Victoria Beckham is dieting & working with Tracy Anderson to get back to size 0


Victoria Beckham (seen above while she was seven months pregnant at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding) is reportedly horrified that she gained twenty-one pounds while pregnant with her latest child, daughter Harper Seven, who was born one month ago. That’s right — a whole twenty-one pounds — and Victoria is so desperate to shed the lingering unwanted weight that she’s gone into hiding until, magically, she’s able to emerge at her pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, it’ll take lots of exercise and very little eating to accomplish this goal, so Victoria has embarked on some crazy plan called the Five Hands diet:

How the super strict Five Hands diet is helping Victoria Beckham shed post-pregnancy pounds in time for Fashion Week

You’d think after having four children any hopes of having a flat tummy would be over – but one woman is determined to prove otherwise.

After giving birth to Harper Seven last month and gaining 1st 7lb, Victoria Beckham has gone into hiding in a bid to get back to a svelte size zero.

While Mr Beckham has been spotted almost daily with the rest of the brood, it is claimed 37-year-old Victoria has been cooped up in a rented seven-bedroom Malibu mansion getting her body back to pre-pregnancy glory.

According to Grazia, the former Spice Girl has been following the new ‘Five Hands’ diet to taper her figure in time for a grand unveiling at New York Fashion Week from September 8-15.

With a matter of weeks to go before she makes her return to the spotlight, Victoria has reportedly been sticking to the strict regime which consists of just five handfuls of food a day.

A source told the magazine that she has cut out sugar and has been snacking on miniscule portions of smoked salmon, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna sushi and scrambled eggs.

‘Five days after giving birth, she started eating five high-protein meals a day accompanied by green vegetables, drinking gallons of water, and only snacking on goji berries and nuts.’

To complement her new eating plan Victoria has also been doing gentle exercise at the £93,000-a-month beach rental owned by Stephen Spielberg, as doctors have warned against any vigorous exercise for at least eight weeks following her caesarean.

“Victoria’s been doing gentle post-natal exercises and 10 minutes of Pilates.

“In a few weeks’ time she’ll pick up her normal gym routine again and start training with Tracy Anderson,” the source added.

This isn’t the first time that the fashion designer – who will be shortly be exhibiting the spring 2012 collection of her eponymous label in New York – has fought to shed her pregnancy pounds.

Following the birth of her three sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six, Victoria used a combination of Pilates and algae wraps – which reportedly shed 2-3lb a session – to regain her slender appearance.

Images of her after the birth of her first son Brooklyn, in 1999 sparked concern over her rapid weight loss. At the time, she said: “I had become Skeletal Spice. What upset me was I ate like any normal person… I wasn’t happy with how I looked.”

[From Daily Mail]

It’s really amazing that Victoria has historically insisted that she eats just like everyone else does when we know damn well what she used to look like before all of the restrictive dieting practices kicked into play. Basically, we know she’s full of crap where her weight is concerned, but whatever. Also, the fact that she’s hired Tracy Anderson tells us that Victoria isn’t interested at all in being healthy but only shedding the weight as quickly as possible. All for the sake of fashion week, really? One would imagine that having four children would help her recognize better priorities in life, but no. So get ready to see Victoria looking just like she did in 2010…



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  1. Franny says:

    It just seems sad that she didn’t seem to embrace her pregnancy. As a fashion designer, she should have been really playing it up, instead of draping herself in a sheet.

  2. tapioca says:

    Urgh, I tried her “Method” when it appeared in a magazine and 2 hours (cheating a teensy bit!) a day of what are simply 80s-style aerobics and toning exercises rebranded, on top of a nutritionally-restricted 700-800 kCal diet will get you thin, but your skin will look rough, your hair and nails will fray and you’ll be horribly constipated.

    The only way Tracy Anderson should be used to help weight loss is by running away from her as fast as you can!

  3. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    It’s her body so if she wants to punish it by dieting after she gave birth it’s her choice. But she is a fashion designer and a public figure. If she decided she was happy with her new curves she would still get crap for being “fat”, “frumpy” and “letting herself go”. She wouldn’t win either way.

  4. Quest says:

    I can’t even stay on a 1200 cal diet far less than 1000… that’s rough

  5. Jenny says:

    I hope she is not breast feeding The child needs nutrition. Don’t know if it is true, but it seems like her style.

  6. YvetteW says:

    She has got ‘I-de-clare-war’ against the 21 pounds written all over her! Stand back!

