Mary-Kate Olsen says she doesn’t want marriage or kids

Considering how obsessed Hollywood is with motherhood, pregnancy, and babies (how many “bump watches” have we had to endure?) it’s nice to see a young celebrity with other things on her mind. And I never thought I’d write anything complimentary about Mary-Kate Olsen. The famous twin is on Oprah today along with sister Ashley promoting their new (and well received) book Influence
. Mary-Kate told Oprah she doesn’t plan on getting married or having kids.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to marriage and kids. In their new coffee table book Influence, designer Karl Lagerfeld asks the two if they plan on having families. They both look at each other.

“I don’t feel the need to get married,” Mary-Kate says. “But Ashley wants children. I’ll be a great aunt or godmother.”

“To my child,” Ashley interjects. Don’t expect Ashley to walk down the aisle anytime soon. “I don’t even have a boyfriend,” she says in the interview (which took place before she started romancing current beau Justin Bartha). “You have to plan that first, right? Figure that out first?”

Meanwhile, the twins appear on Thursday’s Oprah Winfrey Show and discuss their decision to live apart. Was that a good thing, Winfrey asks. “Absolutely,” says Ashley.

“We’re sisters. We’re twins. We work together, and I think to live separately is just — it gives you your space,” Mary-Kate says. “I mean, she lives a few blocks away, but it’s just — it’s nice … to go home [and be alone]. Adds Ashley, “We’re with each other even after work. We should probably just be living together!”

[From Us Weekly]

The Olsens are actually very involved in all of their side projects and fashion lines. They’ve created incredibly impressive businesses and work hard. They may catch shit for a lot of their celebrity antics, but they’re some of the few celebs I can think of that work hard on their own clothing lines instead of just slapping their names on other people’s work. Certainly they have employees that do a lot too, but they’re hands on and have more business sense than a lot of people twice their age.

Though I swore I wouldn’t I will definitely be checking out their book. They truly are impressive moguls for their age and it’s gotten some great reviews. It’ll be interesting to see who they’ve been influenced by. They’ve already gone from Walmart to high fashion, so their fashion futures look pretty bright.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are shown at a Fendi Boutique Opening in Paris on 3/1/08. They’re also shown below on the same day with Karl Lagerfeld and Amy Winehouse. Look at how great Amy Winehouse looks. Credit: Fame Pictures

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18 Responses to “Mary-Kate Olsen says she doesn’t want marriage or kids”

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  1. vdantev says:

    Not like either of them are built to carry a child to full term anyway.

  2. Codzilla says:

    A box of superhero popsicles to anyone who puts a foot up Lagerfeld’s ass. Against his will, of course, or the deal’s off.

  3. smit33 says:

    But then again we can applaud them for not wanting children now. Children has become a fashion accesory in Hollywood.

  4. laney says:

    WOW…that looks like Amy Winehouse about 6 years ago. Where are her tats? I cannot believe this picture is this year!

  5. kate says:

    i thought that was a wax figure of winehouse! she looks good.

  6. lola lola says:

    Yeah, I thought that was a Winehouse impersonator. What are the odds of getting that many celebs (Bernard included) in one pic together?

  7. Larissa says:

    lola – have ya ever heard about fashion shows? lol

  8. czarina says:

    Is 3/1/08 the 3rd of January or the 1st of March??? I can never get these things straight. It’s unbelievable how badly Amy Winehouse has deteriorated in just a year.
    And, actually, I don’t mind MK and Ashley. They seem to take the management of their empire seriously, they wear underwear in public and, for the most part, stay under the radar.
    That’s more mature than some celebs twice their age!!

  9. brookezhang1225 says:

    eh. she’ll change her mind when she reaches her late 20s/early 30s.

  10. xxodette says:

    @brookezhang: it is actually quite annoying hearing this comment from anyone this day and age… being a female does NOT mean that we automatically want to be mothers… while i find it fitting for some people, not all people are created equal… i have always said i did not want kids, i am now in my very late 20s and guess what????? STILL no interest in mothering a child… its demeaning and quite frankly condescending to hear people brush off any unconvential female comments like “kids arent for me” with “she will think differently later when shes [insert "adult" age here].”

    /rant over!

    Sorry, i love this blog and always get a kick out of the comments made here, but its comments like those that are a huge pet peeve of mine.

  11. Donna says:

    @ dette: I think brooke means marriage or children. why do you immediately focus on the children part?

  12. kate says:

    @xxodette: wow take it easy. i think brooke represents a large percentage of women who either would like to get married eventually, or would like to have children in the future (and not necessarily through marriage, but maybe adoption, etc). also you’re much older than mary-kate, who’s only 21 last time i heard. people *do* change their views when it comes to biggies like marriage and children (look at leonardo dicaprio’s attitude change if you follow this website). and change includes people who become even more ingrained in the beliefs they hold at a young age.

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  13. Tina says:

    let’s just focus on how lovely amy winehouse looks in this photo. it hurts to see how haggard and painfully thin she looks nowadays. *cringe, sigh*

    love her entire “back to black” album.

  14. xxodette says:

    @donna: either way, marriage or kids, not every WOMAN should be patted on their head and treated like they do not know their own minds REGARDLESS of age… i have met some women that wanted kids at an early age and had them and are quite content, but there are others content to not be mothers or wives

    @kate: this lady doth not protest, she rants, she rants at people assuming everyone should think and feel the same way… kids and marriage are NOT for everyone

  15. Weiss says:

    I agree…I said at 5 I didn’t want marriage or kids, I said at 15 i didn’t want marriage or kids, I said at 21 I didn’t want marriage or kids…now I’m 30 and still feel the same way.

    I love kids, I love my boyfriend. But I personally am not the marrying/mothering kind, and I get really annoyed when people assume I’ll change my mind just because my choices are different than the norm.

    Perhaps Mary-Kate will change her mind, but regardless it’s better to NOT have kids and wish you had, than to HAVE kids and wish you hadn’t.

  16. Jeanne says:

    They’re both the oddest little things. It’s like they’ve never grown up. They seem like little magical characters from the woods or something. Are their teeth bad because they never show teeth when they smile.

  17. Jinxy says:

    How funny Karl and the twins jacked Amy Winehouse’s was statue from Madame Trousseau’s wax museum for a photo op!

    Genius. There is no way Amy looked that good in real life in the year 2008.

  18. what says:

    dette, i feel ya. i have been saying that my whole life and it is SO annoying when i get the response “haha. you’ll change your mind.” said with a condescending smirk, like “hahah kids these days. they’re so silly.”

    also, having children is not a frivolous decision. it should be something you more or less plan your life around. don’t be hopping around the place without any kind of career or stability drinking;doing drugs and then suddenly decide one day, you know what, i changed my mind, kids are for me!
    not everyone magically becomes stable, selfless and responsible upon having children. i think it should be something you take some time planning, getting your own life in order first.