Jennifer Garner has a bump: pregnant, food baby or just unflattering clothes?


For a while now, I’ve been defending Jennifer Garner against the constant claims that she’s pregnant for the third time. Garner has said before that Seraphina was her last, and I think it’s rather mean to constantly call bump-watch on Garner whenever she has a small little tummy. Most of the time, it’s just a bad combination of food-babies and unflattering clothes. But over the past few months, there have been several blind items suggesting Garner is knocked up again (despite her rep’s denial in June) and in photos over the last week, I’m starting to wonder:


Is it possible that she’s pregnant again? It would make her fans happy, sure. And I would guess that Garner would be a great mom to yet another kid. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Ben Affleck and Jennifer both decided to “try for the boy”. But I still get the feeling that if she is pregnant, it’s probably not the happiest news for Ben and Jen, who seem to still be working through some issues in their marriage. Maybe this is how they’re working through those issues – who will pay attention to stories of Ben’s gambling problem or infidelity when a new addition to the Dimple Parade is in our midst?

All of these candid photos are from the past week, but yesterday Garner was at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, where she wore an odd blue dress that seems to be oddly puckering around her midsection. We don’t have access to the photos, but go here to look. I mean, the dress is fitted so I feel like she’s not pregnant and she’s just gained some weight in her midsection. But she totally look pregnant to me.

PS… Her boobs look bigger too, right?

Update by Celebitchy: Jennifer Garner’s pregnancy has been confirmed.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Franny says:

    Those two girls are so freaking cute. I also think jen looks really nice in the picture with the sunglasses and blue sweater…she has great bone structure

  2. Stephanie says:

    I vote pregnant.

    A couple pictures of her lately have looked like she might be.

  3. gee says:

    If she is pregnant, I hope it is a boy.

  4. weeble says:

    Still not convinced she is pregnant. But I am convinced she needs to try more flattering clothes.

  5. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I think she will have a boy this time, and BenJen does make cute kids.

  6. Tiffany says:

    boy, this woman knows how to keep her name in the press. Before anyone says that is not her style the paps just follow her, yeah right.

  7. dfsdg says:

    I see no bump or pregnancy signs at the Disney Expo!

    Why are her fans so desperate for her to be pregnant?

    Will it make up for the fact that Ben is almost always absent from her DAILY photo ops?

  8. Sohpie says:

    Is she raising her middle finger for the paps in the picture she is seated on the table? I think she is. I don;t think she is [regnant – she just is loving the attention she get in the media by this speculations and she is saying f..u..all. I do not like this woman, anyways.

  9. mln76 says:

    hmmm I’m not sure at all. Reese looked about the same a few weeks ago then she showed up in a bikini so we will see….I hope whatever is going on that she is happy and keeping Ben in line he is such a dog!!!

  10. fabchick says:

    I vote pregnant. Maybe she is denying it because of the rumored issues in their marriage or maybe until she is further along. Time will tell. Pregnancy is not something you can hide forever.

  11. jc126 says:

    I don’t think she is. But every time I think a celeb is pregnant lately, she’s not, so JG might be.

  12. Sheigh says:

    Alias era is so far away!
    Unflattering clothes for me too!

  13. San says:

    I think children are the only glue that keep them together. He is seldom seen with Jen/kids but when he is, he’s frowning. Can’t remember to many pictures where he is smiling.

  14. Samigirl says:

    She’s totally preggers. Why wear a sweater in Summer?

  15. sandy#1 says:

    i vote peggers, i hope she is, i like ben and jen together.

  16. HotLatino says:

    Her face looks awful in those pics, I bet Ben misses JLo aka JGOD aka World’s most Beautiful woman. Gosh, Garner is so B-O-R-I-N-G!

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    If she is pregnant, congrats. If she’s not, congrats (if she doesn’t want to be).

    I like Ben & Jen together. I think they have an adorable family, and I hope they aren’t having “trouble” in their marriage.

    I know she can be rather incendiary to some people, but I’ve heard she is one of the nicest, most polite people to work with.

    Not in that whole “sycophants giving interviews to US about how WONDERFUL J-Ho is to work with on set” way, when we all know she’s a raging bitch in heels and every other media outlet is telling us how nasty she’s being to everyone.

