L&S: Duchess Kate is refusing to eat because it’s her one form of “rebellion”


While most of the tabloids are focused on Duchess Kate’s womb this week, Life & Style is still very concerned with Kate’s weight (as opposed to her “wait”). I have some mild concern too, but obviously Kate’s rapid weight loss can be attributed to many things – anxiety, stress, wanting to lose weight before her wedding, etc. That being said, if you told me that Kate has an eating disorder, I would totally believe you. I tend to think she’s been struggling with anorexia rather than bulimia – Kate seems like she withholds food and obsessively exercises. It really seems like Kate – through sheer force of will – has completely remade her body from fit, athletic, healthy and slim (I’m guessing she used to be around a size 4 or 6 in American sizes) to a bony and emaciated size 00. It’s always interesting to go back and look at older photos of Kate – here’s one from 2006. Look at how full her face was! I think she’s always been pretty, but I like her more with a little bit more weight. Anyway, here are the basics of Life & Style’s story – they think she’s anorexic too:

Hollywood starlets aren’t the only ones feeling pressure to stay thin. Kate Middleton is living every girls dream of becoming a princess but as the pressure to be perfect grows, her body is shrinking.

Isolated five hours away from friends and family in London, Kate is under immense stress–from safety and kidnapping threats, to constantly being critiqued by the queen, to the couple’s very public desire to start a family, and worrying over William’s safety as a search-and-rescue pilot.

“She dropped two dress sizes before the wedding and loved how it made her feel,” explains an insider. “She’s showing no signs of slowing down now, and the weight is just falling off of her.”

Kate’s life is so crazy and chaotic and busy, “But the Duchess of Cambridge, 29, has found the one thing she can totally control: her body.” She fills her days with “persistent exercise and calorie-counting” and often refuses to eat. “It’s a form of rebellion against the queen and other forces trying to take charge of her life.”

Nutritionists suspect she’s lost another 5 pounds since her North American tour in July, when attention was turned to her shrinking size. She’s been rising early every morning to run along the beach or work out in their private gym by 8:30 a.m. and she’s forsaking her former addictions to Haribo candy, pizza and French bread.

“Friends are always trying to get Kate to eat something when they see her, but she just ignores them and refuses,” explains an insider. “She changes the conversation and makes an excuse like she’s eaten already or that she’s not hungry.”

Kate’s sister, Pippa, has started calling her older sibling up to five times a day to check in on her and her eating habits. And her husband has been encouraging his bride to take a break from her strict diet and workout routine to spend leisurely weekends in London with Pippa.

“William is concerned,” confirms the insider. “He doesn’t want to see Kate get sick.”

[From Life & Style, Jezebel]

When he was just a boy, William had a front-run seat to his mother’s eating disorder, although he might have been too young to really understand what was happening. Diana was always pretty open and honest about it, though, so you’d think that William would realize what a problem he’s got on his hands. There’s not much he can do until Kate gets in it in her head that she looks just fine with ten extra pounds. Or twenty. Even thirty.





Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. JulieM says:

    Wait a minute: The one thing Kate has worked for in her life was marrying William. They took their time, supposedly, because William wanted her to see what it would be like to marry in to his disfunctional family. NOW she’s rebelling by way of starving herself to death? This story is either BS or Kate has some major psychological problems.

  2. kibbles says:

    I believe she has an eating disorder, but I find it hard to believe that L&S knows the real reasons behind her dieting. My guess would be that she feels the pressure to always look good for the cameras, not because she is rebelling against the Queen or anyone else in the Royal family. She got what she wanted, so there isn’t a plausible reason for her to rebel since her engagement which was around the time she lost a ton of weight. Also, if you look at photos from their college years, Kate looks like she was around a size 8-10. A few years into their relationship she started to lose a few sizes, but she still looked okay. I really started noticing the weight loss earlier in 2010 even before they went public with their engagement. I think she started dieting around the time he proposed or probably started talking about marriage.

  3. Spaniard says:

    Maybe being 24/7 exposed to the media make some women, who are not prepared for this kind of life, feel too pressured to look perfect which is really sad.

  4. tracking says:

    I don’t think rebellion per se, but it is one of the few things in her life over which she has control. Poor Wills. I remember in an interview once he said it was painful watching his mother struggle with body issues. He probably thought naturally thin and healthy Kate wouldn’t have the same problem.