  7. UKHels says:

    VB realises that her constant strive for thinness is the only remotely interesting thing about her (and not that interesting to boot)

    so on it goes

  8. Kasey says:

    Hmmm….I can definitely see the difference in her appearance now and as Posh. As Posh she was trim but I thought she looked healthy and good. I admit I don’t like or appreciate the bone-thin look (its probably cultural) but I can’t help wondering since before she was a little thicker but nice and healthy-looking, if this skeletal look is something she keeps up because perhaps her husband likes it? I didn’t know too much about her way back in the day but did she lose all this weight and start rocking the emaciated look AFTER meeting him? Its not something I would do but if she actually LIKES looking like that and her husband appreciates it and she’s able to nutritionally sustain herself (which hard to believe, I assume must be true since she was able to get pregnant and birth a child) and take care of her family then so be it. Nonetheless, looking at that old “Posh” picture I kinda wish she (and her hubby) would consider going back to that look-there was so much more of her to appreciate.

  9. Cherry Rose says:

    I’m surpised Victoria actually gained 21 lbs during her pregnancy. Looking at the photos when she was pregnant with Harper, I wouldn’t have guessed that.

    I just don’t get why Victoria is so obsessed with being super skinny. 21 extra pounds on her definitely doesn’t make her looks fat by any means.

    I seriously hope that Victoria doesn’t pass her skewered obsession with weight and food to her daughter.

  10. Em says:

    i do think she is a little obsessive, but as was said above, she has given birth to multiple children so she must be healthy enough. i actually really have a soft spot for her. (not only because of her hot husband!) i’ve seen her in a bunch of interviews, and she seems sort of funny and nice. she is definitely too skinny for my ideals of attraction, but there’s something about her that i like. maybe its just that she seems to do whatever she wants, and really doesn’t give a shit about whether we complain about her dieting etc. either way, love for the beckhams!

  11. Isa says:

    I’ve gained over 30 so far. And I just found out I have to have a csection. I am terrified. :-/
    And she has had four!

  12. DenG says:

    Would it kill her to smile? She always looks miserable.

  13. Bobby the K says:

    She has mental/emotional issues surrounding food and her appearance.

    But it’s common enough and encouraged so it comes across as ‘normal’ and desirable.

    She looks unhappy and oppressed. That much wealth and she can’t leave her own place because she thinks the world’s attention is on her and her tummy?

  14. hstl1 says:

    I think everyone is being too critical. She has always insisted that she eats lots of fish, fruits and veegtables. She says she doesn’t like sweets, etc.

    I wish I had half of her discipline. Then I wouldn’t sit here sprinkling Sensa on my food!

  15. Riririririr says:

    Oh Victoria.. I love you , you little toxic sprite, you.

  16. Pyewacket says:

    Amazing how so many people know what she eats, thinks and what her priorities are.

    Just like people picking on Jolie’s weight, why is everyone so worried about others and what they eat or weigh. Worry about your own health and weight.

  17. Leticia says:

    She is superficial, vain, etc. And I’m not saying that she looks good.

    But guess what, her diet is actually healthy! Google extreme caloric restriction. People who eat nutritiously yet also restrict daily caloric intake to below 1500 live longer and healthier lives. Skinny people live longer. Tons of studies have been done on this topic. look it up.

  18. Tierra says:

    I cringe every time I read that someone is following Tracy Anderson’s methods”.
    Her ‘methods’ will do nothing but guarantee that you will be constantly struggling with your weight for the rest of your life b/c her methods just sabotage your body’s natural metabolism. Look at how some of her past clients have to constantly diet after she’s done with them. You’ll gain back any weight you lose plus another 20 just from her dieting advice.
    Her training isnt anything innovative either, like the other poster said. Its just typical aerobic moves but for a longer duration. Everything about her exercise/training methods is just wrong, ask any credible trainer. She’s a joke to the industry but b/c she’s bff’s with Goop, she gets press and obviously some very naive clients. Ive seen pics of Goop in a bikini and her butt was nothing to brag about considering how much she works out. Her body is trim but isnt really that great considering all she does. You could get better results in half the time if you are training correctly.

  19. Alynn says:

    What upset me was I ate like any normal person… I wasn’t happy with how I looked.” — BARF!!! She used to have a healthy curvy body last time and has become obsessed to be a skeleton skinny b*tch

  20. Jillian says:

    When I got home from the hospital three days after giving birth, I had already lost 20 lbs. She probably didn’t gain any real weight, just the extra fluid, placenta, baby, etc.