  18. Turtle Dove says:

    Wth at the third picture. Not because of flipping the bird, but the tragic watch. Grandma accessory.

    Not a fan of Dimples at. all. but she and Daddy Affeck make some cute babies.

  19. Susan O. says:

    she’s the “Mommy” type and does a great job at raising sane kids. Go for it Jen

  20. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Why wear a sweater in summer? People with no body fat get cold. Plus, she lives near the ocean where it stays pretty cool. She is either dressing to look pregnant in order to get media attention, or she just looks like a woman who had 2 kids and no abdominoplasty. I really think she and Ben are done having kids. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover she had a tubal or he has a vasectomy.

  21. Lucky Charm says:

    Not that it means anything, but *my* theory is she was pregnant a few months ago and suffered a miscarriage (and that would put a lott of stress on a marriage) and now she is pregnant again but they don’t want to say anything yet. I don’t blame them, I would HATE it if people were constantly wondering about my being pregnant or not. I know my sister does, if someone brings it up she just changes the subject or ignores them. Really, when a couple wants you to know if they are pregnant, they will tell you when they think the time is right.

  22. Feebee says:

    She looks pregnant but she’s been looking pregnant on and off for several months and by several I mean seven or so, so obviously she hasn’t been… yet.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    Lucky Charm – I lost a baby at almost 5 months pregnant. It was my first pregnancy and it was long ago. As a result of that incident, I go into “denial mode” until I’ve reached the “safe point” in my pregnancy, which is past that 5 month mark.

    I only told my husband and my parents when I knew I was pregnant. But there was a constant fear, a kind of “is everything going to be okay” until I was beyond that far along. The only tell to others was my girls. They get huge (HUGER) with an amazing quickness.

  24. HappyMom says:

    Wow-even the girls are wearing awful outfits in these pics. And I’m with Tiffany-she’s a total fame whore in the body of the girl next door.

  25. Truthful says:

    I called pregnant, weeks ago..

    those lil girls are soo cute..

  26. Memphis says:

    She has been looking preggers lately. We usually see her in fitted type tee shirts, not flowing shirts, so maybe she is. She seems like a great mom and really seems to enjoy her kids , so good for them if she is.

  27. lilibet1 says:

    Definately preggers, surely she can’t have that many unflattering clothes?!.

    Although I think ‘Lucky Charm’ could be right with the m/c theory as she looked pregnant about 6 months ago too and it would explain why they are keeping it quiet for as long as poss (even though it looks blatently obvious!).

  28. Violet says:

    There was a blind item not so long ago about a couple where the husband wanted to leave so he could reconcile with an old lover whose marriage was ending, but he was trapped because the wife was pregnant again.

    I just wonder who the old lover is — Goop or JLo?

  29. MollyB says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me in the white shirt/black pants photos. When you are pregnant, your bump goes all the way to the pubic bone, it doesn’t just pop up over the top of your (flat-fitting) pants. Also, there have been a ton of “tiny bump” photos of Jen over the past few months. It’s her third kid–if she were pregnant she’d be huge by now.

  30. RocketMerry says:

    Aww, these two make such beautiful children together! Congrats if it’s true (although I don’t see it).

  31. claire says:

    Looks like she is having another girl.

  32. Ell says:

    She looks pregnant but who knows. I don’t think Jen gets enough comments on how pretty and young she looks, probably because of her poor sense of style.

    Those girls are the cutest, so normal and happy and in stark contrast to Suri Cruise, I found the pics of her wearing the hat and posing for the cameras the other day slightly disturbing.

  33. eileen says:

    I think she’s adorable-I hope she’s preggo and I hope they stay together. Those girls are precious!

  34. Paley says:

    I vote yes and so is Jessica Simpson.

  35. gigohead says:

    I did read a blind item that a A-list couple of the rocks just learned they were preggers and they are trying to keep it hush to see if they can get the marriage to work. Many guesses were that it was Ben and Jen Affleck.

  36. truthSF says:

    After viewing this close-up shot of her at the D23 Expo, I vote yes:,0,0

    And considering the fact that the only time she even have boobs bigger than an A cup is when she’s pregnant or nursing, I think that’s also a telltale sign of her pregnancy.

