Zoe Kravitz downgrades men yet again, this time with a former Disney star


Last time we heard from Zoe Kravitz, she was figuring out the Michael Fassbender situation since, apparently, she’s no longer taking care of him and, instead, she was going on dates with Penn Badgley. At the time, we (that is, Kaiser and myself) were thrilled not only that 22-year-old Zoe was dating someone other than 34-year-old Fassdong but also that she was now pursuing a more age-appropriate relationship, since Badgely is merely 24 and looks like it too. Of course, it’s an obvious downgrade to go from Fassdong to Badgely, but we were happy for her in the nicest possible way. Or something like that.

Well, it seems that Zoe and Penn are now history as well, for Zoe’s got a new man on her arm; that is, she’s now seeing 25-year-old Ricky Ullman, who is a former Disney star (“Phil of the Future,” “Phineas & Ferb”). The two were photographed leaving a New York City cafe, and I hate to point this out (really, I do), but Zoe has downgraded yet again. On the other hand, Zoe and Ricky appear to be physically well-suited to each other and are even (for any body language enthusiasts out there) perfectly in step with each other. And they both share a distaste for socks and are slaves to their respective humongous purses. True love!


On an extremely positive note, Zoe and Michael are obviously and completely finished with their fleeting and ephemeral relationship. Even better, I think we’re safely past the point where we’d ever have to hear Kaiser singing “Un-Break My Heart” to Fassbender.

To review, Zoe’s gone from this:


To this:


To, uh, this:


Note by Kaiser: I think there’s another possibility in the mix – that this new guy is Zoe’s gay BFF. That’s what their body language says to me. Anyone else?

Images courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN, W magazine

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31 Responses to “Zoe Kravitz downgrades men yet again, this time with a former Disney star”

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Meh. I’d love to see more pix of her step-dad, though. ;)

  2. vicky says:

    I agree with Kaiser; he is the gay friend.

  3. Jaye E says:

    Ricky Ullman has always pinged my gaydar, so when I first saw these pics I immediately thought “gay bff”. Who knows, though?

  4. kate says:

    Fassdong is so hot and amazing in Jane Eyre.

  5. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I got a total gbf vibe from these pics too.

  6. brin says:

    Good thing Bieber is already taken…lol.

  7. mln76 says:

    I vote gay BFF she looks miserable she still misses the Fassdong.

  8. Samigirl says:

    Total BGF. He’s super cute, and I always kind of thought he was gay. Oh, and I’m watching Phineas and Ferb right now :)

  9. aenflex says:

    Bonet and Kravitz are both so beautiful…what happened to the child?

  10. madpoe says:

    Once you’ve climbed that tall, cool glass of SassyFassy water, there’s no going back to such heights. Nothing but the downward spiral. maybe she should’ve played Wolverine and dug her nails into fassy?

  11. Chelsey says:

    Bahaha, “distaste for socks”…lol. Stinky.

  12. Bubbling says:

    Gosh!!! I would kill her for dressing up like that! It really irks me, and I can;t even explain why

  13. Quest says:

    How low can you go… from carviar to anchovies …next stop…sardines

  14. Ellie says:

    Yeah. I agree I don’t see anything special about Zoe. I think her being the offspring of Kravitz and Bonet is the only thing she’s got going for her. She certainly didn’t inherit their “Beautifulness and Hotness!” And I don’t think she deserves to be walking aropund strutting her stuff thinking she’s all that attitude. It makes her even more unattrative to me. Another over rated famous person only because of her parents.

  15. Amy says:

    I get more of a gay BFF vibe from the photos of them arm-in-arm.

    edit – Oops. I posted this before I saw Kaiser’s comment.

  16. Cat says:

    Ugh, her “fashion sense” offends me. It annoys me that she’s developed no fashion sense of her own. She’s copying the fashion her parents had when they were at the height of their fame.

    Although, really Lenny will always be awesome. She will always be sub-par. In a top hat.

  17. Saskia says:

    Poor Zoe is so unfortunate looking, and the fact that she dresses like a blind mental patient does her no favors either. Not sure WHAT Fassy was thinking there, but he’s kind of a manwhore so he’s not very discriminating. The dude’s beautiful, but he’s such a slut.

  18. iseepinkelefants says:

    If he isn’t gay, damn homegirl gets around.

  19. Patrick says:

    His name’s not Ricky. It’s merely a stage name he used while he was on Disney.
    His name’s Raviv and he’s not gay. Trust me.

    Even if they’re dating, it’s their own business. I do know they’ve been friends for a while and they hang out in the same social circle. She’s cute, he’s cute. So…

    They could also just be best friends. He doesn’t necessarily have to be gay to be her best friend. People just like to put a label on everything.

  20. Smurft says:

    Ricky or Raviv…whatever his name is, he’s hot! How the heck is he a downgrade?? He was literally the crush of every 7th-9th grade girl when he was on Phil Of The Future and from the looks from it he got hotter!

    I never got a gay vibe from him really. Plus if he was gay he would’ve come out already because he’s a huge supporter of equal rights and all that Noh8 stuff so i don’t think he would have a problem coming out if he was gay.

    Honestly the girl looks like shit…i cant believe thats Lenny Kravitz daughter. If anything’s a downgrade, its her. He went from dating really attractive girls and now he’s with her…? O_o

  21. Grace says:

    I’m voting for gay bff. She and Penn are still dating/rebounding/whatever. A girlfriend of mine saw them together in Brooklyn last weekend.

    @Saskie: “Unfortunate” is a good description of her looks. Too much Lenny, not enough Lisa. She really can look lovely in magazines though.

  22. mzjask says:

    im sorry, but y’all give way too much to the fassdong. true, penn and the other dude look like they’re still in hs, and fassie isn’t ugly but he can look a lil albino-y at times [imo] and doesn’t really seem like anything special…

  23. coucou says:

    Her sense of style is truly shitastic.

  24. Emma says:

    He looks like a gay bff to me too.

  25. jay says:

    why does she continue to wear those sunglasses? She looks like frog in them. They look bad on most girls, let alone ones with rounder faces.

  26. Stacia says:

    She looks like she’s channeled the spirit of her mother’s style circa 1990′s