  21. Courtney says:

    Victoria gained the low side of recomended weight while pregnant 25lbs so 28.5% of her weight gain was the baby. plus she’s breastfeeding so she has to keep 10lbs of what she gained while pregnant for milk production or she’ll have to switch to formula

  22. Goofpuff says:

    She may have gained 21 lbs, but from her pictures it looked like all baby weight that would have disappeared once she gave birth except for the belly pouch. C-section gives you this lovely belly pouch right above the scar that takes time to get rid of. She probably doesn’t want to be seen in public until her uterus swells back to normal size and she loses the extra weight which if she’s breastfeeding, eating healthily, and light excercise, shouldn’t take long.

  23. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Jillian: I was just going to say that. By the time you get home from the hospital you’ve usually lost about 1/2 of what you gained (baby, placenta, fluid, increased blood volume, etc). So she went home a whopping 11lbs heavier than normal.

    If she’s breastfeeding she HAS to eat a well-balanced and higher calorie diet, but you also lose the majority of your weight very rapidly. BFing alone burns like, 600-800 calories a day (but your body does tend to hold onto an extra 5lbs or so as a reserve). So, I’m assuming if she’s planning to exercise constantly and starve herself her apearance is too important to BF.

  24. mln76 says:

    With her extreme dieting she should be aware of what messages she is sending her daughter. She would have lost the 20 lbs anyway and I am sure she doesn’t even look that fat.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    I hope to God she’s not breast-feeding. That precious wee tot needs much more than that.

    I also hope she doesn’t pass on her “food is the enemy” attitude to her daughter. Or her sons, for that matter.

    I have a dear friend who has struggled with her weight all her life. When her daughter was younger than 10 years old, she asked my advice about putting her on a diet. I told her “Don’t you dare! Look what your mother’s ideas about weight have done to you! Don’t you do that to her.” (She didn’t, and her daughter is a beautiful, healthy, woman in her 20′s today.)

    I lost all 37 lbs I gained with the youngest by the time I went back for my 2 week checkup after my C-section. I ate what I wanted (within reason, of course – I’m not a “garbage-gut” type person) and nursed my baby.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Isa, you will be okay. I know it’s scary (I was terrified) but it will be okay. Do you have a good OBGYN you trust?

  27. AB says:

    Isa – all the best! i decided to opt for c-sec (encouraged by my ob-gyn) instead of induction cos i wasnt dilated and overdue by a few days…went smoothly, thank God! you will b fine, remember to breathe and relax :)

  28. Anne says:

    Actually, from the diet they described in the article, even if she’s breastfeeding, it sounds like it would be very healthy for the baby. Way better than her sitting around eating junk food and/or drinking, etc.

    Maybe she is vain and has body-image issues. But I, too, have always liked her. She seems to have her priorities straight–her family comes first–and she works hard to use her talents to be successful. And whatever her body image issues may be, it didn’t stop her from having four kids!!

  29. memnoch says:

    God forbid she eats healthy and actually nurses this child! No, no, no, she has to hand the baby over to nanny, give her crap (formula) and get her skeleton back. The only people who should give their babies formula are the ones who cannot nurse due to medical issues. Besides its common Hollywood practice to have the tummy tuck at the same time as the c-section so she won’t even have the loose skin of an actual post-pregnant body. And no, the diet described is NOT healthy for baby – a nursing woman needs an extra 500-700 calories per day, NOT less calories.

    Why do you have a child if you don’t want to give it the best start in life. There’s elements to early breast milk (colostrum) that cannot be re-created in formula that can benefit your child for the rest of their lives. But no, getting your body back in time for fashion week is far more important!

  30. Anne says:

    @Memnoch–where does it say she isn’t breastfeeding? Where does that information come from?

  31. Koolkitty says:

    Meh, I think I’ll go with the Heidi Klum route. Embrace where you are, enjoy your children, husband and the life you have with them and take care of yourself. Life is too short and food is too delicious. Not to mention as long as you aren’t eating red meat and cheese for every meal, the weight will come off. You just have to have patience.

  32. Happy21 says:

    I think that the attention that people pay to celebrities weight is disturbing and terrible. It makes us normal people feel like we aren’t doing enough when in fact celebrities can afford trainers, chefs and whoever else is needed. They are given the time to exercise and work out because its part of their job to look slim and well put together. I have a hard time with the celebs who obsess and obsess. My big concern is with Jennifer Hudson. She was heavy – yes. Not healthy heavy and needed to lose some weight. Now I think she took it too far. Her face looks tight and bizarre. She once said “You will never see me skinny”. Um, she’s not too skinny but did she really need to sucumb to the Hollywood norm and sell herself out. I can guarantee that J. Hud gained a ton of fans because of the fact that she was heavy. I can’t see it ending though, people are obsessed. Victoria Beckham is sick looking most of the time and is setting a terrible example for her daughter. Healthy is good. Everything in moderation. Life is too short.