  5. Tazina says:

    She is possibly pregnant and could very well have a queasy stomach. The sight of food may make her feel nauseated.

  6. Boo says:

    Perhaps her idea of what it would be like to be princess/duchess and the reality are not quite meshing up, even with solid guidance from Wills et al. I hope she has a good Royal Therapist. I wonder if she has any other women in the RF truly on her side? That Sophie Wessex seems pretty stable…but she has been able to stay further out of the limelight as her prince is so far down the food chain…so to speak…

  7. Cherry says:

    Little side note: look at that L&S cover: does it really say ‘Photo album SECRET KARDASHIAN WEDDING’?? WTF? THERE IS NOT A DAMN SECRET ABOUT THE KARDASHIAN WEDDING, or any Kardashian, for that matter. It’s all out there. We’ve seen the photos, videos, interviews, everything. I’m sure the wedding night will be broadcasted live on E!, too.

  8. Moe says:

    She’s simply not coping well with the demands of being part of Royal Family. What do you seriously expect from someone who came from a nouveau riche family?

    Big, big mistake from William here.

  9. Esmom says:

    @Tracking, I totally agree with you. When life is crazy on many fronts, people look for at least one thing they can control. For me, it’s cleaning my house. It started when my work was crazy and unpredictable, knowing that I would go home to a house that was organized and clean somehow made the work craziness tolerable.

    @Moe, that’s harsh. They seem very much in love and marriage is about sticking around for better and worse.

  10. guesty says:

    she’s just way too thin.

  11. V says:

    While she certainly looks thinner than she used to, I find the contrdiction of these stories of her dramatic weight loss with those of her recycling outfits from 4 or 5 years ago a bit odd, if for no other reason than her ‘old’ clothes still fit perfectly. Either she has one hell of a tailor, or she hasn’t actually changed size that much and this is all tabloid nonsense.

  12. Vickyb says:

    In that photo of her in 2006, she was already wearing that eyeliner! Girlfriend certainly doesn’t mix her style up!! Maybe it’s tattooed?

  13. mew says:

    She loves the media attention she gets. She gets to pretend Diana. Girl loves being thin. All the Hollywood does that, what’s the news?

  14. Suzie says:

    I somehow doubt Kate has an eating disorder. She comes from a well adjusted family and is very together herself. Diana came from a broken home and then got the icy treatment from the austere Establishment behind the Monarchy, and had an unfaithful husband. She had reason to become bulemic. It is actually easier to lose weight than to put on weight once lost.

  15. WhiteNoise says:

    What a load of cobblers. I really don’t know how anyone can possibly take this stuff seriously.

  16. mymy says:

    Anyone who would desire to be princess after they saw what happened to princess Diana has to have a few screws loose.
    So not eating is really a symptom of a larger personality disorder. I think she just wants to look good in all the photo’s she has taken of her. I do think she is a vain woman.She comes across as very vapid to me.Especially when she tries to mimic iconic photo’s of Princess Diana. She just seems so darn bland in comparison.
    That black eyeliner has got to go

  17. ladybert62 says:

    I just dont understand the eyeliner problem! I like it – she likes it – william probably likes it! It gives her something to do whan she starts getting hungary!!! ha ha

  18. Moe says:


    You know how families like the Middletons are – they would do anything to ascend the social ladder.

    If she has any semblance of self-respect she would have left William a long time ago – but nooo, she covets the position as the future Queen too much to give it all up!

    She wanted the Royal life – she got it. All the perks and negatives that goes with it as well. She has to live with it now.

  19. Luise says:

    I am SO SICK to god of Duchess Kate. She is not beautiful but very ordinary. Yes she is anorexic. She obviously is becoming unglued from the spotlight of marrying into the royal family. Anyone coming from her “happy middle class” background would probably react the same way. This behavior is very predictable. No telling what her fate will be.

  20. P.J. says:

    Kate has no media events on her schedule for the rest of the summer, so the press is resorting to making up stories about babies and anorexia. So I wouldn’t put much faith in reports like this.

  21. Lindsay says:

    I think she has only worn outfits that are a few months or even weeks old except for the coat she wore to the recent wedding. I’m sure it was tailored but the arms were still clearly way to big. She had to have her gown taken in so she does have a good trustworthy tailor.