  37. Fue McCormick says:

    I call “pregnant.” And honestly, if she is, why do people feel they have to withold info? Wouldn’t it be easier and less stressful to just announce it if you are? Rather than have the friggin photogs follow you around trying to get a shot? Unless that’s what they’re after …

  38. HEB says:

    Its an EFF YOU J-LO baby!!!

    regardless, i really do hope Jennifer is carrying a new addition to the dimple parade!

  39. DreamyK says:

    Pregnant. And congrats. She looks like a woman who enjoys her children (who are totally adorable).

  40. AnotherTake says:

    She is pregnant. What is up with the people who live in CA?? I see pictures of parents wearing tank tops and the kids clothed like its NH? Are they hiding bruises on the little one with the long sleeves and tights??

  41. Denise says:

    She’s pregnant; check out the photos of her on Popsugar wearing a fug blue dress. She looks totally preggers.

  42. dfsdg says:

    Are all you posters saying she is pregnant her doctor? NO! So stop with these obnoxious posts about a stranger. You don’t know if she is pregnant, so stop saying she is.

    If she was pregnant you would see a bump in that blue dress, I see none. Why would she be in a tight dress if she wasn’t announcing anything.
    And Ben is once again not there. Oh well.

  43. Liamarie says:

    I don’t care what the reproductive status of other people is.

  44. Blowfish5 says:

    Who cares….she is so friggen boring. I just come for the comments. :)

  45. honeybunz says:

    I noticed n the jen keeping ben 4rm jlo post that she’s preggo!! She got a good 4 or 5months ben the newest dimple baby graces us with his/her but hopefully his cwoot wittle dimple wimples!!! I think ben is agitated with the all girl household and wants a bflack jr and that’s what the problem is…I first noticed this on a post **dont remember the site mighta been here** where there was a remark that ben doesn’t spend time with the girls much and its cuase he can’t relate to them and wanting to play dolls and girly things….oh well..I think my dream of jlo popn out a little lopez heir 4 ben is long gone but I’m trying 2 keep hope live!! Lol

  46. fallen says:

    Man she is so boring! And say what you will of JLO but at least she doesn’t parade her kids around daily like Jen does.

  47. Mimi says:

    How old are the other kids?

    Me think she does what she needs to keep Ben.
    That’s how she got him to marry her, and that’s how she keeps him (unhappily) married.

    I wonder what will she do once she is in her 40s.

  48. Marianne says:

    When I saw the pictures of her in that white top the other day on another site, all I could think was “Here goes the pregnancy rumors again”.

  49. Quest says:

    Still not sure …we have some naughty wind these days.

  50. k says:

    I’ve been saying pregnant for a couple of months now …

  51. Zeromia says:

    I say she is and they’re trying for that boy that Ben wants! xo

  52. Madison says:

    She sure knows how to dress to keep the pregnancy rumors going. Put me on the Jen Garner is a famewhore in the body of a girl next door list too.

  53. Courtney says:

    pregnancy speculation comes with being a celebrity it’s part of the territory. I think Jen’s probably had a miscarriage before so her and Ben are skittish to announce it which is only natural because dreams were shattered and it’s hard to attach to another baby especially for the mother

  54. corey says:

    She’s one of the very few celebrities who I actually believe spends time with her kids. She really looks like a mom. Her hair is dishevelved, her clothes aren’t perfectly coordinated, and she doesn’t look like she’s just slept for a week straight. As for her being pregnant, I don’t know…About a week ago, I would have sworn up and down that Jessica Simpson was, and then she was drinking at the Adele concert so…. I guess I’m not very good at this game.

  55. Dana M says:

    @ fue McCormick- when a woman suffers a miscarriage, she would rather wait until she is learns that the baby is fine, Perhaps around 4-6 months depending on their situation, before they tell people.

  56. dfsdg says:

    So now her fans are claiming she had a miscarriage? OMG, crazy , crazy. Where do you idiots come up with your ideas?

    I sure don’t buy her happy family image because most of the time she looks like a single mother. Then Ben shows up once in a while, like when the Town came out and during award season. Her fans are blinded by the dimples.

