attitude that it may take a minute or two longer in the middle of the night. Sometimes fast food employees get a bad rap for being unintelligent and/or slackers, but this isn’t the case. We have some employees who *do* suck at their jobs and do nothing but take smoke breaks and socialize all day so they get nothing done, but I feel so sorry for all of the staff who get chewed out for difficulties that are beyond their control.

    It’s one thing to be frustrated at the situation, but it’s not *their* fault the Frappe machine broke down. It’s not *their* fault if the system crashes. There have been times my overnight manager had to shut down the restaurant momentarily because of technical difficulties and while I’m closing the dining room, I can hear angry customers cursing out the nearest employee, including myself.

    Sometimes I get screamed at because the dining room closes at eleven PM, despite the huge signs outside the windows informing customers that we do so. I have gotten yelled at for some accidents made by service persons while I wasn’t even on the clock.

    People just bitch at the nearest employee even if they weren’t involved with the problem. More importantly, though, why can’t people just politely address the mistake for employees to correct them? You don’t have to scream at anyone for making a minor mistake.

  86. Runs with Scissors says:

    Venefica Delirium: “ZOMG PRICK IS SEXIST AGAINST MEN!!!!!”

    Ha! Awesome! I like it ’cause it can also just mean irritating or thorny (note that “horny is contained therein, lol)

    And wow, it sounds like you should be running the whole restaurant CHAIN. I had many years in food service and it really can bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, it’s the same way in every sector, it just gets hidden better.

  87. Hassen Ben-Soba says:

    You guys are just now realizing this guy is a douche bag? I don’t even know why this guy is famous, he was in a boy band for cryin’ out loud. And a pretty crappy boy band,

  88. Angela says:

    ^Hey, just because Justin Timberlake is a douche doesn’t mean you have to put down NSYNC! They had an exceptional 5 part harmony acapella. JC Chasez in particular has an amazing voice.

  89. Venefica Delirium says:

    @Running: Haha, just playing. I feel as though if this site was less female oriented though some guys would probably get all precious over it.

    I agree with what you’re saying though. Everyone deals with crap in the service industry, so that’s why I try not getting too stirred up about it.

  90. aenflex says:

    He and Britney stayed in on of the houses my company manages on the beach. Long time ago, 10 years maybe. They had our Ops Manager running all day and night and were very, very diva-ish in terms of expecting everything.

  91. Rabbits hate magic says:

    “how dumb autographs are”

    Of course they’re dumb. People, please ask to have your picture taken with them, not for them to sign their name on piece of paper.

  92. msw says:

    It is very hard to be a public figure when you are exhausted, pissy or depressed; you are expected to be on all the time for the public. And, your view of the world gets really warped. It’s not really shocking that he would behave like a diva, is it? Maybe being a demanding child is all he knows of life. And, that is very sad way to be in the world.

  93. CLC says:

    I always liked the Backstreet boys better anyways lol