    I think she loves the attention. She also was not ready despite dating him for years. Their relationship was pretty low key, she never really worked, and she had been kept away from the royal family. Since the wedding she has probably felt so much pressure from the expectations of her family, the royal family and staff, the media, and the public.

    She thought her job was done after she got married and never realized what marrying him really meant. There is probably a huge gap between what she thought life was like as a princess and what her life is now. It hasn’t been as glamourous and care free as she would have liked.

    Suzie it doesn’t matter if you think the person has a “good” reason in your eyes. For some it takes seemingly very little and other people can go through hell and not develop one.

  22. Samihami says:

    @Moe-what an obnoxious thing to say! So by your reckoning my father never should have married my mother because of her lifelong battle with anorexia. I think Kate probably is anorexic, but that doesn’t make her a worthless person or deserving of nasty comments like yours. Anorexia is a disease, not a character flaw.

  23. Anne says:

    Maybe she just sells magazines.

    Maybe crap about her weight, her possible pregnancy and her psychological deterioration is just BS used to get credulous people to buy these magazines.

    Maybe the media would LIKE her to be like Diana because, hey, who sold a bazillion magazines/tabloids with all her drama and troubles? Oh, yes…Diana!

    I am shocked that otherwise intelligent people buy into this so easily…

  24. Goofpuff says:

    Whatever her reasons, she is obviously unhealthily thin in contrast to her healthy thin body from a few years ago. Now she’s starting to look positively skeletal. She is not handling the stress well at all. Letizia of Spain is also another anorexic looking princess who lost slot of healthy weight when she became princess.

  25. Goofpuff says:

    Whatever her reasons, she is obviously unhealthily thin in contrast to her healthy thin body from a few years ago. Now she’s starting to look positively skeletal. She is not handling the stress well at all. Letizia of Spain is also another anorexic looking princess who lost slot of healthy weight when she became princess.

  26. layla says:

    In defense of her face…. she has gone from the earlier pics in her early 20′s to her more gaunt face of headign into her 30′s.
    Her overall weight loss plays a role but EVERYONE’s face naturally “leans” up during this period. Heck, compared to now, my early 20′s face/cheeks made me look like a chipmunk!!!

    However ….
    From this:

    Where I personally think she looks phenomenal – lean, strong, athletic but still feminine … to her figure now, is quite startling.!

  27. Ramona Q says:

    You know what is a true form of rebellion for a female? EATING!

  28. Marimar says:

    @ Goofpuff – Letizia is not anorexic-looking. Have you seen the bikini photos of her taken just last week? She looks thin, but not emaciated or unhealthy. She looks fit and toned, like a thin person with a slender, small frame. No bones sticking out all over the place. She never had the lollipop head that Kate is sporting now. She also comes from a family of thin, small-boned people. Ever seen her sister Telma? Yeah, even thinner than Letizia. Their thinness is genetic.

    The thinnest I saw Letizia was in 2007, when her youngest sister died and she went under a lot of grief and stress while pregnant.

    Letizia has also never been reported to be sick, which if she’s truly anorexic, should happen frequently.

    I suggest you do your homework and research what anorexia is really like before you label people with looking like they have a serious mental illness, because you sound so nasty and ignorant claiming people who are thin are anorexic-looking.


    Kate is too thin yes, but I don’t think she has an eating disorder. She probably put herself under a very strict diet with lots of exercise but not enough food intake, so she can look good for cameras. That is what’s making her unhealthy, plus the stress of being in her position under intense scrutiny. The fact is, she started losing the weight hard and fast when the engagement was announced and the media scrutiny increased. She wants to look good, and there’s no problem with that.

    The problem is, she seems to not be adjusting well to royal life. She’s only been married 3 months and she’s probably lost a good 15-20 lbs already, and it doesn’t look good on her. Her dresses hang on her shoulders. Her hip bones jut out like sharp sticks. What more if she becomes the Princess of Wales and a full-time royal with a more stressful schedule? Will she be able to work through it?

    Her family and William’s love and support aren’t enough. She has to find her inner strength in order to cope with the stifling life of being a royal, esp. under The Firm.

    I am all for commoners becoming royals, fairy tale love stories and all. However, perhaps there’s a reason why most royal parents prefer their kids to marry another royal? A royal bride would be able to adjust better to royal life since she grew up in that environment. She’d know what expectations to have going into the marriage.