  57. Lukie says:

    I don’t know if she is pregnant, but her hips say yes, and as we all know, hips don’t lie…

  58. sandy#1 says:

    her husband works, writing, directing, acting,charity, etc. sorry he can’t be in every photo, but somebody gotta bring in the money, geez!! he loves his family, he would leave if he was unhappy, family or not, Ben has better things to do then to deal with people’s opinion about him.

  59. Layzo says:

    Those tops would make anyone look pregnant. They sure do make cute babies. I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t try for a boy. I say I am done with my two girls for now but who knows in couple of years, I might be ready to try for a third and hopefully a boy.

    As for Ben and his problems. Everyone has issues. No one is perfect. Marriage is a constant up and down and even the best ones have issues that crop up time to time. I think it’s how you deal with those said issues and make a commitment to handle it together as partners that makes the marriage stronger and better.

    Anyways I do think Ben married the “safe girl” but they seem mutally committed to their children. Sometimes they can be a glue that keeps a marriage together. And sometimes not… I guess only time will tell.

  60. LeeLoo says:

    Is it just me or does Jen strike the rest of you as a “goalie blocker” type (i.e. has a baby to keep her man)? I always thought that Garner was his rebound from Lopez and he never intended to have it be serious with her but then she wound up pregnant and I’m sure she did it on purpose because Ben is the type of guy who would marry someone having his kids.
    Her recent “no greater want for a woman than having a child” only reinforces my theory. But I can see HER “dealing” with their marital problems by having another baby to keep him around.

  61. Palermo says:

    He is rarely with them and he always looks miserable when he is. Stand him next to a starlet and he lights right up. I sure wouldn’t have another kid with him.

  62. Maritza says:

    Definitely pregnant! I hope it’s a boy this time. They do make beautiful kids these two.

  63. Tazina says:

    Jen said that she has to tell Ben hey! look at me! when she does dress up. Otherwise he never notices what she has on. The state of their marriage seems to be quite good judging by some kissy kissy photos lately.

    Pregnant hard to tell…she normally has a bit of a stomach. The white top doesn’t help any.

  64. Claire78 says:

    They have delicious kids together. Sad if they did break up, although somehow I get the feeling it would be hard to keep his attention

  65. Jenni says:

    Your uterus is down low, and when pregnant doesn’t your belly protrude from your pubic bone upwards? Her belly – It’s high. The black pants would likely be pretty uncomfortable if she were really pregnant. In the blue dress though, she does look pregnant. So who knows.

  66. DesertReal says:

    100% knocked up. That’s a human baby in there, not a food one. You can see it in the pictures all the agencies have been taking in the past month. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  67. Mimi says:

    “he loves his family, he would leave if he was unhappy”

    No. He can’t. If you ever listented to what Ben said in intrviews about how his own father left them and how he never wants to leave the mother of his children once he will have them….

    Well, Jen Garner certainly listened and exploited that personal sad history of Ben’s childhood.
    That’s why she made sure he’d marry her by getting pregnant.

    and “Loving his family” could mean- he loves his children.
    I think there’s a reason you didn’t say “Ben loves his wife”.

  68. Camille says:

    Don’t know or care about her being pregnant or not, but I really wish she would stop wearing such god awful frumpy clothing.

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    Some thoughts:

    As a woman who had a baby die at 5 months pregnant, I also kept the pregnancy info to myself until I felt it had “taken root” as it were. It’s devastating to lose a baby.

    I’ve read all the comments, and I don’t recall anyone stating flat out that JG had a miscarriage. I recall someone saying they had a “theory” and then I chimed in with my 2 cents worth. That is all.

    I have given birth to 3 live children, and I didn’t show until I was 5 months along. With ANY of them. Not everyone fits into the “Well, it’s the (insert baby number here)” category of showing as soon as the rabbit dies. (That’s a joke, relax. No rabbits were killed in the making of this comment.)

    Instead of focusing on how she “tricked” Ben into marriage, or how she “keeps” Ben by having babies, why not just wish them well?

    Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, no matter your (or my) opinion.

    Also, if you’d bother to read the previous comments, you’d see that sometimes these questions have already been addressed by other commentors.

  70. Memphis says:

    I really don’t see why people think Ben wouldn’t leave if he was unhappy. He doesn’t strike me as the ” hang around because I feel sad for you and it would look bad if I left” type of guy.