  33. memnoch says:

    It is 100% impossible to breast feed if you are on such a caloric restrictive diet and working out intensely – you will just stop producing milk as your body doesn’t not have the calories to make it. And do you really think someone so obsessed with her body image is going to nurse – it does things to your breasts that are not in her plan I’m sure.

  34. Jackie says:

    This is no diet. Its called Anorexia!

  35. Isa says:

    Yes, I trust my ob/gyn. I cried at my appointment and he told me they would take good care of me.

    Thank you the original bellaluna and AE (can’t see your name?) for the well wishes. I hope it goes smoothly. All I’ve done is cry since I found out.

    I also agree with those that said she probably has little or no weight to lose. I lost 22 lbs the first week. If I had only gained 21 then I would’ve been smaller than I was pregnancy by 1 lb!

  36. Ruffian9 says:

    Of course she is. Being thin is the most important thing, dontcha know? Yes, Victoria, you win. You will be the thinnest EVER. Here’s your prize.

  37. vanessa says:

    Well the way her husband looked at sofia vergara in those photo shoots, you’d think she’d want to keep a little junk in her trunk. why does she feel the need to be so thin?

  38. Trashaddict says:

    No way she’s breastfeeding. Look at that last picture. Children as accessories. Grand old tradition in Hollywood, how we got Mommy Dearest. Now the little girl is Posh’s dress-up doll. God help that kiddo, she’s in for it. I hope she dresses really butch and tells everyone to F*&^ off when she gets older.

  39. Memphis says:

    Yes, because God forbid she have any semblance of being a normal woman. She must not be seen (i.e photographed)until perfect.I have seen her interviewed and she seemed like a likable person, she should really let that part of her show more.

  40. Brooklyn says:

    i feel bad for celebrities though… and i want to give posh spice crap but i really can’t. blame it on childhood nostalgia (the spice girls were my life) but she’s in tricky spot. celebrities, because they’re so heavily documented, are expected to maintain a persona and look that we’ve become accustomed to in the various tabloids out there. whenever a celeb has gained weight in the slightest it’s splashed on the cover page with some horrendous story about how they “let themselves go” or how they have the “worst beach bod.” the pressure on female celebrities to work miracles and take a formerly pregnant body and instantly get back to the way they used to look isn’t just expected… it’s demanded. if we’re going to give victoria crap for working her butt off (literally) to get back to certain size then we have to bring fame and what it means to be famous in general to the table too. no one aspires to be famous because they are a normal person who wants to do normal people things. you essentially make yourself a brand and people expect certain things from this “brand” you’ve created. to see a chubby post-pregnancy posh would be like crack for most tabloids and i give her props for doing what she could to try and not feed the media who are looking for any chance to put someone’s life on blast.

    i can’t believe i’m defending her this hard… but considering the territory and all the things that encompass not only being famous – but being victoria beckham – i think she deserves some slack.

    i’m not saying that hollywood’s outlook on weight and beauty is anything but misogynistic and skewed… but that certainly isn’t a battle i would expect victoria beckham of all people to fight.

  41. eternalcanadian says:

    @vanessa what photo shoot with sofia?

    Back on topic, I don’t get this comment, ““I had become Skeletal Spice. What upset me was I ate like any normal person… I wasn’t happy with how I looked.”

    How does anyone become skeletal when eating normally? I don’t think Victoria knows what “eating normally” is. It definitely isn’t five handfuls of food per day!

    I am most curious what the lads eat. David obviously needs to eat a bit being a soccer/football player. What about the young lads? They’re growing and if they don’t eat properly they’re harming their natural growth.

    What about the baby? I know if the mother isn’t taking in enough calories and nutrients the milk production and quality is poor and the baby doesn’t gain weight. So what does Harper eat if her mother is not eating?

    It just seems weird considering there’s four children to keep healthy and growing and yet Victoria goes and eats just five hand scoops of food in 24 hours and exercises hours a day so she can be a size zero? And to boot she hides away from the public because *gasp* we are not allowed to see her with even one extra pound on her body?

    How is that healthy for anyone?

  42. G says:

    From what? A size -2? There’s skinny and there’s Victoria. And she so loves to pose in those odd angles. Darling Vic, no matter how much weight you lose, it’s never going to come off of your nose.

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