    A commoner bride/groom would have different standards. They’d expect fidelity. They’d expect a Happily Ever After ending. Their ideas of royal life is different from reality. They’d have trouble giving up the freedoms and privacy they used to enjoy.

    I take this story with a grain of salt, but I am also thinking that Kate is most likely having trouble coming to terms with her new life. She and William never spent time with the Windsors. I doubt she had a taste of life as a royal before her marriage. She has no idea of the reality of being a royal. It’s not all tiaras and parties and smiling for photos.

    She also doesn’t have anything to make her stronger, no significant life experiences because she’s never worked nor has she been exposed to the reality of things in other places. Heck, she’s never even been to the US prior to the US tour. Her CV is consisted of a paltry list of short-termed gigs and a couple of charity events. IMO, she’s lived a life of a trust fund kid, all leisure and no work. She’s lived in a bubble all her life and being confronted with a new reality must be tough for her and she easily gets stressed.

  29. ejv says:

    I’m sorry but she looks fine to me in the regular photos. The photos on the magazine look photoshoped to death and taken from strange angles. The UK media is horrible mght I add. She has always been thin, some people are. Her family is thin to begin with small boned. Her legs and face don’t look unhealthy.She has been in the spotlight for years, I don’t think that she is just now feeling the pressure.

  30. JulieM says:

    Enough excuse making from the fan girls. Kate-Eat something, pick a charity, and get to work.

    One more thing- Maybe the Queen would not be so hard on her if she actually did something. HM does not suffer fools. I don’t imagine much gets by her. Big mistake, Kate, making the Queen an adversary instead of an ally.

  31. Goofpuff says:

    @Marimar. Wow you take it far too personally. Letizia has had plenty of eating disorder rumors around her. I saw the pictures of her at the royal weddings and she did not look healthy and fit. Stop attacking people for expressing their opinions.

  32. mimi says:

    She’s got too much time on her hands.

    She needs a job, and she won’t have all that time to exercise and obsess over food and dieting.

    All she has now is how she looks and getting pregnant.
    She needs more things of substance in her life.

  33. iseepinkelefants says:

    They had me rolling my eyes at rebellion. If the Queen told her to put on 20 pounds Waity would jump. Nice try L&S at trying to make her into some Diana figure who’s above all the Royal bs (that’s one reason Diana was so likable). This chick loves the Royal family, would sell her soul to them if she hasn’t already, and would never go against anything the Queen says (although she’s got the crown and the Queen wouldn’t allow divorce so I’m guessing Waity has a bit of leeway now).

    She’s anorexic and a gym freak but that’s all down to her vanity. That’s what happens to girls who have nothing else in their lives. This one has nothing but time to obsesses over every little detail from her hair, to which smile looks best. What a shallow little life she leads.

    Keep losing weight though Waity. she’ll be needing to jack herself up with hormones to have that heir everyone’s waiting on. The excuse that they wanted to wait was fine before marriage but it’s been 9 years, they’ve had their time to play now it’s time to do their only duty in life (and that includes William); pop out a kid. The Queen’s given them way more slack then any other member of her family.

  34. alex says:

    iseepinkelefantsc- ITA especially with your last 2 paragraphs. I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything from a tabloid magazine and I’m quite sure they are full of sh*t as to her motivation(s)for slipping into skeletal territory. I know someone who saw her when she came to Canada and she is absolutely frail and emaciated up close – sorry folks who think she is normal and photoshopped – but this is real.

    Shame on William for ignoring the fact that she is slowly slipping away – especially with his mother’s history – or is he the problem?

  35. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Clearly, the Duchess is emaciated. I sincerely fear Kate will go the way of Karen Carpenter if she does not get to a nutritionist at the very least, or at the very worst, she may be so far along now with disordered eating that only hospitalization will help.

  36. Ally says:

    I agree that anorexia is usually more an issue of control than rebellion.

    Maybe it’s also her way of trying to delay pregnancy. (Though after Nicole Richie, I will never again doubt the resilience of the ovary in times of emaciation.)

  37. ms says:

    gosh imagine how skinny she is live if the camera adds pounds…

  38. eternalcanadian says:

    @Vickyb about the eyeliner that is too right! I am starting to think it is tattooed because how can it still be exactly the same 5 years later?