    And as for Jen..Never assume a girl dressed slutty is one and never assume a girl who dresses plain doesn’t know her way around a bed. Something aside from his image has kept them together. Love would be my guess, but if your cynical maybe it’s good sex.

  71. tracking says:

    Yeah, I also think she’s pregnant. The blue dress is very strategically cut. She may not have the best fashion sense, but she has gorgeous hair and skin.

  72. Leticia says:

    The younger daughter is very cute.

  73. sarah says:

    Good money is on a pregnancy. Actresses don’t wear frumpy clothes unless they are hiding something. Looks like Jen knows how to remind Ben where his priorities are.

  74. sarah says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Ben’s seemingly roving eye is due to Jen’s “mommy syndrome”
    She had a pretty sexy image from Alias, Daredevil, and Elektra. She seemed to pull a switch hit after giving birth, turning into some sort of ultimate mommy type. Great for the kids, but I’m sure Ben didn’t expect to see her in those frumpy sweatshirts and running shoes all the time. She seems to wear that, or the ultra conservative skirt, button up, and cardigan look. Very “Leave It To Beaver”.

  75. your mama says:

    She so looks preggers to me. I saw the pics of her on her new movie set & was hoping you’d post about these. Wonder if they’ll have a boy this time? Oh and obviously, if she is prego – she has every right to wait to announce it after the 1st trimester.

  76. Amanda G says:

    I normally hate the “baby bump” gossip, but it does look like she’s pregnant…

  77. Aqua says:

    @ Amanda G I agree,I too hate the baby bump watch.That’s why I wait until the couple make an official announcement be for I state my opinion even if it looks rather obvious.

  78. Cinderella says:

    Until I see her in a bathing suit, I really can’t say. The tummy appears and disappears from day to day.

  79. Mooshi says:

    She has such great energy. But her unkept hair is a sign that she is taking on too much ( I know I suffer from it).

    She is hard working and not pampered and it shows.

    It makes me wish a vacation and a massage for her.

    However her happiness in her commitment to her family shows too. We hard working mommies delight in the smiles of our children.

  80. Jenny says:

    Future Celebrity Gossip has said they are having a 3rd girl.

  81. Enn says:

    Looks like People got the official confirmation. I didn’t think she would announce it until she had to; she’s probably a high risk pregnancy due to her age and maybe she doesn’t think everyone needs to know what’s going on in her uterus. I’m happy for them.

  82. Sophie says:

    And the US magazine confirms it. Now Benn Affleck is stuck for ever. No wonder she looked happy in these pictures.

  83. Layzo says:

    Awwwww congrats! I hope it’s a boy.

    You know.. it does take two to make a baby so I am not sure how she can really “trap” him further. Just sayin. ;)

    He could have always gotten it snipped or made sure she wouldn’t get pregnant again if he really didn’t want to be a father third time around.

  84. anon says:

    @lilibet1:”Definitely preggers, surely she can’t have that many unflattering clothes?!.” you were right on both counts lol

  85. Denise says:

    Well, it was confirmed today; she is preggers.

  86. the original bellaluna says:

    Awwws. CONGRATS! I think they’re good parents. They both seem involved in the girls’ lives, and I like to see “normal” celeb parents. (You know, the ones who don’t take their kids out to dinner at 1 o’clock in the morning; don’t dye their kids’ hair all rainbows of colour; don’t name their kids after comic book heroes or old ships. You catch my drift…if not, just skip past my comment.)

    If the (supposed) “delay” in announcing it is due to wanting to wait until they felt confident the pregnancy would “stick” I totally understand that. (I’m not going into it again; just read all the prior comments. Or mine, at least.)

    Mooshi – please elaborate on the unkempt hair theory. (I think it may – possibly – apply to me.) :(

  87. jc126 says:

    Ah, so she is pregnant. He doesn’t seem all that into being a father.

  88. Dani says:

    Congrats to them. I hope it’s a boy.

  89. Dana M says:

    Original Bella Luna,
    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I completely understand where you are coming from. I always feel like I connect with women who have had similar experiences. We tend to view life in a very different way afterwards. (I had a stillborn baby). Best wishes to you and yours.

    Congrats to Ben and Jen!!! Whether it’s a boy or girl, here is wishing them a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!

  90. Tanguerita says:

    Ha!called it – already in July:-)

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