    @mymy I’ve been saying that over and over. Diana had the same problem with that awful bright blue eyeliner right to the end. And yet no one took her aside to say maybe cut down on it after she turned 25 or so. I think that’s going to happen with Catherine. Doesn’t her mum also wear eyeliner like that, and same with Philippa? Maybe all three went to the makeup tattoo artist and got a 3-for-one deal on that crap-awful eyeliner that makes them look 20 years older!

    As for people thinking the photos are photoshopped, I suggest looking up videos of Catherine and you will see her bony body. I know I keep saying this, but she looked HOT in that white bikini picture from 2006. Also what about a year later when she’s training with that dragon boat crew? Sexy! That’s probably why we never see her in a swimsuit anymore–she’ll be nothing but bones poking out.

    @ms that is exactly what I’ve thought–the camera always adds a bit of weight so if she looks like that in photos (like from the wedding or whatever that haven’t been photoshopped) can you imagine what she’s like in person? Many comments about the wedding dress that’s on display at Buck House are that it is so tiny, like a size zero if that! I bet Victoria Beckham or Nicole Richie would be hard-pressed to fit in it! :o

  39. Tiffany says:

    If people think that this girl looks healthy and all together in photos as of late…well, as my Grandmother would say, ‘You need your ass whooped’.

  40. Alynn says:

    Can somebody stuff her face with cheeseburgers already?! Obviously she’s battling with anorexia! Please save her life before its too late!

  41. really says:

    Kate needs to get tuff! And do her job, then she won’t have time to rebel or fear not performing well……. she will be DOING, rather than puting off her duties, and yes she must be successful…….. that goes with the job!

    As for her weight, as soon as she gets pregnant, and fufill her duties…….she will naturally put on healthy weight! Her skinny-boy look is rather childish and absolutely boring.

  42. Skinnybetch says:

    She seems far too normal & level headed to survive the drama that is the royal family. He should have married someone who is used to living in a dysfunctional family. I think she looks hot though.

  43. Nymeria says:

    How can being “level headed” be a detriment to surviving “the drama that is the royal family”?

  44. billiese says:

    Years ago When I first saw photos of her model that underwear to get Pr.William’s eye, that Kate is a girl who gets TUNNEL vision about things, in a unhealthy way. It was a sign and there have been several in they years they’ve dated.
    IMO,Kate does not come from a healthy family, imo, her family is a twisted bunch of grasping social-climbing vipers, who drilled into their children to marry into Royalty at all cost. Her mother watched her daughter spend a decade of her life being on-call for a Prince. They never pushed her to go make a life of her own NOT based on Pr.William’s. She has spent her entire life plotting,planning with her mother how to ascend the British Social Ladder. She had no other goals for an entire decade,no real interests(especially )after she went to University and made the prize “CONTACT” with the goose with the golden Throne,Pr.William. Kate is a woman who is lacking inner emotional fiber. imo
    I looked at that engagement interview and a cold shiver went down my spine when she practically admitted to having a nervous breakdown when he dumped her. This is not a emotionally healthy girl. imo

  45. summer says:

    I think Kate has never controlled her own life, it seems as if her mother pushed her into constantly Socialclimbing,no matter what it took. I do NOT see her as emotionally wrapped well. She wooed the Prince with TUNNEL vision a soon as he was in her sphere, by modeling underwear, she then spent a decade following him around, waiting on him, not workingor pursuing any other interests and her family was in on it. I think Kate has always been dysfunctional. Her family all pursued Pr.William and thought it was just fine for her never to pursue a life of her own or even develop a career or friends outside of William. None of that is not emotionally normal.

  46. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ ladybert62…”I just dont understand the eyeliner problem!…. It gives her something to do whan she starts getting hungary!!! ha ha ”
    Pass the eyeliner lolol!


    This girl needs to get a job, a hobby, a charity, a sandwich. Ten years of being a professional girlfriend should have given her time to do something produtive with herself.
    I try really hard to like her, but that is the one thing that really makes me give her the side eye. 10 years of waiting to be Mrs.Prince of England, and…. do something that matters Kate. Seriously. Alot of people could do so much with the time and advantages she’s had all her life.
    Oh, and if she wants to produce that heir, she’s better put on some lbs…

    Come on Kate! People are rooting for you! Do something great with what you’ve been handed.

  47. Ally says:

    How does she keep her hair looking healthy, if she’s anorexic?

  48. marshall says:

    Have u looked at her hair lately, closely, without all the styling for cameraz, Kate’s hair is starting to look dry and brittle.

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